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Overcharged, Baited and Switched, No Response to Complaint. AVOID FOX
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- First: I rented a Luxury 4 door car like a Chrysler 300. They agreed upon fee would be $229 plus tax for a week's rental. Upon arrival at the Tampa, FL Fox location, I was told "We don't have any luxury car available!" I expressed my surprise and dissatisfaction. "You'll just have to rent the Kia SUV," I was told. "For another $20/day!" I told the agent that Fox should not charge me any more, since this is what was agreed upon in my rental. "The boss will never allow that," I was told.

The agent left the area, and then returned, saying, "I can't believe it. The boss has agreed to let you have the KIA SUV at the same price." They brought this little car around for us. I think it would fit in the back of my GMC Yukon XL at home. All of this took an hour.

Somehow, my three bags were stuffed into the small luggage space in the back, and a fourth bag placed into the back seat. The leg room for me, the driver, was marginal. I should have refused this car. But after the hour delay, and my desire to get on with our trip, I accepted this Kia SOUL "SUV".

I asked where do I call if there is a problem with the car. "We don't have roadside service, unless you pay (something like) $21/day." I declined. I have never heard of a car rental company which charges for roadside help. I was repeatedly asked to purchase damage insurance and loss of use insurance. I explained that my own car insurance would cover the same, and my credit card would, too. The agent said "that was unlikely." (He was wrong!) I was badgered to buy the tank of gas, "at a cheap rate," but declined. I was warned that if I didn't bring the car back with the fuel full, I'd be charged over $6/gallon.

After one hour in this Kia vehicle, driving with my knees bent up in front of me… absolutely inadequate leg room for me. I had to have my wife do the driving for the rest of the week. One reason I rent luxury vehicles is for the leg room, as I am very tall. When I returned the car, my receipt noted that any gas needed would have been charged to me at $5.21/gal. But the tank was full.

When I called with my complaints, I was told the Fox could offer me a $35 refund… BECAUSE THE RENTAL COST OF THE KIA SUV WAS $35/WEEK LOWER THAN A LUXURY SEDAN!!! So this was no refund for customer satisfaction!!! This was a refund which should have been applied at the Tampa location. I should have been notified of this at the time of the rental.

So, considering all of these problems, I told the agent that I think FOX should refund me $100 off this rental. And the $35/week refund should be in addition. I was told to send an email detailing my complaints and I would get a response within a few days. Two weeks later, NO RESPONSE. Tried to call Customer Service several times, and the call always fails after about a 10 second wait for Customer Service. What a cheesy, crappy, unprofessional company! Burned once, but never again. I recommend that YOU SHOULDN'T TRUST A FOX!!!

Ripped Off From Beginning to End
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Rating: 1/51

FT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- We reserved an SUV in Oct 2014 for Dec 28 2014. Upon arriving we were told that they were overbooked by 700 cars due to 3rd party reservations. We were told that the only car available was a Toyota Corolla!!! They still had cars in the lot but would not budge on the Corolla. We ended up going into a Chrysler 300 for a huge up charge. We were told we would receive the 250.00 deposit back when returning the car.

We returned the car 3 days early and were due a credit for that. Our credit was 260.31. We were ripped off in every sense of the word. Also, they were nearly impossible to be reached by telephone. If we had not prepaid we would have gotten on to a bus and been taken to several different car rental places until a car was available. Many people were inconvenienced. TOTALLY ** OPERATION.

Worst Rental Experience Ever
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Rating: 1/51

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- When you rent a car and it's dark and rainy and the car looks black to you and the next day it's green and you still point out 4 obvious imperfections that were not included on the contract, does that company still have any credibility on their self inspections of their cars?

Fox rental company rented me a car. I pointed out that the car had 2 broken hub caps and a key mark down 2 doors and a quarter panel dent that they had to add to my contract. These were so obvious that I saw them at night in the rain. But then, I returned the car during the day and they said I owe the $275 for repairs to the paint for swirl marks that are obviously from them cleaning their car.

This was in Florida where there are bugs and sand everywhere. They neglect to admit it could have been from them cleaning the car and their poor inspections that could have caused this whole problem. Instead, the manager would rather lie to me and insult my intelligence by telling me they don't wash or buff their cars. That they only rinse them with water and let them air dry. Here take a look what do you think?

Worst Company to Rent a Car From, Complete Scam!
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- First of all, I thought my trip would be awesome as planned, took my uncles for a visit to Las Vegas, and then a visit to California. I had reserved a minivan for the California trip, reserved a car from Los Angeles on 4/22 and return it in San Francisco 4/24 for an awesome price of 139.00. As the moment we stood standing at the car rental pick up stop I felt something was wrong, there was a sign for each rental company on the bus, waited 20 minutes and no sign of Fox rental. Finally, it came, a small bus that says Payless/Fox, we quickly got on, we didn't have a lot of time to waste, for my uncles visiting United States for the first time from France.

When we arrived, I checked in and was asked "What insurance option did you want, the basic, the whatever and the full coverage?" There wasn't an option to say no, so I said "basic," and the guy ask me if I want to prepaid a tank for 2.89 a gallon, so thinking "hey that's cheaper than pumping it myself" so I agreed. I was totally wrong!! They charged me more than 50.00 for that tank, of a minivan?! It's more than my BMW which I pumped with premium. It was a total shock to see my bill ranged up to 455.00 plus deposit fee of 150.00, which has not been refunded to me yet.

So I booked a car for 139.00 and turned out to be 305.00 and it does not state clear what was charged!!! Very upset, I'm glad the reviews helped but it was too late for me to look up this company. I hope this review helps people in the future because the minivan I reserved has scratches and dents all over. When I returned it, the guy looked at me and ask if that dent was new. I said, they gave me a beat up car, and they only have one brand car, which is the Dodge minivan, in different colors, they don't have a pleasant smell, and it is not new cars. People should not rent from this company at all.

Do Not Rent From Here!
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Whatever you do, do not rent a car from this company! It may look like you are getting a good deal, but in the long run it will end up costing you! My husband and I reserved a compact car for exactly one week. We picked it up in Las Vegas, which was a nightmare. You have to take TWO different shuttles from the airport, and have to drive miles out of the way to get there. Then once you are there, you will have to stand in line for a ridiculously long amount of time.

I had purchased insurance through Expedia (where I booked the car from), but the woman at Fox told us that didn't really count as insurance and we would have to use theirs. She assured us that we could still cancel Expedia's within 24 hours of picking the car up, so we wouldn't have to pay for two separate insurances. This mistake was ours, since we believed her, when in fact we could not cancel our previous insurance.

Anyway, the woman told us to go and pick a car from Lot 5, but when we walked outside, there was only one car left in Lot 5 and it had a slip that said "no battery" on it. I refused to wait in line again so we just took a car from Lot 6 and nobody said a word about it. Everything was fine with the car, until we went to return it. I had booked it through Expedia to drop it off in Phoenix, but when we got there the guy said, "No, you are supposed to return it to Vegas." They ended up charging us a "drop-off" fee, which nobody had told us about before.

And then, a couple days after we got home, I noticed an additional $580 taken out of my account! I waited on hold for 55 minutes until I finally got through to their customer service department, and was told that they had "made a mistake." When they finally refunded my money a week later, they refunded that amount, but not my $150 deposit.

I tried calling them back, but they insisted they had refunded it and refused to give me the $150 back! So in the end, I was supposed to pay $28.77/day for the car (not including insurance), but ended up paying $57.57/day! It would have ended up being way cheaper if I would have just went with a reputable company! This company is a complete SCAM!

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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX AIRPORT, ARIZONA -- I was traveling with a friend in Arizona, who made a reservation with Fox Rent-A-Car because as judged by the internet offerings, Fox by far offered the lowest rates. It turned out to be an example of a "bait and switch," and I agree with all the reviews which I subsequently read about Fox, all of which were universally negative.

First, the line to get to the agent was insufferable. I literally waited in line for well over an hour just to pick up the car. In fact, the agents at the adjacent "Payless" car rental joked that when compared to Fox, their company should be called "Wait-less."

When I finally got to the desk agent, he immediately put on the hard sell for me to get GPS, insurance and various other "options" which I repeatedly stated that I did not want. (I understand that an agent gets a commission whenever he sells such "options.") Some such "hard sells" are to be expected, but this was relentless and time-consuming.

As for the $45 per day rate which my friend and I anticipated, I was given another hard sell about why such a small-sized car would be inappropriate for the type of trip I was taking, so just to end the conversation (which was approaching the two-hour mark, including my wait in line), I agreed to upgrade to a $69 per day car.

I rented the car on a Monday afternoon, and specifically told the agent that I would be returning to on Wednesday between 2:00 and 3:00. He said that was fine, and that I would be charged only for two days even though I would be taking possession of the car just prior to 2:00 PM that Monday.

Lo and behold: When I returned the car at about 2:45 PM on Wednesday, I had been charged $282 for three days. At the risk of understatement, I went ballistic, and fortunately being an attorney, I was able to "resist" the manager's attempts to intimidate me, and even intimidate him a bit in return.

Finally, after I had wasted another 45 minutes of my time, the manager (reluctantly) agreed to charge me just for two days -- so my initial $45 per day expectation turned into a two day charge of $179.40. And that does not take into account any of the aggravation. Next time, I'd rather walk than use Fox. It was one of my worst consumer experiences ever.

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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- Absolute horrible experience with Fox Rental. After waiting 1 1/2 hours at the San Fran airport (while coming from across the country) and getting in the car we noticed this vehicle has definitely been in an accident due to the drivers bumper hanging out slightly. After driving down the Pacific Coast hwy we noticed it was getting worse of hanging and have to keep pushing it up, and driving at night you have to use the high beam lights because the headlights were off center.

Arriving in long beach California we had a flat. Not upset about a flat, it happens. I am extremely upset at how it was handled. I had my husband change the tire with the spare and called Fox Roadside and they directed me to the nearest Firestone saying, "that's where you have your account with."

The lady at Firestone is claiming Fox does not have a account with them, after spending 30 minutes with Fox Rental and Firestone. We finally can get the tire changed, after waiting 45 minutes for 1 tire, the Firestone lady tells me "Joe called and said Firestone must put on another brand new 3 tires." Now I'm upset! I paid 1000$ for this rental and the tires should have been checked and ready to go before my arrival of picking up vehicle! I do not have time to wait 2 hours for the delivery of the tires and more time putting the tires on.

We are 90 miles from San Diego to drop off this horrible vehicle and my last day on vacation and waiting 2 hrs for 4 brand new tires and delivery before we can continue our trip to San Diego! I called to talk to a representative and was on hold for 35 mins, and no one answered. I am extremely mad and upset that you don't have your cars inspected before renting them and now ruining my vacation. Question is why am I spending my vacation time getting your car fixed?

A Nightmare
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I had an emergency trip to Miami for the death of a family member. Needed a car and Fox was really cheap. My flight arrived at MIA at 9:40 pm, I got to the Rental Car Center at 10:05 pm and had to catch their shuttle. There was no shuttle available upon arrival so I called their published number. The recording said their shuttle "runs every 10 minutes". Their shuttle arrived at 10:48 pm.

Got to their shabby rental office and they only had one clerk with one person renting and another in line. She (the agent) didn't seem to know what she was doing, it took so, so long. I finally got to her at 11:50 pm, that's almost one hour waiting for her to rent to 2 people. She was rude and inefficient. They didn't have the car I had rented so I got an upgrade to a Dodge Charger, not a bad car but I have no use for all the gas it uses. The car was dirty and smelled of cigarette smoke, I had to stop and buy some spray to get the odor out.

The returning of the car was a little better, but overall it was a really unprofessional experience. I had to wait in their rental office for the shuttle to pick me up and I heard some very angry customers complaining, what about I'm not sure but I can imagine what it was about. I've rented from Fox before at other locations and it was acceptable. The office in Miami is a disaster. The rental was cheap but in Spanish there's a cliche that says: "cheap things always turn out to be more expensive", that was so true with this experience. Beware.

Do Not Rent From Fox
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I rented a compact car to be picked up in Phoenix. When I picked up the car, the representative upsold us to a full sized sedan for only $4.00 a day more than the compact - a "special deal". We accepted. When we turned the car in we discovered that we had been charged for BOTH vehicles!

When I lodged a complaint with Fox I was told that they would credit my account for the overcharged amount. Instead, I was only given a $25.00 credit, which was about $100 short. I have filed a dispute with my credit card company, so the story is not over. But apparently Fox Rent a Car is not an honorable company; at least the people I have dealt with are less than honorable and honest. I would highly recommend AGAINST renting from Fox.

You Have to Read This to Believe It
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I am posting this because I have not heard back from ANYONE at "Slimy Like a Fox Rent A Car". I know it's lengthy and I apologize for that. I needed to make sure it was all detailed. I hope this helps you. In hindsight, spending the extra money with a reputable company would have been very wise. After all, you get what you pay for.

I am bringing the following information to your attention as a courtesy before I "tweet", blog, review, etc. my experience with your company. I reserved a car with your company to be picked up after 11:00 pm on April 16, 2011 in San Diego and returned April 26, 2011 in Los Angeles.

On April 16 our flight from Buffalo, NY to San Diego was seriously delayed. I phoned your customer service center twice, once at 1:00 pm (est) and once at 5:00 pm (est) to inform your representative that our flight was delayed and we would not be picking the car up on time. Each time I asked whether or not I needed to provide my reservation number and name. Each time I was told "no" that our reservation would be held until 9:00 am (pacific time) the next day, April 17.

On April 17 we finally arrived in San Diego and made our way to your rental office. The customer service representative told us that our reservation had been canceled. When I told him I called and tried to change it, he said he was very sorry but he was currently "sold out".

My husband and I spent the next 30 minutes negotiating with him. Amazingly, he said he could free up a Jeep Wrangler and figure something out for the poor slob who would be his next customer (he didn't use those words but it was clear.) However, it would cost us an additional $50.00 per day. For obvious reasons we were not happy with this arrangement. When we objected, his next offer was to "figure something else out" and agreed to give it to us for an additional $20.00 per day.

I don't know if you ever spent nearly 36 hours in airports with two teenage girls but I can tell you at that point I was willing to accept this arrangement. My husband was not. I spoke with my husband and assured him that I would contact your customer service office after the trip. (The calls I made to your office were stored in my cell phone.) I was sure that I could recoup the difference after I spoke with someone in customer service.

When I mentioned these details, your agent interrupted and agreed, at last, to give us the Jeep Wrangler at the same price we were supposed to pay for a full size car - a base rate of $166.24 for the week - despite the fact that our trip was one day shorter than when I reserved the car. Having no knowledge of what was to come, I let that go.

We hesitated on the Wrangler, only because we were doing a lot of driving - up and down the coast and we were concerned about the gas mileage. Your agent assured us the Wrangler did as well as a full size car, 25 miles to the gallon and we would love it. He also explained your pre-paid gas policy. Pre-pay one tank of gas at your rate, $.30 a gallon less than the going rate and bring the car back with an empty tank.

Off we went. The first mis-statement was that the Wrangler gets 25 miles to the gallon. Absolutely not. We drove from San Diego to Sequoia National Park and then down to Los Angeles. The best we did was about 18 miles/gallon. We returned the car in Los Angeles on April 26 and our total cost ended up at $443.33, a significant difference than what we expected.

Looking at the details I had two concerns - the extra day we paid for and the prepaid tank of gas. We were charged $4.20 per gallon and paid $94.50. This means we were charged for a 22 gallon tank. So, I did what any concerned consumer would do. I completed the feedback form your team sent me on April 28. I did not hear back.

I waited about a week and called your customer service office. The woman I spoke with spent about 15 minutes telling me that the gas price ($4.20) and the tank size (22.5) added to $94.50. I patiently tried to explain to her that "I KNEW THAT" but I also knew that a Wrangler has an 18.6 gallon tank and the highest gas prices in Los Angeles (according to the US Dept of Energy) topped in at $4.38 per gallon. You do the math.

When this woman didn't budge, I asked to speak with the Customer Service Manager. I was transferred directly into his voice mail. I left a message explaining my problem. I waited two days and I did not hear back. I called again today (at 11:45 AM eastern time) and asked to speak with the customer service manager. The woman I spoke with told me he was on another line and would call me as soon as possible.

Now, it is 1:32 PM eastern time. That must have been one long phone call. This brings me to you. I find this entire experience unacceptable and I pray you do as well. I can be reached by phone or email. My phone number is **. My original reservation number was **.

As an aside, in my "after the fact" research on Fox - as I was trying to recover from buyer's remorse - I found that Mr. Jaberi and his senior managers were sued in 2006. In a nutshell, they installed GPS tracking devices in vehicles. In the small print, each customer who traveled out of California and three surrounding states would be assessed a $50.00 fee and $.35 per mile penalty for going out of the area (despite the fact that they paid for unlimited mileage). Nearly every customer was charged and fees averaged $400 per customer - more than the cost of the rental. The People of the State of California sued and won. What dirt bags.

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