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Grandfathered Lifetime Repairs and Resizing Guarantee Before They Merged With Kay
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Rating: 1/51

We bought wedding rings from JBR in Joliet IL (they recently closed) because they offered lifetime repairs and resizing in 1989 - prior to merging with Kay Jewelers. Then we moved to Texas. 10-12 yrs later, my husband's ring cracked and Kay Jewelers at Ft Worth TX Ridgmar Mall repaired it no questions asked. About 4 years later, the ring cracked completely through in the same spot. So when we found time we drove the 100 mile trip to Ft Worth. I thought I would get my ring enlarged since it was free lifetime resizing. We went about 12 times.

Just a NO. "You have to pay. Have you maintained the cleaning schedule?" Yes, but NO, we have to pay. They took the rings and would look into it. But NO, have to pay. Upon asking for our rings back, they didn't even bring the rings forward and asked if I still had any paperwork. "Sure," "OK, just bring back the certificate." "Well not that certificate." "The diamond inspection certificate was the only one we had. Hence free lifetime repairs and resizing." "Bring the other one back." Went home and realized we only had one. Go back and NO, WE HAVE TO PAY. Still haven't seen our rings.

They acknowledge that cleanings were all recorded electronically. They had my history, no problem. They would call when they came back. Get the call, go to pick up the rings. OH, WE HAVE TO PAY. They never sent them out. I remind them of the lifetime guarantee. Then they ask if I have the RECEIPT from 17 years ago. Well thankfully, JBR put everything in a cute little certificate envelope and my parents taught me to throw any expensive receipt in a metal lock box. Sure enough, receipts and credit card carbon copies are in there.

I show them the receipts to their surprise. They will send the rings out. Get a call for pickup. They never sent them out because OH, WE HAVE TO PAY. I am pretty ticked by now and ask what is the problem now. Oh, they claim I have never cleaned the ring. I tell them to look up the last repair they did a few years earlier. "Oh, ok, we'll send them out." AGAIN.

Get a call for pickup. Take my husband with me this time. Still no rings have appeared at the counter for months. I'm worried they have sold them or lost them. "Oh we can't send them out until you pay the repair fees." They claim now we have no repairs ever performed with them.

I demand my rings and my large grumpy husband steps up by me. I thought it was going to take an act of Congress to get my rings back. Finally I got the rings. I figure we will go back to Joliet IL when we were visiting. Well I finally remembered the rings last month and the store had recently closed down. Today I emailed JBR for assistance. Been married 25 1/2 years and still trying to get them to honor their free lifetime guarantee. Even have the ad we tore out of the paper back in 1989 when we were trying to figure out what jeweler to go to.

Since our 25th Anniversary was bust due to an accident, I was motivated to get our rings fixed. Looks like I may have to file a lawsuit. Good thing we have several lawyers in the family.

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Rating: 1/51

AURORA, ILLINOIS -- JB Robinson has the WORST customer service of any company I have ever dealt with! The customer is NOT their first priority, their commission is! BE WARNED!

Here is my story: I bought an engagement ring in November 2011 from JBR Fox Valley, Aurora, IL. I proposed in January 2012. My fiancée wasn't happy with the ring so we took it back to JBR to pick a new setting and change the prongs because she didn't like the ones on the ring. The ring came back in the new setting; however, the setting/diamond was now crooked, there were gaps on the sides of the diamond, and the prongs were different sizes. So, we took the ring back AGAIN to get a diamond that was slightly larger in the table to cover the gaps, have the setting/diamond straightened, and have the prongs resized and consistent.

The ring came back and now the diamond that was put in the ring was crookedly cut and they put the original prongs back on the ring that my fiancée specifically said she didn't want in the beginning. We took this botched up ring home hoping to just live with it since we were so sick of not being heard. Some time had passed and my fiancé just thought she would get a wedding band and just wear that (sadly enough). Well, the whole process started again.

We ordered the band but wanted it shaved down to match the engagement ring. It came back unshaved. It doesn't even remotely match the engagement ring and we were told that was the only band that goes with that ring (which we found it was not – there are a few to choose from). So, we left again feeling defeated and very unhappy.

After numerous attempted phone calls to the store, and then calls not being returned, and visits to the store; we decided to just call JBR customer service to see what could be done, and hopefully just return everything. Customer service told us we had to go to a store, any store, to have the ring inspected and that they could help us. We went to the Joliet, IL location since we were sick of the lack of service and botched up repairs through the Fox Valley location. The assistant manager at Joliet, IL called corporate while we were there and corporate investigated our purchase and repair history.

Part of the investigation is them calling the store of which the ring was purchased. Apparently, the assistant manager at Fox Valley is married to the manager at Joliet. The assistant manager at Fox Valley told her husband at Joliet not to return or exchange our ring and so he did not. In fact, he wasn't even on site that night but he called the Joliet store and specifically told the assistant manager to who was researching for us, not to exchange or return our purchase! WHAT?!

All we would have liked at this point in time was to not be treated like criminals and for JBR to compromise and at least let us return the wedding band; especially with the pattern of returns, visits and frustrations we've had with them! I really hope corporate JBR is aware of the shadiness that is happening amongst their stores! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE EVER!!! Social media sites…here we come! Don't let this happen to you! Go to Zales to buy your diamonds!

Don't Waste Your Money/Time of Warranty Poor Repair
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STERLING HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN -- 02/27/00. Purchased ring and insurance for approximately $240. Ring had to be inspected every six months to keep warranty coverage. Total cost $3112.00. 03/28/09. Ring needed prong repaired; I missed the last 6 month check up, so I lost insurance coverage. Prong cost $88.00 to repair. 04/05/09. Re-purchased warranty for $159.00 after last repair. 12/24/10. Ring needed repair… fix prong and tighten center stone. Salesperson was able to rotate the diamond in the setting.

01/07/11. Approximate date of pick up. Did not notice color difference immediately because I did not put ring on right away. I was tanning and often do not wear my ring(s)/jewelry. 01/17/11. This is an approximate date. I did not get the yellow slip back when I returned the ring this time. I returned to JB Robinson with the ring because of a copper color across the top of the ring and around the diamonds. The ring was sent back to the repair shop once again and I waited…

02/15/11. My husband stopped to pick the ring up. It was still copper color and he refused to take it as it was. The yellow slip stated “Pls make gold: gold color in cracks and everywhere”. The band around my finger was not discolored nor was the inside of the ring that touches my skin. The gold was across the top and around the diamonds. JB Robinson put on slip: RUSH NEEDS IMMEDIATELY.

March '11. We were promised by store manager that the ring would be fixed to satisfaction. When I picked it up next, it looked perfectly fine. I wore it about 2-3 weeks and noticed the copper coloring resurfacing all around the diamonds again. At this point, I started to do some research of my own and found out that when gold is heated at too high of a temperature, the gold takes on a copper color. This occurs because high temperature causes the copper alloy to rise to the top.

The way to fix this is to polish it to remove the copper tone or plate the gold, which is what I believe the repair person tried to do, but the color surfaced again. I forgot to mention that while looking at the ring under my classroom microscope, one of the prongs had a hole in it. This was verified by ** and one other store personnel.

I called the store; they contacted the repair shop. The shop said that they would need to “test the ring for chemicals” and that they had never heard of a ring turning copper color. Ironically, this is how jewelers make Tri-Gold items by heating gold to different temperatures. At this point, I was a bit skeptical about the knowledge of the repair shop. I shared with her my findings in my research. I was then given the Customer Care number 1-800-732-8131 and connected with ** at ext. 6176. I went through the WHOLE ordeal with her one more time.

She told me that I was to return the ring to the store and they were to send it out to another repair shop and not the original one because it would keep coming back in the same condition. I had told ** that I was taking the ring to another jeweler to verify or disqualify my findings about the ring being exposed to high temperatures before I left it at JB Robinson. ** assured me that they would not try to pull something over on me.

04/19-11. I got a call from ** as advised by the manager, **, because she wanted to get the message out to me since she would be off until Thursday. ** told me that the repair shop determined that a chemical changed the color and perhaps I was taking a new medication or using something that caused the color to change. This is absolutely ridiculous. First of all, any medications that I use is what I have been taking for years. I am not using new cleaner nor have I come in contact with chemicals. I asked **, “If it was indeed a chemical causing the color change, why isn't the color changed on the underside of the ring… that part that comes in contact with my skin?”

The copper color is only around the diamonds, which is exactly where the prong was fixed. I was put on hold about four times over the next 20 minutes so that she could try a find a contact number for me. ** then turned the phone over to **. Things went from bad to worse. Long story even shorter, ** told me that they contacted customer service and that they stand behind what the jewelry repair store stated… the gold was breaking down because of a chemical and there is nothing they can do about it. I was to do whatever I needed (hire a lawyer, etc.) to recoup the damage done to the ring.

04/20/11. I have contacted ** twice… once last night after the call from JB Robinson and once at 10 am. 04/21/11. At this point, I have now left four messages for ** at Customer Care and no return call. 04/22/11. Ring was picked up from store. Repair stated that “tarnishing not caused by shop. poss. chem. contact or body chem.. mixing w/ lotions, perfume, etc. on guest.” Ring was polished once again. The underside of the diamond again shows a reflection of copper coloring.

04/23/11. Taking ring to Massoud Jewelers in Troy for evaluation. As they suspected, the other repair shop used a “low karat solder” and the prongs were pitted with tiny holes in the metal. There was no indication of “chemical” contact or body chemical. They stated that it was clearly repair related. With absolutely no help from JB Robinson Jewelers and the fact that I spent $400.00 for warranty/repairs, I had to purchase a new band to set my solitaire diamond and the six enhancers into. The cost was $1800.

Finally, I heard back from **. She called the home phone, which I never gave her, instead of contacting me by my cell phone. She claims that she was out of the office, even though her answering message stated that she was busy with other customers and would get back with me as soon as possible. She, too, said that they stand behind JB Robinson repair shop. No surprise there.

04/23/11. Now is my turn to let other suspecting customers really know how JB Robinson treats their customers and their customer care service. I will be contacting Angie's List, Consumer Reporting, Better Business Bureau, Facebook, Channel 7's Ruth to the Rescue, etc.

Buyer Beware
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OHIO -- If you are planning on purchasing from JRB or if you have already done so, such as myself, please consider this. My following experience, described below, show that JRB do not stand behind their product.

My wife, picked out her engagement ring from JBR. I admit I wasn't too enthusiastic about doing business with them but I was open minded, and furthermore I was stuck! They presented a slick sale pitch to me that the Extended Service Plan was included in the stated price. What they should have said was, "the Extended Service Plans (ESP) is additional, optional, and included in the bottom line price that I am telling you". I found this to be deceiving and borderline unethical. And I wound up returning to the store with my itemized receipt to get my money back for the ESP. Couldn't they have just been upfront and sold me on the benefits of the ESP rather than try to deceive me.

Furthermore, they boast that the diamond mountings are covered by a replacement guarantee as long as I have the ring inspected every so often. Sounds reasonable, right? Wrong! What they don't tell you is that if they notice or CLAIM to notice a loose stone, you must pay them for the repair in order to continue the replacement guarantee.

Why wouldn't they just fix it and be glad that my diligence prevented them from having to replace the stone? And, if you chose not to pay for the so called needed repair, they will make notation on your account. How is that a guarantee? The only thing they guarantee is that if I pay them to keep the stoned set, they will never have to replace my stone!

Upon finding a loose stone on my wife's ring, I stated my discontent with this cleaver little loop hole in their plan. I then, very respectfully, stated that I was going to take the ring to an independent jeweler for the repair. My motivation to go to an independent jeweler included the price of service, turn around time, quality of service, and the proximity to my home. If those benefits didn't pan out, I would have certainly returned to JBR.

Upon hearing that I was going to shop around the sales associate became enraged. She even hesitated to give me the rings back! I plan on returning to JBR after I get my repair to have my ring reinspected to continue the replacement guarantee. I can't wait to hear what they say about that!

Lastly, within one year, the plating on my wife ring is wearing off. It needs replated. Weather, this is normal or not is not the concern. My concern is that this should not be acceptable for any ring that is $1000+. Like I just said, I am aware that this will happen, but it should not be acceptable to a consumer. Consumers demand quality! My advice to any consumer would be to avoid JBR. They clearly do not stand behind their product. I believe that good customer service will generate future business by virtue, it should not be designed as a ploy to lasso good customers into more charges.

J.B. Robinson jewelers BATE & SWITCH on DIAMONDS
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WALDORF, MARYLAND -- To all those who have been victimized by JBR I hope my info helps, I feel your pain. Try to not let the anger and suspicion get you because then you are still allowing this store to victimize and control you just do your best to use the laws already in place and document the heck out of EVERYTHING and remember GOOD WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL, I promise.

I don't have time to commiserate further so anybody's angry words will stay with them not me but I did want to help others that may go through the same thing get them help with the numbers below. I had the law behind me so no matter what is said on here JBR HQ had to work with us or they knew we could and would take legal action.

JBR CHARGED US FOR THE MORE EXPENSIVE DIAMONDS BUT GAVE US THE MUCH LOWER QUALITY, MUCH CHEAPER DIAMONDS WORTH OVER A $1,000+ but once threatened with the states attorney down in La Plata, MD they quickly tried to work with us. I should have followed through so others on here didn't go through what we had.

JBR is owned by Sterling Corp in Ohio 330-668-5756/ 330-665-7907. ** is or was at least a few months back the head/master jeweler out of Tysons Corner or White Marsh 410-931-5380. You can contact the or State's Attorney of your state or even Ohio's state or Attorney General or BBB but these last 2 can't really enforce much like the states attorney can.

I will share the basic story there are too many details. We purchased several pieces of jewelry there at the Waldorf, MD mall location. These pieces were designed on paper only and comparison ring we showed them that we wanted was tiny, for a woman.

What we received was very poor quality jewelry the women's rings were huge like a man's ring (** the jewelry maker at the time apparently for the whole east coast must be blind and or lazy because his work was extremely sloppy, so sloppy that when I returned a few weeks later to try to get the jewelry repaired JBR tried to say these brand new pieces were really ANTIQUES and my woman's ring was really a man's ring, till they saw the receipts and matching photos of the rings). One salesperson tried to help us out by talking to Maryland's headquarters because she too could see how horrible our jewelry really was till her job was threatened.

We documented everything, who we spoke with dates, times and what they said JUST LIKE THEY DO and through much tenacity we found the STERLING CORPORATIONS though their customer service reps lie and deceive an angry sorry bunch I finally got a their SUPERVISOR. They saw I followed through wasn't nasty in return and was not bluffing and ready to go to the police (I had been ripped off and to the states attorney; every state has one different than the attorney general which I could wipe my ** with; they were no help).

So SEVERAL YEARS later that JBR tried to force me to sign a paper that I wouldn't sue them and tried to make us repay for our ring but we didn't. Again the Sterling Corp had to get involved and they did or I did what I said I would I stood out front of their store and politely told every single customer my whole story. HQ forced the Waldorf JBR rep to give us our ring without signing. I still wish I had at least let the state attorney know their dubious dealings so others don't got through the same so if my info helps another then great.

Poor customer service at store
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WESTLAND, MICHIGAN -- I went to JB Robinson Jewelry on Oct 21st 2011. I walked in the store with my girlfriend and checked out a few engagement rings... As I was talking to the saleslady she mentioned a ring on sale for a really good price and making it sound as a GREAT DEAL, so she brought it out and my girlfriend actually liked it. So right there I said "I want to put it in lay away."

Everything was pretty good so far, then a month later after making big payments on the ring every week of almost half my check, I finally paid it off by Nov 20TH. So the lady said "OK now we can go ahead and send the ring for resizing it and the promise date to get it back was December 6TH." (Everything was OK up to that point).

Then I went to the store on December 5TH NOT THE 6, I WENT A DAY EARLIER THAN THE PROMISE DATE. As I walk into the store there was 2 sale ladies and the manager. One of the sale ladies was busy with a customer and the other was talking to the manager and a lady that was there talking about stuff non related to sales. They were there talking for at least 10 minutes without asking me if I needed help... Finally the manager asked me "Have you been helped?" and I said "yes I just come to get engagement ring because it was sent out for resizing, and I'm here a day early to see if it's ready."

The manager looked up my info in the computer and said to me "IT SAYS HERE THAT THEY FOUND A CHIP ON ONE OF THE DIAMONDS AND THEY HAVE NOT SIZED IT YET!" I WAS LIKE WTF. How come nobody called me to inform me about this??? The manager is like "ohh I'm soo sorry. Let me call to see how long would it take to get it fixed." 15 minutes later she comes back and tells me "it's going to take 4-to-6 weeks to fix it." By that time I was more pissed. I said "I want my $$$ back" and she said "it would take a couple weeks for them to send me a check."

I'm like "you know what I want the corporation number and your name." Then I left the store called the corporation. After another hour of waiting and talking to a lady there... she said "WE WILL SEND ANOTHER RING EXACT TO THE ONE YOU BOUGHT FROM A DIFFERENT STORE AND WE WILL SIZE IT IN A MATTER OF 2 WEEKS AT MOST." I said "I really hope so because I was planning on giving it to my gf on Christmas."

ANYWAY the lady at the corporation was actually really nice to me and assured to me the ring will be on my hands by December the 19th. I just hope it's the same exact ring and without any more issues. ANYWAY THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ MY COMPLAINT. I'M JUST TRYING TO KEEP CONSUMER AWARE. I'm just a hard worker as many of the consumers.

Sterling JB Robinson EEOC Discrimination Case
By -



EEOC Says Jewelry Retail Giant Discriminated Against Thousands of Women Nationwide

BUFFALO, N. Y. Sterling Jewelers Inc., the largest specialty retail jeweler in the country, violated federal law by discriminating against a large class of female employees at stores nationwide, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charges in a systemic lawsuit filed yesterday under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

In its suit, the EEOC asserts that Sterling Jewelers pays its female retail sales employees less than male employees performing equal work and denies female employees promotional opportunities for which they are qualified. Sterling Jewelers intentionally discriminates against female retail sales employees by maintaining a system for making promotion and compensation decisions that is excessively subjective, and through which Sterling Jewelers has permitted or encouraged managers to deny female employees equal access to promotion opportunities and the same compensation paid to similarly situated male employees, the EEOC states in its suit.

The EEOC filed its lawsuit after first attempting to reach a voluntary settlement (EEOC v. Sterling Jewelers Inc., Civil Action No.08-CV 706, in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of New York in Buffalo). The EEOC seeks monetary relief, an order requiring the company to implement new policies and practices to prevent discrimination, training on anti-discrimination laws, posting of notices at the worksite, and other injunctive relief.

"We hope this case is a wake up call to corporate America that sex discrimination in employment must be taken seriously and addressed appropriately," said EEOC's New York District Director Spencer H. Lewis, Jr. "It should be a 'no-brainer' in the 21st century workplace that women deserve pay and promotional opportunities based on merit, not gender. Employers who fail to grasp and abide by the letter of the law do so at great risk."

EEOC Philadelphia District Director Marie Tomasso added, "In granting managers discretion to make pay and promotion decisions, employers need to ensure that they are not also granting discretion to engage in sex discrimination. Every person deserves the freedom to compete and advance in the workplace as far as their talent and ability allows."

In Fiscal Year 2007, the EEOC received 24,826 charges alleging sex-based discrimination, up 7% from the prior year to the highest level since FY 2002.

According to its web site (, "Akron, Ohio-based Sterling Jewelers Inc. is the U.S. operations of London-based Signet Group plc, making it part of the largest specialty retail jewelry company in the world. Sterling is the largest U.S. specialty retail jeweler as ranked by sales with 1,308 stores in 50 states. Its' mall stores are known nationwide as Kay Jewelers, and regionally under a number of well-established and recognized names, such as JB Robinson Jewelers. Sterling's destination superstores are known as Jared The Galleria of Jewelry."

The EEOC enforces federal laws prohibiting employment discrimination. Further information about the EEOC is available on its web site at

Sterling Jewelers Complaint

Honestperson1 says: (1 year ago)
0 Working at Sterling Jewelers began as a good place to work. After about 1 week of employment my boss who was new to management began to bully me constantly, even went as far to tell their boss I was the problem after they found a letter address to human resources on their desk in a pad that I mistakenly left stating I wanted to be removed immediately only after a few weeks of employment. Never in my career have I had a problem with any of bosses. Every job I have ever had my bosses and I were friends and kept in contact when I left their organization. When I tried to approach my boss about problems and the behavior towards me they would get extremely upset then tell me it was me and EVERYONE knows, that was "SPOOKY" because I did NOT know a soul there. I kept to myself I was new in the position and the organization so I knew they were not telling me the truth. I thought I was living a straight NIGHTMARE and HAD gone to h. ll! I thought I was going to lose my mind working at STERLING JEWELERS. I knew I had a family to take care for this is why I continued to work there. I began going home to my family and friends stressed completely out, upset, and crying all the time and I mean daily. I was not sleeping at night at all and constantly complaining to everyone about my boss's behavior. The funny thing is upper management knew of the behavior before I was hired. I was told by team members my boss was SUPPOSE to change their behavior instructions given to them by upper management BEFORE I was hired. I could not understand why they would allow them to hire someone before they changed their behavior. This behavior was supported by their boss eventually it was evident. I was so stressed out I even went to seek help from a psychiatrist who told me my boss was a "BULLY BOSS" and get OUT of there. After a while I was a nervous wreck it was written all over my face and everyone could see it. I did not know my head from a whole in the ground. I worked very hard for Sterling Jewelers receiving exceed expectation performance evaluations included describing me as being someone who demanded more work "WHO DEMANDS MORE WORK" My boss was a COMPLETE CONTROL FREAK! My boss was allowed to disrespect us at any given time supported by their boss. When I finally could not take it any longer and went to HR who treated me as if I was the problem once her boss was involved but privately defended my concerns. The boss was allowed to stay employed with Sterling which means they supported my boss's poor decisions and behavior towards personnel. If I had been smart I should have left as the psychiatrist instructed and sued them in the very beginning. When my manager's boss found out I went to human resources he was very upset with me. He even in front of human resources threaten to fire (in so many words) me if I did not accept the situation the way it was. I was very devastated that I had come to work for an organization as Sterling Jewelers. I will never worked for them again. I am seriously considering suing the h. ll out of them for mental stress and discrimination. Example of my boss's behvior - One of my punishments was to give me work completely over my head outside of what I was hired and know how to do. I did not mind challenges but ensure you do not set someone up to "Fail". HR instructed my boss not to give me that kind of work anymore then explained to me my boss was trying to challenge me which was complete "HOG WASH"! You know if my boss was right in giving me that work they would NOT have told them NOT to give it to me. Working there was like a BAD DREAM!! There is NO structure, NO rules, and NO regulations and if there is they are ONLY meant to be followed by non management personnel.

Sterling Jewelers faces EEOC class-action discrimination suit ...
An EEOC attorney said discrimination complaints at Tampa-area Sterling stores "
verified systemic pay and promotion discrimination across the entire company. ... He pointed out that most of Sterling's store managers and employees are ... -

Sterling Jewelers faces EEOC class-action discrimination suit

* By HR Specialist: Florida Employment Law
* 1/1/2009 - 4:00am
* Employment Law

Eight women from the Tampa Bay area have joined an EEOC class-action lawsuit against Sterling Jewelers, owner of Jared, Kay Jewelers and Marks & Morgan stores.

The lawsuit alleges that Sterling, based in Fairlawn, Ohio, pays women in retail sales positions less than men and denies them promotions "with malice or reckless indifference."

Plaintiff Dawn Soot-Coons was serving as a temporary store manager at the Jared Galleria of Jewelry store in Brandon near Tampa when she found a payroll report left on a desk. It showed that "every male except one earned more—$2, $3 and up to $4 an hour more—than any of the females," she told the St. Petersburg Times.

"Even the top female sales associate, who sold more than $1 million of jewelry a year, got $2.50 less an hour than a guy just hired with no jewelry experience," Soot-Coons said.

An EEOC attorney said discrimination complaints at Tampa-area Sterling stores "verified systemic pay and promotion discrimination across the entire company." Sterling gives local managers broad discretion, resulting in "excessively subjective" pay, the EEOC said.

David Bouffard, vice president of media relations for Sterling, told the National Jeweler trade magazine, "We take the allegations raised in this lawsuit very seriously. We are confident that these charges do not reflect the culture of this company." He pointed out that most of Sterling's store managers and employees are female.

JB Robinson St. Charles Mall Waldorf Maryland Eye Opener
By -

WALDORF MD -- JB Robinson St. Charles Towne Center Mall Waldorf Maryland; I was scammed by the Sale Pregnant Sale Lady on June 15, 2010 this sale pregnant sale lady approach me and said she is in a store contest and needed a store credit application so she can Win a trip. I ask her please do not use it for store credit as I already have a Discover Card and I do not want to add one. This sale pregnant sale lady assure me that she would not use so I end up helping her.

After a month I received a JBR store credit card. I am very disappointed as I did not apply. Then I have purchase a necklace also did not ask for payment protection plan. I was scammed by this sale pregnant lady. An eye opener; do not sign anything and make sure before leaving the store read your receipts first and make sure; you do your homework. JBR sold me a ring that cost $3500.00 while in Littman cost $899.00 shop around first before buying. Also be very careful in JB Robinson St. Charles Mall Waldorf Maryland they are slick and scammer.

I went back to the JBR St. Charles Mall Waldorf, Maryland to return my ring they denied it as it is over 45 days. This sale pregnant sale lady is nasty, rude and very argumentative and do not respect her JBR store manager as she argue in front of me. Thanks goodness for the JBR store manager she ended up refunding me. Customer service; of this sale pregnant sale lady is very poor and nasty.

I am not complaining just sharing my experience as a consumer that is why; I called it an "eye Opener" to educate shoppers and buyers like me whose naive and have a huge heart for others. I have a huge heart; so I tried to help the sale pregnant sale lady to win her trip since she beg and pleaded for me to help her to win the store contest and I trusted her that indeed she will use the store credit application just to win the store contest not to apply a store credit card.

I just want to educate buyers and shoppers so that they won't be victimized like me. You see; they work in team work to get you. This is how they operate; they practice this kind of behavior day in and day out. The District Manager says; "you're stupid why did you sign it?" I can't believed this is coming from the mouth of the Sterling District Managers. Then The District manager added most black people are from the ghetto; not knowing I do not even live in the ghetto.

Just because I am black it doesn't mean I am from the ghetto. No wonder why all her employees are rude as she herself is the rudest and nasty person ever existed. I thought we pass racism already have no idea this kind of people still exist and around. I see now; why JB Robinson have so many reviews and complaint. Read other JBR complaints all over 50 states. You will understand I am not the only victim here. This site is really helpful and an eye opener.

I did not go back to the pregnant sale lady; all of this happen in one day. I was scammed and defrauded and taking my kindness to weakness as an stupid shoppers. I have no Axe to grind this sale pregnant sale lady just simply victimized of her sad story that she needed to win a trip for the store contest.

Anyone; who talk to this sale pregnant lady would believed her as that is scammer do; make a good story about themselves and make their self look good. Scammer often sound good and pleasant. If you were like me; who is a christian and wanted to help you would do the same thing as this pregnant sale lady is a professional scammer; she even sounds like an angel.

This sale pregnant sale lady wanted to be a number one in their JBR store so she does what she does to make herself look great. The JBR store manager even said; "there so many customer complaints about this particular sale pregnant lady but the HR of sterling company would not do anything because she is the top sale person in the JBR store."

I just want to educate the buyer or shoppers to watch out and do not be fooled by sweet talker like this sale pregnant sale lady who conned me good. This is an eye opener so that no one get victimized. If I do not write this reviews then people like me will be a victim. This is a very sweet talker pleasant sale pregnant lady; who depends on sale commission if she do not scammed you or future customer she would not sell at all.

Her store manager agree with that; that is why; she refunded me with my money as indeed this pregnant sale lady conned me! The JBR store manager was awesome; she made sure my money is refund not only that she made sure to remove the store credit card in 3 major credit agency as I did not apply for this JB Robinson store credit card.

I just want consumer to be aware and be educated!!!!! Thank you. Found out there's many more people are complaining not only me; Sterling Jewelers Inc., the largest U.S. specialty retail jeweler, has been sued by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for allegedly "€œdiscriminating against a large class of female employees at stores nationwide."€ It contends "€œthousands of women nationwide"€ are affected. The EEOC enforces federal laws prohibiting employment discrimination.

Sterling, in a statement to JCK, said it had investigated the allegations when they first arose, but couldn'€™t substantiate them, and "we do not believe these charges are valid." It noted the majority of its store managers and employees are women.

"We take the allegations raised in this lawsuit very seriously," said David A. Bouffard, Sterling Jewelers vice president, media relations. "€œWe are confident these charges don'€™t reflect the culture of this company. Fairness, opportunity, integrity and respect are core values at Sterling." He said the company will "€œdefend ourselves vigorously against whatever legal action arises."€ The civil action was filed Sept. 24 in U.S. District Court in Buffalo, N.Y.

In it, the EEOC alleges Sterling "€œpays its female retail sales employees less than male employees performing equal work, and denies female employees promotional opportunities for which they are qualified." It does this, the suit claims, "by maintaining a system for making promotion and compensation decisions that is excessively subjective, and through which Sterling Jewelers has permitted or encouraged managers to deny female employees"€ equal pay and promotion opportunities.

The EEOC said it filed its lawsuit after allegedly failing to reach a voluntary settlement with Sterling. It is seeking "monetary relief, an order requiring the company to implement new policies and practices to prevent discrimination, training about anti-discrimination laws, posting of notices at the worksite, and other injunctive relief."€

Sterling, headquartered in Akron, Ohio, (pictured) operates 1,414 stores in the U.S., trading as Kay Jewelers, € €œJared the Galleria of Jewelry,€ and several regional names. It has more than 19,000 employees. Sterling is the U.S. division of Signet Jewelers Ltd., the world's largest specialty retail jeweler in the world, which is moving its headquarters from London to Bermuda, and its stock listing from London to the New York Stock Exchange. Sterling JB Robinson Waldorf, Maryland. Sterling Jewelers faces EEOC class-action discrimination suit.

* By HR Specialist: Florida Employment Law
* 07-16-2010 Copied 4:00 am
* Employment Law

Eight women from the Tampa Bay area have joined an EEOC class-action lawsuit against Sterling Jewelers, owner of Jared, Kay Jewelers and Marks & Morgan stores. The lawsuit alleges that Sterling, based in Fairlawn, Ohio, pays women in retail sales positions less than men and denies them promotions €œwith malice or reckless indifference.
Plaintiff Dawn Soot-Coons was serving as a temporary store manager at the Jared Galleria of Jewelry store in Brandon near Tampa when she found a payroll report left on a desk. It showed that every male except one earned more $2, $3 and up to $4 an hour more €”than any of the females, she told the St. Petersburg Times.

€œ"Even the top female sales associate, who sold more than $1 million of jewelry a year, got $2.50 less an hour than a guy just hired with no jewelry experience", Soot-Coons said. An EEOC attorney said discrimination complaints at Tampa-area Sterling stores verified systemic pay and promotion discrimination across the entire company.€ "Sterling gives local managers broad discretion, resulting in €œexcessively subjective pay," the EEOC said.

David Bouffard, vice president of media relations for Sterling, told the National Jeweler trade magazine, "We take the allegations raised in this lawsuit very seriously. We are confident that these charges do not reflect the culture of this company."€ He pointed out that most of Sterling'€™s store managers and employees are female.

Diamond and Ring Repairs
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Rating: 5/51

PORT HURON, MICHIGAN -- We bought my new ring in Dec. of 2016. After it had been out for soldering I purchased the third band and wanted to send it out again. The salesgirl found that one of my diamonds was chipped and informs me that it would take at least a month. Well it was about 30 days and my ring was back and perfect. They set realistic repair times and fixed it for free. The key is you have to have the inspection every 6 months. A reasonable request.

Was Scared Because Of Bad Reviews But...
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Rating: 5/51

NILES, OHIO -- Everyone is always so quick to write negative reviews so, I wanted to include a positive one. Shortly before my grandmother passed on she gave me her second set of wedding rings. My mom had them before me but she passed as well thus the rings went back to my grandma. These rings were very important to me since both women wore them. Upon getting engaged and getting grandma's approval I decided to use her wedding rings as my own. Sadly she passed before the wedding. Anyhow back to the rings.

They happened to be 2.5 sizes too big. Seeing how much they mean to me, sending them off for sizing was extremely scary. Especially, after seeing all the bad reviews and hearing nothing good except word of mouth. In my area there is NO local jeweler. Every store sends rings away for sizing so I chose J.B. Robinson based on least amount of bad reviews and positive word of mouth from friends.

Well I just got my rings back today four days early I might add. They are perfect. The fit is exactly right. There isn't a seam to be found where they were soldered together. The rings look brand new as they were professionally cleaned. I didn't realize this is what they truly looked like. The sales staff at the store were very patient and reassuring with my constant calling. I could not be happier and I want to thank J.B. Robinson publicly for doing such and amazing job and keeping my precious rings safe.

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