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Good Feet Arch Supports = Bad Feet
Posted by NoNickname on 10/04/2007
MURFREESBORO, TENNESSEE -- Beware the pre-formed arch supports sold by the Good Feet companies. There is a reason that the store policy is lots of money up front and NO REFUNDS-- they don't work.

They hooked me for $559 and so far all I've gotten is a lot of run around and new medical problems. The arch supports not only did not alleviate my plantar fascitis but made it worse AND caused new injuries. Why no returns anyway? This miracle plastic is PREFORMED! They are not custom made inserts formed specially for my feet. They are preformed pulled off the shelf.

Every time I went back to say that they were not working I got a different run around-- "no, no, our arch supports aren't causing that pain in your neck and back." I pointed out that their own materials state that improper arch supports throw you out of alignment. They had no comment for that, just switched me to yet another pair of their pre-formed supports. I've now tried every arch support they carry. Still not working and bonus- new medical problems!

Later, I was told that I couldn't know that there was a problem with the supports because I wasn't a doctor. Fine. Now I have a medical note from my doctor stating that they made my condition worse and caused new injuries. Now the run around is that I need to meet with the franchise owner. Fine. So far I've been back twice and gosh darn it, wouldn't you know it, she just left! No, they won't call her to try to resolve the issue. Maybe she'll be in tomorrow.... maybe not. No guarantees... And no, I won't take our products back...

If the stupid ink blots they make you stand on to prove that you have problems and need to fork over your money to them for their snake oil arch supports isn't meant as diagnostic, then I don't know what it is. But we'll just let the regulatory arm that investigates the unlicensed practice of medicine decide that... And while I'm at it, the attorney general's consumer fraud division can get in on the act too.

Finally, their store policy may be NO REFUNDS but it is not a waiver of liability. They don't want to refund the $559? Fine. They can meet me in court and pay all my medical bills, legal costs AND refund the $559. They had their chance to simply refund the $559 and have chosen to repeatedly run me around. The choice was theirs!


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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-04:
Posted by moneybags on 2007-10-05:
Go see a good podiatrist about the PF pain. It really hurts and all the stretching couldn't help. My podiatrist gave me cortisone injections in my foot. It took 4 shots but the pain has been gone for 6 years now. I occassionally wear a heel cushion (from the drugstore or Wal Mart if I'm on my feet alot. Call a podiatrist or orthopedist who specializes in feet.
Posted by Dr. Larry on 2008-03-23:
As a podiatrist I advise my patients that there are plenty of great arch supports on the market for under $50. A good rule of thumb is not to spend more than $50 for any orthotic device unless you receive a comprehensive examination by an experience medical professional (certainly not a shoe salesperson)and have truly custom orthotics made. To make custom orthotics it is necessary to that a 3-dimensional mold of the foot, with the foot held in a specific position, be sent to a manufacturing lab. By all means, try some good prefabricated orthotics. Most people do not need custom devices. Just do not spend more than $50. If you still have pain, see a podiatrist.

Larry Huppin, DPM
Posted by addvantage on 2008-09-19:
Mr. Purrelli c-ped
What a whiner 'nonickname' is!!! I bought the same Good Feet product he's whining about years ago & it has been the best thing I have ever done. The Good Feet Stores must have helped at least a million people since 1992. Explain that 'nonickname'. Hey, I guess you could not get any of the agencies to agree with you being that Good Feet is still in business of helping people. The 'no refund' policy was explained to you before you invested your money & that is because these are personal items. Hey, do doctors give refunds? I make custom orthotics in my own manufacturing lab that I sell to doctors yet I think the Good Feet products are great. My wife who also loves Good Feet orthotics is a foot doctor & she disagrees that you can get much of an arch support for under $50, maybe a little cushioning but that's about it. If 'nonickname' could have gotten beyond his whining & actually wore the Good Feet orthotic it would have change his life for the better.
Posted by momarlon on 2009-02-11:
I fell for the sales pitch hook, line and sinker. After taking them back for making my feet feel worse, I realized the key... they have so much carpet and padding in their salesrooms, a cinder block would feel good.
Posted by Teffers on 2009-03-30:
the good feet store is a slight of hand company. the supports they sell you work for some but not for most. Their personal are not trained as experts and the arch supports they sell are basically the exact same ones sold on tv for $19.99 same composition and same manufacturing plant. There is no returns and costs can run over $500. They do use carnival tricks when it comes to show how your balance is affected, and some big words to make you feel they know whats going on with your feet. Also footprint models to show how bad your feet are. In reality the salespeople are trained on key words and techniques to convince you they are professionally trained. Training take a few shifts to make sure you say certain phrases and models to get their point across. They also understand people will pay anything to aliviate pain. So the more costly the cure the more people think it will work.
Now I've talked to several people who have bought from the Goodfeet store and I would say 90% were not using them after 1year. I've talked to people who have bought the $19.99 pair and about 50% were still using them after one year.
Now again in some cases they do work ! But as a former client. I've switched to the $19.00 pair and have had better results for the different shoes I wear. soooo Cavet Emptor. Don't be fooled by Hocus Pocus cure all sales techniques. they might work for you they might not ... Remember NO Returns if they don't work for you !!! your out anywhere from 300 to 500 bucks. It's much cheaper to see a REAL Doctor or at least only 20 bucks for the As seen on TV kind.. remember same company makes them if you don't belive me compare them to each other . Ask what their policy is if they don't work for you ..! You'll be shocked you have no recourse if they don't, even if they cause you more pain.
Posted by jjtodd on 2009-08-11:
Not sure why you said all that. for myself and atleast 10 people I know we love our good feet arch supports they have changed our lives for the better.

Good Feet is great in my life and for many others. Maybe you have problems with every product you buy!
Posted by Ammasgirl on 2010-05-15:
Had Allsner inserts (German inventor) before patent ran out and Good Feet copied. Sept 09 moved a lot of boxes several flights up and down stairs. Potiatrist said I have retro calcaneal heel bursitis w/achilles tendonitis, calcaneal heel spur, and infra calcaneal heel bursitis w/plantar fasciitis - all left heel. Must stretch achilles and fascia, and use wedge shoes to relieve heel. Custom podiatrist inserts didn't
work. The black non-flex Good Feet in my wedge shoes are a miracle cure.
Posted by johnsola12 on 2010-09-29:
After wearing the good feet product for 1.5 months, I started having pains in my leg and back, turns out my L5 DISC herniated. Now, after 4 epidurals and 2 back surgeries, I went back to the store to explain my situation and because I knew of the no refund, I just wanted to trade them in for decent shoes. Nope, past my 60 days. Emmitt Smith, why are you endorsing this product and their unyeilding business rules? This will be a store we will not see in a couple of years, no doubt about it. LJohnson, Napa Ca.
Posted by 12345678 on 2012-04-17:
Hi, do you think you could mention what exactly you did that was making the physical problems worse for you? I'm wondering if this is really a "good feet" problem, or was it that the instructions weren't followed on how to wear them, etc...
Posted by Bob H on 2012-06-03:
I'm a logger (timber faller) and know of nothing tougher on the whole body. Good Feet supports were a waste of $320.00. Bought a pair of Nick's calked logging boots and I don't even want to take them off at end of day. For the price (any price), you can do much better than Good Feet.
Posted by Stevenet2444 on 2012-07-26:
I had myself purchased the full package ($500+) at the Spring hill store in Tn, which was owned by the same family as the MURFREESBORO store, the Spring hill store is now closed.
At that time I was having major problems working on my feet all day in a factory on hard floors.
In fact the inserts did help immensely. It was like night and day having no pain anymore. It was 10 yrs ago aprox.
That said...
Since then I no longer wear them, in fact the "as seen on TV" "walkfits" are imo the same product for about $20. Good feet is a major ripoff for the cost of the product you get.
I now use Spenco arch supports in two varieties and rotate them.
It WAS worth it for me at the time to get something to alleviate the pain, I wish I had tried something else besides the $500+ goodfeet option though. IMO Goodfeet = Walkfits Save $480 and try those instead even if you have to replace them every yr, it's still way cheaper for the same product, and your not paying for the goodfeet stores high overhead. If walkfits don't work for you then the goddfeet ones won't either and all your out is $20 instead of $500+.
Posted by ivan6381 on 2012-08-06:
Be aware there commissioned sales reps are trained to always sell the 3 step program because the company makes the most money off this program. Their representatives are monitored on how many 3, 2, and 1 step programs they sell. The company is also not interested in having the rep develop a relationship with the customer. The company only cares about the product and not the people. No refund on a product they spend 30 minutes with you on then try and hard close you.
Posted by AF1215 on 2012-12-09:
I had a similar experience. I had paid 200 for some suports for my kid and went back 2 months later because he said they are not working. No refunds. I had to spend 100 more on ones that are his size. They said his foot grew since last time. I told them he is wearing the same sneakers he wore last time 2 months ago. They said his arch grew not his length, now am I a idiot, I kknow a scam when I see one. They are in the business of scamming people with claims they can not back up
Posted by Carl Bradley on 2013-04-28:
These are virtually the same as the "walk fit" product---which have worked for me . . . . but I now wear an orthotic that I purchased at Big Lots for $5.00, at a tremendous savings---and it works the best of all of them. Beware of ANY company that will not offer you an ironclad refund guarantee on a pre-made orthotic.
Posted by techguy378 on 2013-04-29:
I've had a problem with severe overpronation for 10 years. I was practically tripping over my own feet. I also had pain in my lower legs and lower back because I was walking on the front of my feet. I tried nearly all of Nike's most expensive shoes that claimed to provide support. The Airmax 360, the Nike Shox shoes and even the Lunarglide 3 Even tried the Asics Kinsei 2. None of these shoes changed anything. I was still tripping over my own feet in many cases. Unfortunately most people that work at shoe stores don't know which shoes do what leaving me to figure it out on my own. Last year I saw an advertisement for a store called Arch Fitters that did custom inserts. For those who don't know, Archfitters is a medical facility. They have a podiatrist and a pedorthist at all locations. When I went there it was suggested I get the Brooks Beast shoes. For the first time in my life I was able to walk without tripping, but I still had no arch support. Archfitters said I didn't need a custom insert so they gave me an over the counter one. The total price for the Brooks shoes orthodics was $230. While it did reduce the pain in my legs and lower back the orthodic didn't eliminate it. I couldn't stand for long periods of time. The orthodic from Archfitters also sqeaked very loudly. I decided to check out Good Feet. I just bought the Step 1 Exerciser insert for $355, not the whole package. What a difference! It does definitely take some getting used to, but I have no pain whatsoever in my body. Some may think this is expensive, but many people have no health insurance whatsoever. The cost of custom orthodics costs thousands of dollars. This includes the doctor's visit, taking the mold and the cost of creating a product that isn't mass produced at all because nobody has the same foot as you. Now there are plenty of people with more severe foot problems that should see a podiatrist instead of getting over the counter inserts like Good Feet. Those of you that think this is a rip off obviously don't have any common sense and should stop trying to ruin a perfectly legitimate company.
Posted by paul on 2013-07-29:
$599 woah that reall is alot of money.. i wouldnt think about buying a new computer for that prices... What worked for me wear some non custom insoles for 100th of the price of those ones a lot cheaper and comfortable lol
Posted by Sandy on 2013-08-29:
I, too, bought these arch supports (mine were over $700). They make my feet hurt and I can't wear them with most of my shoes because my feet won't stay in the shoes. I've tried them with sling backs and even using the Velcro they provide, the orthotic ends up nearly sliding out of the shoe by the end of the day. I guess I should wear running shoes everywhere?? Most worthless item I have EVER purchased and I thought the custom orthotics provided by my podiatrist were bad. DO NOT PURCHASE!!
Posted by iwantmymoneyback on 2013-12-11:
I purchased the 3 step program and wasn't aware at the time.... that there was no refund. I had a new girl help me and after my purchase, I went home and did what the worksheet advised 123 step. A week went by, and I was having more problems and pain in my feet and my back, then I did before I purchase Goodfeet. So, I went back to get a refund, if they couldn't help, and then they showed me that stamp... on the invoice that said
Posted by Elderly Woman on 2014-01-04:
Be careful to all elderly people who may be taken advantage of by these fiduciary scammers. I was trapped by the sales associate who towered over me and said no you will write a check for this today and now. I felt scared and almost thought I May even be robbed by him. This company needs to be investigated and shut down.
Posted by HATE GOOD FEET on 2014-01-08:
I loathe this company completely!! Can't wait until they are shut down or put out of business completely. They are thieves with a license to steal and have no morals at all!!! Do not know why they are still in business, please DO NOT SHOP THERE, BUYER BEWARE!!! THEIVES!!!
Posted by Gina Houston on 2014-03-29:
Thank you so much fir sharing your experience , and good luck dealing with those thieves!
Posted by Elmer on 2014-03-29:
I'm out $1000 . More pain after only. 6 days. Was not advised of no refund policy. When I returned was told in store credit only! There's nothing there I would buy!!! Portland or store. I followed instructions exactly. I also was told by my doctor good feet causes more harm! Customer service is the worse I have ever experienced on my life! Talk about taking advantage of people! Walmart has a better return policy then Good feet.
Posted by still questioning Good Feet on 2014-04-12:
I have had many variety's of over the counter inserts/supports and orthopedic made and Chiropractor made supports. For the people who swear by Good Feet insoles I have to ask how many other options did you try before you dished out that amount of money and they worked for you. I see no difference in the way they fit you (by stepping on a piece of paper) than the way you stand on the machine in WalMart to give you a number for a Scholls brand arch support. I dont care what insole you have It will not work for you indefinitely. your foot changes and adjustments have to be made. people are nuts to pay this amount of money especially when they cant return them.
Posted by Charlie on 2014-04-13:
Interesting case. On the one hand I think plantar fasciitis may not be so easy to treat. On the other hand, I think they should have made an exception and refunded your purchase. Good luck with your case! Sounds like they will settle on the courtroom steps to avoid actual trial and any precedent setting decision... I hope your planar fasciitis is getting better as well.
Posted by Tom McDevitt on 2014-04-17:
The Good Feet store is a total rip off, they also have their return policy down pat, you can get a credit as I did, my wife just stopped to buy something with the credit they charged her $9.00 for a pair of tennis shoe socks. and the shoes the have are about as ugly as you can get. I also found a great pair (much better than the custom $300 ones from the good feet store) at Champs shoe store Spenco they were 30 something they gave me a Vet. discount the were around $27
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Good Feet Supports - Great Product
Posted by Piper2007 on 08/15/2008
DENVER, COLORADO -- I am sick of reading complaints on this company when it was the person who's writing the complaints own ignorance. I have good feet supports, I have also had custom fit orthopedics made buy a podiatrist. Good feet supports have made it possible for me to walk again!!!!

I have spent thousands of dollars on everything from surgeries, orthopedics, splints, boots, shoes, etc. all done by doctors that made my pain worse and unbearable. One of my doctors finally sent me to good feet. YES these are recommended by a lot of doctors, they are just not recommend by the ones who want to be the ones to take your money. If you wear a product for 2 months and its all scratched up what is the company supposed to do with that? That is why the product is NOT RETURNABLE which is only common sense!! I would have paid 10 times more then what I paid for these supports. They have improved my life tremendously!!!

In my opinion these supports and the people who fit them are a godsend. The people that complain twist things around to make others look bad and in my opinion they are just having buyers remorse and never gave the supports a good try. Next time read the information the store gives you to begin with before you make your purchase and you won't be so surprised later. Its your own fault when the store has the return policy posted for everyone to see, its on your receipt, and you sign paperwork acknowledging that you have read and understand. [snip - please be respectful of other members]
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Posted by 49plymouth on 2010-06-23:
The overwhelming reviews of the Good Feet Stores have been negative, and with good reason. After reading these reviews I feel like the king of dupes. Most buyers got hit for around $550. They got me for three hundred more than that. It is easy to critisize buyers and their belated "remorse", but in desperation you will grasp at straws and hope for the best. Not only are these inserts obscenely overpriced but the salespersons is not medically trained. She spent all of about 15 minutes with me on my first visit. When I initially felt some relief, I thought this might be the soloution. I had reservations about the no money back gaurantee, and in hind sight I should have walked out. On the second visit she spent less than 5 minutes with me and gave me a different set of the high inserts. A year later and my feet are in constant pain again. They have been getting progressively worse. My whole body aches.It is bit of a drive to the store but I will just have to continue to be a pest until I get some kind of satisfaction. The is a reason for their no money back gaurantee. Almost every product today has at least a 30 day money back guarentee.
Posted by steve on 2013-05-23:
I am very happy with mine, been wearing my good feet arch supports about 10 years now. Products have a lifetime warranty, my doctor wanted to charge me $500 every year. Heck no! Arch supports to me are very personal and get ripped up fast and can not be resold, so I understand policy. If you bought a shirt at macys for $150 and ripped it , they would not even let you return it for another one, they would just say you destroyed it so now it is yours,bye! Good feet will take back a used ripped up supportand give you another one. Peace!
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Rip off
Posted by Pellagrini56 on 10/14/2011
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I ALMOST got hoodwinked by this store. Had my credit card out and was about to pay $300 for a pair of plastic inserts. Then it hit me--in my professional life I am familiar with plastics manfacturing and know for a fact that those inserts cost a factory as little as $5-10 to make. $60 or even $100 would be a reasonable mark up, but $300??? I gathered up my stuff and walked out--with the lady at the store yelling at me to come back! Shortly afterwards, I was at my podiatrist, and he endorses the Superfeet inserts, which do "as good or better" job of guarding against my plantar fascitis, and he was aware of Good Feet and called them a "rip off". Oh, and the Superfeet inserts? 30 bucks! I'm not endorsing Superfeet--shop around and find the product that works best for you, but DON'T plop down 300-600-1000 bucks for Good Feet products. Pick up your credit card and run!
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Posted by Skye on 2011-10-14:
Good Feet works for some people, some have complaints.

I would never waste my time going to people who are not medically trained when it comes to my heatlh. Our feet are so important and people need to realize that.

You did the right thing by not spending that kind of money, and instead spend it on a podiatrist, who will make sure you get what you need for your feet, and not just look at you as a commission.

Good review.
Posted by cwhite on 2014-03-31:
I got hoodwinked by these people..not smart enough to walk away..please
don't go to these people..yes, plastic inserts worth maybe a dollar...a total
rip off...please walk out like this person did..I was stupid..in pain
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Feet Hurt Worse
Posted by Dtppeak on 11/10/2012
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I am a chef and am on my feet 8-12 hrs a day. My feet were hurting so bad that when I would sit down I would not want to stand back up. I heard about Good Feet on an infomercial and thought I would try them $400.00 later and after wearing them for months my feet hurt worse then ever. They hurt so bad that it keeps me up, at night now. I was told I can't return them and I am just out 400.00. Please do not buy them. You will not be happy. To me it is all just a scam.
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Posted by leet60 on 2012-11-10:
Sorry to hear of your experience. If you have problems with your feet you are better off going to a medical professional and getting custom made orthotics - it may be a bit more expensive but you will be much more satified.

"Good Feet", in my opinion, is not unlike the old west sellers of potions, one to cure all ills. They should be avoided.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-11-10:
sounds like your foot condition requires custom made inserts from a doctor. there could be more going on than just needing arch supports.

good feet inserts are wonderful if your feet issues are minimal.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-11-10:
I would never trust "Good Feet", because the cost of the inserts is high and the expected benefit is totally unknown. If you have issues with your feet, a professional is needed to diagnose your problem. One size doesn't fit all.

I have a problem with pain in one of my feet right now (like you at night as well), and am putting off a visit to the podiatrist. Paying hundreds for a generic insert doesn't appeal to me at all. Thanks for warning others, and sorry your $400 gamble didn't work out. Good Feet is padding the incomes of the owners on the pain of its customers.
Posted by concernedretailer on 2012-11-12:
Dear Dtppeak, I am the owner of the Good Feet store in Colorado Springs and I am sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction with our products.
Did you come back to the store to allow us to make any adjustments? This service is free, as was explained, and is part of what you already paid for. Usually, if one is not getting comfortable, it is easily solved by adjusting the length or flexibility of the product. We will do this as often as is necessary. We offer 23 different products and it looks like you've tried only one so-far. It sounds like you purchased a lifetime warrantied product and it comes with a lifetime of service. Additionally, we offer store credit for your purchase and sell shoes, among other things, to which you can apply your credit. There is no time limit on the credit, either. I am certain that if you allow us to do our job and fine-tune the fit of your products that you will be a satisfied customer. Sincerily, Brian (owner, Good Feet Colorado Springs)
Posted by AJ on 2013-02-15:
I have spent the fortune at the Good Feet Store as others here also mentioned. It did take some time as I was told to build up and get used to the inserts which I did. I will say it worked for a while and when I went back yes as the Owner of store mentioned here they did adjust the inserts and give me different ones but once again once used to the I was back to square on and when I returned they fixed them again but I was also told is that since I bought the originals so long ago they were no longer going to be able to adjust them to my needs without charging me more. Now this was not the store in Colorado Springs but I would think all the stores should go by the same policy...so needless to say I have foot pain that the Good Feet store could not fix. I will also add that I went to the specialists and guess what they give me inserts but they as they called them are the most common ones...which you would think the Good Feet store should have been able to help with but I guess not they can only help with taking your money...just MHO
Posted by vf on 2013-02-21:
good feet store
Posted by anonimous on 2013-12-20:
for me it was worse, I spend $1000 because the person is a good speaker and a the end I am feeling worse. please do not buy anything in this store, you can not returned, you can not fight with them, when you and nbsp
Posted by dg on 2014-03-12:
do not waste your time and hard earned money,go to a podiatrist and avoid pain and very uncaring not so good feet con artists.Unprofessional ethics bar none.
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Good Feet Medical Opinion- Do these work and what is the value?
Posted by J Clark DPM on 05/11/2011
ANY CITY -- I am a podiatrist with surgical training, experience making custom orthotics, understanding of biomechanics and kinesiology, and adept in foot pathology. I also have the unique perspective of working with Good Feet products for 5+ years now and professionally understand how these devices functionally assist the body, as well as, support their value compared to other devices on the market. I must share that experience with you after reading the various opinions of this product on this site and I hope it sheds some light from a medical perspective.

Good Feet is a very unique medical retail store that provides the much needed service of custom fitting your feet with various levels of foot supports (that are not built within standard shoes these days). They fit the supports to your feet by taking precise measurements, in other words they are not "off the shelf" like you would find in your local running shoe store, internet "self fit", or local drug stores. In fact, most consumers have tried various types of these temporary products before coming to Good Feet. I usually find that if your regular over the counter device has helped a little bit but you are still suffering with foot problems, then using a much more supportive anatomical device, such as a Good Feet product, works very well. These products are the real deal and much more therapuetic than any standard "insert"...one is an orange and one is an apple.

If you "see" similar devices they are, indeed, not the same because the Good Feet materials are durable and that is why most Good Feet stores offer some type of servicing (some states offer lifetime servicing) and adjustability on their products. This is the part of Good Feet that is very unique, because if you begin wearing their devices and didn't get the relief you had hoped for, then you MUST go back to the store and get them adjusted. Just like eyeglasses or braces on your teeth, there can be some adjustments that must take place in order to achieve the maximum benefit of orthotics. It is highly unrealistic to think that if you have trouble with the supports that they "do not work" when in fact, the body needs time to adjust to the supports and it is Good Feet's job to guide you through this adjustment period. Good Feet wouldn't even be around if they had a product that was overpriced or didn't work. The company is growing nation wide because the product does work! No one can beat the refitting policy.

I have collegues that sit on the state board of podiatry and the number one complaint to the podiatry is board is "not giving money back on orthotics" . The no refund policy is not just an exclusive Good Feet policy, this is the industry standard. It is not a "red flag" to a consumer that they don't give money back, it is normal for orthotics yet Good Feet offer many ways to get you comfortable by adjusting the strength, size, material, and many other variables. If orthotic companies gave money back there would be consumers that would wear the devices, get the relief they need, and then return the product for their money back. This is why most podiatry offices as well as orthotic companies do not give money back, it is to protect the business. Good Feet is one of the few companies that can totally revamp the type of support you have in just one visit, so their is no need for a refund 99% of the time.

Lastly, let me expand on the issue of value and pricing. Depending upon the state you live in, the Good Feet supports range anywhere from $80-$280 per pair. Good Feet will fit you for a series of supports that will allow you to wear them in all shoes, even sandals, slippers, and dress shoes. Do you know the number one compliance issue with a bulky orthotic or running shoe insert is? Inability to fit into all shoes! They are one step ahead of this issue and will show you different levels of supports so they can fit into all shoe types. In order to get the best response from an orthotic, it is recommended to wear them as much as possible. Good Feet is a brilliant company that is supported by most of the medical community and the proof lies in the medical referral rate!

Dr. J Clark DPM

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Posted by ChuhBaca on 2011-05-11:
I have been contemplating going into the Good Feet store. I have flat feet, causing overpronation. I've tried many online and over the counter products and even ordered true custom orthotics from a sports physical therapy office. Some offer temporary relief, some offer minimal. Only when I wear specific running shoes do I feel normal.
Posted by Dave on 2012-09-20:
I went to Good Feet in San Antonio. The "custom fitting" is simply walking over a pressure sensitive board with carbon paper over it. The "custom fit" insert is one of about a dozen they keep in stock. The "system" they sell is a three-pair set, plus some toe tips and soft shoe sole inserts...with tax, over $1000. You get that? A Thousand Bucks.

So I did some research, and looked into a job at Good Feet. Get this: If you buy that $1000 "system" the salesman commission is between $300 and $600, depending on his volume. Is it a ripoff?

Can't say for sure. If it heals your pain, maybe not. But that is a huge gamble for most people. $1000 for a maybe, from a non-medical retailer. Sorry, but J. Clark, DPM is nothing more than a paid spokesman.

I ended up paying a podiatrist $65 for a visit, bought the top-line Dr Scholl insert $50, bought a night brace from Amazon $35, and my pain is going away. Oh, I do the recommended stretches too. That's free.
Posted by Paul on 2014-01-15:
Good Feet Store is a total rip off. Dr. J Clark must be well paid for his endorsement. See a podiatrist and go from there.
Posted by K.H. Deeter on 2014-01-24:
Let it be clear that these inserts are NOT custom. Even the advertising states "custom fitted". I too am a podiatirst, and while I agree that custom orthotics are not necessary much of the time ( I only prescribe them over non custom 80-85% of the time), when one is necessary then this is a molded and manufactured device for YOUR foot and to address your pathology. Thus these one of a kind orthotics, made from a mold of your foot and any added accommodations, should cost alot more money than anything made prefabricated. The problem is that the Good Foot Store inserts are mass produced and NOT custom but are the same price if not more than custom orthotics. The other problem is that most OTC inserts are indeed lowsy (Dr. Scholls indeed are and do not spend $55 standing on that machine!) I mostly use non custom devices that are excellent inserts, better than most custom orthotics and much better than Good Foot Store inserts and ... they are about $40! Unless you have money to blow, do not buy into the Good Foot Store propaganda.
K.H.Deeter, DPM
Posted by malia on 2014-01-29:
I just bought mineand they gave me a 'temp' versionfor 80 bucks and I sawthe difference and feltthe difference for my severe neuroma and arthritic feet with the bones recessing down my orthopedic doctor said the same thing they did and 290 was the amount for a life long pair so I don't see 1000 bucks and this is day one and I feel my feet correcting in them so my exp have been v ery good.
Posted by Nancy on 2014-03-06:
I have been wearing feet orthotics for 30 yrs. 3 different custom made by podiatrists. Only one of those we're worth a darn and that pair was made with the assistance of a gait analysis. I suggest anyone with bad feet get those, if you can find the doc who does it! Mine moved out of state.
Prior to my custom orthotics I wore Alzner's. My husband and I purchased them at a booth at the Houston Rodeo and Stock Show. Don't laugh. We wore those for 15 yrs! They were wonderful. They offered a lifetime FIT guarantee so as our feet changed they changed our orthotic. FREE! For several years. In 1994 Good Feet bought Alzner's (according to the fitter at GF) she said they still have Alzner's but don't bring them out because they only have a 5 year guarantee. So...out come the Classic GF orthotic and they are identical to Alzner's. Look the same, feel the same, same material. They're fit in the same way with the imprint. Good Feet has only a three month fit adjustment period and then try to sell you two more sets of "temporary" "work up to the full support " orthotic. YOU DON't NEED THEM. Take your time and wear your Classic orthotic a little in the morning and a little in the afternoon until you can wear them all day. I bought the GF classic! my feet feel great, my knees feel much better too but in the future when I need them changed I'll go to Ideal Feet where they'll change them out,if need be, for life. And I'll have only paid once!

Posted by Pat on 2014-04-02:
I don't care if you're a doctor or not. When these inserts cause your feet to hurt, that says it all. Anything that gives you that much pain can not be good for you. I've had better luck with over the counter inserts. I paid over $900 dollars for inserts from the Good Feet store and they have done nothing but damage to my feet. Every time I took them back they gave me different ones. If it's so precise why would they keep changing them? Maybe you should spend $900 and try them for yourself.
Posted by Brenda on 2014-04-02:
wish I had read these reviews before purchasing the good feet product. I asked before making an appointment how much their inserts cost and was told the most expensive was $300 only to find out they want you to purchase 3 different inserts. $1000 cost. these inserts haven't helped!
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Mass Produced Orthotics For An Astronomical Price
Posted by RDR1808 on 09/13/2010
FRESNO, CALIFORNIA -- I have chronic foot pain, and wear orthotics. Mine were custom made a few years ago and are getting worn out. I went to Good Feet store at a shoe salesman's suggestion. As it turns out, they sell mass produced orthotics for an astronomical price. The salesman took an imprint of my shoe, acted very knowledgeable, threw out some terms about my food pronating, etc. He then got me a handful of orthotics matched one to what I already had in my shoe, and stuck it into my shoe. He told me it was 189$ !...and when his I told him that my custom made orthotic had been made for much less just 5 years ago, he gave me some song+dance about it having been 'so long ago', etc. Since I needed them, I bought them. Soon, in a few hours, my feet started hurting badly. I went to return them, and, well - you guessed it - they do not take them back as they have been 'custom fitted'. That is a lot of non-sense. These plastic ortotics are probably made in China for 1$ each, and are hugely marked up. This is probably the most expensive piece of plastic you can buy ! I realized that I could have gone to a podiatrist and he/she would have custom made these + insurance would have covered (some of) the cost of the podiatrist visit. Plus, there are online stores that actually custom make orthotics for much less. What makes these salesmen qualified to 'fit' these orthotics?? As it turns out - 1 week of training in the subject.

Probably enough to learn some technical terms to impress people. Avoid this store !!!
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Posted by Alain on 2010-09-14:
I agree with you and thanks for a good review.
Posted by LenaSunShine on 2010-09-14:
Thanks for that review.
Posted by estockover on 2013-08-04:
Good feet training is to dupe and fast talk a customer into paying for something that is not refundablebeven if you did not open or wear the product.
So report to BBB and your Attorney General of your state to investigate their polices and what constitutes fraud.
Posted by sam on 2013-11-21:
I was SO duped by the sales lady that I'm embarrassed. It has to do with purchase of the orthotics. I do love the Naot shoes that The Good Feet stores sell, but that is it. I went through the same walking on paper to see my foot print, she whips out TWO orthotics and says I have to use one before the other for "strengthening"(bs)...one cost me $200 and the other $300 and she 'threw in' a dern insole that I later noticed she charged me $20. Between that and buying a pair of Naot my tab was $770!! I failed to ask about return policy and now see that you cannot return. Does anyone know if the BBB is the way to go with making a report? I'm guesssing I should start first with trying to return them...especially since they hurt my feet. Additionally, I just saw a podiatrist who said he was so happy when the Good Feet store moved out of our town and that he gets countless complaints about them.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. I don't have that kind of money and especially when the orthotics hurt as they do.
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Should Be Pulled Off the Market.
Posted by Tcharles1267 on 03/29/2013
FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- I saw the Good Feet commercials and thought they were worth a try. I was wrong. I have worn costly orthotic supports provided by my Orthopedic Doctor for ten years and knew what to expect. I tried Good Feet products on dumb impulse. I thought it odd they recommend you wear them for a few hours a day, up to 6 weeks, to get used to them. The sales person kept pushing the free exchange if they are to firm or soft and a life time warranty. He never said the exchange is only for 30 days and life time warranty is for broken or defective material.

You must read the warranty registration card to learn the details. Bottom line is I get NO relief from the Good Feet supports and I think they are a rip off product.
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Posted by Karnamay on 2013-03-30:
I would never let anyone look at my feet but an Orthopedic surgeon. Someone with a few days training and working on commissions is never a good bet for healthy feet.
Posted by AJ on 2013-07-03:

I have been working in the footcare industry for years. I do not work on commission, I have studied biomechanics extensively, and I was never trained "for a few days." I continue to read medical studies, and work with foot issues- safety first- I take care of my people.

While I understand your frustration, let me explain a few things.

A good insole will always be uncomfortable for awhile. The body has to realign itself, it must, or else problems become worse. Gel insoles last maybe a few weeks, if a month, and then they are done. They do absolutely nothing to help the body adjust. Support is support, and needs to be lasting support. Insoles should last about 3-5 years, and therefore take time to adjust. One should wear them moderately, at first- maybe for the first few weeks- then perhaps try to go for a day. Feet need care. They take care of you. You need to take care of them. Let them breathe. give them time to relax. Then, steadily, bring the insole back to help with the realignment.

Trust me, any good insole will cost money. twenty dollar insoles are, well, absolutely ridiculous and should be taken off the market. There is no need for them anywhere.
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Working in the OR
Posted by Hotjs35 on 12/30/2012
JUNO BEACH, FLORIDA -- As a Surgical Asst. I am on my feet, standing in one spot for hours on end. One day, we had a 14 hour case and I was stiff and achy. I was talking to the Doctor and told him, "I think I am next on the table, I am ready for surgery." He laughed and asked me what was wrong. I told him my back and feet were killing me. He asked if I have tried orthopedics, I said no.

He told me, I can go to a million Doctors and him being one of them and all of them will tell me the same thing...get a pair.

Some of the Doctors make custom orthopedics, but a lot don't count the fact that they are making a custom one out of a sick foot. So, I asked him... where should I go? Should I just get some at the store? He answered, "No. Go to this place, "Good Feet". You can go to "Delray or Juno Beach".

I did, and he was right. After I got them I asked him how he knew about them. He laughed and said, "What do you think I've been doing all these years standing in the OR? I got my first pair about 12 years ago, would never step into the OR without them."

Thanks! Great product...and makes my job a lot easier.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-12-30:
I've read a lot of complaints about Good Feet's generic inserts, but I can't remember seeing any complaints about orthopedics prescribed by doctors.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-12-30:
a friend of mine bought a pair of good feet inserts, and it solved her feet pain 100%

very helpful review, and voted as such!!!
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Good Feet Is Bad for Your Feet
Posted by Nxray06 on 08/28/2012
SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI -- I went to the south county location because I was having foot pain. I had my doubts and figured it was a scam. Tim the person I talked to was distracted and in a rush the entire time he helped me. I don't think he even listened when I told him where my pain was. He them brought out 3 different arch supports which I'm sure were the most expensive he had! I tried them felt ok in the store.

My feet hurt so bad I bought them thinking I could return them, WRONG. Have switched them out 4 times and they don't work. THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE PIECES OF OVER PRICED PLASTIC I HAVE EVER BOUGHT. And now I am stuck with them! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted by cjg on 2012-09-08:
I have had the same experience. After wearing the first white pair for an hour, my back went into spam. The next day my SI joint went out. This lasted for about 10 days, and 2 chiropractic visits (out of pocket). I returned them and got the brown "relaxer" pair. W/in a few hours of wear, my back and SI joint were out again. I returned that pair and got another white pair. I could only wear them for a few hours before my back got sore. I am an athletic 52 year old and have spent 3 wasted weeks unable to work out at the gym, to take walks at lunch every day and live my weekly routine. No refund? I thought the customer was always right! Having worn orthotics and then super feet for over 30 years, I should have known better. But no refund for dissatisfaction, or a bad reaction is not what good businesses do to customers. Super Feet worked better than any orthotic I've worn, and for less than $40. Anyone have any good results trying to obtain a refund?
Posted by rjc on 2013-08-11:
These reviews have all been really helpful for me as I was considering going to Good Feet for a consultation. Now I will not. Please make sure to voice your concerns to the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Posted by Pat on 2014-04-02:
ST. Louis MO.- I had the same experience with the Good Feet store on Olive. When these inserts cause your feet to hurt, that says it all. Anything that gives you that much pain can not be good for you. I've had better luck with over the counter inserts. I paid over $900 dollars for my inserts from the Good Feet store and they have done nothing but damage to my feet. Every time I took them back they gave me different ones. If it's so precise why would they keep changing them?
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Posted by Ssts on 05/29/2012
DO NOT BUY THESE ARCH SUPPORTS!!! I did and wore them about 6 months and wound up having to have surgery for a labral tear in my hip! PLEASE save yourself a lot of pain and suffering not to mention the $500 that they cost! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM! It is a costly phyiscal, emotional and monetary lesson!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-29:
Were these prescribed by a professional? If so, what does that individual have to say about your experience?
Posted by Susan on 2012-07-13:
I have been wearing good feet inserts since approximately 1999-2000! I Have to say "I have terrible feet" They are flat, heavy pronation inward and weak ankles. "Horrible"! I have spent thousands of dollars on custom made supports and nothing has worked! N O T H I N G....until I went to the GoodFeet Sore! I have worn the same inserts for about 13 years! They have never broke, still supportive and I still love them. You have to wear them a little everyday! When you buy a new pair of tennis shoes, it is a must that you pull the inserts that come with your shoes out! You must then put the GoodFeet insole in and then the foam insert over top. Yes, they are uncomfortable at first but you have to stick with it! These inserts/insoles have changed my life!
Posted by Bill G. on 2012-08-25:
These good feet arch supports that I bought in Duluth Minnesota are the biggest rip-off on the market. I wore them for three weeks and they did NO GOOD! I tried to return them for a refund and was told that they don't give refunds! $287.00 for two pieces of plastic! The guy who talked me into these things is a Snake Oil Salesman! When I bought the inserts, I was told I had 90 days to return them for a full refund. Stay as far away from the Good Feet Store in Duluth as possible!
Posted by Dennis Nevins on 2013-10-21:

I recently (2013) went to the Broomfield, Colorado Good Feet store location because I was having left foot pain. I had my doubts and figured it was a scam. The sales person did talk to me for a few minutes but I don't think she even listened when I told him where my pain was. She them brought out 3 different arch supports which I'm sure were the most expensive he had! I tried them felt ok in the store.

My left foot planar ficiatius ?? continue to hurt so bad I decided to go an try to return them within a week!! I bought them thinking I could return them, WRONG. BE VERY VERY VERY AWARE THAT THAT MAKE YOU SIGN A DOCUMENT THAT ONLY ALLOW FOR INSTORE CREDIT FOR OVER $800!!!!!! WHAT GOOD IS THAT FOR A VENDOR YOU WANT TO GET RID OF!!!!

Have switched them out 4 times and they don't work. THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE PIECES OF OVER PRICED PLASTIC I HAVE EVER BOUGHT. And now I am stuck with them! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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