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They Pick and Choose Who They Contact for Repair Confirmation
Posted by on
I sent my computer in to have my USB port looked at, we only discussed my USB port because it came unglued. We never discussed the performance of my computer, and I was happy with the performance of my computer so there was no reason for them to even evaluate the performance of my computer. It was never a topic.

They had me sign a piece of paper saying that I didn't want to pay $99.00 for them to make back back-up disks, and I went along with it because there was no reason for them to do anything to my computer except to glue the USB port back. I just assumed they had to ask me that as a protocol but I didn't think it was necessary because I didn't come to them with that kind of problem. I was later informed that because I signed that document, that there was nothing anyone could do to help me further, however, when I signed the document, I was not informed that a full diagnostic would be run on my computer, and that the Geek Squad would be replacing parts that were failing, since the computer was still under manufacturer's warranty. (without consulting the customer first, and I was promised that they would consult me first). This displeases me and raises the question to me about the importance of customer service to the Geek Squad, because they never gave me the opportunity to make a decision as to whether or not I want to allow them to fix the new-found problems or not.

So instead of just gluing the USB port, they went into my computer and looked around and identified problems that were not issues to me. They said that my hard drive was failing, (which I doubt). I was very happy with the performance of my hard drive, and they DID replace my hard drive without letting me know it, and I think they should be held accountable for not staying on task because if they did find something unusual with my computer that "WE DIDN'T DISCUSS" then the responsible thing for them to do it to contact me so that we can HAVE that discussion. In fact, I had an agreement with the employee who took the computer, that nothing would be done to it without talking to me first.

I later spoke with someone in Consumer Resources and she told me that they do courtesy calls "sometimes". Why not "all" the time? I spoke to someone else who worked at the store and was told that only people without the manufacturer's warranty get these calls. Why only them? ESPECIALLY when replacing a Hard Drive... I mean really!

I believe they did it to spite me, because I didn't pay the $99.00 to make back up disks, and now there is no way to prove it, because my old hard drive has already been refurbished. As far as that goes, why was my old hard drive refurbished and given to someone else, instead of being given to me? I was told that it was because the hard drive belonged to the manufacturer, but wait... didn't I buy the computer? Wasn't the hard drive included?

So we have a promise that was broken, we have what I consider an invasion of privacy, when they went into my computer looking for a problem when all I wanted was my USB port fixed, and now all of my memories, and every program I had with that computer is gone. The pictures of my deceased grandmother are gone. I equate this with taking my car in for an oil change, and it being returned to me with a new engine without my permission.

The sad part is that they are getting away with ruining my computer because I signed a document saying that I didn't want them to make back-up discs for my hard drive, and they are getting away with lying to me about saying they would contact me about the "new issues" (if there were any) which they failed to do. But my complaint is this:

Why only contact customers with NO manufacturer's warning, and allow them the options to have their computer fixed or not when new-found problems arise, and NOT contact the customers that are still under warranty when new-found problems are discovered? ESPECIALLY Hard drive problems? Best Buy and the Geek Squad have lost another customer because of their lack of good customer service.
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User Replies:
Alain on 05/11/2010:
Based on what I've seen (here) and heard (neighbors and friends) and I won't be taking my computer to Geek Squad or Best Buy. Thanks for the input.
oldisgood on 05/12/2010:
I guess I will never really understand why anyone would take their computer into Geek Squad. There have been nothing but complaints about them. Why wouldn't you just look in the phone book and call up the nearest independent computer repair business? They, in my estimation, are a whole lot cheaper, faster, and more thorough. Just my suggestion.
PepperElf on 05/12/2010:
I think people go there cos it's easy to find
and when you don't know much about your computer it's tempting to just drop it off there, not understanding what may happen

and yeah you will prolly get better service from a small shop
but well it's a bit of a catch 22...

if you know the smaller shop will probably be better... most likely you know more about your computer anyway, so you may not need help.

Creativelittle1 on 08/16/2010:
I took it to them because I purchased the computer with Best Buy, and it was much like what PepperElf said. Easy, convenient. Plus, they offer a Service that is supposed to be highly esteemed, but the sad reality is that it isn't good quality service, and they don't care about customer satisfaction.

My overall thoughts on the company dropped even lower once my father (who lives in a different state on the other side of the country) bought a computer, and the Geek Squad was supposed to come to his home and set it up for him, and they didn't show up for the appointment, so he called and cancelled with them. Before, they had lied to him saying that he could get Internet cheaper through a different service than the one he was planning ongoing with, which offers free virus protection that "Best Buy" was going to charge him 70 bucks to purchase at the store. I told him about my ordeal after he had his mishap, (we rarely talk) and he is now boycotting them as well.
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Geek Squad and Best Buy are incompetent
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PERRYSBURG, OHIO -- April 26, 2008: Screen Saver on our desk top, Dell XPS 400, freezes, computer locked up. Try to restart, screen all fuzzy, shuts down.

Make the mistake of taking it to Geek Squad, which is twenty minutes away
April 27: Geek Squad calls and says they cannot get into our computer without the Dell keyboard and mouse. Explain that Dells can be like that, have to drive the mouse and keyboard up there.

April 28: Told that our graphics card had gone bad (computer only 18 months old) and that it had 65 viruses and spyware on the computer. Said it would take around $420 to fix everything, promised computer would be good as new. (Did I mention I am in the middle of writing my dissertation, I NEED my computer) Tell them to go ahead and fix it.

April 30: Told to come in a get our computer, good as new. Pick it up, get it home and start it up. When we restart it again the computer screen just flashes and then dies. Call Geek Squad, please bring it back they say, and back we go. The guy pulls out the video card, says he reset it, it should be good to go.
May 1: Get up in the morning and the computer screen just flashes and dies again. Take it back up to Geek Squad, they mess around with it for over two hours, which I stay there looking over their shoulder. Decide that they had installed a bad graphics card, not their fault, will install a new one. Back home we go (picture me still lugging around my tower).

May 2nd: Screen on, computer working, but the thing sounds like it is about to take off. New graphics card has a fan that it just running as fast, and loud, as it possibly could. Do some searching on line and decide that this is not right, something is going to burn out, not to mention the fact that I could not even hear myself think when I was sitting next to the computer. Call Geek Squad, they say bring it back.

May 3: My wife runs it up there because I am writing on the laptop, and they tell here in a very condescending manner that the graphics card has a fan, it should run. She tries her best to tell them it is not running right, but all they do is tell her that they have done us a favor by looking at it again for free and give her a 10 gift card and send her home. (Picture my wife carrying the tower at this point.)

May 5: I call the manufacturer and it takes the guy I spoke to all of three seconds to say that there is no way I should here the graphics fan running when I am just using Word, I might here it when I am playing graphic intensive games. I tell him that it sounds like an airplanes ready for takeoff. I call Geek Squad and they say they checked it out and it is working fine, but if it will make me happy bring it up and they will look at it for free. (How nice) So up I go again to Best Buy and this time I call the manufacturer on my cell phone and have him talk to the Geek Squad Tech (who at this points says "I never thought to call the manufacturer to see how this card should run.") He then proceeds to tell me that we were right, it should not run that loud and says he will put in a new graphics card.

Manager comes over, gives me another $10 gift card (At this point me and my wife have spent $420 "to get our computer back like new" and over $50 in gas going back and forth) and explains to me they are doing this because they care about us as customers, but that the computer was fine yesterday when they checked it and that "something" must have happened when my wife took it home. I smile, because if I do anything else at this point I would probably have to be escorted out of the store, and leave. Get home and realize the guy never gave me back my mouse (which I had to bring up because they can't get theirs to work on Dells) and I call up there and the manager I dealt with before says "I'm sorry, we don't see it up here, you must have lost it on the way home." (Remember, they think I can not use any other mouse on my computer, which I can, when they can't, so they think they have just killed my computer.)

I strongly advise that anyone with a problem with their computer finds a local service that actually has experts and are concerned about their image to handle their problems.
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User Replies:
tander on 05/07/2008:
There is a lawsuit against Best Buy,make sure you remove your pictures from your computer before taking it in so they don't steal them from you. I also think Best Buy's computer repair is over-priced and they don't do that well of a job fixing anything.
Anonymous on 05/07/2008:
Geek Squad are nothing but a bunch of idiots now. The original idea was a good one but they hire anyone off the street now. The whole object of the "new" Geek Squad is to sell people a lot of junk they don't want or need.

Stay away of you value your data and your hardware.
lobo65 on 05/07/2008:
I wouldn't trust the Geek Squad to shine my shoes. They rip people off by selling them additional, many times uneeded, programs. I always use a local repair shop, and they usually have it done the next day at a reasonable price.
Anonymous on 05/07/2008:
Office Depot (whom I work for) is about to follow in Best Buy's steps. You will able to bring in your computer, it will be plugged in and a third party company will remote fix the computer using software that is fairly cheap. On the other hand, Office Depot has a new saying "We promise to take care of your business" so if something goes wrong... we'd have to fix it. (This hasn't started yet and there will be a charge for it.) Before everyone starts in, some stores are taking the We promise thing to heart (our store has to, it's the district store), other stores are not so good at it. I hope we can stay away from Best Buy's mistakes!
KAREN32047 on 05/09/2009:
samsung1 on 05/22/2010:
they are a bunch of kids that do not know there butt from a hole in the ground
Grateful on 11/07/2011:
Thank you to all of you who gave your horror story comments about the Geek Squard. I was going to call them tomorrow but after reading way!!! Thanks for sharing an saving other from dealing with these crooks!
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You're Kidding Me, Right?
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SOUTHLAKE, TEXAS -- I made an appointment to have our Home Theatre looked at. Direct TV said they thought the HDMI cable needed to be replaced. I made an appointment for service, and the Geek Squad was to arrive between 8am and 12pm on Monday, Dec 24. "Mike" said that we should be prepared for an 8am arrival, so my husband and I were up, dressed, and ready to go. By 2:30, no Geek Squad. We had household guests arriving throughout the day, had plans, but had to wait for the Squad. I called at 2:30 to check and see if they were just running behind. I was told that they "tried to reach out to me and let me know that they would not be seeing me today." WHAT???!!! First of all, you tried to "reach out to me?" We've been here ALL DAY WAITING ON YOU!!!! NOBODY "REACHED OUT." The worst thing is they never offered any other reparation. I have 14 people here for Christmas, 6 DVDs to watch in the theatre, but now I have no theatre for the holiday.

As a business owner myself, I would have at LEAST expected an offer to discount a future appointment. They just kept saying, "I'm sorry, we tried to reach out to you." All I can say is I will NEVER use Geek Squad and will make sure ANYONE who asks me about our office or home theatre repairs hears my story. Shame on you!
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User Replies:
CUontheFlipSide on 01/01/2013:
Do you know that you can purchase a HDMI cable just about anywhere, and replacing is merely a matter of plugging it in? Calling GS to do this is like calling an electrician to change a light bulb.

One caution, if you go to BB to get the cable they will try to sell you an $80 cable when a $20 cable will serve as well.
trmn8r on 01/02/2013:
I agree with the previous reply - using BB for this problem is a really expensive way to go. I bought an item I saw at BB with a $69 price tag on it online for $9.99.

I would ask why it is that they could not successfully reach out to you. Winding up not available for service calls does happen. Did they have your phone number? Did they say that they got no answer, something else?
At Your Service on 01/02/2013:
People not keeping appointments is a huge gripe of mine. I'd get rid of them on the spot.
Mike in FL on 01/04/2013:
What sort of home theater set up do you have that requires a call to the Geek Squad to replace it? Is everything integrated behind a wall that's not easy to get to? That's the only reason I can think of for a call to the Geek Squad in the first place.

In any case, it seems like there might have been some incorrect information in their database. Perhaps a mistyped phone number or e-mail address. It happens.
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DAVIE, FLORIDA -- We had a virus, so we took our laptop to Best Buy. We purchased a Geek Squad service plan earlier in the year, so the virus removal was covered. They seemed to have gotten rid of the virus, but we are now totally unable to connect to my wireless network. I called Geek Squad back. At first, they tried to blame it on my network or my wireless card or my router. Then, after reiterating that we did not have the issue prior to bringing the computer in for repair, the tech stumbled through some feeble attempts to have me fix the issue. These people are supposed to be professionals.

After about 25 minutes of getting nowhere, they told me that I would have to pay for someone to come to my house to fix the problem. I have to pay for someone to fix the problem that they created. In the future, I will NEVER EVER use them for anything! INCOMPETENT!!!!
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User Replies:
MRM on 06/12/2012:
The anti-virus program must have ruined the wi-fi settings. To fix the laptop's wi-fi, I would suggest to restore laptop to its factory settings.
trmn8r on 06/12/2012:
You may have a driver issue. You can see if your network hardware is working right in the Device Manager.

Is your wireless connection visible in Network Connections?

You should be able to get the wireless working again - maybe a computer literate friend can help you. Virus removal can sometimes have unintended consequences. My guess is these aren't covered - kind of like if you lose data files BB isn't responsible.
MRM on 06/12/2012:
Good tips, Trmn8r. You're always dropping the knowledge on this site.
Mr X on 01/08/2013:
Is this a site devoted to all complaints w/ regards to Geek Squad?
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Screw Jobs
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MAPLEWOOD, MINNESOTA -- I brought in a computer to get data recovered from a hard drive. They are a bunch of dumb [snip] or they are just out to screw the customer. The guy who looked at my computer said the drive would not mount, I know the [snip]drive would not mount, that was the problem. If that is the only thing they try and then tell me that they have to send it to their data recovery service for $500-$750 then I consider them a bunch of dumb [snip]. I brought the computer home, looked for answers on the Internet, found a program that said it could get data off of a drive that would not mount, bought it for less than I paid the Geeks to screw me, and within an hour I was backing up all the data on the drive and now have it restored to a new drive on the same computer. Bunch of Dumb [snip] or Screw Jobs is my opinion of the Geek Squad.

When filling out their service survey they asked how to improve their service. How about try something more than plugging in a drive and seeing that it does not mount then giving up. Probably took him 5 minutes so that works out to $840 per hour, what a racket. The head guy I talked to when picking up my computer said that if their machine couldn't get the data off then it is serious, Bull[snip]. I also bought a home service appointment card to have a Geek come and review my installation and setup of a wireless router, the head guy said that out of a thousand he has seen only 2 people installed it properly, Bull[snip]! I am returning the service card unused. I will never think about the Geek Squad for service again.
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User Replies:
sharla mane on 03/23/2012:
I'm not following your complaint - what seems to be the real issue here, are you being over charged?
MRM on 03/23/2012:
I use RecoverMyFiles to recover files on my clients' computer.
FoDaddy19 on 03/23/2012:
I don't think that the OP realizes that prices for data *backup* and data *recovery* are very different. Also please realize that at the store, the only thing a GS agent can do is take the drive hook it up to a SATA/PATA to USB adapter and see if it gets picked by the computer (which is just an old floor model). If the drive isn't recognized by the computer in the back, then the only other option is for GS too send the drive off a 3rd party data recovery outfit, that's where it starts running into the hundreds of dollars. They weren't attempting to "screw" you, they were just following SOP.

It's great that the OP was able to get his data back, but I don't see Geek Squad doing anything wrong here.

BigAl on 03/23/2012:
What the OP is saying here is that he took his computer to the GS and was told they could not fix his problem because it was too complicated to do there. He was charged a fee which he thought was too high for 5 minutes of their time. He subsequently fixed the problem himself with a little help from the internet. It is his feeling that the GS is composed of idiots who do not know what they are doing. He may be right, he may be wrong, but this is his opinion.
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Membership over Service? Geek Squad = Membership
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HONOLULU, HAWAII -- I have never used Geek Squad before, but I was having trouble getting onto any internet browser other than internet explorer. I didn't understand the things people were posting about on the internet regarding how to fix the problem. So I figured I would try Geek Squad because they helped my friend with her computer in store.

I called Best Buy and ended up with a recording and waiting around for a while. In the meantime, I tried to access Geek Squad through Internet Explorer. The website was faster than the store, but the person I talked to only wanted me to sign up for the $199 a year membership.

I stated that I only had one problem to fix and that I didn't want to commit to a membership, but then the guy said that to fix ONE problem would cost me about $149 TO START!!! They didn't even know what was wrong with my computer and they wanted to charge me $149! Um . . . I thought that was not good business. Even if I take my car to the mechanic, they give me a quote that includes what services they will be doing for me. The guy didn't even explain what they would be doing or how and he didn't even try. He just wanted me to buy a membership.

I don't normally rate websites or other things, but I was sorely disappointed with the push for ONLY membership rather than service or QUALITY service.

It turns out the problem was my anti-virus program and I easily fixed it myself, but for something that simple I would have been charged $149 to START? Even if it was a standard hourly rate, I think that is an exorbitant amount of money for something.

Now the store people may have been better for my friend which would explain the good review that one person put. I am not saying anything bad about the service in person, just the website. It would have been a better experience if the customer support person could have been more informative instead of pushing the membership on me.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 02/19/2012:
I think you made a wise decision and saved yourself a lot of money.

Some My3cents members are computer experts. If you have a question, you can post it in the community forum or on the review side. Chances are good that someone will be able to help you. Give it a try next time.
jktshff1 on 02/19/2012:
Good review and good advice from V09
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Terrible Service and Total Incompetence
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CUTLER BAY, FLORIDA -- I purchased the desktop at Best Buy for Christmas. Unfortunately the product failed within 2 weeks with what I diagnosed as a power supply or motherboard failure. Since the product was under warranty I did not attempt to confirm the problem or repair it so as to not void the warranty.

I called ASUS and was directed to take the product to the Geek Squad for repair. I did so and the product came back in 2 weeks with the same problem; it had not been fixed and they changed the hard drive. I did not accept the product back and they re-sent the product to Kentucky for repair. It has been there ever since.

Their tracking system shows that they have all the parts and are working on it; the status never changes and it has been like that for quite some time. You get periodic e-mails showing you the erroneous status periodically adding insult to injury.

When you call the store to inquire they do not know the status and refer you to the 800 number of customer support; when you call customer support they refer you to the store. No one seems to be allowed to call the repair depot and give you a straight answer. In the meantime I have no computer and no clue as to when will it be repaired. The Geek Squad Manager has been useless and the Store Manager does not return her calls when you get through.

I have written to Corporate Management but that will probably do no good. I am also posting in every blog I can find to hopefully prevent someone else from making the same mistake with the Geek Squad. Best Buy has been unable or unwilling to help. Don't make my mistake, purchase from another retailer that will back what they sell with good service and by all means stay away from the Geek Squad. They should change their name to the Reek Squad, because their service stinks.
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 02/11/2012:
I'm surprised they got it back to you in two weeks the first time. When I worked for Geek Squad, average turn around time was closer to 3 or 4 weeks. If it failed within two weeks of receiving it though, you should've been able to return it to the store. When it was shipped out the 2nd time, it should've been expedited so that it had priority when it got there. Sounds like both the Geek Squad agents at the store and the people at Geed Squad city dropped the ball on this one.
nikalseyn on 02/11/2012:
You can return an item within 30 days for a full refund at BestBuy. However, that still does not mean you should ever buy anything from BestBuy. Your comment about the store manager not returning your calls is common behavior with many BestBuy managers---they are apparently much too busy to talk to mere customers---besides, customers may have a complaint and talk "harshly" to them, upsetting their whole day.
Best bet: stay away from BestBuy and buy your new desktop online---anywhere but
Kahula35 on 03/05/2012:
What's probably going on is a warranty battle. ASUS puts a warranty on their machine and with it being defective I bet Best Buy's service company is probably fighting with ASUS to pay for repairs or something along those lines. Regardless I am surprised they didn't just swap the computer out due to it being within the return window. I am also surprised Best Buy even touched it without talking to ASUS more unless ASUS is authorizing Best Buy's lab to perform the warranty work.

Frankly most manufacturer's refer customers right back to the store which is completely wrong in many cases because the store can't help you. This leads to a lot of frustration with customers and manufacturer's don't care. Best Buy screwed up because they should have just processed a return instead of attempting repairs.
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Don't Make the Same Mistake I Did
Posted by on
This is the first service I have ever written a bad review about. I will try to save you all the gory details but the bottom line is that I decided to try the online Geek Squad service to troubleshoot a sluggish computer that would occasionally hang. After several hours of failed remote repair attempts I had a completely disabled system that had to be brought in for repairs. The result was three return trips and almost $500 in repairs over the next 30+ days. I don't mind so much that I had to buy a new hard drive and external backup drive, the problem is the multiple trips it took to figure it out, the badly missed date estimates and the condition in which my computer was returned. At the end of it all I was given a shell of a computer with just the OS loaded and a backup drive with my data. No instructions on how to make it operable and they did not even load the software from the backup device to allow me to restore my files. Instead I am left fumbling through folders trying to drag them back to my C: drive, but they have created new users and permissions and locked access so it will take several days to unravel whatever it was they were trying to do.
I can honestly assess that they have minimal technical skills and do the bare minimum to get you out the door and on your own. I am much worse off than when I started and have spent almost $500 with them to boot.
Add insult to injury, on the feedback form I asked for an e-mail reply, they called instead and when I returned the gentleman's call who had inquired about my review I was told he was with a customer and will call me "right back". I am writing this review two hours after I was told I would get a callback.
I wish I would have checked out customer reviews before engaging Geek Squad.
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User Replies:
Alain on 10/08/2011:
You can file a quick complaint at
which will join others about Geek Squad. Overall, given the number of complaints on this site and others, I'd call a local computer shop for problems instead of them.
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Beware of the "Geek Squad"
Posted by on
WYOMISSING, PENNSYLVANIA -- My computer was broke. Or so I had thought. My screen frequently would show vertical lines and would freeze and sometimes show the Blue Screen of Death stating something about "nv4_disp". My roommate and I decided to take it to Geek Squad since its well known and's Best Buy!

So, we end up taking it to the Best Buy in Wyomissing, PA. The people there could have been much older than I and I am 23. The boy asked what was wrong, gave us a disappointing look, and popped in a few disks. He said something along the lines that we should just call Dell and get a rebooting disk so we can erase the computer and start all over...If we wanted to fix the computer he thought it would be $200-$400. I was in shock since the computer isn't that old. He said we should probably just get a new computer since we could get one "way better" than the one we wanted fixed. He said to start the computer in safemode and save all our important files to a portable memory card...

On out way out, we proceeded to check out some of the laptops on display, just to get an in person look at computers since we hadn't been laptop searching in a while. That experience could be another complaint but we will skip that...

When we get home, not wanting to just destroy everything, we get out a 7 year old laptop and start invesigating this "nv4" thing...Apparently it was a frequent problem with Dells and other computers and is relatively an easy fix. I probably should have just googles it this way the first time, but I thought I could trust Best Buy and their nationally know Geek Squad.

It looks like Best Buy has spent more money on their VW Beetle "Geek Squad" cars than training for their employees...or at least money on employees who can search for techs who actually know something about computers. The tech was probably just doing what he is told and it rushing people through a line that quickly backs up with 4-5 people..."just erase it and start over or buy a new computer" is all that I got out of the 30 minutes of standing in front of the tech...

Fortunately, I did not have to start all over with a new computer...thanks to MY research.
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User Replies:
MRM on 08/05/2011:
Use google and you too can be a computer technician.
ChuhBaca on 08/05/2011:
You're right, Geek Squad is nationally known. Unfortunately, they're not nationally known to be good. Best Buy is just not a very good company to deal with.
Old Timer on 08/05/2011:
The Gook Squids strike again. Such a shame, it was a pretty good idea when it started. Now all the gooks are trained to do is upsell and get as much money is they can from everyone and anyone they can.
clutzycook on 08/05/2011:
Not to rag on my generation, but just by looking at many of these Geek Squad members, some of my fellow millennials seem to subscribe to the "everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten--literally," system of beliefs. :)
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Set up Service was rip off
Posted by on
RICHFIRELD, MINNESOTA -- I purchased a rebuilt computer from Geek Squad, over the phone. Sales Rep said they would set it up after I received the computer and the screen. He said first hour of service was free and then after was a charge of $99 per hour. He did not say what the average set up time was, but did say to make sure I keep track of the time. Service Tech arrived and first thing he did was unhook my old computer and put on the floor. During hooking up new computer, he noticed he needed a cable. Went out to his car to check for one. Returned and said he did not have one. I told him I had some old computer parts in a box in my basement. Went to bsement and brought up the box of misc computer parts. He found the cable he needed. Set my new computer up and was ready to leave. I had to ask him about all the data on my old computer. He acted shocked that I wanted the data on old computer trasfered to new one. He said he would do that. Again for second time, he did not have a cable to do the job. I went back to basement and brought box back up. He found what he needed and continued to transfer data. When he was done, he showed me it took him 2.75 hours to do his job. I had no idea and was not told it might take that long. I called Geek Squad to ask about it. The sales representative told me that he said I would get first hour free and all after would be $99 per hour. He said he told me that the cost was for set up of a new computer. Did not say anything about transferring old data over to new one. I was billed an additional $173 for hours over the one free hour. Sales Rep said it takes time to trasfer data and that was additional. Was NOT told that during sales pitch. Also told him the Service Tech did not have two cables that I had to furnish to him to get his job done. That took time for me to get the cables. Service Tech should have had them to do the job correctly.

I feel I got RIPPED off with the additional charge. Sales representative should asked me about transferring old data and gave me an estimate of time it might take.

They will not refund any money. I will never buy anything from Geek Squad in the future. Kool Kayaker
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User Replies:
jonthethird on 07/23/2011:
Appears there was a failure to communicate exactly what "setup" entailed.
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