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Hampton Inn & Suites
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Satisfaction Guarantee is a FRAUD
By -

I stayed at THE HAMPTON INNS in Mt. Laurel, NJ. When I arrived (after Midnight), I specifically asked about Internet; I had something crucial to take care of. Was told "No Problem"... Could not connect no matter what I tried. Called the Lobby; was told what to try, but no luck. Then I went to the Lobby to use the (only) so-called business center unit. Someone was using it, so I returned to my room. I went back down an hour later, same person using it. Called the desk 30 minutes later, same person using it.

I asked if they could ask for some courtesy, was told "Can't do that". Finally gave up and went to take a shower. Tub area was grimy, soap left on tub from previous guest. The I used the toilet, it would not stop running after flushing. Finally went to bed at 3 AM, got up at 6:30.

On check out, I told them I was dissatisfied and held them to their "satisfaction guaranteed" provision. When I told him the toilet kept running, he got annoyed and chastised me for not calling them to fix it. I told him I didn't need someone in my room at 3:00 am; and that I needed a few hours sleep! Complained about the internet, he said nothing, but agreed to comp the room. But he didn't comp it!!! Charged my credit card, and NO ONE from the property would call me back. No one at corporate would return my calls or emails either. THE SATISFACTION GUARANTEED PLEDGE IS A FRAUD - DON'T FALL FOR IT!!!

By -

AKRON, OHIO -- I booked the hotel online. Had looked for a pet friendly hotel. When we got to the hotel with our 6 lb poodle, we were told they did not allow pets. Then the manager said there were a couple of hotels nearby that would take us and he would call to see if they had room. I waited then asked the lady at the desk if he had called. She said "oh, he must have forgot!” So I left. It WAS COLD AND RAINING. DROVE FOR HOUR AND A HALF STOPPING AT HOTELS. FINALLY FOUND ONE. IT WAS NOT AT ALL NICE, BUT WHAT CHOICE DID WE HAVE?

Poor Quality Facility and Service
By -

OXON HILL -- I stayed at the Hampton Inn this past weekend and experienced what I considered to be less than quality/professional service: (1) I was initially placed on the 11th floor which had a strong cigarette smoke odor in the common area near elevator. I was relocated to the 9th floor per my request. (2) The area outside the 9th floor elevator had a foul sewer smell; although I did smell it when I went into my room.

(3) One of the hotel managers (or acting manager), Ms **, denied me an extended checkout request although it was for only one-hour. Moreover, her attitude was argumentative and unprofessional. (4) The hotel swimming pool is scheduled to open at 10:00 AM on the weekend. However, the maintenance was still cleaning and filtering the pool past that time on Saturday.

Denied Our Reservation
By -

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- It was 12:30 am when my husband and I got back to the airport after a long day of traveling. We made our reservation at the Hampton Inn three weeks prior knowing that we would be tired When we got to the Hampton Inn, they told us that they overbooked the hotel even though we made a reservation. It shows that the Hampton Inn doesn't care about their customers, all they care about is making money!!!

The women at the front desk was calling around trying to find us another hotel to stay at, however, the NICE hotels were all booked. She gave a night stay at a really NASTY hotel approximately five minutes away. If I wanted to stay a NASTY hotel five minutes away, I would have made reservations at that hotel to start off with. I will definitely pick another hotel to stay at next after this experience. P.S. I checked with the front desk three times before we flew out letting them know that we would be in late on the Saturday night for our reservation.

Personal Items Taken From Room by Staff
By -

FREDERICKSBURG, MARYLAND -- After returning from a wedding reception, we left our room and went downstairs to the bar attached to the Hampton Inn- Fredericksburg, MD. Upon return, we went to bed. We woke up to pack and noticed several items, including personal grooming kits and a wedding present not yet given were gone. The staff checked the room key log. An unchecked key entered our room at 4 am -- while we were all sleeping!! Several other wedding party members noted their doors were ajar the next morning as well... but nothing was taken from their rooms.

One month later, the Hampton Inn notified myself that my personal kit was found in the same room by a customer, but not the wallet, phone and wedding present that was attached to it. Sounds highly suspicious, especially after several friends and relatives combed the room after the items were reported stolen from the room that next morning.

Baggage Cart
By -

SCOTTSBLUFF, NEBRASKA -- On May 25th 2009, my mother, son and I rented a room for a family gathering that was being held at the hotel. After 5 hours of driving, we were eager to get to our room. We were told at the desk that check in time was at 3 PM, so we went for a long lunch and a drive to kill time. We were back at 3 and told to wait b/c our room wasn't ready yet. We waited another 20 minutes. We got to our room to find a pile of hair in the toilet, which would not flush. Maintenance was quick to fix it.

The rest of the stay was smooth until I called for a baggage cart in the morning as it was just me my infant son, and elderly mother w/ several bags. The front desk person came up w/ a cart and scolded me at my door for asking for a cart. She said that she had been there over a year and no one has ever done that, especially since she is the only one there. I apologized, but wondered why she didn't just tell me come and get it if it was such a problem. Needless to stay, I will never stay at a Hampton Inn again.

Bed Bugs
By -

PLYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS -- I recently got married. My husband and I stayed at the Hampton Inn Plymouth MA along with the wedding party. It was a great time till I noticed I had bits on my legs. I paid no real mind to it until we were ready to leave, I saw a bug on the bed. I have never seen a bed bug before this in my life, but sure enough, they got into my luggage and I brought them home. After realizing this, I called the hotel and talked to the manager on duty. Her name was **. She told me that they did have an outbreak of the bed bugs. I was so upset. I will never feel the same about staying at a hotel never mind it ruin the best time of my life. Plus now I have to pay out for bug control.

Heating/Customer Service
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I would like to describe my experience for a recent stay at the Phoenix Hampton Inn located at 5152 W Latham Street in Phoenix, AZ, room 205. Upon arriving around 6:00 pm, I noticed the room was very cool around 68 according to the thermometer in the room. I tried turning on the heater and discovered it only blew cool air so I turned it off. I thought it is no big deal I am going to bed in a bit anyway, and I have some nice warm covers.

In the morning, I awoke around 3:30 AM and decided I needed to do some work so I attempted to get on the Ethernet. I could connect but I was unable to get out on the Ethernet. I called the front desk and I was told “there is no problem with the Ethernet, the computer in the lobby is working fine”. I got dressed and went to the lobby only to find the computer in the lobby was not working either.

I talked to the clerk at the front desk and he said “oh, I know I called the cable company and they said the cable is working fine, that is it our problem”. I asked him why he just told me the Ethernet was working fine, and I received no response. I then asked when the system was going to be fixed and he said “I DON'T KNOW”.

I returned to my room very disappointed with my conversation with the clerk and discovered my room was still 68 degrees which seems very cool. Once again, I tried the heating system with the same results. The heating system only blew cold air. I thought about calling the front desk but after my previous experience with the front desk clerk, I decided to skip it and just be cold. NOTE: By the way, about an hour later, I discovered the window was open about a 1/8 of an inch. I have no idea why the heater would not work.

Hotel Staff Discourteous and Unaccommodating
By -

GREENSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- I reserved a room at the Hampton Inn in Greensburg, PA for three nights several weeks in advance. When I arrived at nearly 3 pm, I checked in. AFTER the check in process, the front desk clerk told me that there was a plumbing problem in my room and that the door would be open. I explained that this was an inconvenience after having spent four hours on the road en route to the location. The clerk offered to hold my bags behind the front desk and directed me to the lobby and business center. I again explained that this was not acceptable, and the clerk apologized but did not offer a different room or any other accommodation.

After speaking with the Hilton customer support representative, I was assured that the hotel manager would contact me within 72 hours. When the hotel manager, **, contacted me several days later, he immediately began ranting that he didn't understand what I wanted, and that the plumbing problem was not his fault. I expressed that I understood that, but was unhappy with the lack of accommodation and the way it was handled. He then expressed that I must "live in a perfect world" and continued belittling me. I was so shocked at his verbal assault that I was nearly speechless.

I asked why I had not been offered a different room, to which he replied that I had reserved a smoking room and in the past when he has placed smokers in non-smoking rooms, he "was ** on". These were his EXACT words. He suggested that if I preferred to stay at the competitor, that I was welcome to do that.

After relaying to the customer support representative the appalling conversation, they too were unwilling to resolve the issue. Apparently, 18 stays within 8 months at Hampton Inn in addition to Gold VIP Hilton Hhonors membership meant nothing to them. I do not recommend Hampton Inn, and especially this facility, to anyone. I have never been treated so poorly by anyone in a customer service position, and the hotel's handling of the situation was literally derogatory.

The Aggravation Wasn't Worth the Money
By -

ST.SIMON ISLAND, GEORGIA -- Hotel St. Simon Island was not pleasant. Television are outdated with static and the towels and face cloths were dingy and unsanitary.

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