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Wait time then get disrespected
By -

MAYS LANDING, NEW JERSEY -- On Easter Sunday I decided that I would have breakfast with my children and grandchildren. We agreed to meet at IHOP on the Black Horse Pike in NJ, near the Walmart. Well when we got there there was a wait which I expected being that it was Easter Sunday. Well there was 14 people in my party and only half had arrived. When they called my party as we made our way to the tables the host tell one of the young ladies that were standing by the table that if everybody was not there we would have to leave and wait till everybody got there.

Well I was on the phone with my older daughter and I told her they were on their way but it would take about 15 minutes before they would arrive. She told me she could not hold the tables and to let them know when everybody was there. Well when my daughter arrived I informed the host that everybody was there. The host replied that it would take about 10 to15 minutes before they could set up the tables for us again so I told my family that we would have to wait.

After about 30 minutes we were upset and asked how much longer would we have to wait only to be told that they cannot force the people out and they could not hold a table for us either a whole section would have to clear out or we would have to eat in separate table not even close to each other again. I asked how long and the host replied "if you can't wait then leave."

So I asked to speak to a manager only to be told that they were busy and that "people with smaller parties would get the tables first and if it took 3 hours then that's what it was." I was upset and told them to cancel my party's reservation and left. Just to let people know we ended up at Denny's and had a great time.

By -

BECKLEY, WEST VIRGINIA -- My family and I went to IHOP in Beckley WV, and we sat for 2 hours before we ever got our food. The server stated that she was new, so we tried to cut her some slack. Unfortunately, that left us without food for 2 hours, that included 3 salads and an appetizer. When we finally had enough, I asked to talk to the manager and I told him my complaint. His answer was to try to give us a discount on our bill. When he came back, he said that he took 50% off the bill. The funny thing is that our bill was right at $100.00, and after the discount made our bill at $60.00.

So we sat there for a little while longer trying to wait for our drinks, that we had been waiting on for at least 20 minutes. Another 30 minutes went by and we still did not have our food. Again we went to the manager and he told us that he was terribly sorry, and that our server was new. I informed him that if she was so new, that she shouldn't of had a party of 8 to serve by herself. And if they thought that she could handle it then when she got backed up, then someone should have helped her.

If you think that I'm being harsh I'm not, but when you know that your table's food is done and you have told them, then you should probably bring it out soon and not 20 minutes later. After all that when the food did come out it was cold, and we still sit with cups full of water from the ice melting. When I finally was dying the thirst, I hollered for our server and asked if we could have some refills, and after she brought them, my drink had a course hair in it.

I don't know if they were trying to send me a message or not, but my message to them would be, if you have a big party come in, and you're looking for a fairly big tip, you might want to try to check in with that table at least a time or two, before you wait hand and foot on all of your other tables.

Overcharged on Credit card.. Extra Wait Non Edible Food
By -

ROSWELL, GEORGIA -- We ate at IHOP on November 12th (location in Alpharetta, GA). We had a coupon for buy one get one free. We had received 6 of them in the mail - more than we could use. We order 2 of the holiday pancake specials. I ordered egg beaters. We had a bit of a wait, but then they brought my husband's meal and didn't bring mine because the cook didn't use egg beaters on my mine so they had to be redone. My husband's hash browns were burned so much they shouldn't have served them.

Finally they brought my meal. I pointed out to the server that my husband's hash browns were burnt. They let us keep our coupon and acted they were comping the meal. Big whoop I had 6 of the coupons. It got worse. We didn't take it out on the waiter. It was the cooks problem although the waiter should have noticed the burnt hash browns. We left a 3 tip on a reduced what would have been a 14 bill but was a 9 dollar bill. When I check my credit statement the tip is not 12.38.

I call the IHOP and complain and the manager Mike ** acted like he was doing me a favor by giving me a 9.38 credit on my charge card which was the fraudulent charge to begin with. I told him I was unhappy enough not to return to that IHOP and he acted like he was doing all he could do and was surprised I wasn't happy. Hmm we were not compensated in any way for the burnt hash browns and then I had to take time because IHOP did a fraudulent charge mistake or not. It was a fraudulent charge. So I'm taking this IHOP off my list and will be less apt to eat at IHOP in general.

Ripped Off
By -

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA -- Tonight my family and I dined at the IHop restaurant on Shaw Avenue in Fresno and had the absolute worst dining experience we have ever had. First of all the restaurant was VERY cold. Outside temperature was 65 degrees, inside at least 10 degrees colder. We were seated at a corner table under the only non-operating light fixture in the restaurant. The waiter took our drink order and brought us our drinks.

We asked for just a couple of minutes to make our choices. After waiting on 6 other tables, including taking and delivering their drink orders and soups or salads, and even fully serving two of the tables, he arrived 20 minutes later to take our order. It was another 20 minutes before our food arrived; including the soup. When it did finally arrive, the waiter brought my daughter pancakes instead of the wheat toast she had ordered. The fries ordered by my son and my husband were both cold.

My carrots were cold, my soup was lukewarm, my baked potato was so hard and cold the butter didn't even begin to melt and the steak I ordered medium well was well done. The other patrons in the restaurant were obviously having the same type of experience as we witnessed several people shaking their heads and overheard several complaints and people asking their companions if they wanted to leave.

When we went to the counter to pay for this so called meal the cashier asked if we enjoyed our meal. My reply was a simple, "No comment". To which another couple waiting to pay nodded their heads in agreement and commented on how terrible their experience was. The cashier's reply was simply, "Oh." I paid the $55.90 bill without complaining just because I had already worked a 12 hour day and just wanted to go home. But, now after giving it some thought I feel like I have just been RIPPED OFF!!!

Come Hungry.... Leave Harassed!!!
By -

BUFFALO, DELAWARE AVE, NEW YORK -- I took my daughter to dinner at Ihop. I have never been to Ihop and we had seen their recent Dr. Seuss themed ads on TV. Tonight at about 7:15, my daughter and I arrived there. I noticed the entryway floor was really dirty and all of the door glass, but ignored it as I know Sunday is a busy day for diner -type restaurants. The restaurant was only about 1/4 full, but still we waited sometime to be seated. I ordered a cheeseburger combo with seasoned fries and a side salad with coffee. My daughter ordered the same combo with a children's 'beezlenut' drink, a Dr. Seuss themed drink.

The salads were fine. The coffee was obviously old, warm and very bitter. I asked for a new carafe. The waitress insisted she had just brewed it-was very snippy- but would bring another. The next carafe was hot, but still tasted terrible. The food came soon after and I was willing to let the coffee issue go. I turned to the side to get to my purse on the booth seat and noticed, then, all the food pieces and crumbs in the space where the bench meets the seat and food on the floor. I was beginning not to like the state of cleanliness or lack thereof.

My daughter then asked me for the side garnish to my burger. I then saw the black hair on the tomato. I started to feel nauseous. A waitress came by and asked if everything was OK. I said no and mentioned the coffee and the hair. She said she would send out a manager. She came back, no manager came. She stated she would replace the food or credit us for the coffee and the 1 burger.

I had eaten 2 bites from my burger, my daughter's was untouched and she had drunk about 1/3 of her drink. She had eaten her fries, I had eaten most of mine. I said that wasn't satisfactory. The waitress said she would send the manager out, yet again. We waited, no one came, so we left.

The waitress came out to the parking lot and knocked at my car window. I rolled it down and explained that I wasn't waiting for anyone else and I wasn't paying. She then called the manager on her cell phone. He then came out- a blonde in a chef's uniform who appeared to be about 20 years old. I explained about 4 times why I wasn't paying and he kept saying "I'm just trying to understand". I felt like a prisoner in the parking lot!! I mentioned that I found it highly unusual that I had been followed out to my car. Further harassment definitely made my first Ihop experience worse. They finally "let me go". It was terrible. I was very upset.

Manager response says a lot about representing IHOP
By -

DECATUR, ILLINOIS -- It was Sunday Feb 17th-08. I took my family of 5 to IHOP for pancakes in Decatur IL. As the waitress took our order and she left to go back to behind the counter. She did a great job bringing drinks for the children and then it went downhill. Wife and I was waiting patiently for our kids pancakes. As the morning started to become to afternoon. The table next asked us "where is your food? We came well after you and you still do not have your food."

I stood up and looked over behind the counter where the cooks looked dumbfounded on what was going on. There is 6 cooks and one manager trying to keep things afloat. Arguing so customer can hear. I heard from one of the cooks I lost a meal ticket.

By then I also saw sausages and bacon thrown onto the 8-10 plates with fingers from the cooks right off from the grill, one after the other. It looked like standard practice from my eyes as each of them were thrown or better words tossing food right from the grill on all the plates. By this time a manager came out and asked if everything is OK. I told the manager I think someone forgot us. The waitress came back to the table and said "someone in the back lost your receipt" and asked us what was on our order after sitting there 45 min.

So by now I wanted to speak to the manager the big guy came back out to see me and I asked what is process for retrieving meal tickets to his cooks. He said he gets the receipts printed off from the printer but ran out of paper. Additionally, I asked "is it standard practice for cooks to use their fingers when touching bacon and sausage food?" His response is "all of my cooks hands are clean."

I returned with how often does he walk behind them to the bathroom. So having this kind of manager will not only close your facility down, I would request a health inspector to come have coffee or better yet have some bacon served up with five clean fingers. We will never go to IHOP again. I will travel 1 hr to go eat at Pancake House in Champaign. Please note it is cheaper to buy utensils then lose customers. Hopefully your district manager will do the right thing, I know I did. It seems that IHOP have taken a back seat in customer service when they hired this manager in Decatur, IL on Pershing rd.

Worst restaurant experience ever. IHOP #0935 Big Bear Lake, CA
By -

BIG BEAR LAKE, CALIFORNIA -- I took my family out to dinner at IHOP while on vacation. The Hostess/owners wife sat us at a table. When the server was in the middle of taking our order, she rudely interrupted and pulled him away from our table. When he finally came back, we finished our order. (5 adults, 2 kids) The food was horrible. My dinner was cold and my chicken strips looked like they had sat for days, everyones fries were uncooked, 2 plates of eggs were hard and seemed old, the ribs were inedible, the toast was hard as a rock, and over half the food on our table was not eaten due to bad quality. I sent my plate back to be heated, but still was unable to eat more than 3 bites.

Enough was enough, so I went to the Hostess/owners wife to complain. She was very loud and rude and told me she never interrupted our service. I reminded her she took our server away without excusing herself and she started to make a scene. At this point her husband, the owner came over and was also very rude. He said that its cold outside and that's why my food was cold.

My brother told him that people want hot food when its cold and then he started laughing in our faces. He laughed over me when I told him that this service is terrible and that I was going to write a letter of complaint, to that he told me he was the owner, and nothing would happen to him. I asked him for his name and he refused to give it to me. I got his name off of the certificate on the wall behind him. "Ross **".

The service was horrible, the owners laughed in my face and humiliated my family in front of the other diners when we tried to complain about our service. The store was IHOP# 0935. What my family experienced at this IHOP was the absolute opposite of IHOP'S vision and values statement according to their website. Obviously these owners feel that they are invincible, and think they are able to get away with treating their customers with disrespect and feeding them cold, bad quality food.

Unprofessional, Rude Manager
By -

TOPEKA, KANSAS -- I was at the Topeka, KS IHOP on Jan. 20, 2008 at 12:35 a.m. I was seated in the smoking section with 2 friends. I had almost finished my meal when the manager on duty (don't know his name but you probably can reference the time with the manager on duty) asked me to put out my cigarette. I was smoking a little cigar, which looks like a cigarette and smokes like one, too. It is NOT a regular cigar. He pointed to a small sign that was posted above the windows that disallowed cigar smoking.

I've been in IHOP at least a dozen times without anyone saying anything about my little cigars. No one else had said anything to me about my little cigars, including the wait staff. This was after he was rude with another customer, who had a baby with her. He forced a form in front of that patron and told her to sign it. She refused. He then snatched the form and the pen he had given to her from her hand. This manager was rude to that lady and to me. The wait staff was great, as usual.

Unfortunately, I won't be returning to the Topeka IHOP, and I will be discouraging my family and friends from patronizing the Topeka IHOP, until I get a written apology from the manager on duty for his unprofessional and rude behavior. If that written apology is not forthcoming, then I will be alerting the local media about what happened and how management at the Topeka IHOP is unprofessional and rude. I would also suggest, if little cigars are going to be banned, that you post a larger sign that is visible to customers. I was made to feel like I had broken a law that I wasn't even aware of. Please respond to this e-mail at your earliest convenience.

Horrible Service
By -

CENTERVILLE, UTAH -- My husband and I went to eat at IHOP October 27, 2007 in Centerville Utah, 388 North Market Place Drive. As soon as we walked into IHOP we felt like we were not welcome. The host (who was a young teenage kid with horrible manners) and a waitress fought over which side of the store we should be seated on. The waitress didn't want us on her side because she apparently had too many people. So the host took us to the other side only to find that every empty table was dirty.

So, he took us on the other side and all the available tables were dirty as well. The Host then complained about everyone being lazy and got a wash rag and wiped one of the tables off. I didn't notice that he had washed one of the seats. So when I sat down across from my husband, my pants were completely soaked. I had to change seats next to husband. We ended up waiting for our waitress to come for 20 minutes... No kidding, 20 minutes.

When she finally came she asked what drinks we wanted. I wanted a hot chocolate and my husband got a rootbeer. She eventually came out with our drinks. The hot chocolate was brown water... It was the worst hot chocolate I had ever had. When she came back I told her the hot chocolate had been watered down. And she told me she thought that it was and that she would bring me a new one.

While serving us she never thought to refill our drinks when they were empty. When our food came out, it was cold because it had sat so long before she noticed. My husband's sandwich had soggy bread, and he hardly got any fries. By then we were so ticked off we hurried and ate our cold food and promptly asked for our check.

Then we had to go and deal with the host again. By then it was closing time, and the host had locked the doors right before we had come up to pay. He started laughing at some people who were trying to come in. He then asked how much we wanted to pay our waitress... WHO DOES THAT??? Isn't he just supposed to give us the slip and we write down what we are supposed to give her. My husband didn't want to give her a tip at all but decided just because it was customary to give her some money he should... Even though the food and the service was terrible. Does IHOP not care about their customers? In Centerville Utah, THEY DON'T!!!

Illegally Towed from IHOP
By -

ARDMORE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went to 130 West Lancaster IHOP in Ardmore, PA yesterday with my two children. One of which is Autistic to eat lunch. I parked my car and got my children out of the car. I saw a man in a sweatshirt standing in the lot and he was looking at me. I proceeded to walk down the street to the ATM. Both because my son needs sensory breaks and to get cash as my debit card gave trouble the last time we were in IHOP. I parked at around 12:45. Walking down the street I saw to my amazement my car being towed from the lot.

I rushed into the restaurant and got the Manager. He stated that it is a private lot and I was not to park there to go shopping in a Halloween store next door. I said I wasn't in a Halloween store, I said I don't even have a bag for the other store. I just parked not even 10 min. ago and my car is gone.

"I was going to eat lunch here." I asked him to call and get my car back and he rang Main Line Hooker. I had to pay $200 dollars for my car. The exact amount I just took out of the ATM. The jerk of a Manager stood there like an idiot with my child freaking out as I handed over my money. Leaving the parking lot I saw the employee of the Towing company park his vehicle in another establishment's lot and run across the street to the IHOP parking lot zipping up his gray sweatshirt. UNBELIEVABLE! That manager should be fired.

I drove back in the lot and said to the tow truck driver "You just apologized to me saying it is your job and all the while you are a sneaky cheat, you could have inquired to my business or at least made sure I wasn't going to eat here before you so quickly towed my car." My car was towed at 12:53, I only got there at 12:45.

Resolution Update 10/30/2007:

Being resolved

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