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Trouble with puter
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Rating: 5/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- Lost Netflix while watching a show. I pushed some buttons on the remotes while cleaning them after spilling sticky stuff on them. Pushed wrong buttons. Called Netflix, lost over an hour and no help from people who did not speak English well. Called my cable company and lost another hour and was told my TV was bad. My hair turned gray by now and I was cranky.

I am a logical person. I pushed wrong buttons so it was a physical thing, not a bad TV or cable wires... etc. I needed that geek person who was logical and smart, liked a challenge. So, I called Geek Squad, I have a service contract with them. Bam. 5 minutes... count them, 5... he, my hero, figured it out. Told me how to reset the system and buttons and bam I was back with Grey's Anatomy. He was quick, and he was "it", the person you want to help you, the one who gets it.

Technician Ruined Dryer
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Rating: 1/51

NORMAN, OKLAHOMA -- If I could give zero stars, I would. I had dryer repair which required parts to be ordered. This was December 26th. On January 4, a repair person came out and "fixed" the dryer. It immediately quit working. The Geek Squad could not come back out until January 9th, at which time a different technician took the dryer apart and found the previous technician had left a tools on the heating element of the dryer, ruining the heating element and blowing several fuses.

Once again, parts had to be ordered. They arrived January 11th, but the Geek Squad would not get an appointment for me before January 17th. I have had a non-working dryer since December 26th, missed three days of work and the technician showed up late on the 4th, causing me to rearrange everything that day and completely failing to show up in the 4 hour window promised. No one has offered to do anything to help even though the Geek Squad technician caused the dryer to be inoperable.

Timely Tech Support Is Unknown to GS
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- I recently became a Geek Squad "Total Tech Support" customer and was excited to be told of all the expertise GS can provide to me on my computers. What I was NOT told was the absolutely unconscionable "wait" times to actually get a tech on the line. Two to three hours is commonplace.

Tonight, it has now been 3 hours and 15 minutes! All of the "Level I agents” are just queue-up agents for their "Level II agents"... who are really entry level technicians. Their answer to the long wait times is that I don't need to be available for them to do the work I need done...they'll just keep their remote access open and whenever a tech gets time, he/she will just go to work. HOW ARROGANT!

Who in their right mind would let a complete stranger in their computer without the owner's supervision? Theoretically, they could copy every piece of data in the computer (i.e. email addresses) and sell that data. Geek Squad has no history with me... and the trust level is diminishing rapidly. I'm nearly at the point of cancelling my agreement with them and finding a reputable resource to do the work I need done and within a reasonable timeframe.

Laptop Repair
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Rating: 1/51

SNELLVILLE, GEORGIA -- We had issues with laptop being slow (laptop is only a year old). Technicians took easy fix and wiped computer completely deleting all files and programs. It is not worth it to pay for the extended warranty at Best Buy.

You Get What You Pay for...
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Rating: 1/51

MANCHESTER, CONNECTICUT -- I signed up for their service because it was cheap ($100 annual). Absolutely $ badly spent. Almost every time I'd contact them with problems, they would spend hours NOT fixing them. And then creating additional problems with my PC. Plus the wait time is ridiculous -- sometimes as long as five hours! Avoid like the plague. I'll be glad when Amazon gets its service up & running...

Be Careful What You Request/You will Get the Wrong Advice & Things You Didn't Request
By -

TUCKER, GEORGIA -- I am talking to my fifth person at Geek Squad. My first call, we got disconnected. My second call the girl said she couldn't hear me and went into a speech about my having to call back. No one called me back. The third girl took my info and then dumped me onto another person who took the same info. I spoke to a Supervisor for my fourth call and I am now waiting to speak to someone in their corporate complaint department.

In September, I had the Geek Squad come out to network my three business computers, setup automatic backup on an external drive and do a tune-up on one of the computer. I explained to the Tech representative that I wanted access to all three computers no matter where I was in my office or den. For some strange reason, which I did not discover until last night, he gave me access from one computer but set up a pass code and user box for one of the other computers.

I explained to the customer service representative that I seldom used this particular computer because it is in my den. However, when I get back from a trip or if I need to do something immediately, I will use it. I wanted access to these items from my other two computers which are in my office.

When I express my dismay and concern, I got the standard scrip about 30 days etc, why didn't I complain then, they would have to charge me, etc. etc. When I challenged the setting up of a password and user name on just one computer, I wasn't given a good reason why he did that. Also, they have a policy that states it should have been on his records and my invoice that he did that. The supervisor kept trying to blame the program they used.

I also had purchased at 1T external hard drive. I had a 750 one. I asked the Tech if we could "piggy back" the hard drives for backup. I explained to him I had huge files. I also explained to him that I have two businesses, a consulting firm that works with companies in the convention/tradeshow/meetings arena and a photography business. He told me I had plenty of space and to put the hard drive on eBay! Guess what, I am now out of space for my backup's. I don't know what is being backup, overwritten, nothing!

I am now talking to their corporate complaint department. He is giving me the company line. No relief here. Bottom line, they didn't do what I asked, they don't care I didn't get correct products and service. What ever, I am just out of luck! Oh, he just checked. What do you know, their Tech didn't fill out his work order correctly. No mention of codes or other items. This guy thinks he can help with the situation now. I asked him if their Rep's understand that 90% of the public doesn't have a clue about computer systems. He thinks he can get a resolution to the problems. Well, we will see.

Three Things: If you get cut off, call the customer back! If your personnel did something wrong, didn't complete their paperwork correctly, failed to advise the customer correctly, admit it, solve the problem and don't even think about charging the customer. I don't care if it has been a year. Car manufacturers have recalls! You did it wrong, fix it! What company sends out Tech rep's that don't know what is applicable for storage needs. If someone has huge files, they should it least have a formula or something that let's them know what the customer might need.

My advice, be afraid, be very afraid. Will I ever buy anything from Best Buy if I need the Geek Squad to install it and service it... That's not going to happen!! This whole affair took over two hours of my time. As a small business owner, this day just cost me money. Keep your money in your pocket. Find someone else to do your project.

Fake Expert Blaming Customer for Their Own Incompetence
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Rating: 2/51

TORONTO -- The quality of service depends on who is on duty when you go or call in. One staff member was very patient (I'm a person with disabilities), but another was totally rude. I had purchased a computer at a Best Buy location in Toronto, and the in-store Geek Squad installed Thunderbird for me. Soon I found all emails disappeared from my Rogers email inbox in Thunderbird. When I called Geek Squad, the staff on the phone was nice and offered to help based on the fact that they had installed the software for me.

When I went in with my PC the next day, the guy on duty asked me for receipt. I told him that if I open my Hotmail, I could show him the receipt. (Best Buy had emailed the receipt to me.) He opened my email, but did not look for the receipt or allow me to look for it in my own email account. Instead, he repeatedly asked me for the receipt to prove that I had purchased the PC at their store.

It appeared that he was looking for an excuse not to work, or was giving the customer a hard time because he was not happy working. Then he offered CONTRADICTORY explanations about why ALL emails had disappeared from my Rogers inbox in Thunderbird, but was retained in the original Rogers inbox, and eventually blamed me for “accidentally” deleted ALL emails from the inbox in Thunderbird.

It was not true at all because those allegedly “ACCIDENTALLY DELETED” EMAILS WERE NOT TO BE FOUND IN THE “DELETE/TRASH” BOXES, neither in Thunderbird, nor in the original Rogers account! That was obviously a person who does not know his stuff but had a lot of “expert” arrogance. He was not to admit that he could not solve my problem, so scapegoating the customer was his best strategy!

Geek Squad is not completely America
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Rating: 3/51

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I would like first to point out that Geek Squad reps are NOT IN AMERICA. I have on a few occasions hired the remote assistance technicians and paid top dollar, only to speak to people with broken accents whom were very difficult to understand. I even had to disconnect the call a few times and call back in to try and get someone that could understand me and someone whom I could understand.

DO NOT hire Geek Squad remote services. I've hired them to give my computer on a couple of occasions and they've always made it worse. The best thing to do is to find a remote service that is based in the United States that actually answers the phone when you call. Be sure to check out their reviews too. If you check out Geek Squad reviews, you'll notice a ridiculous amount of horrible reviews for the Geek Squad all over the internet. I've never seen worse reviews.

The most recent one - I hired Geek Squad to fix an Outlook email issue that I had had for a few weeks. Apparently, the company that I hired, was able to go in and check out the fact that Geek Squad did not repair a virus problem from a few months before that led to the eventual collapse of my Outlook files. To make things worse, Geek Squad never did the cleanup on the file system on windows, so the other company I hired was able to go in and make it faster and remove a bunch of junk files that could have caused me issues down the road.

Moral of the story - don't trust anyone that works here. I can't imagine that they would be able to do anything good for your computer, as the reviews that are positive, almost seem to be written by the Geek Squad company themselves. As others have mentioned: Buyer beware!

Entertainment install
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Rating: 1/51

We paid for Geek Squad to install receiver, TV, and accessories. They came for everything out, opened and took out the new (which we paid a lot of money for) equipment and told us they were out of time and would be back at 3 pm. Never heard from them. Called customer service 3+ times - tried to get to listen, call store 2x. Finally, actually went to store and insisted seeing a manager. Not sure yet how much that will work out. We are still a mess in our main line, video no space, waiting all day for nothing. Don't know when it will be resolved and we paid + 5,000.00 for the privilege!

Waste Of Time And Effort
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Rating: 1/51

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- Computer froze at start up. Brought it in. "Technician" immediately tried to sell me a 3 year service plan. I said no, please diagnose issue. They noticed it was still under warranty and will need to go back to Lenovo for servicing and it will take up to 1 month. They sent it in to the Best Buy service center where I assume a Lenovo certified tech person (Team 12 Agent **) worked on it. Computer came back 2+ weeks later with a new hard drive and same issue.

I brought it back to Geek Squad, said it wasn't fixed. They sent it back to the service center, where Team 12 Agent ** replaced the hard drive again. Computer came back 1+ weeks later with new hard drive and same issue. So, at this time, I'm guessing the issue is NOT the hard drive. I brought it back to Geek Squad and told them my diagnosis. After spending 1.5 hours trying to get the laptop to reboot, the Geek Squad technician told me that I should talk directly to Lenovo. (In retrospect, something that I should have done a month ago.)

This was an incredibly bad customer experience for me. I feel that since Best Buy (Geek Squad) couldn't squeeze any extra money out of me, I wasn't worth their time. Be warned if you want to be sold a service plan, slap yourself in the head, and go to Geek Squad. If you want quality service, find a small, qualified, local business that cares about service and keeping your business.

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