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I Went in for Orthotics for My Shoes and Was Gravely Disappointed.
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Rating: 1/51

FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA -- I was extremely disappointed in the "upsell" this store uses. They told me their orthotics were $309.00 and the employee brought out several pair for me to look at and choose from. She then measured my feet and told me that I need to up my shoe size from an 8 to a 9. I have never worn a 9 because it is too big and the shoes rub my ankles raw. In an instant, she was back with a spendy pair of tennis shoes in a size 9 which she put the orthotics into and urged me to try on. I told her that they were rubbing the back of my ankles. She said it was normal.

At this point, I was still under the impression that the total cost would be $309.00 plus tax. Wrong. She told me never to wear any of my size 8 shoes, boots, sandals again and to stay in a size 9. I was unaware that she had not been professionally trained for her job, and as my feet were hurting badly I decided to "go for it." The total came to $500.79. I took the shoes home and wore them accordingly - a half hour the first day, an hour the second day, etc.

After a week, my arches and feet hurt worse than before I went into the store. I decided to return the shoes only to be offered store credit on a different pair of shoes. This is the "upsell" they use. They show you their orthotics and bring out a new, expensive pair of shoes to suck you into buying for the orthotics that won't fit into any of your other shoes.

When you ask for a refund, they blatantly refuse because they want the money you originally paid for the shoes kept in their pocket. The woman I dealt with was very snotty to me when I mentioned that their policy is a bunch of shit. She stormed into the back room and returned with a clipboard and snidely said, "You are now refunded!" I signed the slip on the clipboard and left and will NEVER do business with that store again.

Life Changing Experience!
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Rating: 5/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I have been living with horrible foot pain for at least 4 yrs. I have been to at least 5 foot doctors with no relief. One doctor wanted to do surgery even though he did not understand the cause of pain. None of them could explain the cause of pain. The pain was on the balls of my feet. It was so intense that some mornings it was all I could do to walk carefully, slowly and 'softly'. The pain would also be on the tip of my second to little toes. I would wonder where all this would end if this condition continued to progress. I have tried every imaginable insole to subside the pain, but nothing ever worked.

A friend suggested that I give Good Feet a try. And so I did on October 14, 2017. I made an appointment to meet with a sales representative that day. The store was 141 miles away in San Antonio. It was more than well worth it. Better said, it was life changing! The insoles which I was carefully fitted are correcting my feet and the pain in less than a month has just about left!!! I cannot believe it!!!

Merrie ** fitted me and worked with me for over 2 hours to ensure a proper fit and everything perfect. She was my angel that day and has continued to follow up with me, making sure that all is working out well. Absolutely the best in customer service and tops in class. I feel like family and believe she genuinely cares about the progress of my foot health. I put these insoles (I have purchased 4 different types and several of certain ones) in every shoe I wear including my water socks, so I can walk on the beach and keep my feet in correct position.

This was a monetarily expensive investment. But I have spent much more with all the doctors I have been and spent so much time. These insoles fixed what the doctors would not do. I am amazed! Best investment I have ever made because it is paying huge dividends in returning my foot health, my mental health and time and money which I will not lose to going to doctors to fix this problem. Thank you Good Feet and Merrie **! Customer for life.

Buyer beware.
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Rating: 1/51

CRANBERRY, PENNSYLVANIA -- In my opinion I think it is a scam. They advertise we custom fit you can walk in their store with them. I go in and the clerk measures my feet and I thought she was going to custom make these for my feet and I would come back in a week. She goes in the back room and comes out with a pair of inserts and put them in my shoes and says, "Try them out."

Red Flag #1. This store front is about the size of the average living room so how much walking can you do. The cost I paid was 322.00. She tells me there are no refunds just store credit within 30 days. Red flag #2. I can understand if it was something they custom-made you don't get a refund but these are just plastic inserts they got out of the back room. My feet were hurting real bad so I took them and did exactly what she told me to start 30 minutes and add 30 minutes each day and when I get to the 8th hour I can wear them to exercise and do whatever I want. They didn't work for me.

I talked to a guy at work and he said take them back to the Good Feet Store and buy these inserts at Target or Amazon called WalkFit for 19.95. OMG. They looked darn near identical. They felt identical plus they give you three metatarsal pads low med and high that you can snap in the insert which feel so much better than what they tried to sell me. 5.00 replacement each year where the Good Feet Store charges 20.00. Bottom line I got store credit I was lucky. Go to the Good Feet Store first. Try on what they are trying to sell but don't buy them then go to Target or Amazon and try out the WalkFit for 19.95. You won't feel no difference.

I Was Shocked and Surprised
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Rating: 5/51

CALSBAD, CALIFORNIA -- I have Plantar Fasciitis and I tried various ways of healing this. I tried things from orthotics, physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, special ointments, clays, salts, oils. Pretty much if it was within my reach I was going to try it. Finally I had come to the conclusion to keep doing my exercises even though they didn't seem to make a difference.

While on a cruise I visited the spa and there was a person there showing Good Feet and he was explaining how they could help. I will confess I thought it was an overpriced joke. I checked the reviews online and they were hit and miss which made me even more leery. This guy just wouldn't give up and insisted I give it a try, so I bent (rarely do I bend into any sales pitch) but decided why not.

Oh my goodness what a difference. I came on the ship with crutches (seriously) and I left with what I thought was a little bit of plastic in my shoes that worked. Well it turns out it's not just plastic, it's actually carbon fiber and I can't explain why it works, but it does.

I have been back off the ship for several months now, and I still need these little Happy Feet. I still find it hard to believe that they work for me but they do. I have even tried wearing my shoes without them and yep the pain comes right back.

From the reviews I can tell they don't work for everyone, but they worked for me. I know it's hard to spend the money on what looks so cheap and expensive and knowing there is a risk that it might not work for you. Clearly if it worked for everyone, this would be the cure for all feet problems. Everybody's feet are different and you will not know if it works until you try it. I hope it works for you as well as it has worked for me. I'm so pleased and so happy I purchased these "little healers" because I can walk again without feeling and looking 90.

Arch Supports Purchased there.major Failure
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Rating: 1/51

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- After seeing TV advertisements with people saying how great the Good Feet Store is I got a bit bothered thinking back on my experience back in 2006 with them. In the spring of 2006 I went to the Good Feet Store in Greensboro NC due to some foot and leg pain. I worked and walked on concrete all day and needed relief. They were nice and friendly. I was checked out and given 2 sets of supports. A pair of huge black arch supports and a pair of smaller ones to wear in between using the big ones. I was told to start off with just a few minutes a day with the big black ones and slowly increase my wearing time and wear the small ones in between.

I tried and tried and returned to the store a couple of times and was even sold some other pads and products to use with them. It was awful. After a short time I had to stop using them. The pain they caused was really bad. The pain lasted a couple of months. At times I felt like I could barely walk because my right foot hurt so bad due to these things.

I went to a proper professional (a doctor) and he told me what a rip off the Good Feet Store was and that he had seen a few people that had problems with them. And they were sooo expensive. I think I spent around $500.00 all together. Maybe they have helped some people but my advice is to stay away from them and go to a real professional if you have foot problems. Or just go and buy some arch supports at the drug store like I finally did (this was the doctor's advice) now my feet are fine. Good Feet Store is a ripoff.

Was told different things every time I entered this store...con job big time.
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Rating: 1/51

TIGARD . OR. 97223, OREGON -- I made an appointment with **... She never told me that their program in order to work I would need 2 or more different arch supports.. Sold me pair of $150.00 athletic shoes which I did not know were mens shoes until I got home and looked at the box that said men and a pair of arch supports... I later found out that she put me into men shoes because she did not have any women shoes in the store at that time and never told me... And I started noticing how wide these shoes were and my problem that had with supinating out was getting worse because men shoes were too wide...

I had a pair of Good Feet arch supports from years ago that I only wore a few weeks and they were too short for me and the store that sold them to me went out of business. They were new and the Tigard store gave me a discount of $59.99 off of my new supports and took the old supports.... then within a week I was hurting on the top bones of my of feet so bad I could not step down on them and in week the shoes were coming apart.. All of the lining was pulling out.. I explained to ** at the time I purchased these new supports that I had a very new knee replacement and would these supports hurt the healing of my knee.. "Oh no." she said.."it will help."

A month went through suffering and I then got the manager on the phone of the Tigard Oregon store and told him what was wrong... He told me to come in and they would put me into a different support... I went into the store and a man called ** sat me down.. And proceeded to be as rude as I have ever experienced... He informed me that I would need more than one support to even make this program work. And I was never told that. And then I was told that these supports do not work with athletic shoes.... First time I had been told that... When I was sold the wrong kind of shoe???

I told him the shoes were faulty and I was sold a man's shoe and he argued with me that they were women shoes and I told him I am sorry that I left the box at home but if I came back to get a return these shoes I will bring the box to prove to him... He told me that there is no returns and would have to pick out another shoe. He proceeded to measure my foot and he said 10 .5 and I told him to let me stand up and measure with my weight on the unit he will see I wear an 11... And he pushed on me and told me to sit down and let him do his job... so rude..

I wanted to throw his stuff at him and leave but I knew they were not going to give me my money back and I as forced to stay and put up with this rudeness.... They ordered me a new shoe and put me into a different longer Good Feet support.. That was so long that the support arch sat very close to the center of the foot.. not at all where the arch is.. the more I thought of the abuse I called and made an appointment with the store manager.. (mind you this guy was new and would not honor and return and would not give me back my own supports that I traded in or even the money for them that they discounted me on the whole buy.

So gave me a credit on my debit because the shoes were defected. And forced me to take the support money on a gift card that would force me to spend my money in there store... minus the $59.00 that they gave me as a discount for my own supports that I came into the store with, I did not get the $59.99 for my own supports or the supports.....

I took in a letter from my doctor stating that this was not the time for me to be wearing hard core supports with the fact that my knee replacement surgery was so new and the knee was not healing correct and they possible might reopen the knee and or put me into a leg brace..

And the doctor and, the physical therapist both stated in a not to Good Feet that I should not be trying any other than what the doctor puts me in for fear of making my leg heal wrong.... When the leg was already not healing even.. I filled out a refund request and gave this manager the note from this surgeon and physical therapist... I told him at the end of this horrible meeting of rudeness and non complacent comments, I told him that this can't be legal that they would ignore the fact that if I keep these supports it could injury the quality of my healing correctly... and I think maybe I might just call the attorney general.

Then this rude rude man told me that if I continued to give him more bad time he would just ripe up my request for a cash return and my doctors notes.. that I could just go to you know where... Be all moral standards the couldn't care less about the way my leg would heal and the fact that if the leg does not heal right I will never be able to walk correctly... These people are abusive and rude and need to learn the meaning of good business tactics.. professionalism... and integrity.. These people are parasites even the other people who work in there lie and are rude.

There has to be times that giving a person back their money and letting them go when it comes down to their health and well being.... It is a shame that hanging on to that money means so much to them.. By the time I am through they might have not lost my money but they will reap the harvest of there bad deeds..

I own a Beauty Shop that serves 400 people month... business runs on word of mouth... Good Feet already has a rating of 2.. Let me see what I can do to help them lower this.. I am a 75 year old who has leukemia and all of that did not matter. Keep the mighty dollar Good Feet. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau. The attorney general and the television station fraud and consumer department.. you can all look forward to being on television.

The manager of Good Feet at Tigard Oregon told me that it did not make any difference what my surgeon, who graduated when he was 27.. top of his class at Stanford had to say he had been in this business a long time and he knew more than my surgeon... Now you can all laugh because this has got to be the biggest and longest and most pathetic complaint of any company that I have ever experienced.. Never in my 75 years have I ever ran into such mongers...

Good Feet Medical Opinion - Do these work and what is the value?
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ANY CITY -- I am a podiatrist with surgical training, experience making custom orthotics, understanding of biomechanics and kinesiology, and adept in foot pathology. I also have the unique perspective of working with Good Feet products for 5+ years now and professionally understand how these devices functionally assist the body, as well as, support their value compared to other devices on the market. I must share that experience with you after reading the various opinions of this product on this site and I hope it sheds some light from a medical perspective.

Good Feet is a unique medical retail store that provides the much needed service of custom fitting your feet with various levels of foot supports (that are not built within standard shoes these days). They fit the supports to your feet by taking precise measurements, in other words they are not "off the shelf" like you would find in your local running shoe store, internet "self fit", or local drug stores. In fact, most consumers have tried various types of these temporary products before coming to Good Feet.

I usually find that if your regular over the counter device has helped a little bit but you are still suffering with foot problems, then using a much more supportive anatomical device, such as a Good Feet product, works very well. These products are the real deal and much more therapeutic than any standard "insert" is an orange and one is an apple.

If you "see" similar devices they are, indeed, not the same because the Good Feet materials are durable and that is why most Good Feet stores offer some type of servicing (some states offer lifetime servicing) and adjustability on their products. This is the part of Good Feet that is unique, because if you begin wearing their devices and didn't get the relief you had hoped for, then you MUST go back to the store and get them adjusted. Just like eyeglasses or braces on your teeth, there can be some adjustments that must take place in order to achieve the maximum benefit of orthotics.

It is highly unrealistic to think that if you have trouble with the supports that they "do not work" when in fact, the body needs time to adjust to the supports and it is Good Feet's job to guide you through this adjustment period. Good Feet wouldn't even be around if they had a product that was overpriced or didn't work. The company is growing nationwide because the product does work! No one can beat the refitting policy.

I have colleagues that sit on the state board of podiatry and the number one complaint to the podiatry is board is "not giving money back on orthotics". The no refund policy is not just an exclusive Good Feet policy, this is the industry standard. It is not a "red flag" to a consumer that they don't give money back, it is normal for orthotics yet Good Feet offer many ways to get you comfortable by adjusting the strength, size, material, and many other variables. If orthotic companies gave money back there would be consumers that would wear the devices, get the relief they need, and then return the product for their money back.

This is why most podiatry offices as well as orthotic companies do not give money back, it is to protect the business. Good Feet is one of the few companies that can totally revamp the type of support you have in just one visit, so there is no need for a refund 99% of the time.

Lastly, let me expand on the issue of value and pricing. Depending upon the state you live in, the Good Feet supports range anywhere from $80-$280 per pair. Good Feet will fit you for a series of supports that will allow you to wear them in all shoes, even sandals, slippers, and dress shoes. Do you know the number one compliance issue with a bulky orthotic or running shoe insert is? Inability to fit into all shoes! They are one step ahead of this issue and will show you different levels of supports so they can fit into all shoe types.

In order to get the best response from an orthotic, it is recommended to wear them as much as possible. Good Feet is a brilliant company that is supported by most of the medical community and the proof lies in the medical referral rate!

Very Pricey - Do Not Give Into the High Pressure Sale
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Rating: 1/51

KATY, TEXAS -- As I've read through other negative reviews on Good Feet Stores, it looks like we are all in the same boat - we go there as a last resort to foot surgery. So we are desperate when we enter the establishment. And the salespeople at Good Feet Stores know we are desperate so they prey on our weakness. I've got arthritis in my feet, yet no time to take off from work for surgery and recovery. Plus I've seen people close to me have foot surgery that only snowballs into MORE corrective surgery to correct the initial foot surgery. I've had appointments with Good Feet that I had to cancel because of my schedule, but I thought hey, let's go there today.

The girl who helped me was very nice. And she did tell me about the no-return policy. It's taped over the cash register. I just had a moment of involuntary insanity, gave into the high pressure sales tactic because the inserts did make my feet feel better, and made the purchase on my HSA. Then my husband saw the charge on the account and came UNGLUED!!

So now, I'm stuck with not only a $1,634.14 product that I CANNOT return (believe me, I'm researching Texas law exhaustively and I'm screwed), but my husband of 20 years thinks I am an absolute lunatic for making this purchase. If I were to offer any advice to those considering this store anywhere in the U.S., it would be DO NOT GIVE IN TO HIGH PRESSURE SALES. Even if the salesperson appears to care about you, they don't. They just want the sale. To say I feel stupid and "taken" is an understatement.

Really Disappointed and Still in Pain
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Rating: 1/51

GLENDALE, COLORADO -- I have a callous on my foot that hurts all the time I walk. Having it removed helps for a couple of weeks and then it is back...and painful. I tried the Good Feet store and was told, this will resolve your problem. I spent over $1100 and was very uneasy doing so; but the salesman told me: "Don't worry, store policy is no refunds, but see me and I will take care of you."

Well, I got no relief from the pain, and in addition, the insoles hurt all the time. Having been told I would need to get used to them, I have worn them all the time for over 45 change. Ok, no problem right. Just talk to me salesman, he told me he would take care of me. But guess what? He no longer works there, and left no notes in my file.

They want me to try another pair for another 45 days; and then one more time to get it right. If it still does not work; "maybe" some store credit. I was even told; maybe 50% store credit. Are you kidding me. The pain is still there, only it has been worse for the last few weeks, and they want me to endure more. If they work for some people; that is great. But when they don't work....REFUND!!!!

A Relief From Plantar Fasciitis
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Rating: 3/51

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS -- We are desperate when we go into this store. The sale was assumed the moment you sit down. After a few hokey balance and center of gravity tricks, he had me handing him my HSA card. When I heard the total I spewed profanity at him but knew I was going to leave with something. I just wish I didn't leave with everything. It is insane how much money these damn things cost! $1600. Right???

I left with 4 different inserts, 3 pads and something else.... Outside of feeling swindled, I have to say my foot is is feeling amazing but I haven't even touched two of my 4 inserts. I did feel more pain in the beginning. He compared it to the soreness after working out. Made sense to me. So after the first week of an incredibly achy foot... it started to feel better. Of course stretches and icing still needed to take place.

My biggest complaint, however, are the damn Velcro tabs needed to keep the insert in place. The tabs move, which then means you have a sticky ** mess not only on the bottom of your shoe, but the insert as well. I've already ruined the insides of one of my cheapo Target Brand flats. The soft velcro became covered with the sticky glue so it was no longer usable. Don't bother paying for their velcro tabs. You can just grab those on Amazon.

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