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J.C. Penney Company, Inc. Custom Drapes Consumer Reviews

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Terrible Service. They Took Wrong Measurements. Still Waiting!
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Rating: 1/51

ST PETERS, MISSOURI -- The managers here are kids who should realize they are up against online behemoths and have the edge on them by being able to have face to face customer service, but instead they screw up at every chance they have to make it right.

Mother bought custom vertical blinds/drapes mid-September. Used the coupon discount tactic to hurry the close. She paid extra to have them come out to measure to ensure they would be done right. Took WEEKS to get the guy to come out - and communication between J.C. Penney and the measurement company is not there. Finally came out and measured - then gave measurements to mom - and SHE had to take them into the store... Why they don't communicate directly - I have no idea.

Drapes finally came in - big box drop shipped to her house. Had to wait WEEKS with this giant box in the living room before the installer could come out. Again, NO COORDINATION between Penney and the installer re: expected delivery date. Finally comes out and the measurements are wrong - starting over. Paid extra for measurement and installation, both of which have not happened. Was originally promised before Thanksgiving - if we are lucky it will be before Valentine's day.

If Your Looking for Cheap Curtain Installation Don't Use JCPenney
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Rating: 3/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- For my bedroom with 3 window panels they wanted $2,000 for a curtain installation. Not to mention I have a little bitty kitchen window I wanted a Valance curtain & they wanted $800 to install one piece of curtain. They must be out their mind.

Do Not Use JCPenney, Absolutely the WORST!
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Rating: 1/51

OCALA, FLORIDA -- Promised 8 weeks, 6 months later still not done. Poor communication with decorator with dated taste, no app to know what you are receiving. Also after signing contract, now they want to charge more money to complete the job. After putting holes in my custom faux walls they threaten to jerk everything down if I did not pay for an unfinished and very poor job.

Paid $960 for a table and buffet runners that were like saggy skin, thin and wrinkled material (saggy). Now they are trying to get more money from me to complete the window in our original contract. DO NOT USE JC PENNEY'S CUSTOM WINDOW TREATMENT, use someone else or buy material to have them made. Anything is an improvement over them. THEY ARE THE WORST!!!

Drapery Disaster
By -

BREA, CALIFORNIA -- We needed new drapes and thought we were lucky when we noticed that JC Penney was having a sale. Our problems began when we first walked into the store. We were told the drapery expert went home sick and no one else in the store knew how to work the system. They tried for 30 minutes, but couldn't even give us a simple price quote. We left. We returned the following day, only to learn that the drapery expert was quitting and this was her last day. She helps us picked out curtains for our house, but the ones we liked were not in stock and needed to be ordered from the catalog.

Since she was leaving, and the rest of the store was incompetent, I held off. Good thing too. We went to the website and found the same curtains at 30% less than the store price. We ordered the curtains online. At the time, there was a promotion going on with no interest for 12 months for all orders over $500. We were ordering over $1500 worth of draperies, so this was important to us. We called JC Penneys to make sure we could get this deal if were ordered from the web.

We were told by the person on the phone that the no interest deal was their "Major Purchase" program and it automatically applied to all orders over $500. We went ahead and placed the order. As luck would have it, 1/3 of our order was in stock and the rest back ordered. The 1/3rd that was in stock shipped right away, went onto my new JC Penneys card, with the correct no-interest promotion. Of course, most of the curtain rods we ordered were back ordered, so our curtains sat for 3 weeks waiting for the rods to arrive.

As the rods arrived, we noticed that when each part of the order shipped, our credit card would be charged for that part. The problem was that the no-interest deal was not applied to this pieces. I called up the JC Penneys credit card people to ask about this, and they told me it was a catalog issue. I spoke with the catalog people and they said it was a credit issues and transferred me back to the credit card people. This same sequence happened virtually every time I called JC Penneys.

I finally spoke to a nice person in the credit card department who promised to take care of the problem for us. A few weeks later, we get our new statement and see the same problem. Repeat the same sequence. Call, get shuffled around, someone promises to fix it, nothing happens. My third call, I just ask to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor is extremely nice, and calls back when she says she will, but told us that the no-interest deal that applied to our first charge never really existed, and she can't figure out a way to make the rest order fall under this same program.

All in all, dealing with JC Penney's has been a disaster. The in-store people, the credit card people, the online people, and the catalog people all follow different rules and are all blaming each other for problems. My suggestion, if you can't walk out of the store with your product, buy it from somewhere else.

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Rating: 5/51

RIDGELAND, MISSISSIPPI -- My decorator was fabulous. She explained everything in detail. Despite having a back order on my fabric I am very pleased with the draperies that I purchased. The only issue that I had was with the installer. He seemed more concerned with talking than working. Thankfully the Decorator was there to direct the installation service. Overall I had a wonderful experience!

I cannot recommend their 'Custom Draperies'
By -

J C Penny used to make very good custom and non-custom drapes. They would come to your house do all the measurements, then come back and install the hardware and drapes. I had them come out and do this, although it had been 15-18 years since I dealt with the service. It came out to be roughly $1,500 per drapes/Window for a large picture window (size of wall) and a drapes for the sliding glass door.

If you tripped on the sum, yes, $1,500 per 'window' so I paid roughly $3000 to cover the sliding glass door and the picture window. Now I get the custom made pleaded drapes with a sliding mechanical pulley on a 'mechanical' rod. They actually consisted of heavy drapes over sheers. You can pull the drapes open to expose the sheers or close both to both all light (always like this... expensive hotel usually have them this way).

Anyway, I had JC Penny, Costco and Empire come out for quotes and JC Penny seemed to have a better selection of fabric. I went with J C Penny. After waiting 2 month for the 'custom' drapes I called and they said that these were being specially made in CHINA!!! And I had to wait another month beyond the two! So if you get custom drapes figure in about 2-3 months for them to be made in CHINA.

The guy that installed them was very nice and attentive. He spent HOURS with a steam iron getting them right. I was a bit disturbed that the curtain rods were cheap thin metal that expanded to the size you wanted (remember I paid $1,500 per window). As you pull on the pulley to open or close the drapes the rings will get caught on the 'seam' of the expandable curtain rod. I called about the sticking on the drapes and the 'manager' I talked to said that was normal. I said the old drapes had not done this and he said it was ALL DIFFERENT NOW (with "China and all").

ALSO, I see why the installer spent so much time pressing the drapes. Each one is made of about 3-4 'panels' that are cheaply sew together and they are kind of puckered. The drapes don't sit at all pleated after about a month. Now, they 'bow' out at every seam of each panel. Now, remember I paid over 3 THOUSAND dollars for TWO Window TREATMENTS! I'm sure you can guess what the manager said when I complaint about the panels not staying with the pleats.

Just a thought, consider some other vendors. Perhaps this is a new era when you spend three thousand dollar and you get average drapes that pucker. I'm not sold on everything being made outside the country and people just telling me this is the new "normal" for quality.

Terrible Product And Customer Service
By -

STRONGSVILLE, OHIO -- I wanted to get a cornice box for my kitchen, so I contacted JCP Custom Decorating at Southpark Mall. A Consultant came out the following week and was able to help me pick out a style of cornice box and fabric that I liked. Since that went well, I decided to look into drapes for my Great Room. I found a fabric that I really liked and the consultant really pumped me up about how great the drapes would look in there. I placed the order on January 4, 2008 and my total order was just over $2000. I was told that it would take 6-8 weeks for my order to come in. After not hearing from JCP for over 8 weeks, I contacted them.

Coincidentally, all of the sudden my order came in (yeah right). They came out the following week for the install. The cornice box was out up with no problems. Next was the drapes.. When the installers took the rod out of the box, they realized that it was the wrong color and that it was not cut in half (as written on the purchase order). I was told that it would take 7-10 days to get a new rod.

I contacted my consultant to complain and they were able to get a new rod to my home the following day. As the installers were attempting to put up the drapes the following day, I overheard them whispering. Finally they told me that the drapes were not sewn properly and they were not hanging like they were supposed to.

They took the drapes with them to show the plant. I received a call from my consultant 3 days later and she said that they were ordering new drapes. She said that they would try to rush them for me. Approx. 4 weeks later (after I called my consultant), I was told that the new fabric they ordered had something wrong with the dye lot and that they had to order new fabric again... Long story short, it is July 2 and I still do not have my drapes. Over 7 months for a pair of drapes is ridiculous! I will NEVER order from them again. I have been unable to find a number to contact someone to complain to at corporate but am still trying!

Do not use Penny's for custom draperies
By -

NAPLES, FLORIDA -- I ordered custom draperies on 3/29/11. Cost was $5000. I was promised delivery in "6 weeks or less". After six weeks, I called and was told the material was defective and was being re-ordered. No one could tell me when I could expect any answer. I have called the corporate office many times since then and the only person you can talk to is a clerk who has no authority.

It has now been almost 12 weeks and they still do not know when I can expect these drapes. Their customer service is horrible. All they keep saying is they are doing their best. This is their workroom and they don't even have a name to call for someone in charge. I canceled the order today. In my over 40 years of business, I have never encountered such poor customer service. I have been lied to repeatedly and am now terrified that any problem I may have with the drapes will not be addressed. I would NEVER use Penny's again. It is no wonder their stock is down 40%+.

Custom Drapes
By -

I was told this is the LAST day of their 65% off for custom drapes. I went ahead ordered.. they had same sale 2 weeks later. They SUPER inflate their prices then act like they are giving you a deal. I paid 1,000 dollars for 4 - 24 inch panels!! I found wonderful drapes elsewhere for a fraction of the cost. Lowe's even had some and I found some for 120.00. But no returns, no cancellations allowed from JCPennys. The women helping me assured me that the 24" panels would be FINE on my 96" windows. I wanted them mostly for decor but it is just not enough fabric to even look good for decor. They have terrible customer service and way over inflate the prices. Do NOT shop here...

Roman Shade Window Coverings
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Rating: 2/51

OCALA, FLORIDA -- I was hoping for a soft look for our bedroom windows, family room and dining room. If you are looking to do balloon shades make sure you do not have a soft and pliable material. They look very wrinkled and hang funny over the lines for raising and lowering. I tried steaming them and it did remove some of the wrinkles but they still hang funny. If I had it to do again, I would certainly NOT choose this product or store. Also, smaller balloons may have been a better idea with than 6-inch ones, especially with soft, pliable fabric. I doubt the people who assist with choices really know very much about the product and recommendations are poor. Find a reputable store.

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