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Well GC Services is not a company that collects for unpaid tickets, GC Services collects for Drivers Responsibility Fees that are caused by certain tickets. The company is based in Texas and now contracted to the State of Michigan. So if you don't want to get levied then just pay the bill or to call and set up installment agreement..And by the way they do not go by first name bases like the other guy stated Alex picked up...

Fake Ticket Balance Due
By -

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- Just received a letter in the mail from GC Services. Says I owe them $681.00 or I will have a judgment against me. Thing is this is for a $30 parking ticket which I paid the week after receiving it and have the canceled check.

So I did some research and it appears these people are some kind of scam artists.

Obviously you should do your own investigation into your personal dealings with the company. In my own situation and in the situations of countless others the tickets were already paid and GC Services tacked on outrageous fees to the original amount.

GC Collection Services Uses Bully Tactics To Frighten Consumers
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I received a call from GC Collection services regarding my Amex bill. At first the person I talked to was quite nice, then a second person got on the line and began to accuse me of hiding my assets behind my husband, called my a liar, said that they could put a lien on our house, put a lien on my husband's bank account because seven year's ago he was a card holder on my account. Accused me of lying and began to yell and scream at me. They accused my of dodging a debt well it goes on and on. They have not abided by the consumer fair practices laws and they called me before they ever sent me a notice. I asked for a statement in writing and a written agreement which they said they could not do until I was locked into a payment plan, they call several times a day, always with the bully tactics. The only written communication I ever received was a post card.

I have reported them to the FTC and to American Express. If you are called by these animals, report them right away to the FTC.


Student loan collection
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I have been contacted by GC services for a student loan that was paid in a chapter 13 plan. The loan was paid in 12-94 and I have proof. The retards at GC kept saying that student loans and not be discharged after me telling that clown that I PAID it in the plan. I even had to spell it for him. I gave in as not to have my check garnished. But I would like to take legal action against them. Mainly for using taxpayer money to pay idiots to do that job. They even refused to look at the proof that I had. And they refused a review.

GC Services
By -

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA -- While waiting for GC Service to answer their phone today (15 minutes), I discovered on-line that the shoddy service we received from them reflects their business practices in general. We paid a traffic ticket directly to the Superior Court on May 12 but received notification from GC that the ticket was unpaid and that they had tacked on a couple of hundred dollars more. I called on May 20th with proof of payment and was told that they would have to check with the court to verify that. I then sent them a registerd letter with proof of payment a couple of days later, which was received by them on May 29. Despite this, when I called today and finally got through, I got the same runaround about them having to contact the courts. Looks like all the bad PR they are getting is well-deserved.

Garnishment without notification
By -

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I was at work one day and got notified in my pay stub that gc svcs ltd garnished my wages for a student loan. No attempt at contact was made and since July 2003 I have never rec'd anything that tells me what my balance is or how much is interest. At this rate, I will be paying this the rest of my life. I feel they are just ripping me off for money.

Drivers license leverage?
By -

CALIFORNIA -- GC Services explains to me that I must pay them in full or I will never be able to get a drivers license. I failed to appear on a seatbelt ticket in Chowchilla (Central California.) Chowchilla's ensuing bench warrant suspended my CA DL then went to collections. I am told by Chowchilla's court clerks that I may not fight my case, nor get a court date to appear and be heard, nor clear my warrant through them. They say that they don't have a warrant anymore and that I should talk to GC services about it.
Unless I spoke to uninformed idiots, the DMV and GC services are in cahoots. What is next... will a tow-yard hold your car until you pay your back registration?.....oh yeah, they do. :(

Usually jocund,


Collection Harassment
By -

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- They send me a bill for $16.49 That I had paid a week before.

This company employees are rude and unprofessional. They treat you as if you were a common criminal. When I asked to speak with a supervisor he was also rude and disrespectful.

VERY rude service, inappropriate language
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I call them with intention to settle my account in full using my credit card. I was told they don't accept credit cards and I can pay only via my bank routing info. But alas, even this simple task was above they skills. The associate I was initially dealing with couldn't find Bank of America in the list of available banks! Second associate told me literally to ".... off" because I gave him head ache. He would not say his name neither transfer my call to a supervisor saying that I don't need this information. Beware of this company!!!!!!

By -

MARYLAND -- I too got a bill from GC Services Limited Partnership Collection Agency Division 6330 Guifton, TX 77081.
PO BOX 2667 (056)
Houston, TX 77252-2667
Dated October 17, 2006

SPRINT was the company they were supposedly representing this time.

I had recently moved...less than a month ago.
But the key here is: My bill was paid....I called SPRINT...they do not know of a GC Services Company


They also ask you to remit your payment to:
PO BOX 95366
Atlanta, GA 30347

They also use the exact company monogram of the REAL GC Services Company.

I called this company....got an answering machine and was put on hold forever.

God, I can only imagine how many people have been scammed by them.

I checked a website (I believe it was called ripped off.com)and found that many others have all ready been faced with this scam.


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