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Don't leave the driving to Greyhound!
Posted by on 07/11/2004
My mom went to the Greyhound Bus Station in Anoka, MN to buy me (her 15 year old daughter) two 1 way tickets. The first ticket was from Minneapolis, MN leaving at 1:00 p.m. and arriving in Odem, TX at 9:40 p.m. the next night, which had one transfer. The second ticket was from Corpus Christi, TX to Minneapolis, MN with 3 transfers.
I have never rode on a bus for that length of time before and I was very excited after hearing the news, that my mom had bought me these tickets. I actually had no idea what was ahead in this VERY long journey.
We arrived at the Minneapolis Greyhound Bus Station and I got in line to board my bus. By the time the bus actually left the station, it was about a half hour late. No big deal really, at least I was on my way. We got to Des Moines, IA, about 45 minutes late. Our 45 minute stop was turned into a 15 minute stop so the bus driver could catch up on his “time”. We started off again and were about half way to Dallas when we stopped in this parking lot, which was not a stop on the schedule even. The bus driver let this poor little girl come on the bus and try to sell us all food and drinks. Once she went up and down the bus a few times she realized that no one was going to buy her stuff so she got off. Then a woman came on the bus and talked to the bus driver for a little bit and the bus driver finally told her that we have got to get going so she got off and we left. This was very rude since we were already behind schedule but why should he care? He is just driving us to Dallas anyways. So we finally arrived in Dallas, TX about 1 hour and 45 minutes late. I had my only transfer there and I was not to worried, I thought it was going to be the same as it was in Minneapolis. I got off the bus and asked the bus driver where I go to pick up my luggage. He told me that they would take care of it and not to worry. I insisted that I needed my luggage and asked him if he was sure about this. He reassured me that my luggage would be transferred to my next bus and to hurry and get in the station because our bus was behind schedule. I went inside the station and looked around for my line. I did not see anyone who could help me decide which line to get in, so I decided for myself. I got into the line that I believed was mine. I looked around and seen that everyone else had their luggage with them, and there I was, a confused 15 year old girl with one carry on bag. My mom called and asked me if I had my luggage with me and if I was in the right line. I told her what the bus driver said and she told me that he was wrong and to get out of line and ask someone for help. I told her that I didn’t want to get out of line because there was so many people behind me and I didn’t want to be the one sitting on the floor of the bus like the people who had to do so on my way to Dallas.
Eventually I got out of line and went up to the service desk. Of course, all the employees were standing in the back office talking and it was so loud in the station, they couldn’t hear me asking for help. Finally, a lady came out of the office and asked me what I needed. I showed her my tickets and she said, “Get in line, you are going to miss your bus. Get off that cell phone and pay attention.” (My mom was on the cell phone with me and she could hear everything that this rude lady was saying) I asked her what line am I supposed to go in and she took my tickets and said, “Where is Odem? I don’t even know where that place is.” I said, It is down by Corpus Christi.” She printed out new tickets and said, “Hurry get in your line now.” I asked her about my bags and she said, “NO YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO GET YOUR BAGS OFF THE BUS!!! Hurry up and follow me.” I replied to this comment by saying excuse u but you are supposed to be helping me, not making this even harder. I was fed up with this woman’s rude attitude towards me and I believe that I had a very good reason to act the way that I did. At this point I was crying because I was about 3 hours late, I had no bags, no bus, no where to go, and a rude employee telling me what to do. You have to remember that I was a 15 year old girl traveling by myself, lost in an unfamiliar place, and to top it all off, I was being yelled at by this lady. I followed her as she went outside and got my bags from the lost and found area. She told me to be quiet and to quit my crying. We came back inside and she put new tags on my luggage. She brought me back outside and put me right on the bus. The bus driver complained a little bit about me getting on before scheduled time. HELLO, we were about 3 hours behind schedule anyways, so what’s the difference?
So finally we left Dallas and arrived in Houston. We caught up on time and we were about an hour late. I had a 45 minute delay and was ready for a little rest. I asked the bus driver if it was okay if I left my carry on bags on the bus since I would be getting back on in 45 minutes. He said that would be okay. They took all of our luggage off the bus and I asked them why they were doing that and the man told me not to worry about it and to go back inside. We were all standing inside waiting for them to reload the bus, when the bus left without us! I ran out there and told him that my carry on bags were on there and he told me that the bus would be back in about 15 minutes. He had to go get gas. Okay, so the bus got back and we all got on the bus. The bus wouldn’t turn on so we all got off the bus again. A new bus came and we got on that one. Finally, we left the station and about 30 minutes out, the bus driver said that the speedometer wasn’t working so we had to go back to get on a new bus. We went all the way back to Houston and got on another bus. We were off again and we reached Wharton, TX when we stopped at a red light. The light turned green but we weren’t moving, the bus broke down. So we were stuck on the side of the rode. Here I was, a little girl, stranded on a bus at 9:00 p.m., in the dark, all by myself. That’s not very safe at all. We sat there for a good 2 hours before the bus driver announced, “Go eat if you want, we aren’t going anywhere for a long time.” He didn’t speak very good English, at least, not to me. I was not about to get off that bus for any reason unless we got a new bus, so I sat there the whole time. My cell phone was just about dead, which shouldn’t have been a problem because at this time I should have already been to my destination. So I was sitting there, with no one to talk to, all by myself. My sister’s husband eventually called the bus driver and was talking to him. The bus driver announced that there would be a new bus coming to pick us up in about an hour.
Finally the new bus came, we got our luggage on the bus and we were on our way again. I reached my destination about 4 hours late. I was not ready to go on my long journey back, considering that I had 3 transfers and my transfer on the way there was bad enough. My mom and I believed that it was to unsafe for me to ride the Greyhound back so they had to purchase me a plane ticket. We called the Greyhound Refund Service number and asked if we could get a refund. They told us no because it was a ticket bought in advance. I don’t care if I bought it yesterday or a year ago, I never used the ticket and that was their fault so I should be able to get a refund. I still sent in the ticket with a letter of complaint, hopefully, I will get a response and a refund but if not, I will proceed further in this because I was treated unfair and do not think that is right.
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Posted by tander on 2004-07-11:
I'm sorry your trip was so terrible. I've called greyhound on numerous occasions for different route information, you never get anyone on there that is kind or nice, always so rude, they have poor customer service skills.
Posted by Roger&Out on 2004-07-11:
I would really raise cane with Greyhound regarding the stop in the parking lot. Sounds like a big time security issue.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-07-13:
well...I don't think that I would take any advice from you anyways because by the looks of it...not to many people on this sight are very fond of u and also...I actually don't really care who u would permit on a bus!!
Posted by transp on 2004-07-26:
While there were a few bad things on this journey, not all the criticism should be heaped on Greyhound Lines. Most of the journey--from Minneapolis, Minn. to Ardmore, Okl.--was NOT on Greyhound Lines. Rather, this route is operated by Jefferson Lines, a completely independent company. Each company should be accountable for its own service.
Posted by biggsexxy on 2010-06-25:
we also got screwed by grayhound with there broken down buses and being late and my 19 year old daughter and her new baby got left in a town where they new no one because grayhound messed up her ticket after breaking down and rerouting her and the will not acknowlege there going down hill grayhound will be in a picketing soon for poor service standoff
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The So Called Gift Fee for Purchasing a Bus Ticket for Our Own Son!
Posted by Ahead2004 on 11/20/2013
This is the first and last time we are using Greyhound Bus Service!

Our son is coming home for the Thanksgiving holiday and is taking the bus back-Amtrak already sold out. He doesn't have a credit card and I was charged an $18.00 "GIFT FEE" For buying his ticket on my card! There is also a "facility fee" of $2.00 on top of that!!!! WHAT A RIP-OFF!


NEVER, EVER AGAIN, and that motto of theirs?

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Worst Decision in My Life
Posted by Ford5436 on 08/22/2013
NATIONWIDE -- My young granddaughter who is disabled decided to travel what was suppose to be a 30 hour trip from Salt Lake City to Arkansas, two days after her arrival time she still has not reached her destination due to bus re-routes late buses, or no bus showing at all. After having to spend the night in the depot due to a no show bus, she has become ill, has ran out of funds for food, and is told her destination is still eight to ten hours by bus away when the next one finally leaves.

Greyhound has become the worse company in the U.S. for customer service and satisfaction. I think they should be shut down until their services are re vamped and improved drastically
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They Say "Go Greyhound", I Say "No Greyhound"
Posted by Prudhampga on 06/25/2013
KINGMAN, ARIZONA -- Okay, I’ll admit it….over the course of my 50 plus years, I have made some pretty stupid decisions. My focus, or lack thereof on education in high school and college, bad career choices early on and don’t even get me started on my first two marriages. Often times, some of my bad decisions have been financially driven; you know to save a few bucks. I can’t think of any decisions more idiotic than the adventure I experienced this past weekend. The following story I am about to share, believe it or not, is completely accurate.

With only a few days notice, I needed to travel to the Salt Lake City area from Kingman in Arizona to pick up a vehicle which had been loaned to a family member. Because of my job, I travel a lot by air and knew that booking a one-way flight on such short notice was probably going to be pretty expensive, also taking into consideration the fact that my wife would have to drive me to the airport in Las Vegas to catch the flight making it a round trip drive of over 200 miles for her which certainly added to the decision process. Still, I looked into flight options and at the time, a one-way fare was much more than I wanted to spend.

I looked into Amtrak which has a stop in Kingman but the schedule, the amount of transfers and the cost wasn’t making this option very attractive. Then, I proceeded to check out Greyhound which also has a stop located here in Kingman. The bus fare, even on such short notice was reasonable. My wife told me “I really don’t like that idea, have you ever taken Greyhound before?” I said “No, how bad can it be?” Trust me when I say it is really BAD!!!!

Disregarding my wife’s warning, I went ahead and booked the ticket. The schedule indicated that I would board the bus at the stop in Kingman with a departure of 5:25pm on Friday evening and after making one transfer in Las Vegas and a few stops along the way, I would arrive at my destination in Provo, Utah at 5:55am Saturday morning. Travel through the night, get some sleep, pick up the vehicle when I arrive and make my way back to Kingman getting me home around 3:00pm that afternoon, this should work great! Wrong!

On my day of travel, Friday, June 21st, I spent some time checking out the Greyhound website, reading information for first-time travelers, the new fleet of buses equipped with power outlets at each seat, on-board Wi-Fi, and thinking this was going to work out pretty well. I looked up the address of the bus stop and did a search on Google Maps to find the location which happens to be right where two large truck stops are just a few miles from my house. I knew right where this was and assumed it was one of the truck stops as that would make sense. I did have a couple of questions though so I sent an e-mail to two different Greyhound customer service e-mail addresses that I could find, it is now Monday, June 24th and I still have yet to receive a response.

The information on the website indicates that you should be at the bus stop prepared to board one hour prior to the scheduled departure time. My brother-in-law J. D. drove me over to the address listed which turned out to be the McDonalds located between the two trucks stops…interesting!

That Friday evening, we arrived at 4:15pm, well ahead of the scheduled time. Looking all over, I found nothing that referenced Greyhound until I noticed a small Greyhound sign hanging 15 feet in the air below the golden arches. J. D. and I sat in the truck waiting for the bus to arrive; the schedule indicated that Kingman was a meal stop so I expected the bus would arrive around 5:00. Well that time had come and gone, same with 5:25, the scheduled departure time. At 5:35, I got on the phone to call customer service to first make sure I was in the right spot and second to find out where the bus was. I am positive I was connected with an outsourced call-center in the Far East. The individual on the phone was very difficult to understand and at the same time he could not understand me. Frustration was starting to build while at the same time it was almost comical thinking about what my wife had said. What I could make out from the customer service agent was that the bus was delayed due to weather and that if it does not arrive within the next hour, I will have to catch the bus that departs Kingman at 5:30am on Saturday morning.

6:30pm rolled around and still no sign of the bus so I called the customer service number again. This person could not tell me where the bus was and suggested that I call the station in Flagstaff to see if they have any information as this was the stop prior to Kingman. The agent in Flagstaff had indicated that the bus was running late and had just left there 30 minutes ago. Flagstaff is approximately 150 miles from Kingman which means the bus is not going to arrive for another two hours, meanwhile I am supposed to be making a connection in Las Vegas on a bus that is scheduled to depart at 10:00pm. I called Greyhound Customer Service again telling them that my bus was not going to arrive in time to make my connection in Las Vegas and asked that they reissue my ticket for the bus that departs Kingman on Saturday morning, I will just go home and come back to catch that one. The agent said, “I’m sorry, we can’t do that”. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and after being on hold for 15 minutes I was connected with Leif, agent number 4919 and supposedly a supervisor. I told him that because their bus was late, I was going to miss my connection and that the next bus departing Las Vegas for Salt Lake City was not until nearly 8:00am Saturday morning and asked if they were going to put me up in a room in Las Vegas to which he responded “I’m sorry, we don’t do that”. Am I supposed to stay in the bus station for eight hours? Receiving no resolution whatsoever, including a refund on the ticket, I decided to wait it out.

The agent in Flagstaff was off a bit as the bus finally arrived at 7:30pm. Turns out the Greyhound bus stop in Kingman is a gravel and asphalt parking space behind one of the truck stops and next to McDonalds dispelling that mystery. When the driver got off the bus, he announced to all of the passengers that Kingman was a meal stop that they will be there for 30 minutes. I asked the driver if there was anyway that I was going to make it to Las Vegas in time for me to make my connection that departs at 10:00pm. He apologized and said he was delayed in getting the bus in Phoenix and that it was overheating climbing the hill from Phoenix to Flagstaff causing him to be way behind schedule and that we won’t make it to Las Vegas until about 11:00pm. The bus by the way, was not one of these new buses described on the Greyhound website.

It was now 8:00pm, the meal stop was over and the driver asked everyone to get on board. As the seating is first come, first serve, I had to wait until all of the current passengers got on board before I could. The driver was actually a really nice guy and the only positive thing about this experience, I wish I had taken his name but as the level of frustration was at what I thought was its peak, I was not thinking about offering any pleasant comments. He told me before we boarded that one of the front seats was open. We got on the road a few minutes past 8:00 heading to a stop in Bullhead City, dropped off a couple of people and headed to Henderson on the outskirts of Las Vegas. The stop here appeared to be an abandoned convenience store, absolutely no lights whatsoever and as the driver described, not the best neighborhood in the world. A woman and her young child were going to get off the bus and the driver asked if their ride was here. She said that he was on his way and driver told her that he could not let her off the bus if her ride was not there. She stayed on and got off with everyone else when we reached the Las Vegas Greyhound Station, yes an actual station around 11:00pm.

It must have been an anomaly, but the bus that I was supposed to catch in Vegas for Salt Lake actually left when it was scheduled at 10:00pm. I proceeded to the ticket/customer service counter to have my ticket exchanged for the 7:55am departure. After waiting in line for 30 minutes, wow can you imagine that, other people having issues with Greyhound, I told the agent I needed my ticket exchanged for the morning bus. That will be $20. What?!?! You are going to charge me $20 because your bus was late forcing me to miss the connecting bus? We got that squared away and he issued me a ticket for the morning bus.

My wife called to let me know that she used her points with Marriott to get me a room in Las Vegas for the night. Good thing too because the Greyhound station in Vegas was absolutely disgusting and very crowded. I took a cab to the hotel and planned to be back to the bus station by 6:45am. Caught a few hours of sleep and returned to the station by my targeted time. Now I am out additional $30 for cab fare and my wife used points to get me a room when we could have used those points for a nice getaway for her and me.

Returning to the bus station, there are people camped out all over the place and the line to board my bus through door #2 was already a mile long. Knowing the buses only hold 55 passengers, it was going to be close whether or not I would even get on. The line was not organized in any fashion either and being right next to the entry for the ticket/customer service counter, I constantly had people bumping into me with their luggage. By 7:30, I was expecting we would be boarding very soon and I could hopefully get on my way. The scheduled departure time of 7:55am had come and gone and at approximately 8:15am, an announcement was made over the P. A. System that the bus to Salt Lake is now delayed by two hours only adding to my frustration level and a new topic. Why is there no e-mail or text communication from Greyhound letting ticketed passengers know of delays? Word was traveling around the bus station that Greyhound was waiting on drivers, seriously are you kidding me? The communication is lacking terribly. When a bus is getting ready to board, no P. A. announcements were made, no indications of bus 1234 is boarding through gate #4, etc.

At about 10:30am, some Greyhound employees started grabbing the checked baggage from those waiting in line. A man standing a few spots behind me and who had been there nearly as long as I had was asked for his checked bag for Salt Lake City. He said I am not going to Salt Lake City, I am going to Phoenix. The agent told him his bus departed about 15 minutes ago. Obviously he was not a happy person, again no announcements of which bus is boarding through which gate!

The two hour delay actually turned out to be closer to three hours as boarding time started close to 11:00am. When the door was finally opened to begin boarding, the already unorganized line became a made rush and people that were behind me all of a sudden were at the front of the line. When I finally reached the door, the driver was counting the tickets to see how many people he already had on board, luckily it was only 44 by that time so I was able to get on. Oh, by the way, another old bus without Wi-Fi, power outlets or leather seats. Funny, as I looked at the 20 or so buses parked at the station, probably 75% of them were the new buses touted on the website. All of which were just sitting there.

We were on the road shortly after 11:00am and based on the schedule I had printed, if we were following the time allotment, I should arrive in Provo at about 7:00pm which we did. This now forced me to stay another night and fortunately family located 30 minutes away provided a nice dinner and a couch for me to sleep on. I jumped in the car Sunday morning and was back in Kingman Sunday afternoon, a full day later than I should have.

The entire trip, I was making mental notes in my head of the complaint letter that was going to be written and since I was getting absolutely no help from Greyhound Customer Service in any of these matters, I needed to find a way to contact those at the top. Your website provides the names of the company executives in the about us section and ironically, when doing a search for CEO David Leach, one of the first things that popped up was the CNN article about Alec Baldwin being removed from an American Airlines flight in December of 2011 and his quote regarding flight attendants “have made flying a Greyhound experience”. While I can certainly understand what Alec Baldwin was trying to convey, I find it unlikely that he has ever travelled on a Greyhound bus. He has no idea how bad a Greyhound experience really is.

I also find it ironic that Greyhound CEO David Leach makes the following statements in a letter to Mr. Baldwin regarding the comment made:
"I'm the first to admit that Greyhound has had some challenges in the past, so I understand that you probably were basing your comments on that alone. But we've made so many changes in recent years to significantly improve the travel experience," Leach writes.
"My guess is you've never traveled with us, but I ask you to give us a try for a number of reasons and see for yourself that we're really a great way to travel."
Leach then touts the hundreds of new buses the company has added to its fleet as well as the extra legroom, leather seats, power outlets and free Wi-Fi.
"I think you especially would find the latter two amenities exciting, because we don't require our customers to turn off their electronic devices ... ever. You could therefore play 'Words with Friends' during your entire trip and nobody would give you any grief over it," Leach tells Baldwin in the letter.
He also reminds the actor that Greyhound carries more than 17 million travelers a year and asks Baldwin to become one of them.
"I invite you to meet with me in New York and we'll take a trip to Boston so you can see first-hand what a great ride Greyhound can be," Leach writes.
If this is the new and improved Greyhound, I can’t imagine how bad it used to be.
To Greyhound CEO David Leach and to Mr. Myron Watkins, Vice-President of Operations, I will make it my mission to tell anyone and everyone I can about my experience with Greyhound.

G. Prudham
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Posted by Karnamay on 2013-06-25:
Very interesting review. I took a Greyhound 40 years ago, in my teens. You couldn't pay me to do it again!
Posted by biomajor on 2013-06-25:
Your experience sounds awful. I haven't ridden on a Greyhound since 1987 when I on leave for Christmas during Basic Training. I see that it hasn't improved.

My sister and my niece don't drive, and rode on a Greyhound to come visit during FanFair. I waited while the bus was over an hour late getting into Nashville from Louisville, and was about 45 minutes late picking up on the return trip.
Posted by JAKFK on 2013-06-25:
I took a cross-country Greyhound 20-some years ago, and it was one of the fondest memories I have as a youth. I was in high school and took a bus from Virginia to New Mexico by myself. Sure, the bus smelled towards the restroom, and I was laid over in Pittsburgh for 8-hrs, and the driver actually had to ask the passengers for directions. But the people I met were folks I'll remember for the rest of my life. It was the essence of Americana.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-06-25:
Yes, this is a Greyhound experience. I have used them 3 times, done the overnight in/outside (they kick the passengers and bums out from 1am to 6am) of the station thing. Travelling Greyhound makes me think of what luxury would be like in a third world country.

And yes, some of their stations are hard to find - you have to check that out ahead of time or play the Easter egg hunt that you did.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-06-25:
Very informative and descriptive review. Whilst, I've never used Greyhound for anything, so I cannot comment from personal experience, but your experience seems to be par for the course.
Posted by Xoliswa on 2013-07-04:
very awful. we have the same problems with Greyhound in South Africa aswell.

i hope they read our complaints
Posted by amsuco on 2013-07-09:
Recently I found myself taking my first cross-country trip by Greyhound. To get a better idea of what to expect, I took advantage of the Internet. Now it's my turn to share. On their site, Greyhound is pushing their new buses, with wireless access, electrical outlets, and new seats with better legroom. I never had the opportunity to try out the wireless. The electrical outlets are handy. But I couldn't find ANYONE who considered the new seats to be comfortable. It's only a slight exaggeration to say that they could double as a torture device.
Greyhound may be promoting the new buses, but I was only on one about twenty percent of the time. Most of the time I was on older coaches. The older coaches may not have had wireless or electrical outlets, but the seating in the older buses was a bit more comfortable.
My worst gripe is that Greyhound seems to be in the business of selling tickets, regardless of whether or not they really have seating available. My trip started out an hour late because they had to line up a second bus to carry all the customers who had bought tickets. Later, I ended up stranded overnight in Denver because the were short of space again. It's important to note several things: This didn't happen during a holiday, so that can't be used as an excuse. I talked to enough other passengers to find out that overbooking is common on Greyhound. My tickets were bought A MONTH ahead of time, and that still wasn't enough to guarantee my seating. When customers are left stranded like I was, Greyhound considers a free meal voucher or two to be compensation for their lousy business practices.
I met a few commendable employees during my trip. But the company policies are deal-breakers. This was my first and last Greyhound experience.
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Bus Trip
Posted by Contreras.carlene55 on 06/22/2013
I bought a roundtrip ticket from Modesto CA to Salinas CA. On the return trip I had to go all the way to Los Angeles CA. Three hundred and something miles to get to Modesto CA. I was stranded with no money for food. 19 hours to get home.
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Ticket agent Gus at Corvallis Or Greyhound Station
Posted by Chattumt on 06/20/2013
CORVALLIS, OREGON -- On June 13 2013 at 8:00am I went into the Corvallis Greyhound Bus Station to purchase a wired ticket from Hobbs NM to Portland OR for my husband. This was my first time ever purchasing through Greyhound. I purchased the ticket for 247.00, then called my husband to let him know the confirmation number. I thought everything was good to go and went off to work.

Later I get a call from my husband who states the ticket is incorrect; that the destination is Corvallis and not the intended Portland stop. (This was upsetting not only because it was a mistake made by Gus, but because we had a specific conversation as to my reason for destination being Portland rather than Corvallis.) Then I get another call from my husband stating there is no longer an active bus station in Hobbs NM where he was to depart from. Now I'm at work with no personal vehicle and tried multiple times to contact Gus in Corvallis by phone, only to get a constant recording and a message box that was "full", leaving me with no ability to leave a message for return assistance.

After many calls between my husband and I, the stress building, I was able to arrange a vehicle from a co-worker to drive to Corvallis from Albany to attend to the mistakes. (I lost 1.5 hours of pay on this day trying to get resolution.) When I arrived at the Greyhound Station I approached Gus and let him know I had 2 errors that needed immediate correction. First I stated the mistake of destination. His first response was to print and wire a totally new ticket while charging me a new full fee and giving me a number off the form to call for reimbursement as I paid on my debit card earlier in the day and he stated it could not be put right back on the card. I told him this was not acceptable to me to pay for two tickets in one day when it was not my mistake and that I was not willing to wait and stress to get my money back from an unknown entity. He then proceeded to tell me that it would cost me more to have the destination changed. This makes no sense to me as Portland is before Corvallis, that's less mileage. (when my husband reached Luback TX and got his physical ticket he saw that there was a stop in Portland; I believe I was over-charged) When I told him I would not pay for another ticket or pay any additional money due to his mistake he became very defensive. He proceeded to become belligerent, stating he would just take it out of his own pocket since I refused extra payment. He then proceeded to make quite the production by having everybody in the station step outside because he as he stated, he needed to lock up and walk around the corner to the bank to withdraw the needed money. He came back after about 5 minutes and handed me $20, stating that this left him with $3 dollars in his account for the next week. His behavior continued to be very defensive. He then proceeded to call his wife from behind the counter to let her know what he had to do to appease a customer, making quite the production of the situation. While he is on the phone I 'm left standing there waiting to complete this part of the transaction. I then addressed the issue of no active bus station in Hobbs NM and questioned why he would sell me a ticket knowing this. (Remember that this is my first Greyhound experience and I don't know what I'm doing.)

After about 15 minutes of frustration he finally took the initiative to explain the process of the ticket not having to be physically at a station to get on. He could have told me this from the beginning, but chose not to. Ultimately, I left very upset and frustrated, giving him his money back and just leaving the ticket as is.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-06-20:
Seems like Gus went above and beyond here. You really didn't leave with much choice, as he offered a solution that you didn't want to accept.

A debit card doesn't work like a credit card as it's tied to your bank account, so return when it's over X amount has to go through whatever bank Greyhound is using first in order for the refund to be issued to your bank account. The process can take several days, it's a very common thing in retail.

If you weren't aware of Greyhounds ticket polices you could check here to see what their rules and procedures are. It's usually better know what you're dealing with beforehand. It doesn't take long, I was able to find Greyhounds policies in about 10 seconds. Doing your due diligence can save you from future headaches

Here are Greyhounds policies regarding tickets.

Posted by Mike on 2013-07-17:
I happened to be in the waiting room when this happened. I understand that this poor person had to take time off of work and so was upset already upon her visit. From the initial moment she was abusive verbally without allowing the agent to get a word in until her violent tirade had completed. (I'm surprised the police weren't called) In fact he did have to lock up the station when he went to the corner bank mentioning that the Fire Marshall wouldn't allow him to lock people inside. When he returned he did offer some cash to the lady and he remianed apologetic kept his patience throughout this affiar, above and beyond, imho
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Rude,and Bad Attitude of Drivers
Posted by Zurizandy on 12/28/2012
BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA -- My daughter was traveling on Greyhound for the first time. She stated that the drivers were rude when you asked them any question at all. if you are going to be rude to your passengers think of this. if you did not have passengers YOU WOULD NOT HAVE A JOB!If you are unhappy driving the bus get another job, one where you can be rude. sounds like you should just stay home and stay out of the company of people that just want an answer to a question. Promise first, and definitely the last time!
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Posted by Skye on 2012-12-28:
What did she say he did that made him seem so rude to her?
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-12-28:
Was she asking him questions while he was driving?
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-12-29:
The driver shouldn't be rude under any circumstances, but Greyhound drivers are not all the sharpest tools in the shed. I had one once that was evidently lost, and a guy in the back was like "this guy's going the WRONG WAY!" 10 minutes later the driver pulled the bus over, and asked "where is the guy who said we are going the wrong way?" He was in the can. When he emerged, he directed the driver where we had to go. It was a nail-biting trip as he then tried to make up time, screaming around curves at too high a rate of speed.

Traveling Greyhound is a shocking experience to the uninitiated, between the drivers and the passengers, many of which are curious people. The next time I do, I may take mind-altering drugs in preparation for the trip.
Posted by Bree on 2014-01-14:
Abolutely, I have made 6 trips in the past year via greyhound and I only had a positive experience with 2 drivers! I have heard them belittle passengers, They snap at passengers, and they are rude in general. One actually put my mom in tears when she was seeing me off by being so rude. On my first ride. I was 16, I asked the driver if I was on the right bus because it was super chaotic in the station. The driver literally rolled his eyes and walked away without a word. On another ride, the driver tried to have a lady with twin toddlers come off of the bus to figure something out with a car seat and he said "just leave the kids on the bus, no one will take them" really?! On another ride, the driver was so bad he was very heavy on the brake and the eccelerator, that my row was getting car sick. After these experiences I kept thinking they cant all bad, but everytime the drivers were aweful. I just drive now, its worth the cost.
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Mental and Physical Suffering
Posted by Anthonynorthington on 12/23/2012
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- December 13, 2012, I Anthony Ray Northington purchased a round trip bus ticket. This ticket was purchased in Louisville, Kentucky at the Bus Terminal Downtown. My family called me From Metro Atlanta area. This emergency situation; was based on "Life and Death." My niece was in the intensive care unit battling one of her many "Sickle Cell Anemia" crisis.

Knowing that my mother's sister,(Clara [snip]) passed away at the age of 36 years; also my sister, Robbie Denise [snip] passed away at this tender age. Sickle Cell Anemia is one type of anemia. Anemia is a condition in which your blood has a lower than normal number of red blood cells.


Too Whom This May Concern:

Niko [snip] is currently in stable condition in "The Intensive Care Unit at Northside Hospital Atlanta. M. s [snip] admitted on 12/11/2012. Her family members were encouraged to come to be with this patient. In her time of need, family member Anthony [snip] arrived on 12/13/2012 and has been visiting everyday.


Michele [snip] RN, BA CCRN
Northiside Hospital
ICU Clinician/Quality
1000 Johnson Ferry Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30342


Maintained for Entire June July August 2012 calender
quarter GPA 3.25 - 3.59 awarded to
presented by

Michael [snip]
--------------------------- -------------------------
President Dean Of Academic Affairs
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-12-24:
I'm sorry your Niece is going through this.
Your title mentions you being thrown out in the rain from the Greyhound Bus Terminal...but you didn't mention any of what happened in your review.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-12-24:
I couldn't really follow this. Were you requesting a refund of a pre purchased ticket or were you trying to purchase a ticket to get to your niece and were "thrown out" after requesting a special family emergency rate? And what does your GPA and honors awards have to do with the situation?
Posted by Alain on 2012-12-24:
Perhaps Greyhound's corporate office can help you: 214-849-8100
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-12-24:
What was the problem?
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-24:
I've got to agree with many of the other posts. I'm not sure what the complaint, if any, was about.
Posted by leet60 on 2012-12-25:
I am also not clear as to the entire issue. I am aware that many greyhound bus terminals no longer have open "waiting areas" on a 24 hour basis. The terminals are often closed and locked when there is not passenger service being provided, especially at night.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-12-25:
There are no details provided, other than in the subject line.

I was kicked out of the terminal in NYC on New Year's Day once, because it closed at 1am or something like that. It reopened at 7am. It was a long 6 hours in the bitter cold. As mentioned above, closing bus terminals when there is no service is standard practice.
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People don't know what they are talking about because they didn't speak English
Posted by Monesterlee on 12/21/2012
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Hi my name is Denise and I was waiting for the Grey Hound bus at the Orlando station and the employees didn't know what they were doing because of lack of understanding English. I was coming to N. Miami, FL and the lady who was supposedly the supervisor didn't speak good English. She kept all out for the bus that is going to Miami come to gate 9. The lines were extremely long and they had to search the people one by one and when you get ready to be searched and she looked at my ticket and she said "I said Miami, not Miami North" I kept trying to repeatedly saying that is the same thing whether I go to Miami North or as she kept saying Miami. She was trying to acknowledge that if you are going to the airport station because there is a bus terminal at the airport as well as North Miami and all she knew of is Miami, not realizing that Miami is made up of many communities. She caused us to leave an our late plus luggage was placed on wrong bus because of all the confusion of continueously moving us from one line to the other because she was not aware of the similarities. I was thinking about trying to take a trip on Grey Hound since this was my first time since I was a kid until that happened.
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Schedule Not Kept
Posted by Karley on 10/18/2012
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- Bus was to leave Sacramento at 4pm Oct 17 2012 Left at 430 as driver explained he was waiting for a package. There was no traffic as it was a weekday. But by leaving 30 minutes late I missed the 545 pm bus from Oakland to San Jose. We arrived at Oakland at 549 (and was suppose to arrive at 530pm)=which was 4 minutes too late to make connection. Next bus was at 930pm/Meaning we had to wait from 549 pm till 930pm. Got to San Jose at 1045pm instead of 7pm..Called cust complaint dept at Greyhound today the 18th. Rep took down my complaint and said according to the computer that the bus left Sacramento on time at 4pm and arrived at 530 pm on time in Oakland..Some how the bus driver was able to change the times he departed Sacramento and arrived in Oakland. I was not the only passenger that had to wait 3 hours and 45 minutes for next bus. Do not like to be called a liar..Can not count on Greyhound to keep to their schedules...
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Posted by melissa253 on 2012-10-18:
You were cutting it very very close by booking the time that you did. Next time give yourself more time in case something goes wrong.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-18:
I agree with the first reply - a 15 minute window for a bus connection seems tight. A train would be fine, but a bus I'm not so sure.

The crux of your complaint IMO, other than they inexplicably poor record keeping of Greyhound, is the policy surrounding delaying departure because of a package. What was that package? A heart for transplant, a case of beer? Maybe it was so important it justified waiting, but you probably will never know. Travelling by bus is a tough way to go.
Posted by leet60 on 2012-10-19:
I rode a Greyhound from Tennessee to New Mexico about two years ago. Enroute the bus made a stop on the interstate (50 miles in either direction from a city) for a food stop at McDonalds. The driver informed the passengers there would be a 20 minute stop over. I did not leave the bus. The driver stood at the door after getting a meal and looked at his watch constantly. At EXACTLY 20 minutes he closed the door and began to drive away. There were 3 passengers running for the bus and screaming to stop - the passengers on the bus were also telling the driver there were 3 he was leaving behind. His reply "It's not my fault if they can't tell time", and he drove on stranding these passengers in the middle of nowhere.

Since this incident, I would NEVER travel Greyhound again.
Posted by MRM on 2012-10-19:
Wow! Leet! That is unbelievable!
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