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Warranty!?? You mean REFURBISHED OR LOW ENDS
Posted by on
TEMPLE, TEXAS -- Gateway filed Chapter 13 years ago by the way.

I recently contacted "ACER/GATEWAY" about a CD drive issue in the middle of a reformat. After sending my BluRay in 3 weeks later I get a $43 different color piece of S^%^T. I argued with India for days and finally handed me over to a state side "Level 2" in TX. Still they wanted that c/c number to put a $380 hold until they got the cheapo one back YA YOU HEARD RIGHT. I had to argue with them for quite a while about it being a BluRay in the first place! I kept all my packing info from the start and took pictures and P/N (part numbers) and S/N serial numbers on both with pictures... 2 weeks later I get my drive back, one more week to lift the hold.


Then I find out its not only the CD drive now its also the hard drive. I was forced to send in the whole 70lbs PC with insured came to $100. They replace the hard drive and the motherboard and 20 days later I get it back. I open it. ITS ALL BANGED UP! The case is ruined!

System is slooow and I find my VIDEO CARD UNDERNEITH THE PC IN THE BOX IN NOTHING BUT A STATIC GUARD PIECE OF PLASTIC. The note from the tech accused that the card was 3rd party and will not be re-installed. WHAT!!! I contacted the manufacturer ASUS who helped me ID the card. After speaking with yet another level 2 he checked it out after I told them I knew now what they tried to do. He looked it up and YES it is their card alright. Now smashed by a 70lb PC riding on it for 2 days OUTSIDE the PC.

Hard drive was a WD 500GB and now is a refurbished 465GB Samsung (less GB is the key here...dead givaway its refurbished) The motherboard which used to max 8 GB is now limited to max 3 GB. How nice.


I called and argued over and over and over and over.....they want me to ship it back again. I asked if I should use THEIR shipping box with the same stuff in it. Guy said with 5 layer of bubble wrap. I never got any when it was sent to me. I have to pack it better than THEY did or its considered void of contract. Cannot wait for the next trip my PC makes out there now. Maybe they will replace everything with a used calculator inside next.


C O M M O N GEEEZZZZZ DO SOMETHING I have names times dates and plenty of paper to prove it all.
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User Replies:
MRM on 01/29/2010:
That is an awesome system! If you don't want it, I'll gladly take it! I'll be able to revive your dead PC and use it for home automation. Real talk...

Yours Truly,
The Computer King
TheePlanB on 01/30/2010:
Ya it was awesome while it worked properly and had the right parts put back in.
Panton on 04/21/2010:
A "500GB" hard disk will report in Windows (and most every other OS) as being about 465GB. It has to do with the difference between counting 1GB as 10^9 (1,000,000,000) bytes (which is how they're advertised right on the box) instead of 2^30 (1,073,741,824) bytes (which is how the OS sees it). So, no, it's not "a dead giveaway it's refurbished" it's how computers are sold vs. how they actually work.

In the case of your motherboard it's probably as simple as a 32-bit OS vs. 64-bit OS, but considering you're just ranting rather than giving useful information the world will never know.
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Not Getting My Monitor Repaired
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Rating: 2/51
INDIANA -- I have a 4 Gateway KX2153 monitors running on two computers. One of the monitors has image stabilization and output problems. I have sent it to Gateway twice now and it comes back with no change. I have switched positions (moving it to different computers with different cables) and the problem stays with that monitor. Gateway will not listen to me and says it is a video card problem, which I guarantee them it is not. I am quite disappointed with the support.
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Gateway Stay Away
Posted by on
I have been in the computer business 22 years and I have to say Gateway by far has the worst support. I install and maintain networks for companies and I have approx. 125 clients with multiple computers. I also have a client base of individual computers.

I have worked on over 10,000 computers. When designing a system or recommending an individual computer I consider many things, cost, compatibility, quality and of course support for the computer.

This laptop a customer purchased had issues and he contacted me to help fix the issue. After reviewing the laptop, it had no operating system. It seems the person that tried to help him prior had deleted the operating system. (Vista) The drive had no recovery partition. I had to contact Gateway to order the disk which was approx. $23.00. The disk arrived almost 2 weeks later. I installed the recovery disk. It clearly states on the disk "Applications and Drivers."

After finishing the recovery I found 2 drivers were missing the wireless card and a media driver. I tried to call Gateway and found myself in a maze of push 1 for this and 2 for that. No matter what combination I used could not get them on the phone I then preceded to Chat. That was a joke. I had already downloaded the drivers I needed. I just wanted them to send the disk including all the drivers for that computer so these steps would not have to be repeated. That is downloading the drivers to another computer then transferring them to the Gateway. Then installing them.

First I was told the drivers could only be downloaded. Then was told only a few computers had drivers available on the recovery disk. I explained that I did not have the wireless driver to get on the internet and a few moments later he asked if I was using chat on the computer in question. I explained I had to use another computer to download the drivers.

Many of the companies are using scripted information to give tech support to their customers. In some cases some have never seen the program. I work with over 500 programs and it is terrible. I have been in computers many years and remember when you received tech support years ago, they actually knew the program. Today you and I pay for their lack of talent in the support field. Working on as many computers, I know all tech support is less than perfect. In rating the support I have to say Gateway makes the bottom of my list. Even E machines have better support for a less expensive product.

Personally I own 6 computers and 5 are HP and one is Toshiba. (inherited) Depending on their needs and budget I will recommend various computers. I can promise it will not be a Gateway. Since they are in with Acer, I can’t in good conscience recommend either. Dell is not a bad computer but the support is not that much better. Forget it if you bought your computer second hand. Dell does not supply the recovery disk unless you are the original owner.

In the end I had to download and burn disk for this Gateway owner. The sad thing is many of my customers would not be able to install these drivers on their own. That leaves them at the mercy of others to get the drivers in Gateway computers.
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Be wary of Gateway Computers and HSN promo's
Posted by on
NORTH SIOUX CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA -- June 14, 2009: After searching for just the right computer, I came across a Gateway 23 inch LCD Quad Core 640GB HDD 8GB RAM Desktop Computer + TV Tuner on HSN Item Number 464-801 for $999.90 plus $149.95 for 2 year protection plan and $35.00 shipping and handling for a total expense of $1184.85. I carefully watched the video posted on HSN for this product and deemed it exactly what I was looking for. The Commentator for HSN talks about having several at home and how easy it is to use all the features. Having owned 3 Gateway computers (before the company was sold to an overseas corporation, something I found out after the purchase) it seemed believable. Joe Harrison, known as Gateway Joe, then comes in and talks about the ease of use, the features to include the 640GB HDD, LabelFlash DVD/CD Optical Drive, how great Gateway Support is and how you can plug in an old VCR (using the front RCA composite jacks) and convert your VCR tapes to DVD right now (having many old home VHS tapes this analog capture device sounded like a dream come true) and then he adds that a camcorder with this type of connection (RCA Composite) you can upload all this to your Gateway.

I anxiously awaited my dream machine so I could start converting my analog video's to digital DVD's. The Gateway LX 6810-01 arrived a few days later by UPS. I eagerly went over the documentation provided in printed form as well as on line yet absolutely nothing was listed for converting my analog VHS tapes to DVD, much less how the LabelFlash worked or even readme files for a How To on the majority of programs on the system...IF you could even locate the program itself as was the case with LabelFlash.

I contacted Customer Service (remember now, I purchased the extended warranty) and was told they had absolutely nothing about how to utilize the analog converter as touted on the HSN promo and to add insult to injury, they insisted that I call a number they provided to get this information but advised me, it is a fee based service $2.95 per minute or $50.00 for a half hour.

Obviously by now I was a bit put out, a $1,100+ computer HSN touted as user friendly and having great support, has no documentation and to get answers (which HSN did not have) I have to pay even more money? Email inquiries (6) yield the same response each time when requesting documentation as to How to get the answer. Didn't I do that already?

Trying to put in a second optical drive, I am advised I have a BluRay (according to the serial number) and I know for a fact it is not, it is a multi drive, but definitely not a BluRay...something it took 3 emails to get them to admit their documentation was wrong.

Then I checked the actual hard drive to find it actually has a 600GB hard drive (14.65GB EISA/581.52MB NTFS) as shows on the manage my system display onboard the Gateway computer. Looking for confirmation I used Everest Home program to verify which showed again it was a 600GB hard drive but reflected 15005MB EISA/(a 2MB buffer zone)/580,465MB NTFS, again, 600GB and NOT 640GB as advertised and as it appears on the box the system came in. How did Gateway explain that? It is merely a conversion error on how they calculate hard drive capacities and how they are read my other systems...uh...say what again? I asked Gateway to send me or refer me to the How TO for these programs....again referred to the Fee Based number. Asked Gateway to send me an additional hard drive of at least 40GB to make the system, as advertised, but they keep insisting in spite of what readings I am getting, THEY rate it at 640GB.

I made HSN aware of all of these factors and though they still have the video (computers/desktop/$999 Gateway 23" LCD Quad Core...) on site for others to bite on, and indicated that the information posted is from their Gateway supplier, they did say that they would advise their panel of the problems and re-stated they have a 30 day return policy.

While it would simple to option for this, at 60, I am a bit hard nosed and expect to get what I pay for and if a product is advertised as having capabilities, then as a buyer the How To should be available FREE and documentation available.

Customer Service is the absolute basics at best at Gateway; obviously not US based and most certainly not hands on computer literate!

Program documentation virtually non-existent but step by step with graphics how to get in to the case, change memory. hard drive, etc.

Believe it or not, the system itself is incredible and does multi tasking with ease...but if you aren't a highly knowledgeable computer program user, you are going to go absolutely crazy trying to figure out how or even if, various programs are even onboard...much less function as described!

Without the How To, and the overrated Hard Drive capacity, you will find nothing but annoyance, frustration and feeling that the product is grossly misrepresented by both Gateway and the HSN video posted for all to see with this item.

For those Super Sleuths, watch the HSN video and see if you can come up with step by step instructions on How is obvious even Gateway Customer Service can't do it....and yes, paying the fee for the answers, IS CHEATING...but would be nice to know.
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Bait and Switch
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NORTH BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY -- Watch out for this Kia dealer Gateway Kia 720 US 1 North North Brunswick NJ 08902 732-325-6100. I was looking for an orange Sportage with the orange and black inter. Called them Thursday owe yea we have 3 on the lot call back Friday evening owe ya still have 3 on lot. Got there Saturday beforere they opened drove over 100 miles to get this truck. they open we don'T HAVE THEM so we agreed on an slate gray as long as it had all the opptions I want. upgraded sound system with the amp and sub woffer and navagation system. They said the truck was on there other lot in pa. and would not relese it from there until we signed all the papper work. I keep telling them it better have all the options I want they keep saying don't worry will take good care of you. Did all the papper work 4 1/2 hours latter truck comes in they go here you go you been here long enough did not show us anything on the truck go home swent them a fast email thanking them. then I was rusted to the hospital do to my health get home next day go out to the truck to set every thing find out it don"t have the navigation and the stereo with the amp and sub woofer. now they are saying they showed use the invoice. THEY DID NOT only a picture of the car on one of there ceil phones plus the one guy tom said to me call my lawer I was taken I call the BBB to make sure other people don"t get scewed like I did by trusting this dealer.

If they want to they can butt the radio I was prommessed that would be in the truck and navigation WATCH OUT FOR THIS DEALER!!!!!!!!!!!!! if they can get over they will
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User Replies:
unhappy999 on 04/05/2011:
You were given a good clue that you couldn't believe these people when they told you they had 3 oranges ones on the lot and they had none. Another clue was when they said they could not get the gray one there until you signed the papers. You should have said forget it and walked out. If they wanted to make the sale, they would have gotten it there for you to look at. Never, never buy a car, new or used, without seeing it. They just told you what you wanted to hear.
momsey on 04/05/2011:
We actually bought a used car last year sight unseen, but that was a much different situation. I had reason to trust the person I was buying from, and I wasn't disappointed.

Anyway, unhappy is right that as soon as you found out they lied about the cars they said they had, you should have turned around and gone home, because they proved to be untrustworthy. Even if you didn't get to see the car until after the papers were signed, you should have made sure that the papers spelled out exactly what you were getting. I'm going to guess there is no mention of a nav or the other stuff you were looking for in that paperwork.
trmn8r on 04/05/2011:
Unless I am missing it, I assume this is a new car. There is nothing wrong with committing to buy a new car if it isn't on the lot - people do it all the time.

But the options should be clearly shown on the contract, whether this is new or used.

Did they say they had three *orange* ones, and the following day they did not? I would have thought that they lied, and not done business with them even if I did drive 100 miles to get there.
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Paying For Gateways Mistake
Posted by on
TEMPLE, TEXAS -- About 6 months ago I purchased a Gateway FX8600 computer from Best Buy. All has been well up to the point when the HDD was unrecognizable to the BIOS. Hence the computer won't boot and the HDD was deemed failed. Mildly unfortunate but the bad news was yet to come. I contacted Getaway and was told to send it to Texas for warranty service at my expense. My expense? Irritating although I understand as it is in their warranty as such. So a bit over $60.00 and the tower was boxed (according to very specific standards set by Gateway) and shipped to Gateway. So about two weeks later my computer shows up at my door. I open the box and discover Gateway didn't ship the tower back using the same stringent packaging guidelines and therefore my 6 month old computer now has dents on 3 of the 4 corners. Not to mention the sides are not locked in properly. I can only assume they are this way due to the corner impacts and twisting of the case. So I contact support and after 3 transfers and 1 hr I received the official answer as to how Gateway will handle the problem. I need to repacakge the product using the proper guidelines (AT MY EXPENSE) take it back to the shipper where they will then pay to ship it back to the repair facility. I will then receive it back in another couple weeks or so.

So, am I alone in thinking that since Gateway failed to ship it properly that they should pay to package it properly? I asked that they send me a box with a return label in it to keep me from have to spend more money and they refused, citing they have now way to ship an empty box to me. So iPod rescue can do it but Gateway cannot. Even when it is their screw up to begin with. I cannot stress how disappointed I am with Gateway and all of there levels of "service".

So off I go to the shipper to package and ship the unit properly. Then, letters to the Bureau of Electronics Repair, the Department of Consumer Affairs and the Attorney Generals Office.
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My Gateway GT5656 just shuts off
Posted by on
I purchased my Gateway GT5656 about one year and two months ago. For the first 8 months no problems what so ever, then on the ninth month out of nowhere it shut off, while I was checking my email. I thought I had a power shortage or that I had unplugged it by accident. I was wrong. I rebooted, it came on no problem. The next day, it shut off with no warning, 3 more times. I contacted Gateway, I was asked did I register it, I said no they registered it for me, then they said they could help. I told them what was happening, they told me to send them the hard drive and they would fix it. So I did. Three weeks later, I got a new hard drive, at least that's what I was told. Three more months go by and it does the exact same thing again. I contact them, they tell me my comp is no longer under warranty and that I must pay for help. I tell them that they didn't fix the problem and now I have to pay to even talk to a customer service rep, they say yes and that its going to be around 250 dollars just to talk that's not counting the repairs fees. I now have a 2800 dollar comp that doesn't allow me to stay on longer than an hour and shuts off immediately if I try and do more than two things at once, example check email and open a web page. I advise anyone who wants a new comp stay away from Gateway. They don't have anyone that will speak to you for free when your warranty is done. They make crappy computers and don't care if your comp doesn't work. They have your money. My issues with this comp is as follows: Problem signature:

Problem Event Name:BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional information about the problem:
BCP1: 98A879F8
BCP2: 00000001
BCP3: 94AEAE58
BCP4: 00000001
OS Version:6_0_6000
Service Pack: 0_0
Files that help describe the problem:
C:\Users\Taylor\AppData\Local\Temp\WER-37861-0.sysdata. xml
C:\Users\Taylor\AppData\Local\Temp\WERDBBD. tmp. version. txt
Read our privacy statement:

I even contacted Microsoft for help, they couldn't or wouldn't even reply to my emails. I'm so through with Gateway that its beyond belief. I purchased my Gateway computer through Best Buy, and you won't believe the price they quoted me to just look at it. Not to mention what its going to cost me to fix it. Also beware there is no free number to contact Gateway.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 06/08/2009:
This is usually indicative of a hardware issue. This is likely a RAM issue or a motherboard problem.
Anonymous on 06/08/2009:
One easy thing to check is to make sure that your vents are not being blocked by anything, and that your fans are spinning. An overheating situation will often present itself this way.
PepperElf on 06/08/2009:
yeah the hard drive?
they were fluffing you on that one in my opinion
MRM on 06/08/2009:
You have a bad power supply. A new power supply would fix the problem. Get a 500 watt power supply for $40.00 at

Yours Truly,
Computer King
ejack053824 on 06/08/2009:
Take the frigger and tie a rope to it and hook it to your car. Drag it down the street a ways and come back and plug it in. It should work. LOL!
PepperElf on 06/08/2009:
though I would say... before you sink money into it again
take it in to a local place for repairs
syverian on 06/19/2009:
I agree with MRM... bad power supply unit (PSU) happened to me before too.It's either that or overheating processor(s)
There's absolutely no way it would be a hard-drive issue.
TaylorCrowe on 10/03/2009:
Well I'm back, I got some really good advice from EarthGoddess! She was so dead on with it, that my comp from hell is working. I purchased a new PSU and graphics card and viola it solved the problem! Installed it myself and everything was great, but then it happened. The monitor would not come on. After messing with it for a few days, I took it to the Geek Squad who informed me that I did everything correctly and that I have virus on my hard drive, mind you this is a brand new hard drive, but I said what the hell they could be right, anything is possible. So I paid them the 160.00 dollars to fix the problem. I take my comp home and plug it up and again the monitor does not come on. So I noticed that the plug for the monitor in the back of the tower is no longer working, I wonder why, but I noticed that the Geek Squad used a different port to plug in my monitor. So I plug up the cord and my monitor comes on. So I'm so happy, then my screen goes black and grey and I realize that I have the Anti Theft Deterrence from Gateway installed so I uninstall and reinstall it, still it does not work. I uninstall it and still it goes grey and black. I want it gone completely from my comp but I cannot get it off. I have contacted Gateway lol, they want money to talk. I don't know what else to do. I cannot get this theft deterrence off my comp no matter what I try. So I have learned one thing, I will never ever buy another Gateway and I will tell everyone I meet NEVER EVER buy a gateway, it has been nothing but hell for me since I got it. Dell isn't the best comp out there, but when I had old faithful for 7 years, and it still works my only problem with it was not enough memory... Wasted my money and time with this gateway.... I have just gotten used to unplugging the moniter every hour on the hour in order to use it...
MRM on 10/03/2009:
You are certainly Welcome and thanks for the update!
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Gateway RipOff
Posted by on
SIOUX CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA -- I had the misfortune to purchase a Gateway P-172XFX laptop in June 2008. It arrived the day I was leaving departing from the U.S. for two months. The wireless connection did not work upon arrival.

When I returned to the U.S. I called Gateway and after troubleshooting the computer with level 2 technical support they told me to send it to Teleplan in Dallas, TX for repair. I shipped it out via registered mail on 28 August 2008 and it was received by Teleplan on 3 September 2008. I spoke to Teleplan on 10 September and they told me that there was a software problem with the computer and they would have to reload the Operating System. They said they would be able to ship it back to me by 12 September 2008.

On 16 September 2008, I spoken to both Teleplan and Gateway, and neither can or will tell me when I will receive my computer back. Teleplan told me today (16 September) the DVD player on the computer was now broken and they had ordered a replacement on 12 September. They added that they just moved to Temple, TX and cannot find a listing for where my computer is in their databases and if they find it it will be at least 10-15 more business days before they can ship it back to me.

I contacted Gateway and after THREE hours on hold finally spoke to a level two (?) customer service representative that was supposed to be able to resolve the issue (either assure me that the laptop would be returned within 10 days or provide me with a new computer). The C.S. Rep (GTWA-150) told me that all she could do was contact Teleplan and ask them for an estimated return date. Since I will be departing the U.S. within two weeks for a deployment overseas for a year, I told the C.S. Rep that I either wanted a refund of the $2,000 I paid for the computer or a new computer (sent to me immediately), since I would be gone by the time they said they MIGHT ship it back to me.

The C.S. Rep said she c/would not do that and that I would have to just wait for the computer. She did not care that I was deploying or that I had been without the computer that I had already paid for. When I told her that I would not be in country to receive the computer when they choose to ship it, she did not care.

I have called my credit card company to dispute the charge since Gateway shipped me a defective computer and I will not be in country to receive it when they finally decide to ship it back to me. I will never buy another Gateway product, especially since they have no concern about people deploying overseas.

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Warranty, Customer Service
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- I work for an agency that buys pc’s from Dell , Gateway and HP. Problems vary with each new model of pc. Quality of customer service seems vary over time. Most recently Gateway seems to be hit the bottom with just ridiculous customer service.

I Have a pile of failed gateway components , too much trouble to warranty. Calls to Gateway customer service often take up to an hour to verify serial numbers and warranty coverage. Once they do verify the coverage the part shows up in a day or two, then we have one week to send back the old parts. A week later we get a return shipping label in the mail. If I ship out the old parts the same day I get the label its already late. Then Gateway sends an invoice with my name on it charging our department for failing to return the old warranty part. I have to explain the invoice to my accounting department, then make phone calls to gateway to clear the invoice. Usually takes two or more calls to Gateways returns department and one or more calls to their accounting department.

It is much less time consuming for me to rob or modify parts from old equipment than go through their warranty procedure. A complaint to our head office resulted in the Gateway Rep assuring us that this was the exception rather than the rule and he would personally follow up and resolve this unusual customer service issue. Once the case was resolved it was business as usual with Gateway. Same problems all over again. If a keyboard fails I have to call customer service , then I am transferred to a tech that tells me “hold the keyboard between my palms with the end of the keyboard six inches above the desk and drop it to unstick the keys. And if that doesn’t work call us back and we will go from there. Seemed ridiculous , but it worked and the keyboard worked for two days after that . The user called me two days later calling me an idiot, I laughed and agreed, “your right and I acted on some really bad advice I’ll bring a new keyboard right away.” Just have to laugh every time I throw a gateway keyboard away, Just hold it between my palms six inches above the garbage can and drop it.

Computer manufacturers are selling pc’s so cheap these days that there is very little of the profit margin left for customer service or warranty. They don’t honor anything beyond what is stated in the warranty and they don’t staff their help desks with professional people. Nothing against the help desk people, cut them some slack, they don’t get much training and are just following the companies policy, for the most part they are really nice people with a really lousy job dealing with often angry customers.

If you really depend on your PC, it’s better to buy your next computer from a local independent shop that builds and maintains pc’s. Spend the extra money for quality components and professional local service . If your buying Big ticket electronics Costco is the bomb, they don’t have the forever warranty any more but they will give you two years of warranty you can’t beat anywhere.

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User Replies:
Starlord on 03/21/2008:
My wife called Gateway once and arranged for a computer over the phone. The sales rep was happy to provide us with a system and approved the sale immediately. the computer was delivered, and the same day, we got a letter in the mail that they were sorry, but they could not extend credit for a computer to us at this time. We wrote back that we got the letter the same day we got the PC, what were we supposed to do? they sold our contract to a computer financing outfit, that charged us more than Gateway had agreed to. The computer did not work properly out of the box, and every time I called Customer Service, I was told to consult the documentation, which was no help at all. Finally, it was beyond the time when it would have been a matter of just swapping out the bad PC for a new one, and I was told to take the unit to the Gateway shop in Mesa, AZ. Come to find out, the PC had a bad hard drive, and our computer sat in the Gateway shop for two weeks, waiting for a new hard drive to be shipped, then another week to install it. When we were looking at computers, everyone was telling us how great Gateway was. Once we had it and had no end of trouble, then suddenly people desided that Gateway was the worst possible computer to own. that was our first and absolutely last Gateway.
forcomplaintsonly on 03/21/2008:
Just another case of a big company not caring about their cusotmers. Once they get their money, they say "goodbye", not realizing that "word of mouth" goes a long way, plus if they treat you right, when you need their products again, you will go back to them. You would think, as competitive as it is, they would care about their customers.
Garcos1 on 05/31/2008:
Date: June 1, 2008
From: Oscar BSN RN, MSN, MBA
Garcos Consulting Inc.
To: Customer Service and or to whom may care about the small customer
Re: 1. SERVICE REQUEST 2-2602581903 – Appalling Customer Service and comments by your agents using an evident extortive approach.
2. Poor Customer Service
3. Sold me the wrong memory for my notebook to earn a quick dollar.
4. On May 27, 2008 Received my computer back damaged (scratched-dented underside)
5. Made me beg.

On or about the last week / first week of May, 2008, I contacted customer service via the telephone to ask questions relative to restoring my notebook using the restore CD for the following reasons:

1. PDF reader became dysfunctional
2. The computer was excessively slow and at times would start in what appeared to be safe mode without being prompted
3. I was unable to download PDF reader software

We worked together on the problem. He asked me to start my notebook, and we moved through some of the programs in an attempted to diagnose a problem. (You can listen to the recording). At the end of the session, he recommended that I purchase more memory which I did (to find that he sold the same level of memory that I already have) and to send in my computer to your service center in Tennessee via DHL (A service like FedEx, but apparently less competent ). I packed my computer as instructed into a new box and send it in.

On May 8th, I received an email from a Gateway representative by the name of Latisha Aguilar (below is a copy and paste of the email).


She sent me the wrong phone number and my telephone was never disconnected so I doubt she ever called. I manage a Trauma Unit and on stand-by status at all times and my phone is ALWAYS with me.

After the above email; I contacted tech support using the correct phone number. 1-877-487-1150. I spoke with two different people whom names I do not recall. Both of these persons told me. “You sent in your computer with a broken monitor so either you pay 549 dollars or we cannot fix your computer”

I pleaded at first and explained that I did not send in a computer with a broken monitor but I would not be heard.

At one point I was told “you either pay the 549 dollars or we will send you your computer back broken; the way you sent it.” (The comments are not verbatim, I am making them from memory but the discussions became heated and significantly worse than described here).

I finally spoke to a Nancy Fry about the week of May 10th; who continued to use the same condescending tone as your other tech support representatives. She blamed me for sending in a notebook with the broken screen (LCD) and had a “we are in control attitude; so you (meaning me) better listen or we will not help you and take your money.” She basically told me “Oscar I just want you to be honest.”

She finally had someone sent me some pictures of my computer with a fracture screen and pictures of the box that was significantly damaged. After receiving the pictures I called her and leaded once again that I had not sent in a computer with a broken LCD display. She used the same condescending voice as all your other people and from the tone of her voice (I have a recording of our last discussion as I agreed to be recorded based on your own recording) she reluctantly told me “I am sending a damage report to DHL” or something to that effect. I asked her one last time; will you fix my broken LCD; she was short tempered did not answer my questions and just said. I am sending the report.

I asked, when will I know if you will cover the damages; she responded “someone will call you.”

No one ever called me.

Gateway, I have never been treated like this by even my worst customer service experiences. I have purchased three (3) notebooks from you in the past three years and was planning on purchasing more of your products for my office as well as others’ (entertainment system and such).

However, based on this terrible experience; I will never again use any purchase any of your products. Furthermore, I will tell ten people to tell ten people, to tell ten others not to use you.

I have two graduate degrees, I am a consultant, an educator, and public speaker. I will indeed use this Gateway story as an example of poor customer service and will tell my audience not to use your products. I am very upset!

I hope that you treat other customers with some dignity and respect. We are not crooks and or send in our computers to be fixed so that you tell us (customer) that when the same are damaged during transport that we did this on purpose.

In as far as the memory that was sold to me that was the same as what my system already and; is yet another example of the incompetence of your staff and your service.

I hope that you listen to the recordings of my conversations. I hope that you perform a retrospective analysis of your customer service process because it lacks basic human respect.

I know I am a small customer and have only spent about 10,000K with you but you have lost me as a customer and any future business from me!

Extremely dissatisfied Customer and a Customer you have lost.

Oscar, Bachelor Degree RN, Master Business Administration, Master Nursing Science

President: Garcos Consulting Inc.
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Gateway customer support is awful
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I bought the my first gateway from Best Buy, a clearance model. I had it 2 days and the hard drive crapped out. Best Buy was good about replacing it so instead of getting the same model I upgraded to a better model. It was running unusually slow so I checked the system properties to see what was going on. the box claimed 1.7 GHz 64 bit AMD, but it was only running at 800 MHz. I called gateway, twice about this, both times they told me it had speedstep technology and there was no way to turn it off so the system ran full speed all the time. they (both of them) advised that I use third party software to overclock my machine. This is preposterous. I eventually found the setting to turn off the speed step and now the machine runs great. (BTW if anyone else is having that problem go to your power settings and put it on always on or laptop/portable.) then the next week I tried to burn a DVD in my machine. NO GOOD. the DVD burner was junk. Now time to call gateway again. I called and they wanted me to troubleshoot software. (maybe here I should mention I am a technical service representative for another large computer company.) OK, I did what they wanted and they determined I was right. so I asked them to mail me the drive and I would put it in. they told me to mail me a new part, even though my machine was covered under the $340 warranty I bought, I would have to give them a credit card number so they could put a 75 dollar hold on it. WHHHHHHAAAAAATTTTTT?
I told them no fing way. so I convinced them to wave the fee and ship it to a service center. they said to just have the service center call and verify. SOoooooooo, the next day I was at Best Buy. and we called, and they didn't log any of that into their notes. and the team lead I talked to wouldn't waive the fee, and wouldn't send me the DVD drive. I convinced Best Buy to remove one from another machine and put it into mine, and with a little persuasion they agreed. During the process the technician got hung up on what screws to take out, so I told him I would call gateway and get the web address to their technical manual. Enter TSR Danielle. Gateway, if you read this FIRE THAT GIRL. She is rude and uncooperative. anyhow, first, she took me off hold and put me back on without saying anything to stop their little timer they have. then I waited 5 minutes for her to come back. I asked her for the web address to the technical manual. She said she would send it to my email. I told her I was in a store could she just read it to me, she stated she cannot give out gateways email she would send the link to my email. I told her I didn't want the email I just wanted her to read the link to the website to me and she said the same thing, that she couldn't give me gateways email and she would send the link to me. I asked to be escalated and she refused, telling me I would have to call back at a later time to talk to a supervisor. I hung up and called back, hoping to get someone competent. Danielle answered again. I asked again to be transferred to the supervisor, she told me if I insisted she would put me on hold for 15 minutes before anyone would come. This is the technical support I paid for? I asked her one last time if she would read to me the link to the website, and she told me she could only send it to my email. I hung up. This is what she sent me <----- u tell me why she couldn't read this to me over the phone.finally I retrieved this from my email, and got it to the Best Buy technician who promptly finished my machine, which works wonderfully now, no thanks to gateway. I am happy with the machine, but when I replace this on it will NOT be with a gateway, because I cannot deal with that kind of customer support. This will be the one and only gateway I ever own.
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User Replies:
dsmith68 on 03/21/2006:
No "technical service representative for another large computer cmpany" would ever buy a gateway from bestbuy and pay 340$ for a warranty.
richone2007 on 09/12/2006:
ditto dsmith68!
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