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Defective Product - Defunct Customer Service
By -

CLARKSVILLE, MARYLAND -- The saga continues: Got the laptop back after 4 weeks and third time in the Gateway shop. Froze 15 minutes after booting up. Suffered through it for a week and called back the crack Response Team. Mr. ** said he would check on what needed to be done and call me back. 4 weeks and three messages into Mr. ** and no response. I am filing formal complaint through through Attorney General's office.

Purchased the laptop through Circuit City end of August. Had several issues with computer freezing. Called customer service, who had me reload OS to no avail. Sent laptop back for repair. All they did was reload OS, something I had done already. Received computer back and this time it froze 30 minutes after booting up. After several calls, I voiced my frustration to a manager who asked me to send it in again. Two weeks later, got the computer and now it started giving the blue screen every couple of hours. Called back and got another, "Send it back". I called the VP of Senior Products and left a message regarding my experience.

Next day got a call from their "Rapid Response Team." I was assured that they would track my computer and have a senior tech look at it. This was November 20th. There was no response till I called today (18 days later) and was told that they looked at it on the 6th and that there were several issues with the OS. The computer will be mailed back in the next few days. The Rapid Response Team member said that they had several computers for repair and mine had to wait in line.

No reason why he had not followed up as promised. Also no reason why they had not found the problems the last two times they had the computer. No response to lost productivity and anguish caused by their sub-standard product. Not waiting for the now thrice-repaired product from Gateway, I purchased a Dell XPS yesterday. Works like a charm. Gateway should change their name to Rip-off Zone and save consumers a lot of heartache.

Bad All Around... Should Of Bought A Dell
By -

HERNDON, VIRGINIA -- I purchased my laptop Model: M-6846 on May 23, 2008 from Best Buy. Three weeks later it was making a really loud noise. I talked to two different tech support people and one said it was a bad fan, the other said it was a bad hard drive. Keep in mind, this laptop was LESS than a month old. Took the laptop to Best Buy and after five days it was diagnosed with a bad hard drive. I called Gateway and talked to tech support and they said they would send me out a new hard drive and hold a $75 charge on my credit card until I returned the old hard drive. (Think a core fee when you buy a new auto part.)

AND that the hard drive will come blank, no operating system, no nothing! I didn't get a recovery disk with my laptop, I didn't get any disks at all. So the next day after I ordered the new hard drive, I spoke to three different people at customer service and FINALLY one told me that they would send me a new recovery disk without charging me the $20 that they wanted for the blasted thing.

Flash forward to five days later when I receive the new hard drive. I open to box and check the invoice and what do I notice but a nice little message stating that I have 10 TEN days to return the faulty hard drive or they are going to charge me the $75 fee that is being held on my credit card. The lovely tech support person that put in the order for the hard drive didn't TELL me that little important bit of information. NICE!! That day I call customer service and explain my situation and they told me that the recovery disks were back ordered and I should get the disk in about three to four weeks!! LOVELY!!

I called this evening and asked if there was anything to do about extending the time that I could return the old hard drive and they told me that the only thing I could do was to put the new hard drive in, send the old one back and wait those three to four weeks to get the recovery disk!! I AM NEVER buying a Gateway product EVER again!

Gateway Will Never Get My Business Again
By -

Two weeks after purchasing my Gateway computer, my husband wanted to copy some photos to a disk. It was then we discover the door for the CD etc. would not open. We tried to exchange it a few days later, but found the dealer obviously did not have faith in the product. They gave us 16 days to do returns. We were at 18. They said take it up with Gateway.

Gateway offered to trade it for a USED computer or repair it. One hour on the phone with a man who could not say the letter v therefore could not get my email address correct. I had a ship code to get the computer sent to Texas for repair. Went to shipping place. They did not accept the number. Need a different one they said. Another hour on the phone with a phonetically challenged man, instructed to drive 30 minuets to a facility that would ship, using this number and a new one.

Got the computer back a week and a half later. The quick turn around was impressive until I tried to put a disk in to check the repair. Would not open still. No repairs had been made. Forty five minutes on the phone with someone who could not tell me why computer had not been fixed. They said, "Ship it back and we will see if we can fix it this time." Livid is not even enough to express my disgust and frustration with Gateway.

Gateway Is Consistent Over the Years!!!
By -

It is so good to see that Gateway is so consistently bad. I purchased my PC in the year 2000. That was the worst experience ever. We purchased it because Gateway had a store in State College PA. What a mistake!!! They didn't know what they were doing and shortly after buying they closed the store. Customer Service was Terrible. There were times I was on the phone for hours trying to get help. Most of the time I was talking with people I couldn't understand because of language barriers. At least I got to travel the world over and never leave my home!!! I just needed someone who could speak ENGLISH!!!

Finally after a lot of frustration I turned to a friend that knows a lot about computers. He completely rebuilt my computer. The only thing that is Gateway is the shell and the monitor. It has been wonderful since. I am ready to get a new computer and was even considering another Gateway figuring they probably fixed all their problems!!! I must have lost my mind!!! BOY AM I glad I found this web site. Thanks to all you folks - I certainly will never never never consider Gateway again. 10+ Years is a long time to have such a consistently bad record.

Gateway LX6810 Shut Downs
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I bought my Gateway LX6810 in 2009. After three months, it started to turn off every 30 minutes. I took it to Best Buy. Best Buy sent it out for "repair." When it arrived, I had the same problem. Gateway told me to send it to them at my expense. I took it to a computer repair place and the computer worked okay. Four months later, and it's shutting down once again. I contacted Gateway - they told me it was shutting down because I had Windows 7 installed!! And gave me a link!

My question is this.. why can't we start a class action suit against them. Search Gateway LX6810, you will find loads of customers with the exact complaint. Gateway must know this and yet they ignore their customers. I will never buy a computer from Gateway again. I will never shop for a computer at Best Buy.

Don't Buy Gateway
By -

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- Let me review my many instances of unhappiness with my Gateway product:

Within a few weeks of purchase my hard drive crashed and ultimately was replaced at Gateway service center. In attempts to rectify the problem before shipping it for service your tech support person failed to send me the "systems cd" in addition to the "recovery cd." This mistake was acknowledged by your tech support person and delayed the ultimate repair of my computer by another week. I had to pay $35 to ship my computer to your service center. I estimate that I was without use of the computer for at least 3 weeks.

In my encounters with your tech support personnel, I found their accents to be so thick it was difficult to understand them many times. And I work in New York City with people from all over the world where I don't have a problem understanding accents.

Finally, even though I sent a scanned promotional statement from Gateway stating that I was eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 7, they later said I was not eligible. Follow-up emails to Gateway customer service and a company executive were not answered.

Does Anyone Have the Direct Contact Number for the Gateway Repair?
By -

TEMPLE, TEXAS -- GATEWAY has a repair center in TEMPLE, TX. There is also a contact phone number to speak with someone, but the GATEWAY SUPPORT PEOPLE, will not provide it. I had it once, since it was listed on the outside FEDEX label showing the shipper information. And I have called it and spoke with a representative about the item being sent to me. I have since misplaced this number, and in no way, will GATEWAY give it out... they tell you "There is no number, you have to just send in the item for repair..." etc.

So, if someone has it, please post it and send to me as well. GATEWAY does not want people to call this number, but the service at GATEWAY support (not meant for words I can type) is awful.

Gateway Failed on Many Accounts to Repair a Computer
By -

7565 ERVINE CENTER DRIVE, CALIFORNIA -- The newly purchased E-Machine computer locked up and cannot be used and is less than 100 days old. In conversing with Gateway Support we were told it would cost us more than we paid for the computer in the first place or that we could pay for customer support which might or might not support the fix for the computer. They advertise l00% American technical support yet when contacted it was found their technical services are based in India and we cannot speak to someone, even a supervisor who speak enough English to understand the problem. What can someone do?

Less Than One Month After Purchase It Will Not Open Up
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- Took the computer to Best Buy after the first incident of turning it on and seeing the Gateway Insignia and then nothing else. Nothing would open. They kept it a few days and called to say they found no problem and had been able to open it from the off mode and the sleep mode and the hibernate mode. Brought it home and it worked less than two weeks and now the same thing has happened. Plan to return it for exchange or refund. Not sure if this has anything to do with Windows 8 but whoever put that together should be fired.

New eMachines Offerings Best Ever in Price/Quality
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Rating: 5/51

IRVING, CALIFORNIA -- I read more negative than positive about eMachines... they don't know what they are talking about. I am a 25 year hardware/programming veteran. These new small footprint unit are the bomb. They are as "heavy" (weight-wise) as eMachines earlier version mini towers, meaning they are as good. The price $298 is unbeatable. The only downside is that they are PUSHING Norton antivirus (I don't know anyone that uses Norton).

There are screens that come up that want you to buy Norton with a small "close" button at the bottom of the window if you don't. They continue coming up even though you have said No over and over again until finally a screen comes up that doesn't have the option to close and you must RESTART the computer to get rid of it. This would not normally be a problem for the computer should have been configured before you the home owner used it by a technician at a store somewhere. Well... lo and behold... for all you technicians out there... these machines are being sent out with WINDOWS INSTALLER disabled.

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