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Don't Buy Jenn Air
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BEND, OREGON -- I bought a brand new Jenn Air slide-in electric range from an authorized Jenn Air dealer ($1,999.00). The range was delivered on February 15th 2013. I don't do a ton of cooking so I hadn't used this range all that much (the oven twice and the cooktop itself twice).

So the evening of February 25th I was making pasta and sauce using two of the surface elements. As I was heating the sauce and boiling the water, suddenly a bright flash appeared under the cooktop - similar to that which would be created by an electric arc. A few seconds later, a number of similar flashes appeared under the cooktop and the range went dark.

Since it was later in the evening, I wasn't able to contact the dealer until the next day - Tuesday. I called and told them what had happened and they asked me if I wanted to speak with the service department. I told them no, I wanted to speak with the salesman and I didn't want the unit "repaired" I wanted it replaced. The woman I spoke with was nice enough, but she said they would not be able to replace this unit - it would have to be serviced.

The salesman was not available so I left a voice mail message and sent him an e-mail.

In the meantime, I called Jenn Air Customer Care1-800-JENN-AIR (536-6247) and spoke with a representative. I told her what had happened and she said Jenn Air would not replace the unit, but would have the dealer send someone out to examine the range and identify a repair option.

I told the Jenn Air representative I didn't want the unit, which had been in my house a total of 9 days when it went dead repaired, I wanted it replaced. I spent two thousand dollars on this range and I shouldn't have to be stuck with a "repaired" Jenn Air product. The representative told me that was Jenn Air's policy.

Later Tuesday, the dealer called and arranged for a serviceman to come out to examine the range. He came Friday (March 1st). I explained what had happened and he examined the unit. I told him I wanted a NEW range to replace this defective unit and he agreed that if it were him, he would have the exact same position. However, he said the dealer really had no say in how the problem was resolved and Jenn Air policy was to only "REPAIR" defective units,.

The range now has to have a new user interface, new control board, new cooktop and new electrical wiring harness replaced as there was in fact electrical arcing under the ceran surface;. In the meantime, I'm without a range and have no idea when the situation is going to be resolved!.

I've already contacted my credit card company to dispute the two thousand dollar charge and they agreed I should not have to be stuck with a defective NEW range?. They have filed a dispute with the dealer and issued a temporary credit to my account;.

As a follow-up today, March 8th Whirlpool customer service called to see what was going on. They reiterated that they would not replace this broken range - only fix it. They asked when Standard TV & Appliance was coming out to make the repairs. I said I didn't know as I had not heard from them since March 1st. The CS representative put me on hold to call Standard TV and came back and said one of the parts was on back-order and it was being expedited to Standard TV.

However, no one has said when they plan to come out and fix this range which has now been out of service longer than it was working.

Do you really want to buy a Jenn Air appliance and pay top dollar for a product the manufacturer won't stand behind?

So a word of caution to anyone considering the purchase of any Jenn Air appliance - DON'T!

If anything major goes wrong with your NEW Jenn Air product you're going to be stuck with a repaired unit.
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User Replies:
WP2008 on 03/11/2013:
Hello wicked. My name is Amber and I am a representative with JennAir. We truly apologize for the frustrations you have experienced with your range. If you would like to discuss this matter further, please email us at and provide us with your complete contact information as well as the model and serial number s of your appliance. Please also include the name of the site you were contacted on (My3Cents) along with your user name (wicked), and your ticket number (36181). We would be happy to review your concerns further. Sincerely, Amber.
Niko on 05/31/2013:
Recommend you send your well written commentary to the Jenn Air President - that might wake him up.
Trish on 06/22/2013:
Now I am nervous..I just bought a Jenn-air stove, microwave and dishwasher today between the not getting their rebate stories I have read and this I think I am going to cancel it.
Trish on 06/22/2013:
Wicked..thanks for your review. After I read yours I looked up more reviews. I have called and cancelled my order. I don't want to deal with lousy service, no resolution and refusal to pay rebates. Thank you so much for the heads up. You saved me over 4k and many headaches I am sure
Sally martone on 05/26/2014:
I experienced the same issue when I purchased $6000.00 worth of appliances. I was to receive a $700.00 rebate on my purchases. I started preparing the rebates for each item and sent them immediately, called them and again sent copies of my rebates, 2weeks later the company I purchased the appliances from sent the forms, I wrote the company, faxed whatever was missing, same old is 3months later and nothing has happened, no rebate. I had planned to purchase a built in oven from this company, but have decided to go with another company. This company does not honor its rebates, I just pray service doesn't become an issue. So very disappointed with jenn air!
Donna Strand on 07/15/2014:
Amen. DO NOT BUY Jenn Air. They do not stand behind their product and their idea of customer service is impossible to describe without using profanity. My Jenn Air stove has been out of commission for a week and it will be AT LEAST another week. It is taking the service agency Jenn Air contracts with a week to get a common part. Jenn Air has been anything but helpful! Horrible company. And by the way they also own Whirlpool and Amana. Beware!
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Be Forewarned, Do Not Buy Jenn Air Products!!!
Posted by on

I recently spent nearly $9000 on Jenn Air kitchen appliances (stove, refrigerator, dishwasher & microwave) and boy do I regret it. I was supposed to receive a $2300 rebate in 6 to 8 weeks. That was 12 weeks ago. I called them last week and they were very apologetic for having mishandled it and said that everything was now okay and assured me that I would have my rebate in 6 to 8 weeks! Hold on just a minute, I've already wait 12 weeks. "Can this be expedited"? "I'm sorry sir but that is not an option". "Can I speak to a supervisor please". "I'm sorry sir but there are no one available". "Can you have one return my call please"? "Yes sir, I'd be happy to". That was almost a week ago and I have not received the call yet!

Now let me tell you about the damaged stove that was installed (scratched front panel and scratched and bent top). I immediately called the dealer who gave me the name and number of a service tech who could fix it. I called and left multiple messages. After 3 weeks I finally received a call back on a Saturday night at 9:00 PM. He said he would call me the following Monday letting me know when the parts would be in. That was a month ago. After many more non returned phone calls I finally received a call from the tech on Friday telling me the parts were in and he wanted to know when he could install them. Did I mention that I had called Jenn Air earlier that day and complained about the service problem I was having? An appointment was set up for Monday morning between 9:00 and 10:00 AM. I left the house at 11:30 and he still had not shown up or called. I am also having problems with one of the stoves burner (it takes 40 minutes to bring 4 cups of water to a boil in a 2 1/2 quart pan) and the ice dispenser on the fridge does not work. On my Friday phone call, Jenn Air had set up an appointment with a different company to take care of those problems.

So, I called Jenn Air this afternoon to let them know about the missed appointment and to request that the new company also make the repairs to the stove top. I was then informed that they had no record about the cosmetic damage to the stove and that since I had, had the stove for more than 30 days that damage would not be covered by them and I would be responsible for it myself. They even told me that they had no contact information on the person that was supposed to have fixed it and that he was not an authorized repair facility. But on the previous Friday the Jenn Air representative I had spoken with had no problem calling him and addressing the issue. He is even listed on the Internet as an authorized servicer. What about the fact that the damage was reported to the factory authorized dealer within their time frame? They don't care! A report was never forwarded to Jenn Air so I am now responsible for the repairs! It is one wall after another with this company!

I will never buy or recommend Jenn Air products ever again. This company DOES NOT stand behind what they sell!!!
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User Replies:
2cent-er on 03/22/2011:
Where is your retailer in all this? that was a great sale for them. they have the clout to resolve this for you. I would go there-not call.
GEORGE O'SHIELDS on 11/13/2012:
Amen to don't buy Jenn-air. I got screwed by the same rebate scam. I bought a Jennair down draft cook top that came with the grill on one side and nothing on the other side. You have to buy a burner cartridge to make it a fully functional unit. (cost $949 for the cooktop and $349 for a cartridge for a total of $1,298) I applied for the installation rebate ($149) because the fully functional cook top exceeded the minimum rebate purchase price of $999. My rebate request was denied because the rebaters only considered the cost of the basic non-functional cooktop $949. The Jennair rebate is administered by its parent company the Whirlpool Corporation, so don't price in a rebate when comparing a Whirlpool product.To add insult to injury, the installed fully functional cooktop is cheaply made (thin metal, no gaskets between the unit and the countertop
Niko on 05/31/2013:
Do not waste your time with local people - they have NO authority to do anything.

Send your commentary to the Jenn Air President - that might wake him up.
Ed on 06/21/2013:
I was supposed to get a rebate (FIRE and ICE PROGRAM)
I bought and had the appliances installed during the program period, but I was moving at the time and I misplaced the rebate card. I did not send the rebate form in under the "Postmark Deadline" but sent it in about 20 days late. Jenn Aire Denied my rebate because I mailed in the form late. I called and explained that I was moving , but they were not going to budge. 20 days late caused me a LOSS OF A $500 rebate. I think the FINE print clause is pretty rotten. I purchased their appliances with the intent of getting a rebate, and the rebate form did not specificially state that you'd forefit the rebate if you did mail it in by a certain time.

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Lack of heat control with gas range
Posted by on
DELAWARE -- Please see the following response I received from JENN-Air with my request following their response:

Dear Mr. Wolf:

Thank you for visiting the Jenn-Air web site. We appreciate hearing from you.

I'm sorry you are not happy with the performance of your accessory burner cartridge. However, there is no defect with this product. The cartridge (when installed on the left side in place of the grill and regardless of whether natural gas or propane is being used) operates on all Jenn-Air gas cooktops and ranges in the same fashion.

The output on the left side with the E-Burner grill installed is 8,500 BTU’s for the front and back section of the grill for a total
of 17,000 BTU on high setting. When turned to the low setting the output is 4,000 BTU. The low setting of 4000 BTU is the
minimum output that will assure the flame will not be pulled away from the burner when the downdraft ventilation is on.
The unit has two fixed sealed burners on the right side. The right front burner has 16,000 BTU on high and 1,600 BTU on
Low. The right rear has 5,000 BTU on high and 650 BTU on low. When going from 16,000 to 5,000 BTU’s on high or 1,600
to 650 BTU’s on low a visual difference will be noticed when adjusting the flame. When the two burner cartridge is installed
on the left side, the output will be 8,000 BTU on high and 4,000 BTU on low with both burners on. When going from 8,000
BTU’s to 4,000 BTU’s, little to no visual difference will be noticed when adjusting the flame. This would be considered normal operation.

We appreciate your business with Jenn-Air. We invite you to contact us through email or live chat at or by calling us at 1-800-JENN-AIR (536-6247), Monday to Friday between the hours of 8AM and 8PM EST.


Kathleen G.
Jenn-Air Senior Specialist
Jenn-Air Customer eXperience Center

*If replying, please use Forward versus Reply or New as that will leave this message intact and will help us to respond faster.


-----Original Message-----

product: Ranges
model_number: JDS9860CDB00
serial_number: JDS9860CDB00
date_of_purchase: 06/02/2011
Sent: 8/19/2011 07:41:23 PM
To: ""
Cc: Terry Wolf
Subject: Contact Form Submission

Dear Kathleen, thanks so much for responding to my request. We purchased our current primary residence 5.5 years ago. The home had a JENN-AIR range/oven that had the grill/griddle cartridge. Not having a need for that configuration we replaced the unit with a new JENN-AIR flat top electric in 10/08. In the meantime we purchased a winter home in Florida. In doing the renovations we replaced all appliances and since a down draft unit was not needed opted to try a duel fuel range/oven (Kenmore). We became so enamored with the gas range and its finite temperature control we decided to replace our electric JENN-AIR (in our primary residence) with the only duel fuel unit we understood to be available through JENN-AIR. Of course, a consideration was the down draft feature as the unit is installed in an island in the kitchen.
We purchased the unit from Hawkins & Sons in Wilmington, De. on June 2, 2011, serial #
D12278098. It was installed 6/20. When talking with the sales person at Hawkins I stated I had no interest in the grill feature of the duel fuel unit. (We use our Weber outside all seasons.) He did mention the only duel fuel unit available through JENN-AIR was the one with the grill component. He did offer the unit that was gas, both range and oven, but suggested there was a learning curve in using the gas oven as temperature consistency was not one of the selling points of the oven (lack of convection technology). The convection feature in the electric we were familiar with and comfortable. He also offered that for an additional cost we could purchase a cartridge to take the place of the grill unit- which is what we did.
After the unit was installed we found 1) we had essentially no control over the flame in the cartridge that was installed and 2) had only limited control over the right side gas units. We quickly had one of their service technicians in our home trying to improve the control issue. While he did achieve a level (and somewhat acceptable) modification in the ability to regulate the simmer unit and front right heating unit, he had essentially no success with the controls in the left cartridge. As a result we have a gas range were with 2 burners we have a degree of control and 2 we have only high and moderately high heat. Those units can be used to bring something to a boil or a high heat fry but that is the extent of their usefulness.
The technician offered an opinion that the JENN-AIR range when utilizing natural gas seemed to have less of a problem than one using propane. There was no discussion with us when we were considering the purchase as this being a potential issue, and in fact paid extra to have a "conversion kit" to accommodate our propane use.
To me JENN-AIR is in the same class as Wolf, Bosch and other high end units. The fact we were relegated to a downdraft unit also directed us in our decision since the unit is installed in a granite island.
I trust I have expressed my frustration with what we are dealing. I would never have questioned the JENN-AIR product and it's ability to deliver the quality of performance we had come to enjoy from our earlier experiences. The unit as it currently is, does meet the standards we expected from JENN-AIR.
When we first realized the problem it was suggested by the technician I call your company to discuss the issue. The young lady in Customer Service with whom I spoke stated: "most people who buy the duel range unit do so because they are vegetarians and prefer grilling their vegetables in doors." Not a response I was expecting and I trust not the company position as well.
If the technician was correct in that this is an "expected" inconvenience of the duel range and the cartridge issue, especially for propane gas users, I would hope that JENN-AIR is addressing the issue through its competent technical advisors with a remedy forthcoming. If in fact this is an inherent deficiency with the unit, without a technical remedy, I would like to know what alternative you have to offer me.
Thank you for your consideration of this request.

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User Replies:
At Your Service on 08/22/2011:
Interesting review. The letter, in my opinion, was very well written but contains a few basic errors of thought.

To begin with, I would never compare a Jenn-Air range to a Wolf. Wolf's burners can operate with two separate gas orifices on each burner, allowing a four burner unit to actual work as a complete eight burner system. It further offers a burner capable of consistent 200 BTU rating that is nothing less than amazing. For this, though, you pay considerably more.

As the representatives from Jenn-Air have said, part of the cartridge use is the proper working in correlation with the down-draft venting system.
Knowing this system is essential to selling it properly, so your dialog / complaint should be more with the retailer and not the manufacturer.

I am puzzled by your comment, "The unit as it currently is, does meet the standards we expected from JENN-AIR." Does this mean you are okay with the current status-quo?
trmn8r on 08/22/2011:
I agree with the first reply - this sounds like a aales issue, and Jenn Air appears to believe the unit is operating as designed.

As far as meeting standards, I believe the OP left out the word "not".
Debra on 07/17/2014:
Thank you for the customer review on Jenn-Air
I wanted to buy the refrigerator
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- I purchased a Jenn Air Down Draft unit after having one for almost twenty years, it is a great unit enabling me to BBQ indoors all year round. I purchased a new Jenn Air Down Draft to replace it through Sears in November 2013.

I am writing this report in mid April 2014 and have had the unit replaced three times due to DEFECTIVE units being sent to me from Jenn Air. They have a constant loud vibration that is caused when the down draft fan is turned on. Sears continues to replace the unit in good faith but I called Jenn Air directly to see if they could send me a unit in good condition. Jenn Air instead sent two repair companies to my home to verify the problem. Both repair companies stated that the unit was making a terrible noise when the down draft was turned on.

When I called Jenn Air they had their own version of the most recent report stating that I refused to have it repaired (a repair was never offered to me). I happened to have the report in front of me and read it to their customer representative Mica from Tennessee who by the way was very short with me not transferring me to a manager. I countered to her that if a brand new unit needs to be repaired it has something wrong with it which means I was sold a defective unit. Per Mica's direction Jenn Air refuses to replace it.

I will take it up with Sears but I will never purchase a Jenn Air product again. Even when their own repair people deem a brand new Jenn Air product defective they will not replace it. Stupid or just plan old dishonest!! Certainly not the high quality product they try to sell themselves as.
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User Replies:
ROL on 11/27/2014:
I have to say "Amen" Beware Jenn Air. I have a Jenn Air stove top. It uses a metal appearing but in fact plastic knobs as the gas stovetop don't buy. They are cheaply made and break frequently. To add to the insult their list price from Jenn Air is something like $21.95, though I've seen cheaper replacements on Amazon. Clearly they are making a bundle by selling a part that breaks regularly and then selling replacements at an absurd price. (I'll be it doesn't cost them more than $2.00 to make them. ) I also had a problem with their failing to stand behind their product. The range glass top broke while under warranty. They were willing to replace it since the repairman said the breakage appeared heat related, but several parts would have to be removed to do this and somehow the screws or whatever held them in had frozen and I was told that it would cost $500 to have them drilled and removed. This Jenn Air would not pay for! What we really have here is a failure of our antitrust laws. Whirlpool was allowed to buy up Jenn Air (which once was truly a high-end brand) along with numbers of other brands one might think are different. Then it appears that although some are "luxury" brands and others cheaper brands, some of the same cheap parts are used on all, and there is no competition among all Whirlpool's brands to do a better job. So the consumer gets stuck.
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5 Jenn Air Appliances for Kitchen Remodel, Big Mistake!
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
When we remodeled our kitchen in June/July 2012 we chose to have all Jenn Air appliances because we thought they were quality. Big mistake, I would never use them again or recommend them. We bought them through our local "Quality Maytag Dealer" and the company was OK although there were delays in getting the range and refrigerator from Jenn Air but that wasn't their fault. Eventually all four appliances (dishwasher, gas range, French door refrigerator and range hood/back splash) were finally installed. Then the problems started!!

Within a couple months our top of the line dishwasher started to leak big time! The local dealer replaced a "loose connection" but then it leaked even worse. So they replaced the "entire pump" (it seems there was some 'design flaw'. That fixed it for a couple months and then everything stopped working and they had to replace the "entire electronic unit"! So, less than a year after it was installed, we have a 're-built' unit that was out of service for more than 3 weeks and took 5 visits to repair.

Now the refrigerator is acting up. It started leaking water because the plastic tray that holds water when it defrosts was broken! It was replaced (after 2 visits) and then a persistent noise was occurring every time the compressor when which on that was tracked to another broken plastic part . We're now awaiting that part and of course another, 4th visit to install it.

We had to have them return to adjust the flame on the gas range, which by the way is the 4 burner with the "griddle" which is really bad and totally useless. Doesn't heat hot enough to really make it effective. An awful mistake on our part buying this particular model. The only appliance that is working well is the range hood which is very good. However, we're holding our breath for when it goes out.

BOTTOM LINE, it appears Jenn Air has been living off its reputation for some time and it's kitchen appliances are definitely first rate, dependable and quality products. We would NEVER buy them again.
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Jenn-Air Electric Downdraft Range - CPU Has Failed Repeatedly
Posted by on
BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- Here is an update to the post below: After repeated phone calls to Jenn-Air (Whirlpool) Customer Service, and lack of success in achieving a reasonable offer, we contacted the Better Business Bureau in the locale of Whirlpool Corporate Headquarters. This complaint was then directed to "Executive Staff - Whirlpool Executive Office", where the representative had the additional leeway to give us a fair, pro-rated exchange under much more acceptable terms. Our old machine has been removed and a brand new one installed, and it is clear that some of the design faults have been remediated in the replacement model.

While I cannot say we were given a brand new machine for no cost, I believe we were treated fairly and with consideration. So my recommendation to anyone with a similar problem is to get your complaint escalated to Corporate Headquarters customer service team. If you have difficulty making this happen, log your complaint online with the BBB and do not give until you have been put in contact with them.


We purchased a Jenn-Air Electric Downdraft Range from Lowe's in May of 2006. Almost immediately, the control knobs began to get caught on everything, fall off and break. Then in 2008, the electronic control panel (CPU) malfunctioned. The part was replaced under warranty with the labor at our cost. This happened again in 2009 and it was replaced once again under warranty and with service at our cost. It has now happened a third time in early 2010. The electronics of the machine will be under warranty now only until May of 2011, and we have little faith that the problem is permanently resolved. With a 4-1/2 year history of three (3) bad CPUs, it seems highly that this problem will recur, and the machine will be out of warranty at that point.

We contacted Jenn-Air, and they offered to pay for the service to replace the CPU a third time. Our response was that this was unacceptable, given that the machine would be completely out of warranty in a few months following. They then offered us a pro-rated exchange, if we would pay $822.15, plus $150.00 for installation and removal of the old machine. However, we have already paid $1,898 for the range, $314 for the elements, and paid for service twice at (approximately 2 x $250 or $500). Therefore, for use of this stove, we have already paid out about $2,700, and they are now asking us to pay another $1,000 for a replacement for this range. We also raised a complaint to the Better Business Bureau local to Jenn-Air (Whirlpool) Corporation in Western Michigan, however, this yielded nothing additional.

We are not unreasonable people, and understand we have had use of this machine – tho limping at half-function a good part of the 4-1/2 years. However, we are not inclined to invest another, almost-thousand dollars in what seems to be a poor quality product. In our last contact with Jenn-Air, we asked that they replace the CPU a third time with part and labor at their expense (as they had offered). But given that the part seems to fail repeatedly, it seemed a reasonable request that they also extend the warranty on the CPU only for the five year warranty usual assigned to the electrical parts. They flatly refused to do this. We maintain that this is a reasonable and logical compromise, but they did not agree.

Compiling the average lifespan from several generic appliance info websites, and using the low end figures, an electric range should be good for 14 years. This range has been good only for half of its 4-1/2 years. This is quite unacceptable from our point of view.
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 12/22/2010:
The average life expectancy of an appliance is ten years( I always figured 12-14 but ten gets thrown around a lot in the industry). If 10 were used, the prorated number is pretty inline. Tough call, but Jenn-air downdrafts are not historically problem ranges, unless something has changed recently. I think I would consider their offer. Your unit is problematic on the other hand. Perhaps a newer model will not be prone to the unusual failures yours keeps incurring.
2cent-er on 03/22/2011:
Glad you were able to get something out of this nightmare. too bad for all the other consumers that didn't have your persistence. they know when there's a problem with something yet they'll try anything to get you to go away. usually they to life expectancy-who says?? for actuarial purposes things need to be quantified, so they just do surveys on how old was the appl you replaced. or, how many units were shipped v to # of established households. neither # tells what % actually failed; which is what most people think life ex' is. that # just drives sales-10 yrs old-replace=silly, if that's the only reason.
Bruce Martin on 12/03/2013:
Same experience as Mary Pat. My mom loved her Jennairs, I sent my 6 year old range to The Dump last week. Jenair convection microwave going next!
John Czarnecki on 01/30/2014:
17 Year old electric Jenn Air range. Repaired 4 times for the same problem (F7 error). The fifth and last time just occurred. I will not repair this unit again. Saddest thing I'm reading is that 17 years later, Jenn Air engineers still haven't solves this repeating failure problem. Thank God they don't build airplanes. A regular stove with a range hood over it will require an almost total redesign of my kitchen. I've currently disabled the alarm and all over functions till I figure out my next move. Burners still work great. I wired in a double pole switch allowing me to continue to use the downdraft fan. I emailed Jenn Air asking them to give me one good reason I should purchase another range from them. They couldn't give me one.
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Quality Appliance --- NOT!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Purchased Jenn Air dishwasher locally, $997.00, 2008. What a rip off. We have been battling this monster for the last year including service calls, $$$$, parts, control board, $$$$, and we are still doing dishes at the sink. Our nearest service agent, 70 miles, charges $100.00 just to look at an appliance let alone parts. We spent over $5K, all new Jenn Air kitchen appliances in 2008.

First, 2011, the microwave crashed, service agent indicated, "when it comes to microwaves you might as well throw them away and buy new." Sure as hell not going to purchase another Jenn Air microwave. Now the lousy Jenn Air dishwasher isn't working --- do we take it to the landfill also? We were told that Jenn Air brand was Top-Notch in appliances --- B.S. We are holding our breath wondering when the Jenn Air refrigerator and gas stove will crash.

Take our advice, NEVER, purchase a Jenn Air kitchen appliance your life will be less stressful and you can quit your blood pressure medicine.
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User Replies:
JoeKay on 01/30/2014:
These "namebrand" appliances are not your mother's namebrand appliances. The object today is to buy the cheapest thing you can that has the features you want and skip the brand business. They are all made of parts from whom knows where and put together in Latin America. Appliances today are a throw away thing, so save your money.
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Don't Waste Your Money
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
We were sold an extended warranty by Jenn-Air on July 2nd. Apparently their high end applicances only last about seven years. (I guess I should have kept the original oven that was in the house for 20+ years...only problem was that it didn't look "pretty" enough for me. Guess I screwed up big time!)

Tech came to house on July 3rd to look at oven and said he would need to order parts and would be back the following Monday to fix oven. Never heard from them. We called (Monday, July 8th) and they said they were waiting on warrany company to approve repairs. Never heard back.

Called repair company this morning (Friday, July 12th). We were told that the warranty company, Federal Warranty Service Corporation, was supposed to have called us back Monday afternoon.

Finally got Federal Warrany Company on the phone. Apparently they just dropped us with NO notification. Their warranty states they will notify a customer if the warranty will be voided. This never happened.

I understand companies are in it for the almighty dollar. But why sell someone a warranty for $314 dollars and then leave them hanging and expect us to continually call back and spend our time on hold trying to figure out what is going on.
The estimate to fix the oven was $824. So this comapny was going to be out $510 on our warranty. I understand warranties are a gamble on BOTH ends. We may buy a warranty and never use it, or a repair may be more than the cost of the warranty. If our repair had been $100, they would have pocketed money; I would not have gotten a refund. Yet since they were going to be out-of-pocket a little they drop us with no notice. Unacceptable!

Jenn-Air and Federal Warrany Company are a JOKE.

Don't buy Jenn-Air and don't buy their extended warranty they offer through Federal Warranty Service Corporation. You will be wasting your time and money.
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User Replies:
CU on 07/12/2013:
Did you buy it July 2 of THIS year?

Have you contacted Jennair?
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Jenn-Air Gas Cooktop JGC8536ADB - Ignitor Replacement Difficulty
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
Jenn Air gas ranges will have ignitor failures from time to time. Cost of an ignitor with shipping is maybe $22 or so. The big problem is Jenn-Air used cheap non-stainless steel screws for the burner base and ignitor(screw under base). The result is that the screws will corrode in and not be easily removable. You can guess what a problem that is - a drilling and tapping operation. Figure hours of your valuable time wasted. If you buy a Jenn Air gas range (such as JGC9336)you MUST immediately remove all (15) screws(3 per burner) and put antiseize lub on them or replace with stainless steel screws. I have seen comments about this same Jenn-Air problem at various parts websites.

The added cost of stainless steel screws is maybe $1 or less.
Unless American mfg pay attention to details they will very slowly be pushed aside by foreign (Japanese and Korean Mfg).
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At Your Service on 01/04/2013:
Good suggestion Rick. Thanks for the heads up.
Mark on 01/22/2014:
After I replace the JENN AIR stove. I have to have technician came two times to fix same parts which is not under warranted after one year. I am so disappointed about the quality of JENN AIR product.

Call customer service and all they can say is sorry!

Will not use Jenn AIR in rest of my life!!
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Jenn-Air Downdraft Range "LEMON"
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- I purchased a Jenn-Air range as a replacement for one previously installed. My problems started as soon as I found out the range was 1/2" wider than the older unit. I had a very expensive cut to make in a granite counter top for the installation(I could see no reason to change the width 1/2").A short time later the new range started giving me problems. The Following problems have all happened in the first year: (1) Two switches for the top units were replaced. (2) A wire came loose at the surface unit receptacle due to a poor factory welded connection. (3) The control board was replaced.
(4) The oven temperature sensor was replaced.

The oven is still not holding set temperature! Set the temperature at 400 degrees and after 30 minutes it will fall to 350.

My advise to anyone DO NOT BUY a Jenn-Air product, if you do be sure to buy an extended warranty you are going to need it.
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At Your Service on 11/23/2012:
I enjoyed reading your review Jerry. It's unfortunate that you're having such a rough time with this unit. I've got a considerable amount of appliance background and I'm at least familiar with the unit you're speaking of.

This review brings up several more questions than it provides answers for. To begin with you suggest the over temperature was "not holding". Knowing the oven temperature is off indicates you're using a manual thermostat to gage the temperature. Hopefully you're not confusing the baking style of that compared to a conventional oven. How much off of set temperature is the oven off? Is it when the convection feature is being used or not? Is it when the oven is in bake, broil or both? I'd like to be provided a little more information to help you possibly determine what, if anything, is wrong.

You indicated that a wire came loose due to something with the installation. This is not something that would, of course, happen at the factory but at your home. The installers are ideally employed or contracted through the retailer you purchased the unit through. This would also be good information to know, as they should have checked an entire series of features after the installation to make sure everything was operating correctly. They could determine any faulty switches and even catch their own mistake of not connecting a power wire well enough.

Overall, I like Jenn-Air and recommend them frequently. I don't think you've made a mistake in buying one of their products. I have always advocated studying up on and shopping for the unit, in part, based upon extended service guarantees. This is the very type of purchase that might "cry out" for paying a little more for such.

Please give me the additional information, assuming you haven't resolved the baking/broiling issue. I'd like to help if I can.
madconsumer on 11/23/2012:
spot on comment once again AYS, as always!!
voted very helpful!
copper_works_ on 11/23/2012:
I've got an appliance background also, and I've seen stuff come out of pristine boxes that is damaged beyond belief. The damage happened at the factory before boxing.

Wires do shake loose, the appliances are bumped, banged and dropped at a high rate of speed from wherever they are shipped from, not to mention the damage done before boxing.
WP2008 on 11/26/2012:
Hi my name is Kyle and I am a representative of Jenn-Air. I am sorry to learn of the issue you are having with your appliance. If there is anything that I can do please reach out to me via e-mail at please include your full name, user name, physical address, complete contact information, along with the model and serial number of the appliance you are having concerns with. Please also include what site we contacted you on for our records. Thanks
Dave on 06/10/2013:
I too have one of these ranges (9 mos old) that will not hold the set temperature. I am an engineer and placed my own thermocouple in the oven to see what was going on. The unit would heat to 425 (actually it overshot considerably) and maintain for a time, then inexplicably it would drop to 325. Usually after you put food in it. If you cancelled and restarted, the oven's sensor measured and displayed 325 and then started heating back up to 425. It has already had a new control board and touchpad replaced just a month ago. This sure seems like a design/control issue to me. I am reading a lot of bad reports on this range. I only bought it because it is the only one of its type - thought it was overpriced. Hoped it would be reliable but I think it is not.
Katy Dunigan on 12/31/2013:
Hello! I am having the exact same problem with my Jenn Air range. After the desired temperature is reached, for an unknown reason, my oven begins losing heat. I have to reset the oven temperature over and over to ensure my food is cooked. BUMMER! Has anyone found a resolution for this problem?
shirley on 02/05/2014:
We have trouble with this oven, I bought a small oven for $99.00 cooks a lot better 2600 dollar oven. I use the big oven over Christmas my rolls failed the dressing did not bake.The oven quit cooking had to take them out turn on the temperature to 400 degrees it had dropped to 325 ,When food should have cooked you discover the temperature has dropped, We have had it checked and it keeps on ruining our food. I have cooked for 50 years and was told I had to learn to cook on it, Well I have learned to know when it has dropped temp and have to preheat again if that's what they mean,My convection part works OK The baking does not keep temp. I say something is wrong with this oven.We also had to have countertop cut to get new oven in replacing old Jenn-aire. I have had three Jenn-aires over the years but after this one I will go to another brand. The first two were good. The last one seems to just stop.
Troy on 04/03/2014:
Jenn air products are very poor quality and the customer service ie even worse. They do not stand behind the junk they sell.
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