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If You Are Considering Signing Up With Frontier... Don't Do It!!
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Rating: 1/51

SPRAGUE, CONNECTICUT -- If you are considering signing up with FRONTIER... don't do it!! I rarely write reviews but this one I feel very strongly about. I call to set up Internet service with them a few days ago and we set the time for them to be here to install the equipment in between 8 AM and 10 AM. today. I told the person on the phone that I did have a 12:30 appointment and I did check to make sure we should be done by 12:00 and she said that would be no problem. So 10:15 comes along and no FRONTIER. So, I called them up to see if they're on their way. The girl on the phone have to put me on hold and talk to dispatch. They had me scheduled anytime between 8 AM a.m. and 5 PM p.m.

And I explained to her again that I was scheduled between 8 and 10 before my appointment. She asked me when I'd be back I told her 2 o'clock and she told me that they will be there in between 2 PM to 5 PM. 5:10 comes along still no FRONTIER, so I call them again explaining the situation to the girl on the phone and she said that there is notes on the file stating that they had no access. I told her I was home right before 2 o'clock. She then said well they were there at 1 o'clock and stay till 130. And by the way this was 35 minutes off and on hold up to this point. She said somebody should be in the dispatch office but they weren't answering the phone.

I asked if they went home for the day and she said no that they are open until seven just like she is. At this point I cannot believe it's happened twice in one day. It was a miscommunication on their part. I asked to speak to manager and gotten nowhere with her. She said that they could not do it tonight made it sound like there's nobody working anymore even though I was told her there till seven. So I cancel service even before it even started. If a company has unacceptable customer service when your getting service installed... could you imagine what kind of service you would receive after that???

PATHETIC Customer Service, Long Wait, Unreliable Service
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Rating: 1/51

PRINCETON, INDIANA -- I called the 800 number on a flier advertising Frontier Internet service with Dish Network TV package. After over 2 hours on the phone, they finally had me signed up for DSL Internet service, but were unable to process my request for Dish after being put on hold and transferred many, many times. They told me my modem would arrive in the mail in a week, and I could self install it.

A week later I get a phone call from a technician who claims there is a problem with the installations in my area, and there will be a delay of a week or until the end of summer. 2 weeks in, I finally receive my modem. I follow the instructions, but it will not connect. I call the customer service number (which is a harrowing wait time every time) the guy tells me he is going to send out a technician there is a problem with my lines.

As my laptop sits open after the call, I notice it advances to a new screen on its own. So I call customer service back again, and this person who answers informs me the service ticket was canceled, but he sees no reason he can't help me get it set up. A half an hour later, my Internet is up and running. So the service technician they were going to send and charge me for was unnecessary.

Not 2 days later, all of a sudden my Internet shuts off for no reason. I follow all the useless instructions, call customer service again, wait 20 minutes for a live person to answer... She informs me I will have to wait FIVE MORE DAYS for a service technician to come and repair the line that may or may not even be messed up. I am calling as soon as I get finished typing this to sign up with another provider. This is the most horrible service experience I've ever had with any company.

Frontier Really Took Good Care of Us on Recent Flights
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Rating: 5/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- We were flying from Nashville through Denver to Las Vegas in mid-April 2013. There was a blizzard forecast for the day we were flying out. Frontier noted on their website that if we were flying through Denver that day, we could change our flight w/o any fees. The agent on the phone was phenomenal. She even let us change our return date by one day also so we wouldn't lose a day of vacation. Flights out were great, ran on time, treated well. Then on the day of our return flight, it was another snowy bad weather day in Denver.

Again, Frontier was phenomenal. They loaded us on the plane then the one hour delay at Denver came through and they allowed us to get off and sit in the gate area for that hour (leaving items in overhead bin). We reloaded an hour later and taxied out. Then came another one hour delay from Denver. So we sat on tarmac for close to one hour. Frontier has TV's with 25 channels on each seat back and their policy is if there's a delay you get the TV for free!

So we enjoyed live TV. Then came the 2 hour delay from Denver, so they took us back to terminal gate area (didn't hold us on the plane any further) and told us to take all our belongings this time. They efficiently worked at the gate area to find other flights for those who were only changing planes in Denver. We were called up within 5 minutes and given seats on USAirways changing planes in Charlotte. No more worry about the weather in Denver!!! Also great treatment on USAir. During all this time and for the rest of our itinerary that day, Frontier kept sending me nice little email notices about the delays and about my new itinerary.

When we arrived in Charlotte and I turned my phone back on, there was another reminder from Frontier about my next flight from Charlotte to Nashville with flight number and gate number. I thought that was phenomenal treatment, in this age of smart phones, to keep me posted all day. I am highly pleased with the way they took care of us and will definitely fly Frontier again if possible.

Horrible Customer Service - BEWARE
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Rating: 1/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- To begin, this is my first experience with Frontier Airlines. About 6-weeks ago I purchased an airline ticket for my Wife and I to fly to my cousin's wedding. 7-days prior to our flight, my grandfather suffered a heart attack. Two days later our small dog dislocated a leg while playing fetch. Unfortunately, both required 24 hour care and since I was a groomsman in the wedding, we decided my wife would stay behind to take care of them. I contacted Customer Service to request a refund for my wife's ticket, given our circumstances, I didn't think this would be an issue.

After speaking with two Frontier Airline's customer service reps, I was told that I would need to secure a Dr's note regarding my grandfather. I had the Dr. complete the note and per Frontier's instructions I submitted the note to receive a refund for the ticket. I called to follow-up with Frontier to check on the status of our refund and was told that Frontier decided that our reason for cancellation was not accepted and we couldn't receive a refund.

The representative first asked whose grandfather it was, I explained since we were married, it was both of ours. She then said (and I quote), "he would need to die to receive a refund." I was speechless. I couldn't believe the insensitivity of the representative. They said there is nothing they could do. I posted my story on their Facebook page, hoping to receive some help. I received a response to my post within hours, asking me to email them the details.

I emailed them the details with-in the day and after following up twice, I finally received a response two-weeks later stating they looked into my account and saw I flew this past weekend and therefore my wife would have a 1-year credit, minus $100 change fee and $30 fee booking fee. Seriously?!? Why would I ever want to fly on Frontier again? This has been a HUGE PITA during a tragic and stressful time in our lives. I would caution all to stay away from Frontier Airlines - they're horrible! I've filed a dispute with AMEX and I hope they will help this issue right.

Bizarre world of strange accents and where everyone is a supervisor...
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Rating: 1/51

NEW MEXICO -- I inherited them. I originally had Midwest mastercards. Midwest was nice to deal with. I was on hold for three and a half hours. I had 2 requests, to dispute a charge and try and reduce my interest rate. The man I spoke with about my dispute, had no clue. He asked questions that had nothing to do with my concern. At one point I even asked if he knew what I was saying.

I asked to be transferred to a supervisor. He would put me on hold for up to 20 minutes, come back and ask me a question that had nothing to do with my concern. He did not fully understand English. But he transferred me twice more. Then I was "fortunate" enough to get the "top supervisor" at Frontier and was told she could not help me.

Then came time for rate question. I told them I had Cancer and had set up payments before I went into hospital. Payments were never taken out and I was charged late fees. I called from the hospital and was told by another "supervisor", that they do not make arrangements for auto withdrawal. And now I was berated for that because this "supervisor" said they do make those type of arrangements! And no record of my arrangement existed. I was willing to send them proof of my illness.

So many people lie, steal cards, or run cards up and end up not paying. That is why interest rates are so high. They caused me so much stress today, it was unreal. I skimmed over a lot of what was said to me. Too upsetting for me. I will do my best to pay and pay off.

I am working 1/3 of what I was. And eventually I will. It is my character that two wrongs don't make a right. They then will never get another dime of my money. They need to take into consideration, a person's good years of being a client, and putting anyone on hold for that time is uncalled for. I feel like I was abused today. It was just plain emotional abuse. They all had the same thick odd sounding accents, just creepy!

Last minute Bait and Switch
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INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- On December 7th, 2009 I purchased two tickets from Frontier Airlines, one for my father and one for myself. Even though indirect flights cost less I opted to pay more for the advantage of having a direct flight from locations that were more convenient to us. On July 20th, 2010, only four days before my flight was scheduled to take place, I received a phone call from a customer service representative from Frontier Airlines. She informed me that not only was I not going to have a direct flight, but that I was going to arrive two hours later than the originally scheduled time.

To make matters worse, she said that the Airline knew of this change on March 31st, 2010, almost four months before I received any notification from them about this change. So by the time I received this notification I had no chance of shopping for a better flight for my money. Needless to say that for more than seven months Frontier Airlines has had use of the money I spent on that ticket. Even my bank would have done better than their offer to return my money now and leave me stranded at the eleventh hour without a means of getting to my destination as conveniently or on time.

I was even willing to drive to another airport eight hours away and take the flight I booked my father on, but the Airline would not let me do this unless I paid the difference in ticket prices, which by this time has about doubled in price from the original purchase. The least the Airline should do, for the inconvenience, is to let me go with that option at no extra charge, which is still an eight hour drive for me, the reason that I chose not to take that option in the first place. But at least this would have allowed me to arrive on time without having to pay twice the original ticket price to do so.

The Airline has made no attempt to compensate me for this inconvenience, and has even tried to profit from their mistake by trying to charge me more for a flight that would arrive at the desired time. This entire misadventure is akin to buying Premium Orchestra seats for the Ballet only to be told a few days prior to the performance, when the House is sold out, that your seats have been moved to Upper Balcony Far Left, and by the way, during intermission you will have to leave your seats and change to these other ones in the 27th Row Far Right.

However, we will still charge you the price of Premium Orchestra to see the performance that you paid months in advance for and have been looking forward to seeing since then. Oh, and sorry we didn't let you know months ago, when we first learned of this change, so you might have had more options, “my bad.”

Trip Protection Plan Provides No Protection at All
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I purchased a round trip ticket for my sister-in-law using Frontier airlines website and I also bought the extra $10.95 trip protection plan the same time and paid them with my credit card. In the itinerary, it clear indicated that I had purchased the trip insurance and gave me a policy number. My sister-in-law came but then needed to change her return flight due to the death of my father-in-law. When I called to change the flight, I was told that the trip protection plan would be handled by AIG insurance company and I would have to make a claim later for whatever cost to reschedule the flight.

So, I paid for extra money to get the flight changes. However, when I tried to make the claim later with AIG, I was told that AIG didn't have my policy nor receive any payment for the insurance. So, they wouldn't responsible for the claim. I emailed to Frontier Customer support and they sent me the detail of the flight in their own format and it clearly indicated that I had purchased the insurance with the policy number. The customer support also told me to deal with AIG.

I emailed to AIG and their replied was that the policy number was Frontier policy number and they had no clue what those policy number meant. After several back and forth with AIG and Frontier airlines, we established that there must be a mis-communication between AIG and Frontier. Frontier admitted that it might be a bug on their web system and since they didn't charge $10.95 in my credit card, I had no insurance and therefore I just had to absorb the cost of $319 of changing flight.

It is just so unfair that I had to be the victim of their mistakes and lost money because they forget to purchase the insurance for me. I trusted their website and really thought I had purchased an extra protection and now my money and trust is gone and I felt cheated.

Frontier Mastercard - Barclays Bank
By -

WILMINGTON DELAWARE -- I went through the Denver airport and was suckered into getting a Frontier Mastercard for a free trip anywhere if I signed up. Not only is it next to impossible to redeem the free ticket, because there are never seats available, but you will be required to work with Barclays Bank. They are the very worst credit card company on earth!

My account had been charged twice by a company that I had not been authorized to do so. I had to contact that company to get the charges reversed. I was finally issued a credit. In the meantime Barclay bank piled on the fees when my balance should have been zero. Barclay Bank is a joke, their collection department is the very worst - if you want to work with a great card company use Cabela's Visa. I will also never use Frontier Airlines as long as possible - They were no help at all!

Three Different Fios Billing Employees Can't Resolve a Simple Glitch
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Rating: 1/51

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA -- A door to door Frontier representative offered to reduce our bill. She did by getting rid of half of the TV stations we watch! Calls to Frontier techs transferred me to billing. After a half an hour, the employee said he got it straightened out "but needed to have his supervisor" OK it. Nothing changed. Another call to another billing person, promising to resolve the problem with his supervisors OK. Nothing happened. Calls to the 1st employee's extension went unanswered.

Another call, another employee who supposedly hand carried the order to a technician to fix the problem. The technician "wasn't in, but they will get the order in the morning." I am about ready to drive to the Frontier office and ask for the head honcho who has ignored all requests for a signature so this can get resolved.

Abandon All Hope
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Rating: 1/51

KEYSER, WEST VIRGINIA -- Frontier is one of those companies that know you have no alternatives and they take advantage of it. We started 3 years ago and things went downhill from day one. The internet service BARELY scratches 1.5 Mb and that's on a high note. A high note that is like a legendary once in a lifetime note. The regular speed is so low going with one of those unidentified connections you pick up is faster and they refuse to admit they even have a problem. The service end fee is ungodly and its not worth it. If you have ANY bloody alternatives then take them. Stay away from this company.

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