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Posted by on
Two weeks ago my Frontier broadband communications went dead. To make a long story shorter ...

(1) I had to call them six times over a span of one week to get the problem corrected.

(2) each time I called I had to wait at least 30 minutes before I could talk to a 'live' person.

(3) On one call I thought I was making progress with the representative and the line went dead; I could not believe that the representative DID NOT call me back; Instead I had to call and wait another 35 minutes for a 'live' representative

(4) They finally sent me out a new modem, but it took 4 days to arrive

(5) Several times they said they would call me as a 'follow-up' to my problem; except they never called. ...

Their service is worse than terrible.
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Alain on 03/16/2011:
You could give their corporate office in Stamford, CT a call to let them know of your displeasure at 203-614-5600. At least you'll probably get a human fairly quickly there.
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Posted by on
1. I had 1MBs package and it worked OK, but was slow.
2. Decided to upgrade, and after checking online, I saw that I can get 7MBs.
3. Called in and setup for 7MBs.
4. When service was completed, I tested the line and it showed only 3MBs
5. I called, they didn’t know what was the problem, and sent a technician.
6. The tech came in and said that, the sales team doesn’t know what they are talking about and I only qualify for 3MBs because of the distance, 11000 feet from office.
7. I called to switch to 3MBs, and they told me that the tech don’t know what he is talking about and that I should be getting 7MBs.
8. After being transferred like bouncing ball so many times, I spoke with another tech, who said that, the tech that was at my residence is more accurate, I only can get 3MBs.
9. I said fine, just switch me to 3MBs.
10. After switching to 3MBs, my connection failed completely and worked sometime to 0.4 MBs.
11. I called them, and after escalating the issue, level III tech told me that they all wrong, I only can get 1.5MBs.
12. I asked level III guy, how did the tech who was at my residence was able to read 3MBs, he couldn’t answer that, saying that his test from a distance is more accurate.
13. Switching to Comcast
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**Frontier Communications Complaint**
Posted by on
As I write this complaint I am in my 21st hour of dealing with a Frontier issue-on the phone. 17 hours of the 21 we have been on hold. Back in 2009 when Frontier took over from Verizon we set up 2 phone lines and Internet. Since November of 2009, until today (December 21st, 2010) we have had nothing but PROBLEMS with Frontier. When you call to Frontier to tell them they have their billing wrong, you get transferred to 3 different people. Frontier has our billing so screwed up right now, it seems beyond repair. We were paying for 2 phone lines and Internet. On our billing, it shows a credit for a "bundle" package. After paying our bill on-time each month we came into work to find that our Internet had been disconnected. After being on hold with Frontier for almost 45 min. we found out that they disconnected it because of non-payment for 1 year. Umm..hello? Apparently their billing department was so screwed up and during an audit they found that they had been billing us incorrectly. Now, if you are a customer and you see that you are paying for Internet each month on your bill-and receiving a credit for having a "bundle" package-you assume all is taken care of. Nope..not with Frontier. They came back to us and said they found a mistake-and now we owe for 12 months of Internet service. Sorry-pay it or you won't get service.
Now, we are in business for ourselves and explained to them that because our bill stated it included Internet-that is what we paid. The response we received, "Well, it was a mistake-you need to pay it or you don't get your service restored." WOW, excuse me? Nobody (not even the floor manager) was willing to listen to our side of the story. Not even when we offered to scan our past billings showing that Internet was included. To this day, we are still fighting with them. I have NEVER experienced a company this unprofessional in my entire life. Not only is their billing department full of people who haven't been trained properly-but their lack of concern for the customer is what blows my mind. I have never once had a problem with Verizon or Comcast. Just today I called Comcast and I am having my 2 lines and Internet switched. I am actually going to save money. I will report on every Web page available complaints about this company. I guarantee they will NOT be around long-bankruptcy is in their future unless they can get things together. Oh..and not once did they apologize for having incorrect billing for over a year. Nice company. If you currently have Frontier, do yourself a favor and switch to Comcast or Verizon or Dish or anyone else. You will be saving yourself a headache.
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User Replies:
Alain on 12/22/2010:
You may want to drop an e-mail to Frontier telling them you've switched and why via
Anonymous on 01/05/2011:
As a Frontier employee (formerly Verizon) we didn't take over until 07/2010...perhaps you should get your facts straight.
jandeaust on 02/06/2011:
Thank you FTREmp for your fabulous post. It is funny though...looking at the response letter from FRONTIER that they have listed right on the communication, 'FRONTIER BROADBAND SERVICES DECEMBER 2009-NOVEMBER 2010'. I wonder why they would write specifically "FRONTIER" broadband services if they hadn't even taken over Verizon yet. This is so strange. Hmm......just too strange. Maybe and this is just a thought, the billing department is still just as screwed up as everyone thinks-except you because you are employed with them. Sorry for you!
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Absolutely horrific company
Posted by on
In all my short 27 years of life I honestly have never met a service that is as terrible as this. The only reason I keep using it is because in this area Frontier has a monopoly and is the only carrier for land based internet service, only other choice is satellite internet service. I also used their telephone service when I first moved here. They have tried to charge me around $800 dollars one time and said it was because I was using a calling card from MCI. It was a total lie and I was furious and I was this close to getting a lawyer. I also had my bank refuse their outrageous charge. I had to spend days talking to various people that worked with Frontier and I was treated like a liar. Frontier finally apologized and the situation was cleared up. On other occasions when I have called in for tech support or customer service I have waited online for over 30 minutes. The longest I had to wait one time was about 45 minutes. The customer service is absolutely awful. The internet service itself is no better. They claim to offer "up to 3mbps".. beware of the words "up to" because this means that anything less can be expected and less is exactly what you will get. I have tested my speed many times and the best I get is around 0.25 Mbps. Not to mention that service gets interrupted almost daily and my internet disconnects all the time. I called them about this and they said they would send someone. Well some incompetent tech from the Navajo office came here and checked around outside while I was gone from my house and just left a note saying everything was OK. Well, OK and so now what? I just have to accept this mediocre service that goes off and on all day? No follow up? Nothing? Stay away from this company... stay very far away. The only reason they are still around is because they offer the only service in some areas and therefore think that they don't have to be a legitimate company because they have no competition here. Awful. I have never despised a company before in my life but this one I do. I hardly ever even complain about things so this should tell you just how awful this company is.
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User Replies:
Alain on 10/25/2010:
File an e-complaint by going to>'consumers'>file a complaint. It doesn't immediately fix the problem, but it does at least add to reports of Frontier's problems which hopefully might be addressed by the fcc at some point.
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Frontier Phone Company--USELESS
Posted by on
HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA -- We have recently had to deal with Frontier and it has been (in kind words) less than satisfying. My mother moved into a new apartment on July 11th and ordered phone service—it’s now August 16th and she still doesn’t have a phone BUT she does have a $100 phone bill. I have been on the phone with Frontier at least (and this is probably a low estimate) 12 times and no one in the company seems able to help me. I have been told that they put in a trouble ticket (on July 12th) and that they would be out on July 13th to fix the problem. No one arrived on July 13th so I called back and they rescheduled for July 14th. Again, no one showed and I called and they said they had given my mother a bad phone number and that the number actually was for a business and so they gave us a new number and said it would be connected on August 1st ( I believe this was just a ploy to get me to stop calling them every day). August 1st came and passed with no phone service. I called Frontier and they said they would open a trouble ticket (sound familiar?) Again, here we are at August 16th and we have no phone service and a $100 bill. What do I do? I call Frontier and they tell me to hold on and I think that at last I’m going to get something done---the representative comes back on the line and tells me that she adjusted the bill and we now only owe $26? What What?? Seriously? I cannot even tell you how frustrated I am and I go online and find that I am only one of many many who can get no real response from Frontier. I suppose we will have to go with Comcast and have a digital phone installed since Frontier Phone Company can't manage to actually install phones!!
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From high-speed to no-speed service
Posted by on
We have now acquired Frontier as our Internet provider. Verizon pulled out and left us with this worse than dial up system. Since the change from Verizon to Frontier, we have been without service every night and for several hours during the day. My friends and neighbors in the next county warned me that the high-speed access I was used to working with was all going to change. I didn't believe it could be so bad, but I was wrong. It is worse. I've called the tech support a couple of times, but the bottom line is - the server is not able to withstand the volume. This service comes to a screeching halt during any peak times. Trying to pay your bill's on-line? Forget it. Trying to read an email from a loved one? Forget it. Trying to do a little work from home? Not going to happen. What you will get at home is a bill every month for Internet service. The one you can't use half of the time.

If you have a choice, do not subscribe to their Internet service. You will be disappointed. Unfortunately, I had no choice.
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Frontier takes money not owed to them
Posted by on
BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK -- About a year ago I started having problems with Frontier Communications phone company. I had signed an agreement with them that was supposed to be for a year. Well I decided to buy a house and the house I purchased was outside of the area they supplied phone service to. I called Frontier to see what my options were. I thought the agreement was for one year. The rep I talked to tells me that the agreement was for two years. So already I was lied to right of the start. The only reason I signed was because it was one year. They then tell me It will cost me 300 dollars to get out of the agreement. So in short this is what they are saying. Because they cannot give me service that I am more than willing to pay for, I have to pay them money to get out of a contract that they cannot fulfill. WHAT? This is the best part. I talked to 6 reps. 3 of those reps told me that the contract should be voided because I am moving outside of there area. But the other 3 reps, who were supposed to be supervisors, told me that they had no records of anybody telling me that. So now I'm told that if I pay 170.13 instead of the full 300 then that would be fine. WHAT?

So I ask for a copy of my contract agreement. I was sent a copy of an agreement for a 4 year internet service. Well at this point I realize that this company just scams people. I'm sure that the 170.13 was a number pulled out of the sky. Unfortunate for me I don't have the money to take this to court. I just paid the bill to avoid the bad credit.

Anyone looking for phone or internet service should look someplace else.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 01/11/2008:
If you did not get the settlement of $170.13 in writing before paying it do not be surprised if in the near future some collection agency starts hitting you up for the $300.00. What they tell you on the phone doesn't mean squat. They have already proven that to you.
Anonymous on 01/11/2008:
Good answer Chuck, sometimes it is better just to pay the hostage fee's and get away from some of these companies. But always get what they say over the phone in writing. (BA)
Ponie on 01/11/2008:
' agreement...was supposed to be for a year.' What did the agreement say? You read it before signing, didn't you?

'I ask for a copy of my contract...' Why didn't you look at *your* copy of the contract? Oh. You couldn't find it? Silly girl/boy.
oak49sox on 02/12/2008:
to the top 2, thanks for the tip, but I made sure I had the bill for 170.13 put in writing and have checked back to make sure my balance with them is zero. And as for Ponie, you should think about the things that are not on this page before you post a dumb comment. Frontier is a phone company in my area with no local office, ALL contracts are done over the phone. So no I did not have a copy of the contract, so I could not read it. I, like oyhers trusted them. My trust was betrayed and I wrote this complaint. If you have any other dumb comments, think before you post them.
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Worst Customer Service Ever
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CONNECTICUT -- ATT had their contracts bought out by Frontier Communications in CT
DSL Internet connectivity stopped - No Internet
ATT 2Wire wireless routers were also reset
I went to - My wireless password was available for all to see!
Also, there were NO login credentials for the router. Admin credentials were wiped...
Called Frontier
I was transferred between 4 service representatives and on hold for 2 HOURS!

I didn't even get to fill out a survey at the end, because I hung up before ever receiving any service... I work as a Call Support Specialist for another company and I must admit... Frontier has the worst support ever.
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Rarely Have Internet, Slower Than Dial-Up
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FRANKLIN, NORTH CAROLINA -- Frontier owns the antiquated phone lines in this town. Their own personnel will freely tell you that they are not maintained; they will also inform you that Frontier is at maximum capacity, and yet they continue to advertise and take on new customers.

My download speed (when I have any connection at all) ranges from 0.15 mbps to 1.25 mbps (not the 25 they say they can deliver). I can't view YouTube videos or even think about streaming Netflix. Ordering or bill-paying online is a thing of the past. They are the only game in town, we have no choice. I'm sure they are aware of this.
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Frontier Internet Service Out for 8 Days and Counting
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Frontier Internet service went out Tuesday 6/10, called on Wednesday told it would be fixed, no word back so called Thursday at 5am. Assured someone would be out between 12 and 5. Made arrangements for someone to be home, no one showed up or called. Phone conversation Thursday night was told work order pushed back to the 16th and they had no idea why. Assured me that it would be fixed on Friday and I needed to have someone home between 9 and 5. Someone came out around 5pm on Friday, replaced the box. When I got home at 6:30 pm, internet was not working. Called in and was told the ticket was closed out, and the soonest anyone could be there was Monday. Monday morning I called to confirm and was told that I should not have been told that because repair tickets are 2 days out that someone would be there first thing Tuesday morning (6/17). I called this morning and was told that someone in fact showed up at my house yesterday afternoon and that no one was home (gee- imagine that we have to go to work) so --- THE TICKET WAS CLOSED OUT AGAIN. So a new ticket was started and MAYBE someone will be out tomorrow.
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