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Poor Service Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

HARRISVILLE, NEW YORK -- I write you here out of frustration, desperation, and anger too perhaps. My wife and I are seniors who have a small much needed online business to supplement my limited social security income. For many years, we have been customers of and depended on HughesNet to provide our internet connectivity. For most of that time, we have been generally satisfied with doing so but a few months ago, that changed drastically.

For many weeks now, our on-line service has not been working right. We have made innumerable calls to your people. Both your techs and private techs we hired have checked our situation but the problem remains. All of our hardware (computers, routers, etc.,) have checked out to be performing correctly. We need help with this. Our calls to your people have done us no good so I am writing to you directly. It is my hope that your sense of responsible business ethics, and human compassion, will elicit your personal assistance in this matter. Please help us in this matter. Without our little on-line business, we are in a bad situation.

My wife knows much more about computer matters and this problem than I do and she is appending here further information on this. Kaul, I am not sure where to begin because this problem has been going on for over 6 months, the problem of pages not loading escalated beyond compare back in November. For over 2 years we paid over $200 per month for an older business version of your service no one contacted us by mail or by phone to tell us that it was no longer available and yes your service started being metered.

The new service was installed on Dec 29, 2014, and since then technicians have been out six times. On Jan 30, a technician was out at our place and worked with Hughes technicians over the phone for over 3 hours - this time they changed the gateway. (The technician told us that if that did not solve the problem HughesNet would put their “tier four” people on it.) As of this moment the problem remains.

Since November we have lost about $2,000 in revenues. I have had to refund customers and as of today, I still cannot access Shopify once again. Furthermore, I cannot upload product to eBay, my primary store. I can start a listing sometimes it will let me add my pictures without errors and sometimes it will not. When it does, and clicks continue - the pages times out on some of these messages: Your connection has time-out, the page is unavailable, connection has been reset. Sometimes pages load scrambled or with just the HTML other times, they load without the icons.

Let me clarify, this works sometimes: if I reboot the modem, the router and all of the computers connected to our network and try again I may or may not be able to reach the website. We have purchased top of the line routers and extenders - our wireless single is strong and broadcasting. Our private computer tech keeps our computers updated, our virus and malware protection properly installed. He runs regular scans to make sure we have no problems.

Today, January 31, 2014, I had ten business clients here to learn social media for businesses in my workshop. I could not get into my pages before they got here but it was too late to cancel. I could not conduct training this morning - that cost me $550.00? (I refunded their money because I do not know when our business internet service is going to be working properly.)

At the time of my finishing this letter, I am attempting to list product on Shopify for each of the three products I have spend over an hour reloading, hitting the back button and starting all over again. I do hope that you find a solution to this matter as expeditiously as we pay our bill each month for the last 9 years.

Scamming Grammies
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Rating: 1/51

YES, YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED. If you didn't know you were being scammed, you are EXACTLY the kind of person they target. There is no nice way to put it: HughesNet is nothing short of a scam preying on the uninformed. I'm the extended family's branded tech-guru. I'm the one who gets stuck with getting the bloodline right with the technological mumbo-jumbo whenever I'm in town. And you tech-novices can get yourselves into some real shenanigans. But NEVER have I ever encountered such a scumbag company as HughesNet.

They sell paltry service at ludicrous prices through ball and chain contracts SPECIFICALLY targeting those who don't know any better, using INTENTIONALLY misleading sales-tactics. Most internet providers screw over the occasional grandma because she doesn't know any better. Hughes' net intentionally screws over lots of grandmas because they're the only ones who don't know any better.

Basically, their scam is this: Through a bunch of techno-jargon at people they KNOW don't understand what they're saying (five whole gigabytes at ultra high speeds!) and use misleading dazzlers (Elite! Bonus! Complimentary!) to make their customers believe they're getting a great deal. The problem? Five whole gigabytes isn't enough data to last you a week, and those 'ultra high' speeds don't even fall above the 'average' line when comparing other companies.

That 'elite' service is normal service with a higher price tag. Those 'bonus bytes' (a byte is a unit of internet data; if the internet was a book, a 'byte' would be a page you're paying Hughes net to find in the library and bring back to you) can only be used from 2am to 8am, and they're limited. Those 'complimentary' bonus bytes? Not enough data to last you a week AND they can only be used from 2am to 8am. And for the icing on the cake, you're paying double for this pathetic service.

Likely someone sold this to you as your only option, or in some sort of bundle. No, it's not worth it. You might as well not have any internet at all. If you have to choose between dial-up and HughesNet, choose dial-up. At least then you'll get a fair price. It's like if SNL set out to make a skit about the most evil internet provider they could come up with. I'd be laughing if it wasn't going to cost my uncle hundreds of dollars and months of shit service.

Terrible, Awful, and Ultimately Frustrating
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Rating: 1/51

VIRGINIA -- I have been stuck with HughesNet internet service for 7 years because I had no other options. As soon as I had another option, I took it and have now canceled my HughesNet service. During these past 7 years, I have been so incredibly frustrated and angered by the HughesNet technical support, it has been mind-boggling. During the 7 years, I felt scammed by HughesNet repeatedly. First of all, if there was any wind, or clouds, or any type of weather other than sunny, clear skies, the internet connection would not work. Oftentimes, even if it was sunny with no clouds, the connection would not work. It was always very slow.

Secondly, whenever I came close to the end of my 2 year commitment, my internet connection would mysteriously slow down even more. When I called to find out what was wrong, they told me a new satellite had been installed and that I needed a new modem in order to connect to it, which meant that not only did I have to pay for a new modem, but I also had to sign a new 2 year commitment. This happened more than once.

Aside from the internet connection being terrible and very slow, the customer service and technical support was the absolute worst. The representatives are impossible to understand because they barely speak English. I had an added problem because my computer was working from a router, not directly connected to the modem. The representatives were so frustrating and not at all helpful, and many times I would have to turn to someone else to help me get the problem fixed.

When I went to close my account with HughesNet recently, they assured me the account was closed, only to continue to charge my credit card until I realized what was happening. Trying to cancel it a second time took about 3+ hours on the phone (cumulatively) with several calls only to be disconnected, transferred to another company altogether when I was put on hold (blatantly fraudulent) and told that supervisors were never available. Then, I was told that someone internally at HughesNet re-activated my account without my authorization or knowledge.

Today, I am told that my HughesNet account is closed. While I am guarded, I am also very happy to be rid of them. Caveat Emptor - HughesNet is a terrible company. Do not give them your money.

Terrible Service - Rude, Inept Staff - RIP OFF!
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- I canceled my service with HughesNet as each time the weather was less than perfect, we lost all service. Plus, it it was slower than dial up. I had to make two calls and spent over an hour on the phone with an account manager on 19 March trying to cancel my service. They failed to adequately follow all the steps on their side. Whilst they acknowledge I canceled service on 19 March, and their account manager did not do their job correctly - they continued to charge my credit card over $70 per month. Each time I called to dispute the charge, they told me the account was NOT deactivated.

When I went to cancel, ultimately after what is around an average of 15 minutes hold time with the account manager, my call would be dropped. At the point where I am beyond frustrated, I finally stick it out and manage to have them confirm the account is deactivated but as far as the $400 in charges that were unauthorized, they told me "tough luck". I asked why I should be penalized for their staff error and they simply said the most they would refund is 1 month to cover their mistake.

I demanded to be in touch with upper management, they simply put me through to the most obnoxious and facetious "supervisor" who called herself **. ** REFUSED to give her surname, she REFUSED to give me the contact information nor guide me to anybody higher than herself to address my concerns. She just sneered and said I should have just kept calling each month after they charged my account and that she refused to help further. I had to scour their website just to find any type of email address where I could take this up further.

Judging by the comments and complaints on this site alone, I see I am not alone in the appalling treatment of their ill-mannered, ill-trained, ignorant and arrogant staff members. I would strongly warn anybody to seek an alternate service provider - their service is as lousy, unreliable and frustrating as their staff - and YOU will pay for THEIR inadequacies. It would appear that their strategy is to keep you on hold for so long or drop the call that you will eventually get too frustrated to call back, and then they will fall back on the excuse that you did not go through ALL of the channels required in order to cancel your service. Be warned!

Poor Installation = Poor or No Access
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Rating: 1/51

MONADNOCK REGION, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I bought the pitch about great service, fast, dependable, and with a commitment to service. In short, doo doo!!!! The installation was so bad they left my home scarred with 4 holes w/ broken clapboards, a broken deck rail and a split piece of 6' trim. They bolted the dish to the house without ever finding a stud (although the teenage looking installer certainly thought he would qualify). The (I could sell drugs, enroll in job corps or just continue to be the most unprofessional, sub-standard technician) knowing I was a doctor couldn't resist impulsively blurting out how many women he would ** if he were in my profession. What an outrage!!!

The service never worked well. I called tech support over and over. After countless over the phone interventions and four months they finally sent out a trouble shooter. They also assured me that the person they sent out had a "special tool" that would be able to determine when my service was not available and send me a refund check the next day for the $86.00 per month charge without service.

The trouble shooter was professional, well trained courteous and thorough. He was immediately able to determine that the installation was so poor that it had to be redone. He also checked the system and showed me that I had no service for 90 days (as far back as his system goes). I was assured I would get a refund for the 90 days to be issued as soon as the technician confirmed the problem. I was satisfied and called the company to confirm the process the next day.

Surprise!!! "We are unable to issue a refund for more than one month even if you didn't have service. The technician was wrong he doesn't work for HughesNet." I should have known, he was the one with brains and integrity. The customer service folks were monsters, after a 27 minute hold and several 5-10 minute holds I pressed to speak with supervisors. They kept saying they would call me back. I hung on 'till I got the super's super and ** proved to be part demon, you know the ones who lie and know you know they're lying but enjoy the process. I hate that crap.

Bottom line - after four promises that I would receive a $344.00 check issued in 72 hours I am now fighting for an 86.00 that if I can get even though they have confirmed no service, I will get in 45 days if I can get one honest employee on the line. By the way I've been writing this while on hold, total hold time so far........... 71 minutes!!!!!!
HughesNet is by far the absolute worst company I've ever encountered. Nothing about this company is acceptable. Oh yeah, I cancelled my account. You have to wait 45 days for a refund (if you can get it) but they will cancel you in a heartbeat.

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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO -- Their sales department did not disclose they would be conducting a hard credit inquiry.... Days before we were to sign on our house. When I tried to resolve it, I got the biggest run around ever. Sales said it was pre-install, pre-install said it was sales. Everyone condescendingly trying to tell me it wasn't a hard credit inquiry and would not affect my credit, even as I sat there staring at the credit report that showed otherwise.

Still hasn't been resolved. So I filed a complaint with their corporate (no reply yet), with BBB, and with the FCC. I also had to file a dispute with the credit agencies to clear up my credit. The absolutely worst experience with a service provider in my life!! They don't care about their customers.

Worst Service Ever
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Rating: 1/51

FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- HUGHESNET IS THE WORSE INTERNET PROVIDER EVER!! Where do I begin telling what is wrong with this service? I am paying $63.12/month for 10 GB of data! I was told that the rain affected the speed of my internet. I was told that data was being used by my Wi-Fi connected devices - laptop, iPad - even when they are off. Automated “customer service” on the phone is a joke. There is no service provided. The internet is incredible slow. I had dial up in 1997 that was faster. When the speed test was run by an agent, it was faster than any time I performed the same speed test. How do they make that happen?

Hughesnet provides its service in outlying areas and therefore does whatever they want because they are most likely the only provider available. INVESTIGATE ANY OTHER PROVIDER BEFORE SIGNING UP WITH HUGHESNET!

By -

I signed up for HughesNet because I was told there were no other providers in the area (except WildBlue - who gets their services from HN satellites and they were "maxed on bandwidth, taking no new customers). I paid $99.00 for install, plus an additional $50.00 to the installer (contractor) because there was "no good place to put the satellite to get good signal" so he had to put a post in for the dish.

Apparently he used all my allowance for the day, because after installation the internet would not work. When I called in they told me that I had exceeded my bandwidth. I fought for three hours to get my service for the day reset, as I had yet to touch a computer when it was "used up". That should have been my first clue.

As an extremely low key internet user (a lot of browsing, email, not much downloading, etc) - I thought I could survive their limitations, I was never so wrong. Apparently somehow checking my email and playing Farmville on FB is enough to almost max out my usage in an hour, and I pay for 400mb/day (almost 100/month here after you add in the rental fee and insurance). After three or four days I called in to tell them where to put it, but their Indian tech talked me into going one higher on the plan, gave me free tokens, a six month discount, etc.

Another 1 1/2 days to realize that even the "upgraded" service was not enough to play Farmville and check my email - I don't know what they are counting as "downloads", but it's a scam, for sure. So I called back in to cancel my service. After trying to offer me everything except an indentured servant, I finally explained to them that there was NOTHING they could offer me except removal of the BS limitations to keep my service. They told me that since they had already taken the first month service (in advance) from my credit card, they would not cancel me until the 27th. I was unable to get them to refund me and cancel immediately.

They also informed me that after paying 149.00 for install - and only having service a few days, I would have to take the satellite down from the pole and disassemble it and modem for shipment back to Hughes. They would not send someone out, and if not they would charge me 300 for the equipment. I logged in and tried to change my billing info, to erase my debit card info after reading the horror stories online about unauthorized charges, etc, post-cancellation, and it does not give you the option to take payment information OFF their site.

The only thing you can even try and hope works is changing the expiration date on your card and updating - which I did in hopes of protecting myself... but I digress - they want me to take it down and ship it in. Umm OK, I can't swear I will be able to do it without damage, after all I am only a woman, a disabled woman at that. The next day my service went out, I cycled my modem, did all the techie type stuff that anyone who has been on the net awhile knows to do - to no avail, every light came back to the modem except the "system" light. Called customer service *repeatedly* and got service back for about four hours, at which point it went down again.

After 24 hours of BS and non-helpful "support" from their Indian phone bank, the service miraculously came back for another 6-7 hours at which point it went down again. I have begged them to just cancel me now but they refuse stating that since it is already scheduled for the 27th it cannot be changed (NO they just don't want to give me my money back). I have had to spend 1-2 hours per day on the phone with them to keep my service in working order, I would simply stop, but IF they are going to keep my money, they ARE going to supply me working service until that point.

The other person is right - some lawyer needs to start a class-action against this scam passing for a legitimate business. Their practices are questionable at best, and fraudulent bordering on flat out illegality at worst. If you are wise you will avoid this company at all costs, unless you don't mind paying a small fortune each month to be able to check your email, and not much else.

Is this legal?
By -

My gosh I wish I would have gone online and done research before ever thinking of getting HughesNet. This has got to be illegal. They sound so cheap and suck a lot of people in thinking they have reliable service. It is sad how they can get away with this. When I went to the local satellite guy who deals with HughesNet, and was asked if I have a debit/credit card, my card was debited for the installation fee before I was even installed. That was on the 3rd of this month. I got a pole the next day, and didn't get the satellite and service until the 5th.

I was told that the money wasn't going to be debited until I was actually installed being I was eligible for the govt recovery act program where I lived. I called my card company and was told HughesNet debited it and gave me an approval code. I called HughesNet and told them what was told to me, and was told they didn't take the money. Then I gave him info from my company and was put on hold constantly while waiting for a supervisor. They tried to keep telling me he was busy, and I said I know he is not the only supervisor on the floor in a big call center. Then when the supervisor did come to the phone, he sounded just like the CSR!

I was told the money was a holding fee - would be returned in 3 business days. That was a lie. The FAP policy is worthless. I only used the internet for Facebook, to check emails, and Youtube. The meter kept running and running. Then they offer a complimentary token once a month, other than that once you exceed, that's all the access for that day! Then they think you are dumb enough to buy more and put it on your bill! I cancelled in 12 days. These people are hard up for money and something needs to be done about this seriously. I have never had this poor type of customer service in my life. I was calling every other day asking questions.

None of the foreign people could help, they were just ready to transfer me to technical support. On the last day of my service, I called to find out why my meter never went back to 100 - it was still on 70 where I left it the previous night. No one in my house was even on the computer since that night. The rep tried to offer discounts, free service for months. I told her no way. Cancel me now. Seriously this is an illegal crime for a major company to rip hard working citizens off. They don't have to worry about getting any more money from me. I will get someone to cut the pole and dismantle the dish and throw that crap away!

SMDH at this sorry company. But don't worry, they will get what is coming to them in the long run! Everyone keep complaining, maybe someone is actually listening.

Hughes Net Major Rip Off!
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Rating: 1/51

COEUR D'ALENE, IDAHO -- I called to cancel my service within the 30 day trial period and the sales person I was speaking with offered me their best service plan at no extra cost and she told me that HughesNet would extend my trial period by 30 days giving me an extra month to decide. I figured what the heck it's free right? WRONG!

I called back in 25 days to cancel the service because even with the "best plan" it was still about 750K service which for $140 per month is ridiculous. 10 days later I noticed that there was a $400 charge on my credit card from HughesNet. When I called and asked what the charge was for they explained that it was a early termination fee. I believe this is called stealing.

I demanded a refund for the $400 which after 20 minutes or so they said they would try and get for me, they would check with the billing department. Finally they said they had the refund approved and would give the money back in 3-7 days. I wish there was legal action I could take against them. So learn from my mistake and stay away from HughesNet!

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