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Worst Hilton in The World
By -

SALALAH, OMAN, SOUTH CAROLINA -- This Hotel is by far the worst Hilton I have ever stayed in, and I have stayed in Hiltons all over the world! The staff is rude, curt, they do not listen to their guests, they do not follow up to resolved guest's issues, and one of them actually hung up the phone on me! I checked in on 8 Apr, 2010, and immediately went to work in Thumrait. Upon returning that my room at the hotel later that evening, I tried to connect to the internet - a seemingly simple undertaking. I could not connect, so I called the front desk. I was told to reboot and try it again, which I did to no avail.

I called back, and I was connected to the internet service provider who said it was not their problem and that I should contact the hotel IT staff. I called the front desk back again, and attempted to explain what I had found out, and was hung up on. I called back again, and the person at the front desk said his IT staff said they did not have a problem - it must be a problem with my computer. I told them that I was here on business and that it was absolutely critical that I be able to use the internet at all times!

I was told that the IT staff would be in the next morning, so they made an appointment for them to come to my room @ 11:00 AM. Needless to say, no one showed up. They also did not give me my 8:00 AM wake up call, so I missed the breakfast that is included with my room rate. I made at least 2 calls to the front desk each day, with no resolution, and the person on the phone had only one objective - to get me off the phone as soon as possible!

Finally, on 10 Apr, after being without the necessary service I required for 2 days, I got the front desk manager on the phone. He sent his IT person to my room. These are the same people who had previously told me that there must be a problem with my computer. I told him that I was getting dressed for work, but that they could come anyway, because I needed the situation resolved.

After working on it for 30 minutes, the IT person admitted there was no problem with my computer! I handed him by business card, which has my title - Network Architect, and explained to him that I was already well aware that my computer had no problem because I build networks for a living. I also told him that I tried to tell the previous people I had spoken with the same thing, but none of them were bothering to listen to me.

He finally went back and fixed his switch, which was the problem all along. I told the front desk manager that I wanted a refund for the first 2 days, because I had not had access to the necessary service to perform my work. I then went to work in Thumrait. When I returned, I had a bottle of wine in my room. Nice touch, too bad I don't drink alcohol. I also had a selection of fruit, also a nice touch. Unfortunately, none of it makes up for the fact that I have been denied the ability to perform my function simply because the night staff at this Hilton is totally unprofessional and rude!

I am still not satisfied. My company sends teams to this location on a regular and constant basis. My intentions are to inform my company of the service issue here so that future teams will be directed to another hotel that understands what customer service is. I also intend to lodge a complaint with as many different agencies as I can find, and to post my experience on the various internet web sites that do hotel reviews.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, on 9 Apr, 2010, while taking a shower, all the power went off in my room! Believe me when I tell you, it is quite dark with the curtains closed. I cut my finger trying to feel my way out of the shower in the dark. Fortunately, I did not slip and fall, because I perhaps could have injured myself quite badly! When I got dressed and went outside, the housekeeping person told me that it wasn't just my room, but the whole hotel!

Poor Quality Services for Hilton Hotel Chain
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- My husband & I were traveling to San Diego for my work training conference.

EXCESSIVE ROOM RATES. My conference at the Hilton Bayfront hotel offered a reduced room rate which I initially booked for $220/day for 8 days & our final night was to be $345. When I went to book our flights I found that we could book the entire trip (room & flights) for about $2,100 through Expedia. I then cancelled our conference rate rooms since it was about the same our combined room/flights through Expedia. This was done 4 days before our check-in. One of my classmates said she booked directly her directly with the hotel & she got her room for $99/night M-TH & F-S at $220.

LACK OF AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION. We found out at that time that they do not provide any type of transportation from or to the airport even though it is only about 3 miles from the airport. It cost us almost $14 before for our taxi to the hotel. At check-in they still showed my other reservation & said that I would be charged for it unless I had the cancellation number. I had to open my suitcase in their lobby to provide this information (I was most irritated because I had called the hotel directly to book & cancel).

INTERNET ACCESS. At that time I was informed that my change in reservation no longer entitled me to free internet. If I wanted internet access it would be $13.95/day - who does not offer free internet or at least a room with internet for guests to use while staying at their hotel? Must be a Hilton Hotel!!! I was also informed by a classmate that their internet access is very spotty & will disconnect while in use.

PARKING. We had looked into renting a car for our 9 day stay & we were told that they charge $21/day for parking - $30/valet parking. It would have cost us more to park the car for the week as it would have cost us to rent the car.

NO COMPLIMENTARY BREAKFAST. They do not offer a complimentary breakfast or even a reduced cost at any of the on premises restaurants. You even have to exit the hotel to enter at least 2 of the on-site restaurant. The breakfast buffet in their inside restaurant was $25/person.

HOUSEKEEPING. After our first night we returned to our room the next afternoon to find that our towels had been replaced however no dirty towels or washcloths or dirty glasses had been taken. When I called the front desk their response was that if they were not on the floor the housemaids would assume that we were going to re-use them so they would not remove them. Really, at a place you are paying so much per night you would think that you could count on them just automatically removing obviously used items.

LOUD MUSIC. Our second night about 11:00 pm someone on our floor starting playing music so loud that you could hear it above the TV. I was trying to get to sleep for my 8:00 am meeting. After about 15 minutes, I called the front desk & complained. They said they would send security right up. 20 minutes later it was still going strong. I called the front desk & was given the same response - I did tell them that I had called previously. Another 20 minutes passed with no change. I called the front desk again & told them that I wanted something done now because had an early meeting.

Again I informed them of my previous calls. I told her if they could not stop the noise I wanted another room. "**" apologized again & said they would get right on it after I asked her name. About 10 minutes later the music finally stopped. About 2 hours it started again however it was not as loud. If you are looking for value and great service(s) in San Diego - don't book in at the Hilton Bayfront. They charge too much and provide too little in return... Beware.

Reservations are Useless!
By -

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- I recently stayed at the Hilton Hotel in Little Rock, AR while I was on my honeymoon. I made a reservation 2 days before my stay. I had reserved a balcony room that was a smoking room. I had been informed the room would come with double queen beds and a refrigerator. When I arrived to claim my room I was not greeted with a smile or a professional attitude. I wasn't given an explanation before a lady handed me a room key and told me the way to my room that was on the main floor. I inquired about my balcony and then was told that the 3rd floor was closed off for the day.

I made sure that my rate had been lowered to the rate of a room without a balcony and was satisfied enough to just take the room that I was assigned. The room was nice even though my balcony view had been traded for a beautiful view of the inclined parking lot. I began to look around and then noticed that the beds were only full size and our room was no smoking. Not to mention, there was no fridge. I went to the front desk to try to resolve the situation. This time, I was greeted with a smile by a different lady, but she had no clue that the 3rd floor was closed.

After she made a few calls, she found that the floor had been closed and no one had a chance to inform her at that time. I asked her if there was a smoking room available and she explained that the only smoking rooms were on the 3rd floor. I explain to her that I had purposely made a reservation in order to find a room with everything that would make my stay more comfortable and by not being able to stay in the that room had costs me everything that I had reserved the room for. She very kindly made the room a smoking room for the night to accommodate me.

So basically I took time while planning my honeymoon to find a room that was everything that I wanted us to stay in and didn't get any of it, but got plenty rude service. The reservation is not the only complaint I have on this hotel. The bartender was very unprofessional. My husband and I ordered a drink each. He asked for a tip before we could give him one. He suggested drink and then couldn't remember how to make them. He didn't know what time the pool closed. He was very rude and unknowledgeable about his place of business.

None of these complaints harmed anyone and they weren't unbearable, but when you go through the trouble of making reservations then you're doing it so you'll get what you want and when a company is unable to give you what you reserved, I feel you should be upgraded to something better and be given the rate for the one you weren't about to get, if possible. Especially for a honeymoon reservation. The lady that took my reservation call was informed that honeymooners would be staying that hotel and the hotel would be told we were coming.

While I was on my honeymoon, I didn't want any special treatment, but I also didn't want any problems with the plans that I had made prior to the event. I have several bad memories of my hotel experience at the Hilton that unfortunately determine the outcome of what I will remember about my honeymoon.

Honestly, If I had known that I was going to have to settle for a standard double bed room, then there were plenty other hotels that I could have stayed at for a lower rate and closer to the activities we had planned for our visit to little rock, but because I was on my honeymoon and everything had been planned previously, I took the room to avoid wasting time that I needed to spend with my new husband.

When I went to check out, I was not able to pay with the method of my choice which was my last inconvenience during my stay. I will never stay at that Hilton again. The Hilton was my top choice of hotel during my honeymoon as long as it was in our budget and close enough to where we needed to be. Staying in the Hilton's Tupelo, MS location was our first plan, but when that changed, I purposely looked for a Hilton in Little Rock first to see if reservations were available. The Hilton in Little Rock let me down. I would not recommend it to anyone.

Bait & Switch
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- As a new "Hilton Honors" program member I was cold-called about a "getaway package for two" for three days and two nights in a big city. Included in the package was the promise of $100 in "Hilton Dollars" that I could use for any product or service at the hotel and two packages of coupons (each worth $75) that could be used for museums, concerts, plays, etc. In the city. The net price taking into account the value of the "gifts," while not too good to be true, seemed like a great deal.

All I had to do was take a tour of a mock-up of Hilton's newest time share unit. Upon completion of the tour I would get my gifts. That was fine with me. The tour was at the hotel I would be at. Fine with me. The only restriction was that the package could not be used for a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. That was fine with me, too. I like to vacation in the middle of the week anyway. I was told that I could schedule the tour at my convenience and they would be happy to work around my schedule. But as I spoke to people at Hilton several times as I tried to book the visit more restrictions emerged.

Ultimately the restrictions included I could only use the coupons and Hilton Dollars while I was a registered guest at the hotel, I could not take the tour the day I checked in, and for many months during the year (including the time I wanted to go) there were no tours on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Huh?

Think about it. I couldn't arrive for Sunday-Monday-Tuesday because I would never be able to take the tour and get my gifts. Ditto for Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday. Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday was theoretically possible but I'd have to use all the gifts on Thursday after the tour but before checkout. Wednesday-Thursday-Friday was out because the package was not good on a Thursday Night. Similarly, Friday-Saturday-Sunday and Saturday-Sunday-Monday were out. Sunday-Monday-Tuesday? Nope, see above.

So it went from they will work around my schedule (with just the Thursday-Friday-Saturday restriction) to only one possible option: Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday trying to cram in the use of all the "free gifts" Thursday after the tour and before checkout.

By this time I was so annoyed I didn't want anything to do with Hilton. The person I was dealing with was so perky and cheery and seemed to have no comprehension of the problem that I wanted to scream! But they had already billed my credit card and there were no refunds. But when I told them that I was going to contest the charge with my credit card company and write to the Hilton "Complaint Departments" in Memphis and Beverly Hills with a cc to the Attorneys General and Better Business Bureaus in the state I lived and the state the hotel was in they said they would cancel the package and reverse the charges. It remains to be seen if that will happen.

How they can do stuff like this and not see what bad business it is, is totally beyond my comprehension. Are they that dense? And even if I had taken the Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday option (and managed to use all the gifts before checkout on Thursday) there wasn't a snowball's chance in Hades that I would have bought a timeshare from them after this bait-and-switch. Hilton is forever off my list!

Resolution Update 02/23/2009:

The charges on my credit card were reversed.

Our Credit No Used to Steal Thousands by General Manager Hotel Dump
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Rating: 1/51

BILLERICA, MASSACHUSETTS -- I checked in Hilton. According to Bank of America, ten minutes after checking, someone online charged thousands of dollars. When we confronted the general manager, she was the most denial person we have ever meet. We don't know who she called or text our information to, but she was the only one there. Also, we had to take pictures of this Hilton because we had to have corporate see the shape of this dump. The general manager need to be fired.

We took pictures of roaches in our room. Yes roaches, 1/4 inch dust on fans, the dirtiest carpets in the halls and room. My wife works for Hilton, Kissimmee, FL and we called her place of employment four times and we never got a return call. We called corporate, bottom line is that they didn't care at all. I guess that's their general manager's incentive plan. My wife just got fired for bringing this to light. Hilton, what a joke!

Double Billed!!
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Rating: 2/51

ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I made a prepaid reservation at the Asheville Hilton, Biltmore Park. Daughter came down with the flu. Called a day before check in to tell them I would not make it there and I was aware it was nonrefundable. Asked if there was anything they could do for me? **, a manager said he would be happy to move it 3 days forward for me! Great, except it generated another night's stay.

After repeated calls to Advanced reservations, they say only he can credit it back and they will instruct him how to do this. Talked to him twice, keeps saying he will take care of it. Give it a few days and then it will show up on my banking statement... It hasn't and now is not returning my calls!!! I have 30 to 40 more years of travels and will never even consider a Hilton again, even if I do get it back one day!!! Done with people and companies who waste my time! You're only as good as your word!!!

No Such Thing as a Reservation
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Rating: 1/51

WISCONSIN -- My wife and I recently called the Hilton gardens in Oregon and reserved a Jacuzzi suite. When we drove the two hours for the getaway and checked in there was no Jacuzzi in the room. When I spoke with corporate the next day I was advised they really don't reserve a room type only that you'll get a room. I spoke with ** and that was the policy. You really don't reserve a room type only if it's available when you get there.

So if you think you're reserve a suite or a specific type of room you may not be. I asked the example of a trip to Vegas reserving a suite at the Tropicana, I might not have the suite when I get there (even if I reserve it with a credit card). Ms. ** stated that is correct that is company policy. Good to know. Nice job HILTON.

Deceptive & Inept
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Rating: 1/51

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA -- The day before my wedding my wife and I walked in to the Hilton hotel and asked for the total cost for a one night stay. I was quoted $214.95. Sometime during the dark of night a receipt was slid under the door with the total being $240.74. Deceptive. Also early in the morning I called to the front desk to ask for aid in locating an Alka seltzer and was told "that was against their policy". Then I called back and asked if they could direct me to a store that might be open. The reply was "no". Lame customer service.

By -

LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA -- I arrived at this hotel on Friday. We arrived at about 3:30 at which time I valeted my car and proceeded to the front desk. I was greeted by a nice lady who explained check in was at 4 pm but she would go ahead and get the check in process finished so all we had to do was come back up at 4 pm to pick up our room keys. I explained to her I had dinner reservations at 6 pm at the marine room for my mother's birthday which was the ONLY reason for me coming to La Jolla. I went up to the front desk at about 4:15 to get the keys at which time they said there were no rooms available and they would call us when it was ready.

At about 5:00 pm we go back up there again to explain we still have not had a call and our reservations are at 6 pm. They tell us to wait more. I come back up IRATE at 5:30 at which time I am told there are still no rooms. I start to complain, I then meet with the manager who at that time tells me she would "take a room" from another person and check us in right away. Obviously at this time we missed our dinner reservations. So we go to our room and order room service since we couldn't eat or make it to my mom's birthday dinner.

Then when the room service comes up they forget to bring us water with our meals. We then order dessert, and for the 2nd time in the same night they forget to bring us water with our meals. The next day rolls around and I order breakfast before we leave. The food that comes up is literally uneatable. The eggs are running and mind you these eggs are scrambled, and the sausage is barely cooked. The toast is not toasted and my horrible stay continues. At about 10 am the TV just shuts down mid show which I called to complain about. I call the valet to get my car so I can get out of this hotel as if it was on fire, and they say they will have my car ready.

I come down 20 min later, car is still sitting in the same spot. I ask them, can I please get my car? He said there was some confusion about what room number it was. THEN to top it all off, my girlfriend forgets her sweater there. We call the hotel and ask if they can check on it. They say "yes we will give you a call back soon." We go on an hour hike, get back and SHOCKER still no call. We call again they say "we will check on it, and will call you back soon." We get home to orange county after a 1 hour and 30 minute drive, and SHOCKER still no call.

Not a good experience
By -

LINTHICUM, MARYLAND -- Not a good experience and I would not recommend this hotel. After a storm I lost power and I had to fly out the next morning. So I thought I would stay by the airport and I would have all the amenities that I was without do to the power loss. When I got to the Hilton they confirmed they had rooms and I checked in. I went to the room and turned on the AC and started to get ready for the 4 am flight. After about an hour the room was still hot and I called down to the front desk to inquire about the AC. They gave me the normal trouble shooting speech and told me to call back if it was not working in 10 min. It did not work in 10 min so I called back and asked for another room.

This time the guy that I spoke with said that the AC was not working in any of the rooms. Now I was getting upset. "Did you know this when I checked in an hour or so ago?" "sir it has been this way all day." So, the question is, why would a hotel like Hilton allow guests to check in, when they know full well that they cannot offer the amenities that we are expecting? I could have stayed at my house for free and not had AC. I tried to work something out with the night manager but she was incapable of seeing where I was coming from.

I left with a completely different view of Hilton and they will now be a last resort in my book. All I was looking for was some understanding and maybe a break on the room rate considering I was not going to get what I was paying for.

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