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ICICI Bank Never Reset Anything for You on Phone
By -

ICICI bank system is poor ever I see on my life. I need to reset my password and I call ICICI bank customer service. Someone verify all security question and finally told me, "your ID will re-activated within 24 hours so try after 24 hours." Now here is story I found after calling ICICI bank 3 or 4 time to enable my ID.

I found very good answer from one of the customer service person. He told me, "when you call first time for problem, we send your password to your home address and nobody was on home so we destroyed the envelope." Is this makes sense? Since this happen to me, I decided to withdraw all my money from ICICI bank by debit card because I am NRI, and I was using this account to donate money to people in India.

By -

Do you know that we have to explicitly request to close a short-term deposit account? If it is a joint account, you need to send the same request duly signed by both account holders. If you are sending this after so much of online life where you have never signed, better check your old passport signature or send a updated signature duly notarized. If you have NRE SB account if your deposit is NRO account, when it is closed, it cannot go to NRE account, so you need to open a new NRO account. It took nearly 4 months to learn all these. That is the sad part of this information.

Perils of Taking a Home Loan From ICICI Bank
By -

Sometime in the year 2006 my wife and I (both NRIs for the last 8 years) decided to invest some of our hard-earned money into the booming housing market in India . We purchased a house in Gurgaon with the help of a home loan from ICICI Bank. Following were the experiences (quite the opposite of dreaming of buying a place in India!) in dealing with ICICI Bank over a period of two and a half years.

Opening an account: Compared to a day in the US, it took me a whopping four months to open up an NRE account! (They told me the signatures do not match the passport. Well I have never changed my signature. Another time they required additional documents and list goes on and on)

Customer service: The customer service is simply awful. Most of the times the home loan folks at 1866ICICI4U just don't know enough about the case. But they are always courteous enough to ask for all the loan and personal information only to inform you, "Sorry sir. Please contact your relationship manager." Or, "Sorry Sir we won't be able to help you on this." Of course, there is never a manager available to escalate the issue.

Selling the house: Unlike an escrow period in the US, the home loan has to be fully paid before releasing any papers. Well good luck if you intend to sell the house and have the proceeds from the buyer to pay off the loan. There is no such thing in India. BTW what good is a relationship manager when all they can give you are canned responses: "Sorry Sir. This is our policy... Sorry Sir. Sorry Sir."

Website: Logging into the site is probably the easiest thing to do. However, trying to find information related to your accounts is anyone's guess. Most of the times, clicking on home loan account returns a "Our system is down. We are currently experiencing difficulties. Sorry for the inconvenience."

Conclusion: Invest in a country where you live. And if you do plan on investing in India, DO NOT BORROW FROM ICICI BANK. While Ms. ** and Mr. ** are busy giving big presentations about the opening up of Indian Financial Markets, poor borrowers are suffering tremendously. And BTW when they say SORRY, they really don't mean it. What a shame!!!

ICICI Bank Continues to Harass Customers
By -

MUMBAI -- Dear All, this is bring in to Notice the kind of harassment done by ICICI Bank's agents to customers. I have taken credit card from ICICI bank in year 2005 with card number **. In year 31-May-06, in one of statement I found that ICICI Lombard policy has been charged against my credit card. I had not done any purchase and expect Lombard charges - nothing was showing on my statement.

Immediately I called up call center and asked them to cancel the fee and cancel my card. I have been advised by the call center agent to tear the card and put card in the drop box, which I did next day itself. Even post that I received the statement next month with minimum amount taken from my account and interest put on rest of the amount. I again followed up with customer care personnel and then they said they will ensure that no statement is further delivered and they will revert back fees. Immediately canceled my account also with ICICI Bank.

Then suddenly next month, collection agent came to my house for collecting dues and I was shocked. Again I debate with him then he said pay the amount 200 and everything will be settled down. I did same and I got receipt for same.

Suddenly 3 days, back again. One agent came to my house for collection and started misbehaving with my wife. When I showed up slip, he said, "you pay rest of money" else he will send some '€œguddas'€ to collect. He said he will ensure that collection is taken from him outside in road if I don'€™t pay upfront. He started abusing. I am really afraid and now I have asked my relatives to help me out. This type of '€œgundagardi'€ ICICI bank'€™s collection agents are doing with customers. Would appreciate if any one can help me out. I have receipt and bills with me.

Inhuman Face of ICICI Bank
By -

CHENNAI, TENNESSEE -- ICICI Bank is interested only in making money from its customers, without providing actual service for the money earned. Customer service is non-existent. The only person who can make any decisions is probably their Chairman at Mumbai. Bank Managers are nothing but dumbos occupying the chair, chatting with friends and relatives. The few active staff are so overworked they have no time to sort customer's problems.

Your complaint letters are mostly used as tissue papers for cleaning their tables. They have standard replies for email queries, "we are looking into the matter" or occasionally you might be asked for info which will take weeks to collect and after submission they will have the same fate as your complaint letter. I can only summarize my experience with ICICI as follows: inconsiderate, inhuman, callous, couldn't care, income first - customer last, indifferent bank.

ICICI Bank Is Cheating
By -

MUMBAI -- I am a NRI and have visited Mumbai in Sep 2005 . I tried to open ICICI NRE accounts for myself and my family, totaling three accounts by paying 1000 $ on 19th Sep 2005 (by completing all the process). Money in cash was handed over to ** and ** who were on duty. As per me, those were opened successfully, since I received check books, ATM CARDS and various PINs. These accounts belonged to ICICI Andheri Branch.

After that I left India within few days. When I tried to make some transactions, I found funds missing from all my three accounts. The money I deposited did not appear in bank records. I tried to call Bank Manager Ms. ** and **, but no one was ready to talk or interested to reply. Moreover on my further attempts calling them failed, as they do not pick up phone. There is no one in bank who is ready to answer about the whereabouts of my money (foreign currency) deposited, for which I have some receipts which looks fake.

I believe there is some scam or fraud going on in bank on the name of opening NRE accounts. So called ICICI staff - feel that it is easy to cheat non-residents and easy to make money out of foreign accounts which involves foreign currency. It looks like foreign currency racket/scam. Such foreign currency has huge demand in domestic market as far grey market is concerned.

If everything was right then after 20 days, I wouldn't see zero balance in all the three accounts. It clearly show bank's dishonesty. When I acted strong, these scammers started blaming on defect of my documents meant for opening accounts.This claim came after I started trace/investigation of my funds.

I feel lost as I do not know what to do since no bank staff is responding to whereabouts of my money and sitting 10000 km away, I feel that I have been cheated by ICICI Bank Andheri, Mumbai branch. I feel shame on such banks. BEWARE OF ICICI BANK. NRI's need to be extra careful before opening account with ICICI BANK to protect their hard-earned foreign currency.

Refusal To Close Or Delay In Closing The Accounts
By -

I have an existing ICICI bank account with their JP Nagar branch in Bangalore. The bank has deducted an amount of Rs112 twice for a single statement availed by me. When the customer support was contacted, they gave a false reason saying that the statement was taken twice once on 12/08/08 and on 20/08/08, when in fact I had taken only one statement on 12/08/08. The bank did not revert the amount. Subsequently I decided to close the account.

After paying 281 rupees towards the same and handing over my ICICI cheque leaves and the ATM debit card, I observed that the account has not been closed even after a month. At the time of closure request (06/09/08), they acknowledged the closure (after payment of 281 rupees towards closure) with an acknowledgment receipt and assured me that the account would be closed in 2-3 weeks.

Since the account was not closed by the bank even after a month, I registered a complaint regarding the same. After lodging a complaint with customer support and through my net banking support, the customer support contacted me saying that 500 Rs more would be required towards the same.

When questioned why wasn't this intimated when I had earlier visited the branch in person on 06/09/08 for closure request, they reverted back saying that I would be required to coordinate with the Bangalore JP Nagar branch. I have been harassed too long by this ICICI branch at 75/A, 100 FEET ROAD, 6TH PHASE, JP NAGAR, BANGALORE, 560 078 KARNATAKA. My patience has been really tested by this fraudulent bank.

ICICI Bank Likes to Hold on to Your Money
By -

COPENHAGEN -- I would like to share with you one of the worst banking experience I have had. It is with ICICI Bank. I am an NRI working in Denmark and as per the ICICI Bank website, I transferred 10,000 Danish Kroners to an account in Danske Bank, Denmark. This account is supposedly operated by ICICI who collect the money and transfer them into the Indian accounts of the respective people. It is nearly 2 months and I am yet to get the money into my Indian account (**).

Because I too have a local bank account with Danske Bank, I did a normal account-to-account transfer. Now ICICI Bank asked me to ask my local bank to send a SWIFT message. When I approached the local bank, they said that SWIFT messages are only for wire-transfers and not for account-to-account transfers within the same bank. But ICICI refuses to acknowledge this simple fact. They acknowledge that they have received the money and know it is from me, but still won't transfer the money. They just keep on insisting on this SWIFT message which I repeatedly told them that the local bank won't give.

This message is to warn all people who remit money through ICICI Bank. They must realize that when they transfer money into an account operated by ICICI, they are at the mercy of the ICICI. Even if they want to get back the money, they cannot unless ICICI decides to give it back because they have willingly given the money through online transfer. I hope you will carry this incident on your website. I think the only hope I have is the Banking Ombudsman Scheme started on 1st January 2006 by the RBI. **

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