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Tried to Take My Schedule 2 Refill
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SHELTON, WASHINGTON -- I tried to transfer a medication from the Lacy pharmacy to the Shelton pharmacy, it had one refill left. The pharmacy aid told me there would be no problem, I gave her the RX number and she told me she would try to call me back, but they were very busy. She called me back in five minutes and said that they had called my doctor because I had no refills. I know I had a refill because I only had the prescription filled once and my doctor always give me a refill.

I called the Lacy pharmacy and they told me I had a refill left and there shouldn't be a problem. I wonder if the Shelton pharmacy was going to try to use my refill for themselves and have a nice time getting high on my controlled substance.
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leet60 on 02/27/2013:
It is only conjecture that the receiving pharmacy wanted to "use your refill" for themselves. Transfers of schedule 2 prescriptions between pharmacies are strictly regulated by federal guidelines.

If the original pharmacy did not clearly follow these guidelines, indicating the number of refills, the receiving pharmacy would not have knowledge of the refill.

Pharmacists are constantly at risk of losing their licenses and can be subject to prosecution for not following strict guidelines.
Susan on 02/27/2013:
Unless you have a copy of the original prescription that states there was one refill and the bottle from the first refill that states one refill remaining then your accusation against Shelton pharmacy is baseless.
rxgirl on 02/27/2013:
If it was truly a Schedule 2 (CII) then by Federal Law there are no Refills allowed. Sometimes Doctors forget this and will write for refills on CIIs prescriptions, since this is not allowed by Federal Law, the pharmacy will just ignore the refills.

If it is a regular control Schedule 3-5 (CIII-CV) then there could be a couple of things that happened. Controlled substances are usually (may vary by state) limited to a total of 5 fills 1 original and 4 refills and even those must be within 6 months of the written date of the prescription, after that time frame any refills left on the prescription are no longer valid and a Doctor would have to be contacted for a new prescription order. I hope this makes things clearer.

This is the rule in many states as they follow Federal Law, however there are a few states whose laws are even stricter than the federal law so they may not allow refills on any controls at all
trmn8r on 02/27/2013:
Why would you wonder if pharmacy staff planned to use unfilled controlled substances scripts for their own purposes? Do you believe this is common practice?
Susan on 02/27/2013:
According to the U.S. Department of Justice/DEA website, Schedule II prescriptions cannot be refilled - - end of story.
placernewby on 03/02/2013:
Well, unless the law has changed, you are quoting a law that is nonexistent, because the Shelton pharmacy refilled my prescription when the Lacy pharmacy called them and pointed out their mistake. Unless I pressed the issue, I would have had to have gone back to my doctor, at my expense and gotten another prescription. Or try to get in touch with him and see if he would write me a new one. He told me at the last appointment that he always gives patients enough refills to last them until their next appointment, that way he doesn't have to respond to calls from pharmacies to refill medications. When I called the pharmacy, the clerk told me I gave her the wrong prescription number, which is a crock because I only filled one prescription for that medication at Fred Meyer and they already told me they called about it and I had no refills. Then she compounded the offense by calling me "hon". I will never use that pharmacy again, there is a pharmacy across the street that is just as convenient.
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Rude Cashier
Posted by on
KENT, WASHINGTON -- After work I visited my local Fred Meyer (a store I shop atseveral times a week) to pick up a couple of grocery items, hair care products, afew items of clothing, etc.

I chose to stand in (the often very long) line rather than use the u-scan as the female that is usually there manning them never fails to be rude to me. When using them in the past; I once accidentally stepped in her path, I move out of her way and apologize with a smile only to be referred to as a b***h under her breath. Another time, I had the audacity to use the cash-back feature on the pin pad. When I approached her with my receipt to obtain MY cash, she rudely told me that she was not a bank and suggested the next time I "ask her first before assuming I can withdrawal money"!

On this day, I stood in line, then when I got to the belt, I unloaded my items then started flipping through a magazine while awaiting my turn. Unfortunately, she was promoted to cashier but since my items were already unloaded I decided to stay in that line. She was ringing up a young family and there were 3 teenaged boys were in fromt of me when I heard "Hey". I didn't look up as I didn't think anyone was referring to me. I heard it again and one of the boys tapped me to tell me she wanted my attention. I looked up and she handed me the closed sign, with a curt "put this over there" (there was another man behind me). I did as I was instructed then went back to the magazine. As she rang up the young men, I heard "Is this on WIC?" Again, I didn't look up as I assumed she was talking to someone else. She repeated herself, this time, louder and sounding more frustrated so I looked up out of courosity to see who she was taking to so rudely. When I looked up, I noticed the 3 young men and the cashier staring at me, all waiting for me to answer. I was completely humiliated (before everyone assumes I am snobby please understand, I use the word humiliated because of the disgust in her tone and the manner in which she chose to ask such a question - loudly and in front of several people and it wasn't even my turn to be rang up - one of which anyone would feel the same).

I responded, with equal disgust in my tone with a curt "no!" then went back to my magazine. When it was my turn to be rang up, I asked her why she asked that and she responded "all WIC mothers buy the same things". Said things, I assume, was my milk and Apple Jacks (the only food items I had among a bill that totaled $286).

I've let this female ruin my day many times simply because I didn't want to put forth the effort to complain but I feel I need to finally say something. Unfortunately, the location of this store is very convenient but I will definitely make sure to never have to deal with her again!
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PaulaJ on 05/03/2011:
Honestly? The longer you take to make a complaint about her, she is going to keep getting away with her bad behavior. I'd call and speak to her manager, she sounds like she needs to be re-trained. Also, I work in retail and would never humiliate anyone who uses WIC or food stamps by speaking loudly and rude about it, she should at least be reprimanded about that. I would give her manager a heads up.
Anonymous on 05/03/2011:
Why would you let her ruin your day? Find a store manager and express your concerns. FM is one of the few places I shop regularly because of their exceptional customer service...I really think that they care and would appreciate the feedback.

Don't take this wrong way, but posting a complaint about a business that is really only about a single employee isn't going to resolve your issue if you're not willing to address it head on.
Venice09 on 05/03/2011:
I agree with the first two posters, but I also understand why the OP is putting it off. I have never spoken to a manager about an employee and would only do it as a last resort. On the rare occasion that I am bothered by one, I notice that they are usually gone pretty quickly.

OP, if you haven't complained just because you don't want to put forth the effort, I think it's time you do. You shouldn't have to avoid certain employees in a store where you shop on a regular basis. If this has been going on for a while, I wouldn't want any longer. Please express your concerns to a manager so you don't have to dread going into a store that is convenient for you.
Anonymous on 05/04/2011:
These days, companies WANT your feedback and they make it pretty easy to do so. I'm sure if you go to the Fred Meyer website, there is a way to send them a message about that store.
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Age and Race Discrimination at Returns
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LONGVIEW, WASHINGTON -- I shop at the Longview, WA Fred Meyers store regularly and spend over $600-800 a month a least. On one shopping trip I purchased over $150 dollars worth of clothing etc... I tried to return a purse, wallet, and a pair of flip flops but for some reason the items were not showing up under my rewards card. I'm assuming I must have forgotten to input my number during self check-out which is pretty common and not unheard of. I was unable to find my receipt which really irritated me but was OK with accepting store credit since all the items I had purchased were on sale so I did not mind taking the 90 day lowest price. The older lady with blonde hair told me that she was unable to do the return most likely because the system would not allow me to return anything because I must have exceeded my number of returns. I can only think of one other time I had returned something and it was make-up that was not in my color...

I then politely asked if I could have my mother, relative or friend do the return because I did not want the items to go on clearance and lose out on the money I PAID! She told me she couldn't see why I couldn't and I had my father in law go in to do it. While he was attempting to do the return for me she made snide remarks saying she found it very odd that a man was returning the same items a younger girl came into return just a while earlier when she knew very well that I was planning to send someone in to do it for me. She offended him to the point he had to leave..I then had my husband go in and she called Loss Prevention.

This is the worst customer service and discrimination I have ever received from any business or retailer. I will never purchase any items from Fred Meyer or Kroger and will gladly take the money right next door to the local Safeway and do my shopping at an actual clothing retailer who doesn't accuse my family members or I of theft just because I had lost a receipt and forgotten to plug my phone number during the check-out process. Their grumpy customer service associates that have not changed in 10-20 years are not very pleasant people and have a frown from the moment you walk-up to the customer service counter. They use age and racial profiling. I watched an old lady return over $130 worth of merchandise with no questions asked and she did not have a receipt and received a merchandise credit card.
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I'm a five year loyal customer. Very RUDE service from MANAGER!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BALLARD, WASHINGTON -- I visit your store a lot and know all your cashiers. I had my husbands credit card and was picking up some cartridges for our printer, The manager said there was no way he was selling me the items because my name wasn't on the card. I asked if he could run as a debit so I could punch in the security pin code and he said no. No ma'am, theres no way I'm selling you this. Now my husband is disabled and I am in there all the time. 2 cashiers vouched for me saying they knew me and my husband. I would have gotten cash but the card is old and has a crack in it and cash machines that take the whole card in it won't accept it. you can only slide it through a machine.

Anyway he really embarrassed me in front of these two employees who know both my husband and I think that if employees are vouching for you and they know you, that THE MANAGER should have taken that into consideration and not been such a jerk. This store used to be so much more neighborly. Whatever happened to knowing your customers and making them feel at home and happy? Seems to me its become all about money and how many people can you get through your line. I spend a lot of money in your store but lately I am getting an attitude. Doesn't seem like you know or care to know your customers and your managers do a lot of power tripping in front of customers!!!!I always use his card and if they checked my history and my rewards card they would see his name too. but he wouldn't even do that either.

If I knew a customer said they came in all the time and other cashiers were vouching for that person I would at least make an effort to check or something. That's why banks have pin #s on cards.
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FoDaddy19 on 08/24/2013:
The manager was just protecting himself and the store. Credit card fraud is a problem. Even though you were not committing crime. You were not the card holder, It's entirely possible that they have corporate policy regarding that sort of thing and the cashiers either don't really follow it or aren't aware of it.

You could always get cards with both your names on them to avoid this issue in the future.
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Raleigh Hills...What a Mess
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
PORTLAND, OREGON -- I have been shopping at this location for almost 15 years. I have always been loyal to this store and only go to others when I absolutely have to.

Now, I hate to complain about people at stores, but Lordy, this store stinks now. The current assistant food manager (a large troll looking man) is the rudest person I have EVER dealt with. Two weeks ago I was shopping there and was looking for some vitamins in the natural food section. It was later in the day, and no one was working there. I waited for a few seconds until I saw someone pass by. I asked them if they knew anything about the product, they did not, so they paged customer service.

Almost instantly a charming young man walked up and asked how he could assist me. There was a short girl with him, who seemed to be new because she was listening to his every word. Both of them assisted me finding the products I needed, and when they didn't have a product in their department they took me to another section of the store and showed me where they were.

As I was leaving the store, I saw them straightening up a cooler near the self check out. As I got closer someone in management (I later learned it was the assistant food manager) walked up to them and told them to stop working together, go fill the milk, and start working. The girl walked away quickly but the young man stayed and continued to clean. Even though they had just given me excellent customer service, he treated them both like nothing at all.

This was not the only time I have seen this man be rude to employees. Last week this same man was telling another young man to "work faster" and when he was done "redo all the areas he didn't do properly." He then went on about how the food department looked like crap and none of the closers from the previous night did anything right and that he was going to have to take time out of his day to fix it. He walked away and the young man he was talking to started to complain to another young man in the aisle about how the manager always treated him terribly and he couldn't wait to go back to school so he didn't have to deal with the (and I quote him) "Douche bag manager."

I have never felt like never shopping at a store this much. I love Fred Meyers, but hate the way the lower level employees get treated. All the cashiers have fake smiles on, and anyone in the food department look miserable whenever I shop. Something has to be done. Bring in new management so I can have my old Raleigh Hills back!
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Don't use your debit card at the pump!
Posted by on
EUGENE, OREGON -- At Fred Meyers gas at 3333 W. 11th Eugene Oregon 97402 I handed them my debit card and asked for $20 gas. My first purchase of the day. I checked my bank balance soon after and it was off by over $100! Fred Meyers gas, instead of keying in $20 has a default set at $125. They froze $125 dollars from my account with no warning and no authorization to do so. Now I have to wait two or three days before I get the money back. The very idea that you could have every cent that you have frozen for $20 gas is frightening and must be stopped immediately.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/09/2011:
It's a good thing you checked your balance! Below is a link to an interesting article titled "10 places NOT to use your debit card."

When it comes to gas pumps, the article notes: "Some gas stations ... will place holds to cover customers who may leave without settling the entire bill. That means that even though you only bought $10 in gas, you could have a temporary bank hold for $50 to $100 (until the bill is settled with the bank (my note)).

"... At the pump, select the pin-number option, which should debit only the amount you've actually spent." (I've never noticed such an option.)

Anonymous on 08/09/2011:
Great review. Thinks for the link S Hawking..
Jay on 08/09/2011:
I just got back from filling up at a Shell station. It was a debit card transaction with PIN. Shell did a pre-authorization for $85.00. I pumped $79.45.

When I got home I checked the bank account. There I find these pending transactions: A charge of $85.00, a credit of $5.55 and a charge of $79.45. In effect they have the $79.45 pending TWICE.
olie on 08/09/2011:
A good lesson to us all: Don't use a debit card at the pump.

If you absolutely need gas, go inside and use the ATM to get cash, and use the cash to pay. You'll likely pay an ATM fee, but that seems petty compared to the hold on funds.
At Your Service on 08/09/2011:
As others have indicated, this is not a "Fred Myers" issue. This is extremely common with most gas stations.
whatsthepoint on 08/10/2011:
Your best bet is to stick to using credit cards. You have more protections. As long as you pay your bill off in full at the end of the month, you'll have no problems.
Venice09 on 08/10/2011:
I agree, whatsthepoint.
treym on 08/10/2011:
or you could just choose the option of credit when paying at the pump. doesn't say credit only debit? slide the card through the reader... then it will ask if it is debit or credit. quite easy. only holds out 1 dollar in the bank account.
Anonymous on 08/10/2011:
I really must be the only one that does not incur this problem, ever, at any gas station. I only use the debit option at the pump and the exact amount I pump is the exact amount debited from my checking account.

olie on 08/10/2011:
jc: Are you checking your account immediately, or do you compare the receipt with your statement only when the statement arrives in the mail? I think this is a HUGE cause of stress to folks who go online almost immediately, or on a daily basis, to check their accounts. (Guess what I do? Hint: Arrives in the mail each month.)

OP seems to be running into a big problem with holds placed on purchases made at places such as pay-at-the-pump gas stations, hotels, and car rental agencies. The holds placed are WAY above the actual charges incurred.

The businesses place these huge holds to guard against drive-offs or damage or overcharges. This is completely understandable!! I really don't blame a hotel for wanting a CC, even if I pay cash. Who knows? I just might order a bunch of pay-per-view, or room service. I might just trash the place, or decide I really LOVE the pillows, or towels, or that fluffy robe.
Anonymous on 08/10/2011:
ollie, it's immediate. I'm not saying this doesn't happen, because we see enough of these complaints that it's obvious it is, I just don't get why or whether it's the bank that does it or the gas station that does it.
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DVD / Blue Ray mixup Oak Grove, Oregon store
Posted by on
MILWAUKIE, OREGON -- While shopping this afternoon for a pair of keds, I wanted to pick up a new release (since I had a gift certificate to spend) so we went to the electronics dept. On the DVD wall, under "new releases" I found the movie Red. It was $29.99 but said "special edition" so what the heck. After dinner and feeding the dogs, I pushed the package up out of the cardboard cover and took off the wrapper. Only to find the front of the "actual" container identified the movie as a Blue Ray disc. No where on the front or back of the cardboard cover did it identify itself as Blue Ray. The only way to identify this as a Blue Ray movie was the small emblem on the spine of cover.

My husband and I went back to Fred Meyer and explained we pulled the movie from the DVD section. The customer service lady was very nice and agreed that it was almost impossible to determine this was a Blue Ray disc. She called the manager over to discuss as I simply wanted to trade straight across for a DVD of the same movie. I didn't care about the cost, I just wanted to watch the movie tonight (I don't own a Blue Ray player). The manager looked at the movie and stated that Blue Ray's come in a box of "this size" (standing the cover as example). Keep in mind there is maybe a 1/4 inch difference in the box size between DVD and Blue Ray. He also was the first person to actually open the box itself. He kept going back to the fact that I had taken off the wrapper. After I explained that all I wanted to do is trade for a DVD of the same movie, he stated the Oak Grove store never received any DVD copies, only Blue Ray. My husband then explained that he just confirmed the store had mixed up the Blue Rays with the DVDs. The Blue Rays were kept on a separate wall. The manager stated all "new release" Blue Rays and DVDs are mixed together. My husband stated they really do need to separate them and create a new release section for each type of movie. The Manager kept saying all movies are together under new releases. Nothing he can do, but maybe we can just sell the Blue Ray. Needless to say, we left less than satisfied and will never again buy a movie from any Fred Meyer store again. I caution you all and advise you to be certain you review your purchases carefully as Fred Meyer does not care. It is buyer beware when dealing with Fred Meyer.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/20/2011:
Wow! Extremely poor customer service. An apology, exchange, or refund should have been in order. But to just suggest selling it is pathetic management and customer service on their part. That would be enough to turn my business from them as well. Great review!
Anonymous on 02/20/2011:
Agree with DIRM, bad customer service. I have never seen blu ray and regular dvd's mixed together at any store, new release or not. BTW, "Red" was pretty good.
Anonymous on 02/20/2011:
They are mixed together at Blockbuster, but it does say 'Blu Ray' on the cover. That didn't stop me from grabbing a Blu Ray copy once, instead of a regular DVD. When I went back to exchange it, the employee at Blockbuster said it happens all the time. I think the manager should have let the OP exchange the movie. Grabbing the wrong movie was an honest mistake
Venice09 on 02/20/2011:
This is a great warning. I don't buy many movies, so I didn't even realize I could pick up Blu Ray by mistake. They should have allowed an exchange and even given you a refund for the extra money you paid for Blu Ray.

Very, very helpful.
GenuineNerd on 02/20/2011:
I have seen DVD's and Blu-Ray discs mixed together at Walmart as well. Many Blu-Ray releases contain a Blu-Ray disc, a DVD, and a digital copy (for downloading to a computer or iPod.) Usually Blu-Ray disc cases are shorter than DVD cases, and Blu-Ray releases have a blue band on top of the case.
Venice09 on 02/20/2011:
Good info, Nerd.
olie on 02/20/2011:
Nerd, you give great info, but as someone who does not own a Blu-Ray player, it wouldn't occur to me to check for a little symbol. I've purchased DVDs that come in special promotional packaging, so I might not think much of the shorter box.
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Bad Cashier
Posted by on
GRANTS PASS, OREGON -- On February 20, 2006, I visited my local Fred Meyer to pick up some groceries for the week and a pair of computer speakers. While doing the "self check out cashier", we had made the usual "mess up" on the first item and had to have the cashier come and help us continue on. She approached us with the attitude like "you're a idiot...go home!" No problem there. We finished and paid up but we had forgotten to ring up a HUGE box of muffins (Way too big to fit under my jacket, I might add!) We were continuing on to the electronic department to purchase said speakers when we were stopped by the "self check out helper" (and I use that term loosely!!) She glared at me and said "didn't you forget something"? I looked at her like "oh ya, I guess I did! OOPPSS! My husband and I started laughing and started to go back and run the muffins through the scanner. In the mean time, she glared at us like we were thieves. We caught her glance at us and said to each other "forget it". Now I don't even want them. We put them down and proceeded to the electronic department (with groceries and shopping cart in tow. I mentioned to her that she would have a better day if she (JUDY) wasn't such a "female dog" about people's mistakes.
We encountered 2 of our friends before we got too far and got into a conversation about the "incident". Before 5 minutes were up we were both confronted by the store security people (2 of them)!!!!
They interrupted our private conversation to let us know that they didn't allow the other word for "female dog" to be said in their store. We were treated like common thieves!!! We were humiliated!!
By the time we got to the electronic department, I had given it thought (probably too much) and asked to speak with someone of Importance" about the incident.
Here come a store manager (female) and 3 THREE security people!!!!! I told them the situation and said that I refused to be treated with such disrespect by their store employees!! And, on top of that, humiliated in front of my friends. 2 more of our friends stood and looked on (a total of 4 now) and saw what went on.
My point is that I could have paid for those muffins anywhere in the store that I wanted to. I was not a thief until I walked out of the store! The cashier at the electronic counter also agreed with me.
My husband has long hair and I have bright red hair and a nose ring (we have a professional band). I can't help but wonder if "JUDY" copped the attitude because of our "appearance" to her.
These things that happen are VERY un-fair and are, in my eyes, repulsive. She most definitely needed a "nap"!!!!
My shopping days at Fred Meyer in Grants Passm, Oregon are LONG GONE!!! And so are the shopping days of my 4 friends that witnessed the entire incident.
What ever happened to courtesy and respect?
Sure makes me wonder!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/21/2006:
Whether Judy was nice or not what you said can be considered "Disturbing the Peace". There are two sides. Why would you stay there discussing the situation with friends? Leave or go to management.
Anonymous on 02/21/2006:
What happened to not calling people swear words (like "female dog") - as far as I am concerned, when you used that word on an employee you earned the treatment you got after that. Shame on you
Slimjim on 02/21/2006:
Deserved or not, you called her a biotch, no doubt in front of customers and staff. Now complain YOU were humiliated when you were approached about said conduct?
KenPC on 02/21/2006:
Courtesy and respect? You mean like what you showed to the cashier?
Anonymous on 02/21/2006:
Agreed with everyone else here. You got what you deserved. Too bad they did not ban you from the store, that's what I would have done.

A few words of advice: grow up & get over yourself.
tander on 02/21/2006:
I don't see where the cashier was at fault, she asked you if you were going to pay for your muffins, and when you swore at her, that became the problem!
nosouldiva on 02/21/2006:
When I go into a store (with or without a crowd--which there WASN'T, I expect to be treated with respect from employees at all times. It's my $$$ that's paying them to do so.
In regards to a bad cashier.....she was. If you were in my shoes you would have done the same thing.
By the way, are any of YOUR noses pierced? Do YOU catch disrespect for the way YOU look? I highly doubt it from your higher than thou remarks. So, I guess it's shame on YOU.
I'm on my way to feed my female dogs....hungry?
tander on 02/21/2006:
I doubt the cashier cared about how you looked, she noticed you leaving without paying for muffins and you didn't like being called out for that, she was doing her job, to ask you if you were going to pay for them.,maybe you took her tone of voice wrong.
spiderman2 on 02/21/2006:
"Please" stop "putting" everything "in" quotes. It "is" really "annoying."
Anonymous on 02/22/2006:
"Wjat ever happened to courtesy and respect?
Sure makes me wonder!
Thank you,
Tamela Taylor "
If you want to know "wjat" happened reread your post, just because somebody works somewhere doesn't make them your buttboy or mean you can curse at them my dear
nosouldiva on 02/22/2006:
Come on people! Get real! Forgive me for my bad spelling. I am epileptic and have a hard time now and then. And apparently you don't have anything better than to sit at your boring little desks and comment on other people's quotation marks and spelling. I was just stating a fact that I didn't need to have security bombard me for the situation that was not necessary. When you have other cashiers in the same store take your side...hmmmmmm. THAT tells me something right there! I thought that this was a place for "Fred Meyer" stores to be able to read my complaint. I had NO IDEA this was a site to pick on there people (and, yes, quotation marks are there again) and their spelling and grammar. It turns out that this is the headquarters for the English patrol. Now THAT IS SAD!
Thanks for the support and enjoy your shopping experience next time you go to "Fred Meyer".
Phe on 02/22/2006:
"And apparently you don't have anything better than to sit at your boring little desks and comment "... she says in her second or third reply to try to justify her own poor behavior. Yeah, like they're upset about not having you set foot in that store ever again.
Anonymous on 02/22/2006:
To get respect, nosouldiva, you must first give it! Calling the cashier a b*tch is NOT being respectful to her.
tander on 02/22/2006:
Spelling and quotation marks shouldn't be part of this forum, her review is all that should matter.
spiderman2 on 02/22/2006:
But for a review to be taken seriously, it has to be legible and readable. Peppering your post with quotes and misspellings makes it very difficult to follow. On the subject matter of the OP, you lost all your rights to respect when you called the cashier a "female dog." Remember the golden rule.
Anonymous on 02/22/2006:
Spelling and quotation marks are a part of this forum.... Ask LWcrookedbodyshop. *???*
tander on 02/22/2006:
No this isn't a spelling contest! I had no problem reading her review or taking it seriously, you people just need something to pick on, if your not going to answer her review seriously, then don't comment on it.
nosouldiva on 02/22/2006:
Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!!! I appreciate the last comment to the fullest! And the other ONE! in my favor! Please...(oh, can you read and understand THAT word?) I agree! This isn't a place to argue!
I can't believe that I had to put up with all of this worthless garbage because I simply files a complaint here and in other places to make my point. No. I probably shouldn't have called her a *itch. But, no, she shouldn't have acted like one either. Golden rule aplies to me and not her (or the others here)? Hmmmmm. Now I'm confused as to what this site really IS for!!! Forgive for intruding on your little poop parade.
And thanks for the little support and understanding that I DID get! God bless ya!!
Ponie on 02/22/2006:
Come on, tander--if someone called you a biotch for no good reason, you'd probably hit them upside the head--I know I would. I wonder if the poster plays better music because of her bright red hair and nose ring? How do you blow your nose with that thing stuck in there? At least she didn't use the I'm-a-single-mother-of-five-kids excuse for poor spelling, quote marks, etc. Just pulls out some medical(?) excuse. My SIL has been diagnosed epileptic for over 25 years and it's controlled by medication. She keyboards very well, too.
tander on 02/22/2006:
I didn't agree with the calling the cashier a biotch, the only thing I don't agree with is the remarks on the spelling, the remarks should be about the review not her spelling or use of punctuation.
nosouldiva on 02/22/2006:
I DID have plenty of reason - accordint to OTHER cashiers as well!! Don't you get it? Is there a site that we can go to fight? Is that what you do here? Pick on people? And, yeah, I have meds, too! Good for me! What's wrong with you people? I blow, pick and play with my nose just as well, apparently, as you sit there with your finger pointing at others. Don't go to my music, dude. You have no idea....Go to another site where complaints are about life because apparently yours is so boring that you have nothing better to do with yourself!!! How sad and disappointing that you haven't found your place to argue where someone gives a *amn! Lots of luck to you in your insensitive and antipathy life.
Anonymous on 02/22/2006:
Last I checked this was M3C, Tander so I can voice my opinion and you can voice YOURS. You and souldiva need to control your tongues and tempers! I told s-diva how wrong she was before and just like you Taneroo she goes to the sympathy card. Relative? My condolences. *???*
Anonymous on 02/22/2006:
Hmmm. Both of you do have red hair.....
MyraEllen on 02/22/2006:
I was with you until you called the cashier a b*tch. I have tattoos, and my husband has long hair and tattoos as well, but we don't have issues in stores. We are polite, and get politeness in return. What I've found to be more productive when I do encounter someone rude, is to go to their manager. If THAT doesn't work, I call the store manager, and so on. Name calling, no matter what the name, is immature. It doesn't matter how you spell it, you acted like a child, you were treated like one.
tander on 02/22/2006:
Who says you can't post your opinion, get over me already zzrott, and move on, quit harassing me!
tander on 02/22/2006:
How am I not controlling my temper? Forget it, you'll be taken care of in due time.
Anonymous on 02/22/2006:
I have my nose pierced and I'm a cashier. I wouldn't care about what the person looks like or how they act as long as its reasonable...If you were to swear at me then I would've just got my manager..
tander on 02/22/2006:
We do care about your review and don't leave, not everyone agrees with what everyone says, you have as much right to post as the next person. I work in retail, and I would never judge anyone by how they look, I've seen it all, but by you calling her biotch just stirred it up and made it worse, you should have talked to a manager right away.
Anonymous on 02/22/2006:
Are you threatening me over "transcontinental phonelines?" "You'll be taken care of in due time?" What does that mean? I am not harassing you! Get over yourself lady. *???*
Slimjim on 02/22/2006:
Um tander, you slapped zz for getting on posters spelling. How is he harassing you? More victim notes to addy is the intent of that remark of “dealt with”? Noodle, of all those pics you supplied, not one did I ever see a nose ring. Same old bizzness,
tander on 02/22/2006:
*lol* Maybe it implies your higher power is watching, get over yourself Zzrott!
tander on 02/22/2006:
I didn't slap him for getting on her spelling, I wasn't even talking to him, when he jumped in and attacked me and yes what he's doing is surely a form of harassment.
Anonymous on 02/22/2006:
Hmmm. No nose ring and her occupation is "floor associate" not cashier. Promotion? NOT!!! *???*
tander on 02/22/2006:
Harassing my daughter are you now?
Anonymous on 02/22/2006:
Responding to or giving an opinion is not harassment, okay Matlock?
Anonymous on 02/22/2006:
I don't have it in all the time and I've had it pierced for over 2 years now. Sometimes I wear a ring, sometimes a stud...not like it should matter. At K-Mart I work on the registers about once a month.
tander on 02/22/2006:
I beg to differ, it's a form of harassment, look it up.
Anonymous on 02/22/2006:
You're annoying me! *(LOL)*
tander on 02/22/2006:
noodle head don't try and explain it to them, your just giving them more info to harass you with.
tander on 02/22/2006:
Then leave me and my daughter alone!
nosouldiva on 02/22/2006:
I see this is Not the site I pictured. I sure as hell wish you all the best........
tander on 02/22/2006:
Nosouldiva, just ignore them, that's how they get their kicks!
Slimjim on 02/22/2006:
Well you did say "I had to put up with all of this worthless garbage because I simply files a complaint here and in other places to make my point.", so I'm guessing those other places weren't what you pictured either.
Slimjim on 02/22/2006:
Wake up call Tander, sorry but ALL the other comments outside of yours didn't side heavy with poster. So stick your "their kicks" in a sack. It's about opinions here, and people open themselves up, good or bad, to them when they post.
tander on 02/22/2006:
Well I've gave my opinion, and that's all I'm saying, if you don't like it, then stop posting to me.
Anonymous on 02/22/2006:
Now for your viewing pleasure we will return back to the post
Anonymous on 02/22/2006:
And now we can go back to our poop parade? Goody gumdrops
Anonymous on 02/22/2006:
OK you made a mistake ( I too do not like those self checkout lanes either), but you went over the top for calling the cashier a biotch, afterall she was doing her job. Did you apologize for making the mistake? If you are so self conscious on how people may take your appearance, then why don't you take the fishing hook out of your nose? Your actions did nothing but reinforce the stereotype that you are complaining that you were a victim of. Grow up and take responsibility for your own actions, then when you are prejudice against for your appearance you can "female dog". Good luck and god help us.
Anonymous on 02/22/2006:
Brenda Leah on 02/23/2006:
Seriously, you call the cashier a biotch and then you write a complaint about HER? Get a life.

Tander do you even know what harassment is? Boohooo he didn't agree with me so he harassed me. From what I see you threatened him. You should get a life too. Ut oh am I harassing you? Better call the cops!
Anonymous on 02/24/2006:
Thank you, Brenda Leah! : }
Microbabe on 03/03/2006:
Oh please! From one "Nosoul" Diva to another one with plenty of "Soul", try doing a "Soul Man", then come back to this forum and tell me what it is like to really be disrespected for no apparent reason. This little incident is nothing, believe me.
SweetCashier on 09/14/2007:
you know what we all are nice cashier's at Fred Meyer in Grants Pass,Oregon I have seen some Cashiers at other places around town worse than the ones at Fred Meyer. I got rung out at safeway a while back downtown in Grants pass down on 7th street and the girl put my laundry soap in a bag w/ cold stuff. I think there is some people that need to respect us cashiers we work hard for are money and some of you guys don't like shopping other places like wal mart right next door to us cause there lines are to long and they don't have any cashiers. I am here to respect you guys for sticking up with me. so smile at your cashier and say thank you for helping me today. and she will tell you for shopping at his or her place of work and invite you to come back for more smiles and help you anyway possible.
jktshff1 on 09/14/2007:
sorry, but you blew it when you used the b-word
2 wrongs don't make a right
Anonymous on 06/18/2009:
In our store once you check out you CAN'T take your shopping bags into another area of the store. Once you completed your purchases, you said yourself you were going to go to the electronics department and that you could pay for it there...well yes, IF you hadn't ALREADY checked out. YOU were in the wrong no matter how many nose rings you had on.
goku on 10/30/2009:
pardon my spelling I'm not a very good speller and I text a lot so alots probably abriviated second I understood this complaint completely...I am a SCO attendant..the correct term is "Self Checkout Attendant" we r attendants not Cashiers we r there to assist customers that need help that was her job she shouldn't have acted like it was an inconvenace to help u when u needed and maybe she didn't mean to seem like that towards u maybe she had been having a lot of problems with that machine that day and it was fustrating her cuz nothing she was doin to fix it was workin...I've had days like that when that happens I gert irritatated at the machine cuz its causing problems for the customer and me and sometimes I want to kick it. I know I have that irritated look on my face sometimes cuz of that and when I go to help a customer I tell them sry I've been havin problems with it all day so they know I'm irritated with them it the machine... anyway we r not there to ring u up cuz u don't want to do it urself and u don't want to wait in a line acctually our Corporate policy is that we are NOT to ring the customers up they r to do it themselves we are to show/teach them how to use it answer any question and help fix problems corporate does check on this kind of stuff and we get verbal and written warnings if we r not following there policies and if we continue to we can be terminated for not following company policies...anyway I got way off track you and ur husband look/dress how may peircings/tats n whatever has nothing to do with it if you feel like the way you dress or whatever affects the way ppl treat u do something tell the person look this is our lifestyle we may look unconventional but we are honest ppl it was a mistake or talk to a manager or just change how u dress if it really bothers u that much when u choose look like that there will always be ppl that will stare and treat u like u r a criminal cuz they r ignorant but that part of the price u pay for being an indevidual and being your own person anyway its that u didn't pay for them and as u said it was a HUGH box so how could u not notice u didn't pay for them when at the SCO you have to scan the item then put it on the bagging area the machines will not let u continue ur order if you don't put the item u scan on the bagging area at that time now there is a feture "skip baggin" when selected the item u scanned can be placed back in the cart anyway back there we didn't have the skip bagging so how could have seen this Huge item in ur cart and not realize you didn't scan it and how u acted after being confronted a lot of ppl don't realize how much crap we deal with and put up with from customers and co-worker everyday you have no idea how many ppl forget to ring up items it happens yes but I get an average of 3 or 4 ppl a day some regulars some not that r tring to get out w/o paying for something they either try just putting it in the bag or not scanning it or try ringing it up as something else so you can see how after so long the SCO attendant become a bit suspisous of ppl it sucks I know I like to have good faith in ppl being honest but honestly its hard when ppl are trying to pull one over on you all the time...that said..yes the way the SCO attendant should chosen her words better she should have said something like I'm sry to stop you but the muffins didn't get rung up did you still want to get those...that said even the way she said it you could have just been like oh sry I forget (which you did) and either paid for them there and walked past her n ignored her cuz she was just standing there staring at you when she say you goin back to pay for them she should have just gone on with her business but you could have also paid for them in the home electronics when you got u speaker and just to her sry u forgot about them but ur gettin someting in electronics and you will pay for them there...I don't know what LadyScot is talking about any Fred Meyer you go into you can take any merchandise (paid for...with receipt or unpaid for) anywhere in there store with 1 exception you can not take items that have not been paid for into the for you calling the SCO attendant a b*tch that was uncalled for you could have simply told her she didn't need to be so rude and should be nicer and then ask to talk to her manager and complain to them and that would have been the end of it but u choose to call her that and then stand there near her telling ur friends all about it she had every right to call her security on you and they could have told you u needed to leave the premises but instead they were nice and just told you that you cannot talk to the emmployees that was and you can just cuz ur a customer. there r 2 kinds of customers exturnal (customers that don't work for the complany) and internal (employees that shop there) yes u and millions of other customers INCLUDING her and me and other employees shop there and its our money that make out checks possible (it even says that on out pay checks lol) but that does NOT give you or me or any other person the right to call any person being an employee or customer any bad name like b*tch, a-hole etc they secerity ppl had every right to interrupt ur covo with ur friend to tell you that you can just call and employee a b*tch if you said that to another customer they would have treated u the same the security weren't treating u like a thief they weren't talking to u I assume cuz u don't say it about u not payin for the muffins they were talkin to u about ur languge towards the attendant its ur own fault that u feel like u were humiliated if u didn't call her that she wouldn't have called her security on u u control what words u use not her its not her fault u choose to call her that or that 4 of ur friends happened to be in shopping and witnessed u "be humiliated" she didn't call ur 4 friends and say hey be by the SCO in Fred Meyer at this time and plan it it became ur fault when u called her a b*tch
Anonymous on 10/30/2009:
OP, you started the 'dog' fight and have the audacity to claim humiliation? You are a piece of work.

No one cares about the nose ring you wear or how many tattoos you might have. You did not pay for an item. It is the cashier's job to say something.

YOU took it to an extreme there was no need for. I would have banned you from the store had I been the manager.
PepperElf on 10/30/2009:
personally the really "embarrassing" thing seems to be that the OP called the worker a bi**h and got called out on it.

Which isn't the fault of the store, but the fault of the person who was using that kind of language to begin with.

Plus other customers don't need to be subjected to that kind of language.

And if it's being said loud enough for the staff to hear it means that
- Other customers can hear it
- I suspect it was said in the hopes that the employee in question heard it too, as means to get even with her.
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Excellent Service Cut Short
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
CLACKAMAS, OREGON -- My daughter and I were shopping at the 82nd drive Freddies about a year ago, and a wonderful employee (his name was Jason) helped us track down a certain craft for my daughters science project. He must have spent thirty minutes calling stores all while helping countless other customers with ease and grace! Once he helped us with the product, my daughter said "you are. Very good at your job" to which he replied " its what I'm born for.
Recently I visited again asking of him, and management said he was terminated for being to customer conscious and being awesome.Why did this happen to the Lords gift to customers?
Will only shop at Wal-Mart now!
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Terrible service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FLORENCE, OREGON -- We had just gotten paid two weeks ago and bought some clothes, along with some groceries. We are daily shoppers at the local Fred Meyers and are constantly using our rewards card.
We had bought 3 pairs of pajamas, for me and my kids. All 3 pairs did not fit so we went in and tried to return them.
The lady behind the counter was very rude to us. She wouldn't allow us to return the clothes because we had washed them, even though we don't go home and just put on clothes, we wash them first. She them went on to tell us there were stains on the clothes even though there was nothing on the clothing. She then proclaimed that it was our fault for choosing the wrong size and it was our responsibility to check what the clothes were made of. Even though the sizing was wrong she said it was our fault.
I wouldn't leave until I got MY money back for faulty clothing.
The lady only returned 3 items out of 6 and said the other 3 were not on our rewards card.
They were very rude, and made this whole experience very bad for us, especially the fact the women blamed us for there faulty products.
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