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Age and Race Discrimination at Returns
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Rating: 1/51

LONGVIEW, WASHINGTON -- I shop at the Longview, WA Fred Meyers store regularly and spend over $600-800 a month a least. On one shopping trip I purchased over $150 dollars worth of clothing etc... I tried to return a purse, wallet, and a pair of flip flops but for some reason the items were not showing up under my rewards card. I'm assuming I must have forgotten to input my number during self check-out which is pretty common and not unheard of. I was unable to find my receipt which really irritated me but was OK with accepting store credit since all the items I had purchased were on sale so I did not mind taking the 90 day lowest price.

The older lady with blonde hair told me that she was unable to do the return most likely because the system would not allow me to return anything because I must have exceeded my number of returns. I can only think of one other time I had returned something and it was make-up that was not in my color...

I then politely asked if I could have my mother, relative or friend do the return because I did not want the items to go on clearance and lose out on the money I PAID! She told me she couldn't see why I couldn't and I had my father in law go in to do it. While he was attempting to do the return for me she made snide remarks saying she found it very odd that a man was returning the same items a younger girl came into return just a while earlier when she knew very well that I was planning to send someone in to do it for me. She offended him to the point he had to leave.. I then had my husband go in and she called Loss Prevention.

This is the worst customer service and discrimination I have ever received from any business or retailer. I will never purchase any items from Fred Meyer or Kroger and will gladly take the money right next door to the local Safeway and do my shopping at an actual clothing retailer who doesn't accuse my family members or I of theft just because I had lost a receipt and forgotten to plug my phone number during the check-out process.

Their grumpy customer service associates that have not changed in 10-20 years are not very pleasant people and have a frown from the moment you walk-up to the customer service counter. They use age and racial profiling. I watched an old lady return over $130 worth of merchandise with no questions asked and she did not have a receipt and received a merchandise credit card.

I'm a five year loyal customer. Very RUDE service from MANAGER!!
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Rating: 1/51

BALLARD, WASHINGTON -- I visit your store a lot and know all your cashiers. I had my husband's credit card and was picking up some cartridges for our printer. The manager said there was no way he was selling me the items because my name wasn't on the card. I asked if he could run as a debit so I could punch in the security pin code and he said no. "No ma'am, there's no way I'm selling you this." Now my husband is disabled and I am in there all the time. 2 cashiers vouched for me saying they knew me and my husband. I would have gotten cash but the card is old and has a crack in it and cash machines that take the whole card in it won't accept it. You can only slide it through a machine.

Anyway he really embarrassed me in front of these two employees who know both my husband and I. Think that if employees are vouching for you and they know you, that THE MANAGER should have taken that into consideration and not been such a jerk. This store used to be so much more neighborly. Whatever happened to knowing your customers and making them feel at home and happy? Seems to me it's become all about money and how many people can you get through your line.

I spend a lot of money in your store but lately I am getting an attitude. Doesn't seem like you know or care to know your customers and your managers do a lot of power tripping in front of customers!!! I always use his card and if they checked my history and my rewards card they would see his name too. But he wouldn't even do that either. If I knew a customer said they came in all the time and other cashiers were vouching for that person I would at least make an effort to check or something. That's why banks have pin #s on cards.

Raleigh Hills...What a Mess
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Rating: 2/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I have been shopping at this location for almost 15 years. I have always been loyal to this store and only go to others when I absolutely have to. Now, I hate to complain about people at stores, but Lordy, this store stinks now. The current assistant food manager (a large troll looking man) is the rudest person I have EVER dealt with.

Two weeks ago I was shopping there and was looking for some vitamins in the natural food section. It was later in the day, and no one was working there. I waited for a few seconds until I saw someone pass by. I asked them if they knew anything about the product, they did not, so they paged customer service.

Almost instantly a charming young man walked up and asked how he could assist me. There was a short girl with him, who seemed to be new because she was listening to his every word. Both of them assisted me finding the products I needed, and when they didn't have a product in their department they took me to another section of the store and showed me where they were.

As I was leaving the store, I saw them straightening up a cooler near the self check out. As I got closer someone in management (I later learned it was the assistant food manager) walked up to them and told them to stop working together, go fill the milk, and start working. The girl walked away quickly but the young man stayed and continued to clean. Even though they had just given me excellent customer service, he treated them both like nothing at all.

This was not the only time I have seen this man be rude to employees. Last week this same man was telling another young man to "work faster" and when he was done "redo all the areas he didn't do properly." He then went on about how the food department looked like crap and none of the closers from the previous night did anything right and that he was going to have to take time out of his day to fix it.

He walked away and the young man he was talking to started to complain to another young man in the aisle about how the manager always treated him terribly and he couldn't wait to go back to school so he didn't have to deal with the (and I quote him) "Douchebag manager."

I have never felt like never shopping at a store this much. I love Fred Meyers, but hate the way the lower level employees get treated. All the cashiers have fake smiles on, and anyone in the food department look miserable whenever I shop. Something has to be done. Bring in new management so I can have my old Raleigh Hills back!

Excellent Service Cut Short
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Rating: 5/51

CLACKAMAS, OREGON -- My daughter and I were shopping at the 82nd drive Freddies about a year ago, and a wonderful employee (his name was **) helped us track down a certain craft for my daughter's science project. He must have spent thirty minutes calling stores all while helping countless other customers with ease and grace! Once he helped us with the product, my daughter said "you are very good at your job" to which he replied "it's what I'm born for." Recently I visited again asking of him, and management said he was terminated for being too customer conscious and being awesome. Why did this happen to the Lord's gift to customers? Will only shop at Wal-Mart now!

Terrible service
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Rating: 1/51

FLORENCE, OREGON -- We had just gotten paid two weeks ago and bought some clothes, along with some groceries. We are daily shoppers at the local Fred Meyers and are constantly using our rewards card. We had bought 3 pairs of pyjamas, for me and my kids. All 3 pairs did not fit so we went in and tried to return them. The lady behind the counter was very rude to us. She wouldn't allow us to return the clothes because we had washed them, even though we don't go home and just put on clothes, we wash them first. She then went on to tell us there were stains on the clothes even though there was nothing on the clothing.

She then proclaimed that it was our fault for choosing the wrong size and it was our responsibility to check what the clothes were made of. Even though the sizing was wrong she said it was our fault. I wouldn't leave until I got MY money back for faulty clothing. The lady only returned 3 items out of 6 and said the other 3 were not on our rewards card. WE WILL NEVER SHOP AT THIS FRED MEYERS FOR CLOTHES EVER AGAIN. They were very rude, and made this whole experience very bad for us, especially the fact the women blamed us for their faulty products.

Pharmacy Staff Rotation Leads to Delayed Rx Refills
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Rating: 1/51

GRESHAM, OREGON -- My dad called in an Rx that requires the doctor's authorization to refill. It took two full days, and a lot of calls to the pharmacy and Dr.'s office, before they got the authorization and when it came the pharmacy called and said it would be ready in an hour. An hour later I went to the pharmacy and was told it would be ready in a few minutes, they were filling it now. Several people came in and was told their Rx's were being filled and asked to wait, while I waited. Over an hour later I stepped out to get a candy bar.

When I turned around the gate was closed. I got very angry and told them how long I had been waiting, then get closed out of the gate. They had not locked it and told me to come in. The Rx was immediately filled with apologies but I believe this to have been a deliberately rude delay because my dad had made so many calls trying to get the refill. This pharmacy rotates its employees so that none of them get to know the customers. This has proven to be very inconvenient and unpleasant much of the time.

Service Dogs
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Rating: 1/51

VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- For the second time I have seen someone with a "service dog" sitting in a cart. I was told by a Fred Meyer Manager that because of Washington State Law they have to allow them... it appears that the owner is more of the "service dog" since the animal has to ride in the cart.

I have a hard time believing that these carts are pulled out and cleaned once the dog has Sat in them. Am I sure I'm using a clean cart... did the dogs have worms? It is makes my stomach roll... I love dogs, but not where I may be putting my produce, bread or meat. If this is indeed something the store can stop they either need to tell the people to have their dog walk... not sit in the cart or provide special carts for them.

Tried to Take My Schedule to Refill
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Rating: 1/51

SHELTON, WASHINGTON -- I tried to transfer a medication from the Lacy pharmacy to the Shelton pharmacy, it had one refill left. The pharmacy aid told me there would be no problem, I gave her the RX number and she told me she would try to call me back, but they were very busy. She called me back in five minutes and said that they had called my doctor because I had no refills. I know I had a refill because I only had the prescription filled once and my doctor always give me a refill.

I called the Lacy pharmacy and they told me I had a refill left and there shouldn't be a problem. I wonder if the Shelton pharmacy was going to try to use my refill for themselves and have a nice time getting high on my controlled substance.

Fred Myer Prepaid Debit Card / Fred Meyer Service
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Rating: 1/51

RENTON, WASHINGTON -- My husband and I are moving from WA to AZ and needed a debit card or prepaid card to pay for our truck. We purchased specific Fred Meyer Prepaid Visa cards to pay for the truck. Please understand that we are talking hundreds of dollars which we set aside for the truck. We did not read the terms and conditions for this card, but my issue is that Fred Myers would not refund my money as I was unable to use these cards for our truck due to Fred Meyer's charging a 15% hold on ONLY money used toward renting vehicles. We did not budget for this. We talked with the sales representative and manager and they would not refund the cards although they were unused.

We called the number on the card and the representative told us we agreed to the terms and conditions when activating the card. THE ISSUE is when buying a prepaid Visa at Fred Meyers... All sales are final, so no refund even if unopened. And even without activating my card... If I disagreed with these terms and conditions... I would have to wait for them to refund my money and I can't get an in-store refund. So I am now out hundreds of dollars and am forced to purchase another prepaid card to cover this 15% of my rental truck charge... Very disappointed right now. :(

Bad Cashier
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GRANTS PASS, OREGON -- On February 20, 2006, I visited my local Fred Meyer to pick up some groceries for the week and a pair of computer speakers. While doing the "self check out cashier", we had made the usual "mess up" on the first item and had to have the cashier come and help us continue on. She approached us with the attitude like "you're a idiot...go home!" No problem there. We finished and paid up but we had forgotten to ring up a HUGE box of muffins (Way too big to fit under my jacket, I might add!) We were continuing on to the electronic department to purchase said speakers when we were stopped by the "self check out helper" (and I use that term loosely!!)

She glared at me and said "didn't you forget something"? I looked at her like "oh ya, I guess I did! OOPPSS! My husband and I started laughing and started to go back and run the muffins through the scanner. In the mean time, she glared at us like we were thieves. We caught her glance at us and said to each other "forget it". Now I don't even want them. We put them down and proceeded to the electronic department (with groceries and shopping cart in tow. I mentioned to her that she would have a better day if she (**) wasn't such a "**" about people's mistakes.

We encountered 2 of our friends before we got too far and got into a conversation about the "incident". Before 5 minutes were up we were both confronted by the store security people (2 of them)!!!! They interrupted our private conversation to let us know that they didn't allow the other word for "**" to be said in their store. We were treated like common thieves!!! We were humiliated!!

By the time we got to the electronic department, I had given it thought (probably too much) and asked to speak with someone of "Importance" about the incident. Here come a store manager (female) and 3 THREE security people!!!!! I told them the situation and said that I refused to be treated with such disrespect by their store employees!! And, on top of that, humiliated in front of my friends. 2 more of our friends stood and looked on (a total of 4 now) and saw what went on.

My point is that I could have paid for those muffins anywhere in the store that I wanted to. I was not a thief until I walked out of the store! The cashier at the electronic counter also agreed with me. My husband has long hair and I have bright red hair and a nose ring (we have a professional band). I can't help but wonder if "**" copped the attitude because of our "appearance" to her.

These things that happen are VERY unfair and are, in my eyes, repulsive. She most definitely needed a "nap"!!!!
My shopping days at Fred Meyer in Grants Passm, Oregon are LONG GONE!!! And so are the shopping days of my 4 friends that witnessed the entire incident. What ever happened to courtesy and respect? Sure makes me wonder!

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