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Watch Out! Drug Formulary changed 2011
Posted by on
I urge all seniors who subscribe to any of the Humana HMO/PPO Medicare plans to quickly obtain a copy of the NEW drug formulary. Nearly all analgesics, especially Class II controlled substances have either been dropped altogether or raised to tier 2; the former $7 copay is now a $42 copay for the unsuspecting seniors on fixed budgets. Many other popularly prescribed medications for seniors have also been dropped.

There was ABSOLUTELY no warning of this. We found out when we attempted to fill our monthly prescriptions. There is no price break if you use their in house mail order pharmacy, "Right Source" either. And be very very careful that your prescription for inhalers is written with instructions to use up the canister each month; otherwise you will be charged a two or even three month charge for that single canister! It happened to us.

They even made me pay full charge for pre-operative lab work and the anesthesiologist's required ECG because they were done on an "out patient basis" the week prior to hospital admission. NO MORE SURPRISES FOR US FROM THIS "FOR PROFIT" health insurance company established by a former US senator and his family.

Next year we will NOT be with Humana again.
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Skye on 01/06/2011:
It's not only Humana who have made changes, without notifying policy holders. It's terrible, and I'm afriad only going to get worse.

So much for healthcare reform.
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Seniors Beware of Humana
Posted by on
Oh my, where do I begin! Words that come to mind - deceive, misdirect, allude, conceal -- a thesaurus may not include all the words! Alluding to drug coverage that in reality is negated simply by the average person's non-medical knowledge. I believe Humana uses this to their benefit. Likely the worst customer service representation in the medicare insurance industry. I feel deceived by Humana's promotion of varied programs that are touted as saving money. Actually, if you become ill most likely you will pay far, far more than you anticipate. Web site and paperwork is over the top complex.

For the most part your annual medical needs change year to year; Humana appears to counts on this by fine lining specific drugs for coverage. Never belief Tier One will cover your new generic drug as most likely it will not! Or that the antibiotic you need will be on their list of covered drugs or that that new drug that has been FDA approved for your new/old condition has any coverage at all even prior to the "donut hole" or with a physician's written, faxed approval in addition to the prescription. Just because the drug company states its generic has no influence that Humana will cover it; has to be on a small Humana 'preferred' generic list that seems to be nowhere out there in cyberland.

I find medicare drug coverage plans in general (other than and including Humana) are no replacement for what you had through your employer or what you became accustomed to with the standard insurance industry.

Humana creates paperwork your physician needs to fax to them to get a basic long time FDA drug approved for you. After that you relax; don't do that! You can never speak with the same person twice as they have no extensions; just a hundred or so phone employees (by their admission) that have a list of rote answers Humana has given to them. You can talk in circles for as long as you desire but more than likely your questions will remain unanswered after you hang up. Humana has surpassed the credit card industry in this tactic.

I thought all I had to be concerned about was the medicare 'donut hole'. Oh my, was I wrong! When the pharmacist stated the insurance carrier said 'no coverage' I was in need of a respiratory drug for a severe case of the H1N1 flu. At $700 I wanted to cry. I changed carriers to Humana to save $20 a month on the premium. Now I have several $45 a month GENERATICS on a Humana's Enhanced PDP policy! I learned today it is far, far easier to get a direct question answered by knowledgeable medicare phone staff than contact Humana. The irony for today is medicare advised me that Humana statements made to me regarding medicare were incorrect; a medicare grievance is being issued! It won't save me from having to continue to pay until I am free to change carriers; however, Humana may be getting their hand slapped by medicare. AMEN
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Because I'm 50+
Posted by on
LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- In late April of 2007, I applied on behalf of myself and my then 8-year old son for health coverage with Humana. I received my first letter acknowledging my application on May 2, 2007. The underwriting information originated from Waukesha, Wisconsin. I signed the agreement effective May 1, 2007, and at that time I was 49 years old.

In that same packet of information that I signed and faxed back on May 2, I read in the “Additional Information” pages the underwriter’s comments regarding the health status of me and my son, Jesse. The comments regarding my health status were based on a thorough checkup and revealed no abnormalities. Moreover, the only medications I had taken in the past 24 months were penicillin as needed for dental work. The comments regarding my son were based on a normal school checkup in 2006, and the only medications he needed were miralax (over-the-counter) and antibiotics for an ear infection. No additional medications were needed within the last 24 months prior to our signing with HumanaOne. The whole point of this rendition is to establish that we were, have been, and still are, healthy individuals with no history of excessive filing for insurance benefits.

My “conditional receipt” was for the initial monthly premium of $247.98, applied upon approval of the policy. Again, I am still referring to the May 1, 2007 effective date and the May 2 packet of information faxed to me and then faxed and mailed back to them.

I received a letter from HumanaOne dated May 17, 2007 regarding an “application update”. In it I was told that my application was approved with modifications, and that I had two days upon receipt to acknowledge the modifications by my signature. The modifications in the form of an amendment stated that my monthly premium would be increased to $343.90, and the reason given for the “rate up” was “due to body build”. I was already committed to this plan, so I signed the amendment effective June 1, 2007. This represented a $95.92 increase from my conditional monthly premium four weeks earlier. Curiously, I had the same “body build” those same four weeks earlier.

In 2008 I noticed that my monthly premium had increased from $343.90 to $390.68, with no prior notice and no reason given. I called and spoke with an individual in the system who could only tell me that the reason was due to me turning 50 years of age (like I really had to be reminded). I accepted that and informed my husband that the automatic debit would show an increase every month by $46.10.

In 2009 I again noticed that my monthly premium had increased from $390.68 to $443.94, indicating a monthly increase of $53.26. When I called to ask why I was told simply that I was a year older, and that each year the premium would increase due to that.

During the past 24 months I have not submitted a single claim for myself. Please see the documents submitted by hard copy to show this.

During the past 24 months, I have submitted four medical claims for my son, (doctor’s visits) which totaled $278.30. Of that total, HumanaOne paid $20.09, consistent with our deductibles. Also during the same 24-month period, I submitted claims from prescriptions for my son totaling $91.02. The plan paid $00.00, but consistent with the agreed upon deductibles.

My point is this: my medical and prescription needs have been zero for the past 24 months, yet it is my increasing age that supposedly triggers each yearly premium increase. My son’s claims have been for normal causes for a boy his age, and not significant by any stretch.

My complaint is the rising monthly premiums assessed each calendar year with the reason being my age. My age has not contributed to one cent in claims and thus not one cent in cost to HumanaOne. I will inquire with appropriate authorities to see if this falls under insurance abuse or age discrimination without cause. I am a housewife and my husband is the sole source of our income. These ever increasing monthly premiums, assessed each year, impact my family and seemingly for no acceptable reason.
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User Replies:
queenmbs on 09/18/2009:
The SIX big insurance companies do this type of stuff to folks all the time. I had a problem with Cigna also. Let's keep praying that our Congress will have enough decency to approve a plan with a PUBLIC OPTION for the country. The big insurance companies have been paying people to go to these rallys to say "NO to public option" because then they will have to change their ways to stay in business. All of the Republicans are in some form on the insurance companies side of things when they are put there to look out for their citizens. Hopefully the next election we can clear out a few more of the Republicans and put men or women in who have our interest at heart and not the Insurance companies.
Anonymous on 09/18/2009: are really deluded if you think this will improve your situation. You are going to be mandated to have insurance, it will be more expensive, and you will be fined if you don't have it. BIG fines. Remember, along with paying for your own insurance, you are going to pick up the freight for 50 million currently uninsured. More, if you count the illegals, and don't think for a moment that they will be excluded.
Jambra on 09/18/2009:
I see that somebody (KenPopcorn) watches the Glenn Beck Show.

I'm an American who has lived in Europe for more than 20 years. That means more than 20 years of universal health care (socialism). There is nothing better! Sure I'm mandated to have insurance, and it's cheaper than most Americans pay. Don't believe the dingbats who try to say otherwise. What naive losers!
MSCANTBEWRONG on 09/18/2009:
I don't want to pay for anyone else's insurance. I have a hard enough time paying for my own. I don't watch the Glenn Beck show but I do know there is no way in he// that illegals will be excluded from the plan. We have free clinics, clinics for the indigent which require a modest fee, Medicare, Medicade...all paid for with tax dollars. Let's just add an additional tax burden to the American citizens because apparently we don't pay enough.
JR in Orlando on 09/18/2009:
Government public option will make it worse. It requires healthy YOUNG people to have insurance to subsidize sicker people. Europe is not cheaper because government there gives tax money to pay for the system.

All insurance is based on actuarial tables. They know exactly what percentage of 50 year old people will have a heart attacks. While it is great you are healthy, your premiums are based on those probabilities. You are insuring the future, not the past. As you know, each year older means the risk of illness goes up, and hence premium costs rise. Did you expect to pay your initial premium amount until you are 80? Not realistic.
I also assume "body build" was a nice way of saying "fat." You pay extra for that, just like if you smoke because the risk of illness goes up.
jenjenn on 09/18/2009:
Premiums go up every year regardless of age. ??!!
dan gordon on 09/18/2009:
welcome to pvt health insurance. Your just learning what Obama has been talking about. In Washington Blue Cross went up 20% this yr. My cobra insurance just went from a 0 deductible to $1250. That's why the statistics say that if nothing is done health care will double in the next 10 yrs
skelly39 on 09/18/2009:
You already ARE paying for the uninsured's health care through your rising premiums. Health care is more expensive because of those who are not insured, and those of us who are "lucky" enough to have health coverage can barely afford it. To the OP, since you are seemingly healthy, are there cheaper plans that might cover catastrophic illness or injury but not preventative care? Seems to me you pay a ton more in premium than your basic medical care costs.
JR in Orlando on 09/18/2009:
When this was happening to me, I kept raising the deductible to keep the premiums down. Also, I would question why you are submitting claims when they are within the deductible amount. I always figure, the less I claim, the less they have to raise an issue about.
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Humana rip-off
Posted by on
OCALA, FLORIDA -- Insurance companies are a rip-off.

Last November I started researching prescription drug plans. After speaking with several companies, I chose Humana because it is a well-known company, the premium was reasonable and I was assured that my husband’s medication for diabetes would be covered.

I spoke with Mike, Terry, Ramiro and Jessica, just to name a few, regarding the fact that my husband’s prescription was Janumet. I was assured that while the Janumet is not a generic drug, there would be no problem getting it approved by the company’s Clinical Pharmacy Review Board. What a laugh!

I enrolled my husband the middle of December and received confirmation via a letter dated December 27, 2007. Later, we received a letter dated January 7, 2008 indicating that because we had not had a drug plan before, there would be a slight penalty each month (only for that year). That was something we could live with.

A letter dated January 10, 2008 was received providing details of his coverage.

Now comes the fun part. We started the process of getting Janumet approved. My husband’s doctor faxed the prescription to Humana. On January 9, 2008, I spoke with Brian to set up the information to have the prescription shipped every three months direct from their pharmacy and spoke with Tanieri at Humana regarding the forms to get Janumet approved. Humana faxed back a form to be completed, which the doctor’s assistant did on January 9, 2008. On January 12, I spoke with Deana at Humana to see if the form had been received (no, so the doctor’s office again faxed the form). On January 14, I spoke with Sandy at Humana to determine whether everything required had been provided. I was informed that the form had not been received. The doctor’s office again faxed the form.

On January 22, Robert at Humana said the form still had not been received. However, we did receive a one-month supply of the Janumet with the notation that no more would be shipped until the proper form had been received.

The following people and the dates I spoke with them give you an indication of the efforts I have made regarding getting the Janumet approved: Nicole (January 24) (the doctor’s office again faxed the form after being told it had not been received); Jeannie and Veronica (January 25); Alisha (January 28); Latosha, Donnie, Esther and Deanna (January 30); Francisco (February 4) who indicated the form had been received and was in the process of being reviewed; Danielle, Evy and Tina (February 6) (when I learned that no the form had still not been received despite being faxed by the doctor’s office five times).

I spoke with the doctor’s office on January 30 and was told they would again fax the form and then call to make sure it had been received so there could be no further delays.

On February 12, 2008, I called Humana and spoke with Amanda who transferred me to Sue. Sue confirmed that the form had finally been received but the authorization had not come through. I stressed the importance of getting this done since the medication was running out. I indicated that my husband had taken several drugs prior to Janumet and the Janumet was the one that worked. I told them that he really needs the drug. He already suffers from nerve damage in his feet due to uncontrolled diabetes.

Sue put me on hold for quite some time and then came back to tell me that the Janumet had been denied. She said Humana was not convinced that enough other drugs had been tried. I explained that I had been told that there would be no problem getting the Janumet approved and that that was the only reason I had signed up with Humana. She said this was not the first time she had heard that. While Sue was very sympathetic, there was nothing she could do.

Needless to say, I am going to cancel Humana. Since the enrollment period has expired, there is little hope of getting another plan in place this year, though I plan to try.

I think it is terrible that representatives of insurance companies can tell someone something, have them enroll in a plan, and then completely disregard the information previously supplied. A patient’s doctor should be the one to make the decision as to medication required. Diabetes is a terrible disease. When a medication is found that can control the disease, there should be no question of it being covered. Everyone knows the damage that can result when it is not controlled. Insurance companies are only in the business for the money. They try to push off old and outdated drugs on the unsuspecting public with little regard for the effects.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/13/2008:
Humana was the first for-profit company in the health care field. Nothing has changed. They will rot in hades someday, along with the execs from AOL.
tnchuck100 on 02/13/2008:
Fact: It's not about you or your health care. It is 100% business and profit!
Anonymous on 02/13/2008:
Considering that Janumet was approved by the FDA only last April, Humana probably sees it was too new and there;s no generic version. But like stated above its all about profits.

You might be able to fight their refusal through your state attorney general. An insurance company cannot refuse unless the medication poses a danger.
Suusan B. on 02/13/2008:
You need to have your husband's doctor fight this one - - he needs to provide information that supports the fact that other, less expensive drugs have been tried and that Janumet is the only one that improved your husband's condition.
Flute726 on 02/13/2008:
Wow, Humana runs a huge risk of being sued by denying patients medication. You are correct when you say that they shouldn't be making the decision, it should be the doctor who prescribed in the first place. I would have them reported to the state attorney general and get started on court proceedings.
Suusan B. on 02/13/2008:
Humana is not "denying patients medication" - - they are forcing the reviewer to go through their approval process to receive coverage on this particular medication. Per their website, it's called "Prior Authorization" and it requires the doctor to prove that less expensive alternatives have been tried. Calling the state attorney general or starting court proceedings isn't going to change the fact that it is the consumer's responsibility to make sure they understand what they are signing up for and get the terms and conditions in writing.
Anonymous on 02/13/2008:
Google "Humana wrongful death" and holly smokes. I certainly wouldn't do business with Humana but then again I value my health.
legal1947 on 02/13/2008:
According to the above statement, all of that was done prior to joining Humana. I agree that "Prior Authorization" was required. HOWEVER, they obviously denied the prior authorization after being provided the documentation by the doctor. It also appears from the submission above that Humana was playing the FAX "SCAM" by denying receipt of faxes, which they are well known to do.
Flute726 on 02/15/2008:
Suusan B., you need to read the review thoroughly before you say what you did. She already sent the authorization letter in, and they denied it.
Anonymous on 10/28/2013:
What a lying thieving scam of a company Humana is!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will stay as far away from Humana as I possible can and will spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Keep Away! Humana Disrespects It's Clients With Worthless Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- HUMANA insurance company a cess-pool of lousy customer service, disrespectful reps and supervisors who are poorly trained and give you any answer off the top of their heads, right or wrong. Appeals department is the slickest, most sleazy part of the whole latrine. Is Humana Insurance a paragon of honesty? Had all medical tests done by my 'network' surgeon then met with an insurance agent who changed me to Humana. I made sure my surgeon was also a 'Network’ surgeon with Humana (specialty: cataract surgery). Guess WHAT? When I attempted to schedule surgery, I was told by his office manager that my HUMANA NETWORK surgeon has no place where HUMANA has certified my NETWORK surgeon to do surgery under NETWORK PRICES!!!.

I wrote letters to them, made 20+ hours of phone calls in 2 weeks to poorly trained HUMANA reps who crudely & rudely gave misinformation! (Meanwhile my right eye has deteriorated more!) I spent hours typing an appeal letter to HUMANA with a painfully broken finger that required complicated surgery. HUMANA had DENIED the routine pain RX written by my highly trained hand surgeon, the senior partner at the biggest hand clinic in the U. S.! The appeals woman called me much later and started loudly speaking over me (she WON the tropy for rudeness in my 63 years) then told me if I said another word, she would hang up on me—which she did anyway. (I was tempted to go ahead and hang up on her, but then realized if I did so, she would note it as my fault.)

Another representative told me that my doctor is NOT a surgeon. I said "What? His specialty is CATARACT SURGERY!" He told me authoritatively several times my doctor is not a surgeon,( which would surprise the med school where he teaches surgery!) (So TIRED of their games after spending 20 plus hours on the phone the first two weeks, with both true and false answers about a network site for my actual cataract SURGERY!) Got a letter back from HUMANA saying they would explore the matters from 'within' but could in no way ever let me know the outcome. In other words, again I got an UP YOURS from Humana! (They even had a doctor listed in their book as a network doctor, but she left family practice to do research 23 months prior!

They blame the DOCTORS for HUMANA's mistakes in Humana provider directories that they have printed!) Anyone surprised? I consider having a NETWORK surgeon with no NETWORK place to get surgery done, to be DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING! Before switching to Humana, I even asked my agent if I would have any problem getting the surgery done with my network doctor (since I did not trust insurance companies) & she said no one she knew ever had a problem . (SURE, NOT IF YOU WANT TO PAY OUT-OF-NETWORK PRICES FOR A NETWORK SURGEON TO DO HIS WORK!!!
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User Replies:
CUontheFlipSide on 04/27/2013:
We all might as well get used to this. Obamacare will be this times ten.
Susan on 04/27/2013:
This has nothing to do with Obamacare. You took the word of your Humana agent (sales person) when signing up for this insurance. Providers change affiliations every day and there is no way insurance carriers printed provider information can be kept up-to-date. It is the insured person's responsibility to verify that a medical provider AND surgical center are in-network.
nikalseyn on 04/27/2013:
Having much experience with the new health care rules due to go into effect next year(I am head of the medical services dept. at a major corp)I can assure you and Susan above, especially, that you haven't seen nuttin' yet as someone once said. What you have gone through is but a small example of what will happen to everyone in the US once this new healthcare(sic) is in effect. Good luck, all. I retire before the end of the year and am all set for an island in the Caribbean.
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Hit Humana Where It Hurts
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
KENTUCKY -- My story is very long and I will log it later. y mother had two strokes and required 3 hours acute rehab care and Humana Medicare denied our choice because they told us there were other facilities (1 and 2 star rated) that could do the same. No thanks. So we fought back and are still fighting.

What I wanted to get across to all of the Humana screws is to lodge your complaints with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB must answer all complaints and currently Humana has an A+ rating. That's right AN A+ FRIGGIN' PLUS. That's got to change and with the help of all of us and by spreading the word, it can quickly change to a C or D and then, they will be in hurting status.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/11/2013:
Actually the Better Business Bureau is not a governing agency, cannot take any action against Humana and all Humana has to do get a A rating is become a member of the bureau. If Humana has an A rating, its probably because they are paid members. The BBB can take your complaint & contact Humana for a response but that's as far as it goes. They can be effective in resolving consumer complaints so I wouldn't write them off completely, just want to make sure you are aware of what the BBB can and can't do.
Susan on 03/11/2013:
The BBB cannot interfere with the health care plan you purchased - this sounds like the facility you wanted was not part of the Humana network.
trmn8r on 03/11/2013:
The kind of issue you have is not something a BBB complaint or 10 BBB complaints is going to affect, in my opinion.

I am a beliver in the BBB for certain complaints against certain companies. If Humana has an A+ rating, it is likely not because they earned it but rather they paid to be members of the BBB. If that is the case, you won't be lowering their rating to a B or worse.

I don't know about the central issue of your complaint, which is whether or not you can turn down certain facilities.
jktshff1 on 03/12/2013:
The bad business buddies are usless and unreliable
Kathy on 04/25/2013:
Hey! I'm having problems with Good 'Ole Humana too! I contacted Medicare and issued a complaint which in turn they immediately launched an investigation and are watching it closely. Who pays Humana? Medicare does~ Social Security Dept told me to get an attorney. Also enter a complaint with your local Congressman. Not only do they accept the complaint-they also investigate.
diana on 10/09/2013:
I have a family member who has Humana, he has lung cancer, Humana will not pay for his pain medicine because it is cancer related. Who do you complain too?
Diane K on 06/03/2014:
I totally agree with unhelpful staff. They do not give the total answer to any question. It's hard to make an informed decision and they give no help, even to basic questions. After all they know the business best. I'm sure they are coached as to give only answers that will keep you as a client and keep you sending hem money.
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Humana One is fraudulent
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Humana One sold my wife and I a policy that we were told included pregnancy/prenatal coverage. 2 months into it, we find out that NOTHING is covered for pregnancy by Humana One and that they don't even have a contract with any OB/GYN provider for discounted rates.

We told the sales staff that pregnancy coverage was something that was important to us, being in our 30s. They told us it would be covered. Humana One will tell you ANYTHING to get you to sign up with them, and then exclude basic things like pregnancy coverage. Avoid them like the plague.
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User Replies:
Kris10 on 05/15/2012:
Kris10 on 05/15/2012:
What does it say in the contract which you signed? This is why it's important for you to read every thing before signing up for anything.
lexophiliac on 05/15/2012:
Take a look at the benefit handbook RCCC. The maternity coverage may not be in force until 12 months after issue, if a woman becomes pregnant prior to that, and the doctor(s) agree to do "global billing", they will cover it so long as the bill is submitted after the 12 month period. The dates of treatment are not considered - only the billing date.

That means that if a woman gets pregnant after the first few months on the policy, and the doc agrees to hold the billing (global billing) until her maternity coverage becomes effective, everything is good with Humana.
Humana One does cover pregnancy, though you may have to pay a high deductible before any bennies kick in, and then it may only be covered at 80%.
Lisa on 01/20/2013:
I had the exact same issue! I've been with Humana since 2009...became pregnant in June 2012...I now have over $120,000 in medical bills due to hospitalizations and home health care due to a high risk pregnancy and I still have several weeks till baby is born! Humana has refused coverage for other major health issues in the past as well...including chemo therapy...Humana is the worst insurance I've ever had!!! Hope you guys find better coverage!!!
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I'm leaving Humana / Right Source RX
Posted by on
This company needs to be investigated. Humana is more concerned about their bottom line more than anything. I received an automated phone call stating they would not be covering one of my medications anymore. They claimed Medicare Part B covers it, although I don't have Medicare Part B, only A and I use this medication for a different reason. Doesn't matter to them. They're weeding out people who need a lot of medication so they can make more profit.

They discriminate towards people who need their services the most.

They need to train their customer service people. Their accents are so thick I can't understand them. Humana is one of the death panels we've heard about.
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User Replies:
grandma005 on 10/10/2011:
Medicare part A is for hospital car and Part B is for Doctor vists. Part D is for prescriptions. Do you have Part D?
Anonymous on 10/10/2011:
Are you sure the message said you had Medicare B? Grandma is correct. Medicare B is for doctors and D is for prescriptions. Some insuarance companies won't cover meds if you have Medicare D. You might want to call Medicare amd confirm if you have part D.
matchbox198 on 10/10/2011:
Yes, I have Medicare Part D. They said my prescriptions are to be paid by Medicare Part B which I do not have. The medication I'm talking about can be used for many purposes. If it's used for one thing they won't pay for it, if it's used for another they will. I need it for two different ailments but they are not taking that into account.

It's an immunosupressive used for arthritis and also kidney transplants. I use it for both.If it was just for arthritis they would pay for it, but since I've had a transplant they won't. They said Medicare Part B pays for it, but I don't have Medicare Part B.

This is a drug I used to go to Canada to get as its a fraction of the cost there. Since my arthritis has become more severe, I can't travel there anymore. Besides, you now need to pay for a passport, tanks of gas, Canadian doctor just to save the money.

If they don't reconsider I will lose my kidney. I can't afford the extra Medicare Part B Premiums and co payment for this med. They are discriminating against transplant patients, pure and simple.

Humana is only worrying about their bottom line. Every year it's something new with this company. They are weeding out people who really need this to make more profit.

I'm checking into other Medicare Part D plans now and most likely will be leaving this criminal company. However, I will be appealing their decision and contacting my Senator and Congressman about this also.

Humana does indeed have death panels. They're here.

LOLASMOM on 09/01/2012:
I find them disgusting. I need to get out of it. Can anyone help me on how I can drop them?
Moira on 01/25/2013:
They are incompetent and liars. Two months I tried to get one prescription transferred from a local pharmacy to the mail order program. Nine (9) telephone calls later (each took 45 minutes on hold) I finally had to cancel their involvement so I could get the vitally needed prescription. The lie, and lie and lie.
louis lupinacci on 01/10/2014:
Humana agents illiterate and don't know much about any thing. I could not get a supervisor to talk to. Please tell me how I can safelly get out of this company.I never had any of these problems with United Healthcare
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They Could Care Less !
Posted by on
I enrolled with Humana/RightSourceRX on Aug. 1 2011. They received my prescription for a controlled substance on Sept.19.2011. I kept checking the drug history page to find it's "In process". It is still "in process" as I write this. A pharmacist took it upon himself to deem this "dangerous to my health" and never notified me! They called the doctor for a substitute over a week ago, but there is none. Again they never called or emailed that there was going to be an indefinite delay in shipping the drug. When I called three days ago I was told it would ship that day since I told them I only had enough for three days. When I called today, the first of many people I was transferred to could only tell me that the pharmacist said it was dangerous for my health. When asked why after taking it for 38 years I was told only the pharmacist knows and "they don't talk to people". Sometime later, the third or fourth person I spoke with actually transferred me to a pharmacist, but she wasn't familiar with the situation. Another person said she would connect me with the "Failed Claims" department. After 'holding for 18 minutes I was told she only got an answering machine. Now they have to get a Prior Authorization and no one can tell me how long before the medication will be shipped...if at all!. Why didn't they ask that when they called him last week. Just now I was on the phone with them again for over 1 hour. The usual run around. Nobody takes credit and just passes the phone around. I have been taking this drug since December of 1973 and never had a problem till this Pharmacist tried to score points with his boss. If you don't want these kind of headaches or are already familiar with them...STAY AWAY FROM RightSourceRX Pharmacy. I have to go back to the doctor to get another prescription for a controlled substance. Fortunately I've been going to him for a long time. This is a good example of a supposedly highly educated individual taking responsibility much too far at my expense!
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kelly burton on 01/30/2014:
Can't get through automated line using my account number. Can't get into website either.
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Humana Medicare Prescription Plan Has TERRIBLE Service
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On Wednesday, I talked to a service representative who said I would need to fax in a power of attorney form to get access to a deceased family member's prescription records. Fair enough. The representative told me that they could get me the information on the same day that I send in the fax. He was wrong. I called shortly after sending the fax and was told it takes two days for them to confirm receiving the fax. (And yes, they have no one in the room that receives that fax who can call you when it arrives, rather its entered into their computer system and then you call back and hope they have. If they don't have, then you just pissed away two days needlessly.) So, I asked to have the original representative call me back to explain to me why he gave me the bogus information. It's been a week and no phone call yet. Then, on Monday, I'm told that the representative gave me the wrong fax number and the person on the phone had no clue as to what the number was for that the first representative provided me. I explained that it was known four business days since I had sent the fax and they still had no record of it and I asked to talk to a supervisor. I got the supervisors voice mail and left her message. Now, I have two people at the company who have failed to call me back. On Tuesday, just one day short of a week, someone at the company finally confirmed receiving the fax. Way to go Humana! They explained that it would take approximately 14 days for me to receive the infomration. Thanks Humana for your promptness. Then, they said I could access the information online, but the systems wouldn't let me in, so they transferred me to tech support. I explained to the tech person the error message and he said, "Oh, it's just a glitch. try it again in an hour and it will work." So I asked him, what will be different in an hour and he said the glitch would be repaired. He was wrong as three hours later I was unable to sign in. I had talked to him as 6 P.M. and I suppose he didn't want to stay past quitting time so he feed me a bunch of bull. Well, I hope I didn't make him late getting home.

I work for a Fortune 500 company that is preparing to put its medical benefit plan out for bid. I will do everything in my power to discuss this incredible chain of incompetence with our HR executives to ensure that they do not even consider letting Humana bid on our plans. Humana is terrible.
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Anonymous on 05/25/2011:
Another person who thinks employees lie to them for their own gratification. Faxes get reviewed and scanned in the system in the order in which they were received. And how is someone supossed to give an exact timeframe for a computer glitch to be fixed? I doubt the rep gave you wrong information just to get you off the phone so they could go home. I really wish people would stop accusing employees of not wanting to help them, just because they don't hear what they want to hear.
Churro on 05/25/2011:
That does sound pretty lame. If people working at these companies would just be honest about how much they suck and how slow they are to do anything then at least the customer would know up front they are dealing with a bunch of "I don't care" nincompoops.

I judge customer service by the gun to the head ratio. I take how long it take took you to complete my task divided by how long it would have taken you had I put a gone to your head. Anything over 2 scores an 'F'. In this case we're looking at an 'F-' and that's being generous.

Good review and I do hope you are able to influence your company away from these numbskulls.
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