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Incorrect billing
Posted by on
We notified Frontier that as of March 12th of this year we are canceling
both internat and phone service with them going to another carrier. We
had the other provider hook up as of the 13th of March.

As of that date we no longer had service with Frontier.

In April we received a bill which was correct and we paid the final bill in full early.

Since that time we have had all kinds of bills being issued to us for internet and also phone. We have called every time we got a bill and they said it would be taken care of. One of the many calls we made the customer service person said that they now owe us 175.51 and we would be issued a credit in July. That paper work wasn't made out to correct the previous errors.

We kept still getting bills and I finally sat down and wrote to their Manager by certified mail all the info they needed to take care of the issue. About 2 weeks after that we finally got a bill which stated that the balance was now 0. Several days later we received a check in the mail for the credit they said was due to us.

I thought that our problem was finally resolved however now we are getting
bills once again that we owe them over 200.00. Again, they are billing us for services we don't have with Frontier.

This is one screwed up company. I am now at my whits end and am planning to
notify the Attorny general of our State of their practices.
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danny54 on 09/03/2011:
You may also want to try the utility regulatory commission in your state. They may have more pull to get things done faster for you.
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Frontier Airlines goes out of their way to help a lost dog!
Posted on
A lost Labrador-mix from Colorado recently turned up in my hometown in California. "Buster Brown" disappeared from his owners yard in November 2010 and hadn't been seen since. On May 20th, he turned up in a California animal shelter. Animal Shelter workers were able to identify the dog and his owner thanks to a microchip. After they were unable to reach the dog's owner by phone, shelter worker's sent a certified letter to the owner in Colorado. The owner contacted the shelter on May 31st, the deadline for retrieving the dog before it would be put up for adoption and immediately began trying to find a way to get her back home to Colorado. Driving the dog 19 hours back to Colorado was too for both the dog & his owner to handle so she started calling around to different airlines looking for help. Frontier Airlines has graciously offered to donate a flight from San Francisco to Colorado tomorrow morning and the dog will be reunited with his owner!!!!!

This is beyond excellent customer service! What a great act of kindness by Frontier Airlines! I want to thank the airline staff who have made it possible for Buster Brown & his owner to be reunited! What a great example to set for the airline industry. Its nice to hear that an airline has done something good for a change! Thank you Frontier Airlines!
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 06/02/2011:
This is a feel good story. I hope Buster and his owner are reunited as planned.
Anonymous on 06/02/2011:
That is really nice! I hope everything works out. That's quite a journey.
jktshff1 on 06/02/2011:
Good for them! Great post.
madconsumer on 06/02/2011:
it is stories like this that make me glad to be human, and can feel the humanity in this.
raven2010 on 06/02/2011:
I have tears in my yes. this is FANTASTIC!!!
Fufu487 on 06/02/2011:
Wow. So touched by this story :')
Nohandle on 06/02/2011:
I love this story. With airlines becoming reluctant to even allow pets due to the liability, it's great to hear of one not only stepping up to the plate and accepting the challenge but providing the service at no charge. I know Buster will arrive safe and sound and thanks Frontier for making this possible.
Venice09 on 06/03/2011:
Wonderful story. It just goes to show that it never hurts to ask. Frontier came through with flying colors!
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Be Aware
Posted by on
Please be aware. Leaving Steamboat Colorado on Frontier, on a mildly snowy day, where all other airlines are departing without difficulty, may not be possible. A Frontier airline representative stated that the plane could not land due to a lack of proper pilot classification needed for landing while snowing. It was not a terribly snowy day. Our friends on American Airlines and United Airlines had no departure problems. I had to pay $110 for a 5 hr shuttle ride to Denver which was facilitated by the airline. The roads were not bad at all. Don't understand that there were weather problems; there was light snow that was not sticking at both Steamboat and Denver airports.

Additionally, communication was poor. Passengers were not made aware of any delays at the gate until way after boarding and departure times. The announcement informing of flight status at the gate was "you can reschedule your flight or find another way to Denver". There was no introduction of apology or explanation of why. The explanation I finally got was at the ticket center.

There was also poor communication at the shuttle site, with no updates or explanation of shuttle departure times until complaints that this information was lacking.

Advice: Not a good idea to use Frontier Airlines in potentially snowy regions.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/07/2011:
The mechanics of weather very simplified. Weather is divided into categories, graduated from 1 to 3 with variants. Pilots and aircraft are qualified to specific categories - the highest rated CAT IIIB are US mainline legacy carriers. ie. American, US Airways, Continental, United, Delta. Highest rated aircraft and pilots vs saving a few bucks with a discount carrier.... you decide.
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Last minute Bait and Switch
Posted by on
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- On December 7th, 2009 I purchased two tickets from Frontier Airlines, one for my father and one for myself. Even though indirect flights cost less I opted to pay more for the advantage of having a direct flight from locations that were more convenient to us. On July 20th, 2010, only four days before my flight was scheduled to take place, I received a phone call from a customer service representative from Frontier Airlines. She informed me that not only was I not going to have a direct flight, but that I was going to arrive two hours later than the originally scheduled time. To make matters worse, she said that the Airline knew of this change on March 31st, 2010, almost four months before I received any notification from them about this change. So by the time I received this notification I had no chance of shopping for a better flight for my money. Needless to say that for more than seven months Frontier Airlines has had use of the money I spent on that ticket. Even my bank would have done better than their offer to return my money now and leave me stranded at the eleventh hour without a means of getting to my destination as conveniently or on time. I was even willing to drive to another airport eight hours away and take the flight I booked my father on, but the Airline would not let me do this unless I paid the difference in ticket prices, which by this time has about doubled in price from the original purchase. The least the Airline should do, for the inconvenience, is to let me go with that option at no extra charge, which is still an eight hour drive for me, the reason that I chose not to take that option in the first place. But at least this would have allowed me to arrive on time without having to pay twice the original ticket price to do so.

The Airline has made no attempt to compensate me for this inconvenience, and has even tried to profit from their mistake by trying to charge me more for a flight that would arrive at the desired time.

This entire misadventure is akin to buying Premium Orchestra seats for the Ballet only to be told a few days prior to the performance, when the House is sold out, that your seats have been moved to Upper Balcony Far Left, and by the way, during intermission you will have to leave your seats and change to these other ones in the 27th Row Far Right. However, we will still charge you the price of Premium Orchestra to see the performance that you paid months in advance for and have been looking forward to seeing since then. Oh, and sorry we didn't let you know months ago, when we first learned of this change, so you might have had more options, “my bad.”
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User Replies:
Ben There on 07/21/2010:
All airlines have schedule changes, and sometimes nonstop flights get discontinued and connecting flights replace them. This will happen even more often when two airlines merge as the two airlines will begin combining schedules and fleets...

That said, it is customary for an airline to notify you soon after a schedule change is made. I would be disappointed too. I wonder if the schedule change fell through the cracks because of the merger - did you happen to be flying on both Midwest and Frontier originally?

Don't expect any compensation as airlines will always hold the right to change the schedule at any time. Even the best nonstop flights turn into connecting flights day of travel if a plane breaks down or weather starts acting up.
Weedwhacked on 07/22/2010:
Read the rules of your ticket, you're not due any compensation. You agreed to the terms and conditions which state that the airline reserves the right to make schedule changes at any time. You could have received a refund if you wanted to. Your statement below is completely false:

"Needless to say that for more than seven months Frontier Airlines has had use of the money I spent on that ticket."

The airline doesn't get the money until the ticket is used and is processed through the clearing house. You should really read their contract of carriage because you have a lot of misconceptions are how things work with an airline.
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Frontier Mastercard - Barclays Bank
Posted by on
WILMINGTON DELAWARE -- I went through the Denver airport and was suckered into getting a Frontier Mastercard for a free trip anywhere if I signed up. Not only is it next to impossible to redeem the free ticket, because there are never seats available, but you will be required to work with Barclays Bank. They are the very worst credit card company on earth!

My account had been charged twice by a company that I had not been authorized to do so. I had to contact that company to get the charges reversed. I was finally issued a credit. In the meantime Barclay bank piled on the fees when my balance should have been zero.

Barclay Bank is a joke, their collection department is the very worst - if you want to work with a great card company use Cabelas Visa.

I will also never use Frontier Airlines as long as possible - They were no help at all!
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User Replies:
Box3cents on 07/23/2010:
There are other better choices out there. Be aware

Wow, what a joke of a bank. Barclays Bank's customer service department is by far THE worst I have encountered. I am surprised Frontier Airlines has not moved on to a different bank to administer the frequent flier credit card offer. The customer service at the bank is the worst I have ever experienced.

If I did not love Frontier Airlines and want the mileage credit I would have dumped Barclays Bank long ago.

Seriously, I do not understand how a company (Barcays) can stay in business with the poor customer service, lack of follow through, incompetent employees, not well-trained employees on their own products (e. g. stating they don't offer a "Pay Pass" credit card through Frontier Airlines, when they do!!!!), weak supervisors, not calling back within 24 hours as they state a manager will do and managers not even aware of what the problem is.

This goes back to mid-May when I was sent a new credit card because I was "upgraded" to a better card. Two months later and nearly 30 phone calls and I don't have resolution and continue to get incompetent customer service employees who give me incorrect information and do not seem to care to fix the situation. Stay clear of getting one of these cards if you can help it. (I read the negative post by a person who "was roped" into one there at the Denver Airport.)

I am so disappointed in this product, Barclays Bank, any Barclays cards, especially the Frontier Airlines Barclays MasterCard, the incompetent call center they use in Manila, the uniformed bank customer service personnel in the U.S. who do not follow through and seem uninterested in helping, Frontier Airlines.

There are other better choices out there. Be aware - Mike

Maxine on 04/04/2012:
I have never had so much difficulty in my life trying to get records

My husband died and I attempted to get records for tax purposes and to close out the estate..... I made 3 calls and got three seporate fax numbers and information of what needed to be done... That still did not work, and it was a I am sorry I cannot help you with that....... Then with complaint they called me back --- two more times and I still do not have the records needed for the taxes, Again information was different on what to do --- and what they tole me to do didn't work. I called back and have not received an anxwe back.

Other companies like Discover, Visa, and American Express were willing to help and I have information from them..... but not Frontier Barkley MasterCare.

I am beyond disappointment, I am angry and fed up. Next contact attorney.
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Trip Protection Plan Provides No Protection At All
Posted by on
I purchased a round trip ticket for my sister in-law using Frontier airlines website and I also brought the extra $10.95 trip protection plan the same time and paid them with my credit card. In the itinerary, it clear indicated that I had purchased the trip insurance and gave me a policy number.

My sister in-law came but then needed to change her return flight due to the death of my father in-law. When I called to change the flight, I was told that the trip protection plan would be handled by AIG insurance company and I would have to make a claim later for whatever cost to reschedule the flight. So, I paid for extra money to get the flight changes. However, when I tried to make the claim later with AIG, I was told that AIG didn't have my policy nor receive any payment for the insurance. So, they wouldn't responsible for the claim. I emailed to Frontier Customer support and they sent me the detail of the flight in their own format and it clearly indicated that I had purchased the insurance with the policy number. The customer support also told me to deal with AIG.

I emailed to AIG and their replied was that the policy number was Frontier policy number and they had no clue what those policy number meant. After several back and forth with AIG and Frontier airlines, we established that there must be a mis-communication between AIG and Frontier. Frontier admitted that it might be a bug on their web system and since they didn't charge $10.95 in my credit card, I had no insurance and therefore I just had to absorb the cost of $319 of changing flight.

It is just so unfair that I had to be the victim of their mistakes and lost money because they forget to purchase the insurance for me. I trusted their website and really thought I had purchased an extra protection and now my money and trust is gone and I felt cheated.
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User Replies:
msnanny on 10/22/2008:
That really sucks. I would have to continue to pressure Frontier to make it right. Good luck!!
chris513 on 10/22/2008:
The insurance company has nothing to do w/ Frontier...flight cancellation insurance is a scam and the only reason airlines put it on their website is because they have to...thank you, FAA...what a bunch of pigeons.
Hugh_Jorgen on 10/22/2008:
Frontier usually has a pretty good reputation for customer service. I would go to their website, get Sean Menke's (president of Frontier) phone number are start at the top.

Being in Chapter 11 right now, they don't need unhappy consumers. Best of luck.
BonSanJose on 03/22/2009:
Thanks for all your comments/suggestions. I got it resolved after I filed a complain to Better Business Bureau and BBB sent out first complain notice with no response and then 1 month later BBB sent out another one and I got a call to notify me that it was a bug in the internet booking system. The system should reject any insurance purchase within 24 hours of departure time. Since it didn't and accepted my purchase, so it was the mistake of both Frontier and AIG, so they refunded my money.
rudybjr on 05/03/2009:
Unfortunately most companies extend world-class customer service until they have to pay something out of pocket.
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Frontier Is Terrible
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ROCHESTER, NEVADA -- Frontier is the WORST company to deal with for residential. I have worked there. Their employees are pushed to make sales, NOT customer service...its a sad sad state and I DON'T blame the customers for being ticked off..
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Poor Repair Service !!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA -- My phone goes out every time it rains. This time it's been out 2 days called this morning they said. It's scheduled for Tue that's 5 day's out !!! You can't make believe it takes that long. They wonder why people switch to other providers.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 10/21/2012:
Good luck - it sounds like the street cable may be in trouble, and phone companies are reluctant to replace them because the future is fiber.

Of course, Frontier's current future IS land lines, as they have been buying them from the original phone companies.

5 days is pretty good - VZ is 7 days.
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Lied about Year Term Commitment
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
ELK GROVE, CALIFORNIA -- DON'T GO WITH FRONTIER. THEY WILL CHEAT YOUR MONEY. I signed up with them for one year contract but in reality they put me in a 2 years contract with I didn't know so when I deactivate my service with them they charged me early termination fee $320. Stay away from them.
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Billing Fraud
Posted by on
EDMONDS, WASHINGTON -- I am a victim of double and triple billing. My bill from $375.00 per month is now around $1200.00 after switching. One customer service clerk does not know what the other is doing. They manipulate the bills. They are a big company and thus think that they can get away with fraud by blackmailing the consumer. This company is a nightmare. I would not recommend them to any one.
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User Replies:
JayByJay on 11/22/2011:
How were you blackmailed?
swimjim on 11/22/2011:
I believe you need to speak to a supervisor and straighten this out.
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