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Fred Meyer
3800 S.E. 22nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97202
1-800-576-4377 (ph)
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Fred Myer Prepaid Debit Card / Fred Meyer Service
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Rating: 1/51

RENTON, WASHINGTON -- My husband and I are moving from WA to AZ and needed a debit card or prepaid card to pay for our truck. We purchased specific Fred Myer Prepaid Visa cards to pay for the truck. Please understand that we are talking hundreds of dollars which we set aside for the truck. We did not read the terms and conditions for this card, but my issue is that Fred Myers would not refund my money as I was unable to use these cards for our truck due to Fred Meyers charging a 15% hold on ONLY money used toward renting vehicles. We did not budget for this. We talked with the sales representative and manager and they would not refund the cards although they were unused.

We called the number on the card and the representative told us we agreed to the terms and conditions when activating the card. THE ISSUE is when buying a prepaid Visa at Fred Meyers.. All sales are final, so no refund even if unopened. And even without activating my card.. If I disagreed with these terms and conditions.. I would have to wait for them to refund my money and I can't get an in-store refund. So I am now out hundreds of dollars and am forced to purchase another prepaid card to cover this 15% of my rental truck charge... Very disappointed right now :(

Ride on Carts and Lack of Maintenance
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Rating: 5/51

ALBANY, OREGON -- I have gone into Fred Meyers stores from Eugene, Springfield, Albany, Corvallis and the carts in the stores seam to not have maintenance done to them. Wheels have a flat spot on them which makes them bumpy and the batteries to go died faster. There are holes in the control handle area so a person can stick a finger in them. Batteries are died because the cart staff is not making sure the carts are plugged in.

I rode one the other day that went from stop to fast and no happy in between spot and a flat spot on the tire and when I was done shopping I felt sea sick. I spend $100.00 in your store when I go there but if this keeps up I will be going to Walmart where they are keeping their carts up for their shoppers. Please get a six month program to check these carts out for if I can't get around in your store I will have to go somewhere else. I am not the only one who has said this.

I do love to shop at your store but my life has changed as to how I get around. I know that the carts are a convenience for us to use but you did put them there for us to use and all I ask please keep up on changing out bearings, wheels, electric cords that are frayed, died batteries or those that don't hold a charge. Thank You.

Rude, Lazy Employee at Fred Meyer Oak Grove
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Rating: 1/51

OAK GROVE, OREGON -- I was returning bottles and cans with my children that they had collected from neighbors for money to go to camp... I was told by a younger employee named ** that I had too many cans and bottles and that I would have to go to the back of the line while another customer that had been waiting went ahead of me. I said "O. K., no problem" and let the other customer go ahead of me even though I only had about 20 or 30 bottles to go. The next customer was VERY slow but I waited patiently while he did his bottles. When he was done, I went back to work and quickly finished my returns.

We had quite a few returns that needed a hand count, so we let ** know and she said something that I couldn't hear and kept on doing other things. I waited patiently and after a few minutes asked again for her to count our cans. At that she replied that we had too many cans and she wasn't going to count them. I said,"oh...really?" I have NEVER had an employee act that way toward me. Most of the people I've worked with at F. M. have been helpful. I don't believe that an employee at ANY store should be treating customers in such a way.

One minute of her precious time would have made the difference between a happy customer and an upset customer. And by the way, I have NEVER posted a complaint about anyone before!

Corporate Bullies
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Rating: 1/51

OAK GROVE, OREGON -- Physically Fred Meyer is a great place to shop, but the work experience has been trashed by corporate and upper management bullies. This reflects on the performance of their assets (employees) and sadly often results in POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Workers are terrorized by corporate goons. These jerks come in regularly to violently enforce the policy change of the moment.

There is no protection for employees from a customer or a coworker regardless of the situation. It does not exist. Managers are often bullies, the "big boss" attempted to break my hand at the warehouse. A cheap tactic in a lame attempt to get a coworker terminated. His friend physically assaulted me for several minutes, weeks later, but was not terminated. Both incidents happened only because I am small in stature. On a store level a manager told me "I don't have time for this" when I informed a customer was threatening to attack me.

Hating a company like Fred Meyer is unintelligible. It looks great on paper, and the store has quite the variety. The problem is that the subculture of its leadership is rotten, nasty, and scandalous in almost every instance. The only way to change this is to ask for help. I have many, many more incidents to write of, but all I ask from readers is to shop elsewhere. Please.

Terrible customer service.

SPRINGFIELD, OREGON -- The customer service at the Springfield, Oregon store is atrocious. I don't want to single out the specific employee as this was more of a straw to break the camel's back. The employee was scowling the entire time, which, as a former employee of Fred Meyer myself, I can completely understand. The haphazard management and continual "I don't know, ask someone else" guarantees that employees are on edge.

Scowling I can deal with. It was her refusal to greet me, even after I gave a friendly "hello" that was the immediate downturn of my shopping trip. I had left two 12 packs of soda in a basket, and she snapped "this is why you're supposed to take these out of here" at me before slamming the basket onto its side to dump them out. It was my mistake to leave them in there, but that reaction was completely unnecessary and a polite "please take these out in the future" would have sufficed. The only redeeming thing she did was to scan a coupon for my purchase without my asking, and saving 50 cents was not worth the experience.

Unfortunately this is on par with the type of customer service I receive at this location. Most of the cashiers are harried and I only receive a greeting half the time I come. One cashier barely glanced at me, didn't bother to say hello, and complemented the jewelry of someone behind me before I had even paid. There is no reason to drive across town for the chance at a slightly improved experience at another Fred Meyer store when there is a Safeway, an Albertson's, and a Winco all within a shorter distance and the prices are about the same. I'm done being treated like garbage in your stores.

Don't use your debit card at the pump!
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EUGENE, OREGON -- At Fred Meyers gas at 3333 W. 11th Eugene Oregon 97402 I handed them my debit card and asked for $20 gas. My first purchase of the day. I checked my bank balance soon after and it was off by over $100! Fred Meyers gas, instead of keying in $20 has a default set at $125. They froze $125 dollars from my account with no warning and no authorization to do so. Now I have to wait two or three days before I get the money back. The very idea that you could have every cent that you have frozen for $20 gas is frightening and must be stopped immediately.

DVD / Blue Ray mixup Oak Grove, Oregon store
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MILWAUKIE, OREGON -- While shopping this afternoon for a pair of Keds, I wanted to pick up a new release (since I had a gift certificate to spend) so we went to the electronics dept. On the DVD wall, under "new releases" I found the movie Red. It was $29.99 but said "special edition" so what the heck. After dinner and feeding the dogs, I pushed the package up out of the cardboard cover and took off the wrapper. Only to find the front of the "actual" container identified the movie as a Blue Ray disc. Nowhere on the front or back of the cardboard cover did it identify itself as Blue Ray. The only way to identify this as a Blue Ray movie was the small emblem on the spine of cover.

My husband and I went back to Fred Meyer and explained we pulled the movie from the DVD section. The customer service lady was very nice and agreed that it was almost impossible to determine this was a Blue Ray disc. She called the manager over to discuss as I simply wanted to trade straight across for a DVD of the same movie. I didn't care about the cost, I just wanted to watch the movie tonight (I don't own a Blue Ray player). The manager looked at the movie and stated that Blue Rays come in a box of "this size" (standing the cover as example). Keep in mind there is maybe a 1/4 inch difference in the box size between DVD and Blue Ray.

He also was the first person to actually open the box itself. He kept going back to the fact that I had taken off the wrapper. After I explained that all I wanted to do is trade for a DVD of the same movie, he stated the Oak Grove store never received any DVD copies, only Blue Ray. My husband then explained that he just confirmed the store had mixed up the Blue Rays with the DVDs. The Blue Rays were kept on a separate wall. The manager stated all "new release" Blue Rays and DVDs are mixed together. My husband stated they really do need to separate them and create a new release section for each type of movie.

The Manager kept saying all movies are together under new releases. Nothing he can do, but maybe we can just sell the Blue Ray. Needless to say, we left less than satisfied and will never again buy a movie from any Fred Meyer store again. I caution you all and advise you to be certain you review your purchases carefully as Fred Meyer does not care. It is buyer beware when dealing with Fred Meyer.

False Advertising During "Grand Re-Opening"
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LYNNWOOD, WASHINGTON -- I was so excited to see a great sale on pork chops advertised in the "grand re-opening" sales flier for my local Fred Meyer. Although I do not generally shop at Fred Meyer, this coupon for boneless pork chops for 88 cents per pound caught my eye. I struggle to find enough money to feed my family so I decided it was worth going to the store to shop for my pork chop dinner there. I also took the sales flier to my parents and they decided to make the trek over there with me.

When I arrived in the meat department and found the packs of pork chops a bunch of shoppers were huddled around it. I figured the crowd was due to the great deal on meat, but then I noticed a small note on the refrigeration case apologizing for a "misprint". Basically they were not offering the pork chops for 88 cents per pound but $2.50 per pound!!!! How is that a misprint? The numbers aren't even the same. Clearly it was just a ploy to get people in the door. Everyone was clearly as upset as I was. Several shoppers said we should get some signs and protest the false advertising.

I finally went and found a meat department employee and asked if they would honor the coupon that I had brought from home. I got the snide remark "it's half off the regular price of $5.00 per pound, what more do you want?" with a laugh. I said what I would like is for Fred Meyer to honor its own sales flier since this mishap is clearly not my fault but the store's. She walked away like I was the one who was crazy.

Needless to say, I did not buy the pork chops nor any other meat. I wouldn't have bought anything at all except I brought my parents with me and they needed a couple of things. All in all I will not be back, highly disappointed with the false advertising and lack of integrity of the Fred Meyer store.

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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I work for King county I assist a disabled, deaf amputee. He has very little support and few funds. I've been shopping for him for the last five years. I receive a check from King County and I take care of the gentleman's shopping. He also receives some state funds on a debit card. The debit card has been read as zero funds that last three times I've used it. After running it again it has shown sufficient funds. I explained this to the employee who called a manager over and both said it had no funds - which I explained was not possible as last week when the same thing occurred it was run again and had 58 dollars on it and less than 8 was used.

Every time I shop I am looked at with suspicion and the manager is called over to look over the check and ask for ID. I've learned to tell them it's a slash five and they look at me like it's their first day. Tonight I was told the card had one dollar on it and the check could not be accepted as the check was written to client before crossed off (initialed and filled out to Fred Meyer) So the client - did I mention he's deaf and is missing a leg and is mentally handicapped? Yeah that guy he's got no food this week.

Every week I go through this song and dance and holding up the line -but this week perhaps because it was near closing time they chose to let the food in the cart rot rather than go to the trouble to work through their incompetence. Can you not develop a better system to manage a dynamic that's been occurring consistently for the last five years?

Fred Meyers charges full price for items advertised as on sale
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I had a very unpleasant experience this evening shopping at Fred Meyers. Many items were on sale, and my husband and I picked up extra quantities to take advantage of the reduced prices. At the cash register, we unloaded our groceries and other items on the belt. The cashier began to ring up our purchases. A friend saw me and walked over to talk for a moment. My husband paid for the items with his credit card. As my friend left, I heard the cashier saying, "Oh, I feel like such a dolt. I forgot to scan your coupons. You'll have to take them over to customer service."

I had planned our shopping trip for the time between work and the start of a favorite TV show. Instead of going home after shopping, however, we stood in line at customer service for 15 minutes. When it was finally our turn, it took another 15 minutes for the full process of crediting us for the $4.67 we'd been overcharged. When we got done with all of that, and we were walking out of the store, I looked over the receipt at the remaining charges. It has been my experience, unfortunately, that sale items are frequently rung up at the full price at Fred Meyers. I usually try to carefully watch the prices being rung up as the cashier does his or her job.

I hadn't watched this time, and sure enough, the 4 skeins of yarn I had purchased for about $23.00 had not been charged at the 20% off advertised in large signs in the craft department. We'd still been ripped off for at least $4.60 even though we'd spent an extra half hour getting reimbursed for coupons that hadn't been scanned.

Several years ago I boycotted Fred Meyers for six months because this kind of experience is not at all unusual. It has been my observation that when I buy a lot of items, and some of them are supposed to be on sale, at least one or two items will always be charged at the non-sale price. This is not the cashier's fault. I object to being overcharged, and I object to having to watch like a hawk to make sure it doesn't happen. I resent even more the embarrassment of having to ask the cashiers, overworked and underpaid though they are, to correct the errors when I catch them before the final total is rung. Fred Meyers, as a national chain, really needs to do better.

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