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Humana Is An Insurance Company Straight From Hell!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MONETT, MISSOURI -- My wife had an accident 14 months ago where she broke off her good teeth from her gum studs from a serious fall. She suffered in excruciating pain for many months while we submitted numerous appeals because Humana said "dental" was not covered (all initial appeals are ruled upon by Humana paid people). Humana continuously blocked us from receiving medical attention on every point!

Finally we got to the Federal Court of Appeals. The judge ruled fully and completely in our favor, stating that if an accident caused the damage to her teeth it cannot be considered routine dental, and also that we had an Advantage Plan (Humana Gold) with expanded coverage. The judge proceeded to outline to Humana why they never should have denied us medical coverage in the first place!

Our doctor said Humana always refuses coverage in an array of medical claims routinely in an effort to not pay out money for necessary medical claims. My doctor said after some people filed appeals and got turned down they gave up before making it to the Federal Courts, which he said eliminates 95% or more of the appeals! (It takes up to a year or more to make it to the Federal Courts). The Federal judge instructed Humana to pay for our medical treatment 5 months ago. So far Humana refused to arrange or pay one penny! I called the judge's clerk and asked how do I enforce the judgment? I was told they didn't know of any way to enforce said judgment! While my wife continues to suffer we will have to dig up the money to pay for a private attorney to sue in civil court!

Note: You cannot sue Humana for pain and suffering, punitive damages or even attorney fees because the Government gave them immunity. So what do they have to lose by not paying?!! Humana is an example of a company that will let you die for the sake of pure greed (their stocks have reached all-time highs on the NYSE)!
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User Replies:
nikalseyn on 11/12/2012:
This is good to know about Humana. We will tell people of your experience with them at our senior meetings. This is the time of the year when seniors can change their ins. plans and to know of actual experiences people have can help people make informed decisions.
gardener07 on 12/01/2012:
thanks - I was considering Humana - am a senior and getting my Part B reset right now. Good info!
uchu on 12/01/2012:
This is exactly why the good ol' US of A is dying a slow death at the hands of insurance companies...shame.
Robertr Wilson on 12/04/2012:
Not so long ago HUMANA provided a complete health care plan that was used as a secondary with SOCIAL SECURITY. After a while, HUMANA DUMPED THEIR POLICY, ANYBODY REMEMBER THIS?
ok4now on 12/09/2012:
Maybe Obama Care has a provision to help. Don't hold your breath. This is an absolute disgrace! Has corporate greed taken precedent over helping an insured customer? Then this customer as a last resort is forced to appeal this to a Federal Court? How pathetic, shame on you Humana. If it was your child who needed medical help would you be so quick to deny this claim? I don't think so.
kathy on 04/25/2013:
Sorry to hear. I'm having similar issues with them. It's been 7 mos and nothing. I called Medicare and issued a complaint thereby them launching an investigation. Also, contact your local Congressman, you can issue a complaint there too. If we don't stand up for our rights-we won't have any. Good Luck~
YabbaDabbaDoo on 09/24/2014:
I agree, but to be more specific Humana represents Dante's 8th Circle Of Hell from his Inferno. The 8th Circle (of 9) includes Fraud, where Humana fits nicely. Awful company, not incompetent as many believe, but intentionally appearing incompetent and mistake ridden to wear down policy holders to deny and cut claim amounts to save themselves money. Shame shame on you Humana.
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Eleven months of battling an incompetent company.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MEDFORD, OREGON -- I spent several days going over my prescription list with a representative to insure Humana had all the information they needed to price my first Medicare approved Prescription Drugs or Pat D insurance plan. I accepted the plan and terms and it went into effect January 1, 2012.

The first time I went to the Pharmacy to pick up my medicine for Parkinson's disease, the prescription was filled for 24 days when it should have been for 30 days. The pharmacist told me it was Humana's decision to restrict their coverage to 8 pills per day and not the 10 pills per day as prescribed by my Doctor. I went around and around with Humana and finally a representative told me she put an override order on the restriction and assured me the problem was fixed. Next month the same thing happened. I asked about the override placed the previous month and was told it was a one time only override. The representative I was talking to told me to take the prescribed amount and come back for a ten day supply to carry me into the third month and everything would be resolved by then. It was not. In fact Humana informed me they were no longer covering the medicine in my plan, We are talking about the number one medicine prescribed to Parkinson's disease patients. I gave a copy of the letter to my Neurologist and he managed to convince Humana to reverse their decision.

I also have Diabetes and early inn the year, my doctor gave me a prescription for Insulin prefilled cartridges or "Pen injection system. I could not afford even my copay so I asked for an alternative lower cost system and was prescribed for the same medicine n vles that would load into syringe needle for my injections. My copay for this system was a third of the cost of the pen system. Last month a new prescription was written by a different doctor who mistakenly wrote it for the pen injection. The amount Humana quoted the Pharmacy was much lower than the previous quote. My wife was picking up the prescription. She was unaware of the mistake. I was out of Insulin and used the pen system since my wife paid for it.
Now we are in the eleventh month of the plan and I have just entered the gap coverage or "doughnut hole and now I pay full price for all of my medicine. The prescription cost in the pen system for one month is more than $275.00. I called my Doctor and asked to have my prescription modified to the vile and syringe method. the pharmacist told me the injection method was changed but the price remained the same. I called Humana and this time had two reps and a supervisor involved. They reminded me I was in the donut hole and expected to pay the full amount which by the way was over five hundred for a month. I asked why was the price quoted 275.00? From that point on all they were focusing on was why their own company quoted a discounted price and told me they only price they had on my insulin was the vile and syringe system. Well this is open enrollment time and as of January 1, 2013, I will have a new plan in place. I only hope I can make it that far without my medicine. no change, not resolved. :(
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User Replies:
ticia232 on 11/26/2012:
can you get some insulin from your doctor while you are going through this transition period? They seem to be the people who messed up (pen vs injection meds). I went through this with my son (he has Epilepsy) and when I was changing insurances to one that his neurologist took, he was able to prescribe me medication on the doctor account that he has at the local hospital. It was only for 2 weeks and he put the cost on the new insurance.
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Humana One Dental Is a Scam
Posted by on
I am not offered insurance with my employer and am in desperate need of dental services. I found a plan through then that gave a list of services I could receive at a discount rate and it was in my budget so I signed up. I had to pay a $35 application fee and a monthly premium of $15.10. They had a large list of providers in my area and I was very thankful to finally have great coverage.

Then the terror begins. A bunch of the providers on their list had disconnected phones and were no longer in business, some said they never signed up as a provider for the plan, and others were so terrible I did not stay for the appointment. It would have been cleaner at the health department.

I had not utilized coverage so I called to find out what to do to cancel the policy. I was told I had to email to cancel and that was the only way, so I did. Next, I get an email back stating they received my request and it would be processed within 7 days.

I wait and still nothing in my account so I call back and am told they never received my email. Not only did they not rectify the problem immediately I was told that the application fee was not refundable. They then made me email them the original email I sent and the confirmation email they sent me! So again, I did.

A week later they tell me they are processing it that day and that it would appear in my account within three days. I waited another week and called them back. They told me I had to wait longer and that it is an issue with my bank. I had to tell the lady to "stop patronizing me and open up your ears to listen. There is obviously a problem somewhere. You are customer care so HELP ME! She told me she would like into it and call me back.

At the end of today, she returns the call only to tell me that they did cancel the account and processed that, but for some reason it had not been placed back to my card. She assures me that it would be refunded today. Yah! I told her I would talk to her again next week when they again drop the ball.

Enter into a policy with them at your own risk!
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Beware of the Prescription Plan Thru Wal-Mart
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WEST PLAINS, MISSOURI -- I had By-Pass Surgery and my wife thought we "Had" to have a prescription plan. She purchased the Humana Plan. They did not inform her that there was a $300.00 deductible. We do not use $300.00 in prescriptions a year and, we had a drug plan with the hospital where my wife works. Asked Humana for a dis-enrollment. They agreed to dis-enroll us on 07/31/2012 and sent us a letter of confirmation. Approximately 1 and 1/2 months later I received a phone call from a "Collection" agency, stating that Humana had turned us over for collection.

We had NOT received any statement, bill, or any correspondence from Humana since the letter of confirmation. We never used their plan and paid 9 months plus 2 more to the collection agency. I did complain and got a phone call from Humana, apologizing for the mix-up, but the damage to my credit was already done. I had prior to this a 780 score. Don't know now.
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User Replies:
mcarthurdw on 09/28/2012:
1. check your credit
2. If it affects your score contest it, get the fact that it was an error in writing from Humana, and include it with your letter contesting the credit report.
The sad fact is that all Health Insurance in the good old USA, is over priced rubbish. I pay over $10,000 a year for BC/BS for my wife and myself and the co-pays are still insanely high.

I wish you a speedy recovery
j.c. harding on 09/28/2012:
When we signed on with Humana for drug Ins the cost was 6 change a month, after the first year the cost more than doubled for each of us to over $15.00 each per month with no advanced notice. They have poor customer service. My advice, deal with someone more reliable!!
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Big Brother HMO
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- My mother was recently involved in a auto accident and taken to a icu trauma in San Antonio. After 12 days in icu her drs. recommended a LTac facility. Humana Gold Plus "reviewed" the Drs. recommendations and disagreed with their request. She was moved to another floor to wait until her chest tubes can come out before Humana will let us know what they will pay for. My mother is in a 3 person room with chest tube, broken hip, open wound, 6 broken ribs, heart problems, broken femur and instead of getting the help that a LTac would be able to provide, she is stuck waiting, against the Drs. advice, for Humana to see how she progresses. I, her daughter live 200 miles away had to return to work after 12 days,(she is stable, just not getting well enough to stand or get tubes out) I offered to pay for transportation to Houston, where I live so that I could be there daily to assist in her recovery and help with decisions. Humana refuses to move her even though the Drs. say it would be best for her to get the care a LTac offers and to be with family. Humana is keeping her there and making all decisions as to what care she is receiving based on what they will pay for.
My mother pays a good amount to Humana as a replacement for her Medicare thinking that she would receive the best of care. Humana has taken away her right to participate in the decisions of her health care. I would encourage anyone with parents that have Humana Gold Plus to examine other options. Even the Drs. and hospital staff have told me that their hands are tied and they hate to see people come in with Humana because they know they can not give them the level of care that they need. Medicare is a much better option. Do not let your parents be in the position that my mother is in. Helpless and at the mercey of a review panel deciding what is best for her.

sad daughter 3/9/12 12:02PM
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 03/09/2012:
This story is weird for two reasons. One, was the accident her fault? If not, why isn't the other person's car insurance paying for this. Two, hospitals are EXPENSIVE whereas LTACS SNFs are cheaper by comparison. There's got to be more to this story.
jeff on 03/09/2012:
You must fight harder and advocate for her survival.. Remember , it's cheaper for Medical insurance companies if when they believe the problems are potentially terminal, that we die as quickly as possible. They are a business.. Health and care don't belong together. At the end of the year only profits matter not who you killed to get those profits. Insurance for medical care is immoral .. Look at the rest of the civilized countries. Follow the money.. Fight hard for your Mother
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HumanaOne Scams Consumers
Posted by on
After losing my dental Insurance from work I felt it would be worth checking into getting a family dental insurance policy. Humana is a well known company right??? I called the company representative on August 19th 2011 and this is what happened: In a very high pressure sales pitch about how great the policy was the representative told me that their in net work providers provide discounts of 28% for many procedures including crowns, root canals, and so on. The discount services were effective immediately. I asked if a specific dentist we just started seeing was an in net work provider. The representative stated yes. I said- so the discounts you stated will be honored by this dentist? He replied that they would be honored by this dentist. I signed up. Wow was I wrong. I talked with he dentist after I got off of the phone and guess what? They do not give any discounts to patients for HumanaOne. I cancelled my policy which was not in effect until September 1st 2011 ( full two weeks before coverage was to begin). Oh the night mare run around begins. You have to email the company to cancel you can't do it over the phone. I emailed over ten times-no response. Then I finally get an acknowlegement of my email to which I could not reply. It just said they received the emailfrom me to cancel nothing more. I emailed again. I finally get a letter stating my insurance was cancelled as of September 1st, no mention of my refund. I called the company on 9/27 to find out that I have to write to their grievance department to try to get a refund but they would keep $35.00 no matter what. The representative did not tell me this either. Now I am told that this is their service fee. What service? I was given false information about the policy coverage and discounts, given the run around to cancel the policy and given a huge run around about a getting a refund.
Stay away from Humana's service!

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Say anything to get your money
Posted by on
LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- My wife and I both had part D coverage last year through Humana. When the 2011 update book came out it was next to impossible to figure out what if any changes would affect our prescription expenses. So I called Humana customer service. Went through all of our prescriptions one by one with the agent and was told only one of our prescriptions was changing. One of my wife's was moving from tier 1 to tier 2 changing the cost of that prescription from $7.00 to $40.00. Come January What a surprise we got when we went to pick up our prescriptions. The truth was the exact opposite of what we were told. For each of us only 1 prescription was staying the same. so in total 2 prescriptions stayed were they were on tier 1 they other 9 were moved from tier 1 to tier 2 meaning a $40.00 copay for each of those 7 medications. Basically the Humana Agent out and out lied to keep us paying for insurance with them. now we pay them a total of 86.00 a month for prescription insurance and they cover about $70.00 of our prescription costs. When your on SSD income is limited enough without the people who are supposed to be helping you lying to you and adding to your cost of living expenses. When I Filed a complaint with Medicare about this a Humana agent called us trying to tell us nothing had changed in the co-pays. Their only answer was to give us a phone number our Doctors could call an petition for a tier exemption. I think you all know pretty much were that one is going. Now the question we are facing is do we give up prescriptions and suffer the consequences or do we give up eating.
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Dangerously Crooked Company -- Avoid At All Costs
Posted by on
DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA -- I have had the most alarming experience with Humana One. For years I have been paying premiums and not really using the insurance except for once a year doc visits and prescriptions. Then I had some dental trouble and consulted with a representative about whether I would be able to get a procedure. She told me how much money there was available and it was enough. I got the procedure -- probably totaling about $1,300 to Humana (I paid that much in co-pays since dentistry is about 50%). That unleashed a chain of events that is only getting worse. First Humana refused to pay the claims saying I'd been "terminated." So my dentist is all upset. But I'd consistently paid my bills to Humana, and Humana was paying for monthly prescriptions well after I'd supposedly been terminated. They must have conveniently, retroactively terminated me somehow -- but then apparently reinstated me right after the procedure, since I'm now current with them. THEN -- here's where it gets really bad -- Humana reached into my bank account and attempted to take out $1,900, an amount they have yet to explain. This caused an overdraft -- at first I thought it was some sort of online fraud. I was very alarmed and assured by the representative it was a grievous error. Then I was told by another representative that I owed Humana this money. Which of course makes no sense.

They still haven't told me why they felt compelled to do this. I distrust this company so much that I am considering changing my bank info lest they try it again. They were not authorized to go into my account, period. It was all very terrifying. I am quitting them as soon as I resolve the dental mess. What if I became ill with cancer? I think I know what would happen. Getting any treatment out of this company would require a legal battle for which few have the resources (because if they did, they'd have real insurance). I chose Humana because it was cheaper than COBRA. Should have paid the extra money instead.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/01/2009:
Welcome to the "real" world of insurance. They keep taking your premiums and then fight like hell not to pay anything when it comes up. Capitalism at its finest. They don't care about their customers, only their stock holders.
Lynn on 05/17/2012:
I came here to see what other complaints there were out here regarding their dental coverage. I will take this further and complain to the right places.
Stacy on 02/18/2013:
Horrible company! when I signed up there were several dentists in my area to choose from...3 months later I finally receive my insurance cards and NO ONE will except their plan. They keep charging me monthly! Very Shady!
Ms. Clark on 10/28/2013:
I have been considering Humana Part D, but after reading these reviews I will stay as far away from Humana as I can!!!! I am having a similar experience with Dental Select still taking money out of my account all the while they have cancelled me. Very frustrating!!!!!!
Al on 11/07/2013:
I just got off the phone with Human DHMO. The rep actually told me that "Human does not keep any records of my dental procedures." Apparently, if the dentist is "in-network", there isn't any paper trail or record maintained by Humana. Unbelievable!
Have to Complain on 03/14/2014:
Humana is ridiculously bad. I have already had to complain to my state insurance board about their vision plan. Now, I have to do the same thing regarding their dental plan.
I chose a costly plan based on the benefit information they provided to EHealthInsurance stating that they cover bridgework with no waiting period.
Waiting period? They now claim it isn't even a covered benefit. Period. Nothing on the EHealthInsurance website excludes it, and nothing in the Humana plan documents says that it is excluded.
Humana out and out lied about the coverage on the EHealthInsurance web site, and didn't include any information on their own website indicating that bridgework was not covered. According to EHealthInsurance, there is nothing they can due to make Humana honor their obligation.
To top it off, I am contractually obligated to pay this ridiculously high premium for no useful coverage at all for a year! I guess I have to honor my legal obligations, but they don't.
I am done with Humana. If they turn out to be my only option, I will work with my dentist to see what can be done with no dental insurance. Frankly, if the medical community would make its services affordable, I would do without insurance completely.
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Dishonest Regarding Coverage
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SPRING HILL, FLORIDA -- I turned 65 in Apr 2014 and made the mistake of signing up for the Humana Advantage Plan. For the past few months I have been treated by one of their PCP. He diagnosed the pain in my hip as arthritis. I keep telling the PCP that the pain was excruciating and that I could not put any weight on it. When I went for my appointments they would come outside to the vehicle and bring me into the office in a wheelchair. His answer to my pain was "We will up the Meds". Was taking Hydrocodone 10-325 for the pain. The pills did nothing for me as the pain persisted. I finally had enough of the pain and called the Nurse at Humana. After explaining my situation she told me to get to an Emergency Room within the next 4 hours. (The only intelligent person I talked to at Humana). After having blood work, x-rays, and scans done at the ER, they recommended I see an Orthopedic Surgeon with 2-3 days. They didn't tell me what was wrong other than I needed surgery to correct my problem. I called my PCP as soon as I got home. Was told that they would have to get records from ER before they could do anything. Left message to have PCP call me. A week and 1/2 went by, no call from PCP. I called PCP and he stated he didn't have any records from my visit to the ER. I looked up the Surgeon that the ER recommended and called him. He is in the network but needed a referral from PCP. Called PCP and they refused to refer me to Surgeon. They would only refer me to a Surgeon of their choosing, another Doctor in their Group.

Now the problem, do you really think I would want a Doctor in this group of Doctors to perform Major Surgery on me? They misdiagnosed my problem as arthritis when in reality the top of my femur bone was collapsing, thus the severe pain. For 2 months I endured this horrific pain and now I have to have a total hip replacement....a Major Surgery. I do not trust any of these Doctors in this so called Group. I called Humana and was told I have to do want the PCP says even tho my Surgeon is in the network. The office girl at my Surgeons office got the records from the ER and called Humana arguing that they were in the network why couldn't they see me. Humana would not allow it.

When I signed up for Humana back in March I was told that I could go to any Doctor I wanted as long as they were in the network. I was never told about PCP's with their own group of Doctors. So I am unable to walk. can only sit or lay down. I do have a walker and a scooter (which I paid for out of my own pocket $1200) so I can get around my house as I live alone. Instead of getting this operation done and over with before Christmas I now have to suffer and wait until January when my new Insurance and PCP go into effect. And yes my new PCP will refer me to my Surgeon. As far as Humana is concerned they lied to me when I signed up with them and their PCP should be kicked to the curb. Stay away from HUMANA!!!!!
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Plan not as sold/advertised 2011 or 2012 - Beware
Posted by on
After checking out this plan because of drugs listed on their formulary and on Medicare's Find-A-Plan, I signed up in August. However, in checking the "Drug Guide" as they like to call it the drug is listed - however, it is not covered. First person at Humana I spoke with said not covered and I'm on Medicare's site showing me that it is. So I was confused when the 2012 Formulary arrived and it's listed in Humana's "Drug Guide" as covered. So I again called Humana and asked about the drug and was again told that they had the latest up-to-date list and the drug is NOT covered. This was the Customer Service for members 1-800-281-6918. Not being satisfied I called the non-member's number for prospective members 1-800-706-0872 which is the Sales Office. Rep looked up the drug and said yes it is covered how much it would be, etc. When I told him I had checked and the member office told me it was not covered he just transferred me back to the same people I had already spoken with regarding the drug. Sales office and Medicare saying one thing, but in reality drug is not covered. So what the agent tells you will be anything but the truth to get you to sign up only to discover you will pay full price for the drug. Check it out for yourself. Humana couldn't care less and continue to sell misrepresented policy.
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User Replies:
londonwitch on 11/03/2011:
Call Costco either locally or their warehouse, believe me you will save monies. I have a drug that Walmart told me would cost $266 for three months, Costco told me I could get it for forty three. Turn them over to the Insurance Commissioner in your state and the BBB
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