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Bends-over-backwards FOR customers
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DENVER, COLORADO -- Examples of what I've seen on my numerous Frontier flights:

  • offering free in-seat DirecTV for all passengers for late departures due to maintenance delays
  • bringing their Ops VP, a baggage & ticketing crew, and 5 empty planes to Cancun, Mexico after Hurricane Wilma hit to retrieve their stranded customers who lived w/o power, water, and flushing toilets for a week. They brought extra magazines, Mrs. Fields cookies, and all the accouterments of home.
  • you get refills on sodas
  • you get friendly SMILES because they realize their livelihood depends on their travellers
  • frequent flyer tix at 15k miles - and these really exist - more than just 1 per flight!
  • new planes (Airbus A370 ... A380s coming)
  • upper mgmt that really cares about their employees' performance & rides the planes to see their customers' and employees' in-flight experiences (I've sat next to their Flight Ops director on a DEN-PHX flight)

No, I'm not an employee, just someone who finds the whole package at Frontier very appealing, and who goes out of their way to fly them whenever possible.

Rotten Service
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK -- This has been a nightmare since the first time they called me to switch to them!! I purchased a bundle from them. After the Dish was hooked-up they lost my work order. Start all over again. New price.. MORE. Did not show up for install of phone or internet..Called customer service. New price.. More I told them I wanted out of agreement. To get out of agreement it would be $420.00 early ter. of the Dish. Escalation Dept. said they would help me.

New price... MORE. Would not call me back to help me. Their Personal Call Attendant Dept. refuses to return my phone calls even though they told me to call them after I received my first bill. I made two calls with no reply. This is the worse service I have ever had in 40 yrs. of doing business. Frontier phone does what they want and they don't care if you like it or not..they have you locked into an agreement that will cost you a fortune to get out of.

Early Termination Fee for a Contract Never Agreed To
By -

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- I canceled my phone service in November 2011 switching back to Verizon. Frontier bought out Verizon's residential phone service, so we switched back to our original home phone carrier. Frontier charged $156.05 for an early termination fee for a contract I (nor my husband) signed or agreed to. I have made 5 calls to Frontier customer service in which each time I was told they would sent the information to the account depart to have the early termination fee waived. I received another bill 2 weeks ago.

At that point, I called and requested that my checking account information be removed from the account to prevent an automated deduction from my checking account. Today, $156.05 was debited by Frontier from my checking account. I was placed on hold for 25 minutes before calling back I received the same explanation of being account being reviewed.

After 5 phone calls to Frontier's customer service department since December 2011, this is still not resolved. Each representative explained the process takes 3-5 days. Now, they have withdrawn the money from my account after I specifically called and asked them to remove my checking account information and not automatically withdraw the early termination fee.

By -

Frontier is an awful company. They do not care how they treat people. First they were supposed to install a phone line. I was told again and again they would be out. Stayed home all day and waited for them. They never showed and they never called. I called in and I was told they would come the next day. I waited and no one called or came.

I called again and I was told they would be out sometime over the next four days and I would just have to stay home in case they came. I have called and talk to them over and over. No help. I asked for an address or phone where I could contact someone higher up and was told they do not give out that information. They are rude and don't care how they treat you. I had to deal with Frontier four years ago and was treat badly then too. Their DSL is slow and does not work half the time. Stay away from them if you can.

Incorrect billing
By -

We notified Frontier that as of March 12th of this year we are canceling
both internet and phone service with them - going to another carrier. We had the other provider hook up as of the 13th of March. As of that date we no longer had service with Frontier. In April we received a bill which was correct and we paid the final bill in full early.

Since that time we have had all kinds of bills being issued to us for internet and also phone. We have called every time we got a bill and they said it would be taken care of. One of the many calls we made the customer service person said that they now owe us 175.51 and we would be issued a credit in July. That paperwork wasn't made out to correct the previous errors.

We kept still getting bills and I finally sat down and wrote to their Manager by certified mail all the info they needed to take care of the issue. About 2 weeks after that we finally got a bill which stated that the balance was now 0. Several days later we received a check in the mail for the credit they said was due to us.

I thought that our problem was finally resolved however now we are getting bills once again that we owe them over 200.00. Again, they are billing us for services we don't have with Frontier. This is one screwed up company. I am now at my wits end and am planning to notify the Attorney general of our State of their practices.

Frontier Airlines goes out of their way to help a lost dog!

A lost Labrador-mix from Colorado recently turned up in my hometown in California. "Buster Brown" disappeared from his owners' yard in November 2010 and hadn't been seen since. On May 20th, he turned up in a California animal shelter. Animal Shelter workers were able to identify the dog and his owner thanks to a microchip. After they were unable to reach the dog's owner by phone, Shelter worker's sent a certified letter to the owner in Colorado.

The owner contacted the Shelter on May 31st, the deadline for retrieving the dog before it would be put up for adoption and immediately began trying to find a way to get her back home to Colorado. Driving the dog 19 hours back to Colorado was too for both the dog & his owner to handle so she started calling around to different airlines looking for help. Frontier Airlines has graciously offered to donate a flight from San Francisco to Colorado tomorrow morning and the dog will be reunited with his owner!!!!

This is beyond excellent customer service! What a great act of kindness by Frontier Airlines! I want to thank the airline staff who have made it possible for Buster Brown & his owner to be reunited! What a great example to set for the airline industry. It's nice to hear that an airline has done something good for a change! Thank you, Frontier Airlines!

Be Aware
By -

Please be aware. Leaving Steamboat Colorado on Frontier, on a mildly snowy day, where all other airlines are departing without difficulty, may not be possible. A Frontier airline representative stated that the plane could not land due to a lack of proper pilot classification needed for landing while snowing. It was not a terribly snowy day. Our friends on American Airlines and United Airlines had no departure problems. I had to pay $110 for a 5 hr shuttle ride to Denver which was facilitated by the airline. The roads were not bad at all. Don't understand that there were weather problems; there was light snow that was not sticking at both Steamboat and Denver airports.

Additionally, communication was poor. Passengers were not made aware of any delays at the gate until way after boarding and departure times. The announcement informing of flight status at the gate was, "You can reschedule your flight or find another way to Denver". There was no introduction of apology or explanation of why. The explanation I finally got was at the ticket center.

There was also poor communication at the shuttle site, with no updates or explanation of shuttle departure times until complaints that this information was lacking. Advice: Not a good idea to use Frontier Airlines in potentially snowy regions.

7 cards and none of them work!
By -

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- I have been a customer of the Frontier Airlines MasterCard for several years. Two months ago, they sent me a new card telling me that they have upgraded my card from the Platinum to the World card. Only one problem - the card won't work! I have called them numerous times and they have now sent me SEVEN cards. None of them work! When I call in, they just tell me that it shows approved on their end but the purchase won't go through! They say since it works on their side, there is nothing they can do! I fly Frontier a lot and like that I can accrue miles on the card but I am frustrated beyond all belief.

Poor Customer Service
By -

DENVER, COLORADO -- Flight initiated in Austin was 1 hr late. Due to a tight connection in Denver, I requested to be placed on the United flight which was on-time. The agent assured me that I would have 20 minutes to make my connection in Denver. After arriving in Denver in gate 4, the greeting agent advised that my Albuquerque flight was departing from gate 64. Arriving at gate 64, the flight had left. I stood in customer service line for 90 minutes. They placed me on a 5pm flight. The scheduled visit to Albuquerque was a day trip. Frontier refused a refund. The flight was booked through Expedia - their customer service is non-existing; but that is another matter.

Why Buy the Trip Insurance?
By -

What is the purpose of buying trip insurance? In case something unexpectedly happens and you can't go. Right!! Wrong according to Frontier Airlines, unless you have a note from MOMMY!! My wife got ill and couldn't go on my trip to Phoenix. I called Frontier's telephone number of their trip insurance which I purchased when I bought the ticket. I read all the information and thought it shouldn't be any problems getting the money back for my wife's portion of the trip. I was still going.

Frontier said that I would need a note from the doctor and I would have to sign a letter giving Frontier the okay to look into her medical records. I asked "Where in the policy does it say this?" They couldn't show me. This is an absolutely crazy airline who makes up their own rules as they go along. I will never fly this airline again.

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