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One of the Worst Restaurant Experiences I Have Ever Endured
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Rating: 1/51

COPPERHILL, TENNESSEE -- I went to Hardee's for a burger and fries, and some small burgers for my dogs. I like bacon but not the plastic cheese found on fast food so I must order a bacon cheeseburger, hold the cheese, which I did. I realized upon opening the bag that they had failed to include the small burgers so I had to go back for them. My fries were slightly warmer than room temp, limp as a wet noodle, and tasted like they had been cooked in last year's oil. The burger was resting in a pale, soggy bun that fell apart when I tried to pick it up, due to the mass amount of mustard it had drowned in.

I had been starving; but by then my stomach felt ill from the rancid oil and my appetite disappeared. It was a waste of my time and money, and an infuriating experience altogether. I am an eternal optimist, so I must look on the bright side of it all. I'm on a diet, so my rear end thanks Hardee's for keeping me on track. Also, my dogs had no complaints at all, 😘.

Very Good
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Rating: 5/51

SEDALIA, MISSOURI -- With all the complaints I read here about Hardee's, I'm surprised my experience has been so good. My brother and I eat there frequently and we think their food is very good. I'll put their fries up against anybody's in town -- in fact I think the best -- always hot, fresh and delicious. Once, my brother got a burger he didn't think was done all the way through, but that was only once. NO ONE -- REPEAT -- NO ONE can be 10 stars perfect all the time. We can't figure why they aren't busier than they are.

The only complaint I've had about this particular restaurant, is the lighting -- it seems so damned bright (at night). I almost need to put on sunglasses -- the ceiling is ablaze with fluorescent lights. These people that ** and complain about the SLIGHTEST little thing wrong need to wait on the nasty, rude, hot-tempered, general public for a while and see what it's like -- they'd be in for a rude awakening.

Classic Burger
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Rating: 1/51

CORDOVA, TENNESSEE -- A brand new Hardee's was built on Whitten Road and I stopped by for my first and now last taste of what Hardee's has to offer. The price for a Classic Burger combo was $5.45, reasonable, although all other prices were outrageous $8 for burger/fry/drink? I want to be seated and served for that price. But, it's the actual burger that I am complaining about.

By the time I got back to my office 1 mile away, the burger and fries were stone cold, so they probably were when I purchased them. I cut the burger in half to make it easier to eat. The entire bun fell apart because it was soaked in some kind of secret sauce, or whatever that was, and burger, mealy tomatoes and lettuce and onion slid out on both sections.

I ended up cutting up the meat and fork fed the sandwich instead of holding in my fingers. Frightfully messy, and the fries were just awful -- brickbat hard, besides being cold. The meat is not very good either, rather gray, scary. So, at least I'm out only $5.45 but I will never return. There's a good Burger King across the street anyway.

This Place Is Nasty and the Employees Don't Care What You Find in Your Food.
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Rating: 1/51

BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY -- This place is nasty. I found foil still on my burger and it wasn't even the right order. No need to tell anyone because the employees find nothing wrong with the nasty way they make the food.

Expensive and Cold
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Rating: 2/51

RANTOUL, ILLINOIS -- I visited the Hardee's in Rantoul, Illinois around 12:45 am on a Friday night. I first attempted to order at the drive thru, but the speaker was broken. I pulled up and ordered from the window. One of the employees was outside of the drive thru walk-in door and was smoking. I ordered two combos and the total was over 23.00. I was shocked. I reduced the order to just 2 sandwiches and one fry and the total was still 19.00.

The sandwiches were decent as far as quality, but the fries that I received were cold. Not only that, but they only filled it about half full and did not expand the box so that the container was still flat. For 19.00 I should have enough fries to feed four people. I think Hardee's needs to examine their costs and determine if they want to be fast food or a sit down style establishment..

Bad Food, Bad Management
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Rating: 1/51

SPARTANBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Steak biscuit: steak hard as a rock, biscuits hard, bacon/egg/cheese biscuits missing the bacon and slapped together so that the cheese is all on the paper wrap and not on the biscuits. Hash rounds were cold and the whole entire breakfast was not even edible! Then, I could not call to complain because the phone had been set to fax mode preventing call-in complaints. I took the "food" back down there and asked to see the manager at the drive-thru. She said she could not come over to the window but I could come in if I wanted to.

By this time all I wanted was my money back... This Hardee's on Reidville Rd in Spartanburg is the worst Hardee's I have ever been to... But I will never go back to another one when their managers even refuse to come and speak to an unhappy customer. I go to the drive-thru because their seating area is always filthy. No more!

I Work Here Too
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Rating: 4/51

DUNN, NORTH CAROLINA -- Yesterday I worked a 13 shift and about 4 and 1/2 hours in I was in drive thru. The first car was waiting for their food about 10 minutes til they got everything. They were a little busy; 2 people in back, 1 on front line and 1 in drive thru. Well once the first car got their food the second car pulled up this lady automatically starting yelling about her waiting 10 minutes for her food; a hot ham and a fry. Just being very rude and disrespectful. I don't get it, getting ill about food? Priorities honey.

Anyways after snatching her food and change she drove off saying "what a **". Stopped, backed up to the window and started arguing again, threatening to fight because she assumed she got called a bitch. Like a you freaking serious, OVER FOOD. Do people not realize we have feelings? Or are we just robots to make your precious food? Like do you really think I want to deal with this when I have to work a 13 hour shift? I really hope not.

No wonder people don't want to come to work. We constantly have to be demeaned, insulted, and disrespected. I feel sorry for y'all's parents, raising such rude kids. You have a problem with our customer service? Let's take a look at y'all first (I'm not talking about every customer, just some). Bye Felicia. Please stop being such rude customers. IT'S EXTREMELY ANNOYING. WE HAVE FEELINGS!!!

Stay Away
By -

GRAFTON, NORTH DAKOTA -- I entered the drive through and placed an order for a single combo-meal. I was the second car in the lane. The vehicle I was driving has a large digital clock so the time was readily apparent throughout. I sat behind the other vehicle for a considerable period of time. After waiting for the staff to hand the person their food to the person in front of me, I watched as that vehicle sat in the drive through for another several minutes and talked with the restaurant staff. When I got to the window I inquired as to the wait. Their answer was that the previous customer had placed a large order and they only had one cook on duty.

I asked why they didn€™t have the person pull forward and why the continued delay even after they'€™d delivered the product. Their answer was they didn€™t have enough help to get it done sooner. Neither the person at the window or the manager offered an apology for the wait. Both were non responsive and neither offered any explanation for why the pickup sat there for the additional time and didn€™t receive any other items. I got an impression that I should have waited patiently no matter how long it took. Because of the extended length of time and rational offered by the Hardees staff and management, I left the restaurant without the food. Opting to go somewhere else.

I am trying to support a local entity and have returned to the restaurant in the past even though the establishment has been dirty and unkempt; many of the staff are often rude and/or non-responsive; and service is routinely slow. Additionally, I understand teen culture, but perhaps your staff could tuck their shirts in, turn their side-turned caps forward, and learn to take a customers order in a timely manner rather than talking on their cell phones or with another group in the corner. I€™m wondering how often an organization can regularly offer such sub-standard service and expect persons to return.

As a manager of a business in the same community I am sympathetic to those serving the public. It is not always easy. I understand the intricacies associated with customer service and appreciate the difficulty putting out a good product. I am empathetic with their plight, but what your staff offered was awful service and in the restaurant industry Id assume that€™s bad for business.

I have the opportunity to promote your business routinely when we bring groups in for in-services, training, and other related forums. I cannot in good conscience recommend to any of these individuals that they go to Hardees in Grafton for anything because it€™s likely they will similarly get bad service. Nor can I suggest to any of our staff, volunteers, or affiliated agencies we work with to go to Hardees.

Rather Im inclined to share my experiences regarding the shoddy service and recommend that they go somewhere else. I have never written a letter in response to such an incident, but was compelled to do such because of your staff'€™s antipathy and the substandard service received at the Hardees in Grafton, ND.

Why never to eat at Hardees
By -

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- I am completely outraged and horrified by my visit to Hardee's this evening. I went to the drive through at 6:30 pm this evening. When I pulled up to the drive through there were 4 cars a head of me. I did not leave the drive through until 7:03 pm. I ordered a thick burger combo and the 10 piece chicken with sides combo with green beans and mashed potatoes. When I finally got to the window, I was informed first that they did not have the proper chicken for my combo. Then I was notified that they were out of mashed potatoes and I would have to wait for them to make more.

Then the girl comes back to let me know they were out of green beans and she would have to substitute it with something else and they did not have enough biscuits for what I ordered either. At this point, I was upset asked to speak to a manager because I had been in the drive through for over 25 minutes and my food was not even what I order. The manager, **, came to the window after take his sweet time, and completely disrespected me. I explained to him that I was dissatisfied with the service and he had the nerve to roll his eyes at me. This is completely unacceptable.

If this is the example that a manager sets for your company, I am completely disgusted by what else your company must find acceptable as customer service. Not once did Dave offer an apology for the poor service or lack of quality food. I left after being in your drive through for more than 30 minutes which is the exact opposite of what any sane person could call fast.

I tried to call the complaint line listed on your restaurant. Instead of getting a district manager or someone who could help me, this manager ** answers the phone. I would also like to note that the phone rang for over a minute before he ever answered the phone. When I asked for the name and number of district manager or someone above him to lodge a complaint, he replied that he didn't have that information nor would he give it to me if he did. So not only did this poor excuse of a manager give me terrible customer service in person, apparently it extends to his customer service over the phone.

I would appreciate if an intelligent and decent member of your company would call me. I do not care about apologies at this point. I want a full refund for this meal which was not correct when I got home. Furthermore, should your company be unwilling to give me a refund, I will pursue this matter with my bank which will result in a chargeback to your company.

If you would ever like to gain this customer back, I would expect this manager (**) to be fired for his actions. It seems to me that a manager would be maintaining an adequate food supply and if a customer is dissatisfied, the manager would offer an apology at the very least. I promise to never again eat at any establishment owned or operated by your company until this matter has been resolved and I will be sharing my experience with anyone who listens. I am not expecting five star dining when I eat at fast food, but I do expect a minimum amount of respect and customer service.

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Rating: 1/51

JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE -- Biscuits are hard and dried out from being kept warm for extended periods of time rendering them unfit to eat. I usually end up throwing them away. Their biscuits are nothing like the biscuits my mother used to make.

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