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No Customer Service
Posted by Brian boru on 03/18/2005
I recently purchased a top of the line Tablet PC. It has never worked, despite two replacement hard drives and countless sessions with tech support.

The money is important, but not as important now as advising consumers to be very wary of doing business with Gateway. I remained loyal FAR TOO LONG.

Consumers should get together for a class action suit.
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Posted by gvaldeg2 on 2005-03-19:
Gateway customer service is almost non-existent. When having problems, you have to contact them over the internet. The "technical" service has been moved overseas to India. The "technicians" do not speak english well and when you ask a question, they type in a pat answer that clearly comes from a cheat sheet. Because they appear to have no real expertise, the answers they give you may or may not pertain to the question you ask. It seems clear that they are searching a database based on key words. We purchased a new Gateway desk top computer and after struggling with it for three days, we returned it and got a replacement which also did not work. The only good advice we got from Gateway's technical support was to return them to the store. After returning the second Gateway, we purchased a new HP Media Center computer and we love it!
Posted by bluegirl on 2005-03-19:
After buying a Gateway PC in 2001, I'm still PO'd.
Service was good but lousy - variable as to the info provided and often wrong. But the big thing was being lied to(I bought mine over the phone) It's a long story but to their credit they sent me a 200$ check. Thing was...I was new into computers and the salesman took complete advantage of me. He sold me one of those small boxes (not a tower, told me the small box was the wave of the future...hah) and that small unit didn't have room for all the things I wanted to be able to do, meaning I couldn't upgrade the video because hardly anyone made the smaller cards that fitit. The 200$ covered the "free shipping"(I never got free shipping as offered) and the price I could have bought the unit for at the local Office Max Gateway store(remember those?). If i hadn't been dating a guy from the Gateway store I would have never caught on to all the scamming. There's more to the story, but sufficed to say it was a total rip. After I found out everything I demanded a new computer, which they said they'd do....but I had to ship the old one back at my cost and pay the shipping on the new one. I've told a bunch of people to stay away from that company.
Posted by emmyjen on 2005-10-04:
Award winning customer service RIGHT!!!! NOT
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Gateway Failed On Many Accounts To Repair A Computer
Posted by Firemen on 06/15/2009
7565 ERVINE CENTER DRIVE, CALIFORNIA -- The newly purchased E-Machine computer locked up and cannot be used and is less than 100 days old. In conversing with Gateway Support we were told it would cost us more than we paid for the computer in the first place or that we could pay for customer support which might or might not support the fix for the computer.

They advertise l00% American Technical support yet when contacted it was found their technical services are based in India and we cannot speak to someone, even a supervisor who speak enough English to understand the problem.

What can someone do?
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-06-15:
Are they incapable of simply replace the computer under warranty (since it was broken out of box), or to just refund you the money?

Where did you buy it?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-15:
In al case like this, it is most commonly some bad software on the machine, not a hardware failure. Presumably you made the recovery disks first thing when you got the machine, so you might want to use them and just wipe the machine clean.

Your next step is to make sure you have good firewall and anti-virus software installed. After that, get all the Windows updates available to you. You might find it to be a whole new (literally) machine.
Posted by MRM on 2009-06-15:
Absolutely right, Ken, the poster will have a minty fresh computer after using the recovery disc or harddrive image.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-15:
Thanks MR, I love that "minty fresh" concept. I intend to use it with all my computers.
Posted by NikkiP on 2009-06-27:
i actually work for abg which is answers by gateway and it is 100% american support we are located in rochester, ny. so no the support is not in india and the highest package we have for tech support is 199.99 and thats for an entire year we also have 30 minutes for 59.99 and 90 minutes for 129.99. so if the support "costed more than your computer did" then maybe thats why it stopped working after 100 days. im really not aware of any brand new computers even our emachines brand that cost less than 199.99.
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Paying For Gateways Mistake
Posted by RippedOffByGateway on 08/05/2009
TEMPLE, TEXAS -- About 6 months ago I purchased a Gateway FX8600 computer from Best Buy. All has been well up to the point when the HDD was unrecognizable to the BIOS. Hence the computer won't boot and the HDD was deemed failed. Mildly unfortunate but the bad news was yet to come. I contacted Getaway and was told to send it to Texas for warranty service at my expense. My expense? Irritating although I understand as it is in their warranty as such. So a bit over $60.00 and the tower was boxed (according to very specific standards set by Gateway) and shipped to Gateway. So about two weeks later my computer shows up at my door. I open the box and discover Gateway didn't ship the tower back using the same stringent packaging guidelines and therefore my 6 month old computer now has dents on 3 of the 4 corners. Not to mention the sides are not locked in properly. I can only assume they are this way due to the corner impacts and twisting of the case. So I contact support and after 3 transfers and 1 hr I received the official answer as to how Gateway will handle the problem. I need to repacakge the product using the proper guidelines (AT MY EXPENSE) take it back to the shipper where they will then pay to ship it back to the repair facility. I will then receive it back in another couple weeks or so.

So, am I alone in thinking that since Gateway failed to ship it properly that they should pay to package it properly? I asked that they send me a box with a return label in it to keep me from have to spend more money and they refused, citing they have now way to ship an empty box to me. So iPod rescue can do it but Gateway cannot. Even when it is their screw up to begin with. I cannot stress how disappointed I am with Gateway and all of there levels of "service".

So off I go to the shipper to package and ship the unit properly. Then, letters to the Bureau of Electronics Repair, the Department of Consumer Affairs and the Attorney Generals Office.
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Be wary of Gateway Computers and HSN promo's
Posted by SirPoet on 06/24/2009
NORTH SIOUX CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA -- June 14, 2009: After searching for just the right computer, I came across a Gateway 23 inch LCD Quad Core 640GB HDD 8GB RAM Desktop Computer + TV Tuner on HSN Item Number 464-801 for $999.90 plus $149.95 for 2 year protection plan and $35.00 shipping and handling for a total expense of $1184.85. I carefully watched the video posted on HSN for this product and deemed it exactly what I was looking for. The Commentator for HSN talks about having several at home and how easy it is to use all the features. Having owned 3 Gateway computers (before the company was sold to an overseas corporation, something I found out after the purchase) it seemed believable. Joe Harrison, known as Gateway Joe, then comes in and talks about the ease of use, the features to include the 640GB HDD, LabelFlash DVD/CD Optical Drive, how great Gateway Support is and how you can plug in an old VCR (using the front RCA composite jacks) and convert your VCR tapes to DVD right now (having many old home VHS tapes this analog capture device sounded like a dream come true) and then he adds that a camcorder with this type of connection (RCA Composite) you can upload all this to your Gateway.

I anxiously awaited my dream machine so I could start converting my analog video's to digital DVD's. The Gateway LX 6810-01 arrived a few days later by UPS. I eagerly went over the documentation provided in printed form as well as on line yet absolutely nothing was listed for converting my analog VHS tapes to DVD, much less how the LabelFlash worked or even readme files for a How To on the majority of programs on the system...IF you could even locate the program itself as was the case with LabelFlash.

I contacted Customer Service (remember now, I purchased the extended warranty) and was told they had absolutely nothing about how to utilize the analog converter as touted on the HSN promo and to add insult to injury, they insisted that I call a number they provided to get this information but advised me, it is a fee based service $2.95 per minute or $50.00 for a half hour.

Obviously by now I was a bit put out, a $1,100+ computer HSN touted as user friendly and having great support, has no documentation and to get answers (which HSN did not have) I have to pay even more money? Email inquiries (6) yield the same response each time when requesting documentation as to How To..pay to get the answer. Didn't I do that already?

Trying to put in a second optical drive, I am advised I have a BluRay (according to the serial number) and I know for a fact it is not, it is a multi drive, but definitely not a BluRay...something it took 3 emails to get them to admit their documentation was wrong.

Then I checked the actual hard drive to find it actually has a 600GB hard drive (14.65GB EISA/581.52MB NTFS) as shows on the manage my system display onboard the Gateway computer. Looking for confirmation I used Everest Home program to verify which showed again it was a 600GB hard drive but reflected 15005MB EISA/(a 2MB buffer zone)/580,465MB NTFS, again, 600GB and NOT 640GB as advertised and as it appears on the box the system came in. How did Gateway explain that? It is merely a conversion error on how they calculate hard drive capacities and how they are read my other systems...uh...say what again? I asked Gateway to send me or refer me to the How TO for these programs....again referred to the Fee Based number. Asked Gateway to send me an additional hard drive of at least 40GB to make the system, as advertised, but they keep insisting in spite of what readings I am getting, THEY rate it at 640GB.

I made HSN aware of all of these factors and though they still have the video (computers/desktop/$999 Gateway 23" LCD Quad Core...) on site for others to bite on, and indicated that the information posted is from their Gateway supplier, they did say that they would advise their panel of the problems and re-stated they have a 30 day return policy.

While it would simple to option for this, at 60, I am a bit hard nosed and expect to get what I pay for and if a product is advertised as having capabilities, then as a buyer the How To should be available FREE and documentation available.

Customer Service is the absolute basics at best at Gateway; obviously not US based and most certainly not hands on computer literate!

Program documentation virtually non-existent but step by step with graphics how to get in to the case, change memory. hard drive, etc.

Believe it or not, the system itself is incredible and does multi tasking with ease...but if you aren't a highly knowledgeable computer program user, you are going to go absolutely crazy trying to figure out how or even if, various programs are even onboard...much less function as described!

Without the How To, and the over rated Hard Drive capacity, you will find nothing but annoyance, frustration and feeling that the product is grossly misrepresented by both Gateway and the HSN video posted for all to see with this item.

For those Super Sleuths, watch the HSN video and see if you can come up with step by step instructions on How To.....it is obvious even Gateway Customer Service can't do it....and yes, paying the fee for the answers, IS CHEATING...but would be nice to know.
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Gateway Vs. Dell
Posted by Ctgricius on 01/15/2004
ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA -- Two years ago, I received a Gateway PC for Christmas from my mother. The only reason I got a Gateway was because the Dell she ordered was delayed. I have cursed this decision ever since. At the time, the Gateway she ordered was the top of the line. I have had nothing but problems ever since. There is no reason to try to contact them since they charge $3 a minute with guarantee that they can fix the problem. My Gateway crashes randomly about every 4 or 5 months, stating a device driver problem. On the flip side, I bought a Dell for my 13 year old son, who downloads an amazing load of shall we say crap on to his computer. Amazingly, he doesn't ever have any problems. Myself, on the other hand, despite my many eforts to maintain and clean my Gateway every week, continue to have constant problems. My advice to you would be to never, never, never, EVER by a Gateway. Spend your money wisely and invest in a Dell. Feel free to e-mail me (if I can receive it) and I would be happy to detail my agony (complete hard drive reformats and all).....
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Posted by stan_cooksj on 2004-02-15:
From what I've heard, a Dell is a pretty good computer to own. On the other hand, I've also made the assumption that Dell has a screwed up Tech Support system thats primaryly located in India!! Dell probably has some of the better computers in the market, but from what i'm hearing, I'd be better off financing and getting tech support through Gateway!!
Posted by boo4me424 on 2004-02-19:
Maybe your son has not had his dell long enough I had mine a year and a half before having problems and I to download alot of [crap] You can't get support from dell at all!
Posted by RJChudson on 2005-12-09:
The $2.95 per minute charge is for out of Warranty support which is comparable with the rest on the market and considerably cheaper than a lot of repair stores. I relly wish people would tell the whole story on these boards as it is misrepresenting the service they may or may not have received.
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Rotten Tech support
Posted by on 12/19/2003
FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA -- Gateway sucks! I have bought several Gateway computers but the latest one is a lemon. I was tired of updating my computer every year or two so I bought Gateway's Top of the Line, the fastest with all the bells and whistles. It has been a lemon since day one. The CPU is 3.06 ghz but does not perform much faster than my last one. It locks up with that "blue" screen all the time. Sometimes when I turn it on!! I went to Gateway's web site to see what I could download in the way of updates to see if that would correct the problem, it did not. The machine would NOT accept the BIOS update. After a lot of message exchange with Gateway they said that I would have to reformat my hard drive. I didn't like it but I did it. The BIOS still will not accept the upgrade. I ask Gateway to send me a replacement motherboard with updated BIOS and they said that I would have to send the computer in to their repair location. I reminded them that the paperwork that came with my unit said that I had 3 year "on-site" repair service. They claim that is for the installation of replacement parts only, no troubleshooting. I'm still going round and round with them. I will never buy another computer from Gateway, ever. And to top it all off, my oldest son works for Gateway!!! But he is not speaking to me now because of the way I feel about Gateway, he takes my complaints personally... He is a technician and could get the parts and install them, but I guess that is not going to happen. Gateway sucks.. And I am going to make it a campaign to tell as many people as I can.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-09:
yeah it doesn't download porn to fast
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Gateway customer support is awful
Posted by Macavelle on 03/17/2006
I bought the my first gateway from best buy, a clearance model. I had it 2 days and the hard drive crapped out. best buy was good about replacing it so instead of getting the same model i upgraded to a better model. It was running unusually slow so i checked the system properties to see what was going on. the box claimed 1.7 GHz 64 bit AMD, but it was only running at 800 MHz. I called gateway, twice about this, both times they told me it had speedstep technology and there was no way to turn it off so the system ran full speed all the time. they (both of them) advised that i use third party software to overclock my machine. This is preposterous. I eventually found the setting to turn off the speed step and now the machine runs great. (BTW if anyone else is having that problem go to your power settings and put it on always on or laptop/portable.) then the next week i tried to burn a DVD in my machine. NO GOOD. the DVD burner was junk. Now time to call gateway again. I called and they wanted me to troubleshoot software. (maybe here i should mention i am a technical service representative for another large computer company.) ok, i did what they wanted and they determined i was right. so i asked them to mail me the drive and i would put it in. they told me to mail me a new part, even though my machine was covered under the $340 warranty i bought, i would have to give them a credit card number so they could put a 75 dollar hold on it. WHHHHHHAAAAAATTTTTT?
i told them no fing way. so i convinced them to wave the fee and ship it to a service center. they said to just have the service center call and verify. SOoooooooo, the next day i was at best buy. and we called, and they didn't log any of that into their notes. and the team lead i talked to wouldn't waive the fee, and wouldn't send me the DVD drive. I convinced best buy to remove one from another machine and put it into mine, and with a little persuasion they agreed. During the process the technician got hung up on what screws to take out, so i told him i would call gateway and get the web address to their technical manual. Enter TSR Danielle. Gateway, if you read this FIRE THAT GIRL. She is rude and uncooperative. anyhow, first, she took me off hold and put me back on without saying anything to stop their little timer they have. then i waited 5 minutes for her to come back. I asked her for the web address to the technical manual. She said she would send it to my email. i told her i was in a store could she just read it to me, she stated she cant give out gateways email she would send the link to my email. I told her i didn't want the email i just wanted her to read the link to the website to me and she said the same thing, that she couldn't give me gateways email and she would send the link to me. I asked to be escalated and she refused, telling me i would have to call back at a later time to talk to a supervisor. I hung up and called back, hoping to get someone competent. Danielle answered again. I asked again to be transferred to the supervisor, she told me if i insisted she would put me on hold for 15 minutes before anyone would come. This is the technical support i paid for? I asked her one last time if she would read to me the link to the website, and she told me she could only send it to my email. I hung up. This is what she sent me http://support.gateway.com/s/Mobile/Gateway/6000Series/4693faq13.shtml <----- u tell me why she couldnt read this to me over the phone.finally i retrieved this from my email, and got it to the best buy technician who promptly finished my machine, which works wonderfully now, no thanks to gateway. I am happy with the machine, but when i replace this on it will NOT be with a gateway, because i cannot deal with that kind of customer support. This will be the one and only gateway i ever own.
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Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-21:
No "technical service representative for another large computer cmpany" would ever buy a gateway from bestbuy and pay 340$ for a warrenty.
Posted by richone2007 on 2006-09-12:
ditto dsmith68!
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Do not buy Gateway
Posted by Wheeldog on 01/27/2006
The first problem I had with the machine was a problem with the screen. I sent it in to technical support and they supposedly repaired it and sent it back. The problem had been intermittent and appeared to be repaired when it returned, however, they had not provided me with any information as to what had been done to the unit. I sent e-mails, at first a few days apart, then every day, until I finally received a response that they had made a “technical adjustment” to the computer. That very same day, the problem started reoccurring. I contacted technical support again and they said they would need me to send it to them again. Since they had not actually fixed the problem, after several very hot e-mails, I got them to agree to pay for shipping it back to them a second time. When I received the unit back this time, again the problem appeared to be repaired, (again though with no indication of what had been done and it took me two weeks to get this info); however, now the battery did not fit into the machine properly (it rattles) the screen had a couple of scratches on it that it did not have when I sent it. The scratches were caused by pieces of sand, still embedded in the scratches, that they included when they shipped it back to me. In addition to the above, the case feels loose and makes creaking noises and the power button started getting stuck up under the frame of the machine. The problem with the power button has progressed to the point that the unit will no longer power on. All these problems on a machine that is still less than one year old seems to indicate a bad machine to me and I would like the unit replaced or my money refunded. They called the other day and said they would replace the damaged screen if I paid for it. They held my computer for 5 days before telling me this and now they say they did not work on the other problems it had while it was on hold. So now I will be without it for 2 weeks instead of one week. I would recommend that you never ever buy a Gateway computer.
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Gateway Stay Away
Posted by PackerPassion on 03/26/2010
I have been in the computer business 22 years and I have to say Gateway by far has the worst support. I install and maintain networks for companies and I have approx. 125 clients with multiple computers. I also have a client base of individual computers.

I have worked on over 10,000 computers. When designing a system or recommending an individual computer I consider many things, cost, compatibility, quality and of course support for the computer.

This laptop a customer purchased had issues and he contacted me to help fix the issue. After reviewing the laptop, it had no operating system. It seems the person that tried to help him prior had deleted the operating system. (Vista) The drive had no recovery partition. I had to contact Gateway to order the disk which was approx. $23.00. The disk arrived almost 2 weeks later. I installed the recovery disk. It clearly states on the disk "Applications and Drivers."

After finishing the recovery I found 2 drivers were missing the wireless card and a media driver. I tried to call Gateway and found myself in a maze of push 1 for this and 2 for that. No matter what combination I used could not get them on the phone I then preceded to Chat. That was a joke. I had already downloaded the drivers I needed. I just wanted them to send the disk including all the drivers for that computer so these steps would not have to be repeated. That is downloading the drivers to another computer then transferring them to the Gateway. Then installing them.

First I was told the drivers could only be downloaded. Then was told only a few computers had drivers available on the recovery disk. I explained that I did not have the wireless driver to get on the internet and a few moments later he asked if I was using chat on the computer in question. I explained I had to use another computer to download the drivers.

Many of the companies are using scripted information to give tech support to their customers. In some cases some have never seen the program. I work with over 500 programs and it is terrible. I have been in computers many years and remember when you received tech support years ago, they actually knew the program. Today you and I pay for their lack of talent in the support field. Working on as many computers, I know all tech support is less then perfect. In rating the support I have to say Gateway makes the bottom of my list. Even E machines have better support for a less expensive product.

Personally I own 6 computers and 5 are HP and one is Toshiba. (inherited) Depending on their needs and budget I will recommend various computers. I can promise it will not be a Gateway. Since they are in with Acer, I can’t in good conscience recommend either. Dell is not a bad computer but the support is not that much better. Forget it if you bought your computer second hand. Dell does not supply the recovery disk unless you are the original owner.

In the end I had to download and burn disk for this Gateway owner. The sad thing is many of my customers would not be able to install these drivers on their own. That leaves them at the mercy of others to get the drivers in Gateway computers.
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Rotten Motherboards
Posted by Robsdad on 11/01/2007
PASADENA, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a Gateway gt4010 from Bestbuy about 18 months ago, and it has stop working, for I thought it was the hard drive which I replaced and it still didn't work, after asking a few tech friends about the problems I was have they figured out that it was the motherboard. After contacting Gateway customer service (or the lack there of) I was told that the mother boards was out of the warranty, well thats just great, then when I asked were I could purchase the motherboards I was told to look it up on the Emachines web site as well as given a phone number to call, well I was shocked to find out that the Gateway computer I bought was made by Emachines which means I paid for the Gateway name but got a machine made by the worst computer company around and get this the motherboard cost 179.00.

And if that's not a kick in the head the stats on the motherboard stated the the front USB ports would not work because of a slight change in the motherboard. So after looking around at different computer parts web sties I found the I could buy a new motherboard, processor and power supply, can case that would take my equipment for the Gateway. For $149 buy I would have to buy a new op systems because my reinstall disc will only working on Gateways, so now I am using a five years dell dimension 2300 computer that is so slow that I fall asleep while it loads up when you turn it on, and the only reason I bought the Gateway was to replace my dell 2300, so now I have a $1000 door stop and a computer company (Gateway) who makes a rotten product and does not stand behind their product.

So much for a company that at one time took pride in their services and goods. Don't buy Gateway.
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Posted by MRM on 2007-11-01:
I would love to have your $1000 "door stop." One man's trash is another man's treasure.
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2007-11-01:
You can get a better motherboard then the gateway (emachines) for 80 dollars and get xp home edition for a 100 dollars or less. Total outlay would be about the same as their motherboard only. Don't buy ECS brand mother boards either, they are junk. I don't know what your symptoms are at boot up, but I would suggest two things, first, blow out the entire motherboard with compressed air (both sides of it).Also blow out the vents on your power supply. If that doesn't work, replace the power supply. Buy at least a 40 dollar model or higher. The majority of motherboard problems are caused by low/high/fluctuating power supply output. Also, during boot up do you hear more than one beep from your system speaker? Multiple beeps indicates cpu/cmos failures and the number of beeps identifies a specific problem. Come back with a few more details.
Posted by killerklown on 2007-11-02:
I just built my own machine for $225 and it's friggin' sweeeet!! Never buy the "big name" computers. They're all junk, and you're stuck fixing and replacing parts with that one company then, because they make sure their machines aren't compatible with anything else.
Posted by {-_-} on 2007-11-09:
I will second the person who suggested checking your power supply. I have the same model PC purchased from Best Buy around the same time as you. I pulled a power supply from another PC and it works. I am now looking for a power supply for the Gateway.
Posted by cali420 on 2007-12-13:
What happened to Gateway(GW):1998 GW bought Emachines an GW CEO stepped down. 1999 GW Manufacturing employees(build,QC,software & Audit) were giving several P.C's and Laptop's with numerous problems.Once the computers were sent back on how to properly build them and what was not right. GW closed down USA manufacturing plants an moved production to Mexico. The only thing here is Tech suport and GW country Stores. I worked for them for 5yrs and got the 411 from the head dog. So I skipped out in 98 an moved to TX. I lot of hard working peopl I know lost their jobs. All because a so called for Americans Company wants to save a few bucks. Think about tha next time you want to by a Gateway. As for Emachines there still in CA as far as far as I know.
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