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Deceit and Complete Dishonesty
By -

FLORIDA -- After years of doing business with (or Home Shopping Network) I've closed my account with utmost disgust. They run on a "customer review" system akin to Amazon, supposedly to build your trust to purchase products. It's a complete farce.

I wrote many negative reviews (among positive ones) about substandard items, false advertising, etc., which were erased or not even posted at all. More were erased than not posted! I'd see the few that had somehow squeaked by and were posted.. check on them later and they had been deleted. HSN even would relist products that had dozens of bad reviews as a "new item" so it was complaint free and subsequently would generate new sales to the unwitting customer who "trusted them" to have honest reviews warning them if something were amiss.

Besides dealing with that joke of a review system (and I won't even go into all the "fake" reviews obviously by people affiliated with the product...) I've received more than my share of inferior products and damaged goods.. and I was charged shipping AND return shipping on most if not all to ensure they make money coming and going.

I find them to be dishonest, full of false advertising and deceitful not to mention a joke of a customer service which is there to help the company, not you. (Should be called company service, not customer..) This is over 2 years and thousands of dollars later and it was a long, hard lesson in the scamming ways of shopping networks such as this despicable one.

Lies They Tell You
By -

They had an LG television as their daily value couple days ago. I ordered in the first 3 minutes of it being on the air. They keep saying "Get yours now. They will sell out so be sure to get on the line to order yours now." Well, they sold more than they had, and even though I've been a good customer for 24 years, and I was one of the first to order this item - they still cancelled my order.

Andrew Lessman Supplement - Too Cheap to Ship USPS Delivery Confirmation
By -

FLORIDA -- I recently purchased Andrew Lessman supplement, the supplement was expensive, but it a supplement I need to take. Could not believe that the product was shipped standard postal service. The bottom line it got lost and without a tracking number the post office could not track the parcel. This man is too CHEAP (Andrew Lessman) to pay for delivery confirmation for the overprice vitamins and HSN did not advise it was going to be shipped by regular postal delivery. (I am wondering if the product was even shipped.) Even Drugstore sends their cheap vitamins with delivery confirmation.

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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- QVC is bending over backwards to do the volume of business that HSN does. But while HSN's prices are far better, along with their customer service, QVC's is no match to HSN. HSN's website is far superior to QVC's website too. And QVC can't figure out why HSN does twice the volume of business that QVC does. It's supposed to be in their initials, Quality, Value, and Customer satisfaction. But the QVC in their name is a lie!

HSN Paste Gemstones
By -

FLORIDA -- I purchased gemstone rings from HSN advertised as the authentic stones. When the recession hit I took the HSN rings to local jeweler to sell, the established jeweler told me the gemstones were paste and had no value. Since the rings were over 30 days old I had no recourse in recovering the large amounts I paid the so called gemstones.

No Refund
By -

FLORIDA -- Don't try to return anything to HSN without insurance or a tracking number. I just got burned - returned a computer router that cost me $95, found it for $59 at local Wal-Mart. Company won't refund my money, can't find any record of return. It was sent to Compton, CA.

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