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Fox Rent A Car
5500 W. Century Blvd. (Off Airport)
Los Angeles, CA 90045
855-571-8410 (ph)
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Rear wheel drive SUV instead of 4 wheel drive

DENVER, FLORIDA -- The website is deceiving. I have travelled to west coat for past 15 years and this is the worst car rental experience I have had. The confirmation e-mail does not even mention the type of car you have rented. You are left at the mercy of the check in clerk to decide what she wants to do with you. I thought I have booked a 4x4 suv, and she offered me a rear wheal drive suv. To get a 4 wheel drive she wanted me to pay $100 more per day for a one week rental.

After pleading and seeing the manager in charge, they reduced it to $51 more per day. That is $125 per day. For a total of $937 for a week rental. I will never book with you guys again. I could have rented a 4 wheel drive in September for $80 per day from next best car rental company. Instead I decided to give you guys a try. This is first time and last time I will do business with you. And I will make sure to post this all over the web, so they can avoid your trap.

Poor Customer Service & Hidden Fees
By -

I was told that car was going to be $143.61 per my reservation confirmation paperwork. At the time I decided to add insurance. Total of bill should have been $203.61 plus tax and fees. I did this for the feeling of safety and to not have any delays on our short trip. I was sold this insurance by being told - even if I get a flat tire they will come give me a new car and I can drive away instead of waiting for it to be repaired. This is why I bought the insurance.

Instead I was scared, unconvinced, and treated rudely by YOUR STAFF. Then to continue on—after getting home finally instead of a “I am sorry”—I got charged for $271.12. This was an unexpected stress and I did not need on my vacation traveling with my family, let alone the extra charges is unacceptable.

YOUR CAR died on me in a major intersections leaving us forced to push is out of the way and holding up traffic with my child in the car I was deeply concerned for her safety. When I called your customer service (**) department and ask to exchange car they told me I needed to drive another 300 miles to exchange car? I told him what I refused and was scared for my family for it doing this again and he made it clear there was nothing he can do for me, I can only trade it in. I was SO UPSET. I was in shock and my trip was ruined after this point. This was too scary and all I could do is rush home at this stage out of fear.

YOUR CAR oil light came on. YOUR CAR engine light came on. YOUR CAR had no windshield water to clean windshield, which was a danger to me forcing me to again stop and clean the windows and have to put a little water so I was not in danger from bugs hitting window and having no way to clean for clear view or in the event of rain? Did I get an apology from YOUR STAFF, NO instead I got charged. YOUR car had no antenna? Just another reason to be disappointed.

Worst Car Rental Experience Ever
By -

COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA -- Worst experience EVER with a car rental company. Made arrangements through Expedia, mistakenly assuming that the influence of the large company would somehow guarantee at least adequate service. Although I called Fox before leaving on the trip to inquire about procedures at the Santa Ana (Orange County, CA) airport, no one told me that you need to use the touch screen computer INSIDE THE AIRPORT (after we hauled all our bags outside to the shuttle area) to "automatically" call Fox Rent A Car's shuttle service.

We were then assured that the shuttle arrives every 10 minutes (then why bother to call via touch screen?) AFTER 30 MINUTES the "every-10-minute" shuttle arrived. After a quick check-in, the counter clerk told us our car is waiting for us out around the first building in a dimly-lit parking lot in space #8. Haul all our bags around the first building to find… only invisible cars in space #8! Not having an invisible car driver's license, I went back inside, leaving wife & daughter in the dimly-lit parking lot. Counter clerk walks to car-cleaning garage to find out that our car is still being cleaned and will be ready in less than 5 minutes.

TWENTY MINUTES in the dimly-lit parking lot later, I walked back into the counter clerk to inquire whether there was an alternate car we could use, since we had used up all our fun & party time standing around like dopes in the dimly lit parking lot. Finally the car comes out of garage, and although car cleaning crew had seen us standing there for 20 minutes, the car cleaner drives the car to THE OTHER END OF THE PARKING LOT and jumps out without a word to us. Another car cleaner walks out to do the pre-inspection under the single light bulb near the checkout booth… after we haul all our bags from one end of the parking lot to the checkout booth.

Service with a smile! Upon returning the car, in broad daylight, the lot attendant found a small scratch at the base of the front fender near the wheel well. That would have been virtually impossible to see in the one light bulb checkout booth when we picked up the car. We inquired about the shuttle service, and the attendant turned the other way and walked back to the office, saying something to the invisible people in space #8 as she walked away.

Service with a smile! After chasing her back into the air-conditioned office, she said "the shuttle will be arriving soon out there", (pointing "out"). "By the garage, in the street, in the parking lot? 'Out there.' Do we need to stand outside in the 95-degree heat to make sure the driver sees us?" "No, just look for him out there."

Service with a smile! Shuttle arrived, we walked out to the street. Driver left to go into the air-conditioned office. Help load all the bags! Hah! You're on your own, wife, kids and all. Driver leaves motor running but the interior of the shuttle is an oven. Oh well, when we get moving, he'll turn the AC on. Driver gets back in, not a word to anyone inside, closes door, drives off.

After a minute or so, I ask another passenger - "Feel any AC on your side?" Put hand by fan vent, "no AC!" Great! I'll get to lose all that extra water-weight I put on at Disneyland. 15-minute trip to the airport in 95-degree heat with Mr. Friendly with no AC and of course, none of the windows roll down. Help unloading the bags at the airport? Get real!

Service with a smile! If you need a dose of "anti-Disney, anti-happiest-place-on-earth" attitude, be sure to check out the Santa Ana airport Fox Rent a Car!

Do Not Rent From This Company Ever!!!
By -

I so wish I had been smart to read some reviews from booking a car with them. NEGATIVE STARS NEEDED!!! The customer service here is HORRIBLE!!! We were staying in Escondido (40 miles north of San Diego) when we started having trouble with our car the 2nd day we had it. Found out that the suspension was going out. We called to find out what to do and were told WE would have to pay for a tow truck to come pick up THEIR car and tow it back to San Diego at our full expense.

When we complained and asked to speak to a manager the next day (we drove the car back and took a full day of our vacation to do this) we were told she was "too busy" to talk to us. We called the corporate office and they were SO RUDE! How they can get away with treating their customers this way is beyond me.

Plus the first car was totally dirty, had other people's belongings/trash left in the car, and I had to point out the car seat we rented from them for our 2 year old was BROKEN. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY EVER unless you want to be treated like crap!!!

Beware of Fox Car Rental
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- My wife and I visited Scottsdale, Arizona for our first time this August 14-21, 2010 and we decided to try out Fox as they were the only ones with a decent rate on Jeeps (thinking we would need one). We got to the airport and went to their counter. We gave them our credit card (AMEX) which we keep a low limit on so we don't go overboard, and it was rejected. The reason was they were trying to place the full fee - $432 or something like that PLUS a deposit of $250 on it... Something their website said they didn't do.

From their site - "Major credit cards: Valid driver's license and credit card must be in the same name. Credit card must have available funds of $150.00 or estimated amount of rental charges whichever is greater. At time of rental credit card funds will be taken as a deposit against rental charges." What?

So I tried giving them my debit card. From their website - "Debit cards: Debit card only accepted at time of rental when presented with the return flight segment of a round trip airline ticket. Return segment can be presented in the form of the actual ticket or an electronic ticket. At time of rental the counter representative will take a copy of the presented document and attach to the original rental document retained at the location. Valid driver's license and debit card must be in the same name. Debit card must have available funds of $250.00 plus total estimated rental charges."

They never ever asked me for my return ticket. They just told me they didn't take debit cards. And this all happened AFTER I had turned down their insurances offers for any damages. So, be warned. I will NEVER EVER try them again. I went to Avis and used my debit card with no problems. I got a AWD Hyundai Santa Fe which worked great. They didn't request ANY deposit and I only had to pay the rental fee. Also, it was only about $40 more for the car. God Bless Avis. I am posting this wherever I can.

Vacation Starts Off on the Wrong Foot
By -

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I had taken my 4 month old twin grandkids and the rest of my family to California for my sister to see. So there was a total of 8 of us. When I rented the van online, I specifically paid for a Toyota Sienna because I knew for a fact that they seated 8 people. So coming from Hawaii, we arrive in San Francisco like 9:30pm, and for us it's COLD!

I'm trying to call the Fox Car Rental Desk from the phone's by the baggage area but theirs is broken and we can't get through. I run out to check and there's their van. OK so we load everybody up & get to their office and they give us a 7 passenger van. Of course, luggage and all we did not fit. So we remove the middle seat and leave it there. They gave me a hard time but I told them I'll figure something out and be back for it tomorrow. We were so squished! So for my son's birthday, we were sitting on our luggage, smashed like sardines.

The next day is my birthday, and since we didn't fit, I send my husband back for the van and I make arrangements to rent another car from another company. My daughter in law and I were stuck, the hotel couldn't give us a later check out than 1pm because they were booked, so here we were, not used to the cold, walking around San Francisco with 4 month old twins, having to change their diapers on the street!

Luckily, when they got to Alamo for the second car, my husband saw a Toyota Sienna that would fit all of us but there was a short wait. Then of course he got lost coming back for us. :) The whole ordeal took half a day. Making all of us miserable and screwing up our schedule big time.

Bottom line, their prices make it tempting to try to rent from them again but I've never had problems with Alamo. It's been 3 years since that mishap and I've taken 5 or 6 vacations since then. If I can find a good reviews about them maybe I'll give them another try. BTW, when I emailed them about how disappointed I was the manager did offer to take care of us if we came back.

Fox Rent a Car is great if you are patient
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I just rented a car from Fox Rent a Car. If your doing any car rental comparison shopping, you should know that Fox is by far the cheapest company around. I paid $12/day compared to Hertz who charged around $50/day. According to the Better Business Bureau, Fox has about a C+ rating. So you should be careful. Most of the complaints had to do with Fox charging customers for pre-existing damage to the vehicle. Here is my experience.

I reserved my car on Fox's website and printed out their 10% off coupon. At the San Diego airport, the shuttle came promptly and dropped us off at the Fox location. The service was very slow. They only had one person at the counter, who obviously did not want to be there. I waited in line for an hour to get help. The vehicle I got was in pretty good condition, except for a few scratches on the side of the car. Fox does not have anyone that brings you to the car and inspects it with you, like other companies have. So I had to flag down one of the mechanics to sign a paper about the damage. I took some pictures of the damage, just in case there were any problems later. The car ran fine and I dropped it off at Fox's at the LAX airport. The dropoff was quick and painless.

If you don't mind poor customer service and waiting in line for an hour or two, then this is a good choice. I probably saved about $100 and it only cost me an extra hour of waiting in line. Fox isn't as scary as some would make it out to be, but the huge savings made it worth going through the small hassles. Just make sure to document all of the damage on the car so you won't have a horror story to tell on this website.

Car Rental from Hell

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- We rented a Fox rental car at Phoenix airport and waited over a half hour for the shuttle to arrive. Every other car rental shuttle had passed us at least three times before Fox showed up.

When we arrived at the little building where you pick up your car, we waited almost 45 minutes in a dirty room for two people at the counter to take care of two customers ahead of us, with a line of people waiting behind us.

When we finally got to the counter to pick up our reserved vehicle, it was apparent that there was not one available. The reservation clerk kept trying to give us "upgrades" that we didn't want. Finally we agreed to take the free upgrade he kept insisting we rent. He also told us we had to have collision insurance in Arizona, although in the past this was always covered over our own policy. However, we bought the insurance.

When we got outside and looked at the car,the front grill was loose, the bumper had a huge crack in it, and it appeared the car had clearly been in an accident. When we pointed out the loose grill, they said "Oh, that's how Dodges are", and when we pointed out the bumper, they said "Don't worry about it, you bought the collision insurance anyway". We insisted he mark down this damage on his copy before we took the car.

When we opened the door, the overpowering stink of strawberry toilet deodorizer overpowered us. They must wipe down the interiors with this garbage. When we complained we were told "All our cars smell like that". So with no apparent choice, we took the car and we were off.

An hour and a half later on the road, the smell of this chemical was so nauseating that it was hard to breathe. The car rattled and made all sorts of wind noise. We considered getting rid of it. I called customer service and got a recording. I called back and tried other extensions until we got a live human being, who said she was in California and transferred me back to the customer service recording saying to leave a number. Customer service did not return my call . It took three long days for the stench of that chemical to dissipate.

When we stopped for gas, my husband noticed that one of the tires on this car was bald and appeared to be an old junk yard tire. Not only that, it didn't even match the other three tires. The entire front bumper on this car was loose. There was also garbage on the floor in the back from the last customer. We also noticed when we filled up the car with gas, that the needle went well above where it originally was when we picked up the car, so we didn't even start out with a full tank from Fox, although we returned the car with one.

We sent an email to their customer service and got no reply. This is a real loser company. I doubt they would have shown up in an emergency. Spend the extra money and go someplace else.

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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- From the word go I knew I was in trouble. My rental was in Sept 2015. The lady at the desk admitted she does not normally work in the front. She was struggling with the paperwork and the computer. It was late, I was very tired. Had I not pre-paid I would have moved on...

Well I thought I had pre-paid, but she added on all sorts, then would not accept my CC. She eventually phoned her boss. I was ripped off big time!! To add insult to injury, today (Nov) I received an invoice for a Toll I apparently did not pay? Where was the toll both?? Toll was $1.66 I'm told, and Admin cost $16. Are they taking the Mickey?? Rip off merchant! Avoid at all costs.

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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, TEXAS -- BUYER BEWARE!!! SCAMS ABOUND. You may get the lowest price but they will figure out how to hit you afterwards. 1 month after renting, I received a "toll fine" notice complete with dates and times where I was never in the area. When I requested the official toll notice from the proper authority showing the picture of the vehicle at these alleged toll stops, of course they said they could not provide them. On top of that, these unethical people try to charge you $15 per fine in addition to the 70 cent toll.

So when you add up all these false toll fines that they offer no proof of actually happening, the bill for me ended up being $270 for $13 of fake toll fines. What a scam but what else would I expect from a business out of South Florida. Ironically, the credit card I used for the car had its number stolen and used while I was in South Florida. Coincidence? Stay away from this scam business and pay a little more for a legitimate car rental agency.

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