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Don't care about members
Posted by on
X, ILLINOIS -- Hilton must have more customers and members than they need. As a Diamond member with almost 600,000 pts. I am walking away from them. The planned vacation of a lifetime was wrecked when they jacked us around on room selection... accepted the level I requested; but checking the confirmation, the room was not what I had requested. They won't budge. That's OK, I am transferring all my HH points to an airline, closing my HH account and signing up with another hotel chain.
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Inat on 01/18/2010:
I used my HH points to go to Rome a few years back - it was AWESOME and cheap due to my point balance. Where were you going and what was wrong with the room? Seems 600k would give you the moon...
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Refuse to Refund or Transfer
Posted by on
To try to save some money I pre-paid a Hilton Garden Inn in Chattanooga for a customer meeting. The customer changed the site to Knoxville. I called Hilton to see if we can work it out to transfer the pre-paid to a Hotel in Knoxville. THEY wouldn't even discuss it. Wouldn't try to work with me nothing. So I hope that $157 was worth it to them, because the thousands I spend every year as a Gold member will now go to Marriott.
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azspots on 12/11/2009:
When you booked this, I'm sure it was plain that you CANNOT change nor cancel a pre-paid booking, period. In exchange, they gave you quite a break on their "normal" rate. You gambled and loss.....no rip off, really.
Anonymous on 12/11/2009:
What a totally stupid move by Hilton. Penny-wise pound foolish I say.

I've been a Marriott rewards members for years. Could not be happier. Time after time they have bent over backwards to make me happy. Heck, just this week in a "recent stay" survey I mentioned how unimpressed I was with my stay at the Santa Fe Courtyard Inn to which they responded by adding 25,000 points to my account. Yeah, that pleases me.

I totally agree dump Hilton if this is the way they treat their gold members. Good review!
CSD on 12/11/2009:
It tells you in three different places that the reservation is non-changeable and non-cxl. Do not book these type of reservations if there is any chance something may change.
azspots on 12/11/2009:
Marriott has the same "no changes/no refunds" type of room rate.
NO, means no.
Anonymous on 12/11/2009:
I agree azspots but I also truly believe from my experiences with Marriott that in the same circumstance the reservation would have been canceled at no cost for a Gold or Platinum member.

It just seems silly to me and a really bad business decision to lose a Gold/Diamond member over such a trivial 'NO, means no' reservation cancellation type deal.

In fact I would wager if the OP called the Hilton Hhonors line with this complaint some kind of resolution will be worked out.
saj80 on 12/11/2009:
Stew, good points, as usual, but my money says that the OP will still use the Marriott chain, just venting a little over some dissatisfaction with this incident.
CSD on 12/14/2009:
No point in having a no cxl policy if they are not going to follow it.
erikbox on 10/19/2010:
Azpots is obviously educated and understands how the deal works. If you don't want to deal with the repercussions then you don't book the advance purchase rate.

Also, you can't necessarily "transfer" reservations, as some hotels are corporate and others are franchised.
Rusty Nails on 04/20/2011:
Actually the terms of pre purchase allow a refund minus a fee ($50)
IF another pre paid reservation is made, and the change is made 3 days before the original reservation...
BUT if for your account is not credited good luck getting any action from Hilton customer service!
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Hilton Honors Lack of Service
Posted by on
I am extremely displeased with the customer service I received from Hilton Honors while trying to get credit for a missing stay. I visited a Hilton Vacation Club property in Sept 2008 for my honeymoon. While making the reservation, I asked if it would be a problem as the room was in my new husbands name. "No problem" was the reply. At the property, I gave them my card and asked them to ensure I received credit. Again "no problem". Of course, there obviously was a problem as I never received credit. Over the next year, I tried to resolve the issue 2 or 3 times via their on-line system, and received confirmation I sent a request but never a final resolution. I tried to call, most recently faxing a copy of the folio and note per the agent I spoke with on the phone. Again, no reply at all. Today I called and spoke to a supervisor, who told me that as it was over 1 year old they couldn't do anything for me. Furthermore, she told me that "they e-mailed me with a request for additional information" and that I didn't respond. Hard to respond to an e-mail I never got! I was angry enough, but then the supervisor started talking over me instead of listening to anything I had to say. I finally hung up in frustration. I will not be staying with Hilton again despite the wonderful visit we had to the property. Call me picky, but when I spend nearly $1000 and have a rewards card, I expect to receive the associated rewards.
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CSD on 11/24/2009:
The hotel should have been able to submit a request for points that you didn't get. Did the email they claim they sent go into your junk mail.
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Hilton Honors Point Program
Posted by on
If I understand the program correctly, if you have no activity for one year you account is de-activated and you points are lost to cyber space never to be returned.

Does this not sound like a few airlines, which I refuse to fly as well?

MY CASE: received a new Hilton Silver VIP card in Oct. 2008. Went to redeem points Feb. 24th, 2009 to learn "sorry" you have not had any activity in over a year. Your points are gone.

Well needless to say, that is the last time I ever stay at a Hilton property..

Be careful out there...
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Ben There on 02/24/2009:
Frequent flyer and frequent guest programs are designed to reward the loyal customers that purchase products from these companies frequently. It does not make business sense to offer someone who stays 50 nights over 10 years the same benefits as someone who stays 50 nights in one year.

If you got your card in October, when was the last time you stayed in a Hilton?
youaredumb on 04/22/2011:
yes read you terms and conditions anf you could not have been that frequent if you were only silver
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The Thieves at Hilton Honors
Posted by on

I am relating here my experience with the Hilton Honors program. More than a year ago I transferred 200,000 points form my American Airlines account to use them for a family vacation. That vacation for various reasons got postponed till this year. However when I tried a month ago to access my HH account, I was denied access. I called them and was told that since I had not used my account in a year my account had been cancelled. I appealed to them to reverse their decision as the points they so blatantly stole form me had not been award3ed by them in the first place and had been transferred from my AA mileage account. They in their arrogance offered to give me a bonus 5000 points for future stays. I have indeed learned my lesson and in future will not stay at a Hilton even if it is the only hotel in town.
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Anonymous on 11/21/2007:
There is something missing here. Hilton does not cancel Honor's accounts because of inactivity for 12 months. Call corp and ask for help from a non CSR.
Anonymous on 11/21/2007:
Their Terms and Conditions clearly states that if you have no activity for one year they cancel the account.
Anonymous on 11/21/2007:
PassingBy, I know that but they never cancel an account, and never one with 200,000 points in it. We have let ours go dormant for longer than 12 months without a problem. There is more to this story.
Anonymous on 11/21/2007:
I was only quoting their terms.
almead on 11/21/2007:
I wish there were more to this story then what I stated. I have wrote twice to them. I guess what they figured was that since I am not a business traveler, they did not stand to lose much by treating me this way. What irks me even more is that the miles that they stole form me were not even theirs to start with, since I had transferred them from my AA advantage account
Hugh_Jorgen on 11/22/2007:
See if American Airlines can help - you might not matter to Hilton, but a 200K AA member shold be entitiled to a least a phone call from American to see if they can help break the logjam.
keyjockey on 11/23/2007:
All I want from a hotel is the 3Cs. Cot, Crapper, Cable. I don't need a card at no cost to me accumlating points each stay.
tnchuck100 on 11/23/2007:
keyjockey, I agree with you 100%!!
chow on 02/10/2008:
Superbowl,that is weird Hilton will do that! Many hotels will love to have guest like that.
Inat on 04/22/2011:
hmmm...that would SUCK. However, I know that HHonors cancels their accounts and points after a certain period so I be sure to show activity. My last Hhonors trip was 5 nights in Rome .. .saving now for Fiji
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