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Two strikes and no more
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Rating: 1/51

OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- I am from the West Coast and I like carl's Jr. six dollar burgers every now and then. I found Hardee's looks like Carl's Jr stars. We like their famous stars and breakfast burgers. My husband went there to try their breakfast burgers, he likes CArl's ones. Nope, the particular outlet did not have anything like that and the menu was very poor. He did not like that so he left.

I was driving by another location and decided to check it out. So I was the only one who ordered the featured combo on the Window. I got a drink cup and got a sweet tea. My daughter does not like Carl's Jr anyway. So we just sat at the table close to the counter. We waited for my food while those who ordered about the same time and later were getting their orders. My number was red number while others' were white numbers. When my daughter saw that she thought something was wrong. Well, I thought maybe a little wait would not hurt.

Then, I saw the man who just ordered and sat there got his order, it was too much. I just walked to the counter and gave my drink and told them that I was leaving. My daughter asked for refund. The manager? Came to find out what was wrong with us. No order for 10 minutes and everyone around me were getting their orders and they did not know where my order was.Then, the manager asked me to show my receipt which turned out be hanging behind the counter. I could not show since I never received.

At that time, the man brought his tray and told them that he had gotten a wrong order. He suspected that he had gotten my order. The manager asked me if that was my order. What can I say? I did not want another wait if they cannot straight up our orders. I just asked for refund. I am not take another chance.

Poor man! He ate some fries not knowing that he got my order. He demanded his order and told them that he wanted exactly the same as he saw on the picture up on the board. He was told that they did not have fries ready. So the manager offered him a big burger to compensate. He demanded he wanted everything at the same time. I was very disappointed with this experience and never to Hardee's. Other poeple might like Hardee's better than Carl's Jr. But our hometown Carl's Jr is much better on service and food.

Service of Food and Extreme Rudeness
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Rating: 1/51

CLAY, ALABAMA -- I just got home from visiting this Hardee's store, 1501469. We entered the store at 1:16 pm and at 1:30 still did not have our food. Numerous people were returning food and having to have orders corrected. We took a table and fixed our drinks. I first got a tea and it was sour. I then got a Coke that was nothing but carbonated water. I finally got a diet Coke that tasted OK.

I walked to the counter to tell someone that the drinks needed fixing and a lady with keys hanging from her waist bank was walking toward me. I thought she might have been a manager and started to tell her about the problem. Totally ignored me, she did. I went on to the counter and she told a young man to fix the tea. Another girl asked what I wanted and I told her. She said, "well what do you want?" I said "I just wanted to alert you to the problem." She said she already knew there was a problem.

At 1:30 I went to the counter and asked where my food was. The guy who had taken my order turned and looked and said it ain't up here. I said I see that and the girl who was cooking exploded that she was doing all she could do. The orders were filled in the manner they were taken. I told her I ordered mine by mouth. Another lady washed her hands and went to help them. It was 1:45 before the food came.

We had ordered the Southwest patty melt combos and one was overloaded with the jalapenos and the second one had only one small slice. The grilled onions were almost omitted on both. You have an idea for a great sandwich but due to the rudeness and unconcern we will not visit this store again. We are by there 2-3 times a week. One man had to wait for over 20 minutes to get his order corrected and he kept having to tell them what the order was. Worst experience I ever had at a Hardees and won't experience it again. We went through register 5 and he could have cared less that we were there. Seemed to be the general attitude of the whole staff.

Don't buy!
By -

PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA -- Hardee's apparently doesn't have any standard for the chicken tenders that they sell. Anything goes. You get 3 strips, yes, but it doesn't matter if they are 1/8, 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch or whatever, any size I guess goes. I have a picture to show how small one's I was sold.

Horrible Place to Work
By -

I have worked at Hardee's for the past five months. I have several complaints about it that may be appropriate at other Hardee's around the nation. This is directed to both customers and the restaurant itself. Six Dollar Service - Firstly, Hardee's expects their frontline employees to utilize "Six Dollar Service," which means that we must basically serve the customer to the point where it's ridiculous. We carry their food out to them, which is no big deal, but we're also expected to refill their drinks, clean their garbage for them that they can throw away themselves, and basically act like a waitress at a sit-down restaurant.

I refuse to do this for three reasons: a) Hardee's is not CASUAL DINING like they try to pass off to its employees, but FAST FOOD. There is a drive-through. We serve nasty, greasy, calorie-ridden meat traps of death. It is fast food and customers do not expect us to do this. b) Why should I do the amount of work compared to that of a sit-down restaurant and make minimum wage with no tips? I work extremely hard, and I cannot have this added to my list of chores with no reward. There's no point. c) Hardee's customers can use a few good laps around the restaurant.

Rude Customers - Day after day, all employees and managers at Hardee's must deal with extremely rude and intolerable customers. I don't mind dealing with one or two disgruntled re-re's who are upset over a tomato on their sandwich that they swear that they didn't want and we should've read their minds and fathomed their unavailable logic, but almost every single person that comes into the store is crass. STOP TREATING US LIKE GARBAGE. We cannot deal with your fickle attitudes, we cannot decrypt your unstated desires, and REALLY, we don't know what you mean when you say you want a burger. THAT'S BASICALLY ALL WE SERVE.

I swear, the next customer that comes through drive-through saying they just want a burger and yells at me for asking which one, I am giving you the most expensive and dangerous thing we have with the works without telling you. Then, I'll throw it at you while underchanging you by twenty dollars.

Obvious Sexism - This does not just apply to women's rights, but men's as well. At our restaurant, men must stay in the back cooking the food while women must work up front. The only alternative is if you're a manager. There are many guys that I work with that are friendly, but no matter how much they yearn or ask, they are not allowed to work up front. I've always wanted to work in the kitchens, mostly because I don't have to deal with the customers as much, but I'm not allowed to. Why? Because I'm not a man.

Choice of Employees - I work with a few good people, but most, I have no idea why they were even considered in the first place. One girl had a huge drama/multiple relationship triangle with the cooks/managers/customers. Another is a strung-out 16-year old mother who cries at absolutely everything. Yet another girl does nothing but stand around and talk; she loves to do this at around dinner rush. One of our cooks is rude and unnecessarily foul-mouthed, while another hits on every single girl that works there. WHY are these people hired?

So, overall, I hate Hardee's. It's ridiculous. The only way I get through it without the urge of stabbing myself is to laugh at the incredible retardation of the restaurant's logic and about two-thirds of the customers. If you must work minimum wage, don't work at Hardee's. You'll regret it.

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Rating: 1/51

I am absolutely disgusted once again with Hardees newest commercial. I tried to go onto their site and they no longer will let you even file a complaint regarding their advertising. As a Christian, I find it very sad that this is what you see when you turn on your TV. My little nephew asked his family to turn their eyes because he even knew it wasn't right. I will not sit back and not speak up about this.

Customer Service / Sloppy Food
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Rating: 1/51

TULLAHOMA, TENNESSEE -- This was a take out order where I stood standing near the order counter. The shake was handed to me in a cup... no mention of the rest of the order. Another customer was also waiting. After a while I noticed a bag sitting on the counter. Didn't know if it was mine or the other person's. Had to ask. No effort was made to tell me the order was ready.

On top of that the order was taken requesting no Mayo, Pickles or Mustard. When inspected at home it had all this sickening mess with the sandwich sliding apart. I resent being treated like herd animals and fed a sloppy mess. This was a totally unsatisfactory experience and one that I will not repeat.

Why never to eat at Hardees
By -

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- I am completely outraged and horrified by my visit to Hardee's this evening. I went to the drive through at 6:30 pm this evening. When I pulled up to the drive through there were 4 cars a head of me. I did not leave the drive through until 7:03 pm. I ordered a thick burger combo and the 10 piece chicken with sides combo with green beans and mashed potatoes. When I finally got to the window, I was informed first that they did not have the proper chicken for my combo. Then I was notified that they were out of mashed potatoes and I would have to wait for them to make more.

Then the girl comes back to let me know they were out of green beans and she would have to substitute it with something else and they did not have enough biscuits for what I ordered either. At this point, I was upset asked to speak to a manager because I had been in the drive through for over 25 minutes and my food was not even what I order. The manager, **, came to the window after take his sweet time, and completely disrespected me. I explained to him that I was dissatisfied with the service and he had the nerve to roll his eyes at me. This is completely unacceptable.

If this is the example that a manager sets for your company, I am completely disgusted by what else your company must find acceptable as customer service. Not once did Dave offer an apology for the poor service or lack of quality food. I left after being in your drive through for more than 30 minutes which is the exact opposite of what any sane person could call fast.

I tried to call the complaint line listed on your restaurant. Instead of getting a district manager or someone who could help me, this manager ** answers the phone. I would also like to note that the phone rang for over a minute before he ever answered the phone. When I asked for the name and number of district manager or someone above him to lodge a complaint, he replied that he didn't have that information nor would he give it to me if he did. So not only did this poor excuse of a manager give me terrible customer service in person, apparently it extends to his customer service over the phone.

I would appreciate if an intelligent and decent member of your company would call me. I do not care about apologies at this point. I want a full refund for this meal which was not correct when I got home. Furthermore, should your company be unwilling to give me a refund, I will pursue this matter with my bank which will result in a chargeback to your company.

If you would ever like to gain this customer back, I would expect this manager (**) to be fired for his actions. It seems to me that a manager would be maintaining an adequate food supply and if a customer is dissatisfied, the manager would offer an apology at the very least. I promise to never again eat at any establishment owned or operated by your company until this matter has been resolved and I will be sharing my experience with anyone who listens. I am not expecting five star dining when I eat at fast food, but I do expect a minimum amount of respect and customer service.

stupid drive thru customers 2
By -

I am a Hardees drive through employee at a Hardees in Kentucky. I will not say any more than that as I do not want to lose my job or have burgers thrown back in my face. With all due respect to the patrons of the company that I work at there are a few things a customer of a Hardees drive through should remember when ordering food.

  1. Drive through employees are people too. I am sure that when most genuinely nice people go through the drive through they tend to forget that and only see the employee as a person who gets the food out to them in preferably a short amount of time. I am a drive through employee, but I am also a twenty year old college student trying to pay her tuition on minimum wage so she can be a therapist. Some of us have kids, a husband, or wife just like you. Please treat us like people. If we don't get your food out as quickly as you would like, we really are sorry.

  2. Please remember that a drive through employees goal is to get your food out quickly and prepared correctly. We are not stupid and we do not mess up on purpose. There are a few things you can do to help us speed up: a. speak clearly at the box it is hard for us to hear your order sometimes (mayo sounds a lot like tomato over a cheap speaker); b. don't change your mind a lot (we type things as you speak and every time we delete something we have to get a manager to do it for us);

c. If you want just a cheeseburger without the combo meal don't say number one or combo without the fries and drink just say cheeseburger. When you say number one we have to call a manager, delete the combo and type in the cheeseburger. This take TIME; d. Hardees sells several different cheeseburgers. Only one of our buttons say cheeseburger. If you want a thick burger say thickburger. If you want a quarter pounder say quarterpounder. We are not trying to be cute when we ask you which one you want; e. speak slowly it takes longer than you think to type in special orders.

  1. Remember that it will take longer than you think to get your food if there are a lot of cars outside. It is harder to work fast food than you think. A drive through employee at Hardees has to hand out cash while listening to their manager talk to them and taking an order in their right ear. They are also responsible for bagging all the food, making all the drinks, frying every order of fries for two minutes and thirty seconds, and for making the shakes. This is why sometimes when you are at the box it takes a while for us to get to taking your order. It is not that we are being lazy.

  2. Also please remember big chickens take 5 minute to cook and all of our food is cooked after you order it. It is better to order these inside, you hold up the drive through when you order them outside. 5. Say "thank you" and "your welcome" and "please" sometimes. We have a hard job and it makes us feel better. One person smiled at me today called me "ma'am" and said "thank you" and "please". It just made my day because she gave me a basic respect that all humans should give one another. 6. If we get you order wrong we are sorry, please let us know.

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Rating: 2/51

TRENTON, MISSOURI -- I go to this restaurant a lot with my family and we order. There is this one manager that is just lazy and rude to everyone, to the workers, and to my family. One of my son wanted curly fries instead of regular fries, the manager led out a big noise and was OK. Then I had a boy in college and he order, but then realize he could free drink and fries. He had told her and she got mad again. Then we tried to complain to the head boss there ** and she didn't do anything about it. I know because I tell some people in town and they say that they had complain to her about the same manager and nothing was done.

So I hope you guys do something, but poor everyone who is there when she is. Then we are eating our dinner and she comes while she is working and sits down. She isn't on break because she watches the workers. Now I have told the head manager that she is lazy and is rude. Nothing was done so hopefully this will work. Watch her on the cameras, all she does is yells and everyone and sits. You can definitely see the look on the workers faces that they do not like it. Thank you for your time. I hope something is done about it.

Never again
By -

CLINTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- First, let me say, I go to Hardee's a lot because I love the thickburger. I have had poor service every time I have gone and I am a regular customer. The cashier could not figure out how to split the order charges because we had some coupons. I had to help her figure out how much to charge each person. They got mad about that. But they had brought 4 people out before they found a shift manager who could figure it out!

Two of us got the SW chicken salad, which I love and get often. We got there at 5 PM. Two got their order around 5:15, one SW Ch. Salad came at 5:30 and at 5:45, I still had not gotten mine. That is 45 minutes in a fast food restaurant?? I had to take my food to go because we had somewhere to go. They made me wait because they were mad because I helped them figure it out!

The service is slow, the workers are lazy and uninterested. Customer service is a joke and these people are killing the business. Hardee's has good food. It is a shame they cannot get decent employees who care about their job and the customers they serve. There is hardly ever many people there and do you suppose poor customer service has anything to do with it?? I said tonight was the last straw and I will Not go back there again. I live in a small town and there are not that many restaurants, but I will drive to the next town to eat before I go back there; even though the food is good.

Service matters as much as food and these employees are not trained; from management on down to the line people to the cashiers and it is not even busy!! They have an attitude that is rude and out of line! The only well trained, courteous and efficient employee I have found there is an elderly woman who is at least 75+ and works the early shift. She is good! The rest couldn't care less if someone comes again. It is not their business; it is just a paycheck to them. And one they don't deserve.

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