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Misleading Coupons
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GREENSBORO / FOUR SEASONS MALL, NORTH CAROLINA -- On December 23rd I went to JC Penney to use a coupon given to me by an employee at Hanes Mall after I purchased approximately $87.00 the previous week. I decided to go to Four Seasons Mall, as sometimes the merchandise is a bit different, and I needed to use my coupon for $10.00 of $20.00 purchase by 12/24. I first went to the Men's Department, and was going to use the coupon on a $23.00 flannel shirt. However, it was on clearance, so the coupon would not work. It was in fine print that the coupon could not be used on clearance items, and I had seen other shoppers who had a coupon for $10.00 of $25.00 using their coupon on clearance.

So, I decided to go downstairs found some hair products and a shirt, both of which were not on clearance, but was told I could not use my 20 percent off coupon with my $10.00 coupon. The items individually did not add up to $20.00 so I had to look for something else. I went to jewelry and found a ring for $17.99 and a bracelet for $7.99, neither of which were on clearance. I went to the junior register, to check out, and was going to leave out the junior's door, as I was finally finished, only to find for some reason the ring, which was not on clearance, rang up at her register as if it were clearance.

So she sent me to jewelry. I have now been upstairs, and to 3 separate checkouts. I have been at the store for two hours. I go to the jewelry counter and the lady there sends me to another register. Finally I find an employee that is willing to help me. She scans the ring which comes up $17.99, not on clearance, but is willing to help me find something else to go with it. There is a box of candy at the register, so I ask about that. She rings it up, scans my coupon, and then reads in fine print that candy is an exclusion.

Finally, I ask to speak to a manager on duty, and the MOD has her scan the ring at $26.00 with a discount so that I end up paying $10.00. I was a former employee of JC Penney at Hanes Mall, and we were told to always satisfy the customer. "Customer First" was the motto we were always told to go by.

We could not give away the store, but we could make manual changes on the register, to make the customer happy, i.e. price modifications, and manually discounting $10.00 for a coupon, if that was what it took. I think that the coupon was totally misleading and there were a lot of things employees could have done without my having to go through all those registers, and waste my time, which is valuable. I feel that I should in some way be compensated for this horrible experience. Thank you.

JC Penney's phone service **!!!
By -

ONLINE/PHONE ORDER -- THIS IS WHAT I SENT THEM MINUS MY PERSONAL INFO: I am a very frequent and loyal shopper of JCP. In fact, I often recommend you to my friends and co-workers. I loved JCP for your deals and service so much that I decided to try you out online. THAT WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. I placed an order online on 11/28/11 ) it was supposed to ship in 4-7 business days according to your website and my confirmation. After eagerly and patiently waiting 8 days on the items to arrive, I gave you all the benefit of the doubt and called your customer service department on 12/7/11.

The first time I called in, your incompetent phone representative, Nancy I believe, well she placed me on hold for 4-5 minutes only to tell me that she looked at my order and she needed to transferred me to card services stating I needed to pay on my JCP credit card. OK, I am loyal, but I do not have a credit card with your company nor will I EVER get one after this incident! She transferred me so fast that I did not even have a chance to tell her that I don't have an account with you. Then your card services transferred to your catalog department who transferred me who hung up on me before transferring me back to customer service.

I had to call back in on my own and wait on hold for a customer service representative for 4 minutes. I was then advised that my order was being shipped in 4 pieces and due to the “holiday” it was taking a little longer. I was dryly advised that two of my four pieces were already in transit and that the other two pieces would ship the following business day. Two weeks later, on 12/14/12 at 10:47PM I called back. This is my third call to your company and I spoke with a “Jackie **” who advised that my order had been CANCELED!!!

Now I am very perplexed and annoyed with that statement, because how can you cancel something that was “shipped”? This was a gift for my mother's birthday which as previously stated never shipped! Jackie went on to say that she did not know why the order was canceled and she put me on hold for 6 minutes to research the issue, only to come back to the phone and advise me that she still could not figure out who or why the order was canceled.

I have spent too many minutes of my life dealing with your POOR customer service agents. I am utterly disappointed in your company and service. The irony in this all, is that I am a Call Center Manager for a major corporation, I know how important the call center reps are to the corporation's bottom line. The call center is the face of the company and they set the bar. I know what great customer service is…You don't even come close. I am so disappointed and outraged that this is how JC Penney treats their customers.

Race Discrimination
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Today my wife and I went to purchase an item at the customer service and checkout counter at JC Penney in the Haywood Mall. There were three ladies at three cash registers in a circular shaped booth that said "Customer Service" above them, she stood in line and waited until the person in front of her completed their purchase. When that person had moved on, my wife stepped up to the register and she put down the item she wanted to purchase next to the cash register where a lady named "Ebony" quickly turned away and to the side of the register, she started to count money and then pick up the phone while turning around.

My wife waited a few minutes but ended up getting very upset at that point when the cashier didn't say anything and seemed to avoid her. Then my wife went to the next register that was available and she was asked by that cashier if she was the next customer? My wife replied to the cashier “I was in line at the next counter but she didn't say anything and she refused to take my purchase”. Then that cashier told my wife “Well you waited in the wrong place so you have to move to that line over there.

Due to fact that the counter is round, there were no actual “lines”, just people standing in various places around the registers. We didn't see any sort of sign that said where a line was supposed to be. There was no direction of a line and it appeared that my wife was being ignored because of her race. They could have said she was in the wrong place (there was no actual “line”) when my wife approached the first cashier named “Ebony” but she did not, she just ignored my wife completely. My wife did not try to cut in front of any other customers but was completely ignored while standing at the customer service counter that had three service representatives.

She was so upset did not want to go back into the store again. My wife was fed up and after putting back the item, she walked over to me just outside of the store entrance and said, "Let's get out of here" very angrily. I went back after she had explained to me happened and asked what the first lady's name was so I could inform you of what your "customer service" counter is like.

I have served two tours over in Iraq during 1991-1995 and came back as a disabled veteran to defend all Americans' rights. My wife makes most of the purchases for our family for this reason and just because she is from another country does not mean that she should be given the cold shoulder when approaching a cash register to make a purchase. All of us Americans can trace our heritage to another country except for true Native American Indians so we are almost all immigrants. I feel that just because this took place in the south, does not forgive anyone from mistreating a properly immigrated American citizen for any reason.

I am requesting that you discuss the importance of the customers within your stores with your employees so they understand that we are all human and equal within this country. Apparently, some people working in your stores for your company are not aware of this. Thank you very much for your support in working on a corrective action for this problem.

I Want My Money Back!
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I ordered (2 orders) from JC Penney online. The day that I received notification that my orders were ready to pick up is the same day that the mall JC Penney is located had a fire (Westfield Galleria Mall, Roseville, CA). JCP unfortunately had fire damage and many stores were closed. I called the 1-800 catalog number the next day to see what they were doing with orders. They didn't even know about a fire, and left me on hold while they called around to find something out.

I was then told that it might take about a week, but they were going through the inventory and would let customers know if they needed to pick their orders up at another location (Sunrise Mall, Citrus Heights, CA) or if they would have to be reordered due to damage. This was on 10/21/2010. After a week and I hadn't heard anything, so I called back again and they told me I needed to contact the Sunrise Mall store. I did that. I was told they hadn't received any orders, nor did they show any orders coming. I called the catalog number back and informed them of the information I just received. I was told it may be a few more days.

I am wondering at this point why no one is calling ME to inform me of what's going on with my order. Three days later I called the catalog number. They again told me to call Sunrise Mall location. I was told by the person at the Sunrise Mall location that it looked like my orders were supposed to be coming there, but she didn't know when. I called Sunrise Mall location AGAIN a few days after that -- same information. I called the catalog number (I don't know when or even how many times anymore!) and again was told that they had no information and to call the Sunrise location.

Honestly, I can't even remember how many times I went around in this ridiculous circle. Meanwhile (at this point), I am STILL receiving automated calls from JCP telling me to come and pick up my orders from the Galleria location! I called the Sunrise location one last time (Jasmine), and she informed me that one of my orders had come in, but not both. Upon checking my email after that conversation, I located an email that was sent to a defunct email account that I no longer use, nor EVER gave to JCP (they are similar so they simply did not pay attention, and my email is a catchall account, so I was lucky I got the email at all!).

The email stated “Dear Deborah, This e-mail is in regards to an order that was returned by the store because you did not pick it up. At this time we cannot place a reorder at no charge. A credit was issued to your credit card, even though this card has been cancelled, the credit was applied so the card company should be sending you a refund check for the credit amount. At this time the only way we can place a reorder is if you give us a new form of payment. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you would like to reorder please contact our Customer Relations Department at 1-800-221-5898. Thank you.” This is impossible.

The account I paid for the order from (my checking account) had been closed for a couple of weeks. I called the Sunrise location back and told her what I found. She put me on hold and called the catalog number (said she could get farther than me). When she got back on the line, she said she had reordered the one remaining order and put a note that there was to be no charge since it had been paid for and no refund was received. She said she would stop the automated calls until the entire order was in and I could pick them both up, since this mall was a bit out of my way now. Oddly enough, a couple days later one order showed up at my house!

Then I found ANOTHER email in my defunct email account (even though I corrected the email address with them) stating that they couldn't do anything about the refund, and that I would have to contact my credit card company. When I tried to explain to them (in a call to the number they keep listing that knows nothing) that there was no account available to send the money to, they insisted that I contact my card company. Clearly they cannot hear well. I sent a scathing email to the catalog company and also a letter to the CEO.

The only response I received (AGAIN to the wrong email address) was "Thank you for contacting us in regards to your recent JC Penney purchase. As we stated before you will need to contact your bank regarding the credit issued to your account. Thank you for shopping JC Penney. We look forward to serving you again. JC Penney Customer Relations Case **." I am at my wits END! I just want my money refunded ($64.94) and I will NEVER utilize JC Penney for anything again -- online or in-store!

JCP Scam "20% Off Everything" Promo Code Is Really Only 10%!
By -

I received my daily JCP email, which in this case advertised, "20% off EVERYTHING" with Promo Code URBUDS2. I checked the entire page, including the asterisk area to see if there were exclusions, where there were just a few, like Sephora and gift cards. Nothing at all about slipcovers, furniture, etc. Nada. We had previously purchased a big Linden sectional sofa a few months before and I wanted to order an extra set of slipcovers.

I clicked on the Promo Code, which took me to the JCP site, where I ordered the slipcovers. At the final shopping check out page, I realized that I was only getting 10% off, not 20% off. My radar also went up because there was no listing of the 20% off price, just my "promotion savings". This was obviously only 10%.

I called Customer Service and a young lady told me that since I was "ordering furniture" I would only get "the Associate's discount of 10%". What?? WHERE DID THAT COME FROM??!! HOW WOULD I EVER KNOW THAT? I asked her to connect me to a supervisor, which she did. The supervisor told me to fax her the JCP email, which I did.

I called back and got someone else ("Sue") who understood what I was saying, however, her supervisor, a "Barbara" at the Columbus OH telephone center refused to honor the 20% off because "I should have clicked on the Print Coupon page, which listed the exclusions." I said, "WHY would I click on a separate Print Coupon button when I was shopping off an online Promo Code? WHY ON EARTH WOULD I DO THAT?!!? They flatly refused to do anything. "Sue" said she would send the JCP Internet Team at Corporate my story; then the phone mysteriously "disconnected".

I called back (10 more minutes) and got her again and asked her to read what she wrote. She had sent an email which was written as if I MYSELF had written it and that they had shown me how to "use the Print Coupon button". I was very angry by this point, having lost at least 45 minutes to this nonsense, which was worth all told about $80. We paid $2200 for the sectional. It was clearly JCP's screw up. It's easily foreseeable that a customer would click on the promo code and not hit "print coupon" ever.

I knew my small, local bricks-and-mortar JCP store doesn't sell furniture nor slipcovers. We live in remote Wisconsin and had to drive to Oregon to order the sectional. I would have no reason to EVER print this coupon to take to my store.

I had been telling everyone what a great, Pottery Barn-like sectional we bought and how fantastic JCP service was... I would have been willing to stay a customer if they just had said here, "Ooops, our mistake, sorry! How about we honor the 20% offer and throw in Free Shipping and tax to take out the sting and for your wasted time?" Hey, JCP, do I have to run your company for you? Places make mistakes, but it's how you handle them that counts. I could do this in my sleep. Why can't they?

JC Penney is 100% Better Than Wal-mart
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PORTLAND, MAINE -- This Review is to show Customer why JC Penney is better than Wal-mart: JC Penney: They do train you and they won't sent you out on the floor without proper training and to provide you with a great customer service. (If the associate is rude, not doing their job well don't doubt he/she will get fired right on the spot! They hire professional people with education! I have lot of friends who work there and we do compare it, so much better place to go shopping. I have been customer for 15 years never have a problem with them.

Walmart: You haven't even sign up and finish the basic computer training and they throw you to the registers to work without completing your training and they do cover it up every time you got a brake you have to figure it out how to finish it so that the company shows in their report that Wal-mart is great they do train their employees when in fact they don't. That is why you see on this site and others hundreds of complaints about Wal-Mart.

JC Penney: Don't doubt it if someone use the clothing and returned you don't need to worry IMMEDIATELY the clothing it's sent to claims and that clothing won't ever touch the sales floor again, don't need to worry about buying dirty used clothing without the tags.

Everything you buy is NEW in great conditions at JC Penney. The back of the STORE is immaculate the over stock is lay flat and excellent so you won't find that many items with a hole because stuff are thrown everywhere like Walmart Stores very dusty and nasty not wonder why you sneeze a lot when you go shopping there right? Make sure you got your allergy medicine ready when you go shopping there!

Wal-mart Stores the overstock in the back of the stores most of them associates actually told me the most filthy stores are located in: NY, NJ, AR, NV, AR, MA, IL, CA, UT and many others I visited around the country. (I travel quiet a lot, it's my favorite hobby since I come from Spain travel the world also :-) I love complaining and given compliments to Retail Stores around the country I should get paid for it right? I used to be a secret shopper they do exist but you have to go to their boring meetings and pay your $5 membership I don't do it anymore!

JC Penney the Price Is Right! Yes believe it or not you can buy jeans, dresses, underwear, bedding stuff, toys and nice socks that last for a long time for a lot less money than Walmart. Remember, it's only Propaganda. Every weekend JC Penney got blow out sales you can even print their coupons online from you very home computer. Does Walmart give you coupon discounts for clothing 20%-30%-50% they even give you a damn CHOCOLATE to try to get an extra discount in the fall sales? Hey I bought jeans for under $10 dollars Vs Walmart almost $20 dollars for on pair LEI jeans.

So remember MEDIA control this country, oh yeah let's go there because it's cheaper, no there is nice stores that sales cheaper than Walmart and believe it or not I have clothing almost 10 years old from JC Penney still like new, it hasn't fall apart like the junky clothing they sell at Walmart that the stitching come undone as you put it on.

Those are my 3 biggest reason I don't shop at Walmart and I think JC Penney is better than Walmart. I love JC PENNEY! Never have a complaint and I hope I never will. My friends who work there got a 25% discount immediately. Health benefits within 90 days. A lots of associate coupon discount. 50% off Associate Night Discount and bring a friend! Christmas Party for associate and their family and friends. OMG I love this company and Macy's as well!

Best Haircut in a LONG Time, and on the First Try!
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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I had a REALLY BAD haircut done by a salon that I trusted for about 3 years. I went back (for the second consecutive time) because the hairstyle was not cut right. Apparently, it was a "difficult hairstyle to design" according to the salon owner. The hairstyle I wanted was an inverted bob (think Victoria Beckham).

The first time I tried to get this haircut styled (about 3-4 months ago), the stylist (who I did not request before) did everything right, EXCEPT she left the right side about 1/2 inch longer than the left, which I went back to the salon with, and the owner fixed. I was happy after that, and decided that since they had suited me for the past 3 years, I would go back.

So, about 2 weeks ago, I went back to that same hair salon, only this time, I asked for one of the stylists that I knew had done a great job in the past with my hair. I showed her the picture, and she proceeded to wash and cut my hair. When it was done, it LOOKED even and what I asked for. I went home satisfied. I woke up the next morning, and looked in the mirror, and noticed that since my hair was flatter (she used A LOT of hairspray), it was NOT what I asked for originally.

I called the salon up, and asked to have someone fix it. I wanted the owner to do it again (I would have asked for her in the beginning but she charges about $15 more than the other stylists who charge $30), but she had already left. The receptionist sent me back to the original stylist. I thought, "Maybe it won't be so bad. Maybe she will fix it." WRONG! She did not do what I asked. Now, you may be thinking, "Why didn't she request a refund?" I would have, only, she used more hairspray, and my hair settled so that it looked like what I asked for.

My hair looked HORRIBLE. About 3 days later, my mom asked me if I was planning to do anything with my hair, and I decided to go to J.C. Penney's Hair Salon and get a completely different cut. I've had a perm there (LOL!) and had my hair cut, and was happy both times. So I went in there, and talked to D. Showed her the picture, and she proceeded to wash my hair and then cut it. I watched her, the ENTIRE time, to make absolutely certain that she was doing what I asked because I was not going to leave this salon unhappy at all! She cut it right, and then, after she had finished blow drying and styling, I asked her what else could be done to style this haircut differently.

Thinking that she would just talk about it (which is what I was expecting), I was surprised when she actually started showing me with the flat iron promising that if I didn't like it, she would wash it out. She was actually happy to have something to do because, it being a Tuesday, they were slow. I did not like it, so she took me back to the wash basin, and started fresh.

I have NEVER had a stylist offer to do this!! She took me back, and used the curling iron on it, and it looked much better. I left SO HAPPY! She made sure of it because I told her my fiasco with the other stylist. I gave her a $5 tip, and got her card. I left smiling! And I've been smiling a week since! J.C. Penney Salon, you have a renewed customer in me!

Wrong Bed Delivery
By -

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA -- My fiance and I ordered a sleigh bed and mattress/boxspring from JC Penneys and when we got it, it was great except for I needed a step stool to get into the darn thing! It was too much trouble, so we did a "re-select" the company calls it (ordered another mattress). We re-selected the same mattress but as a "low-profile." When we FINALLY got it, (they messed up on the delivery date a few times) the delivery service broke our light fixture in our bedroom and didn't even offer to fix it.

It was basically "our problem" and we needed to send JC Penney's a copy of our bill when we purchased another light fixture from our apartment complex... then they would reimburse us for it! So, anyway the bed got delivered, but our backs were starting to hurt after a while of sleeping on the bed. We decided to check the mattress and we found out that it was NOT the one we had ordered, it wasn't even the SAME BRAND that we ordered. As soon as we found this information out, we contacted the store where we initially purchased the mattress.

The store manager said that he would do ANYTHING he could to make this right, well... that hasn't happened yet. We have talked to a few different managers at the JCPenney Corporate office and they told us before they can send out the bed we re-selected, we need to PURCHASE it!! Well, you know what, we already have paid for it! $1400.00 in fact!

And second of all, the original bed we re-selected has now been discontinued, so we took time out, ran to the store, picked out one we wanted instead. Still, we're told, we have to PAY for another mattress to be sent out, then when they collect the mattress that was sent to us in error, they will credit our bank account back!

So, basically...."we" as customers have to pay for the company's mistake!!! What in the hell, we have never been treated so badly and had so much incompetence with a company in our lives. We will NEVER shop at JC Penney again and that is the truth. I will tell everyone I know never to purchase anything from JC Penney's ever again. We have had so much "run-around" from the store and corporate office, they should be ashamed of their customer service.

Took them 2 WEEKS to even call us back to tell us we need to pay for a new mattress to be sent out! 2 WEEKS. I can't believe it. They are not punctual nor do they care about their customers. I have worked retail for many years and it's disgraceful how that company operates. This problem has NOT been resolved and this Friday, will be 3 WEEKS since we first notified the company of the problem. We'll see what happens, the Floor Manager is supposed to call me back, I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't do anything either. JC Penney does NOT go above and beyond for their customers and I don't think they ever will!

Discrimination and Harassment
By -

MINOT, NORTH DAKOTA -- This letter is to discuss the experience at your Minot, North Dakota J. C. Penney store. The experience was the worst form of harassment and discrimination that we have encountered. To start with, we went to exchange a pair of pants for our young diabetic son who is 8 years old and has encountered many hardships in his life, this should not have added to his hardships. The visit to J. C. Penney had included my wife, 2-year-old daughter, 8-month-old son, and our 8-year-old son. Pushing the two strollers should not have made us look suspicious. While we we're at your store we decided to do some more shopping, we like the clothes that your store offers.

My son likes to look at the rest of the mall also. He is a very happy 8 years old. My son had to use the bathroom so he went to the one in the mall. My 8-year-old son had to use the bathroom because he is diabetic and sometime is immediate with his body than with a non-diabetic's body. My wife took him and my 2-year-old daughter. While I waited in the store with our 8 month old son, I noticed that there was a woman who had been following us. The security personnel continued to follow us. While the rest of my family was gone, the security continued to follow my 8-month-old son and me.

My wife did eventually return and the security woman proceeded to follow all of us again through the infant area, the toddler area, the young children's area, then to the young teen area where my wife and I looked for our other two teenage daughter's clothes who are 13 years old and 15 years old. It was very disturbing that this was so blatant and obvious, and the fact that she was continuing to follow us through the entire store. It was so apparent what she was doing because there were so many people in the store and she just kept following my family and me. The other people in the store were of no concern to this security guard.

The experience reminded me of a story that I had been told about 4 years ago by a person who had worked there and been told by the staff and security to watch the Native Americans when they came into the store. The former associate told me she was offended. She told the staff about her husband being Native American and they asked her what tribe he was from, when she responded what tribe he was from the staff told her they meant the other tribe in North Dakota from Belcourt, North Dakota. The tribe the staff is referring to is the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians, which I come from. So you understand my ethics and beliefs.

I was never taught to run from adversity, I was never taught to scream the word discrimination or to hate anybody for his or her skin. My parents are very proud of being Americans. We are a very strong family. Our core principles are God, education, hard work community service and a faith that others will treat you fair. I have always been independent. I have always taught my five children to better their lives by education, handwork, and the strong belief that we can do better by hard work and believing in God's word. I do not believe in stealing. I have never taught my children to steal nor do I believe anyone should steal under any circumstances.

This would never be acceptable to me. I believe that we do learn from the past and believe me the past is still in play in this store, there are generations of prejudice here in this particular store and the status quo is not ready to change without further urging of the corporate office, the CEO and the President of J. C. Penney. I do believe that you do have to identify the obvious in order to change what is taking place and this store has a serious problem with whom they racial profile and that they choose to employ people who discriminate.

I do hope you appreciate what it feels like to work all your life to undo people's unfair and unwarranted stereotypes and prejudices and to have this happen to your children who you love and care for. I hope you know what it feels like to explain to your children that they have done nothing to deserve this treatment. When my wife and I got to the checkout counter, the person who was the cashier went to exchange something for a different size for us. The security person continued to circle us, which by this time I was very frustrated with this behavior.

We were fortunate that another checker came by because she asked if she could assist us, she started to ring up the merchandise. I let her know how hurt and offended I was, and that I just wanted to pay for our merchandise and leave. I let her know that I was feeling very discriminated against and insulted that this was occurring. I explained to her that the security person even continued to come by and harass us as we stood by the counter waiting for the cashier to return. She asked "was this person blonde?" and I replied yes. The second cashier came back and I filled her in about this situation.

She seemed generally apologetic and at that very time, the person walked again by us and acted as if she was leaving the store. What she really did was go into the security room. I asked the checkout clerk if she would please relay this message to the manager. She stated she would. As we exited the store, I saw the security person again coming from a room by the exit and I told her thank you for making our shopping experience so pleasant. It was very odd how she left when we left, and how she invested a whole hour to just following us. I immediately called the store back when I arrived home and asked if I could speak to the manager.

The supervisor on duty Jackie answered the call. Jackie stated the two cashiers had not yet mentioned the story to her when I asked. I then explained to her what had happened and she said she did not believe that this person was doing this intentionally. I explained to her the circumstances again, there was no mistaking what had happened. She almost seemed like it was finally getting through to her, then she said I would have to speak to the Assistant manager tomorrow. Why did she want me to speak to the assistant manager? I even asked her to view the tapes. I called the store today 08/29/08 the next day around 1330cst.

I initially asked for Jackie the supervisor to see if she had spoken to the manager. Jackie the supervisor then transferred me to the assistant manager Penny. Penny explained that she would have to speak to the cashiers. I asked her Penny to call me back and she asked why? I explained to her that I wanted to have a response to the complaint. She told me sorry but she did not feel that I am owed an explanation.

I felt that she did not even have the customer service skills at this point in our conversation to assure me that she understood my family's concerns. I was very disappointed that some people never find prejudice old and tiring. I am especially hurt that the staff of J. C. Penney did not even feel they owed it to us to properly address this issue.

Cashier Cut Up My J.C. Penny Card!
By -

BREA, CALIFORNIA -- I have been a LONG time good outstanding customer with J. C. Penney's for YEARS! I am NOT the type to get store credit cards because it just ruins my over all credit score. But since I use J.C. Penny so much I did accept theirs and have had one for at least 15 yrs now. Well I just recently went to JCP and bought a few things and went to purchase them. Took forever to find someone to check me out. Everyone was looking around the store for a cashier. Very frustrating! I finally snag a girl and I gave her a card that was mailed to me that allows me to receive a FREE JCP catalog. She takes the card and tries to scan it and it doesn't work.

I TRIED to tell her I've gotten free catalogs before with these cards and you DON'T need to scan it or do anything! I said NICELY..."you just need to take my card that says I get a catalog and give me that book." (The end!) Well she makes a BIG production out of it. Long story but she gets another guy that works there and he tells her just what I did..."you DON'T need to scan anything...just give the customer the catalog." (I swear. How stupid can someone be.) So now that she ALREADY has been a bit annoyed and frustrated I had her the few items I bought for my hubby.

I give her my JCP card and she runs it through their machine and says "Have you used your card in the last 8 months"? I said "YES". She said "When?" I said "I don't remember the last day I used it." I've been busy going through cancer treatment. I said "maybe a few months ago or so?" She said "well it MUST have been 8 months or longer because if you DON'T use your card in that 8 month period they will cancel your card." I said "What? I've NEVER heard of such a thing. This is ridiculous!" She starts RAMBLING on and on trying to convince me this is company policy and it happens.

I have a freaking headache and was TRYING to be nice. (God only knows why?) She starts telling me I can pay cash or OPEN A NEW card with JCP. I told her "I don't like that idea because NOW on my credit it will look like I am opening up another credit card and that affects my over all credit score." I let her know I'm not happy with that and I again told her my OLD card HAS to still be good. She rambles on again and convinces me to open up a new JCP card.

And with that I will get 10% off my purchase that day and ALSO another coupon for 15% off on my NEXT purchase. (I just WANTED to go home. It had been a long day so I said OK.) (Kidding myself in the head now!!!) I get home and this is STILL bothering me that she said I had to open a new account since I had not used my card in 8 months and I KNOW I had. I look it up and it had been 4 months since my last purchase at JCP. So NOW I am PISSED. I call the store manager and tell her what happened with this cashier and how she actually CUT UP MY CARD! The manager said "you have to be kidding." I said "I wish I was."

I told the manager the entire story that the cashier says you guys cancel cards if they aren't used in an 8 month period of time. She said "that is just not correct." (DUH) She asked if the cashier called anyone or anything about this? I said no. Just told me matter of fact that this is the way it was. I also told the manager maybe this girl tells customers that so she can get CREDIT for having customers opening up NEW accounts. The manager said "she wouldn't do that." I said "it looks that way to me!" Plus I told the manager I wasn't happy that this girl is taking all my information at the desk and asking for MY SS number to put into the computer.

I said "how do I know she isn't trying to get my info and use my identity." I also told that manager while she was doing all this she also told me after she punched in all my info that I was APPROVED for $2000 and that is REALLY GOOD. (Why the ** is she paying attention to how much credit I am entitled too? That is NONE of her freaking business!) I told her "$2000 is low. My OLD JCP credit account allowed me over $5000. So NOW you've cut it up and lowered what my credit amount at the store." So after telling the manager all this she said she would talk to the girl and call me back.

She did call right back and she DID APOLOGIZE for what happened and said she doesn't understand why the girl did this? But she would like to mail me a $25.00 gift certificate and as far as re-issuing me my OLD card number I would have to call another 800 # and see if they could open it back up and close the new one the dumb girl opened for me. What a major pain! The manager also told me that the cashier told her that she called on the phone and talked to another manager that day about my card and was instructed to do that with my card. I told this manager that she is a FLAT OUT LIAR.

She called NOBODY because I even asked the cashier that day to call someone and she wouldn't! The manager did believe me of course and again she just kept apologizing. She said she doesn't know of any stores that cut up your cards. (And believe me. This girl literally cut up MY card!) So other than an apologize and a free $25.000 gift card I called this guy at the 800 number to re-issue my OLD MasterCard number I had with JCP. I asked him NOW that this girl canceled my old card and opened a NEW one, I said "isn't that going to reflect on my credit score that I opened a NEW account?"

He said he was very sorry but yes it would. :( Darn it all!!! I work SO HARD to keep GOOD credit and she does this. There is no way to remove it. Now it looks like I opened a new account one day and closed it the next day. Why do I HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR MISTAKE!!! So needless to say I am pissed. JCP should be careful who they're hiring. I spend good money in there. Well I did. Not sure if I'll even activate my new card they just sent me. A $25.00 gift card doesn't seem like enough after all I went through. I think she should have had this girl call me personally and apologize. So BEWARE if you have a JCP card and get told some cockeyed story like I did.

I REALLY and truly believe this girl did this to either get my information for identity theft. (Why else would she notice how much credit JCP OK'd me for?) That was strange to me. Or she is getting CREDIT for each new customer she gets to sign up for a JCP credit account. I have a cousin in retail and they get credit when they talk someone into opening a store credit account. I am so ticked off at this store...that idiot cashier...she couldn't even give me my FREE catalog without a major hassle. Where do they find these people? (I'm done with my rant now.)

Sorry but I'm still pissed and just thought some should be warned. Not sure what game this cashier was playing. At my age I should have known better. I've never had ANY store tell me they will cancel your card if you don't use it. JCP has gone down hill anyway. It's a shame but soon they will be shutting down their stores like all the other ones are since they have all Hispanic clothes in there and nothing for us white people. (They SHOULD have clothes for EVERYONE not just ONE race.) Nor cashiers that know what they are doing. I think I will shop elsewhere. JCP is waste of my time.

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