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Poor Service
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Rating: 1/51

LEESBURG, GEORGIA -- A party of eight to eat breakfast. The server took their time. The food was cold when served. Not many customers in the place. The manager did not check on us. They were quick in getting our bill to us. I won't go back for a while. Time it took to get served: 45 minutes. Food to be delivered: 40 minutes. Someone needs to retrain those people.

5929 N.Lincoln, Bad Food, Filthy Restaurant
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- On Nov. 9th a companion & I went to IHOP at 5929 N. Lincoln Ave. for dinner. My companion ordered an egg dish that was ill prepared. I ordered the country fried steak with mashed potatoes and substituted corn for the broccoli. The meat tasted of old grease, the "mashed potatoes" tasted NOTHING like mashed potatoes and was cold.

The next morning we, for some crazy reason, decided to go to the same place for breakfast. We were seated, handed menus and the waiter walked away. I went and ask him for a wet cloth so I could clean the syrup from the table where I was seated. He told me he would get it. He came, he swiped, he missed.

My companion ordered pancakes this time and I ordered the stuffed french toast and, not learning from the evening before, eggs. I like my eggs over med but when I order them over medium at IHOP in the past, they come to me over easy. So to compensate I ask for my eggs to be over medium well. As my friend ordered pancakes we pulled the syrup tray closer. OMG, the table and the little short wall the syrup sits next to were filthy. Dried syrup with dirt dried in the syrup. The little short wall even had syrup dried on it. The floor under the table had, a spoon, several empty sugar packets, a couple of crayons and enough food for an appetizer.

Our food came. My french toast was cold and the eggs were as hard as an egg can get with both sides brown and crusty. When I paid for this filthy, poor food experience I ask if a manager was on duty. The young woman said, "Yes, he's here." So I asked to see him. She ask what could she tell him it was about. I said, "the dirty restaurant, I'll be waiting be my table."

She comes back several minutes later... "Oh, he's not here." She ask if I wanted to leave my name and number so he could call me. "OH YES." I did, he didn't. So the next day I fill out their online form, one for each visit. I called their customer service number and told my complaints to them. I was told someone would call me. No one has.

Horrible service, Apathetic manager
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Rating: 2/51

MANASSAS, VIRGINIA -- On Sunday, May 6th, I visited IHOP #3190 in Manassas, VA with my son and his friend. This is usually one of our favorite places to grab a quick breakfast or lunch when he's home from college. We have always experienced good food and excellent service, which is why this visit was so disappointing and annoying.

When we entered, the restaurant was starting to empty out after the post-church rush. We were seated at a booth where the table was cleared but dirty. It took about 5 minutes for the waitress to take our drink orders and then our drinks didn't arrive for another 10 mins. She forgot my water (which I never received) and said she would come back for our food order. We waited another 20 minutes. BTW, the coffee was undrinkable - tasted about 3 days old.

Tired of waiting I went to the service station and asked to speak to the manager. He emerged from the kitchen and barely listened to my complaint. He never made eye contact, never apologized, never walked over to our table. I went back to the table and the waitress came over and practically hissed at us as she took our order. She was inexcusably rude. I wanted to leave right then, but my son said we should stay because he was very hungry. We waited another 15 minutes and our food never arrived though the waitress did continue to give us hateful looks every time she walked past.

The manager never walked over to check if we'd been served. At that point, I was so furious, I got up and left. There were several waitstaff gathered around the service station doing nothing, so it's not like they were short-staffed. I used to be a regular customer, but I will never ever visit this IHOP again. And, I will be sure to tell others not to go there. BTW, the General Manager's name is ** - I picked his card up from the front desk.

I don't know the name of the manager on duty, but he clearly needs to be replaced - he has no sense of customer service and at this rate a popular and busy IHOP will soon go downhill. There are lots of other restaurants in the area for people to go to.

Terrible Employer
By -

WARNER ROBINS, GEORGIA -- Let me begin by saying that I am for the most part an enjoyable human being. I am young, but I have had a lot of experience in the food industry. I became the Assistant Manager of a restaurant chain at the age of 21 and I have continued to be in management since. I had recently moved to a new area and was looking for employment. I was eating at IHOP one evening with my friends and the evening manager approached me and asked if I would interested in being employed on her shift. I said sure since I was without employment at the current time.

I filled out the application and she saw that I had management experience and said there was a position for a two night a week manager would I be interested? I said of course. She told me she would talk to the owner and see what we could come up with. After this I was told I was to be trained on everything because I would placed into management as soon I was prepared. I was excited and worked my butt off serving. I became one of the best servers she had. Time passed and nothing was mentioned about the management position but I did not say anything because I figured I was having to prove myself.

Well I worked even harder. I begin to notice things weren't quite right at the store. I noticed how much management lacked to work as a team. I realized how big of a jerk our owner was when he stated in front of the entire waiting staff that he would not compensate us if he we brought home less than minimum wage. He would actually fire us because obviously we didn't know what we were doing.

I also began to notice that time was coming off my checks and then someone told me that he takes thirty minutes from us for a break that we never get. On top of all that night shift makes no money because the manager on duty at night has absolutely no idea how to manage a restaurant. All in all it has been a terrible experience. I have never been ashamed of where I have worked but this is one place I am ashamed of. So, if you are ever in Warner Robins, GA... look up IHOP and take a look for yourself.

Poor Service And Unprofessional Management
By -

SOMERSET,, NEW JERSEY -- ON Sunday 2/13/11 after church, I went to the Ihop restaurant on Easton ave. in Somerset, NJ. for omelet meal. My two girls ordered from the children's menu. The server took my order as follow: omelet w/egg white, mushrooms, spinach, no cheese, add grilled chicken and a mocha raspberry decaf. I first rec'd the mocha without choc. chips (as shown in the many rest. advertisements) and it tasted nothing like raspberry. No big deal, so I just reordered a hot choc. instead.

My children rec'd their order in a timely fashion, but my omelet order took time and arrived with cheese on it. Unfortunately, the order had to be sent back to the kitchen to be corrected since I am on a low choles. diet. By the time I rec'd the corrected omelet order, I was sitting there close to two hours and my daughters completed their meals. I then asked the Mgr., "is the omelet free because of the terrible inconvenience?" He responded with "no". Shortly after, I decided to just leave without eating the omelet.

At the register I spoke to the Mgr. again and he shocked me by saying "you were just here on Monday 2/7 and pulled this same stunt. So, please do not return to this restaurant again." I can't explain in words how embarrassing his accusations were to my girls and myself. (In a proper manner I expressed my displeasure about this horrible experiences). My first thought was that this Mgr. can't be talking to me. The second thought was that he was maybe racist or just crazy, since I was never in this rest. a week ago. Nonetheless, his public accusation doesn't change the fact that, my order was completed wrong.

He insulted me publicly like I had a criminal history of ripping off their rest. Finally, at the end of this crazy experience, I paid the $19.00 bill with a hundred dollar note and he held the money up in the air to check if it was authentic, then shoved the change in my hands. All of this was done in front of my children and other patrons.

On Tuesday 2/15, I spoke to the owner who said the Mgr. told him all about what happened. He said, "I was told that you used profanity towards my Mgr. and other employees heard you." My response was, "did you talk to the other employees?" He said "no". I responded, "so you believe your Mgr. without any type of investigation? What is he, your cousin?" Since this owner seems to stand behind his Mgr., then he will be legally responsible if I take this matter to court.

When I first went into the website, I was shock to find out how many complaints Ihop has across the country. The question is, does Ihop CEO Julie Stewart ever read these complaints? WELL, I HOPE HER STOCK HOLDERS DO.

Done With This Location
By -

SAN CLEMENTE, CALIFORNIA -- My family wanted to eat a late brunch at IHOP one last time before we moved. This location was always questionable, however we still went hoping it might be better the next time. We decided to eat outside as we often do and chose a table in the corner for our baby to be out of the way of other customers.

We noticed spiderwebs all over the chairs which were connecting to each other, no sign of being cleaned in weeks, as well as playing musical chairs finding ones without spiderwebs. Our table had nothing on it as far as condiments utensils goes which the waitress finally came out to greet us and complete our table setting while complaining that she was going out of her way in doing so still forgetting sugar for coffee, while also complaining she had to roll utensils because they were out.

After she took our order because there was not time to get our drinks earlier, she quickly brought us our beverages in the glasses which were covered on the bottom in a jelly substance which quickly spread over parts of the table and didn't even offer or try to clean it up.

The waitress brought us our food. My husband's meal was great, he said however, "The omelet I ordered was supposed to be turkey bacon but they let out the Turkey." I wanted to send it back but the waitress never came to check on us again (this has happened a couple times before).

As we noticed her coming back our way we were preparing to let her know about my meal as well as order a dessert. When she came up to us with our check and never once asking how we were or if we needed anything else. Nope just, "I have your check ready and thank you for coming in."

This was the last time our family will return to this location unless the service has changed dramatically... We did let the manager know of our experience this time and previous and they did credit us my meal. We are not confrontational people and like to observe change before we review. I hope the waitresses will be better prepared in customer service. The better the service, the better the tip.

IHOP #563 - MD
By -

GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND -- June 5th, 2010 10:34 PM. I go to a IHOP once every week in Rockville, MD. Today, along with my friend, we went to another IHOP located in Gaithersburg, MD. 1st complaint: When we paid our food bill, we paid with a $25 gift card we had, along with a $5 coupon. Then we told Sylvester (person at the cashier) that we decided to add more money to earn another $5 IHOP coupon.

We asked him how much money was left on the card and he told us there was $4.99. Then we told him to add $25 dollars to it. However he only added $20.01 onto it to make the gift card have $25 even. When he gave our gift card back, he told us that we are not illegible to earn a $5 coupon. Even though we asked him to add more onto it, he told us "Too late. If you want to earn a $5 coupon, you need to speed another $25. Not this time".

2nd complaint: My friend and I could not communicate with him so we asked for the manager. Sylvester said, "Manager is not here". From my experiences, I know that when a restaurant opens until closing time, the manager has to be present. I clearly explained this to him and then later he told me, "Who said no manager? I am the manager here!"

3rd complaint: I asked for him the name and phone number of another manager, with a higher position, to handle the problem. He wrote on a small piece of paper, the name "WIll" along with a phone number that made out to be "301-840-570(", slapped the paper onto the table, told me, "I am very busy. Good night." My friend and I had no choice but to leave.

When we angrily got into our car, I looked onto the paper and noticed that the last number in the phone number was simply "(". I got out of the car and had to go back in to look for him. He asked me what I was looking for. I asked him what the last number was and changed it to a "4". I didn't believe him and when I returned to the car, I used my cell to call the number "301-840-5704" and got a fax machine. I became even more furious! I really wish for IHOP to apologize to me for Mr. **'s/manager's horrible behavior and do something about the inconvenience I went through tonight.

By -

FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- On April 12, 2010 I was on my way from work. It was late in the evening and I still had to pick up the kids from daycare, find something to eat for dinner and get them in bed on time for school the following morning. As I was driving I was also searching my mind for a restaurant to get a quick bite to eat when the commercial came across the radio that stated "during the month of April kids eat free at IHOP". I thought "wow, that sounds great" so I grabbed the kids and headed for IHOP. I pulled in at 1935 Skibo Road in Fayetteville, North Carolina and was courteously greeted at the door and offered a nice table.

Soon the host came over to take our drink orders and while she was there, I also gave her our food order as well. I asked her a few questions about the "kids eat free" offer and she assured me that their drinks were included in that offer. Approximately 20 minutes later she returned with our meals and as she placed my meal before me I asked "what is this"? That's the advertiser you ordered she replied. I said, I didn't order an advertiser, I ordered the sampler. She apologized but did not motion to correct the mistake instead she looked at me puzzled.

After a few seconds of quiet I said "look, I ordered the sampler because I wanted the pancakes but I'll tell you what, just bring me a take-out container and I'll just take this with me". I ordered the pancakes and waited as the kids finished their meals. When she returned with the pancakes she began rattling on something about the bill.

Now I'm puzzled. I looked at her and asked "what are you talking about"? "Well", she continued, "the register would not delete the kids' meals from your bill". She then walked away and returned with the bill. I was totally surprised to turn over that piece of paper and read $30.77. This not only included the advertiser but both kids' meals, three drinks and an order of pancakes. I then pointed to the sign that read "During the month of April kids eat free from 4PM to 10PM". I then requested to see the manager. The manager explained to me that the free meals don't come with the advertiser.

"Well", I replied, "that's not what the sign reads and as a matter of fact, the sign does not specify any meals attached with the offer". "There's nothing I could do" she replied, "the register wouldn't delete the kids' meals from your ticket". Although I paid my bill, I left IHOP very upset. I felt as if that was false advertisement, the service was terrible and the manager was very unprofessional.

Wait time then get disrespected
By -

MAYS LANDING, NEW JERSEY -- On Easter Sunday I decided that I would have breakfast with my children and grandchildren. We agreed to meet at IHOP on the Black Horse Pike in NJ, near the Walmart. Well when we got there there was a wait which I expected being that it was Easter Sunday. Well there was 14 people in my party and only half had arrived. When they called my party as we made our way to the tables the host tell one of the young ladies that were standing by the table that if everybody was not there we would have to leave and wait till everybody got there.

Well I was on the phone with my older daughter and I told her they were on their way but it would take about 15 minutes before they would arrive. She told me she could not hold the tables and to let them know when everybody was there. Well when my daughter arrived I informed the host that everybody was there. The host replied that it would take about 10 to15 minutes before they could set up the tables for us again so I told my family that we would have to wait.

After about 30 minutes we were upset and asked how much longer would we have to wait only to be told that they cannot force the people out and they could not hold a table for us either a whole section would have to clear out or we would have to eat in separate table not even close to each other again. I asked how long and the host replied "if you can't wait then leave."

So I asked to speak to a manager only to be told that they were busy and that "people with smaller parties would get the tables first and if it took 3 hours then that's what it was." I was upset and told them to cancel my party's reservation and left. Just to let people know we ended up at Denny's and had a great time.

By -

BECKLEY, WEST VIRGINIA -- My family and I went to IHOP in Beckley WV, and we sat for 2 hours before we ever got our food. The server stated that she was new, so we tried to cut her some slack. Unfortunately, that left us without food for 2 hours, that included 3 salads and an appetizer. When we finally had enough, I asked to talk to the manager and I told him my complaint. His answer was to try to give us a discount on our bill. When he came back, he said that he took 50% off the bill. The funny thing is that our bill was right at $100.00, and after the discount made our bill at $60.00.

So we sat there for a little while longer trying to wait for our drinks, that we had been waiting on for at least 20 minutes. Another 30 minutes went by and we still did not have our food. Again we went to the manager and he told us that he was terribly sorry, and that our server was new. I informed him that if she was so new, that she shouldn't of had a party of 8 to serve by herself. And if they thought that she could handle it then when she got backed up, then someone should have helped her.

If you think that I'm being harsh I'm not, but when you know that your table's food is done and you have told them, then you should probably bring it out soon and not 20 minutes later. After all that when the food did come out it was cold, and we still sit with cups full of water from the ice melting. When I finally was dying the thirst, I hollered for our server and asked if we could have some refills, and after she brought them, my drink had a course hair in it.

I don't know if they were trying to send me a message or not, but my message to them would be, if you have a big party come in, and you're looking for a fairly big tip, you might want to try to check in with that table at least a time or two, before you wait hand and foot on all of your other tables.

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