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J.B. Robinson Jewelers
14600 Lakeside Circle, Unit 1230 Lakeside Mall
Sterling Heights, MI 48313
00-800-9001-0044 (ph)
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Rating: 4/51

JOLIET, ILLINOIS -- Don't waste your time with this store. My husband purchased my wedding and engagement rings from JBR and had no complaints at the time. However you must have them inspected every 6 months to keep up the warranty, if you don't the warranty is voided. We have been married 3 years so had them in maybe 6-7 times. Twice now I've had to have them sent out to repair cracked diamonds in the bands...how cheap are these diamonds, no one else I know has had to have small diamonds repaired in their rings.

With this second repair I have been waiting 3 months and still have no ring. I was told the rings were in so I went to pick them up and 1 out of 3 rings were in. I was then informed that my other two rings were sent to the home office repair shop and they were sorry I wasn't informed of that. 2 weeks after picking up the ring I got a call letting me know that is what was taking so long. I was told it would be 6-8 weeks before they were in.

It's been 11 weeks and no one calls to update me. I've called multiple times to find out the status and the repair shop is either closed or says they're still working on getting the diamonds. I'm not sure what's taking so long it's a jewelry repair shop, this is their job!

I was told they should be ready in the next 2 weeks, but I won't hold my breath as the 6-8 week deadline came and went a long time ago. The worst part for me is I did not have my rings for my anniversary, pictures with my pregnant belly, and more than likely won't have them for the birth of my child and the pictures following the birth : ( I'd rather have a ring with a cracked diamond that's too small to notice than no ring at all, but I don't get a say in the matter.

Very inconvenient service plan, bad customer service, and jewelry does not get clean when you bring it in for care
By -

WESTLAND, MICHIGAN -- When you purchase jewels from JB Robinson be careful because they are not going to mention that you are required to bring your diamond in every six months to be inspected and if something happens to it they won't cover it. When I went back to the store for service they were snotty, rude and acted as though they did not want to be bothered. When my jewelry was cleaned it came out looking just a bad as it did going in. They don't have a Smith so in order to get your jewelry cleaned properly and polished you have to bring it to the store, have them send it out for 7 to 10 business days at least, just for that.

I didn't find that out until I got so upset from repeated bad customer service and still dirty jewelry that I finally just went off and told them everything that they had done up to this point to make me so sorry for being their customer, and then she told me about getting it sent off for about two weeks at least and don't bother going during the holiday when you have time because it takes even longer. How very, very inconvenient. I think that it is done purposely to detour me from bringing my diamond in for service because they are very nice when they sold it to me but not so much when I come back for service.

I won't buy anything else from them, not that they care because they have so many stores it doesn't matter if they lose me as a customer. They have Kay, Leroy's, Jared, Sterling and the list keeps going. They talked to me very rudely in person and over the phone. I have learned my lesson, I will be more careful with selecting a store and read everything cause they are not going to explain it and go over anything with the customer.

The customer service representative told me it is not the sale person's job to educate the customer, it's their job to sell. Maybe you can save yourself the frustration that I feel by being careful, or not going to them at all. Whoever reads this will be better off than me. Good luck.

Poor customer service at store
By -

WESTLAND, MICHIGAN -- I went to JB Robinson Jewelry on OCT 21st 2011. I walked in the store with my girlfriend and checked out a few engagement rings.... As I was talking to the saleslady she mentioned a ring on sale for a really good price and making it sound as a GREAT DEAL, so she brought it out and my girlfriend actually liked it. So right there I said "I want to put it in lay away."

Everything was pretty good so far, then a month later after making big payments on the ring every week of almost half my check, I finally paid it off by NOV 20TH. So the lady said "OK now we can go ahead and send the ring for resizing it and the promise date to get it back was DECEMBER 6TH." (Everything was OK up to that point).

Then I went to the store on DECEMBER 5TH NOT THE 6, I WENT A DAY EARLIER THAN THE PROMISE DATE. As I walk into the store there was 2 sale ladies and the manager. One of the sale ladies was busy with a customer and the other was talking to the manager and a lady that was there talking about stuff non related to sales. They were there talking for at least 10 minutes without asking me if I needed help... Finally the manager asked me "Have you been helped?" and I said "yes I just come to get engagement ring because it was sent out for resizing, and I'm here a day early to see if it's ready."

The manager looked up my info in the computer and said to me "IT SAYS HERE THAT THEY FOUND A CHIP ON ONE OF THE DIAMONDS AND THEY HAVE NOT SIZED IT YET!" I WAS LIKE WTF. How come nobody called me to inform me about this??? The manager is like "ohh I'm soo sorry. Let me call to see how long would it take to get it fixed." 15 minutes later she comes back and tells me "it's going to take 4-to-6 weeks to fix it." By that time I was more pissed. I said "I want my $$$ back" and she said "it would take a couple weeks for them to send me a check."

I'm like "you know what I want the corporation number and your name." Then I left the store called the corporation. After another hour of waiting and talking to a lady there... she said "WE WILL SEND ANOTHER RING EXACT TO THE ONE YOU BOUGHT FROM A DIFFERENT STORE AND WE WILL SIZE IT IN A MATTER OF 2 WEEKS AT MOST." I said "I really hope so because I was planning on giving it to my gf on Christmas."

ANYWAY the lady at the corporation was actually really nice to me and assured to me the ring will be on my hands by December the 19th. I just hope it's the same exact ring and without anymore issues. ANYWAY THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ MY COMPLAINT. I'M JUST TRYING TO KEEP CONSUMER AWARE. I'm just a hard worker as many of the consumers.

Poor customer service
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Rating: 1/51

MORGANTOWN, WEST VIRGINIA -- I wanted a specific product so the store manager ordered my desired necklace and I had paid for 2 day shipping. 9 days later the store said they had received my product. I was a little mad, but I didn't care that much so picked up my product and went on my way. The real problem is that my girlfriend had only worn the necklace a few times (less than 10), the chain broke while on the stand. Clearly this was a defective product as it had not been pulled or tugged in and out of dozens of necklaces. It is the only one that has ever had a chain break.

Unfortunately, the pendant is permanently attached to the chain and cannot be swapped out. So I went to the store I had purchased it from and asked them if they could repair it. They immediately said they would not replace or repair it since I had not purchased the very expensive insurance they offered. My options were to either buy the 50 dollar insurance then or pay them to repair it there for 40 dollars. This is a very simple 5 minute fix, I was not asking for a new pendant or gems, and the store could have easily accommodated their customer.

In the end I left without getting it repaired. I would like to let anyone planning on buying from them that Kay Jewelers in the same mall is owned by same company and carries all the same products, has much better customer service, and if you are planning on purchasing one of their products go to Kay instead. I have bought many things from Kay and they have always made problems right.

Customer Service Terrible
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Rating: 1/51

BOURBONNAIS, ILLINOIS -- For Christmas I received a Levian ring from JBR. 2 months later the main stone fell out. I was just folding laundry, I didn't hit it on anything. I also only wear the ring on weekends, jewelry is not allowed at work. The store was going to have it repaired, I insisted on a new one. They gave me the one in the case which needed to be sized. So they sized the one I had, I thought, and sent it out. Over a week later I go pick it up and they sized it to the wrong size.

The manager kept telling me it's the same as before. Finally she looked it up and they were in fact wrong. So it's being sent out yet again. The customer service is terrible there, and no one knows what they are talking about. My husband and I both spend a lot of money in there and we will now be going somewhere else.

Don't Let Them Get Over You
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Rating: 3/51

FORT GRATIOT, MICHIGAN -- In 2013 I purchased earrings on my account with them with a deposit down to get the no interest terms for pay back. Long story short, after months I finally looked at my statement and seen I was being charged interest. It took a whole two days for them to fix and credit my account back for the interest I had been paying. This should have never happened in the the first place.

Take pictures during purchase at the store, before the 6 months inspection and at the store again after they inspect and especially before and after repairs right at the store so they can't lie, grounds to be taken to court cause you'll have proof. Record if you need to cause I'd be really pissed and close my account if they ever try and screw me over again.

Poor Customer Service and Repairs
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Rating: 1/51

FLINT, MICHIGAN -- I purchased our wedding jewelry from JB Robinson Jewelers in the Genessee Valley Center . I was told to bring my engagement ring and enhancers in two weeks prior the my wedding date to have sent in to be sized and soldered. I am only a few days from my wedding now and still don't have my ring after three weeks. Each time I have been told a date that my wedding bands will be in I have gotten the runaround from the manager **. One of the times I called to try to get an answer what was going on with my rings I was told to calm down they will take care of it I have plenty of time.

I finally was told last week my ring was in to pick up... later than ** told me of course. When my fiance and I went to pick it up one of the enhancers had a large gap in between in and the engagement ring and was crooked.I am not putting on my wedding bands at my wedding which I take as a SYMBOL OF LOVE AND COMMITMENT to just have to turn around and take it off again TO GET SENT BACK TO BE FIXED FOR ANOTHER UNDISCLOSED AMOUNT OF TIME!

This experience has been completely unacceptable to my fiance and I and everyone else I have told and will keep telling more of this. As of today I still don't have my wedding set! VERY UNHAPPY ALL AROUND WITH THIS SERVICE!

Never go back

VIRGINIA BEACH -- My Fiance purchased a citizen watch at JBR for my Christmas present. Before I realized it isn't worth it to me to have a watch (I have a cell phone). I decided to comparison shop. I found it for $200 cheaper at multiple reputable sources online. When I went to return it 14 days after she purchased it. The sales lady would not accept it back until I got on the phone with Customer service and threatened to go to every review site I could find and write about my experience. She then reluctantly took it back per their 30 day full refund policy. Even if they were not way over priced there is no way I would go back to them or their affiliates.

JB Robinson Misleading Company Representation
By -

WALDORF, MARYLAND -- JB Robinson Waldorf Maryland Sale Lady with a very dark haired Asian selling her own jewelry while working. I was approach while buying a ring. Then when I came home I was very surprise she called me at home when I did not gave her my phone number guess she must have gotten it from the computer data. Then the following day she called me again and ask if I am interested to buy her jewelry. Then start talking how bad her co-workers.

WASHINGTON -- The law firm of Cohen Milstein Hausfeld & Toll, PLLC, co-lead counsel for the plaintiffs, announced that it has filed a class action lawsuit in federal court in the Southern District of New York on March 18, 2008 on behalf of 15 current and former female employees of Sterling Jewelers, the nation's largest chain of jewelry stores. Sterling Jewelers was charged with committing widespread sex discrimination against its female retail sales employees. Sterling Jewelers operates more than 1300 stores located in shopping malls and centers in every state in the nation.

The stores operate under at least 12 retail brand names, including Jared The Galleria of Jewelry, Kay Jewelers, Belden Jewelers, JB Robinson Jewelers, Marks & Morgan Jewelers, Weisfield Jewelers, Osterman Jewelers, Shaw's Jewelers, Rogers Jewelers, LeRoy's Jewelers, Goodman Jewelers and Friedlanders Jewelers. The suit was filed by 15 current and former female employees who have worked at stores located in New York, Florida, California, Texas, Indiana, Missouri, Massachusetts, Nevada and New Jersey.

The suit claims Sterling Jewelers has engaged in a pattern or practice of sex discrimination by denying female retail sales employees equal opportunities to be promoted into and within management jobs, and by paying them less than men performing the same work, at the same levels, in the same stores and at the same time period. The suit seeks fundamental changes to Sterling's personnel policies, as well as awards of earnings and benefits lost because of discrimination and compensatory and punitive damages. "While Sterling Jewelers sold more than $ 1 billion in jewelry last year, it failed to p

I recently purchased an engagement ring for my fiance.
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Rating: 5/51

DUBUQUE, IOWA -- Awesome experience and staff! Thank you for all of your help. JBR will be my jeweler for life.

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