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Great Customer Service
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Rating: 5/51

FLORIDA -- I have always had wonderful service from Interval International and they have always been very helpful and patient with all of my requests. Business-like and accurate.

Behind on the Times
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI FA -- The world is busy these days. I have 2 weeks banked. They only look for availability from 1- 60 days ahead. So putting vacation time in at work is VERY HARD. Any hotel will take up to a year to book for availability. So, seeing availability in peek seasons is impossible with this company.

Do Not Do Business With Interval International Time Share Company!
By -

My friend & I recently booked a trip through his time-share, Interval International, to go to the Costa Maya Reef Resort in Belize, Central America scheduled for 8/18-8/25/07. We booked this trip over the phone & gave the company representative our credit card information for charging the trip. The night before we were scheduled to leave, we attempted to contact the resort to ensure they were still accepting guests. We had some concerns due to
hurricane dean. No one answered the phone. So we spent the next few hours tracking the storm online & at that point it didn't appear that it would affect Belize at all.

So on Saturday morning, we boarded a US Airways flight bound for Belize. We arrived at Belize Int'l Airport at approx. 10am. We then boarded a Tropic Air plane for another 15-minute flight to San Pedro. Once we arrived at Fido's dock in San Pedro to board a ferry to take us to the resort, we were told by the ferry master that Costa Maya Reef resort was closed in anticipation of the hurricane. He gave us the resort owner's name & cell phone number.

I spoke to the owner personally & he informed me that he had contacted Interval International 2 days prior (which would have been Thursday) to let them know they would be closing that Friday because of the hurricane. Interval had our phone number and e-mail address and no one EVER attempted to contact us.

We then had to make other last minute arrangements to stay at another resort on the mainland, which ended up costing us thousands more than we had expected to spend. Because Interval International did not inform us of the situation, both of our lives were put at risk & we are out thousands of dollars because we had to make other arrangements.

When we returned home, we contacted Interval International numerous times in an attempt to get our money back. Each time, we were told they would not refund a dime. The last representative I spoke with, **, did admit that the resort contacted them to let them know of the closing in advance, but that it was OUR responsibility to contact THEM to get information in the event of a natural disaster. My impression of this company, and their specific handling (or lack thereof) of my situation left much to be desired. I find their practices & actions to be unprofessional, irresponsible, criminal & incompetent. BEWARE!

Dwindling Exchange Options/Poor Quality Accommodation
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Rating: 2/51

PENTICTON B.C. -- We have been timeshare owners for 10+ years. We exchange through Interval International. When we first started exchanging, the accommodations were quite good and easy to book. We now find that places are substandard and the desirable locations are extremely difficult to get.... (Spain in January anyone?)

Our last exchange had a cat and cat bowls behind the lobby desk!!! This is the "5 star accommodation" we bought??? At a Vegas spot I overheard the front desk clerk tell a walk-in customer that he could book this location for 45.00 dollars/night!!!! We are ready to throw in the towel. Is anyone as frustrated as we are? It angers us that we will just have to walk away from the money we spent to buy this.

Check In - RIP OFF
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- Wife and I had to exchange Marriott Vacation Club Week through Interval. My in-laws left with our kids the night before our stay to break up the drive and stayed at a hotel halfway. My wife and I left for vacation the following day. Since the in laws and kids were arriving before us we wanted to let the front desk of another Marriott resort we were staying at know they would be checking in ahead of us.

They said we had to work through Interval and pay a $49 fee to change check in to in-laws' name. We tried talking to supervisors at both Interval and Marriott and both claimed it was "policy". This is a total RIP OFF. It is crazy that we had to pay this fee to have our kids be able to check in 4 hours before we arrived. I would never recommend Interval and remain very disappointed with Marriott.

Interval International has serious problems that will cost you tons of money!
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Interval International is one of the least helpful and most dishonest companies around - BEWARE! They will lie to you and their website will be their excuse for losing weeks/exchanges, etc. Escalating to management is not at all helpful - they all parrot the same script and couldn't care less about any issue that is not specifically mentioned in the script.

I renewed my membership at an increased cost between the renewal they LOST one of my weeks. Calls/emails resulted in NOTHING until the week passed. Then I got a response by email and a call from a senior customer service and then a manager... all with EXACTLY the same response. BEWARE!!! My complaint is being escalated this time to the FL BBB... This company and their dishonest practices must be stopped!

Interval's sham
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I made my reservations in April for an exchange resort (Welk Resorts in san Diego). I hold a two bedroom unit for a week through Marriott. Interval talked me into getting into this downgraded one bedroom in Welk resorts and told me to check with the hotel periodically to see if the two bedroom units will be released. I was told by Welk that the requests can be made only through Interval. Interval kept telling me that there were no units at all for the week and I will have to forgo the studio portion of my units. I attended a preview of Welk and found out that Interval does this one bedroom exchange for two bedroom units in Marriott claiming that Welk is a premier resort.

Much to my chagrin I was dumped into a small one bedroom unit the size of a studio for the premier two bedroom that I used to enjoy at Marriott. To add fuel to the fire I also found out that Interval has their HQ in Welk's premises and all along they played that they know nothing about the resort's availabilities and handle only the inventory.

As an advise please do not check into Welk thinking this is better to be downgraded to a premier resort - the accommodation SUCKS! The rooms are very awkwardly set up and my kids had to sleep in a pull out couch that had a terrible mattress. The showers are substandard and I ended up taking my family to LA for two nights. This has been a horrible experience.

Interval international and the string-along game
By -

We feel the need to warn others of the unscrupulous exchange practices of II. We have been members of II for 10+ years and Have 2 Marriott weeks, plus one other banked for exchange. I wanted a tropical vacay this Winter, so paid an extra $139.00 (over the $180.00 yearly dues) in July to have a "pending exchange" request. All I have received are annoying evening phone calls from interval staff trying to solicit 3 years of advanced interval dues a year before they are due. No offer of an exchange and I have requested 20+ locales over 5 wks.

I have attempted to exchange about 10 times over 10 years and only found marginal success 3 times. Usually offered shabby facilities off-season or forced into accepting a "Getaway" vacation for $500.00-$1,500.00 per week when down to the wire. Buyer beware!

Worst place ever. A dump
By -

Made a reservation through Interval International in Kissimmie Fl. It was the worst dump of a place we had ever stay in. The rooms were nasty. I had taken a paper towel and rubbed it on the kitchen floor. The towel turned black. The same thing with the bathroom floor. The bathroom were filthy. The carpet was not vacuumed bugs in corners. They seemed they have been there for a week or so. Looked like everything was wiped down with a wet filthy rag.

Called the manager, showed her. They cleaned it the next day. Did not even give us a temporary room until it was clean. It smelled moldy and we are allergic to mold. The people upstairs were very noisy yelling banging until 3am every night. Called security. They did nothing. Kept calling security and the manager and still they did nothing. This kept going on each night. The children could not sleep. Worst vacation ever.

Interval International Stinks
By -

I just wanted to let you know how frustrated and angry I am with your service. I used it for the first time on 3/19 and thought I was getting your best deal. One week later I saw the same deal for almost 1/4 of what I paid. When I called to express my disappointment, I was told that I should have called rather than book online. NO ONE ever told me this, and the information I was given was less than adequate in explaining this.

To be honest, my husband and I were planning on 're-upping' with you for three years, and now I doubt that I will use your service anymore. I feel cheated, to say the least. Not a good way to start out with a service. I sure hope my timeshare is better than you guys. And oh... I'll be sure to spread the word. One bad review is worth a thousand good reviews... You know how that one works....

Just a note, that when I was first given information on your service, we were told how easy it was to do it ourselves online. When I called with my complaint, I was told that you should always call for the best prices. So in my opinion, this was a 'set up' for getting robbed. And just saying, 'sorry, we don't give refunds or adjustments' is not going to Win customers by any stretch of the imagination.

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