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Gateway Rated Below A Zero
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Rating: 1/51

POPLAR BLUFF, MISSOURI -- I bought new and it worked three weeks then crashed. I sent to be repaired and it was worse when it came back. They have poor customer relations and I will never buy anything from Gateway again!

Gateway Computers Suck
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Rating: 1/51

ORINDA, CALIFORNIA -- I have had this computer for six months and it has broken 4 times. One of which was three days after I got it. Their tech support sucks, their repair company sucks, and their computers just suck all together.

Paying for Gateway's Mistake
By -

TEMPLE, TEXAS -- About 6 months ago I purchased a Gateway FX8600 computer from Best Buy. All has been well up to the point when the HDD was unrecognizable to the BIOS. Hence the computer won't boot and the HDD was deemed failed. Mildly unfortunate but the bad news was yet to come. I contacted Gateway and was told to send it to Texas for warranty service at my expense. My expense? Irritating although I understand as it is in their warranty as such. So a bit over $60.00 and the tower was boxed (according to very specific standards set by Gateway) and shipped to Gateway.

So about two weeks later my computer shows up at my door. I open the box and discover Gateway didn't ship the tower back using the same stringent packaging guidelines and therefore my 6 month old computer now has dents on 3 of the 4 corners. Not to mention the sides are not locked in properly. I can only assume they are this way due to the corner impacts and twisting of the case.

So I contact support and after 3 transfers and 1 hr I received the official answer as to how Gateway will handle the problem. I need to repackage the product using the proper guidelines (AT MY EXPENSE), take it back to the shipper where they will then pay to ship it back to the repair facility. I will then receive it back in another couple weeks or so.

So, am I alone in thinking that since Gateway failed to ship it properly that they should pay to package it properly? I asked that they send me a box with a return label in it to keep me from have to spend more money and they refused, citing they have now way to ship an empty box to me. So iPod rescue can do it but Gateway cannot. Even when it is their screw up to begin with. I cannot stress how disappointed I am with Gateway and all of their levels of "service." So off I go to the shipper to package and ship the unit properly. Then, letters to the Bureau of Electronics Repair, the Department of Consumer Affairs and the Attorney General's Office.

My Gateway GT5656 Just Shuts Off
By -

I purchased my Gateway GT5656 about one year and two months ago. For the first 8 months no problems what so ever, then on the ninth month out of nowhere it shut off, while I was checking my email. I thought I had a power shortage or that I had unplugged it by accident. I was wrong. I rebooted, it came on no problem. The next day, it shut off with no warning 3 more times. I contacted Gateway, I was asked did I register it. I said no - they registered it for me, then they said they could help. I told them what was happening, they told me to send them the hard drive and they would fix it. So I did.

Three weeks later, I got a new hard drive, at least that's what I was told. Three more months go by and it does the exact same thing again. I contact them, they tell me my comp is no longer under warranty and that I must pay for help. I tell them that they didn't fix the problem and now I have to pay to even talk to a customer service rep, they say yes and that it's going to be around 250 dollars just to talk - that's not counting the repairs fees.

I now have a 2800 dollar comp that doesn't allow me to stay on longer than an hour and shuts off immediately if I try and do more than two things at once, example check email and open a web page. I advise anyone who wants a new comp stay away from Gateway. They don't have anyone that will speak to you for free when your warranty is done. They make crappy computers and don't care if your comp doesn't work. They have your money.

I even contacted Microsoft for help, they couldn't or wouldn't even reply to my emails. I'm so through with Gateway that it's beyond belief. I purchased my Gateway computer through Best Buy, and you won't believe the price they quoted me to just look at it. Not to mention what it's going to cost me to fix it. Also beware there is no free number to contact Gateway.

Rotten Motherboards
By -

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a Gateway gt4010 from Bestbuy about 18 months ago, and it has stop working, for I thought it was the hard drive which I replaced and it still didn't work, after asking a few tech friends about the problems I was have they figured out that it was the motherboard. After contacting Gateway customer service (or the lack thereof) I was told that the mother boards was out of the warranty. Well that's just great. Then when I asked where I could purchase the motherboards I was told to look it up on the Emachines web site as well as given a phone number to call.

Well I was shocked to find out that the Gateway computer I bought was made by Emachines which means I paid for the Gateway name but got a machine made by the worst computer company around and get this the motherboard cost 179.00. And if that's not a kick in the head the stats on the motherboard stated the front USB ports would not work because of a slight change in the motherboard. So after looking around at different computer parts websites I found that I could buy a new motherboard, processor and power supply, can case that would take my equipment for the Gateway.

For $149 buy I would have to buy a new op systems because my reinstall disc will only working on Gateways. So now I am using a five years Dell Dimension 2300 computer that is so slow that I fall asleep while it loads up when you turn it on, and the only reason I bought the Gateway was to replace my Dell 2300. So now I have a $1000 door stop and a computer company (Gateway) who makes a rotten product and does not stand behind their product. So much for a company that at one time took pride in their services and goods. Don't buy Gateway.

Gateway customer service
By -

I purchased a Gateway Computer in August of 2006. After 2 months my 19" LCD monitor went bad. On 10-16 Customer service sent me a box to return the defective monitor to them in. I received the box on 10-18 and Fed Ex'd it back to them on the 19th. (2nd day). I called Customer service on the 27th. They said they just received it that day. Chris, the rep. I talked to said they would expedite the new one and get it out that same day. Lie number one.

On 10-30 I called again, just to be sure it had been sent. This time I talked to David who said it had been sent on 10-30. He gave me a Fed EX tracking number and said I would receive it in 2 days. Lie number two. On 10-31 I used my daughter's 2 yr. old Dell laptop to track my new monitor. It seems the tracking number I was given was for the box they had sent me on 10-16, I again called Customer service and talked to Dave. He could find no record of the shipment and after putting me on hold for a considerable amount of time told me the monitor was on backorder. At this time I asked to talk to his boss.

Now I talked to Narvid, who said it was on back order until the middle of November Maybe. Not only was my monitor on back order, there were 61 of them on backorder. I asked that they send me an upgrade, comparable monitor, or any old monitors I could temporarily use. NOT! Finding this completely unacceptable, I asked to talk to his boss. He was of course, as high up as they would allow me to go. He did give me a number to their corporate office. I really thought I would get somewhere now. Silly me.

I talked to Mikel at the corporate office. He could give a hoot that I had a 2 month old computer I could not use for I had no monitor. He could care that I told him I would bad mouth his company to everyone who would listen. This company is not willing to do anything to make its customer happy. I would never deal with them again. I only wish I didn't have to deal with them now.

Bait and Switch
By -

NORTH BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY -- Watch out for this Kia dealer Gateway Kia 720 US 1 North North Brunswick NJ 08902 732-325-6100. I was looking for an orange Sportage with the orange and black inter. Called them Thursday, "Oh yea we have 3 on the lot. Call back Friday evening, "Oh ya still have 3 on lot." Got there Saturday before they opened - drove over 100 miles to get this truck. They open - "We don'T HAVE THEM" so we agreed on an slate gray as long as it had all the options I want. Upgraded sound system with the amp and sub woofer and navigation system. They said the truck was on their other lot in PA and would not release it from there until we signed all the paper work.

I keep telling them it better have all the options I want. They keep saying, "Don't worry we'll take good care of you." Did all the paper work. 4 1/2 hours later truck comes in they go, "Here you go. You been here long enough." Did not show us anything on the truck. Go home. Sent them a fast email thanking them. Then I was rushed to the hospital due to my health. Get home next day. Go out to the truck to set every thing. Find out it don't have the navigation and the stereo with the amp and sub woofer. Now they are saying they showed use the invoice. THEY DID NOT. Only a picture of the car on one of their cell phones plus the one guy ** said to me call my lawyer. I was taken.

I call the BBB to make sure other people don't get screwed like I did by trusting this dealer. If they want to they can buy the radio I was promised that would be in the truck and navigation. WATCH OUT FOR THIS DEALER!!! If they can get over they will.

Customer Service Is a Joke
By -

My Gateway computer is less than a year old and I've had numerous problems with it in the past year. The latest is that the hard drive crashed. The restore function on the drive was never installed by the factory so I wasn't able to make discs and recovery discs were not supplied with the product (as they used to be). After the crash I needed to buy a restore disc from Gateway - not sure where the phone call went to but it was just about impossible to understand the person on the other end of the line. I ordered the disc at about noon (EST) and requested it be shipped overnight. I was told that the disc would be sent that day.

I called the next day to get the tracking number and I was told that, not only had the disc not been shipped yet, but that it would take 3 to 8 business days to ship!! I told this guy that I had requested and paid for overnight and that I need the disc now. He then apologized (as if this makes it OK) and said that the disc would ship the next business day and I should receive it within 3 business days (?). I again stated that overnight meant the next business day.

It is obvious that in whatever country Gateway chose to have these calls go to they don't understand the meaning of "it will ship today" and the definition of the word "overnight!" I will NEVER buy another Gateway product again and I suggest you don't either.

UPDATE: I emailed Gateway (or so I thought, the email went down to God knows where) today to relay the above information. I received a reply stating that the recovery discs are on back order and that they don't know when they will be available. Now if you have read above you will see that twice I have been told that the discs would be shipping either that day or the next business day.

How then is it possible for the discs to be shipped at the same time that the discs are on back order? Am I totally missing something here (other than satisfactory customer support)? I can now see why Gateway has earned the reputation for a customer service department that totally sucks!!

The Joke of Gateway Tech Support
By -

I bought a Gateway NV56 Notebook 3 weeks ago. 1 week later my kid sat on it accidentally and cracked the LCD (never mind that previous notebooks - I've had have gone through a lot tougher treatment and held strong). I checked the web to find a replacement LCD panel and had virtually no luck since the notebook was such a new model.

I used live chat with Gateway and was told they could offer no help other than to have me ship the notebook to them and pay $200 for them to repair, a repair that would take 7-10 business days (which is ALWAYS a GROSS understatement). Granted that isn't unreasonable, an LCD runs between 100-150, but time was my enemy as I use the notebook for work.

A few days later after searching some more I called Gateway and was treated like garbage for simply inquiring about buying the part from them, or seeing if a compatible part existed. An hour and 45 minutes that included 1 CSR talking down to me because I asked him a question about what exactly came with the LCD package they were at that time willing to sell me "Does that include the inverter cable, the bezel?", he essentially yelled at me that he had already told me before and then preceded read off the computer screen slowly, as I were a child.

His supervisor then cut me off, and after calling back and being transferred to their stateside customer service division I was told that "No" they cannot sell me the LCD and referred to 2 companies, one that had never heard of the part, and another that wanted to charge me $300 plus tax and shipping just for the panel, half the price of the notebook.

Gateway is a vastly different company than they used to be, their tech support department is really just a bunch of poorly trained call center workers who only know how to read off of a database and possess no computer knowledge. One even asked me what an inverter cable was. Huge regret over this purchase. PS. Well they offered no help - they were sure to tell me how I had voided my warranty and duly note that within a moment of my call.

Shoddy Computer, Worse Tech Support
By -

I bought a Gateway M-1617 laptop on Valentine's Day of last year at Best Buy because my children needed another computer to do their schoolwork on and I needed an upgrade. It had all the bells and whistles and could have been a nice machine if Gateway thought about a few things before shipping the model out. My main gripe is it continually overheats. I could handle that after I got a lap desk to set it on. I was not going let this oversight affect my contentment with the computer, until one day it overheated and would not reboot. For three days it would not charge or boot up, so we assumed it dead.

My husband who fixes computers, tried to get a CD out of the drive, and the drive broke. It then booted up, imagine that, he must have knocked something back into place. I called Gateway tech support with all my paperwork, along with my receipt. I had the serial number written down, but they had no record of my computer or my registration, nor did I even get my rebate, for that matter, and since they put paper UPC stickers on the bottom of the computer, I could not verify the number. They told me without the number they couldn't help me. I called Best Buy, they didn't have the number on my card but did have record of it being sold on Valentine's Day.

I tried to get a replacement DVD-Rom drive for my computer, no luck. They asked for credit card information before they even looked for the part number. I don't think so, nope, not going to happen. I then took it to the shop to see if they could fix the drive or find another. It was in the shop for over a month before they sent it home. Nobody carries the DVD-Rom drive, the computer is still under warranty, and less than a year old. So I am screwed. I had to buy an external drive so my children could do their school work. They are now two months behind on their schooling. Thanks a lot Gateway for bad service and no replacement parts.

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