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Guardsman Misrepresents - Rip Off
Posted by JennieQ on 06/05/2009
GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- When purchasing a $2300 sectional from Havertys we decided to get the Gold In Home Guardsman Protection Plan. We have pets and young kids so we thought this was wise. At the time of our purchase we asked specific questions about what was covered.

One year later my son woke up in the middle of the night and vomited all over the sectional on his way to find me in my bedroom. I immediately reported this to Guardsman. I was told someone would contact me in 10 days. When I asked about the odor/stain being there for that long she said that was fine and did not advise me to remove the casings from the cushions. Days later the serviceman came. He was able to remove most of the discoloration but not the odor. Upon making a second call to Guardsman, they informed me that the odor connected with a covered stain was not included.

So if you are purchasing this plan with pet accidents or bodily fluid accidents in mind- DON'T DO IT. They will remove discoloration but don't care about associated odor. SO now I have a $2300, one year old sectional no one can use. THEY ARE TERRIBLE!

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Posted by CMachado on 2010-01-11:
Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan is a Scam! I'm so disappointed. My husband & I both use to be in furniture sales and routinely sold Guardsman to our customers because we believed it was a reputable insurance plan. I bought the 5 year plan for myself 1.5 years ago for my new leather sofa. The sofa was recently damaged by my children (which my salesman said would be covered) & the claim was denied. However, I know 1st hand that commission is paid by Guardsman for the sale of their insurance. It should be illegal, they might as well be stealing cash directly from your pocket. Never buy Guardsman protection plan!
Posted by JAgati on 2013-06-26:
I purchased a sectional sofa from havertys in melbourne Florida and was advised by there sales man that the guardsman plan was the best. Well with 3 kids I thought it was a no brainier. I recently noticed that the recliner arm is broken so I put in a claim. Well I wrote on the document that the arm was loose so they denied the claim. It's clearly broke but because my verbiage my claim us denied and they refused to accept a new claim. The manager Angie was so rude and unprofessional. This plan is just a scam!! Don't waste your money and I will never purchase anything from havertys again. I thought havertys had better products than other retailers but its all the same junk.
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My experience with Guardsman/Valspar
Posted by Sueq1 on 03/05/2008
My ordeal with Valspar/Guardsman began late Janurary, into Feb. I first purchased my protection plan from Bob's Discount Furniture in 2005 For $159.00. At the time of purchase they stated this plan covers virtually all accidents. Well 2 yrs later I had some people over, they were fooling around and two accidents occurred. One was a burn and the other a tear in my couch. I contacted Guardsman, being honest- I stated I did not see either event occur, but knew it happened that night. The women was quick to say they would cover the burn, however they couldn't cover the tear because it was at the seam and I did not see it happen (saying it was a “manufacturers issues”). After arguing back and forth, she finally stated that a supervisor would review and return my call, which they did and left a message while I was working. So I called back, was kept on hold for about 10min only to be transferred to a voicemail for "resolutions." Well resolutions didn't return my call after a week so I called again (each time I called I had to wait on hold ~10min). During that week a woman came to fix the burn- she scrapped it off then put some fabric glue over it. She checked out the tear and stated "I fix stuff like that all the time." So she called her company and they refused her request to fix my tear, "saying my request was still being processed." Anyway so I had to contact someone after a week of not returning my call-only to hear the woman agree with me this time and once again send someone to review my request.

Another week goes by, then someone calls saying I have to send photos of damage, I agree and send them that weekend, including an email of my ordeal to the company. Well its been a month and I have not heard anything from Valspar/Guardsman reguarding my request. I have written this to discourage people from buying a funiture protection plan- it is not worth the hassle or money-esp with this company!
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Posted by LindaC on 2008-05-08:
I also have Guardsman Protection Plan and I used one of their products on my new leather furniture. The color completely was removed. Guardsman has refused to do anything about it, even though it was their product. Buyers BEWARE - BEWARE. Do not buy their Protection Plan and/or use any of their products.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-08:
I just had to check the name of the cleaner I use on my leather sofa's--purchased a few years back from Norwalk Furniture.. It is Guardsman and is expressly for leather. Thankfully, I haven't had any repair issues, so I can't speak for that problem. I have chocolate brown leather and have used the conditioner and cleaner several times and no color was removed. That must be a new problem--maybe a new cleaning formula.

Thank you, suegl, for the post. The cleaner/conditioner seems to work for me, but it sounds like the service for repair is a bit lacking for what you had to pay for it.
Posted by katoandjovi on 2008-09-19:
I purchased this protection plan from Bobs Discount Furniture. They advertise it as Goof Proof ACCIDENT protection. I was told that virtually all stains are covered - wine, nail polish, even burns and tears. Everyone has accidents. Within a week of purchase, my daughter fell over a table that had a candle on it, and hot wax hit the sofa. The only info I had on this plan was what the salesman told me, along with a pamphlet that has my receipt stapled to it. AFTER I put in a claim, I received the warranty terms from Guardsman and of course, they do not cover wax. My advice would be to set your furniture on fire first then see if they really do cover burns. From what I have read, it seems that they will always try to deny you. Big gimmick waste of money.
Posted by katoandjovi on 2008-09-22:
Posted by katoandjovi on 2008-09-22:
When they refused to cover the wax spilled on my sofa, I wrote as many bad reviews as I could about Bobs and Guardsman. This weekend I researched how to remove wax. All I needed was a paper bag and an iron and now you can hardly see the spot. Too bad these companies wouldn't spend $25 or $50 on covering this under my contract and keeping a customer happy. I'm sure they lost many times that in sales just by my bad reviews. Do your homework Guardsman. Just Google Wax Removal from Upholstery. I'm sure it is much easier to do than remove nail polish and fix tears and burns as you CLAIM you will do.
Posted by dsambrailo on 2010-10-21:
I googled to find out if anyone else had issues with color removal and wondered how many more of us are out there? I received a box of leather cleaning in 2008 and had color removal on very high end leather furniture. I sent an email complaint and have not heard back from guardsman. Did Linda get any resolution? Please post their response.
Posted by Jenn on 2011-07-16:
We purchased guardsman protection plan from La-Z-Boy for our sleeper sofa. The sales rep insisted it would cover pet damage. Wrong! We paid $89.95 for nothing as in the fine print under Improper maintenance damage caused by animals is considered misuse. Waste of money!!!
Posted by turbeaux12 on 2011-11-08:
I just want everyone to know the Guardsman protection plan is a waste of money!
Posted by hoopla1964 on 2012-03-31:
We had Guardsman also and were told it would cover everything. The material separated on 6-year-old couches, and they do not cover seams. We complained and got nowhere until I threatened to go to the media. They then gave our money back. Go me!
I bought hemp and Walmart and sewed it myself. We are still using the couches. They are 10 years old.
Posted by william r dixon on 2012-11-05:
I too bought the protection plan and had the same situation,and received the same treatment.They are a horrible company to work with.They want the money then your supposed to dissapear and never call again.I was hung up on after becoming angry with service manager linda who was the worst service personnel i have ever spoken with.It is a scam do not waste your money.
Posted by Thomas Williams on 2013-07-01:
We purchased a Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan from Jerome's Furniture and we were told by the sales representative that it covered everything. Well buyer beware! Do not buy this plan it is a waste of money. It is a total up sale. We placed a claim (after a lengthy process) for our sofa and matching chair and we were denied because it was a pet damage. Which we thought was covered. We spent almost two hundred dollars on this plan for nothing. I am so upset that I am ready to expose them. I'm wondering what the stores get for selling the service plan. Do they get a kickback? Well shame on you Jerome's Furniture for not checking out what you advice your clients to do. You are just as guilty. Buyer Beware of the big bad wolf - Guardsman Furniture Protection.
Posted by Andrea on 2013-09-25:
GUARDSMAN IS A JOKE!! I ordered it with my furniture. I had a key tear my recliner and they denied me. Gave me all these problem. They needed additional information once I got them the additional information is was over my time limit to have a request open. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I wish there was something else I could do to let everyone know not to waste your time and money on a company like this. Horrible horrible to deal with!!!! Never again!!!
Posted by jeff on 2013-11-08:
I bought a leather sofa from Gardiners and they talked me into buying the Guardsman Protection plan now that we have a stain on the sofa Guardsman will not cover the problem because we do not know what caused the discoloration of the leather..Gardiners the furniture company will not help at all DO NOT SHOP AT GUARDINERS OR BUY ANY GUARDSMAN POLICY!!!!!!
Posted by PaulaK on 2013-11-24:
Thank you all so much for sharing your experience with Guradsman. We bought the area rug protection plan yesterday, but am going to call and cancel it today. I had a suspicion it was a scam…the "reviews" on their website are clearly made up…they are all written virtually the same.
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Guardsman Furniture Care "FRAUDULENT" Warranty Coverage
Posted by William689 on 12/01/2009
Guardsman improperly refuses to repair or replace furniture that is under a Guardsman warranty.

Guardsman sells furniture warranties to consumers primarily though third party dealers. These third party dealers are often times furniture stores and other retail outlets.

Consumers have complained that Guardsman, Inc. marketed, sold, distributed and issued warranties that contain open-ended, illusory terms that effectively nullify the existence of any coverage at all, and even if coverage did exist, the terms effectively allow Guardsman to exclude coverage for warranty claims for any reason at all.

Guardsman routinely excludes coverage for warranty claims for reasons that are not specifically outlined in the terms of their furniture warranties. Guardsman unilaterally creates standard-form reasons to deny warranty claims. These standard-form reasons to deny warranty claims, include, but are not limited to, that the furniture damages to be repaired (or replaced, if repair is not feasible) “cannot be attributed to any single occurrence or accident,” “were the result of normal wear from customer usage,” and that “were not reported when they occurred, but when they were discovered” by the consumer.

As a result, Guardsman has engaged in deceptive, unfair and fraudulent practices causing damage to consumers throughout the United States who have purchased the “Furniture Protection Warranties”, submitted claims, and subsequently had them denied.
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Posted by Qichicken on 02/07/2011
We bought high quality leather furniture 4 years ago. They recommended the guardsman protection plan. Suddenly a 2 inch tear appeared on the chair. We didn't know what caused it but suspected our 4 year old. No problem! Protection plan to the rescue!!! NOT. After MUCH paperwork guardsman said that the main tear was covered but not the small cracks. They sent out a repairman who sent them pictures. They then said that nothing was covered as the tear was resulting from "normal use". They also said that it didn't matter why the tear occurred as they don't cover bi-cast leather anyway. That is what our entire set is made of. 300$ down the drain. They would NOT issue me a written statement as to why they were refusing the claim. They said I had my policy and to just refer to that. Crooks!

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Posted by unhappy999 on 2011-02-07:
I don't understand why these furniture stores are allowed to sell these warranties that don't even cover the furniture. What a waste of money. Thanks for warning others. If people stop buying these useless warranties maybe they will stop selling them.
Posted by getoverit on 2011-02-07:
I'm always suspicious of extended warranties, protection plans, and things like that, although I'm sure there are some good ones.

The problem is that some company (often someone you never heard of) gets your money up front. What they do months or years later when you make a claim is largely a matter of trust.

Guardsman has a lot of complaints on my3cents. I thank this OP and all the others for the tip-off. I'll be sure to keep my wallet closed if anyone ever tries to talk me into a Guardsman plan.

Posted by ok4now on 2011-02-07:
Most extended warranties are high profit for the seller and of little value to the buyer. When you go to make a claim the fine print is daunting. It seems they have an exception for just about everything and will look for any excuse to avoid payment. BestBuy and Sears are notorious for pushing these warranties, I always refuse them. Good post for exposing Guardsman as being a rip-off.
Posted by furnman on 2011-02-08:
Being in the furniture business over the years I have heard the good and bad of warranties from consumers. Couple of the main problems is that many stores require sales consultants to maintain certain quotas on these warranties so they get "over sold" as to what they actually do. Also the training to sales consutlants on how to present and as to what is actually covered many times in non exsistant. As long as they get results the stores really don't care. Last but not least it amazes me as to how few questions the consumer will ask on purchasing these plans, a very small percentage actually ask to see what is covered in writing. My advice, please ask and read what you are actually purchasing.
Posted by AJT In West LA on 2012-08-03:
The Guardsman Leather Protection Plan is a complete waste of money. Only if your leather is damaged in precisely the way the they define a rip or tear will they cover damage. A rip off!!
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They will use anything they can to get our of paying a claim
Posted by Very P Oed on 10/07/2010
MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- On July 8th 2010 I submitted a claim for damage tot eh fabric on my outdoor furniture. In September I put in a claim for a Broken Glass table top on the same set. I purchased the items at Fortunoff's outdoor store. I received a call on October 5th telling me that retailer is out of business and they will refund my premium and not honor the claim. Several phone calls later after pointing out that the retailer still exists, and that the manufacturer still exists they maintain that the contract says they deal with the retailer and they go by the contract. As you can all imagine at time of purchase they tell you everything is covered and no problem. Then you make a claim and 3 months later they tell you it is not covered. Guardsman is owned by Valspar which is a large corporation and if Guardsman takes this way out of every claim I think any dealing with and of the Valspar holdings are going to be a problem.

I had another claim on a sofa and love seat. My dog stained the Sofa and I put in a claim. They sent a representative our to look at it, he asked to use my phone and stepped out of my hearing range. He then handed me the phone and he went outside. The person on the other end of the phone denied my claim saying it was long term (which it was not) and when I went to talk to the rep, he had gotten in his car and left. His response to my disbelief was sue me. He would not even give me his name.

I had purchased the contracts before making any claims otherwise I would never have purchased a second one.

I think this outfit is a scam, and the salesmen who sell it to you are not trained properly. They are looking to make commission and I wonder what training they had before selling these contracts.
I have not given up yet as my current loss is large and I just had my sofa cleaned on my own.

There has to be a way to stop a company like this from getting away with the things they are doing to the unknowing consumer that is being duped by them and the retailer retailer
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Complete Fraud
Posted by GMutz on 12/19/2007
I signed up for a protective policy with Guardsman when we bought a couch from Havertys. At the time of the purchase I was assured that the policy covered pet stains (our dog secretes a red substance from her tongue. Even thought she is not allowed on the furniture, she still jumps up there when we are not home). I even went as far as calling Gaurdsman twice explaining, in detail, what could possibly happen to the couch with our dog. In both instances, they assured me that the policy covered that type of stain. When I did call them to come clean the couch a year later, they denied the claim saying that there was evidence of long term build up and that I had needed to make a claim within five days of a spill.

When I asked them why no one had told me about that, they told me to refer to my policy plan for details. I was never given a policy plan. Do not use. Complete scam
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-12-19:
While unable to find their terms and conditions, It would seem that a reasonable person would not wait until there are large amount of stains on furniture to have it cleaned.
Posted by GMutz on 2007-12-19:
They were small red stains so I didnt want to nit pick by calling them every day. A reasonable person would not want to call them out everyday
Posted by Ponie on 2007-12-19:
I wouldn't call it nit picking to call when a stain appears which they say they'll clean up. Who wants to have a yucky looking couch? I'm not a pet owner, but is it 'normal' for a dog to secrete a red substance from her tongue? Sorry for your problem. Maybe you can have the couch dyed?
Posted by moneybags on 2007-12-19:
Why don't you have the couch cleaned and when you leave the house, put something on the couch to protect it (like an old bedspread or quilt?)
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-12-20:
Good suggestion money.
Posted by good person on 2008-04-28:
why would you wait a year to file a claim anyway?
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Salesman That Sold Us Our Table Said Warranty Would Cover Everything. Chair Broke and Guardsman Says Not Covered.
Posted by Amanda7014 on 03/20/2014
We paid for a warranty for our table and chair broke so we filed a claim and now they won't fix it. We paid them for coverage and won't fix anything. Salesman lied and Guardsman company a joke.
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I Was Denied a Claim Due to an Arbitrary Deadline in an Email.
Posted by Norma1901 on 03/16/2014
RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I bought a dining table from Drexel Heritage in Raleigh, NC. The sales person told me that it was solid wood. It turns out she was incorrect. At this point I had already ordered the table so I kept the order. I was also convinced by the salesperson that I should buy the Guardsman extra warranty for scratches and marks. Since it was an expensive dining table I figured I should buy it for $199.00 and get the insurance. The salesperson assured me it was worth it.

I was very careful with the table and used it rarely. After our first Thanks Giving meal on it I noticed some marks on table, so I called it in to Guardsman that following Monday. I then sent in all the paperwork including a sketch. The women informed me that a technician would be contacting me to schedule a visit. I never got a call, which is what I was expecting. I did get an e-mail asking for further follow up. Why? I'm not sure I provided them with all of the information they originally asked for. That e-mail also stated that if I did not reach them back by 5 days my claim was VOID. I was on vacation, so I did not see the e-mail until after the arbitrary date imposed on me.

I called the customer service number to see what I could do. But the agent informed me that there is nothing I could do. My claim was void, since I missed the date. I spoke to managers and sent letters, but to no avail. I even involved Drexel Heritage and the manager there told me that she could not help me. I was left very frustrated by this experience. I feel taken advantage of and vow never to buy from Drexel Heritage or buy insurance again. It's a SCAM!!!

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BEWARE - Do Not bother with the protection plan!
Posted by Nikkimccabe on 02/20/2014
I contacted Guardsman in the summer with a claim. My kids had spilled a drink and the color completely was removed from the leather sofas. This is the second time this had happened. the first time they sent someone out and the woman did an amazing job. This time however, the first person I talked to told me to just send pictures and the claim since they had my invoices on file. I complied. A week and a half later some guy left me a voicemail letting me know they could not dispatch my claim until I sent the invoice. He then said he had no idea why the girl told me they had it on file, because they didn't. Fast forward several months and I finally find the original receipt. Excited to get this addressed I called Guardsman again - the woman said she had no idea what I was talking about because she was looking at my invoice in her system. She transferred me to my claims representative I left a voicemail. She left a voicemail back stating it was not covered because cracking and pealing of the leather is not covered. I called back and they said the same thing. When I explained that this type of thing was handled a previous time and it was the same thing, the guy starts telling me "look I can submit it again, but there is no way you are gonna get this covered. It isn't in the plan." I argued stains and damage from them are covered he said they aren't and back and forth we went. I think the plan price is a percentage of what you paid. We purchased high-end furniture and the plan for me was not cheap (upward of $500), but worth it considering I have two little kids:) This time around they were just plain HORRIBLE. Save your money and buy some furniture covered:) It saves you from feeling completely rip[ed off. NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY GUARDSMAN!!!
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Posted by nikalseyn on 2014-02-20:
You spent $500 for a policy that pretended to cover you for accidents? All---and I mean all extended warranties and coverage plans are a waste of money. As you found out. Having some experience with furniture and children I would advise you to NOT buy expensive furniture while they are still living in your home. Buy cheap stuff you can fix or throw away as needed. They make covers for couches and chairs. Find them at department stores. You can also repair furniture and spray on fabric protector yourself. Now you know.
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They will not honor Warranty
Posted by Ken.kiwicz on 01/14/2014
PO Box 88010
Grand Rapids MI 49518-0010

Complaint Description:
They denied claim because they say paper work was not submitted n a timely fashion. So they say they have no obligation to stand up to their warranty. Purchased Guardsman warranty from Garden White furniture on on 5/19/09. The framework n the chairs I purchased on 5/19/2009 began to break and crack. I called Gardner White and the said to contact Guardsman Service Center.I contacted service center on 9/23/13 in which they promptly sent me a email to file claim. The email text body said you have two methods to complete form, electronically or by mail. The suggest in bold to complete electronically for fastest service. I completed and returned form to there exact specification on 10/28/13 to exact specification. I heard nothing from them so I emails on 10/25/13 and never received return response. I called and spoke to representative and he informed me that a hard copy has to be mailed and submitted with electronic claim.The representative then sent me email a new set of forms on 12/23/13. I completed the the forms on 12/25/13 and mailed to the Guardsman address in Grand Rapids Michigan. I received an email on 1/14/14 stating that they received my claim. I received a call today from Montgonery stating that they would not be honoring warranty because it was not submitted in a timely fashion. When I asked to talk to a supervisor I talked to Denise who also said claims were not submitted in a timely fashion and they would not honor their warranty. I said I had saved all emails documenting communication. She told me that did not matter because they did not have any record of them. No I am stuck with a warranty I paid for and a company that won't honor it. As a result I have 6 chairs that have broken frame work and are not usable
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