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Hughes Net
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HughesNet Disaster
By -

My daughter and I are students in online classes, so internet service is a must have. We live in the country so many options for internet service aside from dial-up were unavailable. So, looking for a way out of dial-up (which is free) we thought HughesNet would be the best bet. My daughter called and set up the service and someone came out that week. However, from the day they step foot into our home (May 22, 2009), disaster after disaster followed.

Free installation was advertised and we wanted to take advantage of that option. However, upon seeing the satellite dish and the bolts/screws that needed to permeate roof, that would not have been practical. The dish itself was about 80lbs and the screws were about 10 inches long. These could have easily came through my ceiling. So, in order to get the service we had to install the dish in the ground next to the house, which was $125. We did not know then that the dish would not be working correctly. So for about 1 week we had good service. And then there was no service AT ALL.

I called and someone came out, and did a quick fix, and a few days later, it was out again. Someone came out again and this was when we were informed that the radio on the dish was bad, and it would be replaced with a REFURBISHED radio. It was replaced but service was still slow. I remember my daughter downloading 2 songs and that slowed the entire service down to almost a complete halt. It was so slow because of some ‘Fair Access' plan that was in effect for all customers. Well, that's fine we need to share the internet I guess, but the completely free times in which the policy was no in effect was during 3AM – 6AM, in which I am asleep.

I was upset about the poor connectivity I was receiving and that I had to pay for service that was not working, so in talking to technicians, I was compensated for two months free service. Now, I know that was just their way to keep me from canceling the whole thing before my 30 days was up and get me into the 2 year contract for sure. They replaced a radio on the dish once and have come here several times to fix it (June 4th, 7th and November 9th plus many other times that the tech person did not give me a receipt for).

Their commercials are so misleading. They are not fast unless you buy the Elite Premium package, which is the most expensive and still fall under a Fair Access policy, which I would like to say HughesNet is the only internet service I have come across that has this policy. Like I said, I purchased HughesNet to get rid of dial up (which was much better than HughesNet) because my exams take 3 hours to take online and I needed a reliable internet service. HughesNet was not the answer. There were numerous amounts of times that we were barely getting our work in on time because of our unreliable internet service.

In addition to that, I have had to get special permission from my instructor to restart 2 of my exams because the internet just shut down, and it was not storming or cloudy. Which brings me to another point, they say all you need is view of the clear blue sky, but in my house HughesNet has all lights working/blinking correctly during storms that include rain, lightning and harsh winds. Why on earth, would I need or try to get online while a storm is going on outside? And as soon as the storm is over, HughesNet is done as well, so no service before or after, just during.

I hate HughesNet! I don't understand the English the tech support people speak, they make me so frustrated, I have to hang up before getting any results. They want me to pay them an additional $400 to get out of the contract early. The service always seems to be down, even in good weather. I rarely even try to use it anymore. I want desperately to get out of this contract, but I do not have $400 to get out. I tell everybody I know how much I hate it, and nearly everyone I tell that also has it or has experienced it says the same thing, how much they hate it. I have since purchase Verizon DSL for internet service to make sure I can complete my online class work.

My co-worker has HughesNet also, her contract runs out within a few months and she says she is not renewing. I think it is the absolute worst internet service and should be banned from doing business. I do not recommend anyone wasting their money on HughesNet, I feel tricked and cheated every month they charge my account $71.23, not including the start up money I had to pay, which was well over $300. I am completely unsatisfied and if there was a way for me to get all of my money back, I would love to take the option. Each month I have to pay and the service is not used AT ALL.

Worst Service Ever
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Rating: 1/51

FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- HUGHESNET IS THE WORSE INTERNET PROVIDER EVER!! Where do I begin telling what is wrong with this service? I am paying $63.12/month for 10 GB of data! I was told that the rain affected the speed of my internet. I was told that data was being used by my Wi-Fi connected devices - laptop, iPad - even when they are off. Automated “customer service” on the phone is a joke. There is no service provided. The internet is incredible slow. I had dial up in 1997 that was faster. When the speed test was run by an agent, it was faster than any time I performed the same speed test. How do they make that happen?

Hughesnet provides its service in outlying areas and therefore does whatever they want because they are most likely the only provider available. INVESTIGATE ANY OTHER PROVIDER BEFORE SIGNING UP WITH HUGHESNET!

Terrible Service - Rude, Inept Staff - RIP OFF!
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- I canceled my service with HughesNet as each time the weather was less than perfect, we lost all service. Plus, it it was slower than dial up. I had to make two calls and spent over an hour on the phone with an account manager on 19 March trying to cancel my service. They failed to adequately follow all the steps on their side. Whilst they acknowledge I canceled service on 19 March, and their account manager did not do their job correctly - they continued to charge my credit card over $70 per month. Each time I called to dispute the charge, they told me the account was NOT deactivated.

When I went to cancel, ultimately after what is around an average of 15 minutes hold time with the account manager, my call would be dropped. At the point where I am beyond frustrated, I finally stick it out and manage to have them confirm the account is deactivated but as far as the $400 in charges that were unauthorized, they told me "tough luck". I asked why I should be penalized for their staff error and they simply said the most they would refund is 1 month to cover their mistake.

I demanded to be in touch with upper management, they simply put me through to the most obnoxious and facetious "supervisor" who called herself **. ** REFUSED to give her surname, she REFUSED to give me the contact information nor guide me to anybody higher than herself to address my concerns. She just sneered and said I should have just kept calling each month after they charged my account and that she refused to help further. I had to scour their website just to find any type of email address where I could take this up further.

Judging by the comments and complaints on this site alone, I see I am not alone in the appalling treatment of their ill-mannered, ill-trained, ignorant and arrogant staff members. I would strongly warn anybody to seek an alternate service provider - their service is as lousy, unreliable and frustrating as their staff - and YOU will pay for THEIR inadequacies. It would appear that their strategy is to keep you on hold for so long or drop the call that you will eventually get too frustrated to call back, and then they will fall back on the excuse that you did not go through ALL of the channels required in order to cancel your service. Be warned!

Poor Installation = Poor or No Access
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Rating: 1/51

MONADNOCK REGION, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I bought the pitch about great service, fast, dependable, and with a commitment to service. In short, doo doo!!!! The installation was so bad they left my home scarred with 4 holes w/ broken clapboards, a broken deck rail and a split piece of 6' trim. They bolted the dish to the house without ever finding a stud (although the teenage looking installer certainly thought he would qualify). The (I could sell drugs, enroll in job corps or just continue to be the most unprofessional, sub-standard technician) knowing I was a doctor couldn't resist impulsively blurting out how many women he would ** if he were in my profession. What an outrage!!!

The service never worked well. I called tech support over and over. After countless over the phone interventions and four months they finally sent out a trouble shooter. They also assured me that the person they sent out had a "special tool" that would be able to determine when my service was not available and send me a refund check the next day for the $86.00 per month charge without service.

The trouble shooter was professional, well trained courteous and thorough. He was immediately able to determine that the installation was so poor that it had to be redone. He also checked the system and showed me that I had no service for 90 days (as far back as his system goes) I was assured I would get a refund for the 90 days to be issued as soon as the technician confirmed the problem. I was satisfied and called the company to confirm the process the next day.

Surprise!!! "We are unable to issue a refund for more than one month even if you didn't have service. The technician was wrong he doesn't work for HughesNet." I should have known he was the one with brains and integrity. The customer service folks were monsters, after a 27 minute hold and several 5-10 minute holds I pressed to speak with supervisors they kept saying they would call me back. I hung on 'till I got the super's super and ** proved to be part demon, you know the ones who lie and know you know they're lying but enjoy the process. I hate that crap.

Bottom line - after four promises the I would receive a $344.00 check issued in 72 hours I am now fighting for an 86.00 that if I can get even though they have confirmed no service, I will get in 45 days if I can get one honest employee on the line. By the way I've been writing this while on hold, total hold time so far........... 71 minutes!!!!!!
HughesNet is by far the absolute worst company I've ever encountered. Nothing about this company is acceptable. Oh yeah, I cancelled my account you have to wait 45 days for a refund (if you can get it) but they will cancel you in a heartbeat.

Hughesnet Canceled My Account
By -

Dateline: 5/28/2011. Today, HughesNet acted with even more stupidity than usual. A month ago, I asked HughesNet via email how much it would cost me IF I cancelled my contract on 5/28/2011. They emailed me back with the info, but stated they would cancel service on that date. I emailed back that I had not told them to cancel my service, and had not decided as yet to do so. I blocked HughesNet from my phone months ago, when I kept getting “returned calls” from people I couldn't understand at all, and voicemails using up my minutes. Even the call back numbers were beyond understanding.

Anyway, I received an email from what I believe to be an actual person two weeks ago telling me when my contract would be cancelled and the procedure to return their equipment. I emailed that person that I did NOT want the contract cancelled, I simply asked about the cost. As I stopped getting emails from HughesNet, I assumed it was taken care of. As you know, assume makes an ass out of you and me.

At around 2:00 a.m., HughesNet took the money from my account, and cancelled my contract. When I called, they told me I had to call the billing dept. I called the billing dept. It would take a miracle to get actual help from anyone I have EVER spoken to at HueghesNet. Do they have a special employment manual that tells them to stall, misunderstand, and above all DO NOT HELP ANYONE???????

I'm so pissed, I told them to go ahead and cancel. I've had it with HughesNet - the worst internet service in the world! I plan to complain to the BBB, every consumer complaint dept I can find, and every social network I can get away with! How can the corporate HughesNet have an excellent rating with the BBB, when all the individual companies I looked up have horrible ratings???

A list of unsolved problems I addressed to HughesNet that wasted a total of seven hours of my phone time -WITHOUT BEING RESOLVED: My download kept disappearing, even when my electricity was off for six hours. HughesNet said someone must be jacking my signal. First of all, how can someone jack my signal when my ELECTRICITY WAS OFF? Also, I live seven miles out in the country. My nearest neighbor is my sister-in-law, who has a LAN line. The only way someone could jack my signal would be for them to be PARKED IN MY YARD, AND KNOW MY PASSWORD FOR MY ROUTER!

The last three months, when I would buy one bundle of tokens (which are rip offs all by themselves), I was charged for TWO bundles. I was told it's a closed system that they have no access to, so I bought two bundles. Being told I'm a liar, even without using those exact words, is NOT something I would say to a client of mine! The whole DO NOT CANCEL MY CONTRACT thing. They cancelled it anyway, since no one actually READS the emails that also have the ability to UNDERSTAND ENGLISH. I have to believe they were skimmed only, if that.

When I sent emails to HughesNet, I started, ended, or both with: "DO NOT CALL ME. I HAVE BLOCKED MY PHONE SO I DO NOT WASTE ANY MORE MINUTES ON PHONE CALLS I CAN NOT UNDERSTAND.” HughesNet response was "Someone will call you within 24 hours.” Until, that is, I pointed out that it is a violation of my privacy to ignore my request to NOT receive phone calls, which is illegal in Oklahoma. Of course, that only lasted till the next email. Can I sue? Can I make them pay for overdraft charges their idiocy has caused? Can I make it a Channel 4 consumer report? I will certainly try.

The only way I would EVER accept HughesNet as my service provider again is with NO FAP nonsense, NO contact with any one whose SECOND language is English, and a repayment of all the overdraft fees I have had to pay because HughesNet hires people who cannot do their jobs worth a damn (or at least can read English well). Way to go, HughesNet! (SARCASM IS MY SECOND LANGUAGE). PS: I didn't cancel but their mistake will cost them several hundred dollars.

HughesNet Sucks!
By -

We live out in the country so our internet service options are limited. We can get dial up, Hughes or an air card. Since the aircard limits you to 5 gigs, we opted to try Hughes. It was all just a huge waste of money. The initial cost of the equipment was around $400 plus $70 per month. I honestly don't think it's any better than dial up. I couldn't even upload a low resolution photo to Facebook. I couldn't even send attached files in an e-mail.

I spent countless hours on the phone getting transferred from India to Florida to God only knows where. Since the speed tests came back OK. They said I was getting the service I was paying for. I was so mad every time I got off the phone, it's a wonder I didn't have a heart attack. When I was finally so fed up I asked them to cancel the service because they could not find a problem, they charged me $310. I would have understood the fee to break the contract if I was getting good service and just wanted to switch to something else, but as I said, I couldn't even upload a picture or send an attached file.

I paid the money to break the contract and got an aircard. It is so fast! You just have to monitor your usage so you don't go over. I got the Verizon aircard for $50 per month and am a happy camper again. Even if your only other option is dial up, I wouldn't go with Hughes. It's really no better than dial up and a whole lot more expensive. Plus their service sucks. They really don't seem to even care. The only reason I gave it one star is because the review would not accept 0 stars.

HughesNet Customer Service is a Joke
By -

This review is of HughesNet customer service. First off, I've been a customer of HughesNet since 2007. As a rural customer, satellite is my only “fast” Internet option. When in such a predicament, you take the least of the evils, and in our neck of the woods HughesNet service edges out WildBlue by a bit.

I'm a network technician by trade, so I work troubleshooting computers and other electronics day in, day out. I've had the dish long enough that I know when an outage is being caused by heavy precipitation, snow blocking the dish, or if the modem needs to be reset. Sometimes you just wait a day because the company is suffering an outage they don't want to announce. Recently the remnants of a tropical storm came through and blew the dish off target: it's pointing right at the ground. I thought this would be an easy case - boy was I wrong.

I called the toll free number; got a voice mail automated assistant that wasn't too bad - it understood my speech well, and I can mumble with the best. But when I answered that I wasn't at home I was told that the system could not help me unless I was at home because HughesNet couldn't troubleshoot the issue unless I was at home. Uh, the dish is pointing at the ground. How hard is that to troubleshoot, and since when do I have to be at home for that to make a difference? It will still point to the ground whether I'm at home, at work, or in the Bahamas.

I couldn't get back to the main menu, so I hung up and tried again. This time I lied when it asked if I was at home. Then the automated assistant asked me some troubleshooting questions for some of the basics, was there heavy rain (no), did I already try rebooting the modem (yes), were there any obstructions to the dish (yes, planet Earth, but I answered no).

I was then connected to a polite woman called "**" with an Indian accent. The line had some static and she sounded a bit like she was at the end of a tunnel. She of course asked me again for all my account info and then asked why I was calling. I told her right off the bat that I needed a technician - my dish was pointing at the ground because of a recent windstorm. But she didn't understand me, despite several different phrasings of this. Apparently she only knew a script. I had to go through the entire troubleshooting routine, AGAIN! Despite the fact that I already knew what the problem was.

During this she told me that my modem had failed and I needed a new one to the tune of $120. I wasn't sure how that would make my dish point back up in the sky so I refused and eventually convinced her that the problem was the dish. Then she couldn't even schedule a technician directly! She took my number, only to tell me a technician will call me within 5 days to schedule a visit.

My recommendation: If you have to use Hughesnet, don't EVER call their customer support. See if you can find a local technician. They'll know what the problem is when you say "My dish is pointing at the ground" and may actually get an appointment to you on the same day! What a waste of my time and patience. And I still don't have an appointment for a technician yet.

Satellite Internet: The Least Desirable Fast Internet but May Be Your Best Choice
By -

GERMANTOWN, MARYLAND -- I've had HughesNet about a couple of years. I purchased the 7000s system on eBay and installed it myself. Had to have the installer certify it and turn it on. Mine is a little longer run than most installs so I have boosters in the xmit and transmit lines. Most of the times the system functions good but there are some problems that come with satellite internet or Hughesnet that you need to think about before you go this route.

First off satellite internet is expensive. Expensive for Hughesnet and they pass the expense on to us. Typically, you can get the very best DSL from AT&T for $40 and it will be twice as fast as satellite. And if cable TV is available, it is about 4-6 times faster than DSL. But if you live rural, all you have may be dial-up or satellite. Oh I forgot about wireless. It's great but you only get 5 GB/month so I would be buying 3 contracts to equal my 425MB or about $180 so that's double my cost.

Back to Hughnet/ satellite problems: My worst complaint is during 3:30 PM and 10:30PM CST my system is so slow that my dial-up is actually faster. I expect that Hughesnet has over sold the service to fill up all the transponders and make the money to be in business. I thought I was going to give up my dial-up when I went to Hughesnet but because of their problems, I've decided to keep it. Every few weeks or may a month or 2, my modem will go down and I'll have to call the support people in India. They are excellent! Yes, sometimes a little hard to understand but they have a procedure they follow before they send it to the US team.

But you have to wait 2 days before you'll hear from them and sometimes you get up in the morning and the modem is working again. Just as if Hughesnet had turned it off and now turned it back on. Maybe you'll hear from the US technicians or may be not. So far I've only got a call about half the time but then on those times my modem was working again. But it still cost me 2 days of being down. So if you want reliable service, keep your dial-up as a backup! Oh my problems have NEVER been with my home equipment - the modem and the uplink dish and cables, etc.

My problems have always been with Hughesnet's satellite. Power to the satellite transponders or whatever but not on my end. Advice: Do not use satellite internet unless it's your last available choice. If there is anything else available, check it out because it's expensive. 1/2 speed of DSL at 2X Cost. Not reliable - maybe down tomorrow and it's not your problem but a technician has to come to your home and point the dish to a new satellite and guess what! You get to pay for that. Not your fault, not your problem, it's Hughesnet's but you get to pay. I've tried to paint a picture of how my service is with this company and I am actually trying to be fair.

I know it casts them a huge amount of money to launch a satellite and it must be hard to be a satellite business but poor service has also tainted my views. Best wishes reader!

Avoid HughesNet
By -

I can say with great joy that I have finally been able to call HughesNet and disconnect my service. A new company in town is now providing wireless internet service from a mountain top transmitter which is twice as fast and $20 per month cheaper than HughesNet. Being very rural, I have been a HughesNet customer for several years, during which I have seen a steady decline in the quality of service provided. Slow connection during the busy time of day, and recent frequent bouts with their Fair Access Policy (FAP), which is where they put you in time out for a 24 hour period, slower than dial up.

This is a relatively new problem as I have had this service for several years without experiencing FAP. A call to their support group told me I was probably downloading computer updates without my knowledge and this was causing the problem. I started unplugging the modem when I left the office at night so there could not possibly be any use on the network.

I plugged it in and turned it on one morning to find I was once again under their FAP policy for yet another 24 hours. I called again to find out what time of day it was I exceeded my limit, and the time they gave me was during the period I had the modem unplugged. Their representative could not explain how this happened, but reluctantly took off the FAP restriction with a stern warning that she could only do this once in a 30 day period. My guess, and it is only that, is they have oversold the service and are using a "rolling blackout" system similar to CA power companies.

In the last two weeks of service, I experienced the FAP penalty 4 times, once when it was unplugged for the entire weekend. When I called to disconnect the service, they of course tried to upgrade me to a more expensive plan, and then wanted me to upgrade all my equipment. After a short argument I was able to convince them to just stop the service. I was warned that it would be effective immediately, which is what I wanted anyway. My advice would be to see if you have a local wireless internet provider before you sign up for HughesNet.

Stay Away From HughesNet
By -

HARVARD -- Whatever you do, do not used HughesNet for you internet service provider. Their service horrible from start to finish. It took their installation business, who is a contractor, 10 days to install the equipment. And then in the end I find out they did a horrible job of installing the equipment. The cable fittings at the dish were loose. When I disconnected the fittings I found one wire was crushed and not assembled correctly and the other wire was corroded or burnt.

Every time I called customer service they were either rude or I was disconnected. I tried for a week to get my service discontinued and finally succeeded to only find out they are going to try to charge me a termination fee of $400 and $300 for the equipment if I don't send the equipment at my expense.

Each time I called technical support the tech would always blame the weather. One time the service became unavailable. So I called tech support and spent 30 minutes to no avail. So the tech transferred me to advanced tech support. After 20 minutes with them they said they would reset my modem from their end. And I should be up and running within 20 minutes. After 30 minutes I tried and was still down. I called back tech support and the different tech said the system for my area was down and had been down for sometime. So I asked for a supervisor and was on hold for 30 minutes and I finally gave up.

There are some restricted websites that I cannot access and asked Hughesnet for help in solving this issue. I talked with their tech support to try to resolve this issue. They continued to blame the website. But I can access these restricted website using Charter, AT&T, and Comcast. HughesNet was not help at all in solving this issue.

I finally spoke with an account manager regarding the cancellation fees and they would not listen to me. I have pictures and all of the documentation regarding their lousy overall service and wanted to talk with someone within customer service to try to resolve these matters and all they could say was they were going to back charge me and refused to see the photos. All I can say is stay away from HughesNet. They are horrible.

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