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Ikea Must Adapt To American Market Not The Opposite
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SUNRISE, FLORIDA -- On 1/8/10, I went to IKEA, since they were having a sale, to buy the following product: DVALA Fitted sheet RED, at the Sunrise Store in Broward County Florida.
They didn't have any but was told to come back the next day which I did since they would more merchandise coming in.

Before leaving home, I went online and checked their inventory at the following web page:


It read "This product will be in stock: Today Jan 9".
As I write this, it still says they have 24 available. It's 1/9/10 at 10:44 ET.
I also called on the phone to make sure of the accuracy of the online information. They confirmed it.

So I went to the store, 5 minutes away from my home, and when I got there I couldn't find any. I asked for help and a manager looked up the product in their system and it showed they had 16 available but no one knew where the merchandise was.

After attempting for 20 minutes I asked for a "Rain-Check" as it is usual in our American stores, specially if it is their fault, and was told that "WE ARE NOT AN AMERICAN STORE" and that they had their own rules and policies, therefore I would not get a "Rain-Check".

This is not the kind of customer service we should get from a foreign company making a fortune in the American market. If we do not accept it from our own American stores why should we from IKEA?

Let's start a campaign where they have to adapt to American values and habits, just as American companies have to do it in foreign markets.

Products Displayed but Never Available?
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CANTON, MICHIGAN -- My wife and I have shopped at Ikea on many occasions and historically, we've enjoyed their prices, products, and selection.

We were in the market for a new living room sofa and chair, and despite looking at many other furniture and home stores, were not able to find what we were looking for.

After shopping at the Canton, MI Ikea, we saw the Mujik Red Vreta sofa and recliner. The pair were leather, nicely constructed and priced competitively. Moreover, Ikea was running a special whereby if the customer signed-up for an Ikea credit card, the purchase could be made at 12 months same-as-cash.

When we inquired about purchasing, we were told they had neither item in-stock, but would have it "soon." We tried to place an order, but were told we could only place something called a "draft order". We wanted to make sure we got the 12 months same-as-cash deal, so after going round-and-round to several staff members who would not help, my wife happened to ask an employee who turned out to be a manager. He gave us a note authorizing the deal to be applied when the furniture came in, and told us we would be called.

That was in February 2010 and it is now May. Not only has the furniture never arrived, but when my wife attempted to call the manager we had spoken to, he said there was nothing he could do, and oh, by the way, don't EVER call him again!

The other night my wife was looking at the Ikea website, and the web inventory indicated both items were in-stock in the Canton store - but no call. So she called the store and they said they didn't have it. When my wife asked about why the website showed the items in-stock, yet we received no call, the employee asked "well, did you PAY for it!" My wife said we weren't permitted to place a *real* order, only a *draft* order. My wife then asked to speak to a manager, and after some wrangling with the employee, she expected to be put-through, only to have the employee hang-up on her. My wife was very courteous throughout, so there was really no excuse for the employees behavior.

I'm puzzled as to WHY Ikea would have items on the floor for MONTHS and yet never seem to have the item in-stock? Why don't Ikea employees at least ATTEMPT to answer the customer's questions? How can Ikea expect to only allow back-ordered items to be sold if the customer has paid in advance, and then, have a policy that does not allow the customer to place a REAL order or pay for the item?

In retrospect, I'm certainly glad we didn't pay, as we would still have no sofa or chair! We found another sofa and chair, and we are resolved to NEVER do business with Ikea again. They are not only rude, but appear to engage in some HIGHLY SUSPECT business practices. I'm contemplating a letter to the State Attorney General's office.
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Delivery Contractor did not "Deliver"
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ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I placed an order on line to be delivered to my home. I received an email stating that my delivery date was 11/17/14 and that a follow up email would show the delivery company and contact info. When the second email arrived, it did have the delivery company, Urban Express; however no contact info for questions.

On 11/16/14, I called Ikea Customer Service because at 5pm, I had not received the "phone call" from the delivery company giving me the 4 hour window for delivery on the 17th...I sat on hold for customer service assistance for 20 minutes. A nice representative came on line and called the delivery company who said my delivery would arrive at my home between 5pm and 9 pm on 11/17.

Today is 11/17/14. I got off work early to be at home by 4:30pm in case the delivery was early...My husband said he got a message on his cell phone that our furniture would be delivered between 7pm and 9pm....At 8pm, my husband received an automated call that the furniture would be delivered within 2-5 minutes....he attempted to call the return number 305-728-8400 and was on hold for quite some time....I then called the same number again at 8:40 pm and was on hold until after 9pm before I got a live person. I spoke to "David" who claimed to be a supervisor...he called dispatch and told me that because we did not respond to their call and email (which was from a "Luz Molina" and not Ikea nor Urban Express) that the driver didn't deliver....

I got off early to sit and watch my front and side door until after 9pm to be told they would not deliver because I did not return a phone call (which we attempted to return!!) -- What kind of delivery company does not knock on a door or drive into a driveway?

I believe your customer service will suffer long term with your partnership with Urban Express.

"David" would not let me speak to anyone other than himself - nor would he give me any contact at "Dispatch" -- He said I had to wait and call Ikea tomorrow.

My husband has had back surgery and we paid for delivery to be a convenience for him...

I would like for someone at Ikea to investigate Urban Express delivery practices....if in fact they will not deliver unless someone returns their call -- then it should be stated loud and clear in your delivery terms that this is the case and that they will not pull in a driveway, nor knock on a door unless you call them back........by not disclosing this on your website, you are misleading your customer.
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Horrible After Sales Experience
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Rating: 1/51
FRISCO, TEXAS -- If you have purchased a product from Ikea and there are no problems with it then probably you are good. But anytime you have to deal with AFTER Sales, then your nightmare starts.

Here is what I have gone through:

"Case number - 22043349 (Case Open date Sep 6 2014) - Horrible After Sales Experience. I raised this case and followed up for 2 weeks. I got 3 follow ups from Ikea representatives in between and they all had their own solutions/offers. After 2 weeks, I am now getting call from a VERY RUDE person and he is telling that there is no problem with the product (even when it is unstable). And I have to purchase a new one (with delivery) and then only they can offer a pick up for old one. Also, the agent is not listening to me at all. He is telling he will hang on on me if I don't let him close the case. Horrible! I am an Ikea customer for last 4+ years and purchased so many products and always suggested my friends to use IKEA. I never had this BAD experience. IKEA does not care about their customers. When there is a problem with the product stability, they don't expect that it could be a problem with the product and they want customer to pay for everything again (delivery fees also) and then only they will except the delivery. I want this to be escalated and want some expert to come and look at the bed frame and stability issues and then provide pick-up/delivery for old/exchanged product and offer complimentary assembly also on the same. I don't want to talk to some agent who says "I WILL HANG UP AS I GOT THIS RESOLUTION FROM MY MANAGER AND THIS IS FINAL. I HAVE TO CLOSE THE CASE" . Really PATHETIC and HORRIBLE! Totally Unaccepted way to talk to any CUSTOMER."
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Not What It Used to Be
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Rating: 1/51
COVINA, CALIFORNIA -- Things to remember about Ikea;
1-They do not care if you are happy with their product, customer service, item in stock or the quality.
2-Employee's are not empowered to make any decisions and are ultimately frustrated, disgruntled and kept in the dark regarding product info. Have never been able to find/reach/ talk to a store manager, there is a wall they hide behind, a wall of powerless staff. All avenue's outside of the store for help, helpless.
3-If you do not live near a store and drive a distance to get there (200 mile round trip for us) there is no return policy except for driving all the way back. No matter how small the part is, whether it was missing, broken or you did not get all the parts (mainly because there is no staff to help make sure you do), they simply do not care, it's your tuff luck !
4-If you do not have enough money to purchase an entire system at one time, it probably will have been discontinued by the time you return. there is no back-up, you are out of luck !
5-Ikea is not what it used to be, and that's a huge understatement ! Quality has gone downhill steadily, prices have gone up. Design seems to be aimed at dorm room throw away items. Just not a good experience or fun anymore. If you, like myself, used to really like Ikea years ago or bought a system that you want to add on to or at least want the same quality with it, you will be sorry that they took your money and you were dumb enough to give it to them.
We have a very mismatched Pax wardrobe system in our bedroom and a Besta entertainment system in our living room. Thanks to their constant changing or discontinuing items, we have 2 systems that were pricey and look like we piecemealed them together. Not even the close hanger rods are the same, yes we found out on our last trip that they even changed them in color and shape. The wardrobe sides are now hollow core and have stickers that warn "do not walk on during assembly" (do they not realize how much room is needed to assemble and walking on them is almost impossible). They weigh a fraction of what they used to, they bow, just plain cheap !!! Both mirror doors were broken, Another 200 miles, if they even take them back and not try to blame us (their favorite comeback). I would call first, but as I have learned in the past, that it is it's own nightmare and what they say and what happens when you get to the store are 2 different things.
If none of the above bothers you, then you are their perfect customer and good luck with that !
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Terrible Home Delivery Experience
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Rating: 1/51
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I had an absolutely terrible experience with my online order for home delivery. I placed the order and received an email from Ikea stating that the delivery facility (of course they outsource it!) would call to schedule a delivery time. The day prior to delivery date, the delivery facility (Urban Express) called and said it would be May 1 between 11 am and 3 pm. on May 1, I received a call at 9:45 AM from the delivery man that he was pulling up to my apartment. I was an hour away from home, so of course I was not there to sign for it. He said he would keep the order on his truck and that I should call to reschedule for the next week.

Later that evening I received an email saying my order had been delivered and signed for! IT HAD NOT BEEN! So, I called Ikea, waited on hold for almost an hour, and spoke to a woman who said she put in a reschedule with the delivery facility for the next Tuesday (only one of two weekdays that they deliver to my area) -- and that the day before delivery, Urban Express would call to tell me the delivery time again.

Today is the day before the delivery day. I've been waiting for a call: nothing. So I called Urban Express. THEY HAVE NO RECORD OF IKEA RESCHEDULING THE DELIVERY. NONE WHATSOEVER. They told me I had to call Ikea in order to reschedule -- AGAIN! So, here I go...on hold with Ikea for another half an hour just to talk to a human being. The human being then had to call the delivery facility (putting me on hold again) to tell them to redeliver the order. She sent me an email from her own account with plain text that says my delivery was rescheduled for May 6.

I never received a call from the delivery facility on May 5 so this morning (at 8:45) I called, no answer. I called back at 9:30 and spoke to a human (finally) who said-- oops! the delivery truck already left. that I'll have to wait until Thursday now

This is unacceptable. I'm canceling my order, if I can EVER talk to a human being....terrible. Never, ever ordering from Ikea again.

I am not happy. Never ordering from Ikea again.
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Worst Buying & Customer Service Experience Ever!
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Rating: 1/51
STOUGHTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- We live 1 hr from the Stoughton, MA Ikea store. Decided to venture there to purchase a unit to store CDs and DVDs. We found something we liked on 1/4/14. A lady in the dept. called down to the pickup location to hold 2 units aside. When we arrived to the pick-up spot, the lady apologized as she just sold the last 2 units!! We were upset, but really liked the piece so decided to order. Shipping to our home would cost more than the piece itself, so we decided to make another hour ride the following weekend (1/11) to the warehouse down the road. The following weekend, 1/18, we were ready to set it up - after opening the piece, we see that its the wrong color!! Completely devastated.

We had spent 4 hours going back & forth, now we sit with a wrong item - clearly if we called customer service, they would make amends and perhaps offer to ship a new unit & pick up the old! NOT THE CASE - the direction was to return the item and re-order. Trying to come to some good outcome was impossible. Ikea made the mistake, yet we are paying for it by our time, weekends, gas, etc...totally would understand if WE made the mistake - but there needed to be some adjustment here. We escalated to a representative - who said she would at least get the ball rolling and order a new piece so it would be there when we returned the wrong item - how nice of her!! Upon checking, we get the best news ever! Our item in the color we want is now discontinued!! Are you kidding me?! In a matter of weeks, we are not able to get what we want!! We asked if there was a way for Ikea to pick up the merchandise if there was a truck in our area - no, we can't do that. This by far has been the most exhausting, frustrating, horrid experiences! Not only will I never step foot back in Ikea, but I plan to tell everyone I know about this experience.

The best part, is we now get to take our 2 kids on another hour drive & wait in the cattle call to return this item - oh and in the store it said it was pine when in fact, it was particle board. My husband wants to put in a puddle and watch it disintegrate.
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Not For Trades
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Rating: 1/51
SAWGRASS, FLORIDA -- Definitely IKEA is not for trade people. This is in SAWGRASS STORE only I cannot judge the other stores they may have in the US. I went there to help a client from Norway, order, pay and pick up a kitchen cabinet with appliances.

Their system is ridiculous, You can not order in advance so they could have your order ready for you to pick up at your convenience NO that's too much to ask. You have to pay when you pick up and they have a SELF PICK UP for some items and FULL SERVICE for some other items. So after you pass the drill of ordering waiting (1 HOUR) for someone to take care of all items needed in a list You START:

1st: You have to SELF PICK UP from shelves "some in second floor some in first floor" then...

2nd: You have to pay for that... wait in line "AGAIN" to pay and then...

3rd: Go submit your receipt to the FULL SERVICE COUNTER (otherwise they will not start with your order) and...

4th: Wait in line "YES AGAIN" for FULL SERVICE to give you the rest of accessories (45 ITEMS) 1 HOUR 35 MINUTES. They got the items deliver to me right there, where I was waiting, in two carts together because some items were too big for one cart so they pile it up in two CARTS stick together by weight, I asked them to please help me BUT NO I had to push them 2 carts loaded outside by myself and they would not push it to your truck or car you have to take it to the loading dock Go and pick your truck up the loading dock and maybe someone from IKEA at the dock would help me (NOT, NOT, not in my case, they did not help me). 4 hours later I was out of IKEA.

BUT no all bad I must confess. The trip to Miami Beach was really really good, no traffic congestion instead of taking 1 15 minutes it took me 45 minutes NO THANKS TO IKEA, OK.

Regards from Miami,
Claudio Fernandez
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Worst Customer Service!!
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Rating: 1/51
I am in SC and do not live near an Ikea, so I looked to see how much it would be to order a cabinet through their online shopping. The cabinet cost $239. The shipping alone was a whopping $360!!!

After 17 minutes on hold, I finally reached an agent. I needed to see if they offered store to store delivery as the item I wanted was not in stock in the Woodbridge store which I would be visiting soon. It was in stock in Maryland. They said no, they don't offer that. The unfriendly, monotone kid on the phone did tell me that if I went into the store in Woodbridge they would deliver it to me in SC for a fee of $59. OK, great. I could have a family member go into the store for me and get the process going.

My sister took time to go to the Woodbridge store ready to order and have the item shipped to me. There the guy told her that since I was in SC they could not ship that far. He told her I could call the Charlotte store and they would ship for that $59 price. They gave her an 888 number for me to call.

Turns out the number they gave her is the one and only number on the website. No direct line to the Charlotte store as he made it seem.

After 18 minutes on hold I reached another customer agent who informed me that no, they will not ship an item to me from the Charlotte store, I would have to order online and pay the $360 shipping cost. She said they use private shippers and that is why the costs are so high.

The whole thing was absolutely ridiculous. Twice I was quoted the $59 price, which turns out, they meant "starting at $59" and twice I was told that they could ship to my home through the store.

Worst customer service. They use a call center which obviously is not concerned with actual customers.
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Ikea Online Is A Nightmare!!!
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Rating: 1/51
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- TERRIBLE experience. DO NOT BUY IKEA ONLINE!!! I placed a $1000 order 6 weeks ago. I received the items about a week afterward. When I opened the items to assemble them, one was badly damaged, and another was missing a part. I called immediately to ask for them to pick up the damaged items and get a replacement. I was upset because I'd have to wait longer than necessary to obtain the items I had already been charged for.

Days went by and Ikea wouldn't contact me to let me know whether the replacement items had shipped. The missing part, however, came on the mail after a few days. As for the item that was damaged, I contacted Ikea several times--each one, they'd come up with a story explaining why the item hadn't shipped yet. It took 4 ENTIRE weeks for the damaged item to be replaced.

The delivery company told me they'd deliver between 3 and 7pm. They arrived at 7.30pm, one of the guys damaged my newly bought Ikea desk when used it to sign the delivery form, and guess what? When I opened the box of the replaced item, the replacement was badly damaged too!

You could say the problem is with the delivery company and not with Ikea, but first, it was Ikea's ineptitude (not the delivery company) that caused the item to take 4 full weeks to be replaced; second, when I called Ikea to complain about the item that I had received damaged twice, the person I talked to was extremely rude (you would think that after so many mistakes they'd apologize, right?); third, the replacement for the item that came damaged twice is apparently going to take another 10 days to get here--I asked them to speed up the delivery and they said they couldn't do anything to speed it up.
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