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Don't Buy Anything Based on the Balance Test
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I'll just tell you what happened and let you draw your own conclusions. When I arrived the sales representative had me do a balance test by standing straight up in my stocking feet with my hands clasped, palms up behind my back, and he pushed down on my hands while I resisted the push. This made me lose my balance, and I stumbled backward. This, he said, showed that "your alignment is off." Then he had me stand on a couple of inserts and we repeated the process. This time no matter how hard he pushed I didn't lose my balance. The arch supports had fixed my alignment problem!

But I know enough physics to suspect there was something fishy about that demonstration. I asked him to do it again, and this time I thought I felt a slight backward angle to the pushing when I wasn't standing on the inserts. It could be my imagination, though -- if that's what I suspected was happening then maybe my mind convinced me that it was.

So when I got home I asked my wife to help me repeat the process. She pushed straight down on my hands as hard as she could, but she couldn't reproduce my alignment problem. Then I tried it on her -- when I pushed straight down on her hands she had no alignment problem, but if I pushed ever so slightly backward while I was pushing down, she lost her balance backward just as I had in the store. Before being told about the backward angle to the pushing she didn't notice it, but when we repeated the exercise she said she could just barely feel the backward angle.

Then we repeated the test more objectively by clasping my hands behind my back and having my wife hang a 50 lb weight from my hands. Once again I had no alignment problem. The only time my alignment was off was when the salesman was doing the balance test in the store and I wasn't standing on the inserts. Those results could not be reproduced at home without resorting to trickery. I suggest that before you buy expensive inserts, you get a second opinion on whether "your alignment is off." Repeat the balance test with someone you trust and see if you get the same results.

Somewhat Pricey but Worked Well for Me
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Rating: 4/51

I got a pair of the Endurastep insoles while on a cruise in Australia for $250AU. I honestly don't know how you people in the US ended up paying $1100-1600 for them, even if it was for 3 pairs. At any rate, I attended a "seminar" on posture and it turned out to be a sales pitch for these insoles. The presenter told us that they were much less expensive and more effective than orthopedic insoles which cost $800+. I've always had a problem with leaning back too far and having sore feet after a lot of walking, so I decided to pick up a pair.

I must say that I was impressed with the insoles as they reduced and even eliminated the pain in my feet over the rest of the cruise (I bought them on day 2 of a 10 day cruise). They worked extremely well on my dress shoes which always used to leave me with painful feet. They also worked quite well in my Sketchers. My only complaint is that they don't work so well when just standing instead of walking. My back bends backwards again and I start to feel uncomfortable. Other than that, I'm happy with the insoles.

I bumped into a few of the attendees on the cruise a few days later and they all said they were doing quite well with them. One lady had constant problems with her feet that not even her orthopedic doctor couldn't resolve, but she was enjoying the Endurasteps. Another lady had a minor issue and she had been looking around for the presenter but couldn't find him. I probably should've suggested that she look for the next "seminar" in the cruise daily schedules. :P

At any rate, this is a pretty good option, especially for people who have nowhere else to turn. I would suggest that you don't pay any more than what they advertise on their website (currently $199US per pair); if you're paying into the thousands, then you're definitely getting ripped off.

To Much for Pieces of Plastic
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Rating: 1/51

EL PASO, TEXAS -- I did not read reviews before I visited the store and was sucked by this company. First of all when you come in, the set up gives you the idea that the Good Feet system is approximately $400.00. That is not the case, the system consist of three steps and each is $400.00. So you will spend $1200.00 for the entire system.

They then tell you that they have a lifetime guarantee so you feel like "Ok, I can get them replaced," except that there is a $20.00 handling fee to replace a piece of plastic that I can assure you could not cost them more than $5.00. They say that you cannot return these because of sanitary reasons but if you can return shoes to a store if they hurt your feet or are uncomfortable in any way then why can you not return these plastic supports. Please walk out of the store and think twice before returning to get these supports.

High Pressure Sales Pitch I'm Glad I Didn't Fall For!
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Rating: 1/51

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- Recently I visited the Good Feet Store just to get an idea of what they have to offer. I was a teacher, on my feet all day, and my feet hurt constantly. I have worn Strutz for many years, which I found by accident in the As Seen on TV section at Walgreens. They're also sold at WalMart in the pharmacy section of the store. When I have these on, my feet do not hurt. But hoping for something that cannot be seen wearing flip flops and sandals, I visited the Good Feet Store. The salesperson was nice and went thru the whole sales pitch, measuring my feet, telling me their product would definitely cure my plantar fasciitis problem, and having me try the 3 recommended inserts. Then she told me the price: over $1300. YIKES!!!

I told her I needed to think about it and talk to my spouse. She suggested I call on the phone. I said I needed to go home and discuss it. Then she said that most people leave and don't come back. I can see why! If their products work well, they should be reasonably priced, then word of mouth would have that place flooded with customers!!

And now I've read the reviews. I'm so very thankful I didn't cave to the high pressure sales pitch - complete with buying them on "no interest" credit for "only $150 per month for 12 months." (Which, by the way, comes out to $1800...WHAT???) And my question I read the more recent reviews, some people got the 3 inserts for MUCH MUCH less than the $1300+ amount I was given. What's up with that? I think I'll visit my podiatrist or just keep wearing my Strutz and save my money!

Very Pricey - Do Not Give Into the High Pressure Sale
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Rating: 1/51

KATY, TEXAS -- As I've read through other negative reviews on Good Feet Stores, it looks like we are all in the same boat - we go there as a last resort to foot surgery. So we are desperate when we enter the establishment. And the salespeople at Good Feet Stores know we are desperate so they prey on our weakness. I've got arthritis in my feet, yet no time to take off from work for surgery and recovery. Plus I've seen people close to me have foot surgery that only snowballs into MORE corrective surgery to correct the initial foot surgery. I've had appointments with Good Feet that I had to cancel because of my schedule, but I thought hey, let's go there today.

The girl who helped me was very nice. And she did tell me about the no-return policy. It's taped over the cash register. I just had a moment of involuntary insanity, gave into the high pressure sales tactic because the inserts did make my feet feel better, and made the purchase on my HSA. Then my husband saw the charge on the account and came UNGLUED!!

So now, I'm stuck with not only a $1,634.14 product that I CANNOT return (believe me, I'm researching Texas law exhaustively and I'm screwed), but my husband of 20 years thinks I am an absolute lunatic for making this purchase. If I were to offer any advice to those considering this store anywhere in the U.S., it would be DO NOT GIVE IN TO HIGH PRESSURE SALES. Even if the salesperson appears to care about you, they don't. They just want the sale. To say I feel stupid and "taken" is an understatement.

Really Disappointed and Still in Pain
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Rating: 1/51

GLENDALE, COLORADO -- I have a callous on my foot that hurts all the time I walk. Having it removed helps for a couple of weeks and then it is back...and painful. I tried the Good Feet store and was told, this will resolve your problem. I spent over $1100 and was very uneasy doing so; but the salesman told me: "Don't worry, store policy is no refunds, but see me and I will take care of you."

Well, I got no relief from the pain, and in addition, the insoles hurt all the time. Having been told I would need to get used to them, I have worn them all the time for over 45 change. Ok, no problem right. Just talk to me salesman, he told me he would take care of me. But guess what? He no longer works there, and left no notes in my file.

They want me to try another pair for another 45 days; and then one more time to get it right. If it still does not work; "maybe" some store credit. I was even told; maybe 50% store credit. Are you kidding me. The pain is still there, only it has been worse for the last few weeks, and they want me to endure more. If they work for some people; that is great. But when they don't work....REFUND!!!!

A Relief From Plantar Fasciitis
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Rating: 3/51

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS -- We are desperate when we go into this store. The sale was assumed the moment you sit down. After a few hokey balance and center of gravity tricks, he had me handing him my HSA card. When I heard the total I spewed profanity at him but knew I was going to leave with something. I just wish I didn't leave with everything. It is insane how much money these damn things cost! $1600. Right???

I left with 4 different inserts, 3 pads and something else.... Outside of feeling swindled, I have to say my foot is is feeling amazing but I haven't even touched two of my 4 inserts. I did feel more pain in the beginning. He compared it to the soreness after working out. Made sense to me. So after the first week of an incredibly achy foot... it started to feel better. Of course stretches and icing still needed to take place.

My biggest complaint, however, are the damn Velcro tabs needed to keep the insert in place. The tabs move, which then means you have a sticky ** mess not only on the bottom of your shoe, but the insert as well. I've already ruined the insides of one of my cheapo Target Brand flats. The soft velcro became covered with the sticky glue so it was no longer usable. Don't bother paying for their velcro tabs. You can just grab those on Amazon.

Good Feet Arch Supports
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Rating: 5/51

TEXAS -- I bought my Good Feet Arch Supports while on a cruise. I tried them on and walked around in them. I could tell a difference right away. Prior to getting my arch supports I was having leg pain, hip pains, back pains. I couldn't sit or walk for long period of time. I was miserable. The first two days on cruise I was having a hard time doing lots of walking, but once I bought arch supports I felt the pain melt away. I was told it took time to adjust to arch supports, he said if they hurt take them out for an hour then put back in until my feet adjusted to them, I never had to do that. That was the best investment I ever made.

Terrible Experience
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Rating: 1/51

TACOMA, WASHINGTON -- This is the first time I have ever posted a review for a company. If it were possible to give them 0 stars ~ I would do so. I bought 2 pairs of insoles and left the store. Then reconsidered buying 2 pairs, went back to the store to return one unworn pair and was advised there are no returns.

Literally, as soon as you walk out of the store with the product, you can only exchange for a different pair. The insoles are in the same box, inside the same bag and have never been worn. The sales person immediately changed from polite to one of the most rude individuals I have ever encountered. This is a terrible way to conduct business Go online and you can literally buy the same insoles for about 1/3 of the cost. I would never shop here nor ever refer anyone to them. Interesting how every review of this store has only 1 star...

Found Out About Hidden Charges
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Rating: 2/51

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I went to Good Feet store to find a solution for my plantar fasciitis. I was told with the lifetime contract I could trade out my supports as often as I needed and have a greater number to choose from. I have been going for well over a year. Traded out several times until I found the insole that seemed to work (after dealing with the pain for over a year). Went in today to switch to a fitness insole and was told it would cost me $22. Never, before today was I told it would cost me $22 to trade out! I was lead to believe that after the $300 lifetime contract, there were no additional charges. I would NOT RECOMMEND Good Feet contracts unless it is totally explained to you.

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