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No Customer Service Monopoly - Packaged With Dish Network
By -

THORN HILL (GRAINGER COUNTY), TENNESSEE -- I'd like to express my complete and utter astonishment at the lack of, or maybe I should say extremely poor, customer service. I have never in my life dealt with a company with such disregard for the well being of their customers. I am so dissatisfied that I have now decided to make it my own personal mission to see to it that a company with better service finds this area you seem to have a monopoly on as someplace they would like to do business. I don't have time for such ventures, but I'll make time for this one, you seem to have such utter disregard for the hard earned money of your customers that I'm sure you won't miss a thousand users.

Explanation? Of course, not that I think you'll care, but I intend to tell this to everyone I talk to, so you might as well be the first. I've had your service, phone, which I don't use, but am required to pay for in order to have DSL, which is the slowest in the country and barely surpasses satellite speeds, and in the package deal I took Dish Network for TV I rarely watch, for about 2 years now. The prices are exorbitant, especially since the only service I truly wanted was broadband internet. I'm a computer consultant and require a decent internet connection to do my job.

Unable to secure a better service at the time, I just accepted the poor performance, until this week. On Wed morning I noticed a definite crawl to my internet speeds, thinking through the basics I did a speed test, and found the connection less than half the normal rate with varying results between 200+kbps to 500+kbps... I contacted the tech support via phone and after going through the push 1,2,3 and so on, I was told they were having issues in my area and working on a resolution...

OK... shrugged it off and went back to work... Wed evening I discovered it was still crawling, and logged in, this time via your web site, live chat... this technician could find no reason for the slow down, we went through various troubleshooting issues, including the elimination of my router and all computers accept one on my network, even tested a second system directly to the modem, to insure that it was not a problem on my computer...

No change, speed's crawling... he issued a trouble ticket and told me that a technician would take care of it tomorrow (Thurs the 18th). OK, I wasn't told I needed to be here, and figuring according to the tech's troubleshooting that it wasn't in my lines in the home, or in my modem, which was responding with all the proper signals... So I went to work... As I said earlier I don't use my home phone, never answer it and I informed the tech support of this and gave them my cell number, and told them if they would give me 30 minutes notice on that line I would be here if they needed to get in the house. He said this was fine...

Thursday rolls around, I go to work, come home that evening, no call, I figured great, they found the problem and fixed it.... I get home, no deal, same slow crawl... reset the modem hoping it would take care of it after the repairs I was sure they had made...Nope... Logged in again... it was too late at night on Thurs, so I had to wait until Friday morning.

This tech, now I got smart enough to write down a name, not that it helped, could not find any trouble ticket from the day before, had no idea what I was talking about and started all over again with troubleshooting, even though I explained my expertise with PCs, and the fact that I was absolutely certain it was not in my system or my house wiring, enough so that I was willing to pay someone if I was wrong. He insisted on connecting via webex into my system, 'to get signal info from my modem' which I suggested that he just tell me what he wanted to know, since I only had a 10kbps upload speed and it would be a crawl...

He insisted so we made the connection, he was obviously manning more than one support call at a time, and the delays between his actions were worsened by his inattention. I sat here for 45 minutes while he pulled up a browser, logged into modem, and then proceeded to shut down running processes on my system without my OK in order to determine that it wasn't my system...

This infuriated me when I could have logged into the modem and copied the entire signals page and typed it out to him in less than 5 mins, instead he nosed around in my computer and tied me up for almost an hour to determine that he was going to have to open another trouble ticket for the next day, Sat, the 20th... Great... Again I gave him my cell phone with instructions to call... After getting off the phone with him, I happened to go around the house to the other door and discovered that a tech had left a modem with sitting on the deep freeze, it has been raining here for a week non-stop and he left it sitting on the freezer in the rain.

This was left on Thursday when they didn't call to let me know anything... the note simply said, "no problem found, here's a modem, maybe it will help, you might need to program it." OK, I brought it in, luckily it was in plastic inside the soaked cardboard box, and had not gotten wet. Just to be sure moisture was not an issue, I laid everything out and let it dry while I went to work on Friday... Came home Friday evening and tried the new modem... Same result... So having an open ticket I waited for Sat and hopefully a tech to solve the problem....

I waited until about 10 am on Sat the 20th and hadn't heard anything... checked the speed, same issue, I called to check the status of my trouble ticket, as I was told my ** I could do, the lady informed me that she had no way of knowing rather they would be out am or pm and that she was in a call center in Florida.... Lot of good that did me... I told her I needed to run some errands, but since this was going on the 4th day or problems I would also like to get this resolved, since I was paying over $100 to have internet that was crawling... She said she had no way of knowing... but gave me the 800 number to the local dispatch office...

I called this number and got the most irritating person on the phone I have ever spoken with, if she was an employee of mine, I would have fired her immediately and probably put out a warning to never hire any of her descendants... She answered the phone: "dispatch" I told her my name and explained that I had a trouble ticket, but needed to go to town and run some errands, just wanted to know if the tech working my call would be doing it in the am or pm, so that I knew rather to go now or wait till he came by?

Instead of any sort of courtesy or acknowledgment of my question, she responded with: "who gave you this number?" I said "I got it from the line trouble tech support call." She said "what was her name?" I told her "I didn't write it down." I then proceeded to give her my home phone number to look up the ticket and the ticket number and all she said was "he's working on it now." That was all she was going to give me, so I resolved to wait... and wait... and wait some more... That started at 10 am, finally about 3:30 PM I decided to check the speeds again and call back and explain to miss congeniality that I would like an update...

Lo and behold, the speeds were back up to normal... seems they must have found a problem some place and didn't even bother to call and see if everything was OK on this end, or to let me know I didn't need to sit around and waste the rest of my entire day waiting on the tech that never showed up! Infuriated? Oh that word is nowhere near large enough. I'm going to give you the same service you gave me, I'll be pushing this letter to the desk of everyone I can get to read it!

Worst Tech Support
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Rating: 1/51

WAUSAU, WISCONSIN -- Worst tech support ever. I was on the phone for three hours and nine different people. Their only solution was to have me pay a technician $130 to come out and fix it. It worked for a total of 39 days since it was installed.

Frontier in Oregon (Verizon)
By -

NEWBERG, OREGON -- If you're switching to Frontier from Comcast, hold on to your hat€™s for what might be the worst customer service in the history of services! I stay with them only for the internet service which is the best you can get. Period. Their departments are too disconnected from one another. For example; (after trying for 3 days), and being screened (for the 12th time) and had explained my situation (again), the billing agent needed to switch me over to the technical department (again).

He explained to the tech agent the situation, so he was up to speed and had my account up. Wow! Nobody'€™s ever done that! The tech agent was able to identify and briefly explained the problem and told me I would have to talk to billing and just hung up, leaving me flapping in the breeze (as I have became accustomed to). I took another hour before I was able to get back to billing and go through the cycle one more time. I expect my next bill to be a nightmare.

On the good side, they were able to compensate me for my troubles with a very generous one year monthly reduction to my bill of $40. That'€™s a lot for a company to do and I think it's because they recognize there's a problem.

When I first switched over to Verizon it took them 3 months to get my phone number right, 2 months to switch over my old number and doubled charged me for the time. It took over four months to resolve that problem and had to call them so many times that I got a direct phone number for an individual resolution manager for a one on one person to person solution. They gave me a $5 a month compensation for my troubles. That was a nightmare.

On another occasion I was brave enough to check for what new specials I could get. I was able to upgrade and save a little money for a 2 year contract, so being money is tight, I signed. Months later after Frontier took over. My account was reviewed and I was charged hundreds of dollars for back pay on what they told me was an accounting error made by Verizon! Again, days of calls and calls to resolve that.

It's hit and miss as far as getting someone who knows what they're doing. If you doubt the abilities of an agent you should excuse yourself and call back. The reason I say this is because I called to see what changes could be made to save money and after I hung up my movie channels were missing. I've been waiting 4 days for that service to be turned back on. I know the waiting music and find myself humming it. I'€™m retired and I really wonder how someone with a family and job could have the time?

Who is running this company?
By -

After receiving numerous notices from Frontier encouraging me to sign up for online billing, I decided to sign up. The opening web page made it sound like a snap, "Frontier makes it easy to go Green in just 3 simple steps." I have invested 1 hour and 15 minutes so far, and I am still not past step 1. First problem: Step 1 asks for a PIN number, which the site says is on page 1 of my bill. I go get my bill, no pin number anywhere, so I call the billing department.

After waiting 15 minutes I get a person who seems surprised by my question. She can also view my bill and says she doesn't see a PIN number either, so she will transfer me to tech support. (First red flag: the BILLING department isn't familiar with how customers sign up for online billing?) Second red flag: I've dealt with Tech support before for internet problems and they've always been great, but I was dubious that they really had anything to do with billing.

After waiting another 20 minutes for a person to answer, my fears were confirmed: a nice Tech support person said they have nothing to do with billing, but he would give me a website address where I could live chat with someone who could help me. I asked the tech support person not to hang until I had accessed the website, and sure enough it didn't work. He said he'd check it, and after several minutes came back on the phone and said he, too, was unable to access the site, so he would transfer me to someone else (a THIRD person; this is "simple and easy?")

Third person was curt but helpful- said that in 2 minutes I would get an automated phone call with a temporary PIN number. In about 30 seconds the call came through and I went back online to complete the enrollment form. I have typed my account number in 5 different times and had my husband try it twice (just in case I was making a mistake), and each time, an "invalid account number" message comes up! So now I am on hold with customer service for another 15-20 minutes. I started this process at 3:05 PM and it's now 4:32. My questions for Frontier are, "Who is overseeing your employee training?" and "Are you sure you want to call yourselves a "communications" company?

**Frontier Communications Complaint**
By -

As I write this complaint I am in my 21st hour of dealing with a Frontier issue-on the phone. 17 hours of the 21 we have been on hold. Back in 2009 when Frontier took over from Verizon we set up 2 phone lines and Internet. Since November of 2009, until today (December 21st, 2010) we have had nothing but PROBLEMS with Frontier. When you call to Frontier to tell them they have their billing wrong, you get transferred to 3 different people. Frontier has our billing so screwed up right now, it seems beyond repair. We were paying for 2 phone lines and Internet.

On our billing, it shows a credit for a "bundle" package. After paying our bill on-time each month we came into work to find that our Internet had been disconnected. After being on hold with Frontier for almost 45 min. we found out that they disconnected it because of non-payment for 1 year. Umm..hello? Apparently their billing department was so screwed up and during an audit they found that they had been billing us incorrectly. Now, if you are a customer and you see that you are paying for Internet each month on your bill - and receiving a credit for having a "bundle" package - you assume all is taken care of. Nope.. not with Frontier.

They came back to us and said they found a mistake - and now we owe for 12 months of Internet service. Sorry-pay it or you won't get service. Now, we are in business for ourselves and explained to them that because our bill stated it included Internet - that is what we paid. The response we received, "Well, it was a mistake - you need to pay it or you don't get your service restored." WOW, excuse me? Nobody (not even the floor manager) was willing to listen to our side of the story. Not even when we offered to scan our past billings showing that Internet was included. To this day, we are still fighting with them.

I have NEVER experienced a company this unprofessional in my entire life. Not only is their billing department full of people who haven't been trained properly - but their lack of concern for the customer is what blows my mind. I have never once had a problem with Verizon or Comcast. Just today I called Comcast and I am having my 2 lines and Internet switched. I am actually going to save money. I will report on every Web page available complaints about this company. I guarantee they will NOT be around long - bankruptcy is in their future unless they can get things together. Oh.. and not once did they apologize for having incorrect billing for over a year. Nice company.

If you currently have Frontier, do yourself a favor and switch to Comcast or Verizon or Dish or anyone else. You will be saving yourself a headache.

Absolutely horrific company
By -

In all my short 27 years of life I honestly have never met a service that is as terrible as this. The only reason I keep using it is because in this area Frontier has a monopoly and is the only carrier for land based internet service, only other choice is satellite internet service. I also used their telephone service when I first moved here. They have tried to charge me around $800 dollars one time and said it was because I was using a calling card from MCI. It was a total lie and I was furious and I was this close to getting a lawyer. I also had my bank refuse their outrageous charge. I had to spend days talking to various people that worked with Frontier and I was treated like a liar.

Frontier finally apologized and the situation was cleared up. On other occasions when I have called in for tech support or customer service I have waited online for over 30 minutes. The longest I had to wait one time was about 45 minutes. The customer service is absolutely awful. The internet service itself is no better. They claim to offer "up to 3mbps".. beware of the words "up to" because this means that anything less can be expected and less is exactly what you will get. I have tested my speed many times and the best I get is around 0.25 Mbps. Not to mention that service gets interrupted almost daily and my internet disconnects all the time.

I called them about this and they said they would send someone. Well some incompetent tech from the Navajo office came here and checked around outside while I was gone from my house and just left a note saying everything was OK. Well, OK and so now what? I just have to accept this mediocre service that goes off and on all day? No follow up? Nothing? Stay away from this company... stay very far away.

The only reason they are still around is because they offer the only service in some areas and therefore think that they don't have to be a legitimate company because they have no competition here. Awful. I have never despised a company before in my life but this one I do. I hardly ever even complain about things so this should tell you just how awful this company is.

Frontier Phone Company--USELESS
By -

HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA -- We have recently had to deal with Frontier and it has been (in kind words) less than satisfying. My mother moved into a new apartment on July 11th and ordered phone service—it's now August 16th and she still doesn't have a phone BUT she does have a $100 phone bill. I have been on the phone with Frontier at least (and this is probably a low estimate) 12 times and no one in the company seems able to help me. I have been told that they put in a trouble ticket (on July 12th) and that they would be out on July 13th to fix the problem.

No one arrived on July 13th so I called back and they rescheduled for July 14th. Again, no one showed and I called and they said they had given my mother a bad phone number and that the number actually was for a business and so they gave us a new number and said it would be connected on August 1st (I believe this was just a ploy to get me to stop calling them everyday). August 1st came and passed with no phone service. I called Frontier and they said they would open a trouble ticket. (sound familiar?)

Again, here we are at August 16th and we have no phone service and a $100 bill. What do I do? I call Frontier and they tell me to hold on and I think that at last I'm going to get something donethe representative comes back on the line and tells me that she adjusted the bill and we now only owe $26? What What?? Seriously? I cannot even tell you how frustrated I am and I go online and find that I am only one of many many who can get no real response from Frontier. I suppose we will have to go with Comcast and have a digital phone installed since Frontier Phone Company can't manage to actually install phones!!

Frontier Takes Money Not Owed to Them
By -

BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK -- About a year ago I started having problems with Frontier Communications phone company. I had signed an agreement with them that was supposed to be for a year. Well I decided to buy a house and the house I purchased was outside of the area they supplied phone service to. I called Frontier to see what my options were. I thought the agreement was for one year. The rep I talked to tells me that the agreement was for two years. So already I was lied to right of the start. The only reason I signed was because it was one year. They then tell me It will cost me 300 dollars to get out of the agreement.

So in short this is what they are saying. Because they cannot give me service that I am more than willing to pay for, I have to pay them money to get out of a contract that they cannot fulfill. WHAT? This is the best part. I talked to 6 reps. 3 of those reps told me that the contract should be voided because I am moving outside of there area. But the other 3 reps, who were supposed to be supervisors, told me that they had no records of anybody telling me that. So now I'm told that if I pay 170.13 instead of the full 300 then that would be fine. WHAT?

So I ask for a copy of my contract agreement. I was sent a copy of an agreement for a 4 year internet service. Well at this point I realize that this company just scams people. I'm sure that the 170.13 was a number pulled out of the sky. Unfortunate for me I don't have the money to take this to court. I just paid the bill to avoid the bad credit. Anyone looking for phone or internet service should look some place else.

Refund Well Overdue
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Rating: 1/51

PORTAGE, INDIANA -- We cancelled our Frontier account in December 2011... had no standing contract so there was no problem with cancellation. We had applied for a phone/internet service without a contract back in the July/Aug period. As of December, internet only had been supplied, so we ended up canceling the whole thing, with no costs involved. I had however paid a large sum toward the account, because we quite often go away and I don't want to have to worry about my bills, thus leaving us in credit in excess of 200.00.

It's now mid May and I still haven't received my refund check. I keep getting the runaround about Frontier policy. Then was told three weeks ago the check was coming and I would receive it finally within the week. Now I am told another almost another ten days before I receive it.. this is legal thievery!!!! Apparently, takes three billing cycles after cancellation, for the check to be issued, thus taking us through to the end of March, so I should have had my check six weeks ago. Now I am told, that after the three billing cycles, the check is issued but will then take 30 'business' days for the check to be received by myself.. what a load of rubbish.

I know for a fact that there is NO WAY I would be allowed to owe Frontier money for this period of time and get away with it. I am sure someone would have been banging my door down by now.. so come on Frontier... by fair and give me MY money back.. IF you are planning on having an account with these people never pay in advance like I did.. FRONTIER DON'T LIKE TO GIVE IT BACK.. THEY WERE AT FAULT, COULDN'T GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER AND GIVE US WHAT WE ORDERED.. AND NOW ALL THIS SO CALLED POLICY CRAP!!!

Worst service ever! Run!!
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Rating: 1/51

BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS -- Ever since Verizon discontinued service in my area and sold out to Frontier, my problems have been never ending. Poor quality phone and internet service, bad customer service, erratic service visits and problems only temporarily fixed are just the beginning.

Today the last straw: I called yesterday to report (again) no dial tone on my landline and subsequently no DSL internet service now. Was told someone will show up anytime from morning to evening. She couldn't say when because "technicians take the calls in the order they are received". Whatever. I waiting till afternoon and still no one showed up. Called to check. Lo and behold, my service request was never entered in their system so yet another day of no service from this no-service company.

Their cancellation fees are terrible so when this contract ends, I'm history. Never ever ever contract with Frontier Communications! They aren't kidding: it's like being in the wild Frontier with them - you can't depend upon them.

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