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Harassing Calls
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Rating: 1/51

ILLINOIS -- Humana has been calling my 86 year old mother relentlessly, telling her they are Medicare, in attempts to sell her a policy under false pretense. They are armed with all her personal information which they use as arsenal to confuse.
She called Medicare to clarify what she had been told, and Medicare knew immediately it was Humana. They explained that Humana charges customers a monthly fee, takes possession of their Medicare account, and pilfers from their meager benefits.

This is fraud, misappropriation of government funds, and harassment. How can a licensed company behave so unabashedly unethically? Where are the consumer protections for the elderly? Considering the people at Medicare knew who was falsely claiming to be them, this can not be an isolated incident. No one needs the service this company provides.

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Rating: 1/51

LOUISIANA -- My grandfather had Humana insurance. He got very sick and got admitted into the hospital. And with Humana they will only pay for you to be in the same spot for 3 weeks. So he was in the hospital for 3 months and had 3 surgeries, moved to a hospital a hour away then moved back to the hospital he started at. He had to get a trach put in. After he got the trach put in they moved him to life care. And there is no other hospital around here that will accept a patient with a trach.

So 3 weeks after he got it put in the doctors decided he needed a pacemaker. And after he got the pacemaker put in it restarted his 3 weeks at life care. But before we knew it those 3 weeks were running out and he was still on the trach. The doctors started to try to wean him off the trach. Because if he was off the trach he could get transferred anywhere. But it was too much for him to handle not even 48 hours after they started to wean him off the trach he pass away. If Humana would have paid for him to stay in one place for longer than 3 weeks. Just maybe my grandpa would still be here today.

Mother Has Alzheimer
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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- My mother has Alzheimer's and forgot to pay for her Part D one month, and was terminated. After I had found out about her not paying bills I took over all her bill paying. She has many drugs she needs to take for issues she currently has and one being her memory pills which are extremely expensive. I called Humana to explain the situation. I asked to be reinstated due to the issues with my mother. They informed me it was not a good enough explanation for them to reinstate her Part D policy. After giving me the runaround from different people throughout Humana, they sent me a letter stating she was terminated.

Insurance companies seem to be a bunch of thieves and would find any chance to deny you from getting a second chance. This is why we have such issues with heath care coverage in this country. Don't let them kid you. Insurance companies are about profit and could care less about any of the insured.

Stressful To Deal With And Lack Of Coverage And Accountability
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Rating: 1/51

To start off, phone communications are garbled most of the times and I've mentioned this to them for the longest now with little done to resolve this issue. Then, they get someone from a foreign country that speaks in a heavy middle-eastern accent to further make things confusing. I've recorded our conversations as evidence as they do the same.

Drugs that are on formulary for the year are suddenly stopped because of limitations... 6 tablets of Famciclovir is not over the limits according to their own people that do research for me but the clinical team determine that my prescriptions shouldn't be covered and I suffer needlessly at their hands. They give reasons that don't make any logical sense not to cover my drugs, prescribed by my Dr., who is also a Pharmacist.

Humana hires people that can't even speak English properly. Humana pharmacy and Humana customer service is a joke. The only professionals are the insurance agents that are licensed to sell insurance and are probably the highest paid, no doubt. Along with Medicare parts A and B, I'm paying a lot for my insurance needs and have a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) policy through Humana but not many providers want to take my insurance and I can now understand why. It's getting worse too!

Humana Choice PPO Denied Most of Basic Medical Treatments
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Rating: 1/51

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I have had Humana Choice PPO for 1 year. I checked my plan summary and the numbers speaks for itself. I am so mad how little the plan pays out and switched to other company. Will see how other company payout next year. Humana Choice PPO denied most of basic medical bills and made me pay 40% of medical costs, 75% of pharmacy costs. See the numbers below and make your own decision. MEDICAL (year 2017): Total bill: $28,914.93, Plan paid: $1,246.41, I paid: $558.07. PHARMACY (year 2017): Total bill: $239.46, Plan paid: $43.10, I paid: $196.36.

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Rating: 1/51

WANETTE, OKLAHOMA -- I disenroll in Humana immediately. I was able to enroll the same day online. So it should be that I can disenroll the same way. They require I fax the form in. Why can't they do it by email? I am covered by other insurance. This is official notice. I disenroll in Humana as of February 28, 2017.

AWFUL and Stressful
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Rating: 1/51

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I have only had Humana for 3 months now and already they have continued to screw me over on multiple occasions. The first time, I had to enroll because my current health insurance was no longer valid in the state I live in, so they made us switch at the end of 2015. Upon switching to Humana - and only because it was the cheapest - I had e-mails confirming my coverage would begin on January 1 of this year.

When I received my insurance card, it said my effective start date was February 1. Usually not a huge deal, but I was running out of my prescription (which is something that you can NOT mess around with by just going off it, it needs to be consistent), and needed an updated prescription since I was out of refills.

After exhausting myself talking to many "customer service" representatives at Humana who were willing to do absolutely nothing and couldn't have cared less, I finally spoke with someone who actually seemed like he was a person and not a bored robot who hates their job and hates customers. We spent an HOUR on the phone and he came to the resolution that he would call my doctor's office, let them know my January visit WOULD be covered despite what my insurance card said and even gave them a reference number that he said was in the notes on my account in case my doctor needed to call with questions or anything.

I went to the appointment, got my prescription (which I still had to pay for out of pocket because Humana refused to cover it, despite the reference number), and thought it was settled. Now, I can understand making mistakes - I've made mistakes before and I will again; we're human and it happens. If we own up to them, apologize, and do what we can to make it right, all's well that end's well, which is exactly what should've happened here. But since it's Humana, it wasn't that easy. I received a call from my doctor's office the following week letting me know that, despite the reference number given and promises made, Humana had denied the claim for my office visit.

Now, at this point, I was pissed. I had finally found a doctor that worked for me and my insurance company was screwing them over - this was not okay, because they had been so cool and patient about allowing me to be seen and dealing with the issues. Of course, calling Humana 17 times got me nowhere because their reps are absolutely worthless.

That was when I e-mailed the Board of Directors. ALL of their e-mail addresses are on the Humana website. I suggest selecting all of their names and sending an e-mail to each and every one. There is also an e-mail address on their website for someone at their corporate office, if you go to their Contact Us link and look through the tabs on the side, you'll find some people. In fact, I highly recommend using this form of communication as these people deserve to be bombarded with complaints.

I got contacted by one of their assistants within 48 hours and he said he'd be on the case. He called my doctor, had them resubmit the claim, and covered it. He also said he'd reimburse my prescriptions but I hadn't kept the receipts, not expecting Humana to do anything like that, but the more I deal with Humana the more I realize I never would've been reimbursed despite what he said. So, finally, issue taken care of. Naturally, left me with a bad taste in my mouth for Humana but it's honestly just too exhausting to deal with so I dropped it.

Then came time for my next Rx refill. Since Humana only offers me two options for pharmacies and neither are very convenient to my location, I decided to use their mail order pharmacy. I put in my request on March 15th for the two prescriptions I have (again, the one being one that is necessary to take EVERY DAY), since I was running out of the more important one on March 24th and their website said it would be delivered in 3-5 business days. That sounded good, and even though their prices are a bit ridiculous, it's just easier to do it this way with my schedule.

So the one prescription that I just take as needed and wasn't out of yet, shipped out on Friday the 18th and I had it in my mailbox on Monday the 21st, essentially meaning it took just 1 business day to ship. When I logged into Humana to look up the other one, it had been "Canceled" for no reason, then resubmitted. I spoke to my doctor's office - who, at this point, between me and their other Humana patients, hates Humana just as much as I do - said they had sent Humana my prescriptions as Humana requested at the same time.

So if Humana received one, they received the other. I also paid for both of these prescriptions at the same time, but was only charged for one. I called on Monday, March 21st to try to get this fixed by the 24th when it would become a problem. I spoke with Chris. He mumbled and was a complete jerk, offering no solutions, basically saying there was nothing he could do. After I explained to him in a VERY assertive manner that he would INDEED be doing something to fix this and have this prescription in my mailbox the next day, he said he would call USPS and expedite the shipping.

According to Humana, the Rx had shipped out that day, but according to the USPS, they hadn't even received it. He said he had put in a request to process a refund for BOTH prescriptions (clearly too unintelligent to see they still hadn't taken the money out for the second one yet), and that he'd have his supervisor Joanna give me a call back within the hour. I made it clear to him that would not happen, as it was not the first time I'd been told someone from Humana would call me back and it never happened. Naturally, I never heard from this alleged Joanna. The refunds were never processed and USPS was never contacted to expedite the shipping.

On March 23rd, I e-mailed the Board of Directors and corporate office again. I haven't heard back from the BOD, and the person at corporate said she'd get back in touch when "the issue is resolved". Umm, how does that help? When the corporate office isn't even willing to do anything, then there's a serious problem that has made me question if they're even running their company legally. I would love to know who to talk to get an investigation going on them.

Anyway, March 24th, when now it's a real problem, I called and spoke to a supervisor named Veronica. She was a little more help than the others, but still not very much. I told her she could drive to my house - 3 states away - and deliver my prescription herself that night. Naturally she wouldn't do that, but she said she'd call around to pharmacies in my area and see if they'd deliver.

Now, anyone with a brain knows that doesn't happen - that's not how pharmacies work - but I decided Humana had wasted enough of my time and energy, so now it was their turn to waste time and energy, and I let her spend about an hour calling around. I know that's spiteful and I'm not normally that kind of a person, but Humana has lost any and all respect from me so I don't really care what they have to go through anymore. Of course, problem still not solved.

Friday evening, I called again. I had to call 9 different times just to finally speak to a supervisor who was willing to help (Sean was NOT, BTW, if you ever call, do NOT speak to Sean, he was a complete jackass). Her name was Markee (I am SO SORRY if I'm spelling that incorrectly!!), and she is the ONLY one who showed any sort of human compassion or empathy. She apologized and actually, legitimately seemed to care and understand the importance of the situation. I think Humana made a mistake when they hired her because they seem to only hire egotistical self-centered jerks, and she is the opposite of that. She should be working for a much better company.

I told her how I needed the medicine TONIGHT, expecting the same "well there's nothing we can do" answer I'd received from everyone else. I was surprised - apparently, there WAS something they could do, only the other reps were all too lazy to deal with it.

She put a stop on the order that had allegedly shipped out on March 21 but the USPS still hadn't even received by the 25th. She called my local pharmacy who isn't even on my list of approved pharmacies, got them to fill the Rx for me and let me know she'd be listening to the conversation I had with Chris on the 21st since he had given me so much false information and see if there needed to be consequences.

I went to my local pharmacy, got my prescription, and all was good. That is ALL it took - just a couple of phone calls and a trip to the store, which could've been done on MONDAY and saved me (and Humana) all sorts of headaches and stress, but since no one at Humana before Markee knows how to do anything, they've gotten themselves into a LOT of trouble.

I have spoken with many people who have either had or dealt with Humana, and no one has ever had anything good to say about them. Their ads talk about treating their customers like humans, but that has not happened. I am considering whether I need to take legal action for all the stress this has caused because Humana needs to get shut down because they can NOT be messing with people's health like this.

Anyway, PLEASE do not use Humana if you can avoid it, it's worth paying a little extra to get an insurance company who won't screw you over. I STILL have not heard from the BOD and will certainly e-mailing them again and again until they get sick of me and decide to respond.

I know this complaint makes me sound like a horrible person but I'm really quite patient and can understand some human error here and there. What I refuse to deal with is lack of taking responsibility for said errors and ignoring people who pay you a LARGE amount of money per month to do absolutely nothing. Humana will be reimbursing me for my prescriptions, as well as the premiums I've paid them. To the rest of you, good luck trying to get your Humana problems sorted. Hopefully you can get in touch with a supervisor as compassionate and willing to help/find solutions as Markee.

Humana Is a Medadvantage Nightmare!!
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Rating: 1/51

IDAHO -- Major "Bossy" issues and multiple minor issues: Humana sent a mailing telling me I should sign up for Humana Medicare Rewards program, then receive 4 preventive services and they would send me two rewards cards!!! What??? I'm not interested in signing up for anything and they should not be asking me to. I pay for Medicare MedAdvantage health insurance for insurance coverage, not to be part of a whole "bossy manipulation" of my life. I never agreed to let them persistently invade my privacy in whatever ways they deem necessary.

Their continual pressure to call them, to "sign up" for something, to do something for them is annoying beyond words. We all know by now that trendy "rewards programs" are never, ever free -- we always end up paying something for them. In this case, the insurance premiums are expensive in relation to their limited pool of medical providers (which is shrinking), and covered services and prescriptions are limited and continually changed. This insurances truly sucks the big one and I dropped it during open enrollment this month. I regret that I ever signed up with them.

Another annoying issue is I have received so many "robo-calls" (the phone rings but only a recording is there) asking me to call back if I can capture the multiple digit calling code before the call is disconnected. I only found out who was calling when I redialed the caller ID number on my telephone. Forget the long code -- I missed all but the first 3 numbers and they only said it once. Dumb!

When I called back, I was told several times that they were replying to a call from me -- that was a lie. The calls were coming in so often, I had to block the telephone numbers so they would not ring through because obviously they did not take me seriously when I told them to stop calling me. Oh, and I won't go into the surly customer service representative right after I signed up.

One service they have repeatedly pushed on me over the last couple of months is a home health assessment visit by a nurse practitioner employed by one of their "affiliates." I am healthy, fully independent, and highly mobile and will not allow such an intrusion into my home and my personal privacy. I have firmly said no multiple times per sales call but they persist. The last time I was quite blunt and used frank language to get them to "hear" me.

One week after my last refusal, here comes a high pressure, full-page letter from Mr. Painter, Chief Medical Officer, Health Guidance Organization, pushing the service on me (with all evidence that he probably sold used cars at some point) and telling me an appointment specialist will call me to schedule an appointment or I can call them to schedule it. What??? What part of "n-o", no, do they not understand?

Humana is not making good use of the monies paid by Medicare to provide health insurance and there is obviously a corporate mentality that they have the right to invade privacy to push their own agendas. Only buy insurance from this company if you want an "elder sister" to tell you what you need, when you need it, how much you can have, and if you don't mind intrusive, unsolicited telephone calls and letters from them to push their own gimmicky agendas. Even my primary care physician's practice is fed up with them and they have opted not to renew their contract with Humana.

During open enrollment, I canceled this joke of insurance and switched back to a reputable insurance company who at one time provided the employer's group health insurance where I worked. They have decades of experience in the field and respect individual privacy. They do not waste money on foolishness like Humana does. I won't even talk about all of the mail Humana buried me with. Pure wastefulness.

Dishonest Regarding Coverage
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Rating: 1/51

SPRING HILL, FLORIDA -- I turned 65 in Apr 2014 and made the mistake of signing up for the Humana Advantage Plan. For the past few months I have been treated by one of their PCP. He diagnosed the pain in my hip as arthritis. I keep telling the PCP that the pain was excruciating and that I could not put any weight on it. When I went for my appointments they would come outside to the vehicle and bring me into the office in a wheelchair. His answer to my pain was "We will up the Meds". Was taking Hydrocodone 10-325 for the pain. The pills did nothing for me as the pain persisted.

I finally had enough of the pain and called the nurse at Humana. After explaining my situation she told me to get to an Emergency Room within the next 4 hours. (The only intelligent person I talked to at Humana). After having blood work, x-rays, and scans done at the ER, they recommended I see an Orthopedic Surgeon with 2-3 days. They didn't tell me what was wrong other than I needed surgery to correct my problem. I called my PCP as soon as I got home. Was told that they would have to get records from ER before they could do anything. Left message to have PCP call me.

A week and 1/2 went by, no call from PCP. I called PCP and he stated he didn't have any records from my visit to the ER. I looked up the surgeon that the ER recommended and called him. He is in the network but needed a referral from PCP. Called PCP and they refused to refer me to surgeon. They would only refer me to a surgeon of their choosing, another doctor in their group.

Now the problem, do you really think I would want a doctor in this group of doctors to perform major surgery on me? They misdiagnosed my problem as arthritis when in reality the top of my femur bone was collapsing, thus the severe pain. For 2 months I endured this horrific pain and now I have to have a total hip replacement… a major surgery. I do not trust any of these doctors in this so called group.

I called Humana and was told I have to do want the PCP says even though my surgeon is in the network. The office girl at my surgeons office got the records from the ER and called Humana arguing that they were in the network why couldn't they see me. Humana would not allow it.

When I signed up for Humana back in March I was told that I could go to any doctor I wanted as long as they were in the network. I was never told about PCP's with their own group of doctors. So I am unable to walk. Can only sit or lay down. I do have a walker and a scooter (which I paid for out of my own pocket $1200) so I can get around my house as I live alone.

Instead of getting this operation done and over with before Christmas I now have to suffer and wait until January when my new Insurance and PCP go into effect. And yes my new PCP will refer me to my surgeon. As far as Humana is concerned they lied to me when I signed up with them and their PCP should be kicked to the curb. Stay away from HUMANA!!!

Poor Customer Service, Violation of HIPAA Regulations
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Rating: 1/51

I was enrolled in a Humana Supplement beginning 01/01/14. On 10/15/14 I received a notice from Humana, raising my rates for 2015. At that point, Humana had paid $20 in costs for me during 2014. I located other insurance, equally good, for much less money. It was secured on 10/27/14. I contacted Humana to dis-enroll as of 12/31/14.

For the next 3 1/2 months I have been arguing with Humana. On January 3, they drafted the money for January from my account. I complained. Three weeks of daily calls and arguing passed before a check was finally issued on 01/28/14 to reimburse me for the money they had drafted. However, by the time the check reached me, I also received a call from Humana accusing me of inappropriately getting a check from Humana for money I actually owed them. The call was accusatory and threatening.

On 02/06/15 I received a letter from Humana stating that my application for supplemental insurance was being denied. It went on to say that, in my application (that I had never submitted) I had agreed for them to use my PHI to complete and underwriter review. That was a lie and a HIPAA violation. Finally I sent out letters to the Ethics board, the insurance commission, and the Board of Directors at Humana as I have all of the communications as evidence of this fiasco.

Sure enough, I received a letter dated 02/10/15 saying that they were disenrolling me, effective 12/31/14, followed by a second letter, dated 02/11/15, saying that my application for supplemental insurance had been denied, based on the fact that I had provided them with permission to access and use my PHI to facilitate underwriting review and based on the information they received, I was being denied coverage.

At this point, it is clear to me that the denial letters are punitive, a way to punish people who disenroll from their coverage. They are clearly violated HIPAA regulations and should be prosecuted for those violations. Further, the company functions in an atmosphere of the most uncaring, ignorant, disrespectful, dishonest employees imaginable. I will not be satisfied until Humana is publicly prosecuted for HIPAA violations and publicly humiliated for the way they do business.

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