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Geek Squad is not completely America
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Rating: 3/51

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I would like first to point out that Geek Squad reps are NOT IN AMERICA. I have on a few occasions hired the remote assistance technicians and paid top dollar, only to speak to people with broken accents whom were very difficult to understand. I even had to disconnect the call a few times and call back in to try and get someone that could understand me and someone whom I could understand.

DO NOT hire Geek Squad remote services. I've hired them to give my computer on a couple of occasions and they've always made it worse. The best thing to do is to find a remote service that is based in the United States that actually answers the phone when you call. Be sure to check out their reviews too. If you check out Geek Squad reviews, you'll notice a ridiculous amount of horrible reviews for the Geek Squad all over the internet. I've never seen worse reviews.

The most recent one - I hired Geek Squad to fix an Outlook email issue that I had had for a few weeks. Apparently, the company that I hired, was able to go in and check out the fact that Geek Squad did not repair a virus problem from a few months before that led to the eventual collapse of my Outlook files. To make things worse, Geek Squad never did the cleanup on the file system on windows, so the other company I hired was able to go in and make it faster and remove a bunch of junk files that could have caused me issues down the road.

Moral of the story - don't trust anyone that works here. I can't imagine that they would be able to do anything good for your computer, as the reviews that are positive, almost seem to be written by the Geek Squad company themselves. As others have mentioned: Buyer beware!

"Geeks" Did More Damage to Machine Than When I Brought It In
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Rating: 1/51

MARQUETTE, MICHIGAN -- Here's my response to Geek Squad satisfaction survey after they "fixed" my machine: I brought a gaming tower in because it was stuck in the dreaded Microsoft automatic repair loop. It would not boot. Apparently the "geeks" at Geek Squad have no idea what this commonly discussed problem even means. Although I specifically and explicitly instructed two different agents NOT to wipe out the drive but rather just call me if they couldn't break out of the auto repair loop. Wiping the drive and reinstalling the Windows 8 operating system without contacting me was their brilliant solution to getting it to boot.

I received a nice, shiny, blank machine and the Geek Squad seemed so proud to be able to "fix" my machine. What a bunch of heavy handed, incompetent monkeys. If I'd wanted my machine wiped clean I would have done it myself or asked my 8 year old to do it.

To make matters worse, I insisted on speaking to the Marquette store manager and she proceeded to tell me that it was my fault because I declined the disk backup service. Excuse me but when you bring in a machine to see if a boot problem can be repaired you do NOT expect some clown to wipe out the whole disk. As it turns out, I had enough backups to recover everything that I needed but it took me over 10 hours to get my machine back to the way I had it before a Geek Squad monkey blew it away.

EXTREMELY unprofessional to have a manager who obviously doesn't know the difference between a boot sector and a ski boot come and claim that it was all my fault. The only thing she had to offer was waiving the $50 data recovery fee to try to recover everything that they had lost. She informed me that I would still have to wait up to 3 weeks AND pay for the amount of data recovered.

Are you people SERIOUS?! If I had the time I'd take Geek Squad to court but as it stands, I'll just have to settle with posting my experience to every anti-Best buy board that I can find and filing a compliant with the Better Business Bureau. Don't knock yourself out trying to reach me, I've seen and heard everything that I ever want to hear from Best Buy and/or Geek Squad. Epic fail.

"Cheat Squad," Not Geek Squad
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Rating: 2/51

TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA -- “Cheat Squad” would be a more appropriate company name. Seems the company's business model to “sell the $200 protection plan” and don't worry about the fall out if your skill set is subpar for making in house repairs. A simple task of installing a new hard drive on the HP laptop left for repair resulted in four missing screws on the underside. Plus the keyboard was not intact (hard to guess what spare parts may have ended up on the work table) and eight keys on the keyboard would not function.

Upon return to the store to report the condition I was told “we are not authorized to open the case”. The case had to be opened to install the hard drive. Turns out, they lied to me and I never needed a new hard drive in the first place. They claimed I needed a new hard drive because they are not qualified to remove the malware or viruses that were on there in the first place. I had to find another company to get it cleaned up and fixed. I ended up finding SafePCFix based out of Southern CA. They were able to log in and fix it remotely in a few hours. They sent me the screws that Geek Squad lost for my laptop.

These poor young Geek Squad employees are being fed and fattened up on a corporate line of mumbo jumbo that covers up ineptness and a fraudulent business model. Eventually the result will be the end of any integrity for the Geek Squad brand and their own employment. Needless to say when I checked in with SafePCFix they were friendly, helpful, respectful, knowledgeable, quick to diagnose the issue and reasonably priced. Now that is a great business model. I have no problem with a referral. Buyer Beware at Best Buy and Geek Squad Agents.

You're Kidding Me, Right?
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Rating: 1/51

SOUTHLAKE, TEXAS -- I made an appointment to have our Home Theatre looked at. Direct TV said they thought the HDMI cable needed to be replaced. I made an appointment for service, and the Geek Squad was to arrive between 8am and 12pm on Monday, Dec 24. ** said that we should be prepared for an 8am arrival, so my husband and I were up, dressed, and ready to go. By 2:30, no Geek Squad. We had household guests arriving throughout the day, had plans, but had to wait for the Squad. I called at 2:30 to check and see if they were just running behind. I was told that they "tried to reach out to me and let me know that they would not be seeing me today." WHAT???!!!

First of all, you tried to "reach out to me?" We've been here ALL DAY WAITING ON YOU!!!! NOBODY "REACHED OUT." The worst thing is they never offered any other reparation. I have 14 people here for Christmas, 6 DVDs to watch in the theater, but now I have no theater for the holiday. As a business owner myself, I would have at LEAST expected an offer to discount a future appointment. They just kept saying, "I'm sorry, we tried to reach out to you." All I can say is I will NEVER use Geek Squad and will make sure ANYONE who asks me about our office or home theater repairs hears my story. Shame on you!

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Rating: 1/51

DAVIE, FLORIDA -- We had a virus, so we took our laptop to Best Buy. We purchased a Geek Squad service plan earlier in the year, so the virus removal was covered. They seemed to have gotten rid of the virus, but we are now totally unable to connect to my wireless network. I called Geek Squad back. At first, they tried to blame it on my network or my wireless card or my router.

Then, after reiterating that we did not have the issue prior to bringing the computer in for repair, the tech stumbled through some feeble attempts to have me fix the issue. These people are supposed to be professionals. After about 25 minutes of getting nowhere, they told me that I would have to pay for someone to come to my house to fix the problem. I have to pay for someone to fix the problem that they created. In the future, I will NEVER EVER use them for anything! INCOMPETENT!!!!

Screw Jobs
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Rating: 1/51

MAPLEWOOD, MINNESOTA -- I brought in a computer to get data recovered from a hard drive. They are a bunch of dumb ** or they are just out to screw the customer. The guy who looked at my computer said the drive would not mount, I know the [snip]drive would not mount, that was the problem. If that is the only thing they try and then tell me that they have to send it to their data recovery service for $500-$750 then I consider them a bunch of dumb **.

I brought the computer home, looked for answers on the Internet, found a program that said it could get data off of a drive that would not mount, bought it for less than I paid the Geeks to screw me, and within an hour I was backing up all the data on the drive and now have it restored to a new drive on the same computer. Bunch of Dumb ** or Screw Jobs is my opinion of the Geek Squad.

When filling out their service survey they asked how to improve their service. How about try something more than plugging in a drive and seeing that it does not mount then giving up. Probably took him 5 minutes so that works out to $840 per hour, what a racket. The head guy I talked to when picking up my computer said that if their machine couldn't get the data off then it is serious, bull **.

I also bought a home service appointment card to have a Geek come and review my installation and setup of a wireless router, the head guy said that out of a thousand he has seen only 2 people installed it properly, Bull **! I am returning the service card unused. I will never think about the Geek Squad for service again.

Membership over Service? Geek Squad = Membership
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Rating: 1/51

HONOLULU, HAWAII -- I have never used Geek Squad before, but I was having trouble getting onto any internet browser other than internet explorer. I didn't understand the things people were posting about on the internet regarding how to fix the problem. So I figured I would try Geek Squad because they helped my friend with her computer in store. I called Best Buy and ended up with a recording and waiting around for a while. In the meantime, I tried to access Geek Squad through Internet Explorer. The website was faster than the store, but the person I talked to only wanted me to sign up for the $199 a year membership.

I stated that I only had one problem to fix and that I didn't want to commit to a membership, but then the guy said that to fix ONE problem would cost me about $149 TO START!!! They didn't even know what was wrong with my computer and they wanted to charge me $149! Um... I thought that was not good business. Even if I take my car to the mechanic, they give me a quote that includes what services they will be doing for me. The guy didn't even explain what they would be doing or how and he didn't even try. He just wanted me to buy a membership.

I don't normally rate websites or other things, but I was sorely disappointed with the push for ONLY membership rather than service or QUALITY service. It turns out the problem was my anti-virus program and I easily fixed it myself, but for something that simple I would have been charged $149 to START? Even if it was a standard hourly rate, I think that is an exorbitant amount of money for something.

Now the store people may have been better for my friend which would explain the good review that one person put. I am not saying anything bad about the service in person, just the website. It would have been a better experience if the customer support person could have been more informative instead of pushing the membership on me.

Terrible Service and Total Incompetence
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Rating: 1/51

CUTLER BAY, FLORIDA -- I purchased the desktop at Best Buy for Christmas. Unfortunately the product failed within 2 weeks with what I diagnosed as a power supply or motherboard failure. Since the product was under warranty I did not attempt to confirm the problem or repair it so as to not void the warranty. I called ASUS and was directed to take the product to the Geek Squad for repair. I did so and the product came back in 2 weeks with the same problem; it had not been fixed and they changed the hard drive. I did not accept the product back and they re-sent the product to Kentucky for repair. It has been there ever since.

Their tracking system shows that they have all the parts and are working on it; the status never changes and it has been like that for quite some time. You get periodic e-mails showing you the erroneous status periodically adding insult to injury. When you call the store to inquire they do not know the status and refer you to the 800 number of customer support; when you call customer support they refer you to the store.

No one seems to be allowed to call the repair depot and give you a straight answer. In the meantime I have no computer and no clue as to when will it be repaired. The Geek Squad Manager has been useless and the Store Manager does not return her calls when you get through.

I have written to Corporate Management but that will probably do no good. I am also posting in every blog I can find to hopefully prevent someone else from making the same mistake with the Geek Squad. Best Buy has been unable or unwilling to help. Don't make my mistake, purchase from another retailer that will back what they sell with good service and by all means stay away from the Geek Squad. They should change their name to the Reek Squad, because their service stinks.

Customer Treatment
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HYANNIS, MASSACHUSETTS -- We have a HP Pavilion computer that was purchased at Best Buy. We also purchased an extended service plan. Shortly after the computer was purchased, the hard drive failed. It was still under HP's warranty and the hard drive was replaced. When the computer started acting up a year and a half later, behaving in the same manor that it was when the hard drive failed the first time. I tried a few things from home. We were unable to do a system recovery, the computer crashed as soon as we started it and we got a grey screen. I tried to do a full restore, I wiped the drive and attempted to re-install the system software. The computer crashed.

I brought the PC to Geek Squad and told them what was happening. I was told I would get a call. I got a phone call a few days later, saying the issue was a software issue and that was not covered under the service plan. I would have to pay 129.00 for them to re-install the software. I asked the individual, **, what kind of software issue would exist on a hard drive that had been wiped? He told me I was attempting to obtain a free service. I told him that I was not, as we had paid for the extended contract. What this person does not know, is that I had already spoken to a tech about this problem and he said it was the hard drive.

Anyway, despite trying to get an answer from ** about what diagnostic was done on my computer, what did it say, in other words, information I had every right to have: What did you do to determine what was wrong with my computer? I used to work on Macs. I could be able to tell the customer exactly what kind of diagnostic software I used and what it said.

So, ** tells me I can pay the 129.00 to have them restore the system software. I say, no thank you. I am perfectly able to install software. Something was really bothering me about this, so I called the 1-800 number for Geek Squad. After having my phone calls routed here and there, I finally speak to **. I tell ** exactly what is going on and what we have attempted to do. He asks me, "You wiped the hard drive?" Yes. "The computer crashes the second you try to install the system software?" Yep. He said, "That is a hardware issue".

Unfortunately for me, ** did not make this note in his computer, only that he was going to refer me to Customer service to talk to someone there. I get a lady on the phone, before I could explain what was going on, she puts me on hold to call the store. I was not party to this conversation, but when she comes back on the line, she is rude. She said, that she spoke to ** and I was told what was wrong with my computer. I tell her what ** said to me, and she said that he didn't make a note of that. She would not call him to find out what he said either.

So, I asked to speak with her supervisor. I was put on hold again and then when the supervisor came on the first words out of her mouth was, "What was not clear about what the other rep had told me?" I was shocked. I told her what was happening and that all I wanted to do was get my computer fixed. She told me that I was told what was wrong with my computer. She told me I could take it somewhere else to get fixed and if it was a hardware issue, I could pay to have it repaired and send the invoice to them.

I could not believe that a customer had been talked to the way I was. I then got on chat with an HP tech. I wanted a printed record of every attempt to fix this computer. The techs at HP and I tried several steps to recover the computer, including a manual restore and restore via the manufacturer's menu. I printed out each chat conversation. The last tech I spoke to told me it was a hardware issue.

I called the store manager and told him everything I had been through and that HP is also saying it is a hardware issue. He was the first nice person I spoke to. He told me to bring it back and in have a new diagnostic done. I did. I get a phone call a few days later saying it is a software issue and they restored my software for 129.00. I told them I didn't want them to do that. He told me he assumed that is what I wanted since I brought the restore disks in. I told him the manager told me to. They would be needed if I needed a new hard drive. He said that it said on the paper that I wanted the software restored.

I told him we had just been through all of this and why on earth would I want to pay for them to re-install my software. He said the problem was disk 6 of the restore disks were dirty. I asked him how that could be the problem since the system crashed as soon as we started to restore the software. We never, ever got past disk one, let alone disk 6. The disks were only used once, when they replaced the hard drive before. I also asked him why it was still thought to be a software issue when HP had walked me through every step in restoring the drive, including re-formatting the drive and we still could not load the software.

There was no software left on the hard drive to be a problem. This guy told me that HP was wrong. The tech probably just wanted to get me off the phone he said. I reminded him that I chatted with the techs on a different computer, hence the print outs of the tech support conversations I left when I dropped off the computer. He still insisted that the HP techs were wrong.

At this point I was tired of arguing and went down to pick up the computer. When I got to the store, I went to the customer service desk and asked to speak to the store manager. I did not get the store manager that I asked for, but rather they sent me **, the same man who accused me of trying to get free services when all I asked was what kind of software issue exists on a hard drive that has been formatted.

Once again, I asked him this question and he said he was not going to tell me. I asked him to see print outs from the diagnostic report. He said there were not any. I asked him for some copy of the paperwork that indicated what they had done on my computer and ** told me they stayed in the store. I could not have a copy. Since they had my computer hostage at this point, I had no choice but to pay them. I was not going to be allowed to see the store manager. ** told me that that store manager was not going to be able to help me anyway, as ** in charge of that store.

Incidentally: My computer started doing the same thing. It would not restore and it kept crashing on restore. The difference is that I bought my computer at Staples and it has the Staples extended plan. I called the tech and after trying a few times to restore the computer via boot disks, formatting and the like, (the same thing I did with the HP). The tech tells me that it is the hard drive. He said that crashing as soon as you start a restore is a hard drive failure. He will have someone call me to arrange for a tech to come out to my home. Hmmm... It kind of makes a person wonder what really happened.

Waste of $300
By -

After an error message appeared on my laptop saying my audio had stopped working and instructing me to go to my computer manufacturer's website to install the driver update, which I did, I completely lost sound. Considering I purchased the 3 year Advanced Black Tie protection, I figured GeekSquad would be able to help. However, when I called and explained what I had done, the rep--who sounded more like a receptionist than a computer geek--instructed me to reboot the computer.

When that didn't restore sound, she suggested I go to Best Buy to buy something to help get my sound back. I told her that didn't make sense considering the problem occurred after I installed a driver update from a trusted site, not some 3rd party bootleg site. She agreed, then suggested I take the computer into Best Buy for assistance. That was the first disappointment. I mean, surely a Geek would know a little more about this issue rather than to try the common "reboot your computer" fix. So, I went on to to chat with a real Geek.

The agent asked how he could help and after I've gone through my explanation, he immediately gives me the price for remote support. Shocked, I told him no thanks and asked what I got for the $300 I paid when I purchased the computer. He asked if I had a receipt handy and asked what the receipt said about the protection plan. I told him it said nothing. It was a Best Buy receipt that had merely been stapled to the Black Tie Protection brochure. I still don't get the relevance of that question, but whatever.

He basically said he couldn't help me and pretty much implied the only way I could get assistance at Best Buy was if it was determined that my issue was hardware related, which it obviously wasn't considering the problem occurred AFTER I downloaded a driver update! I let him know that I was very disappointed in the GeekSquad service, or lack thereof. He apologized that I was "misinformed" when he should have apologized that I was misled. Anyway, I searched the MicroSoft boards and downloaded the driver a 2nd time and what do you know, I now have sound. Thanks for nothing, GeekSquad. I will never purchase one of their warranties again.

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