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Bait & Switch
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- As a new "Hilton Honors" program member I was cold-called about a "getaway package for two" for three days and two nights in a big city. Included in the package was the promise of $100 in "Hilton Dollars" that I could use for any product or service at the hotel and two packages of coupons (each worth $75) that could be used for museums, concerts, plays, etc. In the city. The net price taking into account the value of the "gifts," while not too good to be true, seemed like a great deal.

All I had to do was take a tour of a mock-up of Hilton's newest time share unit. Upon completion of the tour I would get my gifts. That was fine with me. The tour was at the hotel I would be at. Fine with me. The only restriction was that the package could not be used for a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. That was fine with me, too. I like to vacation in the middle of the week anyway. I was told that I could schedule the tour at my convenience and they would be happy to work around my schedule. But as I spoke to people at Hilton several times as I tried to book the visit more restrictions emerged.

Ultimately the restrictions included I could only use the coupons and Hilton Dollars while I was a registered guest at the hotel, I could not take the tour the day I checked in, and for many months during the year (including the time I wanted to go) there were no tours on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Huh?

Think about it. I couldn't arrive for Sunday-Monday-Tuesday because I would never be able to take the tour and get my gifts. Ditto for Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday. Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday was theoretically possible but I'd have to use all the gifts on Thursday after the tour but before checkout. Wednesday-Thursday-Friday was out because the package was not good on a Thursday Night. Similarly, Friday-Saturday-Sunday and Saturday-Sunday-Monday were out. Sunday-Monday-Tuesday? Nope, see above.

So it went from they will work around my schedule (with just the Thursday-Friday-Saturday restriction) to only one possible option: Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday trying to cram in the use of all the "free gifts" Thursday after the tour and before checkout.

By this time I was so annoyed I didn't want anything to do with Hilton. The person I was dealing with was so perky and cheery and seemed to have no comprehension of the problem that I wanted to scream! But they had already billed my credit card and there were no refunds. But when I told them that I was going to contest the charge with my credit card company and write to the Hilton "Complaint Departments" in Memphis and Beverly Hills with a cc to the Attorneys General and Better Business Bureaus in the state I lived and the state the hotel was in they said they would cancel the package and reverse the charges. It remains to be seen if that will happen.

How they can do stuff like this and not see what bad business it is, is totally beyond my comprehension. Are they that dense? And even if I had taken the Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday option (and managed to use all the gifts before checkout on Thursday) there wasn't a snowball's chance in Hades that I would have bought a timeshare from them after this bait-and-switch. Hilton is forever off my list!

Resolution Update 02/23/2009:

The charges on my credit card were reversed.

Poor Customer Service At Hilton Dulles
By -

HERNDON, VIRGINIA -- I found this site while doing a Google search for contact information for Hilton Corporate. I decided to post this because of another posting about Hilton Dulles. I have worked in the service industry all my life and have never held a position I would have kept if I mistreated people. The Hilton chain prides itself on meeting the needs of their guests, so I don't think it's unreasonable to expect good service from their chain, no matter what the circumstances. In this case the guests had already been put through the wringer before they arrived, so I feel it is unacceptable and worthy of bringing to their attention and that of people who are choosing accommodations.

My husband is Active Duty Army and recently deployed to Iraq, but was sent back to California for a week due to a death in his family. When I found out he had an overnight layover just a couple hours away I immediately went to work researching hotels so we could make the most of our evening together. I spent several hours on the internet looking for just the right accommodations. I considered booking the Hyatt, but ended up going with the Hilton because we have stayed at other Hiltons several times and have had pleasant experiences.

I didn't skimp on expense and went with an upgraded room. I checked in before picking up my husband to set out roses, candles, champagne and chocolates; and requested champagne flutes, red wine glasses, and robes be brought to our room. They arrived promptly, and the gentleman who delivered them was very friendly, as were the gentlemen at reception. The next day we enjoyed the pool and ordered room service. Again, the service was good, and the food was satisfactory.

My husband explained to the lady who was working at reception that he had a late flight and she was kind enough to say we could stay in the room until 5 pm with no extra charge. Unfortunately our keys stopped working at 2 pm, so we made some purchases at the gift shop and then checked out and headed to the mall. We went back to the airport and I said a tearful goodbye to my husband as he boarded his flight to Kuwait. I was already approaching Richmond when my husband called to tell me there had been a mechanical problem and his flight had been rescheduled for the next evening.

Exhausted but excited to have one more night with him, I headed back to Washington DC and picked him up again at around midnight. I was delighted when he told me the airline had given him a voucher to stay at the Hilton. I waited in the car while he checked in. When he returned to the car he looked displeased and I asked him what was wrong.

He told me he had requested the same room we had stayed in the night before (since the maid had finished with our floor before we checked out and they may not have cleaned it for new guests anyway) but the lady at reception had very coldly told him she had already done him a favor and she didn't grant two favors a day. This was after saying “not with this voucher, you can't”. I asked him why he didn't offer to pay the difference and he said he was so shocked at how she had just treated him and was so tired he wanted to get away from her and get to bed. He also said it was the Hilton and he was sure the accommodations would be fine.

We arrived at the room and upon entering looked at each other in bewilderment. The room looked more like one you would find at a Motel 6, certainly not the Hilton. It was generally shabby in appearance, complete with metallic beer bottle opener on the unfinished bathroom counter. The room was not clean. The glasses had obviously not been washed, only wiped - leaving a greasy film on the inside of them. The bathroom was also dirty, with a previous guest's facial hair on the vanity and inside the sink.

I asked my husband if he would like me to go book us an upgraded room and he responded that if this was how he was going to be treated he wasn't interested in supplying the Hilton with further revenue. The poor service did continue the next day when he ordered breakfast and the server said she needed to explain to him how the meal voucher worked. She went on to explain that the voucher did not cover the service charge, tax, or gratuity; which I found insulting because of the way she said it. It seemed to us that because he had an unfortunate occurrence with the flight the hotel staff assumed we did not have any money and therefore did not deserve good service.

My husband took a sizable cut in pay to enlist - but we do have the financial ability to get by just fine based on prior good decisions and hard work. The other passengers on that flight were made up of a majority of private contractors who make very good money while building the infrastructure of a country whose people are not as fortunate as those of us who were born in this great nation. For the staff at Hilton to assume these people do not have the financial standing to expect good accommodations and service is a miscalculation; not only from a customer service aspect, but from a general business aspect.

I don't believe the Hilton won over any returning customers that evening. I say this with the understanding that many other passengers from that flight felt insulted by the treatment they received as well (they even decided when these guests arrived on a shuttle to stop serving hard liquor at the lounge early, leaving a bunch of male contractors to try to decide what kind of wine to drink).

People were talking, and they weren't saying good things. My husband pointed out that the hotel parking lot was empty that night and it would have been easy enough for the employees to book us into rooms that would have met the expectations of the Hilton clientele. Not suites, just reasonable accommodations. On top of sub-standard rooms they decide to be rude and condescending?

The income of their guests should be irrelevant anyway. Lots of couples save their pennies so they can splurge on a nice hotel for a special occasion. The agreement Hilton has with United Airlines should be used as an opportunity to boost the reputation of their hotels and encourage repeat business. While I have had pleasant stays at other locations, I will certainly not be returning to Hilton Dulles.

Lack Of Safety For Young Women And Children At The Dulles Hilton
By -

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- I wrote 3 e-mails to the Hilton Hotel Corp. with no response to my complaints or concerns. I feel others traveling to DC should be aware of what could happen if you are not watching your back. Below is one of the e-mails sent to a director of the Hilton Corp. with no response.

I have some disturbing news from my daughter who are staying at the Dulles Hilton until Sunday 8/10/08. I am 3000 miles away and can't protect my kids myself and right now I want to jump on a plane just to make sure the rest of their trip is safe. I can't because I spent all my money on their trip. I don't like the responses I have gotten from your Guest Services as well as the Front Desk Manager. I have yet to hear from the General Manager. I was so glad the girls would be staying at a Hilton, I thought it would be safe. Right now I don't feel that way.

Someone opened their room door (246) at 6 am (bolt was on) couple of days ago. (Not reported right when it happened.) Last night someone opened their room door at 11 pm (bolt on). Reported as soon as it happened, told about #1 at this time. They got up at 5 am this morning and all the gas was taken from their rental car, which was damaged in the process. I informed the Security this morning about the car/gas the girls where leaving at 5 am to catch a train to NY for the day. They had to rush to get gas again so they could get to the train station.

Security said they were checking on these things, but I am one really angry mama bear. I was told by the Desk Manager this morning, J. ** that I could always move my children to another hotel. Wrong answer. That is just the type of customer service I DID NOT EXPECT OR DESERVE. I understand the employees are working on the issue but the excuses they are coming back with are not acceptable. Security said it was housekeeping at 6 am, girls were a sleep when it happened. Housekeeping #2 looking for a fridge. Any employee of a hotel is supposed to knock and announce themselves, that did not happen either time.

Car/gas no response from Security. I spoke with them at 7 am Pacific time. Car parked in garage but no camera in that area. Jessica/Whitney will file a police report Saturday 8/9/08. Jessica is 20, Whitney is 21 and Thai is 12. I took precautions to make sure the girls stayed at the same hotel during Thai's Jr. Leadership Conference at the Dulles Hilton. General Information: Reservation under Jessica ** and Whitney ** Additional guest as of 8/7: Thai **. Check-In/Out: August 2nd through August 10th, 2008. Room # ** (Hilton Dulles). Room being paid by: Nadine **.

I have told the girls that when they return tonight to DC they are to have Security walk them to their room and check the room before they enter it. I will call the police if one more thing happens that disturbs the girls. I have no other recourse. Any questions you can call Nadine, Jessica or Whitney.

Customer Service Fiasco Rant
By -

My fiance and I booked a block of rooms for our wedding at the Homewood Suites because the location is perfect for our reception. Booking the hotel was quite easy, however things quickly took a downward turn. According to the assistant manager **, the contract that we signed stated that the booking required a block of 15 rooms, and 60% of them were mandatory. We felt that we had been told the booking was for 10 rooms. Unfortunately wedding planning can involve a ton of decision making and stress, so it's hard to say for sure at this point if we were told 10 rooms or 15... but no matter.

We never received a copy of the contract so I can't read it to be sure what the wording is anyway. It was evident a month or so prior to the wedding that we were not going to be able to fill the required space so we began calling to speak with **, who had put our reservation together. She did not call us back. We tried for literally weeks to get her on the phone, but she continued to ignore us.

When the wedding was 10 days away I was finally able to get ** on the phone by acting really friendly with the girl at the front desk, at which point ** told me that there was nothing I could do to change things because it was so close to the wedding. When I asked her why she didn't call us back, she lied and said that she did, and had spoken to my fiancé. She then told me several times in a robot voice implying a scripted response and a well-rehearsed emotional detachment, that if I had the names of additional people who would be staying that she could take their reservations.

I didn't really know what to do at that point because I honestly wasn't sure where the miscommunication was coming from, so I told her my fiancé would call her shortly. I wished her luck with that, and she laughed and said, "Thanks". After hearing her peculiar laugh, I had the thought that she knew something I didn't. In retrospect I think what she knew was that she would be somewhere else for the next couple hours to avoid some phone calls.

Once again, when we called her back a little while later she didn't answer her phone. We left a message, and then called back and asked for the assistant manager **, who also did not answer his phone. After an hour of not receiving a call back, I called back and was transferred to the manager, who also did not answer. I decided at that point that I needed to be a little bit firm in my request to speak to a live person.

I called back for the 6th or so time, and I demanded to speak to a manager, telling them an answering machine was simply not good enough this time. I was finally transferred back to the assistant manager **, who was in his office. I asked ** about the contract, which he said was for 15 rooms. I then asked him why we did not receive calls back earlier, as ** had stated that if we had been able to speak to someone, the block could have been lifted. He told me that their employees are very busy with giving tours (which of course nobody was available to give us when we stopped in originally), and do not sit in their offices all day answering phone calls.

At this point I became rather upset. He then explained to me that he was a new assistant manager, and that he wasn't working there when we signed the contract so he had no responsibility in the matter. I told him that just because he wasn't working there when we signed the contract didn't mean that it wasn't his job as assistant manager to help me. It felt at the time that he was enjoying our conversation, I kid you not.

He sounded content in the knowledge that a contract was a contract, that he didn't have to help us if he didn't want to, and I am entirely convinced that the worst thing about it from his perspective at that point was that I managed somehow to actually get him on the phone. I expressed these views rather sarcastically and he told me he was upset with my language, though I hadn't swore at him at all. I decided to call him on this, and tell him that he was being a jerk. I figured if he's going to criticize my language I might as well be earning it to some degree. He then told me that it was me that was being a jerk.

I don't think that's one of the three sentences he memorized in the customer service manual, but he was trying to think on the fly so you got to give him points for the effort. I figured that if ** is calling me a jerk, our conversation should probably end, so I then asked him if I should speak to his manager if, in fact, his manager had been there when the contract was signed. The idea of the situation getting ran further up the flagpole must have struck a chord, because he then told me that I might as well just cancel everything because it was obvious he wasn't going to be able to help me.

This was the first time anyone had suggested this was an even an option. I said fine, cancel everything... I was starting to get a whole new level of upset and felt the need to get off the phone quickly before I said something horrible. ** verbally agreed to delete our block of rooms, but also said he would delete the reservations of my guests that had booked there and now I must call them and inform them that their hotel reservations have been lost. When I cooled off and called back to check the names of the guests that I would have to do this for, I was informed that the reservations were still active. I guess ** must have taken off for the day before he had a chance to finish deleting my reservation.

Overall, I understand that a contract is a legal binding document and that by signing it we subjected ourselves to the mercy of the hotel in such a case. However, if you do book here for a wedding, do not expect for the staff to care about you. Do not expect the staff to return phone calls. Do not expect the staff to answer their phones if there is a dispute and they are expecting your call, or to call you back. Do not expect them to be pleased when you finally get them on the phone. Do not expect even the lowest common denominator of service from this group, because you will not receive it.

They do not care about customer service, they will ignore you and hope you go away, and if you finally act mad enough to the front desk to actually get someone on the phone... expect it to be somebody who is not only disinterested in helping you, but is annoyed that you demanded so strongly to speak to them that the front desk actually listened to you.

Expect that they will use any excuse they can to avoid responsibility for any problems that exist. Expect them to try to talk over you or through you, in the attempt to "solve" the problem by frustrating you to the point that you give up. All in all, booking these rooms was by far the worst experience I have ever had with any hotel in my entire life, and I've stayed in European hostels. The fact that I won't be staying there is the best thing I can say about it, because these people just simply don't care and at this point I'm pretty sure they'd try to screw me over somehow just for kicks.

If there was any way that the telling of my experience could influence people to choose a different hotel, I would do it... and it's a nice day and I could be at the pool instead. I like to have fun in my free time, but I'd waste an entire summer day of my life to spread the word about how ** and ** treated us 10 days before my wedding. It sucked that bad.

Treated like second class citizens
By -

WOODCLIFF LAKE, NEW JERSEY -- Update: The original complaint had fiance instead of husband in several statements which prevented people from thinking this review was legit, so I'm updating that. My husband and I chose the Woodcliff Lake Hilton over the Park Ridge Marriott as our hotel for the night of festivities of our wedding - BAD CHOICE. Along with our suite reservation, we had a total of about 15 other rooms booked with us. The Hilton does not appreciate any sort of business you bring into them.

Let me set the premise for you. It was the night of our wedding, everyone came back from the venue in high spirits. I just had the best night of my life and was looking forward to having an extended great time with my friends. We all gathered in my suite for a nightcap. As it happens, we got a little bit too loud so there was a complaint made to the front desk. This was OK, we gladly relocated to an outside designated area they had for guests to gather and have fun. Later on I retired to my room to head to bed since it had been a long day (husband dropped me off and went back to say goodnight to the remaining guests).

After I would say 10 minutes of sleeping I awoke to this witch of a security guard named **, I'll never forget her wrinkled, orange, old leathered face. She was screaming at me, telling me I'd better shut up or she was going to call the cops. I of course thought I was dreaming and found it hilarious since I was sleeping alone in the room. She didn't find it so funny and continued to scream and threaten me. At this point I called her out for being racist and demanded a manager there asap. I don't like to pull the race card ever, but we were a group of very diverse minorities in a very white neighborhood. All of the neighbors around us were white.

She automatically assumed that it was my room making the noise, even when my room was completely empty with me sleeping. Moving along, the manager got there. I asked her to enter my room to see how quiet it was. There was no one in there, I was lying on the bed. Did I have any objects making noise? I didn't even have a TV or radio on. The whole time the manager was defending the witch, saying a complaint came in so we have to respond. That's fine, everyone has a job to do but how can you come yelling and accusing me of something I'm not even doing? To this day I'm still puzzled.

So now here's the kicker. While I was talking to the manager in my room, the witch took it upon herself to open my room door, throw my friend's bag into the room (it was mistakenly left in the lobby), and then slam the door. This just seems wrong to me on so many levels. First off how can you just freeingly open the door whenever you choose? Isn't that a violation of privacy? Secondly she knew we were in the room, what is so hard about knocking. Thirdly, there were valuable items in that bag, don't forget we were just at a wedding. What if she broke something when she threw it into the room?

This was the only point in time where the manager began showing any apologetic behavior. After the witch threw the bag in my room, her and my husband happened to cross paths in the hallway. She said to him, in a very snide manner, "go take care of your wife." My husband brushed it off not aware of anything that was going on. He then returned to the room to find his new wife balling her eyes out with a manager who couldn't care less about what was going on.

Did I mention I was promised during this time that my room charge would be removed from my bill? What did I receive the next morning? A charge for my room, but of course. Upon checkout the next morning I with my sister in law proceeded to complain to the manager in charge. Once again I was greeted with a very demeaning attitude, as if I was the only one who was wrong. He said he knew everything that had happened, and there were noise complaints against us. Oh but to his surprise he had not been told the entire story.

Funny how people always leave out the important details isn't it? I then told him the entire story, especially about how the witch threw my bag in the room, and how she made a comment to my husband. At this point his attitude completely changed and he became apologetic. He said the witch would be taken off of the schedule (but for how long?). He also said they would be letting the sales manager know about my experience and would be in contact with me once they figured out a way to rectify the issue. Needless to say, days after the event I still have not heard one word from either the sales manager or anyone in the hotel.

Someone mentioned (in the comments) that security might have been called against the patrons that were in the outside area so security came directly to me to complain. The next day when I complained to the morning manager he clarified that the complaints were not actually of noise, but of the door jams opening and closing. I asked him to check the logs, I'm sure they have a record of each time a keycard is swiped in the door. My husband dropped me off in the room so I could go to sleep first, while he was saying goodnight to the lingering guests.

Our door was only opened one time. And on top of that, how can you blame the customer for something that is faulty in the building hardware? So long story short, if you want to be persecuted for something you are not guilty of, and if you want to be treated like a second class citizen, please stay at the Woodcliff Lake Hilton. They are stars at this!!

PS - I'm not even telling you about how their front desk made my husband 15 minutes late to our wedding because they couldn't handle the complicated check in/check out room transfer task.

Reservation Scam
By -

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and I made an on-line reservation for a one-night stay at the San Francisco Financial District Hilton Hotel a few weeks prior to our arrival. We arrived over an hour past the time check-in had begun but were told by front desk staff that our room wasn't ready because of several late check-outs. They assured us that we were not the only people being inconvenienced. They told us we could come back in a few hours or hang out in the lobby!

We demanded to be compensated with a meal or something else but they refused stating that was "illegal" for them to do. I demanded to know how long the wait would be. They didn't know. My husband informed them if he saw anyone else getting their room keys there would be problems. Sure enough after sitting in the lobby for about 15-20 minutes fuming with anger we saw several people getting their room keys.

I approached the front desk to speak with the clerk again. While I was waiting for her to complete her transaction with her customer, I overheard her tell him the same thing she told us -- his room wasn't ready; it would be about an hour wait. I asked her when my room was going to be ready and she said she didn't know.

I asked to speak with a manager. My husband asked why so many people had gotten a room key when there were supposedly no rooms available. The clerk said those people had checked in earlier and had just received their room keys after a long wait. My husband did not believe them and asked one of the hotel guests that had just received a key if he had checked in earlier and he stated "no, I just checked in"!

Meanwhile, I get on my cell phone to inform the person we'd be meeting later that I may have to cancel our night's plans since we were only going to be in the city one night and had no time to look for another room before attending our evening engagement. I made sure that I explained in detail to the person on the phone what the hotel staff were doing loudly enough that other people in the lobby could hear while my husband continued to stand at the front desk demanding we be let into our room.

We knew that we were being conned from the beginning but we didn't have any proof until we saw several other people getting their room keys. After about 10 minutes of complaining at the front desk another hotel clerk finally gave my husband a room key. I'd like to add a manager never materialized to talk with us, and we never received any compensation for the inconvenience.

My husband and I believe the management at this hotel encourages its staff to deceive selected guests and breach their confidence in order to further their profits (read: they're engaging in fraud). If the hotel doesn't have all of its rooms ready, hotel staff make their guests with reservations wait for their rooms for several hours while they try to sell the available rooms to last minute walk-ins or call-ins.

During this encounter, the hotel clerk was very polite and smiled a lot all the while lying to us! We've never had such a bad experience at a hotel and neither has anyone we talked to about it since the incident. We will never stay at another Hilton Hotel again.

Hell At The Hilton!
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- HELL AT THE HILTON! My recent stay at the Hilton Atlanta Airport at 1031 Virginia Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia was a NIGHTMARE! I am VERY disappointed with the quality of service that was received. This was my first (and LAST) time staying at the popular, lavish Hilton Hotel, or any Hilton Brand Hotel. Obviously, "Hilton" is just a name, and in no way represent the quality of service that a paying customer should receive! I'm sure that when Conrad Hilton founded this company in 1919, this is clearly not what he had in mind.

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?!?! My stay at the Hilton Atlanta Airport started on Thursday July 26th and ended Sunday July 29th. I made reservations for two rooms (Rooms 1328 & 1329). The telephone in room 1329 had a bad connection & a lot of static. Sometimes the telephone worked, & sometimes it didn't! In order to get a dial tone, I had to constantly click the receiver. The only time I used the telephone was to place an order for room service, but I could barely hear the person on the opposite end because of all of the static on the telephone line.

I called the front desk to let them know about the problem I was having with the telephone line, and the person at the front desk told me that the reason I was having so many problems with the telephone is because I "didn't have a credit card number on file". I went downstairs to speak to a manager and the manager told me that she would "contact a technician and they would be up in about an hour to fix the problem with the telephone".

Well, that was Saturday July 28th & today is Sunday July 29th and that hour has come and gone & a technician NEVER came to my hotel room to investigate the problem with my telephone. When I left, the telephone still didn't have a dial tone, and I had to click the receiver several times to get a dial tone. And there still was static on the telephone line.

YOU CALL THIS ROOM SERVICE!?!? I placed an order through room service for the "All American Breakfast" on Sunday morning & the young lady that took my order told me my order "will be delivered in 40 minutes or less". Not only was my order not delivered within that time span, I didn't receive all of my utensils to eat my breakfast with!

I received one fork and one knife. I had to stir my coffee with the fork, and my daughter and I had to share the same fork to eat our breakfast. My daughter ate first. I had to wait until my daughter finished eating to eat my breakfast. Of course my food was cold by then. I didn't have another 52 minutes to wait on room service to bring another fork.

HOUSEKEEPING. WHAT A JOKE! When I returned to one of my rooms (room 1329) on Saturday afternoon, housekeeping half cleaned my room. My room had two double beds and they only made up one bed. The other bed was not made up. WOW!

NON WORKING ELEVATORS. There was a power outage on Saturday morning and the outage lasted 45 minutes. Once the power was restored, three of the four elevators were not working. After a couple of minutes, all four of the elevators were back up & running. And then they stopped working, AGAIN! So, instead of waiting in the line (that started at the elevators & continued on until you reach the hotel ballroom) I used the stairs and climbed thirteen flights of stairs.

KEYS. PLEASE! My room key (key to room 1328) became deactivated, or didn't work, on Saturday. I called the front desk from my other room (1329) and let them know I needed another room key because my key was no longer working. I asked the young lady at the front desk to send security upstairs to unlock my door for me.(Security has this little hand held device that can open your door. All you have to do is show them your identification).

I told the clerk I had another key inside of my hotel room & I just needed to get in. I also told her that I had my identification on me to show security. The front desk clerk told me she "would not send security upstairs and I need to come downstairs to the front desk to obtain another key for my hotel room".

HILTON IS JUST A NAME! You will not believe how upset I am at my recent stay at the Hilton Atlanta Marriott in Atlanta, Georgia. I stayed 3 nights and four days and I was ready to leave! I paid $600.00 dollars for two hotel rooms & I felt like I threw money away. I would much rather stay at the Marriott or any Marriott Brand Hotel. The service & staff are of poor taste & need to be trained on customer service.

I will tell any and everybody who will listen about how the Hilton Hotel is just a name & how the staff treat the customers with no respect & no class! My experience at this hotel was a nightmare and I will not be visiting this hotel or any of their subsidiaries ever again.

Rude Staff, Poor Service, Dirty Room!
By -

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA -- I was a patron of the DoubleTree Crystal City in Arlington, VA, for a two night stay on March 16-18. I am writing to express my extreme displeasure with the service I received during the stay. On the day of March 16, a severe snowstorm hit the Northeast, and travel was very difficult. As my partner and I were driving to VA from RI, we were concerned that we would miss check-in and called the hotel at 8 pm to let them know of our anticipated late arrival.

The clerk that answered the phone was rude and short with me, though she assured me that there would not be a problem with my reservation (despite the fact that she never took my name and checked for a reservation). At 10:30 pm my partner called the hotel to advise that we were still progressing very slowly, and would not be arriving until well after the 1 am check-in cut off. Again, the person who answered the phone was very rude and short, yet still assured us that there would not be a problem with the reservation.

When we finally arrived at the hotel at 3:30 am on Saturday the 17th, the clerk at the front desk informed me that we no longer had a reservation, as the hotel had been “overbooked”. She was also extremely rude, saying things such as “I don't know why they told you it wouldn't be a problem, because it is” and causing us extreme distress, particularly after driving 14 hours through a snow storm. After much insistence, we were eventually provided a room.

The room we received was not a smoking room with a king sized bed, as we had reserved, but a non smoking room with 2 double beds instead. It had also clearly not been cleaned prior to our arrival, as there were empty beer bottles under the chairs, and hair in the sheets. We had also not been informed that the WI-FI access was not free, as had been intimated in our reservation, and neither was parking. The $36 charge for parking on top of your high room rate charge was exorbitant, to say the least.

On Saturday evening, at 10pm, my partner and I were in bed, and the phone rang. It was the front desk, insisting that I come downstairs and provide them with a charge card for “incidentals”, as the clerk that had checked us in the night before had forgotten to ask for it. When I explained that I had a migraine headache and was in bed, the desk clerk was unsympathetic and rude, and continued to insist that we come downstairs immediately. I explained that we had no incidental charges, as I had paid for my WI-FI access directly with my credit card, and had no intention of incurring any additional charges.

The clerk said that we needed the card on file for parking, and it could not wait until morning. When I asked why we hadn't been contacted until such a late hour, the clerk said she had “just noticed it”. When I requested that my partner be the one to bring down a credit card, she said it had to be me, with a photo ID. Because I was exhausted and feeling very ill, my partner took enough cash to cover the cost of parking and went down to speak to the concierge desk (where they were very helpful and understanding).

On Sunday morning, prior to check-out, we noticed that the maid had not replaced our coffee packet for the coffee maker. I called the front desk to ask that a replacement be sent up, and I was abruptly transferred to room service, where they would be happy to send a pot of coffee up to the room for $17. I hung up and again called the front desk, and was once again cut off in the middle of explaining what I needed, and abruptly transferred to room service once again. In frustration, we gave up and drove to Dunkin' Donuts.

I am HIGHLY unsatisfied with my stay in your hotel. I mentioned my concerns to your staff on several occasions, and found them to be hostile, rude, and unwilling to address my needs. As a frequent traveler, I have never found myself in such an unfriendly and unsympathetic atmosphere, and I will certainly never deign to stay in any of the Hilton Hotel Franchise locations again.

2+ Months and No Resolution to Customer Services Issue
By -

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I stayed at the Hilton Salt Lake City Center in December for 2 nights (12/14/2006) - overall the hotel is nice and a great location. However I had a rather disturbing experience in my room that resulted in the front desk manager offering me a free night stay. The down comforter is not fully encased in a duvet cover. They wrap it in 2 flat sheets and after a night of sleep I woke up to the down comforter unwrapped and looking at blood on the comforter - this was old blood from whom knows who.

I accepted the offer of the free night stay however I explained to the front desk manager that my reservation was made through my corporate travel agency so I would need a certificate mailed to my personal address. She had to confirm they would be able to issue me a "be my guest certificate" and this was done the next day. The hotel took my personal information and said I would receive it in about 3 weeks.

About 5 weeks went by, no certificate, I called the manager at the hotel, was told she was unavailable, then she came to the phone about 5 min later. She told me she didn't work in the same job but would look into the status of the certificate. 1/22 or 1/23 I left a VM for the original manager and her direct manager. I received one call back from the original manager saying she still didn't have a status. 1/25 I called and left another message, no return calls. 1/25 I sent an email to Customer Service through the corporate website.

On 2/1 I received a confirmation email that said to please give them 4 business days to contact the hotel regarding my complaint. I emailed back and said why did it take so long for them to get the complaint via email to begin with... no response. 2/8 I still have no response to my voice-mails, emails, etc so I call the corporate Guest Services and speak to a CSR. She reviews my file and says it looks like the issue is resolved.

The original managers manager had noted she had called and spoke to me and a Be My Guest Certificate was being issued. I was horrified at the lie and asked the CSR to look into the email delay, lack of follow-up and we also uncovered an incorrect mailing address. She said she needed to make sure she got the right mailing address to the accounting dept that issues the certification because based on the notes they were issuing it that day or the next.

2/20 no certification, no phone calls, no emails. I call and speak with another CSR who says the file indicates the certificate was mailed to me on 2/19 and I ask her to make sure my concerns regarding the lack of service levels are addressed and I would expect nothing less than a phone call from a supervisor and I would also appreciate a representative of management from the Salt Lake Hilton call me to apologize.

2/26 - no phone calls, no certification still nothing. So I call and speak to another CSR, who puts me on hold to review the history, says she will transfer me to her supervisor - I am transferred to voice-mail. The supervisors voice-mail indicates he is on vacation through 2/23 so I attempt to get back to a CSR but I'm caught in their phone system.

I call back, wait on hold, get another CSR who puts me on hold to review my history. She says the certificate was mailed to (says the mailing address) and of course it is the wrong address! She has my address on file but not in the correct field on her computer and an incorrect zip code. She then proceeds to tell me that they will issue a new certificate once the current certificate is mailed back to them! I am now so upset and at a loss with the Hilton I could scream. I tell her that is not acceptable - she says they can't issue another one without the current one returned and I tell her, "yes you can. I'm sure you can cancel the current one. Put a stop on it."

At this point I probably deserve at least 3 nights stay anyway. I ask to speak to a supervisor, not his voice-mail. She cannot guarantee that he will answer his phone. I say that is crazy that you can't get up to let a supervisor know you have a very angry customer on the phone. She says she is in a call center and just can't get up.

I tell her that it's 2007 and call centers all over the world have technology and ways of ensuring customer service is performed without continuing to create new customer service issues. However it appears that the Hilton is still operating in 1975. There are no SLAs, no QA, no commitment to customer service and obviously no one at the Hilton that cares if Customer Service is being performed to the customers satisfaction. I don't even know what to do at this point. I was transferred and of course received his voice-mail, left him one and told him if he returns my call - he'll be the first!

Hilton Is Now Starting to Use Your Money
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Rating: 2/51

ALL, TEXAS -- Hilton is now charging your room directly with a swipe charge. They are now charging your card directly with a $25 or $50 "credit check" charge instead of placing a hold on your charge. The charge doesn't come off your card for a week. So now they get to use this money free for a week, times all their bookings. Great scheme, so long Hilton, it was my last stay.

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