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Jeld-Wen Can't Get Their Windows Right.
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I had 4 Jeld-Wen windows, double hung, vinyl outside and wood clad inside, installed about 1 1/2 years ago. From the very beginning, they were not right. The first night we could hear traffic as if the windows were open. A company person came pretty quickly, made a few changes and pronounced them 'fixed'. We could still hear the wind blow through the windows. When I closed the latch, it did not pull the window tight together like other windows. I contacted customer service who sent a contract company out to make some more adjustments.

Then fall came and I started seeing moisture on the windows every morning. I could still feel air coming from somewhere. When I contacted customer service again, they claimed that new windows would have moisture on them if the shades were drawn and the air was stagnant. I have a fan running constantly moving air about and it didn't make a difference. They sent someone out again who made a few more adjustments. Then customer service called wanting to close out the service ticket. They insisted the case closed.

I let it go all summer. Now fall is here, it snowed the other day and the wind is blowing. I have sealed every crack I could think of where air would come in. The only place left is the windows. Moisture was on my windows the other morning and I can feel cold air coming from the window at the bottom sash and where the upper and lower come together. Plus the windows are cold.

I have two Andersen replacement windows and do not have any trouble with them. Plus, I have talked to two other people who have the same type window (double hung, vinyl outside wood inside) who also have the same complaints. The only conclusion I have is that these are junk. Now I am stuck with windows that are worse than what I had before and it will cost me thousands to have them replaced. All I can say is I have 16 more windows to replace in my house and there will not be another Jeld-Wen window.

Jeld-Wen Window and Customer Service Review
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Rating: 1/51

MONTANTA -- Last year we purchased a custom home that was constructed in 2003/2004. The home had Jeld-Wen wood clad windows throughout and as it turns out, these windows are pretty much junk. The weatherstripping around the windows has cracked and separated on many of the windows, the gas seals have failed on approximately half of the windows, compromising the vapor space and allowing moisture build-up inside those windows, and the Hartford green aluminum frames have turned chalky/milky in color.

Since February of this year I have tried to work with Jeld-Wen's 'customer service', and their area representative to fix the window problems. They have given me nothing but headaches, saying everything from "those aren't our windows" (it took two months for them to admit they were their windows) to "our second-owner warranty didn't take effect until a few months after the windows were purchased". They have done everything in their power to NOT stand by their products and the customer service is everything but service.

In their defense, after three months, numerous emails and photos, and a dozen phone calls, they did send out some replacement weather stripping for me to install. It was the wrong weather stripping and for a different style window and it has been weeks since I sent them an email advising them of this. They have yet to even respond back to the email.

Well, after 9 (nine) months of frustration with Jeld-Wen, their poor products and no customer service, it looks like I will need to replace all the Jeld-Wen windows in the home without a bit of help from them. The one thing I am certain of is that I will never have another Jeld-Wen product and I caution everyone to look closely at their products. There are a lot better windows out their on the market for the same or less money.

Patio Doors Are Broken and They Won't Fix Them
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Rating: 1/51

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I bought the doors in September. They leaked day 1 because the factory installed the weather stripping too short. In addition they omitted a critical part of the door, so I have a gap in the bottom of the door where the two doors meet… I have a towel in the bottom to keep out the cold air. THEN mid October the blinds broke! Not even 60 days old.

The repair department has been horrible, won't schedule a repair… just the old run around. Won't respond to my e-mails, or my calls. I have to go through a customer service contact, who won't contact the service department! HORRIBLE SITUATION. They have my money and I have ** for doors.

I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER JELD-WEN PRODUCT AGAIN. This is November, bought the doors in September still trying to get them to honor their "10 year warranty". Maybe they are trying to wait until the warranty expires before I get what I paid for! I would give them 0 stars, but that is not an option.

Jeld-Wen: Worst Customer Service in the Industry
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GLENVIEW, ILLINOIS -- We purchased two sets of exterior French doors. The third party installer advised us the frame was "out of square" and needed to be replaced in order to look right. The installer showed us the measurements and why it could not be adjusted so that it would look right. He contacted Jeld-Wen from our home to ask that a third party inspector be sent so a new frame and doors could ordered. When no one had called to come see the doors in a week despite notice that we were going on vacation and wanted some resolution to this, we began calling and complaining.

After placing multiple calls and requests for assistance on line, I was put in touch with the manager of customer service in Jeld-Wen's corporate office. While the others did not timely respond, he was able to get someone to our home at the end of the week. So, we took yet another afternoon off to meet with the inspector, the installer came, the salespeople came and one more person all came to our home.

The inspector concedes that the frame is "out of square" but says if the installer shims and adjusts the doors so they are out of plumb, he thinks the frame could be improved. When the installer and others pointed out it would result in uneven seams around the doors, the Jeld-Wen representative said that people would not look close enough to notice the seams were not even and that the gap was larger than 1/8 inch from bottom.

When the installers said why doesn't he do it and show them how such an installation would look right, he said he could send someone else to help after he writes his report and discusses it with Jeld-Wen. When we and the installers said we need a decision and resolution by Monday, the latest, he said it would take at least a week to get a decision and then likely another 2 weeks to get a technician out. Best case scenario, I'm told in another 6 weeks, I may have a resolution or get new doors ordered which take another 5 weeks or so. In the meantime, I have awful-looking, unpainted, crooked, poorly trimmed doors for all to see.

I feel that Jeld-Wen's business model of sending random third party installers, inspectors and technicians is not good customer service because no one who comes to your home can make a decision and after more than 9 weeks from the date of our order, we at still another couple months away from a completed installation.

When discussing our experience with others, it appears we are not the first to have this problem... And from the conversations with the installers and the sales office, everyone thinks it should be obvious that a new frame and doors should be sent because apparently it's difficult to ship just a frame and keep it square. So now we still have to wait for a decision, then wait for yet another third party technician to be sent out. It's my opinion, it's untenable to make people wait 9-12 or 17 or more weeks to get two doors properly installed.

Do Not Buy Jeld-Wen Products - Very Poor Quality
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Rating: 1/51

BEND, OREGON -- We did a massive overhaul of our house in 2006-2007. Thought we were doing all the right things. Our contractor recommended Jeld-Wen for our door and windows, suggesting a very good quality product at a lower price. Wow, not even close. Very poor quality. There are tons of problems with windows and doors, the worst of which is drafts. How every single brand new window and door can produce a draft is beyond me. And we are talking about drafts from every conceivable area of the window.

I've done my best to add additional weather stripping, but that doesn't even begin to stop the leakage. Just after our addition was completed, we came across a review of our windows in Consumer Reports. CR slammed these windows as inferior, poor quality windows. I am angry at my contractor for his recommendation. I am more angry at Jeld-Wen for producing such a crappy product in the marketplace.

Avoid Jeld-Wen Windows at All Costs

NEW YORK -- We ordered Jeld-Wen replacement windows through Lowe's. Although it was not the brand we initially wanted (classic bait-and-switch) we had seen enough favorable reviews to go along with this brand. Huge error. We ordered vinyl replacement windows that were white on the interior and red on the exterior. The panes were supposed to be two over two.

When the windows were delivered, two were completely the wrong size and had to be returned. Others were three over three and not two over two. Many had scratches on the glass and red paint sprayed on the interior portions. The mulling of the frames was sloppy and uneven. Some of the vinyl had cuts or seams where none should be. Out of 17 windows, 14 had screens that were half and inch too short, leaving an ugly gap at the top of each. How did these things even leave the factory?

The installer did his best and we were told that Jeld-Wen would send a representative out with replacement glass with the correct (two-over-two) panes. We were told this would be expedited. It was not. They took their sweet time with this. Weeks later the Jeld-Wen representative arrived with the replacement glass, six panes. This time, only three of the six were correct two-over-two. The others were four-over-four.

No one at the factory had bothered to look at the order. And the representative did not even look at what he loaded onto the truck. Lowe's blames Jeld-Wen and Jeld-Wen blames Lowe's. They still have not addressed the other problems and there is no telling when the correct size screens will arrive let alone when the three remaining panes will be ready. As for the piss-poor mulling, the representative said that that was "normal." Stay away from Jeld-Wen and DO NOT order any windows through Lowe's.

Jeld-Wen Window Experience
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Rating: 5/51

LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA -- Occasionally I check website product reviews for products my company handles to see what consumers have to say. A consumer is often more likely motivated to post complaints rather than compliments. In regards to windows, I have had 30 years experience from using as a contractor to selling as a distributor and now selling as a retailer. As I read these reviews I notice that many complaints are more centered around what is perceived as a product problem when in fact it is the result of dealing with inexperienced dealers or service people and contractors who cannot properly identify a problem.

That being said, it is a lesson worth noting to find a real specialty shop where a real professional who knows what he is talking about can guide you through choosing, fitting and installing your windows. Since 1960 my company has been a dealer for Andersen, Weathershield, Pella, Vetter, Ideal, Hurd, Kolbe-Kolbe and other wood windows not mentioning vinyl. Since 2004 when Jeld-Wen introduced their no rot AuraLast wood we have been exclusive Jeld-Wen dealers. We have not had one rotting issue with a wood window since then. Rotting wood windows was a plague in the South where I live. No more.

Not only has Jeld-Wen been the best window product we have ever handled, they have continued to grow and innovate to meet our needs for commercial projects as well. Our architects love them for their longevity. Take it from someone who knows and has seen them all and remember to take a good hard look at the dealer you are working with. Check them out carefully before you buy. You will be much more satisfied in the end.

Don't Buy Jeld-Wen Window Products
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I have had a relatively disappointing and frustrating experience with Jeld-Wen and felt I needed to share my experience with others as a word of caution before choosing their products. The problems I am encountering now may only foreshadow what is to come. I have recently read many disheartening stories on the net regarding product performance issues and poor customer support from Jeld-Wen. My issues seem to only just be starting. I chose Jeld-Wen for their promise on quality, reliability and service. However, I am sincerely doubting this promise.

I started a remodel project for my home in San Diego this summer. The windows and doors selected were Jeld-Wen's SiteLine EX, Aluminum Clad Wood. One window, however, was a Jeld-Wen 500 series aluminum frame in a custom size to be used as a backsplash in the kitchen. I was promised a 4-5 week lead for the aluminum clad wood products and 1-2 weeks for the aluminum window. The clad/wood windows and doors showed up 6 weeks later with one damaged. I was told to install it and someone would be out to fix it. This was 10 weeks ago and I haven't heard anything.

The 1-2 week lead custom window showed up 8 weeks late (10 weeks from order) seriously impacting my project schedule. What's more, the window had a significant quality defect in the finish. It has now been 6 weeks since the window arrived and Jeld-Wen is quoting another 8 weeks to deliver a replacement. So, it will be nearly 6 months from order by the time the window arrives. This has created huge problems with my schedule and is preventing me from being able to begin stucco work until the window is in.

Jeld-Wen is making no concessions and taking no responsibility for their quality issues and lead times. In my opinion, this company has obviously become far too big and their processes are now out of control to be a good consumer supplier. No one in their customer support team, management included, seems to be motivated to help a customer in need out. In fact, on three occasions now a supervisor has said they would call back and never did. No one seems to know what is taking place with this order or when it will be finished and no one is taking ownership of the problem to get it solved.

Given my experience to date and what I have read on the internet, I am very concerned about the long term performance and reliability of these windows. If I were to do it over again, I would look at Marvin, Loewen, Eagle or Pella windows and avoid Jeld-Wen like the plague. I would not recommend Jeld-Wen and would urge anyone reading this to act with caution if considering working with this company.

Never Again Will I Purchase a Jeld-Wen Product
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We ordered a front door with a venting side light and a patio door with two venting side lights from Home Depot. After waiting over six weeks for the doors to come in they finally arrived. When the installers arrived to install the doors is when the fun began. After the installers had ripped out my front door they unpacked the new door. Now keep in mind that there was absolutely no damage to the packing material but here was a huge dent in the new door. Not only was the dent in the door but the molding on both the front and back sides of the side light was bowed.

We had to have the installers go ahead and install the door since they could not install the old door otherwise I would have refused the order. Then on top of everything else there was no screen for the venting side light for the front door and the screens they sent for the patio door were to big. There was also a scratch in one of the side lights for the patio door.

When a Jeld-Wen representative came out he tried everything to blame Home Depot but we had wisely kept the packing material for the front door. Now it has been almost four weeks and I have still not heard anything about getting these doors fixed! Other than "we are working on it". I have called Jeld-Wen to find out what they are going to do to "make this right" since I spent well over 4 grand and got crap products and their reply was "we are fixing it". Great but I will NEVER recommend Jeld-Wen to anyone I know if this is how they conduct their business.

So now it is mid November and still no idea when anyone is going to show up to replace the front door and side lights. This should be good freezing temps and possible snow. Their customer service is shoddy and they are extremely slow, they try to blame everyone but themselves for their own mistakes even when it is obvious that a problem happened at their factory. Never again will I purchase a Jeld-Wen product.

Jeld-Wen Screws Small Contractor
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ILLINOIS -- I spoke with Jeld-Wen customer service back on December 13, 2010 with a problem on a bay window that was damaged during shipping or delivery and discovered by my lead installer when the window was un-wrapped for installation. My lead man reported the problem to the homeowner P.N. immediately and she notified Home Depot where the window was purchased. I notified your company.

Unfortunately we had to spend over 3 hours repairing the window just to install it. A decision was made after your field representative inspected the window that it needed to be replaced and not repaired. The new window is finally ready to be delivered and changed out and P.N. notified me that Jeld-Wen will not pay us to install it. I must say I find this hard to believe that neither Jeld-Wen nor Home Depot will foot the bill to install this window.

My company contracted with Mr.& Mrs. ** to install and trim 7 windows for $4593.30 and we are a small business and cannot afford to send four men back and replace this window. We are an Installation Master trained company, EPA Lead Certified and the only company in New York State authorized to install Marvin Lift & Slide doors among other certifications. We are small but I believe in training my employees and we get recommended by many corporate suppliers and distributors like PPW, Marvin, Azek and Tyvek because we are honest and professional in our approach to all our remodeling projects.

I recommended your windows and I have partnered with you for a Home Show in the past displaying your product, so I must say I am extremely upset that you will not go the full nine yards and help us help this family get what they deserve. The new window is worthless sitting in their garage. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

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