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Horrible Place to Work
Posted by Limey on 05/02/2006
I have worked at Hardee's for the past five months. I have several complaints about it that may be appropriate at other Hardee's around the nation. This is directed to both customers and the restaurant itself.

1. Six Dollar Service - Firstly, Hardee's expects their frontline employees to utilize "Six Dollar Service," which means that we must basically serve the customer to the point where it's ridiculous. We carry their food out to them, which is no big deal, but we're also expected to refill their drinks, clean their garbage for them that they can throw away themselves, and basically act like a waitress at a sit-down restaurant. I refuse to do this for three reasons: a) Hardee's is not CASUAL DINING like they try to pass off to its employees, but FAST FOOD. There is a drive-through. We serve nasty, greasy, calorie-ridden meat traps of death. It is fast food and costumers do not expect us to do this. b) Why should I do the amount of work compared to that of a sit-down restaurant and make minimum wage with no tips? I work extremely hard, and I cannot have this added to my list of chores with no reward. There's no point. c) Hardee's customers can use a few good laps around the restaurant.

2. Rude Customers - Day after day, all employees and managers at Hardee's must deal with extremely rude and intolerable customers. I don't mind dealing with one or two disgruntled re-re's who are upset over a tomato on their sandwich that they swear that they didn't want and we should've read their minds and fathomed their unavailable logic, but almost every single person that comes into the store is crass. STOP TREATING US LIKE GARBAGE. We cannot deal with your fickle attitudes, we cannot decrypt your unstated desires, and REALLY, we don't know what you mean when you say you want a burger. THAT'S BASICALLY ALL WE SERVE. I swear, the next customer that comes through drive-through saying they just want a burger and yells at me for asking which one, I am giving you the most expensive and dangerous thing we have with the works without telling you. Then, I'll throw it at you while underchanging you by twenty dollars.

3. Obvious Sexism - This does not just apply to women's rights, but men's as well. At our restaurant, men must stay in the back cooking the food while women must work up front. The only alternative is if you're a manager. There are many guys that I work with that are friendly, but no matter how much they yearn or ask, they are not allowed to work up front. I've always wanted to work in the kitchens, mostly because I don't have to deal with the customers as much, but I'm not allowed to. Why? Because I'm not a man.

4. Choice of Employees - I work with a few good people, but most, I have no idea why they were even considered in the first place. One girl had a huge drama/multiple relationship triangle with the cooks/managers/customers. Another is a strung-out 16-year old mother who cries at absolutely everything. Yet another girl does nothing but stand around and talk; she loves to do this at around dinner rush. One of our cooks is rude and unnecessarily foul-mouthed, while another hits on every single girl that works there. WHY are these people hired?

So, overall, I hate Hardee's. It's ridiculous. The only way I get through it without the urge of stabbing myself is to laugh at the incredible retardation of the restaurant's logic and about two-thirds of the customers. If you must work minimum wage, don't work at Hardee's. You'll regret it.
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Posted by Dr. Jeecheroo on 2006-05-02:
You're working at a fast food joint, aka one of the worst places out there. Quit and go work for a clothes store.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-02:
Before they fire your but can I get my filet of fish sandwich MINUS the mayo this time? I want my fries fresh out of the grease and don't put so much ice in my Coke! May I speak with your manager?....NOW!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-02:
I’m surprised somebody as articulate as yourself is working a minimum wage job. The job market in my neck of the woods is in desperate need of anybody who can formulate a cohesive coherent letter.
Posted by DORCAS on 2006-05-03:
Five months can feel like a long time in the food industry. I hope you at least feel better after getting to vent in writing. And I truelly wish you (and the safety of those around you)the best of luck, and hope you're saving for a college fund :-)
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-03:
Thanks for your worthless input, Zork.
Posted by abobo on 2006-05-03:
I think you came to the wrong site, you want my3vents.com! Still, nice rant.. made me rofl.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-03:
Ditto, pirate!
Posted by Diane1962 on 2006-05-03:
You want to undercharge me by twenty dollars? Sweet! Where do you work?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-04:
Are you ready for some real food?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-05:
Like what, keel?
Posted by beanbagbritches on 2006-05-16:
Hardees is just horrible! The food is crappy and now this? I swear, I should write a letter to the damn owner!
Posted by caa on 2006-05-17:
Wow, you are in for a rude awakening when you grow up. Most jobs suck big time and most people are rude and sexist. Welcome to reality.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-04:
Well, your parents should see if they can get Hardee's charged with working minors I am pretty sure that there ia a law saying they can't hire people under 15 right. You are under 15 arn's you. I say this because you don't seem to understand that a job is a job and not just something that gets you money for sitting on your a$$ and doing what you feel like doing. When you get fired wait until you are legally old enough to get a job.
Posted by snozzberries on 2009-02-04:
I work at hardees. 4 effing years & I feel ya on allll that! i hate it I hate it, But it is a job & its close,effing 6dollar service is retarded. we practicly have to wipe their booty for them 7 for what?! I say HI HOW ARE YOU? they say GRAPE JELLY..omg. stupid hardees.
Posted by pete913 on 2009-10-09:
Can't imagine why a Hardee's customer might be rude. Maybe it's because the dull eyed mouth breather at the till won't shut up long enough to listen to your order, or has no comprehension of the English language, as in, " I want a plain cheeseburger". They'll even screw that up. Then there is the interminable wait for your food, either semi warm at best, or cold, after you paid as much ( or more ) for it as you would have paid at most sit down restaurants.

News flash kid, people go into a fast food restaurant expecting FAST service. If they wanted to wait, they'd forego the soybean and fat burgers and go to a real restaurant.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-10-09:
hey hey hey
no knocking people who breathe through their mouths!

I really hate the notion that mouth-breathing means stupidity.
Seriously. There are people out there who really can't nasal-breathe very well, especially in the middle of hay fever season.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-09:
I feel for you OP. Get a job at at grocery store or department store or mall. You will be much happier.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-10-09:
not really lady scot.
there are rude customers there too.

i've read some interesting horror stories
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-09:
Pepper, true. We get some real doozies at Wallyworld.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-10-09:
The Walmart nearest to me is awesome. The one about 10 miles away sucks out loud. The one in Henderson NC is horrible. I swore never to shop there again but broke down cuz of the one closest to me. Glad I did...I hear you guys talking though...some of the customers I see in Walmart are the rudest people I've ever encountered. I'm so glad I don't work with the public...I don't think I could keep my mouth shut...I'd most likely end up fired. God Bless those of you who do...you deserve a medal.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-09:
MS, do you live near Hendersonville NC? My aunt lives there! I grew up in Mill Spring and Columbus!
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-10-09:
No, I actually live in Charleston SC now but I was born and raised in Greenville SC...a hop, skip and a jump from Hendersonville NC...great area. I lived in Raleigh NC for about 10 years..then I finally got an opportunity to move home...back to good old SC...
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-09:
I miss my mountains.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-10-09:
My house in Greenville had a perfect view of the mountains...I love the ocean so that's why we moved here but the mountains were beautiful to look at on a nice summer evening.
Posted by PVC on 2009-11-13:
This whole rant was AWESOME. Having worked in fast food before, you really hit the nail on the head!
Posted by Hell-I-Mean-Hardee's on 2013-02-23:
I completely agree, they expect so much, for so little. I'm a Night Cook and yes I'm a guy. If you don'y like old people don't work at Hardee's, Its hell, people in corporate is clueless. The burgers are horrible for you.
Posted by The Hagglin Hag on 2013-06-28:
I've done alittle of all of it in my life, including fast food and causal sit downs. One thing that I.ve learned over the years is that ANYONE who expects to be happy working with the public needs to LEARN how too. Every person that walks in the door wants the same same thing... TO GET WHAT THEY WANT. Some times it's a burger, sometimes it's too pick a fight (figuratively speaking) as the person behind the counter you have to be able to either give them what they want, when and how they want it OR you have to have the skills to diffuse them. No minimum wage job is going to pay you to do that. But in that job you can begin learning and honing those skills. Lord knows that atmosphere offers you plenty of teachers. I was 15 when I got my first real job... Mc Donalds.. 37 years later I own 3 businesses, all of which deal with people (lots of them) I negotiate all my own deals, I give my customers what they want and when necessary I diffuse them. Those are the ones I actually love the most, because they are my challenge and when I win them over they keep coming back and their attitude changes. My advice to you is to learn from the people placed in front of you. That's why your paths crossed on the first place and look forward. You don't have to be stuck in a dead end minimum job. You just gotta "pay your dues" Get a little wisdom under your belt and be patient. Good luck to anyone who may be in these particular shoes!
Posted by Jasmine on 2013-08-14:
I totally feel you I been working at Carl's jr for about 6 months and it's the same thing!( Carl's jr and Hardee's is the same restaurant from what I heard of). Anyways I really hate how we have to do the stupid six dollar service yea it's part of my job but really McDonald's Burger King in n out n other fast food places don't so that !also we have to worry about the damn secret shopper and them tripping on how we didn't do the six dollar service I honestly do bust my ass off working at Carl's jr but man o man the drama between the manager and coworkers and money missing and the manager cutting ppls hours the not having the right chemicals to clean the bathrooms dude we wash dishes with laundry soap also scrub the bathrooms with that kinda soap ,managers never wants to give anybody new shirts !and ugh it sucks working their!and then we get food rushes and ppl get mad at the workers it's not our fault they have only one person at the from and one in the back cooking !!i have to be taking orders from the drive thru and inside and do shakes if they ask for some so the damn six dollar service and even help the cook while I can !! It's a nightmare working their everyone wants to quit !
Posted by Shift manager on 2013-11-19:
Ugh I worked at hardees for seven months 3 as cashier and the other four as a shift manager horrible I worked with bad people and the GM was awful at her job we ran compleatly out of paper probuct all the time hello I think she needs a reality check you need all the paper you can have to run the damn place also she would send all the employees home earlier every time they worked because her labor was awful and all she did was yell and scream all the time awful awful horrible place to work but I just think it was the people I worked with I think if there were better employees and different management there I would have loved it and stayed
Posted by MsAniManiac on 2013-12-27:
I understand the feels of over working for minimum wage. I worked at Jack's and I got passed over for the position of A.M. even though I was the most consistant employee. Sometimes they can and will take advantage of you.

I recently went into another Jack's and the service was HORRIBLE. I'm specific, but I know how to specify without being a dingleberry. However, these employees were rude, obnoxious, and got our orders wrong 3 times. All I remember thinking was that even with minimum wage, I still want my customers to feel welcomed and listened to. Ragging on customers isn't cool. You have to remember how the service should be on both sides of the counter. Those people you think should take a lap are paying your checks.
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Disgusting, sexually explicit, and distasteful Hardees commercials.
Posted by Footloose on 05/28/2007
KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Recent ads by Hardees restaurants are sexually explicit, disgusting, and very distasteful. How anyone could want a hamburger after these ads is beyond my understanding. I have given Hardees very little of my business since I heard a radio commercial a few months ago that had a teenage boy describing to another teenager how he and his girlfriend got to "make out" all because she could not resist the juice from the burger running down his face. But the latest is the final straw for me. During last Wednesday night's American Idol that I watch with my young daughter's, a Hardees ad came on that casts a beautiful blond wearing only a man's dress shirt and panties. While she moved seductively and spoke with breathy words and moans as if she were seducing a man, she of course was eating a Hardees thickburger. I will be writing the Hardees Company to let them know of my disgust with them and that they have lost my business and that of my family, and I will be sharing with my friends how distasteful their ads have become.

As of today, the Hardees website is playing the lewd commercial I have described. Please use caution especially if you have children in your home. You can see for yourself just how far they have gone overboard. I went to the Hardees site to send a complaint, but due to the high volume of complaints, you cannot contact them via the web site. The comment section is currently "unavailable". But you can email Hardees at pr@ckr.com or call them at 1-877-799-STAR to voice your concern. Please help me to get Hardee's attention by putting out an alert to launch a full scale boycott of Hardees restaurants. I went to the American Family Association website to let them know about this and ask for their help at www.afa.net. Another consumer concern site is my3cents.com. Thanks for your help and concern. Robert
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-28:
I havent seen this ad,but I dont know of a Hardees in CA.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-28:
I saw the ad and it is just a take off from the Paris H. one where she was doing the car. This new one at least has a good-looking girl. I don't really see why it would make me want a Hardees burger but what ever. I do think you should think about what you are saying though, "During last Wednesday night's American Idol that I watch with my young daughter's"

Now how can you talk about a stupid ad while sitting in front of the TV and watching a sexually explicit, disgusting, and very distasteful program like American Idol that promotes Idolatries? Isn't that the "pot calling the kettle black?"
Posted by Paks on 2007-05-28:
MMmmmmmm thick burgers. /droool.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-28:
Lidman step down from you soap box. The membership is growing tired of your constant self righteous tirades and non-sequitur meandering posts of nonsense.
Posted by adzidek on 2007-05-28:
"self righteous tirades" and "non-sequitur meandering", HHAHAHHHHAHAH! I swear I almost just fell off my chair :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-28:
Number1svc, if I have it all straight Carl's Jr. bought Hardee's so they could expand east. If you get the Carl's Jr. commercials where you live they really make you NOT want to eat a Carl's Jr. burger. It looks like the Carl's Jr. influence has taken over the ad's at Hardee's. The older Carl's Jr. ad's had people slurping drinks with burger parts falling down the front of them. Very disgusting ad's. I just watched the Hardee ad on their web site, somewhat provocative for sure if were talking about the girl in the white shirt on the web site.
Posted by imjustasteph on 2007-05-28:
Hardees has decided to turn their market to men. Notice how they have used lines like 'not for little boys so they don't come with little toys'? The idea is to lug in the men. And yes, sex sells.

And I'd have to be desperate to eat there.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-28:
ok Ive seen the Carls Jr commercial with Paris(jailbird)Hilton.She is annoying,and yes it does not make me want a CJ's burger.

Ok I just saw the commercial on the Hardees website(It is basically a carls jr.),and I was into it until she ate an onion.YUCK! Onions!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-28:
I wonder what Carl Karcher thinks of all this? He built a great family based fast food chain. Then the corporate idiots came along and took it over. Now we have terrible ad's running, food is no longer as good and out here there is nobody working in a Carl's Jr. that speaks English anymore!

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-28:
Stew, being a Canadian you would not understand the way us Americans think, I will except your lack of knowledge.

In no way was I making a speech of violent denunciation just a suggestion. As to the last part of your “statement” I'm guessing that the word you are using here non sequitur, although I don't think it necessarily applies here. Non sequitur is a Latin term meaning "does not follow" (which makes sense if we notice the relationship between "sequitur" and "sequence"). In a written argument, a non sequitur is a fallacy that occurs when the conclusion does not follow logically from the premises, or to put it another way, when the evidence does not support the claim? In my statement if you could follow, the logic starts and end in the same way thereby making perfect sense.

I hope this has enlightened your limited knowledge of the way Americans think. Sorry we just don't think like French Canadians.
Posted by runaway on 2007-05-28:
The Herbal Essences commercials must give you a stroke, then, with all that orgasmic moaning....
Posted by Nohandle on 2007-05-28:
I want to see the link to the actual commercial. Sparticus, where are you?
Posted by adzidek on 2007-05-28:
You know, Lidman, I had some respect for you until you just stereotypically lumped all Canadians together in your last statement. Never pegged you for a bigot; guess I was wrong. Maybe you should put some more thought into the social impact of your words and not just their dictionary definitions. I may not be a French Canadian, but a Canadian nonetheless, and I take offense to your ignorant comment.

By the way, next time you post something, if you're too stupid to check the grammar yourself, have Word do it for you. Your post is littered with lack of punctuation, fragmented & run-on sentences, and even a spelling mistake a 5th grader wouldn't make ("except" should be "accept"). Take a hard look at yourself before you criticize others' work.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-05-28:
All of these ads are, in essence, a take-off on the scene in 'When Harry Met sally,' where Sally proves to her boyfriend she can fake orgasm. Very funny routine, especially when the lady tells the waitress she will have what Sally had, ROFLMAO. It just an ad, get over it! Madison Avenue found out years and years ago, sex sells. Read some books on advertising, and your eyes will be opened to things like artists airbrushing the word 'sex' into the ice in a picture of a mixed drink in a booze ad, and the like. I have seen some ads that I could see how they might offend one or two people, but I realize that the majority will just take it in stride. They don't have anything in these ads that is any sexier than in the programs they sponsor. The aim is to get you to remember the product, plain and simple.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-28:
First of all Stew is the one who hates Canadians and French if you followed the site maybe you wouldn’t act like an idiot and write what you just did. As far as you having me pegged as a bigot or anything else you don’t know me son. But if I said something about Canadians that you took wrong then I guess you are making me look right, eh?

And now you want to start talking about grammar, punctuation, fragmented & run-on sentences let me remind you I am not here for your pleaser and I don’t care weather you like it or not. If I want to write a paper to a professor then I will worry about that. But as long as I am just typing on here I don’t care.
Now maybe you should take a look at yourself before you stick your foot in that big Canadian mouth.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-28:
Lid's, you know why 85% of the Canadian's live along the U.S. border. eh? Cause they love us and want to be Americnan's, eh!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-28:
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-05-28:
No one is going to mention the "Sponge Bob No Pants" commercial from Burger King?
Posted by FloridaLizardQueen on 2007-05-28:
Oh yea, that Sponge Bob No Pants is annoying. I'm not offended by it, but I think it's just stupid.
Posted by imjustasteph on 2007-05-28:
Runaway- It's orgaNic.


Those don't make me want to buy the product either.
Posted by runaway on 2007-05-28:
No, its orgaSMic, as in moaning as if one is having an orgasm. The ingredients may be organic, but the moaning is definately....not...lol
Posted by adzidek on 2007-05-29:
You're right, Lid, you're not here for my "pleaser" (moron). But next time you attempt to give an informal English class based on what someone else wrote, maybe you could take a few ESL classes first. I don't resort to insulting people based on where they live - if you want to do that, that's your prerogative. But I will call a spade, a spade: you have the intelligence of a Neanderthal, and everyone here can see it, "son".
Posted by Sarah May on 2007-05-29:
adzidek, Lidman was kidding. There's a Canadian joke just about everywhere Lidman and Stew have traveled and while it may not be amusing to others, it's really not meant to be offensive.
Posted by adzidek on 2007-05-29:
I know, Sarah May; but I guess I just found it aggravating that someone who is essentially calling Canadians dumb, is unable to form a coherent sentence, especially while correcting something someone else wrote. I may have overreacted, but I have no respect for someone who says things like "son" and "pleaser". You, on the other hand, are always a pleasure to read :).
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-29:
Sarah May - You shouldn't marginalize Lidman's xenophobia, bigotry and rabid over self gratification. Yes, it's easy to have sympathy for an old crank strapped with a colostomy bag and chronic foot halitosis but by encouraging such behavior you only make yourself an 'Enabler'. Sometimes the best medicine is a little tough love.
Posted by Sarah May on 2007-05-29:
Hahaha, okay. Next time I'll just observe.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-29:
Sarah May, thank you and I would say you should see the stuff Stew writes about Canadian and French people he really does hate them. Also he is a coward in the first degree not to mention a phony!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-29:
Adzidek, You are a moron and the first Canadian I really don’t like and you can kiss my butt. Next time I feel like doing anything I will weather you like it or not! As I recall you first came on here INSULTING people, there complaints and there spelling, idiot. If you can’t take a joke then all I can say is you are one and you to can google your words just like your buddy Stew!

Now you freaking coward why didn’t you answer my email? And your intelligence is that of a snow monkey and/or a Yack! Little sunny boy, punk!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-29:
Here's your new butty on Canada! Enjoy eh!

Stew (05/24/2007)
Its stuff like this which makes me avoid Canada and anything Canada related. I think Canada should have it's status as a sovereign country revoked. I'd be very interested in contributing to any cause that explored finding a way to evict them from the North American continent as well. And by that I mean causing a tectonic plate shift that would result in Canada splitting off from the rest of this fine continent and drifting off somewhere to be forgotten...much like Iceland or Ireland. They could call it poopieland.

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-29:
ejack053824 (05/09/2007)
Go burn down the doctor's house that screwed up your eyes. Sight is a precious thing to be fooling around with.

Stew (05/09/2007)
ejack - That's just stupid. Arson is a crime and if someone is killed in the commission of that crime then they'd be looking at capital murder. In Georgia the chances are good that means DEATH row. I find your advice and advocating of possible suicide to be reckless, ill conceived and not at all star worthy.
Posted by adzidek on 2007-05-29:
OK, just keep writing things like "weather you like it or not"(whether), and "there complaints and there spelling"(their), and "butty". I thought you were just plain stupid, but now I see that I'm actually dealing with a 14-year-old pre-pubescent skid mark who's testicles haven't yet descended. This conversation is as over as your failed attempt at a high-school education. By the way, I didn't receive your email - maybe you should read "E-mail for Dummies". You'll figure it out - I have faith in you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-29:
You are truly a jerk in the first degree! Not to mention you don't work for a living and I am not impressed at all with your only claim to fame, a lowest of the low in educational degrees a "Liberal Arts", so you can spell. What does that make you? An idiot in Canada where you will stay for the rest of your un-natural life and like your new buddy Stew, when the power goes out you are yet another burden on the human race because you can't do anything else besides try and insult people.

And it’s over when I say its over! Pissant!
Posted by Sarah May on 2007-05-29:
Grumble pants! All of you! I'd bet that if you met by chance under different circumstances, you'd be friends. (That's just an observation. Heh.)
Posted by adzidek on 2007-05-29:
It's over.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-29:
Now it is over because I say so! * Stew agrees *
Posted by esthersoil on 2012-02-28:
I agree with Robert from Knoxville. Hardees Commercial is down right wrong. It has no class and shows no moral value. Hardees commercial looks like they are selling sex and not burgers. What a shame. I no longer am interested in eating at Hardees especially after I viewed their recent commercial

Posted by Sammy Lynn Morris on 2012-02-29:
This is TOO MUCH!!!. You may get more teenagers or dirty old men coming in to buy any burger that could render that kind of results. However, those of us with good common sense, scrupples and any morals will avoid spending our hard to come by money at any Hardees in our area...we will be sure to remind the Sunday Morning Pre-Church crowd about this right away. Until Hardees pulls and stops running this type of provocative ad, we believe an empty parking lot will speak loudly.
Posted by Tracy on 2012-11-19:
I am so sick and tired of seeing sexually explicit commercials. This is getting way out of hand. It will only get worse, when will it end? Where is the stopping point? Oh, I know, it can only stop at total nudity... WTH!!!!!!! If I see another commercial like that from Hardee's I will never eat there again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Lisa Lax on 2013-12-17:
This ad just teaches children in homes that it is ok for their father's to lust after, gawk and cheat or their wives. Very distasteful and we continue to mistreat women more and more everyday in America. We have gone backwards instead of forwards. Women are looked upon as 3rd class citizens and sex objects . Very saddened by this. I hope this put Hardee's out of business. I thought it was a family restaurant.
Posted by Traya Millop on 2014-01-05:
Hardees ads are DISGUSTING! Do they think teenage boys are the only people that eat fast food? I'm going to Wendys. Hardees advertising agents don't have a clue....maybe Hardees hired animals to come up with these ads???
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stupid drive thru customers 2
Posted by Darkquill1616 on 02/05/2006
I am a Hardees drive thru employee at a Hardees in Kentucky. I will not say any more than that as I do not want to lose my job or have burgers thrown back in my face. With all due respect to the patrons of the company that I work at there are a few things a customer of a Hardees drive thru should remember when ordering food.

1. Drive thru employees are people too. I am sure that when most genuinely nice people go through the drive thru they tend to forget that and only see the employee as a person who gets the food out to them in preferably a short amount of time. I am a drive thru employee, but I am also a twenty year old college student trying to pay her tuition on minimum wage so she can be a therapist. Some of us have kids a husband or wife just like you. Please treat us like people. If we don't get your food out as quickly as you would like we really are sorry.

2. Please remember that a drive thru employees goal is to get your food out quickly and prepared correctly. We are not stupid and we do not mess up on purpose. There are a few things you can do to help us speed up:

a. speak clearly at the box it is hard for us to hear your order sometimes (mayo sounds a lot like tomato over a cheap speaker)

b. don't change your mind a lot (we type things as you speak and every time we delete something we have to get a manager to do it for us)

c. If you want just a cheeseburger without the combo meal don't say number one or combo without the fries and drink just say cheeseburger. When you say number one we have to call a manager, delete the combo and type in the cheeseburger. This take TIME.

d. Hardees sells several different cheeseburgers. Only one of our buttons say cheeseburger. If you want a thick burger say thickburger. If you want a quarter pounder say quarterpounder. We are not trying to be cute when we ask you which one you want.

e. speak slowly it takes longer than you think to type in special orders.

3. Remember that it will take longer than you think to get your food if their are a lot of cars outside. It is harder to work fast food than you think. A drive thru employee at Hardees has to hand out cash while listening to their manager talk to them and taking an order in their right ear. They are also responsible for bagging all the food, making all the drinks, frying every order of fries for two minutes and thirty seconds, and for making the shakes. This is why sometimes when you are at the box it takes a while for us to get to taking your order. It is not that we are being lazy.

4. Also please remember big chickens take 5 minute to cook and all of our food is cooked after you order it. It is better to order these inside, you hold up the drive thru when you order them outside.

5. Say thank you and your welcome and please sometimes. We have a hard job and it makes us feel better. One person smiled at me today called me ma'am and said thank you and please. It just made my day because she gave me a basic respect that all humans should give one another.

6. If we get you order wrong we are sorry please let us know.

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Posted by anti-idiot on 2006-02-05:
Good for you! It is so refreshing to see a review from the other side for a change. Drive thru customers always seem to be seeking preferential treatment.
Posted by miketech on 2006-02-06:
Great tips and thanks. Answer one last question please. Why would anyone go through all that for minimum wage? I respect the food workers of America. I use to be one and it's not worth the money.
Posted by RVRBOATKNG on 2006-02-06:
In answer to Miketech. I know in our son's case he was also going to college and food service was one job that allowed him the flexible hours he needed to go to school and study. He paid most of his own way as well as bought his own car. He has a great career now and has alot of respect for all that he has and had to work for.
Posted by ejack053824 on 2006-02-06:
Wonderful post!! Too bad there are morons out there who make your job difficult. Keep up the good work! :)
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-02-06:
Excellent post. Makes us all think, huh.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-02-06:
Bring the frisco burger back (Not just that burger on the sour-dough) and me and Ejack will pay the rest of your tuition.
Posted by just_say_no_to_stupidity on 2006-02-06:
Don't apologize to the customers! That's all we need is to inflate fast-food diners' egos.
Posted by darkquill1616 on 2006-02-07:
I go though it because I go to school in a very small town with few jobs. A lot of students never actually get to get a job where I go, and I apologize, but it is not up to be to bring back the frisco burger.
Posted by indianhill on 2006-02-13:
Bravo!!! I am an Arbys drive thru employee. I get so genuinely ticked off at the stupid way people order their food and then wonder why the order is wrong. Remember to slow down when you order. Don't talk so fast and TURN OFF THE DIESEL TRUCKS.
Posted by ejack053824 on 2006-02-20:
Indian...tell the SOB to turn off his truck or he won't get shyt from you.
Posted by steph1234 on 2006-02-20:
Hi, I am a superviser for hardees, and I think that my pay of only $5.35 per hour is unfair. The other supervisers make $7.00 or more per hour. I do just as much work if not more.So why is it that I am at the bottom of the hill?
Posted by ryanwhr on 2006-12-05:
Good Job!!!!! An order can only be made correctly if it is ordered correctly. Dont go to Wendys and order a regular cheeseburger and get annoyed when the employee asks if you would like jr. or a single. Dont order a frosty from McDonalds. Hardees does not sell McNuggets! Don't change your order at the window. Keep your kids quiet when you are ordering. Speak loud and clear. Dont ask for extra condiments that are usually charged for at the window and expect to get them for free. Don't treat the employees like crap, cause they don't have to take it from some jerk they don't know. Get your act together America. Trust me, Fast food workers work hard for you and many are a lot smarter then several of the people that are complaining about them.
Posted by runaway on 2007-05-28:
Excellent points! I hope your letter changes at least a few customer's attitudes toward employees!
Posted by weeeeezyfbaby1 on 2009-10-08:
I work at Hardees in Anoka,MN and I've come to realize certain things just tend to make me so mad.
1. Don't come through drive thru and not know what you want.
2. Don't ask if there is honey mustard or bbq sauce in the bag if you ordered a urger and didn't ask for it .
3. Don't order your food, then after you've sat down and waited for your food come up and ask for curly fries and expect to get them for free, we'll charge you for them. And while your at it, don't ask if it's too late to get a shake instead of a pop. It is.
4. No disrespect to foreign people but if you have a really strong accent, don't go through drive thru. It's already hard to understand anyone, and it's even harder if you have a accent. All you'll here from us is, "huh? can you repeat that?"
5. If you have a large truck or a crappy car, SHUT IT OFF before ordering. Don't try to yell over it.
6. Don't go through drive thru and order everthing off the left hand side of the menu and expect to get it in 2 minutes. You'll probably be pulled off the drive thru pad and parked to wait for you food. come inside to do that. Drive thru is for quick service.
7. The fries have a holding time of 10 minutes, some people get them asap when they come out of the frier, some get them when theyve been out of the frier for 6 minutes, it depends when you come for food. dont get mad as us if your fries aren't smokin hot. If it's within that 10 minutes, were gona give you those fries.
8. Don't ask what the different between a big hot ham and a regular hot ham. one is BIG. its pretty self explanatory. Same with the 1/3 lb. cheeseburger and the Original Thickburger. Its pretty easy to see one has lettuce tomato and onion on it.
9. Don't treat us like were on the bottom of the food chain because we work in the fast food industry and you work in an office. We make your food so I'd watch out. We are capable of doing stuff to your food without you knowing. NOT SAYING THAT I NOR HAS ANYONE I WORK WITH DONE THAT, IM JUST SAYING ITS A POSSIBILITY. Be nice to us, you don't have to make dinner tonight because of us.

As you see, through the years, ive gotten these weird quirks that customers just like to do to piss me off. some customers are good tho. and those customers are the ones that make me keep my job because sometimes, it's like you don't even want to work there because of how stupid people are and how disrespectful people are.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-08:
Anyone who works fast food has my respect and sympathy. I worked taco Bell when I was young and it was a hard job being so busy.

Back then though people didn't act stupid. Nowadays they have a ME complex and sometimes make me want to knock their block off lol. I work in customer service so I know what you mean. Remember, it only lasts as long as your shift.
Posted by melissa_blanton36@yahoo.com on 2010-04-05:
I work in fast food and people think we are not supposed to make a mistake..we dont mean to,but WE ARE HUMAN TOO!. it anger's me because most of us work as fast as we can to get your order right and to you as fast as we can, it makes it harder when people are yelling,''where is this and where is that'' back to us in the kitchen! we go as fast as we can! give us a break!.And to those of you who think ''fast food'' isnt a''REAL'' job...well...think again...its not the ''gravy'' job everyone thinks it is...SO HAVE A LITTLE RESPECT FOR US!.We are doing the best we can to serve you. THANKS FOR LISTENING.
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Hardees Sexual Ads Are Repulsive & Degrading to Humans!
Posted by Frankchadwicks on 01/05/2014
It doesn't matter what city & state the restaurants are in, their crude ads have sent me elsewhere to eat. What? Do they want us to come into their restaurants & dress & act like their ads? Do they want their customers to make out on their tables? Maybe they expect their employees to put on an x rated show for us? NO THANK YOU, HARDEES....You've lost my business.
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Posted by D J PEOPLES on 2014-04-14:
I totally agree the ads are way too explicit!!! Children watching TV see these commercials that should not even be fit for late night regular TV. It is sad this is the only way they think they can sell their products. The cod sandwich commercial should be X rated. I will not give my money to Hardees anymore.
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Turkey Burgers Frozen
Posted by Maryjanestuckey on 03/16/2013
COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I was recently at a Hardee's on Piney Grove Rd., Columbia, SC trying to order a turkey burger. When I placed my order I had to wait 10 minutes. Then I was told that they could not fix me one because the meat was frozen. Also I was told that so few people ordered them that they did not unfreeze the meat. If they are not going to serve a turkey burger, it should not be on the menu. Also, it should not be one of the very, very large pictures on your website.
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Posted by Astanley719 on 11/11/2012
I am absolutely disgusted once again with Hardees newest commercial. I tried to go onto their site and they no longer will let you even file a complaint regarding their advertising. As a Christian, I find it very sad that this is what you see when you turn on your TV. My little nephew asked his family to turn their eyes because he even knew it wasn't right. I will not sit back and not speak up about this.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2012-11-11:
adverts are meant to get people to notice the company.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-11-11:
I'm guessing your talking about the Memphis BBQ burger commercial. It's a bit racy, but I fail to see anything that runs afoul of Christian doctrine other than the lust those two hot chicks seem to have for the BBQ burger.
Posted by Starlord on 2012-11-11:
Why is it that the Christians are so compelled to try to determine what other people ahould do? As an adult American citizen, I have the right to view and read whatever I wish. I have seen the commercial you describe for Carl's Jr. and I happen to enjoy seeing nice looking young women. They are fully clothed, and there is nothing going on that would offend even the strictest fundamental Christian. God save me from Christians.
Posted by Ronald on 2013-01-02:
Hardees has to appeal to the lowest common denominator.Its the only way they can market their unappealing burgers!
Posted by Ellen on 2013-02-14:
Commercial is soft porn and has nothing to do with fast food !
Topless woman on beach eating a hamburger ... Really, Hardee's !
It's pathetic !!!!
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Customer Service / Sloppy Food
Posted by Glenn.usa on 10/26/2012
TULLAHOMA, TENNESSEE -- This was a take out order where I stood standing near the order counter. The shake was handed to me in a cup... no mention of the rest of the order. Another customer was also waiting. After a while I noticed a bag sitting on the counter. Didn't know if it was mine or the other person's. Had to ask. No effort was made to tell me the order was ready.

On top of that the order was taken requesting no Mayo, Pickles or Mustard. When inspected at home it had all this sickening mess with the sandwich sliding apart.

I resent being treated like herd animals and fed a sloppy mess. This was a totally unsatisfactory experience and one that I will not repeat.
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Posted by leet60 on 2012-10-27:
If you expected the sandwich to even vaguely resemble the pictures on the menu, it was a mistake. Those "sandwiches" on the advertisement are created by "food artists" and are at best, a poor representation of the actual product.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-10-29:
considering user harassment, leet60, the poster can expect items to be as advertised.
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Wrong sandwich
Posted by Patriciaspicer on 10/10/2012
I ordered 1 sausage, egg and cheese biscuit, 1 biscuit and gravy and 1 sausage biscuit to go. I got everything but the sausage, egg and cheese biscuit, but I paid for it! I would like a coupon to compensate me for my trouble. Patricia Spicer 3111 Johnson Ar 72112......thank you
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Posted by danny54 on 2012-10-13:
Have you contacted the restaurant about the missing sandwich? They may not follow things on here and not see your post. A quick call may resolve the issue.

Also, you may want to take your personal information off the post for safety's sake.
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Tv Commercial
Posted by Mtnbetty34 on 09/30/2012
The advertising showing two girls in very skanty clothes feeding each other is very obnoxious and certainly not in good taste.
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Posted by Burger Boy on 2012-10-01:
Personally i rather like that commercial. Nothing wrong with 2 scantily clad babes eating sloppy burgers that I can see!
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NASTY commercials
Posted by Jackandkaren on 09/13/2012
No wonder our children these days are so messed up. Trashy women on HARDEES COMMERCIALS MAKES ME SICK !!!!
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Posted by BigAl on 2012-09-13:
You can blame your children for being "messed up" for a multitude of reasons but a Hardees commercial is not one of them.
Posted by ript on 2012-09-13:
I agree that television has an impact on impressionable children. Many credible studies have confirmed this. Consider giving corporate your feedback.
Posted by BigAl on 2012-09-14:
Television does have an impact on children but a Hardees commercial would not have a negative impact. However the reaction of a parent to the commercial could have a negative impact.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-09-14:
And whose responsibility is it to monitor what their kids watch?
Posted by jc on 2012-09-14:
Sorry, I disagree with the whose responsibility is it to monitor what their kids watch? Parents can hardly monitor what commercials will be shown.

ript is spot on here. The problem is 99% don't care and obviously, if this isn't what the people wanted, these commercials wouldn't be aired in the first place.
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