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Cancellation Fees
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TWO HARBORS, MINNESOTA -- I live in Two Harbors MN. Frontier is our only option for residential phone and Internet. I have been a customer in good standing for over 10 years. There are no bounds to how the policies and services this company provides have let me down. They over charge for all of their services. I notified them at the beginning of the year that there was the possibility I might be moving out of their service area at some point during the year due to the sale of my home, they told me that the 1 year contract they impose each year on every client would not incur me a cancellation penalty if I moved out of their service area. I just got off the phone with them and now they are charging me a $100 cancellation fee for terminated my one year contract early. The kicker is...I never signed a contract. Their "contract" is a "term of service" period they put on their bill each month and automatically renew each year. I even asked them at the time of my phone call if they could send me something in writing saying if I moved out of their service area that this fee would not apply and they told me know that it was always waived if a client moved out of their service area. THIS IS BAD BUSINESS and they should be punished. I even had the name of who I spoke to and the date of the call where he told me this and they still did not care!! How can you trust anything they say? Not to mention their phone and Internet service is completely unreliable in our rural area. If you can avoid using this company - do so at all costs.
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masheepie5 on 07/09/2013:
Also in MN, no other provider. No notice to the 2x rate increases this past year... no service upgrade just the increases.
lisa on 08/05/2014:
I have to say frontier stopped service 2or 3 months ago because I could not pay my bill I am going to schooland have fallen on broke times I hung the bill I received after they shut me off on the frig I just received a bill couple days ago and opened it up to see frontier has been charging me 60$ a month for service I no longer receive. When I signed up in 09 I was told I was locked into a 1 year contract of course I tried to call but cs is closed so I'm wondering if they are pulling this scam on me because I have not received any special letter telling me I have to sign a new 1 year contract every year.
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Phone and Internet Service Are Inconsistent
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have had Frontier phone and Internet service since May 2012. When the service works, it is fine but at least four or five hours a month, the Internet goes down unexpectedly or moves at a snail's pace. The phone is consistently down or my telephone calls are so static filled, it is often impossible to hear the person calling on the other end. This problem usually clears up in an hour or two but what if I have an emergency? Must I wait an hour before I can call an ambulance or can call the police?

During the summer, I was without phone and Internet service for more than a week. The first tech showed up on day five (after my initial complaint) to say that he did not have a bucket truck. He then scratched his head and left. Nearly four days after the first appointment repair date, another technician arrived without a bucket truck which I asked customer service to provide. Thankfully, he climbed a ladder and resolved the problem.

When my bill was incorrectly charged I spoke to a wonderful customer service agent who gave me credit for the improperly charged amount--or so I thought. I paid my bill sans the credited amount and guess what, three weeks later my service was disconnected because the amount I thought was credited was not approved. We are talking about nearly $170.00--not pocket change.

If you have another option instead of Frontier, consider that option first.
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MARTINSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA -- We pay for at least 3mg, but in reality, we only get 1. So we scheduled someone to come out to repair the connection. A gruff and angry fellow, named Jim, comes two days early, with no telephone notice, and was completely rude to me about the fact that he is coming on a completely different date and time than was put on the work order. I am in the middle of studying and he want to use my laptop to complete his work? When I hesitated to give it to him, he started outright yelling at me.

When I asked him to stop speaking to me like that, he yelled at me some more and then stormed out of my house, slamming the door behind him. From the porch I asked his name, and he said Jim. I asked his last name and he told me, "Find it out yourself." I was shaking I was so upset! I called customer service and they informed me that they are supposed to have their own laptops and that he shouldn't have been there till the scheduled time. These people are totally unprofessional, and rude and act like they just got out of prison or something. Someone like that should not be working in customer service!!! Fire Jim!!!
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Soaring Consumer on 01/03/2013:
I would have called the police if I were in that situation.
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No competition = horrible service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PALMYRA, INDIANA -- Something has gone terribly wrong. The divestiture of Bell Telephone in the 1980's was supposed to bring about better service and pricing through more competition. Huh? What happened? In our area, we have no competition and are left with one very poor choice for phone service, Frontier Communications. I thought that Verizon North was terrible, until Frontier came along and proved that things can get worse. For 15 years we have experienced the same problem, which leads one to believe that the real issue has never been corrected. Dampness, or heaven forbid a good downpour, results in no phone service. We hardly use the home phone and have considered cancelling it altogether; however, I have two business lines that are down much too often. How do you explain to customer's, that in this time of amazing technology, Frontier cannot manage to keep land lines functioning? It is so frustrating and very bad for my business!
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They just SUCK
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BOTHELL, WASHINGTON -- Let's just start off that they are horrible. Not only are the rude, they are unreliable. I was told 8-12 so I wait, I call customer service and he tells me. "OH, We meant 8-5! Well this doesn't work for me. I have one day off so I can get my Internet back and my land line working again.

Ends up something went wrong and they weren't planning on coming out AT ALL! This has happened 3 times, They have missed 3 appointments and I have 2 children that need Internet to their homework.

The customer service was horrible and they told me "We will schedule for next week ma'm. Wow, and they will most likely get to me between 8-5! I am a single mom, I don't have time for this!

Never deal with them.

3 strikes and they are out!
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trmn8r on 06/03/2012:
This would be an excellent motto for the company - "Frontier, we just su[k!"
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Refund Well Overdue
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PORTAGE, INDIANA -- We cancelled our Frontier account in December 2011... had no standing contract so there was no problem with cancellation. We had applied for a phone/internet service without a contract back in the July/Aug period.
As of December, internet only had been supplied, so we ended up cancelling the whole thing, with no costs involved.
I had however paid a large sum toward the account, because we quite often go away and I don't want to have to worry about my bills, thus leaving us in credit in excess of 200.00. Its now mid May and I still haven't received my refund check. I keep getting the run around about Frontier policy. Then was told three weeks ago the check was coming and I would receive it finally within the week. Now I am told another almost another ten days before I receive it.. this is legal thievery!!!!
Apparently, takes three billing cycles after cancellation, for the check to be issued, thus taking us through to the end of March, so I should have had my check six weeks ago. Now I am told, that after the three billing cycles, the check is issued but will then take 30 'business' days for the check to be received by myself.. what a load of rubbish.
I know for a fact that there is NO WAY I would be allowed to owe Frontier money for this period of time and get away with it. I am sure someone would have been banging my door down by now.. so come on Frontier... by fair and give me MY money back..
IF you are planning on having an account with these people never pay in advance like I did..
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tnchuck100 on 05/07/2012:
They are dragging their feet hoping you will just go away. Things like this can be processed in 10 business days. All the rest of their chatter is just garbage.

Send them a letter by certified mail/return receipt requested. Advise them of your intent to sue if you have not received the refund by a specific date.

Be ready to follow through. If you must sue be sure to include your filing fee and cost of service in your total.

Good luck.
kris on 07/23/2012:
same problem here
yankey on 08/04/2012:
Hello ... Frontier Communications have owed me a refund of $51.33 since I disconnected my service 30 Apr 2012. I was told last May that I would receive my refund by 30 Jul 2012. Now it's 4 Aug 2012 and I've yet to receive my refund and was told by Sue at customer service it may be Sep. I have now filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the FCC.

These companies are using peoples refunds for their own gains and don't even pay interest.

All utility companies have gotten bigger than their britches! MHO
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Frontier Is Attempting to Rob My Parents
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CLARKSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA -- Frontier is attempting to rob my parents blind. My parents recently moved and terminated their home phone and DSL because they couldn't take their number with them and because the DSL wasn't that good to begin with. My parents were charged two penalty fees, one for "Term DP EDLP Term Penalty" and one for "Term HSI EDLP Term Penalty." God knows what those mean. Each penalty was 184.15 for a total of $368.30. Ever since Frontier took over Verizon in West Virginia, nothing has made sense. My parents never signed anything with Frontier. My parents never purchased equipment from Frontier. My parents had continued to use their old Verizon DSL box which they paid for themselves prior to Frontier's takeover. My parents even returned their Verizon modem to Frontier because Frontier demanded it back, even though it did not belong to them. Then Frontier has the nerve to charge my parents outrages fees, that were never mentioned to them when they cancelled their services. Frontier has yet to explain the fees.

Thankfully, I came to visit them, and I saw that they had a Frontier bill in their bill pay box. Wondering why since they had cancelled Frontier over a month ago, I took a look and was SHOCKED!!! Worse yet, my parents were actually going to pay for it. My parents thought they did something wrong. FRONTIER SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES!!! Taking advantage of senior citizens who never missed a bill in their life. Forget the airlines, it is time the government creates a residential communication services customer bill of rights. It is unbelievable what Frontier thinks it can get away with.
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bigal on 02/11/2012:
A consumers bill of rights as pertaining to telephone tv and internet service is long overdue. The Public Utilities Commission helps but is not enough and only covers limited situations.
Venice09 on 02/11/2012:
We switched back to Frontier for telephone and internet service, and we were able to port the telephone number for a small fee. I'm not sure why your parents couldn't keep the same number.

This is the second complaint I've seen about cancellation fees, so now I'm wondering if I will have the same problem if we decide to cancel. We haven't signed or purchased anything from Frontier, and there was no mention of a contract or cancellation fees.

I think you should follow up on this because Frontier customer service is a bit unreliable. If your parents didn't sign anything, I would fight the fees.
Michael on 02/11/2012:
Frontier Communications bought all of Verizon's assets in West Virginia, and that includes your parents' modem and any contracts they had with Verizon.

Sorry to hear about your parents' experience with the early termination fees, but unfortunately it's what people face with the cable companies like Comcast and Time Warner too. (It's also the case with postpaid cell phones for that matter.) Once you're connected, they basically own you for the life of the agreement.

If it's any consolation, at least Frontier has US-based call centers instead of outsourcing to India like the cable companies do.
Random Rep on 02/20/2012:
Call us up, they should have had (if any) 1 ETF. we rarely if ever charge two. Contact us and we can get this handled for you.

A Frontier Rep.
Paul Coorlim on 05/29/2012:
I signed up too in Washington State cable and internet. They have overcharged me every month 20.00. Trying to talk to them is ridiculous. They are disorganized , rude , and have 0 percent loyalty
to their customers. I switched from comcast and will go back with them. Only trouble is, now frontier claims I will have to pay an early termination fee of $200. That was not part of the deal they offered in the flyer I received (which by the way is a totally fraudulent advertisement) I will pay the $200 do a chargeback after I get my comcast back , report them to the federal communications bureau , and sue the pants right off them.
I HATE FRONTIER , and advise all consumers to steer clear of them !!!
Louie on 09/03/2012:
I hope that they don't do the same to me. I am planning on getting rid of thir internet service because of the poor service and rudeness of their techs.
John Steever on 04/25/2013:
Experience? Bad!
Advice? NEVER do business with them!
Subscribed to DSL for $15.**/month and then discovered that was "if" you already had their land line phone service. My monthly bill was $55.00 for "dial up" speed. Cancled as soon as the contract expired and after 90 days, I'm still waiting for the refund of the last "pay in advance" payment.
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Do whatever you can to avoid this company
Posted by on
TERRE HAUTE, INDIANA -- I used to use Verizon for my business and internet lines primarily because in my area they were the cheapest and they had 7 mbps speeds which were faster than anyone else around. I was able to sign up for a lifetime price as long as I made no changes to my service plan. This went nearly trouble free for years until Frontier took over Verizon in my state. Immediately my price jumped and quality dropped. I called and had them pull up my agreement and they said, "whoops, I see where you are supposed to pay this price but our system is charging you more." The lady was nice enough to fix it and said there would be no more problems. The next month, same thing. Another hour on the phone. Then the next month, then they tell me sorry, can't do anything about it even though they see the problem. My internet connection is only around 7 mbps about half the time. I check regularly. My internet also goes out periodically. When I call to complain they tell me that they knew it would be down, they will credit me for calling. I told them they should automatically credit people's accounts if they knew there would be a problem. They were down for 45 days for maintenance. So many people didn't get their money's worth. Right now my phone line is down. Has been down for 2 weeks. I called and told them, they said it will be at least another week from now before they even send somebody out. I told them that this is my business line. I provide snow removal for my area and 50% of the new business clients I receive for my lawn care contracts come from new snow removal contracts this time of year. They said sorry. They will credit me for the days that I don't have phone. So, about $40 for weeks without being able to be reached by my clientele. When I'm losing $10,000. I hate Frontier. I hate that I have no other options in my area unless I want to get cable TV and double my price and half my speeds. For all I know all company's are this terrible. Don't get stuck with Frontier.
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Venice09 on 01/28/2012:
Forty-five days without internet and three weeks without phone service?!!!.. That's inexcusable.

We first used Frontier many years ago when they took over our local phone company, and the service was excellent. Then we switched to cable for phone and internet, but ended up going back to Frontier. The service is still as excellent as it was years ago. We are never without the telephone or internet. Customer service is a little shaky, but the services themselves are great.

I'm sorry you're having so much trouble with Frontier. Is everyone in your area having the same problems? Is Frontier is the process of upgrading in your area?

I can't imagine going that long without service, especially if I needed it for business.
Judy Christner on 02/04/2012:
Frontier is terrible. They tried to charge for in home wiring on my bill after I called because for the 15th time literally my phone was OUT. They never even came out to fix it, let alone come inside. They took that off, but my phone is out every other week and all my neighbors have the same is one excuse after another. Verizon was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better, and they weren't perfect, but I've yet to see a Frontier Service person.
mick on 02/15/2012:
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Thank you for waiting.... (and waiting, and waiting)
Posted by on
"Thank you for waiting" is what I heard for 2 hours and 17 minutes while waiting on hold to speak to a customer "service" agent and still no agent has answered. Really? Over two hours? And this is not the first time the wait has been almost unbearable. I have been dealing with this company for over a year an there has been no change whatsoever in their service experience. That and seven transfers (I counted) to different agents on one call made me realize this company:

a) Doesn't give a dam*
b) Has no idea what customer service really means
c) Cannot train their agents properly to deal with customers who do not want to be transferred a kazillion times
c) Does not want to / will not invest in agents, training or systems to improve service
d) Will not earn my continued business (or anyone I know) once I get out of my contract

I am still on hold expecting any minute to be disconnected as their night close time approaches. I'll wait this out, if for nothing else to confirm that Frontier does not give a shi* and in the slim chance they can fix my issue.

Avoid them at all costs unless you expect to NEVER need to call them or need any type of support service from them.

UPDATE: No one answered my call and I finally caved in and hung up after waiting over 3 hours. My wide told me to send a letter to whoever was in charge of customer service. I said "obviously no one who knows anything IS in charge" or I wouldn't have waited over three hours. Goodbye forever to Frontier as soon as I can possibly arrange it.

PS. To Frontier. Since you clearly have no one there that knows what customer service is, let me know and I'll turn your Care business around in 180 days or less.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 01/04/2012:
I'm sorry you're having trouble with Frontier. We use them for internet and phone service, and although the initial setup was a bit shaky, the service has since been problem fee. Is this the first time you've had trouble or is it always that way? I will agree that customer service is inconsistent.
CrazyRedHead on 01/05/2012:
Sounds like you got lost in Q. It happens and is considered a glitch in the system. You probably won't get answered until all other calls in the Q get answered and they notice you.
At Your Service on 01/05/2012:
I would have hung up and called back long before two hours had elapsed.
brenda hurlock on 03/16/2012:
boy did we sure get the run around on things with u all and that is not right either and then they say that they dropped off things and they did not do it and then they could not even tell me who done the drop off and said that the order was filled which at the time it had not and that is sure bull shit on that now don't like bein lied to or any other bull shit now and it was gettin close for us to tell them to take this shit and shove it where the sun don't shine and then every time we were on the phone we got the run around and that was bull shit too and I sure do not like to be put on hold and then when they get back on the phone give us the run around. and was on the phone with them over an hour the other day and did not get no where with it and I still say that is bull shit and that it is not right either so I think someone should be lookin into this big problem that u all have now and get the shit srtaightened out once and for all.Frontier is the worst internet company in all of Indiana.
Lloyd481 on 05/06/2012:
Frontier should be named......" Frontier Merry-Go-Round " service instead of Frontier phone service..I too have been on a 45min. hold till I finally hung up..No idea what customer service means. Rotten company
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6 months after cancelling, still getting bills!!
Posted by on
WASHOUGAL, WASHINGTON -- We cancelled our bundle with Frontier in May 2011, and are still being billed for a monthly amout in October 2011. Every phone call is at least 2 hours and they can't help me, they can't stop the billing and they have every excuse out there as to why. When I finally contacted the WA state Attorney General's office and the BBB I got a call back from Frontier. I also finally got the letter in September confirming that my service had ended. However, I just got another bill for almost 600 for service in September and October. Watch your bills!! This company is making money daily from unsuspecting customers...the governing agencies will drop your case once Frontier responds...even if all they do is tell the agency they are aware of the problem. Worst nightmare I have every experienced. They also have assured me they will not turn the upaid bills to a collection agency...however that has not been the case for other customers. RUN AWAY BEFORE YOU EVER SIGN UP!!
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User Replies:
Skye on 10/14/2011:
It amazes me how companies can get away with causing someone so much inconvenience.

What do they tell you, when you tell them you've been without their service since May 2011, because you cancelled?

Have you tried contacting their customer retention and loyalty department? At this point, it can't hurt.
Cwazychicken on 10/15/2011:
Did you get equipment with frontier that you did not return? If so and they didn't shut off your account til September/October, that explains why they were still charging monthly, I would complain about that. However, I know my cable company for my broadband and bundle pack has loaned me equipment (digital cable with DVR box) and if I do not return it, they will charge me 800 bucks for it. Is that why you got billed 600? Am just curious as to why they keep billing you for no reason...I'm probably wrong, never used frontier so I don't know if they have any equipment they rent out with their service but if so, that may explain the 600 dollar fee.
FTR Employee on 10/19/2011:
I don't know if you are interested in this but it’s worth a try. I work for a major well known utility company and I feel ethically compelled to inform someone that there are practices within my corporation that are being done without the consideration for the consumer. My employment there has extended well over 3 years now and I have been turning a blind eye to what they call customer service. I believe that I have the duty to expose some of these inner workings to the public. I work for Frontier Communications.
I do not want to be named nor am I going to divulge any names of my fellow employees. I will give detail in some of the misinformation given to customer, issues with systems that cause billing problems, and a few other known issues that upper management overlook. The biggest issue we are experiencing right now is appalling. The ‘blackout period’ and the result of it is causing chaos. Recently there were a few groups of the employees that were force fed training on the new Frontier’s systems. It was crammed in an eight day course. The majority of the time the training systems were down, a handful of subject learning material & systems were overlooked-stating we’ll get how to do it on the floor. Anxiety and panic swept the call center, worried faces riddled with anger and frustration stood out everywhere. All accept the higher management. They kept saying, ‘don’t worry you guys will be ok’ or ‘we have to get this call volume down’. But the statement that never failed was, ‘don’t forget that you need to offer a wide array of services on every call. That’s your job.’ Regardless if a customer is calling in because she/he cannot afford their services as it is we are required to up sale them.
I was employed with Verizon prior to the acquisition to Frontier. It was an exciting day for us because we felt like the iron hand was being lifted. But to our dismay the same type of mentality still existed. Also the changes FTR made caused a lot of panic as well. We are trained for sales 1st rather than customer service even though the values are People, Product, and Profit. Customer may call in with an major issue even at times irritate and frustrated-we are excepted to entice them to purchase an additional product that may or may not work. I will enlighten you on that subject-our ‘network congestion’ issue with HSI has caused a tremendous volume of calls to the call centers and tech support. There were periods were the handling time for these departments exceeded 30 minutes and even at times close to an hour. Numerous customers within the 13 states acquired have experienced an issue that was coined ‘network congestion’. These issues caused a great deal of frustrated customers calling in about their HSI service dropping. Some of them experience up and down periods over a few months. I even witnessed some customers that were out for weeks at a time.
How do you sell a product that is not reliable? Netflix made the comment that Frontier has one of the worst HSI service in the nation. Some of us here feel guilty when we sell certain products because we know it may or may not work sometimes. The newest greatest selling tool we have for HSI now is we have to still sell it even though it may or may not be available in their area. Customers call in livid and frustrated because they were told they can get a service and now they are being told their area is not available for that upgrade to HSI quite yet.
Another odd situation we have going on right now is our new phone systems are voice over IP. We are the phone company right? Then why are we using that type of system? Numerous issues are going on-dropped calls, noise one the line, unable to fully understand what the customer is saying & vice versa, and the total system freezing up while on a call. There are some of us who just have been sitting around because we are unable to access anything. One rep became concerned because their training for the phone systems consisted of a learning document they were given minutes before they actually used the new phone systems. A coach was made aware of her concerned and his comment to it was more or less ‘well then you need to ask if you need help’. That reply was heard from a few different reps and they were taken back. Why can’t we get the training we need to navigate through all of the madness? Call volume. How are we going to be able to handle issues like repair and collections, write orders properly, and steer through a calling system that just doesn’t seem to be working correctly? Apparently it doesn’t matter as long as we up sale our customers.
One of the last issues I’m going to share with you is a critical issue that a new rep has brought to our attention and higher management as well. When an appointment, regardless of what the nature of it is-repair, new install, or anything else-is not fulfilled the customer is NOT called back to inform their appointment will not be made or efforts to reschedule it. Management and other departments know about this and still no efforts have been made to fix this. I have seen this on my end as well. What do you say to a customer who asks, ’why didn’t anyone call?’ There’s no real honest why to answer that properly.
I don’t know what’s going to happen with the pending lawsuit that Frontier has from the 1.50 surcharge for HSI service but I do know that a lot of us here don’t agree with the charge and how it was handled. We were given a document on what to say when the customer calls in and disputes the charges. It was like a paragraph more or less stating we are imposing this surcharge and there’s nothing we can due to waive it.
I now realize I have a made a poor choice in my career. I have great empathy for the customer and I’m fed up with how they are treated as well as the employees.

Thank you for listening,
anonymous on 11/01/2011:
I'm also a Frontier Communications employee and also former Verizon and GTE. You are correct in the customer account system and converting all account information into a completly different format going back back to the DOS days. Not only should the customers have concern the hourly, unprocted (non-union)workers also have cause for concern. Attention Unions, thank your lucky stars you're protected by a contract. Hourly workers were just blind sided with huge paycuts. Annual salaries were reduced by 5-15% and made retro. The million dollars raise that our CEO and other Executives were just recently rewarded were financed using our wages.
RedRollingRoadblock on 11/26/2011:
I feel your pain. I had doubts when these clowns came to town as I had dealings with them years ago.

This contact is a year old but might be worth a try.
Ken Gaffga
VP/GM Oregon/California
Frontier Communications

Last but not least you might try contacting:
Mike Rogoway
Business Writer
The Oregonian
He is how I got Ken Gaffga information.

There must be some regulatory agency that covers your area, you might give them a try.

I found some other information for the higher-ups on which include:
Richard Klena
SVP & General Manager
1800 41st Street
Everett, WA 98203

Good Luck

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