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12 months same as cash "code" not honored
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At the end of January beginning of February, J. C. Penney was running a special promotion, 12 months same as cash on furniture purchases. I placed an order for a sofa, two chairs and two bean bag chairs, and used the code "JANFURN" in the online order under special instructions. About a week after I placed the order, I called J. C. Penney credit department to verify that I was approved for the 12 months same as cash, because if I wasn't approved, I was going to cancel the furniture order. I was told that I was approved, so I let the order proceed. The furniture was delivered, no problems... until I got my J. C. Penney credit card statement this month....They are charging me 23.99 % interested on the furniture purchase!! (I would never have used my J. C. Penney card to purchase furniture without the deferred interest, I have good credit and could have gotten a lower interest rate using a different credit card.) So I called the credit department number listed on the statement. I was told that they are GE, not J. C. Penney, so there is nothing they could do about it, I would have to call J. C. Penney. Spoke with someone at the J. C. Penney on-line order phone number, they verified the order was placed with the CODE, but said they cannot do anything about it, they cannot even look at my credit card account. Spoke with a customer service representative at another number for J. C. Penney, she put me on hold for half an hour, finally came back and said her supervisor will make sure that I get the 12 months same as cash on the sofa and chairs. I asked about the bean bags ($180 order) and she said no, it won't apply to them. I asked for her name and she got really huffy. I told her I want to know who I spoke within case I am still being charged interest next month when I get my bill! I have a feeling this isn't over yet...
JC Penney/GE Money Bank
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I had a credit card from JC Penney that was handled by GE Money Bank. I received a notice today stating they were cancelling my account based on a recent credit report they pulled.

First of all I do not, nor have a had, a balance with them for several months.

Second, I have been out of work for almost a year and a half.

JC Penny and GE Money Bank did not take any of that into consideration. They simply do not care about their customers.

I attempted to contact both JC Penney and GE Money Bank - neither of which would have a representative from their respective organization contact me. The interesting thing here is that, on my call with JC Penney, they tried to completely divorce themselves from the situation. How can they? They are the ones that contracted out to GE Money Bank to handle their credit card services!

In my current financial situation my other credit cards have been more than willing to work with me during this economic down turn.

Lets face it, JC Penney sells crap! Their merchandise is terrible and it doesn't last. The only reason I even opened up the account was because someone requested merchandise from them at Christmas time. Opening up the account allowed me to save an additional %10 on my entire purchase.

I would not be as upset about this if it wasn't for the fact that the closing of this account is going to negatively impact my credit report even further. Again, neither JC Penney or GE Money Bank care about that.

I would strongly encourage people NOT to shop at JC Penney.
Outrageous Charges to Canadian Credit Card Customers - Read On!
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- In November 2007, I was offered a discount on a few sale items I wanted to purchase if I applied for a J.C. Penney credit card. I asked would I be able to pay on-line, and the answer being in the affirmative, I applied.

I got the bill for $48.94 just as I was moving, so neglected to pay it on time, and was charged $10 late fee...that I didn't mind as that was my responsibility. But I did try to pay on-line and couldn't (because - get this - I had to have an American bank account, though the set-up is the same as for Canadian on-line payments, so the technology is there). I asked if I could pay by MasterCard, but they would only accept a cheque.

I mailed the next cheque in on February 28 after receiving my second bill, yet it did not clear until March 24th, and they now charged me a $20 late fee.

I sent in my next bill on March 19th, which did not clear until April 16th, and you got it - another $20 late fee. So I wrote them.

I received a letter saying they were crediting me $20, which was fine, but today I received a bill saying my balance (after paying them $95) was still $54.55, WITH ANOTHER LATE FEE OF $10.00.

So I phoned them again, and got a very nice lady in customer service who said they had this problem with their Canadian clients all the time.

I said I wanted to speak to a supervisor then, and she said she would pass me on after clearing my balance (my payments were not all showing, though I gave her the dates they had cleared my bank).

She added that they were going to be making it possible for Canadian clients to pay on-line or with a major credit card within the next few weeks, and that I should be getting a credit.

She was great, and I think her and told her that would be nice (I wasn't expecting that).

Then I got the supervisor who right away was in deep denial that there was any problem for Canadian customers. And since my balance had been cleared, what was the problem?

No pro-active problem-solver, he.

So I told him he had a great employee who was willing to listen to customers and try to help them.

But his conversation with me was so 'professional' (read, coldly implying I was a liar at every attempt to point out the problems which should be addressed ) that I told him he could pass it on to his boss that this unhappy Canadian customer was cutting up their card because of being mislead about their credit services and ripping off people when they knew there was a problem that could easily be corrected.

So, fellow Canadians. When they approach you at J.C. Penney, think twice about how much you want to pay for that 10% discount when you sign up for their card, because I paid dearly for my two pairs of slacks and a sweater on sale! And you will have to buy the stamp, go to the mailbox, and hope they enter your cheque and it clears before the next bill comes out, when we are used to going on-line and paying our bills when they come in.

Obviously good ethics are not part of J.C. Penney's corporate fiber as it is with Fashion Bug, Victoria's Secret, and the other American stores that have offered similar discounts to Canadians engaging in in cross-border shopping, and who seem to be able to enter their transactions promptly.

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Credit card transaction
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TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- Yesterday, at the Wooddland Hills store in Tulsa, OK, I bought items totaling $78.13. When I presented my charge card, the cashier asked me if I wanted to "round up" my total to $79.00. I, of course, told her no, but then asked her if she would round down to an even $78.00. She replied no, she couldn't do that. What in the world is going on? Why would a milllion dollar + store ask a customer to give them 87 cents? Is this normal, and has anyone else experienced this?
JC Penny and GE Money
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I have shopped at JC Penny's for years, and have had and paid off two credit cards, and have had little to no difficulty with paying monthly. Recently, I signed up for, or thought, I signed up for automatic draft. Apparently, I did not, and was sent to GE money bank, who called and harassed, even on Christmas Eve, who I had also signed up for automatic draft. They would call several times a day. When I provided my confirmation numbers of my next six automatic payments that were scheduled, they denied that I had ever signed up for that service, and after much persistence, they finally admitted that I had, and that they did not draft. I demanded to be returned to JC Penny to make my payments. When I went to pay my payment, on the 21st, the due date, JC Penny moved my payment date to the 19th and charged me 40.00. Which I then called, and got the date moved and explained I would not pay the fee. The next month, I signed in to make my payment online, and there was a note that my account had been closed by the merchant. Imagine the fun I am going to have with my credit reports on this one.
JC Penny - Are all decisions at JCP made by a PC?
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I am looking for forums to speak out about retailers making insanely absurd credit decisions in the aftermath of the new credit laws - all in an effort to save face after years and years of extending credit to less than creditworthy individuals.

After being a loyal customer of JCP for almost 10 years, and finding myself in the best financial position of my adult life I got a ridiculous letter in the mail today stating that with the "use of their credit scoring system that predicts your ability to meet future debt obligations", they are lowering my credit score.

My husband and I have the greatest joint income we have ever had. I CANNOT BELIEVE JCP thinks now, of all times, they have a computer that can reliably predict my ability/inability to pay my debt obligations - better than my 10 years as a LOYAL JCP customer. NO MORE. As a family of 4, what I might have charged on my JCP card is a drop in the bucket compared to what we have spent in total at that establishment in the last 10 years.

Honestly, I cannot even tell you what my credit limit is at this minute and that really isn't the issue. It is the principle of the matter and for that and that alone we WILL NOT BE shopping in JCP. Macy's - here we come!
JC Penney Changed Due Date and LOST a GOOD Customer!
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CHATSWORTH, CALIFORNIA -- I have been a very good customer for 20 years or more. Long ago, I had arranged for a payment due date for the tenth of each month and NEVER had date problem with my account. I was most happy, however In December 2008 the due date was changed from the 10th to the 2nd or 3rd of the month without notice that I can prove. I got late charges despite calling several times to change the date back to the tenth. The interest went up and more late charges. I finally closed the account. I WILL NEVER, NEVER SHOP OR PURCHASE AT JC PENNEY AGAIN. I guess they don't need good customers who pay their bills over the past 20 years.
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NEVER AGAIN...Almost 4 years I have shopped with these peeps. Have never been late with payment, but after I made a complaint for an online order never getting here, they take all my credit except for $100. What the???

I will NOT GO BACK TO STORE... or shop online with them EVER AGAIN. Got that JC Penney???
Out of Country Credit Department
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LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- I am in no way prejudice against foreigners, BUT I am Prejudice about American Companies using non Americans in other countries to handle their business.

I attempted to contact JC Penneys regarding my account and was transferred to a foreign sounding, very unclear speaking employee. They were rude and I could not understand them. They were located in India, when I asked.

I refuse to shop at an American Store that contracts with a foreign company to handle American customers.

Even Walmart employs US Citizens !

I say, if you buy American, then you deal with Americans. Don't transfer me to a foreign, non American who can hardly speak nor understand English!

I, as an American, have a choice where I shop and as of today JC Penney will not get my families money. I hope JC Penney's leaves America and moves to India.
Paying Credit Card On Time
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NEW JERSEY -- Just like I planned I would go on line and pay each bill. So one day I went to the JC Penny store and purchased $200 dollars on credit and with a long line of people behind me it was denied. I stood in shock thinking the cashier was talking to someone else. I ask her to call whoever and see why I was denied I thought the lady typed in someone else's credit card number but it was mine. I went home jump on the computer and viewed my account and come to find out every payment I ever made on line except for one never got summited to my bank account even though it was approved. I had to get that money out of my savings, now the credit card sits in a shoe box.

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