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LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA -- I arrived at this hotel on Friday. We arrived at about 3:30 at which time I valeted my car and proceeded to the front desk. I was greeted by a nice lady who explained check in was at 4pm but she would go ahead and get the check in process finished so all we had to do was come back up at 4pm to pick up our room keys. I explained to her I had dinner reservations at 6pm at the marine room for my mothers birthday which was the ONLY reason for me coming to La Jolla. I went up to the front desk at about 4:15 to get the keys at which time they said there were no rooms available and they would call us when it was ready. At about 5:00pm we go back up there again to explain we still have not had a call and our reservations are at 6pm. They tell us to wait more. I come back up IRATE at 5:30 at which time I am told there are still no rooms. I start to complain I then meet with the manager who at that time tells me she would "take a room" from another person and check us in right away. Obviously at this time we missed our dinner reservations. So we go to our room and order room service since we couldn't eat or make it to my moms birthday dinner. Then when the room service comes up they forget to bring us water with our meals. We then order dessert, and for the 2nd time in the same night they forget to bring us water with our meals. The next day rolls around and I order breakfast before we leave. The food that comes up is literally uneatable. The eggs are running and mind you these eggs are scrambled, and the sausage is barely cooked. The toast is not toasted and my horrible stay continues. At about 10am the TV just shuts down mid show which I called to complain about. I call the valet to get my car so I can get out of this hotel as if it was on fire, and they say they will have my car ready. I come down 20min later car is still sitting in the same spot. I ask them can I please get my car he said there was some confusion about what room number it was. THEN to top it all of my girlfriend forgets her sweater there. We call the hotel and ask if they can check on it. They say yes we will give you a call back soon. We go on an hour hike get back and SHOCKER still no call. We call again they say we will check on it, and will call you back soon. We get home to orange county after a 1 hour and 30 minute drive, and SHOCKER still no call.
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Alain on 12/07/2011:
Give the Hilton Corp. HQ ( 7930 Jones Branch Dr., McLean, VA 22102) a call at (703) 883-1000 and let them know about the substandard service you received.
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Not a good experience
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LINTHICUM, MARYLAND -- Not a good experience and I would not recommend this hotel. After a storm I lost power and I had to fly out the next morning. So I thought I would stay by the airport and I would have all the amenities that I was without do to the power loss. When I got to the Hilton they confirmed they had rooms and I checked in. I went to the room and turned on the AC and started to get ready for the 4am flight. After about an hour the room was still hot and I called down to the front
desk to inquire about the AC. They gave me the normal trouble shooting speech and told me to call back if it was not working in 10 min. It did not work in 10 min so I called back and asked for another room. This time the guy that I spoke with said that the AC was not working in any of the rooms. Now I was getting upset. "did you know this when I checked in an hour or so ago?" sir it has been this was all day. So the question is why would a hotel like Hilton allow guests to check in
when they know full well that they cannot offer the amenities that we are expecting. I could have stayed at my house for free and not had AC. I tried to work something out with the night manager but she was incapable of seeing where I was coming from. I left with a completely different view of Hilton and they will now be a last resort in my book.

All I was looking for was some understanding and maybe a break on the room rate considering I was not going to get what I was paying for.
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Rude Behavior of Sales Manager
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FEB 22, 2011
ORLANDO, FL. 32839


I wish to inform you of the deplorable way my wife and I were treated by your sales manager, Al, at Parc Soleil, Hilton Grand Vacations Club, in Orlando, Florida.

Our stay there was booked by a telemarketer, from Feb 12 through Feb 14, 2010. We were to attend a sales meeting on Feb 14. Our initial salesperson was a Mr. Rodrigo ( do not know his last name). After his presentation, we felt we had some questions, before we were ready to sign. He called in the above named individual.

During the conversation that followed, [sales manager] asked me if I had ever stayed at a Hilton, to which I answered in the positive. However, when I asked him if I could speak to some satisfied customers of this plan, he became irritated, and stated in a patronizing way, that perhaps I should be “staying at a Marriott or a Wyndham”, rather than a Hilton. I took offense at this statement, and informed him that he had no business telling me where to stay, and that I was no longer interested in either talking with him, or buying into Hilton. I informed him also that I was extremely upset by his remarks and intended to report this to Hilton Corporate Headquarters.

At this point, a corporate representative, Marc approached me, and tried to defuse the situation. I apprised him of the above facts, and asked him if he would forward my complaints to Hilton, which he promised he would.

I feel very strongly, that this kind of behavior by sales managers, or sales agents that represent Hilton, is reprehensible, and deserves condemnation. If Hilton is concerned about it’s image, persons like [sales manager] have no place in representing Hilton. I have already made my concern known in the survey sent to me after my stay.


Tariq Malik, MD
Gardner, Ma. 01440
Email: atmalik1@Hotmail.com
Cc: BBB, Orlando, Fl.

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danny54 on 03/14/2011:
Sorry you had such a bad time with this individual. On another note, you may want to edit this complaint and remove all of your personal information. Not a good idea to post it openly like this.
Skye on 03/14/2011:
He wants to be heard, so he's making his information public, in the hopes that a Hilton representative will contact him.
Mrs. V on 03/14/2011:
Try here to find some contacts for Hilton and give them another try:

danny54 on 03/15/2011:
Skye, I see your point. Guess I'm just a little gunshy given that I posted personal info on a website and it turned into attempted identity theft. Fortunately, it didn't go far before I caught and stopped it.
Dawn on 07/03/2013:
Talk about personal
Jessie on 03/25/2014:
I had a far worse (but similarly rude) experience at this same resort. The insults were incredibly personal and the manager physically manhandled his coworker (who'd been nice to us and almost sold us) and told us we should be ashamed of how little money we make...even though we'd never told him what we make (and we make enough.) I had a list 10 insults long verbatim, and no one cared when I wrote to HGV. It's a sales technique Hilton Grand Vacations is known for. When I researched it, I saw many other had this same experience. One said that they tell the women they are bad mothers and tell the men that they have 'no money.'
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Worst Hilton in The World
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SALALAH, OMAN, SOUTH CAROLINA -- This Hotel is by far the worst Hilton I have ever stayed in, and I have stayed in Hiltons all over the world! The staff is rude, curt, they do not listen to their guests, they do not follow up to resolved guest’s issues, and one of them actually hung up the phone on me!

I checked in on 8 Apr, 2010, and immediately went to work in Thumrait. Upon returning that my room at the hotel later that evening, I tried to connect to the internet - a seemingly simple undertaking. I could not connect, so I called the front desk. I was told to reboot and try it again, which I did to no avail. I called back, and I was connected to the internet service provider who said it was not their problem and that I should contact the hotel IT staff. I called the front desk back again, and attempted to explain what I had found out, and was hung up on. I called back again, and the person at the front desk said his IT staff said they did not have a problem - it must be a problem with my computer. I told them that I was here on business and that it was absolutely critical that I be able to use the internet at all times! I was told that the IT staff would be in the next morning, so they made an appointment for them to come to my room @ 11:00AM. Needless to say, no one showed up.

They also did not give me my 8:00AM wake up call, so I missed the breakfast that is included with my room rate.

I made at least 2 calls to the front desk each day, with no resolution, and the person on the phone had only one objective - to get me off the phone as soon as possible! Finally, on 10 Apr, after being without the necessary service I required for 2 days, I got the front desk manager on the phone. He sent his IT person to my room. These are the same people who had previously told me that there must be a problem with my computer. I told him that I was getting dressed for work, but that they could come anyway, because I needed the situation resolved. After working on it for 30 minutes, the IT person admitted there was no problem with my computer! I handed him by business card, which has my title - Network Architect, and explained to him that I was already well aware that my computer had no problem because I build networks for a living. I also told him that I tried to tell the previous people I had spoken with the same thing, but none of them were bothering to listen to me. He finally went back and fixed his switch, which was the problem all along.

I told the front desk manager that I wanted a refund for the first 2 days, because I had not had access to the necessary service to perform my work. I then went to work in Thumrait. When I returned, I had a bottle of wine in my room. Nice touch, too bad I don't drink alcohol. I also had a selection of fruit, also a nice touch. Unfortunately, none of it makes up for the fact that I have been denied the ability to perform my function simply because the night staff at this Hilton is totally unprofessional and rude!

I am still not satisfied. My company sends teams to this location on a regular and constant basis. My intentions are to inform my company of the service issue here so that future teams will be directed to another hotel that understands what customer service is. I also intend to lodge a complaint with as many different agencies as I can find, and to post my experience on the various internet web sites that do hotel reviews.
Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, on 9 Apr, 2010, while taking a shower, all the power went off in my room! Believe me when I tell you, it is quite dark with the curtains closed. I cut my finger trying to feel my way out of the shower in the dark. Fortunately, I did not slip and fall, because I perhaps could have injured myself quite badly! When I got dressed and went outside, the housekeeping person told me that it wasn’t just my room, but the whole hotel!
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Hilton won't help in emergencies
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- My family and I live in Dallas TX. Feb 11th there was a snow storm in the north Texas area of record levels. This of course also brought power outages. We tried to ride it out but by Saturday night we had exhausted out firewood supply and still had no power. At this time there was also an NBA All-Stars event going on and all the hotels in the area were full or at near capacity. We were able to get a room at the Hilton but when we inquired about a rate reduction because of the power outage in that are there was no consideration or empathy from Hilton Anatole Hotel. We have two children, the youngest of which was sick at the time and we were forced to take the room at the ridiculous rate they were charging. They also overcharged us, saying we consumed items in the mini bar that we in fact did not. after a dispute they are in the process of refunding the erroneous mini bar charges. My wife reached out to the hotel management to try to get them to realize the situation we were in and help, to no avail. below is the email my wife sent followed by the reply of the Hilton manager.

Ms Spurlock,

Attached in final bill for our stay 2/13/10. There appears to be some errors on this bill. There are 9 total 'minibar' charges and we should only be charged for 3. We shifted some items around to make room in fridge for our own items (could that be the reason for the extra charges?) We only consumed 2 bottles of water and a bottle of wine- that was it.

Additionally, I wanted to bring to your attention special circumstances and request a break here for the full room rate.

We are Dallas residents, with two children & lost power Thursday 2/11/10 after that record-breaking storm hit our area. After two nights without power we were desperate to find a place to stay with heat- my youngest has asthma and was quite sick during the power outage. Area hardware stores were sold out of generators. Hilton was one of the few places in town with a room available- due to the All Star basketball event that weekend most hotels were booked- When I reserved the room, I asked if there would be a possibility of a discount due to circumstances and the operator said no. Frustrated, cold and in desperate need for a warm place to stay we reserved a room.

Surely, a Hotel as big as the Hilton can afford to give desperate Dallas resident a break on room rate- Does appear Hilton likely met record capacity that weekend with the Basket ball event. We've stayed at Hilton before in other cities and never been disappointed with the level of service or quality of your hotel.

Please carefully consider making adjustments and let me know. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Hilton Hotel's response:

Hello Ms.

Thank you for contacting me regarding the automated mini bar charges. The mini bar is designed to automatically charge if items are not replaced within 60 seconds. Based on the information you noted below, I have adjusted the six mini bar charges accordingly. Please allow up to 10 business days from today for credit card processing, the refunded amount will reflect $57.65. Also, you mentioned in your correspondence that you were without heat due to the storm and would appreciate any rate deduction; unfortunately during your reservation process we did not have a lower rate available. At the present time we do not offer local distressed rates here at the Hilton Anatole Hotel.


With your help, we are moving one-step closer to improving service levels at the Hilton Anatole Hotel. I have forwarded your email on to the director of revenue for future consideration in the event the city should have a comparable event such as this past snow fall.

We do realize we could not be of assistance this time, but we look forward to making the necessary steps moving forward.

Again, I would like to express my appreciation for bringing these matters to our attention. In addition, the feedback such as yours provides a great value to us.

Best regards,

Kim Hubbard-Spurlock

Quality Assurance Manager

Hilton Anatole Hotel

2201 N. Stemmons Freeway

Dallas, Texas 75207


kim. spurlock@hilton.com
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User Replies:
i_am_canadian on 02/22/2010:
I'm sorry but even though it would be a decent thing to do, they're under no obligation to offer a discount to those stranded by natural disasters. In fact, many unscrupulous hotel operators would likely inflate their rates ridiculously under those circumstances. As for the minibar charges, I'm glad they're at least working to reverse those for you.
Nerad on 02/22/2010:
Obligated... absolutely not. But it would have been the correct action to take. As for the point of the other hotel owners rasing their rates at a time of natural disaster, that would be considered price gauging and is illegal in the United States, not sure about Canada.
i_am_canadian on 02/22/2010:
In Canada it seems people can charge whatever they want, I know of no laws which regulate it. And many retailers, hotels, etc. take unfair advantage. That's why you pay 6 dollars for a hot dog at the SkyDome or 7 dollars for a roll of film at a Northern Ontario trading post (which happens to be the only store for 25 miles). It's very wrong, but I guess it's commerce.
Nohandle on 02/22/2010:
It's unfortunate you didn't receive some consideration for your circumstances but seriously should a hotel be expected to offer reduced rates because of an emergency? Should a hotel be expected, for an example, to offer reduced rates because of a death in the family? Should restaurants be expected to do the same?

As far as the mini bar charges go, I was charged once at a hotel for using the mini bar when I hadn't even opened the door. I expect someone in housekeeping there needed a snack. Since I was not in a rush to check out I had ample time to review the bill. Those charges were immediately deducted. No questions asked.
goduke on 02/22/2010:
So what this note says to me as hilton is "we tried to stay all sorts of other places, but because they were full, we came to your property," and not "because we like Hilton we called you first." I really don't think that Hilton's going to respond to that.
Anonymous on 02/22/2010:
Unfortunately for you Hilton (or any other hotel chain) is not in the business of helping you. They are in the business of making money. When a snowstorm shuts down Chicago's airports (of record proportions) the hotels all increase their prices. Its the law of supply and demand and you cannot get around it.
jktshff1 on 02/22/2010:
Full hotels, All Star game in town, stuff happens. Major disaster, yes, snowstorm and power outage..nope. Suggestion would be to have a generator at your house. Called being prepared.
Anonymous on 02/22/2010:
There are some contradictions in your story. At first you say you did not consume anything from the minibar, yet later you say you did consume 3 items. Which was it?
Inat on 02/22/2010:
I thought it was nice that the GM emailed you back - I think you shot yourself in the foot though by consuming items from the minibar (pricey) and saying that you tried to purchase a generator. Thinking as a hotel manager with profit on the mind, why would someone with your means (disposable income) need a reduced rate?
Fufu487 on 02/22/2010:
IMHO, if you had the funds to afford a bottle of wine from the minibar, you would not be in desperate need of a price reduction.
The Hurricane on 02/22/2010:
I agree with those that say you probably hurt your case by using things from the mini-bar and telling them you had the money to buy a generator.

As for the people talking about hotels raising prices in events like that, it's perfectly legal and common practice. The chain I work for has a "Dynamic Rate" which automatically adjusts the rate based on occupancy. When the occupancy goes up, so does the rate and vice versa. Hotels can charge whatever they want for a room.
jktshff1 on 02/22/2010:
My bad, missed the "out of generators" part.
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Poor Quality Services for Hilton Hotel Chain
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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- My husband & I were traveling to San Diego for my work training conference.
My conference at the Hilton Bayfront hotel offered a reduced room rate which I initially booked for $220/day for 8 days & our final night was to be $345. When I went to book our flights I found that we could book the entire trip (room & flights) for about $2,100 through Expedia. I then cancelled our conference rate rooms since it was about the same our combined room/flights through Expedia. This was done 4 days before our check-in. One of my classmates said she booked directly her directly with the hotel & she got her room for $99/night M-TH & F-S at $220.
We found out at that time that they do not provide any type of transportation from or to the airport even though it is only about 3 miles from the airport. It cost us almost $14 before for our taxi to the hotel. At check-in they still showed my other reservation & said that I would be charged for it unless I had the cancellation number. I had to open my suitcase in their lobby to provide this information (I was most irritated because I had called the hotel directly to book & cancel).
At that time I was informed that my change in reservation no longer entitled me to free internet. If I wanted internet access it would be $13.95/day - who does not offer free internet or at least a room with internet for guests to use while staying at their hotel? - Must be a Hilton Hotel!!! I was also informed by a classmate that their internet access is very spotty & will disconnect while in use.
We had looked into renting a car for our 9 day stay & we were told that they charge $21/day for parking - $30/valet parking. It would have cost us more to park the car for the week as it would have cost us to rent the car.
They do not offer a complimentary breakfast or even a reduced cost at any of the on premises restaurants. You even have to exit the hotel to enter at least 2 of the on-site restaurant. The breakfast buffet in their inside restaurant was $25/person.
After our first night we returned to our room the next afternoon to find that our towels had been replaced however no dirty towels or washclothes or dirty glasses had been taken. When I called the front desk their response was that if they were not on the floor the housemaids would assume that we were going to re-use them so they would not remove them. Really, at a place you are paying so much per night you would think that you could count on them just automatically removing obviously used items.
Our second night about 11:00pm someone on our floor starting playing musice so load that you could hear it above the TV. I was trying to get to sleep for my 8:00am meeting. After about 15 minutes, I called the front desk & complained. They said they would send security right up. 20 minutes later it was still going strong. I called the front desk & was given the same response - I did tell them that I had called previously. Another 20 minutes passed with no change. I called the front desk again & told them that I wanted something done now because had an early meeting. Again I informed them of my previous calls. I told her if they could not stop the noise I wanted another room. "Jaime" apologized again & said they would get right on it after I asked her name. About 10 minutes later the music finally stopped. About 2 hours it started again however it was not as loud.

If you are looking for value and great service(s) in San Diego - don't book in at the Hilton Bayfront. They charge too much and provide too little in return...

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User Replies:
goduke on 09/28/2009:
Hilton is not an inexpensive hotel. They don't advertise themselves as an inexpensive hotel, so one shouldn't really expect it. As for your classmates rate, many large companies have deals with Hilton so that their employees stay at Hilton properties while travelling, and the give the company lower rates. It happens with all major chains.

Due to the high prevalance of things like super shuttles, etc., many properties no longer have airport shuttles. Most large chain hotels I've stayed at charge for internet access. They don't advertise having free access, though.

Big city? You're going to pay for parking as its a premium, especially near the bay in San Diego.

Perhaps next time you should head for a Holiday Inn or La Quinta level property. They're probably going to give you what you're looking for.
Ben There on 09/28/2009:
Most of the more expensive higher-end hotels do not offer free parking, internet or breakfast... I think you will find that almost all the hotels in San Diego of the same caliber charge for these things.

As for the towels, almost every hotel I have been to in the past 10 years has a card saying that if you leave a towel hanging that means you want to use it again. I have noticed that cities with very little rain like San Diego, Phoenix and Austin really enforce this.

I suggest that next time you need a hotel you shop around and think about about a nice 2 star like Holiday Inn Express or Hampton Inn cause they normally offer most of the things you want for free.
jktshff1 on 09/28/2009:
on the money BT..the lower the hotel price, the more competition and more amenities.
Crown Jules on 09/28/2009:
The towel thing is typically an environmental issue. Hotels and motels are trying to save water by not washing hundreds of towels unnecessarily. Do you use a towel at home once and then immediately put it in with the dirty laundry?
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Reservations are Useless!
Posted by on
LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- I recently stayed at the Hilton Hotel in Little Rock, AR while I was on my honeymoon. I maid a reservation 2 days before my stay. I had reserved a balcony room that was a smoking room. I had been informed the room would come with double queen beds and a refrigerator. When I arrived to claim my room I was not greeted with a smile or a professional attitude. I wasn't given and explanation before a lady handed me a room key and told me the way to my room that was on the main floor. I inquired about my balcony and then was told that the 3rd floor was closed off for the day. I made sure that my rate had been lowered to the rate of a room without a balcony and was satisfied enough to just take the room that I was assigned. The room was nice even though my balcony view had been traded for a beautiful view of the inclined parking lot. I began to look around and then noticed that the beds were only full size and our room was no smoking. Not to mention, there was no fridge. I went to the front desk to try to resolve the situation. This time, I was greeted with a smile by a different lady, but she had no clue that the 3rd floor was closed. After she made a view calls, she found that the floor had been closed and no one had a chance to inform her at that time. I asked her if there was a smoking room available and she explained that the only smoking rooms were on the 3rd floor. I explain to her that I had purposely made a reservation in order to find a room with everything that would make my stay more comfortable and by not being able to stay in the that room had costs me everything that I had reserved the room for. She very kindly made the room a smoking room for the night to accommodate me.
So basically I took time while planning my honeymoon to find a room that was everything that I wanted us to stay in and didn't get any of it, but got plenty rude service.
The reservation is not the only complaint I have on this hotel. The bartender was very unprofessoinal. My husband and I ordered a drink each. He asked for a tip before we could give him one. He suggested drink and then couldn't remember how to make them. He didn't know what time the pool closed. He was very rude and unknowledgeable about his place of business.
None of these complaints harmed anyone and they weren't unbareable, but when you go through the trouble of making reservations then you're doing it so you'll get what you want and when a company is unable to give you what you reserved, I feel you should be upgraded to something better and be given the rate for the one you weren't about to get, if possible. especially for a honeymoon reservation. The lady that took my reservation call was informed that honeymooners would be staying that hotel and the hotel would be told we were coming. While I was on my honeymoon, I didn't want any special treatment, but I also didn't want any problems with the plans that I had made prior to the event. I have several bad memories of my hotel experience at the Hilton that unfortunately determine the outcome of what I will remember about my honeymoon. Honestly, If I had known that I was going to have to settle for a standard double bed room, then there were plenty other hotels that I could have stayed at for a lower rate and closer to the activities we had planned for our visit to little rock, but because I was on my honeymoon and everything had been planned previously, I took the room to avoid wasting time that I needed to spend with my new husband.
When I went to check out, I was not able to pay with the method of my choice which was my last inconvenience druing my stay. I will never stay at that Hilton again. The Hilton was my top choice of hotel during my honeymoon as long as it was in our budget and close enough to where we needed to be. staying in the Hilton's Tupelo, MS location was our first plan, but when that changed, I purposely looked for a hilton in Little Rock first to see if reservations were available. The Hilton in Little Rock let me down. I would not recommend it to anyone.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 07/20/2009:
Why a honeymoon in Little Rock???
spiderman2 on 07/20/2009:
You say the service was rude, but the second lady you talked to said you smoke in your room. How is that rude? The third floor was closed. I doubt they closed it just to hack you off. There must have been some major problem for an entire floor of a hotel to be closed. How did you want to pay that they wouldn't allow you? It would be helpful to know what the method of your choice was? Was it a credit card, wampum or check? You contradict yourself saying you didn't want special treatment because it was your honeymoon, but mentioned it when you booked the room. Why mention this if you aren't looking for something. A piece of advice for married life....embrace what really truly matters, you got married to a man you love. Whether the room was exactly the one your wanted, you are still married. Focus on the time you got to spend together and remember that, not that your room didn't have a balcony. This will hold true throughout your marriage and will help you andy our husband live a much happier life.
yoke on 07/20/2009:
How much time could it have taken to go online and book a smoking room with a balcony. Things happen and you don't always get what you want. It sounds like they were very accommodating to you and nothing they did was going to be good enough for you.
How did you want to pay for your room that they did not accept. The only way of payment that hotels do not take the day of check out are checks, but hotels do take checks if you mail them in when you make the reservation and send the check in plenty of time for it to clear as I have done that many times.
Crown Jules on 07/20/2009:
Personally, as a non-smoker, if I'd been given a non-smoking room that somebody had been allowed to smoke in a few days earlier, I would have been ticked off. You may have appreciated the employee doing that but I'll bet the next person to stay in that room wouldn't feel the same.
jktshff1 on 07/20/2009:
Crown, yea just watch for the next complaint about a non smoking room smelling like smoke from Little Rock!! LOL
yoke on 07/20/2009:
When we were on vacation last year the room we were supposed to have gotten had to be taken out of service because the people before us smoked in the room and it was a non smoking room. They put us in another room. During our stay we would have to walk past the room we should have had and that room had to be totally emptied out and cleaned. New mattress, drapes, bedding, carpets had to be cleaned, etc. It took the entire time we were there for them to get the room clean. I asked one of the workers why they had to do all of that and they explained because some guests are alergic to smoke and it could be life threatening and therefore they clean all non smoking rooms from top to bottom. I would be mad if I got a room that was supposed to be non smoking and smelt stale smoke in it.
jktshff1 on 07/20/2009:
Well heck yoke, with service like that, you should write a complimentary review!!
yoke on 07/20/2009:
I did, it was the Shades of Green review I wrote in Feb 2008.
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Bait & Switch
Posted by on
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- As a new "Hilton Honors" program member I was cold-called about a "getaway package for two" for three days and two nights in a big city. Included in the package was the promise of $100 in "Hilton Dollars" that I could use for any product or service at the hotel and two packages of coupons (each worth $75) that could be used for museums, concerts, plays, etc. in the city. The net price taking into account the value of the "gifts," while not too good to be true, seemed like a great deal. All I had to do was take a tour of a mock-up of Hilton's newest time share unit. Upon completion of the tour I would get my gifts. That was fine with me. The tour was at the hotel I would be at. Fine with me. The only restriction was that the package could not be used for a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. That was fine with me, too. I like to vacation in the middle of the week anyway. I was told that I could schedule the tour at my convenience and they would be happy to work around my schedule. But as I spoke to people at Hilton several times as I tried to book the visit more restrictions emerged.

Ultimately the restrictions included I could only use the coupons and Hilton Dollars while I was a registered guest at the hotel, I could not take the tour the day I checked in, and for many months during the year (including the time I wanted to go) there were no tours on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Huh?

Think about it. I couldn't arrive for Sunday-Monday-Tuesday because I would never be able to take the tour and get my gifts. Ditto for Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday. Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday was theoretically possible but I'd have to use all the gifts on Thursday after the tour but before checkout. Wednesday-Thursday-Friday was out because the package was not good on a Thursday Night. Similarly, Friday-Saturday-Sunday and Saturday-Sunday-Monday were out. Sunday-Monday-Tuesday? Nope, see above.

So it went from they will work around my schedule (with just the Thursday-Friday-Saturday restriction) to only one possible option: Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday trying to cram in the use of all the "free gifts" Thursday after the tour and before checkout.

By this time I was so annoyed I didn't want anything to do with Hilton. The person I was dealing with was so perky and cheery and seemed to have no comprehension of the problem that I wanted to scream! But they had already billed my credit card and there were no refunds. But when I told them that I was going to contest the charge with my credit card company and write to the Hilton "Complaint Departments" in Memphis and Beverly Hills with a cc to the Attorneys General and Better Business Bureaus in the state I lived and the state the hotel was in they said they would cancel the package and reverse the charges. It remains to be seen if that will happen.

How they can do stuff like this and not see what bad business it is is totally beyond my comprehension. Are they that dense? And even if I had taken the Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday option (and managed to use all the gifts before checkout on Thursday) there wasn't a snowball's chance in Hades that I would have bought a timeshare from them after this bait-and-switch. Hilton is forever off my list!
Resolution Update 02/23/2009:
The charges on my credit card were reversed.
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Lack Of Safety For Young Women And Children At The Dulles Hilton
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WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- I wrote 3 e-mails to the Hilton Hotel Corp. with no response to my complaints or concerns. I feel others traveling to DC should be aware of what could happen if you are not watching your back.

Below is one of the e-mails sent to a director of the Hilton Corp. with no response.

Hello Ms. S

I have some disturbing news from my daughter who are staying at the Dulles Hilton until Sunday 8/10/08. I am 3000 miles away and can't protect my kids myself and right now I want to jump on a plane just to make sure the rest of their trip is safe. I can't because I spent all my money on their trip. I don't like the responses I have gotten from your Guest Services as well as the Front Desk Manager. I have yet to hear from the General Manager. I was so glad the girls would be staying at a Hilton I thought it would be safe. Right now I don't feel that way.

1. Someone opened their room door (246) at 6am (bolt was on) couple of days ago. (Not reported right when it happened)

2. Last night someone opened their room door at 11pm (bolt on) Reported as soon as it happened, told about #1 at this time.

3. They got up at 5am this morning and all the gas was taken from their rental car, which was damaged in the process. I informed the Security this morning about the car/gas the girls where leaving at 5am to catch a train to NY for the day. They had to rush to get gas again so they could get to the train station.

Security said they wear checking on these things, but I am one really angry mama bear. I was told by the Desk Manager this morning J. Moran that I could always move my children to another hotel. Wrong answer. That is just the type of Customer Service I DID NOT EXPECT OR DESERVE. I understand the employees are working on the issue but the excuses they are coming back with are not acceptable. Security said it was housekeeping at 6am girls where a sleep when it happened. Housekeeping #2 looking for a fridge. Any employee of a hotel is supposed to knock and announce themselves, that did not happen either time.

Car/Gas no response from Security. I spoke with them at 7am Pacific time Car parked in garage but no camera in that area. Jessica/Whitney will file a police report Saturday 8/9/08.

Jessica is 20, Whitney is 21 and Thai is 12. I took precautions to make sure the girls stayed at the same hotel during Thai's Jr. Leadership Conference at the Dulles Hilton.

General Information:
Reservation under Jessica I.C. and Whitney D
additional guest as of 8/7 Thai I.C.
Check-In/Out August 2nd through August 10th, 2008

Room # 246 (Hilton Dulles)
Room being paid by: Nadine I.

I have told the girls that when they return tonight to DC they are to have Security walk them to their room and check the room before they enter it. I will call the police if one more thing happens that disturbs the Girls. I have no other recourse.

Any questions you can call Nadine, Jessica or Whitney.

Nadine I

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User Replies:
amarys05 on 09/09/2008:
Most hotels DO have signs that say the hotel isn't responsible for damage done to cars
Anonymous on 09/09/2008:
I don't think the OP was specifically complaining about the damage to the car. I think it was a cumulative problem and the car was one of many incidents the young ladies had to deal with.

I know that suggesting a move to another hotel was not something the manager should have presented and he should be reprimanded. On the other hand, it was a good idea. It is clear that the girls no longer feel safe and as such I would move them or have them come home.
Anonymous on 09/09/2008:
Hard to believe Hilton Corporate did not want to listen to this problem. They could have had some serious liability issues on their hands. I think I would send a certified letter at this point and let the CEO's office know the hotel blew you off as well as the customer relations person at corporate.

Best of luck to you and glad to hear nothing worse than the gas theft happened to the girls.
Principissa on 09/09/2008:
One would think that a random person breaking into a guests room in the middle of the night would warrant them taking the matter seriously. Especially when it is two young women traveling alone. I agree with super. Definitely write a letter to Hilton corporate and let them know how you and your daughters were treated. I'm glad that nothing more serious than gas theft happened to them.
Anonymous on 09/09/2008:
The ultimate responsibililty for one's safety resides with oneself. If the hotel was unresponsive to any security issues, I would check out immediately. Even if it costs a the price of another room, that price will seem small if they elected to stay, and were injured or worse because the property was unsafe.
BobJohn on 09/10/2008:
Do not waste your time sending emails, they are seldom read and easily discard. Send a registered letter to headquarters so you know they got it and maybe you'll at least get an apology. Basically, IMHO, emails are worthless when trying to resolve or report a problem.
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Family of four kicked out of hotel
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Hello, my name is Genia Cole. I have four children, 2,6, 8, and 12. We always stay in Hilton hotels because we use their rewards program. We always rent two joining rooms. We usually stay at Hampton inns. We went to stay at a Hampton Inn in Cleveland, MS for my cousins wedding. We went to the wedding and came back to the hotel at 8:45 with some Burger King for supper. My kids ate, got their PJ's on and were lying on the bed watching Nick at Night. My 12 yr old and my husband got a cart and loaded our luggage onto it and took it down to the car, we were leaving at 6am in the morning and didn't want to disturb people that early. They get back and then go to get some bottled water, ice in the ice bucket and some snacks out of the vending machine. We are lying in the bed, PJ's on and at 10pm there is a knock on the door. 3 policeman are standing there. I am shocked to see them, they are shocked to see me. They say there had been a noise complaint about our room..... I told him there must be a mistake. He said, yes, it might be, just call the manager and he was sure that we could straighten it out. I call, the clerk says the manager wants us to leave, there had been a complaint that our door was being opened and shut and they had tried to call but our phone was disconnected (the two yr old, I do that to keep him from calling everyone in the hotel), they then say they called the other room and told that person there had been a complaint of people going in and out of doors. My father in law, said they called at 9:20 (they were resting) and all she said was that there had been a complaint of people going in and out of doors, he told her that that they just got in and got settled and it wasn't an issue anymore. They never bothered to come and check, didn't bother to let us know, NOTHING.

The manager of the hotel is talking to the clerk on the phone and refuses to speak to my husband or myself and tells the police to escort us from the hotel.

We are 2 and half hours away from the next nearest hotel, it is now 10:30 at night, it is 20 degrees with a north wind blowing so hard it is rocking the van. We have to load our kids in the car in their PJ's in a state of shock. My 6 and 8 yr old are crying because they knew they had been quiet and good all night. They do not even want to st ay at another hotel again. My husband and I are both in shock. I finally break down over the telephone while talking to a hilton rep. It was all out a horrific experience for us.

I am told by hilton that the general manager of the hotel will call me to take care of the situation. Well, to this day I still have not gotten an apology from the manager. I still have not spoken to a manager. A clerk called and told me they would refund my rooms (I paid for two) and that the manager said to offer his apology. I asked to speak to the manager, can't. I call Hilton back, they offer me two nights somewhere else, that is fine, but I still want something done.

Long story short, nothing has been done, they gave me two free nights, my husband (business travel) and my family spends close to 6000.00 a year at Hilton Hotels, and expect me to let it rest. The hotel to this day has only refunded one of my rooms, Hilton has been "trying to reach the manager" for some time now and hasn't been able to. I want them to do something to make sure that this doesn't happen to another family.

This really tramatized my family. There was times in college, I probably deserved to get kicked out of a hotel, but didn't. Now I am an upper middle class family with four well behaved children and I get kicked out of a hotel because we were going in and out of our room, BEFORE 10PM AT NIGHT.

One last thing, I asked the clerk right before we left, "so I could call and say room 312 is making too much noise, wait and call back 15 minutes later with the same complaint, and you are going to have them police escorted out of your hotel without ever verifying if it is a legitimate complaint, HE SAID YES!!!!!" I thought my husband was going to explode. The policeman were even apologetic about the situation, they knew there had been a mistake!

I just want people to know about Hilton's customer service. I will never stay in another hilton again. They think throwing what amounts to one free night for us (we always rent two rooms a night) should make this all go away. I do not care about the free nights, they could throw a week at disney in and it wouldn't make us for the trauma it cause my children and my family. I want to know that some kind of disipline action was taken. They can't do that.

IT IS A JOKE. We will be staying at Marriott's from now on.

Thank you for listening.

Brian and Genia Cole
Houston, TX
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User Replies:
tander on 02/08/2005:
Sorry this happened to you, tell your kids, it'll be better next time, and that shouldn't of happened
DCGirl on 02/16/2005:
According to your post on PlanetFeedback, you and the kids were in and out of the rooms something like ten times in the space of 45 minutes. That is a lot of coming and going and a lot of noise in a short period of time, and if I had the room next to you I would likely have called the front desk too. In view of the fact that one of your rooms ignored a call from the front desk and the phone in your other room was off the hook, you left the front desk clerk no choice but to call the police. Most hotels do not allow desk clerks to 1) leave the desk and 2) confront disruptive guests. The two free nights you got was plenty of compensation.
rico on 03/20/2005:
I have stayed at the hilton in columbus and I don't think they are all that either.I think mr. hilton is too concerned about what his wild daughtes are doing rather than his geusts. LOL
keyjockey on 09/22/2005:
The free nights seem reasonable and fair to me then again I don't have the luxury to afford $6,000 in hotel stays a year.
bewareof hilton on 06/10/2006:
I was escorted out of a Hampton Inn because I had a service animal. The Middle Eastern Manager obviously didn't know what the Americans with Diabilities Act was and had no interest in my explaining it. He kept repeating "no pets" allowed. He said my dog didn't look like a service animal. When I stood my ground he called the cops and had me thrown out. I was a Hilton Diamond VIP member but no more. This manager should be working in a third world country hotel.
chloedew on 09/18/2006:
Isn't it ironic that you were trying to be courteous and not disturb the other guests since you had an early check-out? The moral of this story, it appears, is to screw trying to be the nice guy: if you have an early check out, pack up in the morning. If you're noisy doing so, what's Hilton going to do? Kick you out? Doesn't matter since you're checking out anyway!
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