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Pharmacy Staff Rotation Leads to Delayed Rx Refills
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
GRESHAM, OREGON -- My dad called in an Rx that requires the doctor's authorization to refill. It took two full days, and a lot of calls to the pharmacy and Dr.'s office, before they got the authorization and when it came the pharmacy called and said it would be ready in an hour. An hour later I went to the pharmacy and was told it would be ready in a few minutes, they were filling it now. Several people came in and was told their Rx's were being filled and asked to wait, while I waited. Over an hour later I stepped out to get a candy bar.

When I turned around the gate was closed. I got very angry and told them how long I had been waiting, then get closed out of the gate. They had not locked it and told me to come in. The Rx was immediately filled with apologies but I believe this to have been a deliberately rude delay because my dad had made so many calls trying to get the refill. This pharmacy rotates it's employees so that none of them get to know the customers. This has proven to be very inconvenient and unpleasant much of the time.
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onlooker on 09/22/2013:
The pharmacy rotates staff so maybe they did not know? You walked 'away' they shut the door. And it is their fault. Not, you walked away..
It was nice that they opened it up, allowed you in. Next time say thank you - so if they connect your name, your father's name to a prescription it might be a favorable connection?
FoDaddy19 on 09/22/2013:
The initial delay may not have not have been the fault of the pharmacy, the doctor may not have gotten the refill order to the pharmacy in a timely matter. If you caught them in the middle of shift change or then it is what it is, those things happen, it doesn't mean they are being purposely rude to anyone though.
Susan on 09/22/2013:
It routinely takes longer than 2 days to obtain a doctor's authorization to fill a prescription and this isn't the pharmacy's fault. I seriously doubt the delay was the result of your father making too many calls. Next time I'd suggest planning ahead and requesting the prescription at least 5 days before it will be needed.
Joel on 02/14/2014:
Sorry Guys, but we've been having similar problems with our Clackamas FM pharmacy for the last year. The old regular staff that had savvy and knew us hasn't been seen for a while. And yes, we understand it can take awhile when Dr.'s okay is needed, been there, done that dozens of times. But they now regularly tell us a prescription is ready, we go in, and they can't find it. Just as aggravating is that they commonly don't have enough of some drug to fill an order, requiring us to make another trip when they say it will be ready but it isn't, because they don't have enough. They often don't seem to know which end is up anymore. We left two new signed prescriptions with them a week ago. They filled one and told me they hadn't enough for the other. We elected not to take a partial quantity then, but haven't heard from them since. It's not a critical Rx fortunately, but it's not an uncommon drug either, so I suspect they've misfiled it or otherwise somehow botched things again. We will have to call them of course, but shouldn't have to.
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Service Dogs
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- For the second time I have seen someone with a "service dog" sitting in a cart. I was told by a Fred Meyer Manager that because of Washington State Law they have to allow appears that the owner is more of the "service dog" since the animal has to ride in the cart. I have a hard time believing that these carts are pulled out and cleaned once the dog has sat in them. Am I sure I'm using a clean cart...did the dogs have worms? It is makes my stomach roll...I love dogs, but not where I may be putting my produce, bread or meat.

If this is indeed something the store can stop they either need to tell the people to have their dog walk...not sit in the cart or provide special carts for them.
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 03/05/2013:
The dog was in the basket part where you put your food? I have to say, that wouldn't set well with me either. I have a hard enough time thinking about kids sitting in the seats (which is what they are made for) with leaky diapers and who knows what...I always put a plastic bag over the seat if I use it for placing groceries in it...I don't care what other people think of it.

I don't know if there's really anything they can do about a 'service dog' or not...I'd think the dog would be able to walk alongside of the cart since those carts are slow anyway.

I've come to realize that 'most' people who use service dogs does not view them as those of us who doesn't use them. They are everyday necessities for them.
trmn8r on 03/05/2013:
This dog could be for emotional support, I suppose. It does sound a bit odd.

Basher, I'd push a cart around for hours with you in it!
DebtorBasher on 03/05/2013:
8er, 8er, my 8er...I promise not to swing my legs while you're pushing...LOL!
madconsumer on 03/05/2013:
often times people confuse "companion" animals for "service" animals. I too would hate to place my food items were a dog has been sitting.

very helpful review, and voted as such.
leet60 on 03/05/2013:
This is one reason I love the local Albertsons market. They keep a dispenser with disinfecting wipes next to the shopping carts.
clutzycook on 03/05/2013:
If I remember correctly, if the person says they're a "service" animal, then the store is not allowed to question it further.
Starlord on 03/06/2013:
Clutzy is correct. This is one of those situations where you just cannot win. We have two full or part Chihuahuas that are our service animals. The ADA recently made some changes in the laws on companion dogs. Business places don't want your dogs walking on the floor, but for larger breeds, it is not practical to put them in a cart. First off. we use two blankets so their feet don't go through the mesh of the basket. Secondly, service dogs are not your run of the mill house pets who are cared for poorly. Our dogs are cleaner than most people and see the vet on a regular basis. With an investment in the thousands. you have to take extra care of them. At least our dogs don't run wild in the store, tearing up the toy or seasonal section. What about the people who have kids too large, really, in the basket. Leet, all of the stores here in Lewis County, WA have those sanitizing wipes.
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Fred Myer Prepaid Debit Card / Fred Meyer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
RENTON, WASHINGTON -- My husband and I are moving from WA to AZ and needed a debit card or prepaid card to pay for our truck. We purchased specific Fred Myer Prepaid Visa cards to pay for the truck. Please understand that we are talking hundreds of dollars which we set aside for the truck. We did not read the terms and conditions for this card, but my issue is that. Fred Myers would not refund my money as I was unable to use these cards for our truck due to Fred Meyers charging a 15% hold on ONLY money used toward renting vehicles. We did not budget for this. We talked with the sales representative and manager and they would not refund the cards although they were unused. We called the number on the card and the representative told us we agreed to the terms and conditions when activating the card. THE ISSUE is when buying a prepaid Visa at Fred Meyers.. All sales are final, so no refund even if unopened. And even without activating my card.. If I disagreed with these terms and conditions..,I would have to wait for them to refund my money and I can't get an in-store refund. So I am now out hundreds of dollars and am forced to purchase another prepaid card to cover this 15% of my rental truck charge... Very disappointed right now :(
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User Replies:
Lisa on 04/16/2013:
Hi. I know this is an old review, but for anyone else who is reading this, just some advice. You can have taken your card to any bank and simply asked for a cash advance. They just run it like a credit card purchase and had you the cash right then and there. This would have gotten your money off of your Fred Meyer card. I do this all the time.
Eric O'Brien on 02/24/2014:
As an experiment, I just bought a Fred Meyer prepaid debit card. I put only $200 on it. The agreement (packed with the card) is VERY long in very small print. You can also find it online and read it BEFORE you purchase such a card.

One thing about pre-authorized holds: it is likely that the extra 15% you mentioned was charged by the truck rental company, not Fred Meyer (or, actually, the bank that manages the debit cards). This is not unusual. People with extra money in their bank account or an extra balance on their credit cards will never notice it.

But car rental companies often put a hold on your card ABOVE the rental amount, as a bit of safety hedge for them. If you had $500 credit available on a credit card and wanted to rent a car for a total "list" price of $490 your transaction would probably be declined. Because the rental company is going to request a pre-authorization hold of, say $563.60.

When you return the car (on time, filled with fuel, and undamaged), they will complete the credit card transaction and "undo" the added amount. It can take several days for that "refund" to work its way through the system however.

All bad news for those working right at the edge of things.
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Ride on Carts and Lack of Maintenance
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
ALBANY, OREGON -- I have gone into Fred Meyers stores from Eugene, Springfield, Albany, Corvallis and the carts in the stores seam to not have maintenance done to them. Wheels have a flat spot on them which makes them bumpy and the batteries to go died faster. There are holes in the control handle area so a person can stick a finger in them. Batteries are died because the cart staff is not making share the carts are plugged in.

I rode one the other day that went from stop to fast and no happy in between spot and a flat spot on the tire and when I was done shopping I felt sea sick. I spend $100.00 in your store when I go there but if this keeps up I will be going to Walmart where they are keeping their carts up for their shoppers. Please get a six month program to check these cars out for if I can't get around in your store I will have to go somewhere else. I am not the only one who has said this.

I do love to shop at your store but my life has changed as to how I get around. I know that the carts are a convenience for us to use but you did put them there for us to use and all I ask please keep up on changing out bearings, wheels, electric cords that are fraid, died batteries or those that don't hold a charge. Thank You
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 08/22/2012:
Please understand they offer these carts as courtesy. It's not something they legally obligated to do. So it's no big surprise that upkeep on the carts isn't high on their priority list. If you are unsatified with the the carts they provide for you, you can either bring your own, or do as you suggested and simply shop elsewhere.
BigAl on 08/22/2012:
Even if the carts are there as a courtesy they have an obligation to make sure they are safe. From the OPs comments they are not safe to use.
trmn8r on 08/22/2012:
There is no convenience or courtesy if carts aren't maintained. The rub for stores is upkeep on these is expensive. If they are going to provide them, they need to budget for maintenance. At the stores I shop at, these carts are kept in good shape from what I can tell.
Elmira on 08/22/2012:
What did the store manager say when you spoke to him/her about it?
Starlord on 08/27/2012:
I need to use their Smart Karts, but I guess I understand the problem where many people don't. When you use a cart, do you plug it back in when finished? Do you ride it out into the parking lot in the rain or leave them sitting in the parking lot? Most of the time, problems with the carts are not the fault of the store staff. You can thank your inconsiderate, ignorant fellow shoppers for the treatment of the carts that borders on vandalism.
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Rude, Lazy Employee at Fred Meyer Oak Grove
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
OAK GROVE, OREGON -- I was returning bottles and cans with my children that they had collected from neighbors for money to go to camp... I was told by a younger employee named Jackie that I had too many cans and bottles and that I would have to go to the back of the line while another customer that had been waiting went ahead of me. I said "O. K., no problem" and let the other customer go ahead of me even though I only had about 20 or 30 bottles to go. The next customer was VERY slow but I waited patiently while he did his bottles. When he was done, I went back to work and quickly finished my returns.

We had quite a few returns that needed a hand count, so we let Jackie know and she said something that I couldn't hear and kept on doing other things. I waited patiently and after a few minutes asked again for her to count our cans. At that she replied that we had too many cans and she wasn't going to count them. I said,"oh...really?" I have NEVER had an employee act that way toward me. Most of the people I've worked with at F. M. have been helpful. I don't believe that an employee at ANY store should be treating customers in such a way.

One minute of her precious time would have made the difference between a happy customer and an upset customer. And by the way, I have NEVER posted a complaint about anyone before!
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User Replies:
onlooker on 07/10/2012:
What did the manager of the store say when you told them what happened.
It sounds like the employee was way out of line - but maybe the recycling is not part of the store's work but an outside unit - so the worker donates time when they can - to help count.
If the refund comes from cans they did not sell - perhaps they don't like the idea of big returns.
But next time getting the manager in on the camp idea for the returns, warning them you are coming in might be a safer bet. To bad your kids did not get an immediate feel good about their work, if you need to bring back 20 cans/bottles a day - have your kids bring them back and do it incrementally....
frak on 07/10/2012:
This is outrageous.
trmn8r on 07/10/2012:
It's hard to know the dynamic, because the reader was not there. It sounds like there were a lot of cans/bottles in your return, if you had "only 20 or 30 to go."

As to what Jackie was doing and what she should be doing, and how to handle a bulk job that comes in the door, I don't know. Perhaps speaking with a manager to describe what happened and who could then set Jackie straight if needed would be in order.
CowboyFan on 07/10/2012:
As TRMN8R said, it is hard to tell without a count of the total number of cans/bottles brought in. Bringing in 38 cans is one thing, but 380 cans would be another. These stores are really not set up for mass redemption. Perhaps there would be another place to take them, or speak to the manager before bringing them in so as to find the best time to do so.
biomajor on 07/10/2012:
I was wondering what Fred Meyer has to do with cans/bottles because around here, Fred Meyer is a jewelry store so I looked them up. It's a Kroger LOL I feel stupid
copper_works_ on 07/10/2012:
I'd say Fred Meyer would be a large store.

"No need to worry about finding takers for the recyclables. The law now requires stores of 5,000 square feet or more to accept bottles and cans of all sizes for each type of beverage sold, including brands they don’t sell. Stores may, however, place limits on the number of returns per person per day: 50 cans or bottles per person per visit for smaller stores, 144 for larger retailers."

GenuineNerd on 07/11/2012:
Fred Meyer is a "supercenter" type chain that operates primarily in the Pacific Northwest. Kroger also operates jewelry stores under the Fred Meyer name.
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Corporate Bullies
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
OAK GROVE, OREGON -- Physically Fred Meyer is a great place to shop, but the work experience has been trashed by corporate and upper management bullies. This reflects on the performance of their assets(employees)and sadly often results in POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Workers are terrorized by corporate goons. These jerks come in regularly to violently enforce the policy change of the moment.

There is no protection for employees from a customer or a coworker regardless of the situation. It does not exist. Managers are often bullies, the "big boss" attempted to break my hand at the warehouse. A cheap tactic in a lame attempt to get a coworker terminated. His friend physically assaulted me for several minutes, weeks later, but was not terminated. Both incidents happened only because I am small in stature. On a store level a manager told me "I don't have time for this" when I informed a customer was threatening to attack me.

Hating a company like Fred Meyer is unintelligible. It looks great on paper, and the store has quite the variety. The problem is that the subculture of its leadership is rotten, nasty, and scandalous in almost every instance. The only way to change this is to ask for help. I have many, many more incidents to write of, but all I ask from readers is to shop elsewhere. Please.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 04/19/2012:
"Physically Fred Meyer is a great place to shop"

If this statement is true, I am having trouble reconciling that the employees are being terrorized by upper management. That would filter down, and it would be a horrible place to shop by any measure.

You are asking shoppers to shop elsewhere based on a few personal experiences of yours. It would be easier if say a lot of customers complained about their shopping experiences, or perhaps multiple employees showed up with bruises on them. Something tangible. I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but I can't avoid Fred Meyers as you request based on this one report.
KevinTX on 04/19/2012:
Record instances, and speak to your HR person.
Blankman on 05/09/2012:
It's unfortunate, but he is absolutely right. I was treated terribly by my store director. The bosses target people and lie to there employees all the time, they try and rule by fear and intimidation. I was harassed by my store director at least once a week. We had someone who was acting as the assistant manager for two years in my dept. She finally asked for the position, and the store director told her no. Granted I felt the assistant manager was childish and immature. However I had worse ones while I was there. Most people working there talk about each other behind there backs.

I was harassed at least once a week by my store director. Once she accused me of picking my nose, which I find disgusting. At one of my latter meetings with her, she had another manager tell me he did not like me. there very immature and childish there. as the gentleman said, there is so much more I have to say.
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Terrible customer service.
Posted on
SPRINGFIELD, OREGON -- The customer service at the Springfield, Oregon store is atrocious. I don't want to single out the specific employee as this was more of a straw to break the camel's back. The employee was scowling the entire time, which, as a former employee of Fred Meyer myself, I can completely understand. The haphazard management and continual "I don't know, ask someone else" guarantees that employees are on edge.

Scowling I can deal with. It was her refusal to greet me, even after I gave a friendly "hello" that was the immediate downturn of my shopping trip. I had left two 12 packs of soda in a basket, and she snapped "this is why you're supposed to take these out of here" at me before slamming the basket onto its side to dump them out. It was my mistake to leave them in there, but that reaction was completely unnecessary and a polite "please take these out in the future" would have sufficed. The only redeeming thing she did was to scan a coupon for my purchase without my asking, and saving 50 cents was not worth the experience.

Unfortunately this is on par with the type of customer service I receive at this location. Most of the cashiers are harried and I only receive a greeting half the time I come. One cashier barely glanced at me, didn't bother to say hello, and complemented the jewelry of someone behind me before I had even paid.

There is no reason to drive across town for the chance at a slightly improved experience at another Fred Meyer store when there is a Safeway, an Albertson's, and a Winco all within a shorter distance and the prices are about the same. I'm done being treated like garbage in your stores.
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User Replies:
Alain on 01/19/2012:
Give Fred Meyer some feedback about the problems you've had at this location at Be sure and mention your posting here and remind them that there are competitors where you can/will take your business. If you get a chance (and, hopefully, a response), let us know what they say.
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Never Complained Before Now
Posted by on
CLACKAMAS, OREGON -- I've never complained before about Fred Meyer. I was always happy until now.

I stopped by Fred Meyer on 82nd Drive in Clackamas, OR, went to their deli and picked out some fried chicken.

Back at home, there was this white thing barely sticking out of the coating on one of the chicken breasts. I began pulling. It was a LARGE full white feather.

I don't have any idea how this thing could have been missed?
Maybe the chicken come already coated for frying before Fred Meyer gets it? I don't know.

All I know is it turned my stomach upside down and I never want to eat a piece of chicken again.

Sorry Fred, but I won't be eating food out of your deli again.
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User Replies:
Starlord on 05/13/2011:
Here in Chehalis, WA, we have a market called Fuller's that has been in in business since 1945. We were there picking up some items for a dinner we were going to have the next night, and decided to get some fried chicken. We got 8 pieces of chicken, and weren't expecting too much. Were we wrong! The chicken was better than KFC, and world's above other fried chicken we had bought in the area. The breading was not as spicy as KFC, and the meat was tender and juicy, not dried out, as WalMart's so often is. I look forward to trying their chicken tenders.
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Something here's got to be broken.
Posted by on
BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON -- I've been (trying to) refill my prescription there for the last year, and without fail, EVERY time I go there, they've 'mysteriously' lost my insurance info. Ever time I go, it's the same old woman behind the counter, saying it's the insurance company's fault, or it's my fault, it's never their fault that I have to call my insurance and get all of my info again and again b. c their computer can't seem to save anything. The old woman doing this typically treats me like a huge burden, and often asks invasive questions about why I'm on birth control pills in the first place. Usually, after about an hour of back and forth, I'm finally handed my pills, but if I'm lucky they'll hand me the wrong ones and we get to do it all over again *facepalm*

I'm going back to having my prescriptions mailed to me, this pharmacy is garbage.
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User Replies:
Skye on 04/15/2011:
There are so many other places to have prescriptions filled. The fact that you gave them a year to get it right, and they haven't, means its definitely time to move on.
Venice09 on 04/16/2011:
Do you think this is happening because the prescription is for birth control pills? Don't let them mess with you. It's not their job to judge. Let them know you are taking your business elsewhere.
momsey on 04/16/2011:
Why on earth are you still going there? Definitely time to find a new pharmacy.
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Above and Beyond!
Posted by on
NAMPA, IDAHO -- I found a candle centerpiece at my local Fred Meyer store (Nampa, Idaho) that was perfect for a large fundraising event I was working on for my employer. They were beautiful and on sale! The problem was that the store only had three and I needed approximately 75 of them. Julia the store Director went above and beyond to make this happen. She and her employees scoured every Fred Meyer in and out of the state and I had all 75 of my centerpieces in time for the event. These fragile centerpieces were shipped from all over to my local store at no extra charge and the sale price was honored!

This is great customer service!!! Thank you Julia and crew!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/16/2011:
Wow..That is GREAT customer service!

I love Freddy's too...thanks for posting! I hope you take the time to send a personal thank you note, Julia definitely deserves it.
Anonymous on 03/16/2011:
Wow! Now that's going above and beyond!
Anonymous on 03/16/2011:
I'm a fan too.
Anonymous on 03/16/2011:
Drop a line to corporate and let them know. It will be documented in the employee's permanent files. I recently sent complimentary feedback to the FM corp. they responded and let me know that my feedback was noted and entered into the employee's file.
DebtorBasher on 03/16/2011:
That's great! Usually when a customer asks for something like that, they are told, 'We only have whatever is on the shelf' and they don't even check in the stock room (I'm talking about other stores, not Fred Meyer)... I hate when I get that answer...
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