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No Accommodation for Family Emergency. Company Needs Improvements and Updates
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Rating: 1/51

My most recent experience with Greyhound is an unfortunately and absolutely avoidable one. Since purchasing a non-refundable ticket to meet my family at a destination for Thanksgiving, the quality of life of a family member fighting cancer has rapidly deteriorated to the point of being bedridden with excruciating pain, even after multiple treatments and surgeries. My heartfelt and loving family collectively decided to go visit him instead of the destination, as he can't travel and this may be the last time many of us sees him alive.

I contacted Greyhound and the automated phone system said to go to my local station for fastest service, or mail in my ticket in asking for a refund. At the local station they said I had to call a different number, and mail my ticket. The phone representatives said the only thing I can do with my non-refundable ticket is pay $20 to change the time. After much explanation and speaking with her supervisor, the same thing was reiterated to me: that that is my only option. My significant other tried on two other occasions and was given the same info.

I am distraught and disgusted that in a time of emotional upset from unforeseen family circumstances of the worst variety (family member dying of cancer), Greyhound is doing absolutely NOTHING to help me out, other than say I can PAY THEM more money to change the time of a trip that has dissolved into nothing. And just to get to the point of speaking on the phone with a representative was difficult and not straightforward. The folks at my local station seemed to think I could get a refund, given my circumstances. No customer should have to work so hard to contact the service department. I am incredibly disappointed.

When I've taken Greyhound in the past, my experience has been 'ok', 2 to 3 star ok. I felt safe and the buses were decently clean. I arrived at my destinations. The drivers were mostly friendly. On the negative side, all the buses were late. I understand traffic and station dealings, however the company gives you no indication of updated departure times. At anytime, anywhere. It is a disorganized affair during transfers. With the signage and info I had at hand, I still had to ask multiple people where to sit and wait to catch the appropriate buses. The use of paper tickets, which you can only print on one side, is dated and inconvenient for most passengers.

The company could do A LOT to increase ease of transport and customer service. Such things would include, easier ways to contact live customer service, being empathetic and accommodating to family emergencies, use of electronic ticketing, and creating a Greyhound bus application for real time tracking, time estimates, and clear directions on how to locate each of your transfers.

After my latest dealings with Greyhound, I plan to seek out any and all other means of travel. The cheaper price is just not worth the extended travel times, lack of present day conveniences (time updates and information), and inflexibility when extenuating family circumstances arise (which, dear God I hope aren't often for anybody).

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Rating: 1/51

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA -- Horrible. This statement is to state my concerns about the treatment of passengers on March 3rd, 2016. I booked a ticket from Norfolk, Virginia to Springfield, Virginia. My bus left from Norfolk, Virginia at 8pm and made a stop in Hampton, Virginia to pick up more passengers. It was strange that we stopped because our bus was already full.

Once we got to Hampton I noticed other passengers getting on the bus even though there were no seats left. With the bus being full at least 6 passengers got on the bus anyway. They all complained about the seating to themselves and other passengers. The bus driver was on and off the bus at the time. Seeing the other passengers get on the bus and there were no seats, I was under the impression that maybe the bus driver would try to find them another bus or come up with some alternatives and unfortunately that was not the case.

As the bus driver got back on the bus, he had no words for the passengers standing up, he just proceeded to take off and continue to Richmond, Virginia which is about 75 miles away from where we were. From Hampton to Richmond that's at least a one hour and 20 minute drive. One gentleman on the bus was getting off the bus and the driver was pulling off, yelling "hey stop before you pull off, I'm going to get off". The bus driver stopped and asked if he had things underneath the bus and the passenger said no.

The driver then made an announcement to the other passengers standing on the bus and let them know that if they wanted to get off the bus due to it being overcrowded then he was not getting off the bus to grab their things from underneath and that if they wanted their belongings that they would have to meet him in Richmond to get them. Everyone was in shock that he would make such an announcement.

What bothered me the most is that the bus driver which is a clear representation of the Greyhound bus company being that he is an employee had no remorse for the people that had to stand for an hour and 30 minutes as if it was ok. How can you be ok with telling people that. These people paid for seats, not to stand up. Nowhere on the site does it say that there is a chance that you may have to stand on the bus. These people paid for seats, not to stand, point, blank, period.

There was nothing safe about that drive at all. Granted we made it safe with no issues but what if we got into an accident and something serious happened to the people standing up? Then what? This was completely unexceptionable. I called every customer service number I could to file a complaint and even the people that work in the customer service could careless about this situation and provide no solutions whatsoever. It's almost like Greyhound could careless about the people at all. As long as you all get their money.

Once we stopped, I asked the bus driver for his name and he refused to give me his name. I asked him why he couldn't give me his name and he told me that I didn't need it. No respect whatsoever and extremely rude. I then told him that I didn't like the way he treated the passengers and did not like the fact that he allowed these people to stand up for an hour and a half with no remorse. He told me "oh well, go complain." He didn't care at all. I told him that if I was one of the passengers on the bus that needed to get my belongings that he would have definitely got my things for me and he told me that he would have whopped me.

I didn't not appreciate how he spoke with me and treated the other passengers and it bothers me even more that a company that's been around as long as yours have would allow this type of behavior. I went into the bus station and asked at least 3 employees about speaking to someone about a complaint and they all replied letting me know that I was wasting my time because you all don't do anything about this type of thing and that people complain all time and Greyhound doesn't do anything about it.

I then spoke to a bus supervisor who offered me free breakfast for my troubles. I let her know that I don't want a free breakfast, what I need is for this matter to receive some attention. You can't try to give me some food and think that will make up for the disrespect, lack of concern for passengers, and the treatment that your bus drivers give to its customers. Everyone that got on bus SC86578 on March 3rd, 2017 from Hampton to Richmond needs a refund, not only for paying for a seat and having to stand for an hour and a half but also for the treatment for the bus driver.

I Was Left Stranded!
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Rating: 1/51

COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Let me begin by saying I am beyond furious. Yesterday, on July 14th, myself and another passenger had tickets for the 8:45 PM bus out of Cookeville, TN. After an almost 30 minute wait, a bus finally appeared. After showing our tickets to the female bus driver, she briefly looked at both and informed us that our correct bus would be arriving behind her shortly. We waited until FOUR in the morning for this mysterious bus to finally show.

After HOURS of talking to countless employees, and getting the runaround and excuses, not only did you not resolve our problem, we finally had to decide to head to our respective homes. The other young woman I was with was on her way to West Virginia to see her mother, who is dying in the hospital, and the best you people could do was send her on a new bus on the 15th, with no mention of compensation for this immense shortcoming of YOUR driver.

On my account, my sister is in the process of getting a FULL refund, which hasn't even been a straightforward process. To say I'm appalled by not only your drivers, but also your so called customer service, is an understatement. The woman I waited hours with told you multiple times that she had no ride home, but thankfully, my boyfriend and I were able to get her home at least. And, might I add, with absolutely NO thanks for your company.

Now, in order for me to arrive safe to my destination, my boyfriend and I are going to drive from TN to MD (which is where YOU were supposed to take me). I do not trust your drivers or your company to have me arrive anywhere I need to be, without leaving me stranded for hours on end. This has been the worst travelling experience I have EVER had, and I will see to it that no one in my family or friends ever wastes their money or time with your pathetic excuse for a company ever again.

Never Again. Boycott This Company. Read My Experience
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Rating: 1/51

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- So RUDE! I haven't even left the GREYHOUND bus station in Pittsburgh to begin my trip and I felt like posting a review. Whoever is working ticketing at 6 am on 5/27 screamed at 4 other customers and I to move behind a line that we didn't see. Then the lady running gate 8 seemed too busy to answer my question "is this gate 8?" so I walked past her to the bus. She then proceeded to run me down and scream at me for walking past her without her answering. Probably a dozen people were there watching. Congratulations, you guys earned my first ever Google review. You are the UNITED of bus stations.

Update...she is operator Tracy. My bus driver 👎. Can't even make a new post but here's another update. Tracy made an unscheduled stop 1.5 hours into our trip at the Somerset Rest Station. She states everyone be back on the bus at 8 am. At 7:55 am, myself and 2 other random customers were left behind as Tracy had taken off early.

From there it took 1.5 hrs on the phone to reach customer service supervisor after employees could not do anything to help. They couldn't even guarantee the next bus coming 4.5 hours later could let me on the bus but I'd have to ask. Don't ask for a refund because it takes 48 hours for them to tell you if you can receive anything. Well here's to hoping they let us all on the next bus, and that my luggage did get unloaded at my stop since it is now with Tracy. By far the poorest customer service I've ever experienced (in person and on phone). I don't understand how companies like this can operate. Use Mega bus next time. Then you won't have a 4 hour trip turn into 9.

Price Gouging "Certain" Customers
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Rating: 1/51

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA -- Bus Ticket from Savannah to Atlanta Airport if $ 42.00 if I reserve online. If I want to buy the ticket for someone else there is a... wait for it $18.00 gift purchase fee. If I want to buy it with cash in the bus station that the bus departs from... wait for it... it costs $70 plus dollars. Yep. It's more expensive if you buy yourself a bus ticket at the actual counter with cash or credit card than it is if you buy it online and by $25.00 plus.

You can stand at the counter and get on your smart phone and reserve a bus ticket give the "sales" person your reference number and pay the online price. That is if you have a smart phone, have checked the prices at home on your computer. Providing you have one of course and can be verbally forceful enough to get the "sales" person to even deal with you!!!

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Rating: 1/51

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- Was trying to get on a connecting bus after coming in from Chicago (which, just as a side note, was the sketchiest bus station I've ever seen), when the bus driver rudely told us the bus was overbooked, closed the doors, and left. Didn't give us any more information about when the next bus would be or who we could talk to. Literally no one came to tell us anything for 45 minutes. Eventually found out that the next bus wouldn't be for 10 hours and just had to have someone drive 2 hours to come pick us up. Worst experience I've ever had traveling, and I'm definitely never taking the Greyhound again.

Worst Trip Ever
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Rating: 1/51

Left Buffalo June 16 headed for N.C. The first bus was to Cleveland. No air, wifi or plugins. Cleveland to Cincinnati was smooth. Left Cincinnati 2 and a half hours late, they didn't have a driver. Arrived in Knoxville too late to catch the layover bus. Now they are rerouting people tomorrow morning to Atlanta so they can get back to the Ashville area. Now if that doesn't make you shake your head I don't know what will.

I'm a 3 hour drive from my destination and I will arrive there at 8 PM tomorrow night the 18th, if things go as planned. I'm not counting on it so am opting for my husband to come pick me up in Knoxville. I know I will be calling customer service Monday morning. They don't work on the weekends so said the automated voice. So if that's the sort of trip you want to take have at it. If not then run screaming away.

Greyhound Sucks on Shipping.
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Rating: 1/51

LOGAN, UTAH -- We bought a decklid and trunk door from Pennsylvania in November 2016 and we haven't got the package to this point. We call everyone on the package department. No one knows where the package is. Salt Lake City Utah don't know how to answer their phones either. Today is the 1/9/17 and still haven't got my package.

Don't send anything through Greyhound packing express. They are bad on customer service. They are very rude when you call and try to find out where the package is especially Rock Springs Wyoming. Very rude customer service... Trust this review is very legit. Am receiving this package. I didn't know it was going to take this long. They send it through Greyhound express packing.

Nastiest Customer Service Ever Beware
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Rating: 1/51

CHARELSTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Do not EVER and I repeat EVER take a Greyhound bus ride. They are nothing less short of the nastiest people I have ever had customer service with. I took a trip from Charleston SC to El Paso Texas. The ride started out fine until I got to Atlanta GA. At 11:30 we were supposed to have left at 11:35. When I got on the bus with my carry on bag that I was told by the check-in lady it was ok, the bus driver told me to put it under the bus. I did not have Greyhound insurance on that bag because it was never supposed to leave my hands. That bag has a $699 Camera in it, a $399 50mm Lens, and a $160 70-200MM Sigma Lens in it.

Then when I went to check the bag in and get back on the bus the bus driver shut the door on me and would not let me in and just stared at me for four minutes. I proceed to sit down two seats behind him the backup driver who was sick at the time was spraying Lysol on her seats and sprayed me in the mouth. After that she said "sorry" sarcastically.

As the bus started moving in motion the bus driver started with the rules and stated that there will be no use of foul language on the bus. The passenger next to me then stated, "What would be the punishment for using foul language?" The bus driver then replied, "You know what the punishment would be young man," in reference to me. I stated to him that that was not me who said that and the lady next to me said that it was her. The bus driver then proceeded to say, "Well ma'am if you are using foul language it must be because of the young man next to you and we would have to kick him off the bus."

After all that and finally arriving in Dallas a day later I watched them throw my bag on its side as they unloaded the carriage. They broke the focusing mechanisms on my 50mm, and on my 70-200mm where now you can hear springs popping loose and it sticks. They would only refund me $250.

They Say "Go Greyhound", I Say "No Greyhound"
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Rating: 1/51

KINGMAN, ARIZONA -- Okay, I'll admit it…. over the course of my 50 plus years, I have made some pretty stupid decisions. My focus, or lack thereof on education in high school and college, bad career choices early on and don't even get me started on my first two marriages. Often times, some of my bad decisions have been financially driven; you know to save a few bucks. I can't think of any decisions more idiotic than the adventure I experienced this past weekend. The following story I am about to share, believe it or not, is completely accurate.

With only a few days notice, I needed to travel to the Salt Lake City area from Kingman in Arizona to pick up a vehicle which had been loaned to a family member. Because of my job, I travel a lot by air and knew that booking a one-way flight on such short notice was probably going to be pretty expensive, also taking into consideration the fact that my wife would have to drive me to the airport in Las Vegas to catch the flight making it a round trip drive of over 200 miles for her which certainly added to the decision process. Still, I looked into flight options and at the time, a one-way fare was much more than I wanted to spend.

I looked into Amtrak which has a stop in Kingman but the schedule, the amount of transfers and the cost wasn't making this option very attractive. Then, I proceeded to check out Greyhound which also has a stop located here in Kingman. The bus fare, even on such short notice was reasonable. My wife told me “I really don't like that idea, have you ever taken Greyhound before?” I said “No, how bad can it be?” Trust me when I say it is really BAD!!!!

Disregarding my wife's warning, I went ahead and booked the ticket. The schedule indicated that I would board the bus at the stop in Kingman with a departure of 5:25 pm on Friday evening and after making one transfer in Las Vegas and a few stops along the way, I would arrive at my destination in Provo, Utah at 5:55 am Saturday morning. Travel through the night, get some sleep, pick up the vehicle when I arrive and make my way back to Kingman getting me home around 3:00 pm that afternoon, this should work great! Wrong!

On my day of travel, Friday, June 21st, I spent some time checking out the Greyhound website, reading information for first-time travelers, the new fleet of buses equipped with power outlets at each seat, on-board Wi-Fi, and thinking this was going to work out pretty well. I looked up the address of the bus stop and did a search on Google Maps to find the location which happens to be right where two large truck stops are just a few miles from my house.

I knew right where this was and assumed it was one of the truck stops as that would make sense. I did have a couple of questions though so I sent an e-mail to two different Greyhound customer service e-mail addresses that I could find. It is now Monday, June 24th and I still have yet to receive a response.

The information on the website indicates that you should be at the bus stop prepared to board one hour prior to the scheduled departure time. My brother-in-law ** drove me over to the address listed which turned out to be the McDonald's located between the two trucks stops…interesting!

That Friday evening, we arrived at 4:15 pm, well ahead of the scheduled time. Looking all over, I found nothing that referenced Greyhound until I noticed a small Greyhound sign hanging 15 feet in the air below the golden arches. ** and I sat in the truck waiting for the bus to arrive; the schedule indicated that Kingman was a meal stop so I expected the bus would arrive around 5:00. Well that time had come and gone, same with 5:25, the scheduled departure time. At 5:35, I got on the phone to call customer service to first make sure I was in the right spot and second to find out where the bus was. I am positive I was connected with an outsourced call center in the Far East.

The individual on the phone was very difficult to understand and at the same time he could not understand me. Frustration was starting to build while at the same time it was almost comical thinking about what my wife had said. What I could make out from the customer service agent was that the bus was delayed due to weather and that if it does not arrive within the next hour, I will have to catch the bus that departs Kingman at 5:30 am on Saturday morning.

6:30 pm rolled around and still no sign of the bus so I called the customer service number again. This person could not tell me where the bus was and suggested that I call the station in Flagstaff to see if they have any information as this was the stop prior to Kingman. The agent in Flagstaff had indicated that the bus was running late and had just left there 30 minutes ago. Flagstaff is approximately 150 miles from Kingman which means the bus is not going to arrive for another two hours, meanwhile I am supposed to be making a connection in Las Vegas on a bus that is scheduled to depart at 10:00 pm.

I called Greyhound Customer Service again telling them that my bus was not going to arrive in time to make my connection in Las Vegas and asked that they reissue my ticket for the bus that departs Kingman on Saturday morning, I will just go home and come back to catch that one. The agent said, “I'm sorry, we can't do that”. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and after being on hold for 15 minutes I was connected with **, agent number ** and supposedly a supervisor.

I told him that because their bus was late, I was going to miss my connection and that the next bus departing Las Vegas for Salt Lake City was not until nearly 8:00 am Saturday morning and asked if they were going to put me up in a room in Las Vegas to which he responded “I'm sorry, we don't do that”. Am I supposed to stay in the bus station for eight hours? Receiving no resolution whatsoever, including a refund on the ticket, I decided to wait it out.

The agent in Flagstaff was off a bit as the bus finally arrived at 7:30 pm. Turns out the Greyhound bus stop in Kingman is a gravel and asphalt parking space behind one of the truck stops and next to McDonald's dispelling that mystery. When the driver got off the bus, he announced to all of the passengers that Kingman was a meal stop that they will be there for 30 minutes.

I asked the driver if there was anyway that I was going to make it to Las Vegas in time for me to make my connection that departs at 10:00 pm. He apologized and said he was delayed in getting the bus in Phoenix and that it was overheating climbing the hill from Phoenix to Flagstaff causing him to be way behind schedule and that we won't make it to Las Vegas until about 11:00 pm. The bus by the way, was not one of these new buses described on the Greyhound website.

It was now 8:00 pm, the meal stop was over and the driver asked everyone to get on board. As the seating is first come, first serve, I had to wait until all of the current passengers got on board before I could. The driver was actually a really nice guy and the only positive thing about this experience, I wish I had taken his name but as the level of frustration was at what I thought was its peak, I was not thinking about offering any pleasant comments. He told me before we boarded that one of the front seats was open.

We got on the road a few minutes past 8:00 heading to a stop in Bullhead City, dropped off a couple of people and headed to Henderson on the outskirts of Las Vegas. The stop here appeared to be an abandoned convenience store, absolutely no lights whatsoever and as the driver described, not the best neighborhood in the world. A woman and her young child were going to get off the bus and the driver asked if their ride was here. She said that he was on his way and driver told her that he could not let her off the bus if her ride was not there.

She stayed on and got off with everyone else when we reached the Las Vegas Greyhound Station, yes an actual station around 11:00 pm. It must have been an anomaly, but the bus that I was supposed to catch in Vegas for Salt Lake actually left when it was scheduled at 10:00 pm. I proceeded to the ticket/customer service counter to have my ticket exchanged for the 7:55 am departure.

After waiting in line for 30 minutes, wow can you imagine that, other people having issues with Greyhound, I told the agent I needed my ticket exchanged for the morning bus. "That will be $20." "What?!?! You are going to charge me $20 because your bus was late forcing me to miss the connecting bus?" We got that squared away and he issued me a ticket for the morning bus.

My wife called to let me know that she used her points with Marriott to get me a room in Las Vegas for the night. Good thing too because the Greyhound station in Vegas was absolutely disgusting and very crowded. I took a cab to the hotel and planned to be back to the bus station by 6:45 am. Caught a few hours of sleep and returned to the station by my targeted time. Now I am out additional $30 for cab fare and my wife used points to get me a room when we could have used those points for a nice getaway for her and me.

Returning to the bus station, there are people camped out all over the place and the line to board my bus through door #2 was already a mile long. Knowing the buses only hold 55 passengers, it was going to be close whether or not I would even get on. The line was not organized in any fashion either and being right next to the entry for the ticket/customer service counter, I constantly had people bumping into me with their luggage. By 7:30, I was expecting we would be boarding very soon and I could hopefully get on my way.

The scheduled departure time of 7:55 am had come and gone and at approximately 8:15 am, an announcement was made over the P. A. System that the bus to Salt Lake is now delayed by two hours only adding to my frustration level and a new topic. Why is there no e-mail or text communication from Greyhound letting ticketed passengers know of delays? Word was traveling around the bus station that Greyhound was waiting on drivers, seriously are you kidding me? The communication is lacking terribly. When a bus is getting ready to board, no P. A. announcements were made, no indications of bus 1234 is boarding through gate #4, etc.

At about 10:30 am, some Greyhound employees started grabbing the checked baggage from those waiting in line. A man standing a few spots behind me and who had been there nearly as long as I had was asked for his checked bag for Salt Lake City. He said "I am not going to Salt Lake City. I am going to Phoenix." The agent told him his bus departed about 15 minutes ago. Obviously he was not a happy person, again no announcements of which bus is boarding through which gate!

The two hour delay actually turned out to be closer to three hours as boarding time started close to 11:00 am. When the door was finally opened to begin boarding, the already unorganized line became a mad rush and people that were behind me all of a sudden were at the front of the line. When I finally reached the door, the driver was counting the tickets to see how many people he already had on board, luckily it was only 44 by that time so I was able to get on.

Oh, by the way, another old bus without Wi-Fi, power outlets or leather seats. Funny, as I looked at the 20 or so buses parked at the station, probably 75% of them were the new buses touted on the website. All of which were just sitting there.

We were on the road shortly after 11:00 am and based on the schedule I had printed, if we were following the time allotment, I should arrive in Provo at about 7:00 pm which we did. This now forced me to stay another night and fortunately family located 30 minutes away provided a nice dinner and a couch for me to sleep on. I jumped in the car Sunday morning and was back in Kingman Sunday afternoon, a full day later than I should have.

The entire trip, I was making mental notes in my head of the complaint letter that was going to be written and since I was getting absolutely no help from Greyhound Customer Service in any of these matters, I needed to find a way to contact those at the top. Your website provides the names of the company executives in the about us section and ironically, when doing a search for CEO David Leach, one of the first things that popped up was the CNN article about Alec Baldwin being removed from an American Airlines flight in December of 2011 and his quote regarding flight attendants “have made flying a Greyhound experience”.

While I can certainly understand what Alec Baldwin was trying to convey, I find it unlikely that he has ever travelled on a Greyhound bus. He has no idea how bad a Greyhound experience really is. I also find it ironic that Greyhound CEO David Leach makes the following statements in a letter to Mr. Baldwin regarding the comment made: "I'm the first to admit that Greyhound has had some challenges in the past, so I understand that you probably were basing your comments on that alone. But we've made so many changes in recent years to significantly improve the travel experience," Leach writes.

"My guess is you've never traveled with us, but I ask you to give us a try for a number of reasons and see for yourself that we're really a great way to travel." Leach then touts the hundreds of new buses the company has added to its fleet as well as the extra legroom, leather seats, power outlets and free Wi-Fi. "I think you especially would find the latter two amenities exciting, because we don't require our customers to turn off their electronic devices ... ever. You could therefore play 'Words with Friends' during your entire trip and nobody would give you any grief over it," Leach tells Baldwin in the letter.

He also reminds the actor that Greyhound carries more than 17 million travelers a year and asks Baldwin to become one of them. "I invite you to meet with me in New York and we'll take a trip to Boston so you can see first-hand what a great ride Greyhound can be," Leach writes. If this is the new and improved Greyhound, I can't imagine how bad it used to be. To Greyhound CEO David Leach and to Mr. Myron Watkins, Vice-President of Operations, I will make it my mission to tell anyone and everyone I can about my experience with Greyhound.

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