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Mechanical Delay
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
On Oct. 10, 2014 my husband and myself were due to fly out of Punta Cana D.R. at 1.00 pm on a full flight, to JFK and then fly onto SLC, arriving at 11:00 pm. We had never flown with Jetblue before but had heard good things. Realistically, we expected nothing. It's an airline, as long as it took off and landed we don't care.
After waiting on the plane for 1 hour, everyone was bused back to the terminal where we had to wait for three hours. No one would tell us what was going or offer us meal credits. Finally, we boarded at 3:30 knowing there was no way we would make our connecting flight. The pilot then announced that there had been a problem with the toilets not flushing. Everyone was angry because we could have held it for the 3 1/2 hour flight. The pilot said that because it made a light flash in the cockpit, he refused to fly. Fine, whatever. We were told that everything would be sorted once we landed in JFK.
By the time we arrived in JFK, 70% of the passengers had missed their connecting flight. We were immediately told by a JetBlue representative that there were no more flights tonight and that we would all be put in a hotels. We all had to find our own way to terminal 5 (the JetBlue's terminal). Where we were all told that we would not be put up in hotels. That all hotels were booked and that we could spend $150 of our own money (we would be reimbursed apparently) if we could find a hotel. There is no way at the last minute, at JFK you can find a hotel for $150. I spent over an hour trying. Plus there would be no compensation for $70 cab fair to said hotels. At this point my husband became angry and said they need to do something. The man serving us got very pissy and refused to help us. Refused to help anyone, he went off at us because apparently it's not his problem. Sorry buddy, your a Jetblue representative. It is your problem. Finally we spoke to a supervisor. She was no better. Really and truly couldn't have care less. I asked her what we were all supposed to do. She shrugged and said, "It's not my problem."
We had to beg for meal credits. We begged! We hadn't eaten since the morning. All we got was $24 to cover dinner and breakfast for 2 people ... in a airport terminal. Yah right!!! Most of the other passengers didn't even get meal credits.
Because it was now 11:30 at night the terminal was closed. I had never seen anything like it before. Elderly couples, families with small children, honeymooners try to sleep on a freezing cold floor. One couple had gone on vacation before the wife was starting cancer treatment, talk about ruining a much need vacation.
My husband called up JetBlue and the representative he spoke to was appalled at the way we were being treated and claimed this was not their policy, he then upgraded us to even more space seats and offered us more meal credits (only another $16 though) and put us on the next available flight. That flight left at 9.00 the next morning was a 6 hour flight to Long Beach, CA. There would we have to wait 4 hours for a connecting flight to SLC. At this point we just wanted to get home and were grateful for being upgraded so that we could at least try and sleep. No one else got any of this because they didn't call and complain.
The airline attendant on our flight to Long Beach was the nicest JetBlue representative we came in contact. I was shacking and shivering while waiting for the bathroom (I do that when I only get an hours sleep) at which point he asked if I was ok. I explained everything that had happened and he gave us a free blanket (they normally cost $15 - it was a really crappy blanket) along with extra food.
But our connecting flight to SLC was something else though. It was announced that the flight would be delayed 40 minutes because of fog in SLC. There was no fog in Salt Lake, we checked. When we finally boarded, the pilot said it was because of air force when flying from San Francisco. So wait, which was it? Fog on the flight from SLC or air force interference flying from San Francisco? The pilot also thought he was flying Delta and JetBlue. That was pretty funny.
There was an elderly couple sat behind us who had been through all this and they hadn't been upgraded. The flight was empty and there were lots of 'even more space" seats available. The elderly women asked if they could move and the flight attendant said, "No, there was a charge for those seats." The old man muttered, "This is f*^#ing ridiculous" to which flight attendant name Kasey said, "What did you just to me?" The gentlemen replied that he hadn't said anything to her. "Yes you did, don't swear at me! I will have escorted off this flight. Is that what you want?" She then got he supervisor named Jerome who came and said, "This is my flight and it's gonna go my way." I don't know what they teach their Jetblue representatives but they were so viscous and self centered, everything was an affront to their personal rights. I wouldn't want to be on one of the flights if there was a problem, they seemed like they would use the passengers as flotation devices. My husband stepped in at this point at told Jerome he needed to calm down and tried to explain what we had all gone through. He said, "I don't care, I was delayed to." To which I responded, "You weren't delayed 17 hours and made to sleep on terminal floor." He completely disregarded us and said, "That didn't happen!" Then walked off.
I don't know how the gentlemen behind us did it but later in the flight he apologized to Kasey, she lapped it all up and said, "If you had told me your situation nicely, I would have upgraded you." We were only half way there, seats were still available, she didn't move them.
All in all we were delayed 17 hours due to mechanical issues, we were treated like cattle (actually cattle are treated better) and all we got offered is $100 towards another JetBlue flight within the year.
We have flown 27 times in the last 8 years with many different airlines and have never been treated this way. I can understand this treatment if it had been a weather delay, but this was a mechanical issue. And a stupid one at that. I will never fly with Jetblue again. I will tell everyone and post this same review on every site on the internet. I don't know who Jetblue bribes to be classed as the best airline but it can go on forever.
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Severely Inept Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA -- So, my boyfriend and I live in California and we planned a cruise to the Caribbean. We used JetBlue to get there. Our first flight was cancelled then our second flight was delayed 3 hours due to mechanical failures which made us miss our connecting flight in JFK which, in turn, made us miss our cruise. They eventually got us to Jamaica where we could catch the cruise on the 4th day but had to spend a significant amount of unexpected funds in order to stay there for 3 days.

We sent JetBlue a complaint and all they want to do is give us each a $200 credit each which won't pay for a whole plane ticket.

My boyfriend says they aren't legally obligated to do anything since our first flight was cancelled due to weather conditions and the other flights were booked as a "favor" to us. My question is - how can airlines get away with such poor customer service when many/most other companies can't!

I am so frustrated.

Thanks for any help or suggestions you may be able to offer.

Here is the full story in the form of the complaint letter I sent to JetBlue:
I would like to share with you the experience my boyfriend and I had with your airline on June 22nd and 23rd. We had booked a straight flight from San Francisco, Ca. to Fort Lauderdale, Fl. (Flight 278) for a cruise. We were originally very excited to fly with JetBlue because of the wonderful things we had heard from friends. Unfortunately, our experience was not as pleasant as we had expected.

Our flight was supposed to leave around 10pm from SFO and get to FLL at 6am. (Our cruise left the port at Fort Lauderdale at 4pm.) We got to the airport right before 8pm and quickly found out through other passengers that our direct flight was cancelled. Up to this point, we did not receive an email update nor was the information on the JetBlue website updated (it still showed our flight as “on time”).

The lady (I cannot recall her name) at the check-in counter was very nice and tried to find us alternate routes to FLL. She found a flight through another airline company with a layover but at least we were going there in time. During our wait, she discovered that JetBlue had already re-directed us through JFK getting us to FLL by 2pm. The flight to JFK was supposed to leave at 12am. Even though we had a long wait, we were grateful and happy we were going to get to our cruise in time.

We get to the gate at SFO. First, the screen behind the JetBlue representatives had the flight leaving at 11pm. I was a bit confused since the lady at the check-in counter said 12am. When I told one of the staff about the screen, he said, “Oh, we know.” I know this may seem insignificant but customers rely on this information to know if it is possible to get something to eat, use the restroom, etc. The fact that these two staff members were accepting wrong information to be posted is unacceptable.

Then our flight arrived at the gate and de-boarded. Midnight and 12:30am came and went with no explanation that there was mechanical failure. Finally, there was an announcement that there is mechanical issues that needed to be taken care of and the flight’s new departure time was 2:15am. The plane actually left the gate to get repaired.

Again, 2:15am came and went with no further explanation why the plane was not back at the gate. Finally, around 2:45am, a manager announces that they have not received any new information from the mechanics working on the plane. This announcement was made as our plane was pulling up to the gate. To me, there seems to be a major break in communication among the staff at JetBlue.

In the meantime, we asked the staff at the gate desk about our connecting flight in JFK. First, a staff member argued with me about when the plane would arrive in JFK. According the computer screen he was looking at, the plane would arrive at the same time as it was projected to if it had left at 12am. I asked him mathematically, how that was possible. I understand planes can make up some time in flight, especially in the middle of the night, but not when it is already 2 hours past the original departure time. Then he conceded that may be I had a point and he started to look at other flights leaving JFK that could get us to our destination.

He told us that everything was booked and there was nothing he could do. No sorry, nothing. I asked to speak with the manager who I had seen make an announcement. He said that he would have another staff member look at flights for us but there was not much more they could do. The other guy looked for a while but informed us that he could not look at other airlines. My question is, why not? Why would I have to leave the terminal, go through the security checkpoint, and go to the check-in counter (where I cannot imagine there was a staff member there to help me at this time of night) to find out if there are other airlines that can get us to our destination?

Finally, the staff member put us on standby on the last flight from JFK to FLL that would get us to our cruise in time. We ask are we going to be stranded in JFK and what would happen if we were not able to get on the flight. He said he was certain we were going to get on the flight in JFK and not to worry. Well, he was wrong.

We approached the desk for the connecting flight in JFK and ask the staff member there about our chances of getting on the flight. He huffed and puffed and said every seat was booked and there was no way we would be able to get on. During our conversation, two pilots walk up to the desk. The staff member did not say excuse me or anything but turns towards the pilots mid-sentence and asks them if he could help them. They ask for two seats on the flight we were waiting to get on and without hesitation, gives them two seats.

A little flabbergasted and a lot tired, we asked them how the plane had open seats for them but just a minute ago, the plane was fully booked. He said that his priority was the pilots and not the customers. Yes, those were his words. As you can imagine, I began to get upset. He told me there was no need for me to get upset. I said, “I shouldn’t be upset for a week’s worth vacation to be used for nothing and a $3,000 cruise that I am not going to get to go on?” He said, “no, you shouldn’t be upset.” Well, I think many people would agree I had every right to be upset for missing a cruise I had paid my hard-earned money for.

A little later in the “conversation”, he turned to my boyfriend and said, “I am going to talk to you because I can’t talk to her.” Excuse me??? It’s one thing to DO this if the customer is upset but to have the nerve to say this in front of me. Does your company train your employees to talk to customers like this? Totally unacceptable.

He finally told us there was absolutely nothing he could do for us because, again, he could not look up other airlines. He told us to go the information desk - at least, this was not on the other side of the security checkpoint. After waiting in a VERY long and time consuming line, we were finally helped by Fayola (I did not catch her last name) - one of the only two people at the desk.

At this point, I was crying. My boyfriend explained to Fayola our situation and she actually seemed like she cared. She looked through the different flights leaving JFK and found us a flight to Jamaica where our cruise was stopping along its way. She recommended we call the cruise line before booking the flight to make sure we could catch the cruise in Jamaica. After confirming that this was a possibility, she booked us on the flight. She told us, though, that our luggage would probably be on it’s way to Florida and it may be a day or two before getting the bags in Jamaica. She not only found our bags, she came to our gate and let us know that our luggage would be on our flight to Jamaica.

First of all, I want to explain to you my viewpoints on caring. It’s one thing to actually care (or not care) about the customers complaints or problems; however, it’s quite another thing to not seem to care. The staff members at the SFO and JFK gates did not seem like they cared AT ALL. One staff member at SFO just stared nastily at another customer who was crying and upset because she was trying to get to an ill family member in New York and the mechanical issues were preventing this from happening.

Secondly, I can understand when flights are cancelled because of bad weather and how this is not the airlines fault. But, when your planes have mechanical problems, the customers should not be punished for that. We were treated by the SFO and JFK staff members like this was something we were just going to have to deal with with no sort of compensation. It was not until we pushed for some sort of resolution that we got answers. The staff member in JFK even argued with me about whether there was mechanical problems on our flight from SFO.

We are both extremely unhappy with JetBlue and the so called customer service we received from many of the staff. Ultimately, my boyfriend and I missed 3 days of our cruise and unexpectedly spending a lot of money ($1500) in Jamaica on hotel, food, and taxi fares because of JetBlue’s mechanical failures and poor customer service. There are many things JetBlue could have done to get us, the stranded passengers, where we needed to go on time. There are many things JetBlue could have done to compensate us for the havoc caused by the delays, cancellations, and failures. Instead we were treated with indifference and contempt.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 07/16/2012:
I didn't read the long version, I read the summary at the beginning.

My opinion is the BF is correct. They aren't legally obligated to give you further compensation. In the world of air travel, not obligated means you aren't going to get anything - yes, this caused you great inconvenience and $$$, but it is a consequence of the vagarities of flying.

I cheated and read the last paragraph about mechanical failures. Let's consult the CoC, which is the applicable document - standby...
The Contract of Carriage details what passengers are entitled to if there are ground and departure delays. Essentially, you are eligible for $50, 75, 100 etc and/or tickets for future flights, based on the duration. That is JetBlue's only liability.
Here it is:
CowboyFan on 07/17/2012:
This is a good review because it shows the problem with not flying into the port city the day before the cruise leaves. That way, there would have been adequate time for the problems and still have made the cruise.
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Not Doggy Friendly - JetBlue Check-In = No Integrity
Posted by on
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- On December 18, 2008 I was scheduled to depart San Diego to Seattle, WA with Spencer Evans and our two dogs on flight #276. We had purchased 2 rounds trip tickets for our dog the same day we ordered our tickets to assure our dogs would be able to fly. We have flown with ours dogs multiple times on American, Alaskan and United with tremendous service and kindness to our dogs. With our love of JetBlue and the new pet policy we figured this would be the ideal situation for both the dogs and us.

We arrived at the airport via taxi since we would be in Seattle for 10 days and did not want to leave out car – It was $45, but an expected expense. With close to 2 hours until our flight we are waiting in line to check in – dogs on leashes and ready to get into the bags. At Check-in we are addressed by Francis a customer service representative who tells us that one of our Boston terriers is far to fat and has to be weighed. We pop adorable Dude on the scale and sure enough he is 26 lbs. We knew he was chubby, but it was never a problem with any other airlines. We were told we would not be able to fly since Dude was 6 lbs over weight- 6 POUNDS!!! Francis then tells us our other Boston Terrier is also to big- she weighed 20.5 lbs. We are both flabbergasted that we are being told we cannot take them on the plane. After Francis continues to tell us Dude is too fat and cannot fly due to TSA requirements, we point out TSA does not have a weight limit on Alaska, American or United. Instead, the dogs just have to fit comfortably in the TSA approved Sherpa bag that will slide under the seat in front of us. Francis continues to become ruder and ruder as shes speaks with us and says that she won't do anything and can't do anything since 6 lbs of dog is a safety concern.

Francis then proceeds to grab her manager- he comes out 15 minutes later and yells at us for not reading the legal information for JetBlue which requires a dog to be under 20 lbs which includes the weight of the bag. He is also extremely rude to each myself and Spencer.

I ask both Francis and the manager if we could pay an extra fee for Dude and Fiona- in turn paying for 2 additional dogs ($200 total for the one way ticket for each). Since Francis told us no other dogs were on the flight, we thought this was OK. Francis also told us the Pilot could approve the dogs flying, but refused to contact him or tells us how we could get approval else where.

Not 10 minutes later Francis steps away to help another customer leaving us waiting. The women checking in is bringing along her 3 year old daughter who weighed at least 30 lbs- but paid nothing for her daughter since she was riding on her lap. To me, this is a safety hazard for the child and extra weight to the plane that is not being paid for –

I must pay an extra $200 round trip per dog and pay additional dollars for extra bags and overweight bags, but a 3 year old is free. Not only is this ridiculous, but it is something I have alerted TSA to look into.

We talk with Francis for another 30 minutes to come up with other ideas how our dogs could fly. She suggests we call a psychologist and lie to get the doctor to sign that Dude is an emotional pet. Not only is she asking us to lie, but she is not helping the current situation. The manager leaves us and refuses to talk with Spencer and I again.

Francis’ only other idea is to try to get the dogs to ride in cargo on American. She suggests we go buy two $200 crates for each dog- we now have 40 minutes until our flight, and not enough time to even book the dogs, let alone pay and hop on our own flight. To make matters worse, Francis tells us this should be fine, even though America is not currently flying dogs in cargo since Seattle is below freezing. She says it should warm up soon and American can just keep the dogs in the crates until they can fly. Needless to say- the weatherman has predicted that Seattle will not warm up above freezing (or even 25 degrees) in 10 days. Francis tells us that is not her concern and that we should have paid attention to the details. She hands me the phone to try try to reach United or American to book and the dogs and tells us she would “try to get us on another flight.” Her trying consisted of walking away from the check-in counter and proceeding to help someone else.

After realizing we were going to miss out flight anyway, and dealing with extremely rude JetBlue service, that we would drive from San Diego to Seattle. Not only were we visiting for Christmas, we were also interviewing with several companies- all interviews had to be cancelled since we would not arrive on time. We took another $45 taxi home and packed the car and started to drive to Seattle.

Both Francis and her manager did not realize the danger, struggles and future JetBlue dollar losses of their actions - all because of an irrelevant 6 pounds. I would understand charging for additional weight, or if there was a weight requirement on the plane where each person could only take X additional pounds and each passenger could only weigh X amount for safety, but that is not the issue. I understand the more weight, the more fuel is used, but that is why we said we would pay additional dollars to cover the 6 lbs that would sooooo drastically affect the fuel consumption.

Never have a dealt with such rude customer service of any airlines, especially in a time when the airlines are struggling so much to get customers. We have already alerted family and friends who have pets to not fly JetBlue. In addition, I will continue to tell my company who flies from San Diego to New York and Boston monthly to fly with another company. We did receive a refund, but minus the $100 change fee per ticket, but it cost us nearly an additional $800 in gas, over 49 hours of traveling, 2600 miles to the car, 2 missed interviews and missed job opportunities.... all for 6 lbs!

Perhaps you will tell me that Francis was just doing her job and following rules, but it was her rudeness and telling us to lie that showed she did not have integrity, she was just trying to make some innocent travelers lives hell.

Needless to say- we drove to Seattle- it took over 26 hours due to the terrible snow and ice. We survived and told everyone our story.

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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 02/22/2009:
What happened that day was wrong, despite the 20 pound policy. You should have been informed of it in the first place when you originally bought tickets for the animals.

Contact JetBlue's corporate office. You shouldn't have to be out the change fee after what happened and deserve compensation for the extra expenses.

If they refuse compensation, contact Christopher Eliott, the CNN Travel Troubleshooter and the ombudsman for the National Geographic Traveler magazine, at
BokiBean on 02/22/2009:
Francis just hates dogs.
Anonymous on 02/22/2009:
While I sympathize with your situation and agree you were treated poorly, you should have checked the airline rules before buying tickets for your dogs. A dog is not a child, so you are completely wrong to compare your 26 pound dog to a 30 pound 3 year old. As far as I'm concerned, dogs should not be allowed on planes at all and you should be grateful that any airline even allows it anymore.
jktshff1 on 02/22/2009:
Soaring, got to disagree this time. the op blew it, " not reading the legal information for JetBlue which requires a dog to be under 20 lbs which includes the weight of the bag." OP should have read the rules.
financial..agree dog ain't a kid, however, would you deny my assist dog a place?
OP...ya got to learn the rules, read, and understand them.

Ben There on 02/22/2009:
American Airlines also has the 20 lbs. restriction...
Nohandle on 02/22/2009:
I actually remember the days when a dog crated was considered an extra piece of luggage to be put in cargo. As long as they were under 125 pounds they were fine to go along with a health certificate from the veterinarian pasted on top of the crate. Those rules changed quickly due to the number of animals dying due to heat/cold while waiting on the tarmac. All anyone can do, if he is going to fly with an animal, is check until the last moment as to what's allowed. I think the rules change daily, just like anything else allowed on a plane.
yoke on 02/22/2009:
How do you know the child was 3 years old weighed 30 lbs and was sitting on her parents lap. I thought it was under 2 that got to fly for free if they sat on a parents lap. Did that one time and would never do it again.
Anonymous on 02/22/2009:
Jktshff1, no, I wouldn't include an assist dog in my comment about dogs not flying. There is an exception to every rule, and an assist dog is one of them. I don't hate dogs, by the way, I just think they have a place and an airplane isn't one of them (again, "regular" dogs - for lack of a better term - not assist dogs). A person who is allergic or terrified of dogs shouldn't be forced to have an uncomfortable flight because someone wanted to take their pet with them.
jktshff1 on 02/22/2009:
Point taken, but a person who is allergic or terrified of dogs should stay away from places they are allowed and the private business owner should not be made to make an exception. People with legitimate disabilities excluded, a business owner should be able to allow or disallow behavior or actions as THEY decide, not the government. Allergies and fright are not reasonable. I'm allergic to bee' I going to sue a beehive owner in my area 'cause I got stung..heck no.
Kind of like I don't patronize businesses that don't allow legal handgun carry in my area, and encourage others to do the same.
I hope I made sense.
Soaring Consumer on 02/22/2009:
I love JetBlue, yet I feel that the main issue is not really the policy, but how it was handled by these specific employees.

Employees that treat customers like that don't deserve to work for the airline.
Ben There on 02/22/2009:
Soaring, it seems that the OP is just upset that Francis enforced a rule that all airlines have. It sounds like she spent a lot of time with the OP trying to come up with other options like getting a doctor's note, sending the pets on American, etc... Some people confuse "rude" with "she didn't break a rule for me". She could have been written up by letting an overweight animal on the plane, and no one wants to risk a job in this economy because a customer didn't check the rules. What would you suggest she do?
Anonymous on 02/22/2009:
"We have flown with ours dogs multiple times on American, Alaskan and United."
But... you didn't read Jet Blue's pet guidelines first..had you done that, you would have been able to choose another airline, saved yourself all that gas money, mileage on your vehicle, lost job interviews...etc.
I think the Jet Blue employee went above and beyond to try to assist you by coming up with some alternatives...while helping her other customers too. It's a hard lesson to learn, but I think the accountability lies with you on this one.

lesaint on 11/08/2009:
Agree with commenters above faulting OP.

One should read the rules to understand precisely what limitations and fees apply. The "it was only 6 lbs of dog" and "but that other airline lets me" defenses are ridiculous for reasons too obvious to merit development here.

Additionally, helping an obviously difficult customer find a solution to her dog crisis, while still attending to her job (I.e., taking care of the rest of the customers) is not the same thing as being "rude."

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Lied to by Customer Service Reps - Rude Supervisor
Posted by on
I flew Jet Blue from RDU to JFK - JFK to LGB on January 9, 2011 and back on January 11, 2011.

My flight out was late leaving RDU, late leaving JFK. Not weather related delays. Then into the flight to Long Beach, CA, we were told that we did not have enough fuel and had to stop in Las Vegas for additional fuel? I was 3 hours late meeting a business associate! This is not the bad part!!!!

On the return flight, I flew the red eye from LGB to JFK. Arrived in JFK at 5:05am on 1/11/11. I saw the flight from JFK to RDU had been cancelled. I went to the "Just Ask" counter of Jet Blue. I approached the counter, asked the Jet Blue employee how she was doing. She did not even acknowledge me. Never talked to me. She just looked at her computer. I stood there and waited for several minutes. Finally, I asked if she could help me. She asked me "what do you want me to do". I asked her what my options were since the flight was cancelled. She said repeatedly, "Call 1800 Jet Blue", "Call 1800 Jet Blue". She was just RUDE!

So, I called 1800 Jet Blue. I talked to a representative. He told me that I would get a credit back to my credit card of "approximately $120.00". The representative told me to wait before I cancelled the last leg and took the credit. The representative suggested that I "explore my options" and then call back.

I made my decisions based on the $120.00 credit. I rented a car and drove from JFK to RDU. 600 miles! The total fo the rental car, tolls, and fuel was about $120.00.

I called back again to finalize the credit (While driving back from JFK to RDU). I was one the phone for 57 minutes. The representative I spoke to this time, told me she had to put me on hold to talk with a supervisor. While I was on hold, I was disconnected from the Jet Blue end of the call. Then I called back and sat on hold another 45 minutes and then had to disconnect because I had a business phone call come in.

So I call back tonight to finalize the $120.00 credit. After being on the phone for another hour, I talked to a representative that told me my refund was $38. Not $120. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was transferred to a Supervisor that was arrogant, talk to me in the most degrading manner. I was amazed that a supervisor would speak to a customer in this manner. I had him on speaker phone and my wife insisted that I hang up and not be talked to this way. I stayed on the phone and the supervisor told me I was wrong and "so what that 2 of my employees told you the same thing, the only credit you can receive is $38." I tried to explain the calls, what I was told, and I was repeatedly interrupted by the supervisor. Bottom line was I will only get a $38 credit.

This was my first flight with Jet Blue and it will be my LAST! I also saw on this site that another lady had a very similar experience with Jet Blue in regards to being told one price for a credit and then when the credit was issued, it was a much lower amount. Is this a trend?
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/27/2011:
Air travel is tiring enough without being used and abused by the airlines. If you suffered an indignity at the hands of an airline don't get mad or feel helpless, send a clear message this behavior will not be tolerated. Take your beef to Small Claims Court. With minimal cost, whether successful or not, you will come out a winner. Typically an airline will hire attorneys to prepare the case with costs exceeding $1,000 per claim in legal fees. While litigation should never be your first option, if you believe you have a legitimate claim, it is a viable avenue when all other options fail. Even if you lose the battle you can still Win the war by making your point to the airline.
Ross on 04/27/2013:
I had a similar experience with the JetBlue in RDU airport on April 2013. They changed my original ticket for the next day because of a delay on first flight (I had a connection flight). The next day I simply went to JetBlue counter to check in my luggage. However the employee (an African-American lady) start acting extremely rude when she saw my passport realized that I am from a middle-eastern country. After I waited 10 minute for my luggage to get checked-in, she told me that "I will check-in your luggage here, but you have to get your luggage in JFK and have the checked-in for the rest of you connection flights". when I was trying to explain to her that I have done this flight for many times and I always get my luggage transferred directly to the final destination (since I had a connection flight), she was looking to her computer without paying any attention to me and she kept repeating the phrase "this is all I can do". when I asked her in a very calm manner that I want to speak with your super-wiser, she called airport police on me. I have no idea what she told airport police on the phone, but I suddenly found myself surrounded by RDU police. After hardworking police officers checked my ID and embracing me with inappropriate words in front of my Family, they asked me to leave JetBlue counter area. I decided to not to continue arguing because my family was so scared. However, I call JetBlue customer service and explained them the situation, they set up the luggage to be received in final destination within couple minutes.(same request that I had in the first place and the lady over the counter told me that it is impossible to do). trust me this is just a summery of what happened in my first and last experience with JetBlue!!!
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Over and Above
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
We recently flew from Ft. Meyers Florida to JFK then on to Portland Maine (Flt 124 and 608, 02/28/13)(name Ritchie, Bob and Anne). During deplaning I required a wheel chair on the jetway and then to the food court area. At some point I discovered that my wallet was missing. My problem! A new and bulky wallet that easily slipped from my side pocket. Regardless it was not in my possession on delivery to the food court area.

We immediately notified JetBlue who set in motion their staff to check the plane quickly, called the overall service folks for JFK who came to collect my wife and take her from the gate area, to the lost and found and to the baggage area. The wallet was not located. My guess is that it slipped out while moving from the seat to the jetway.

This morning I received a call from JetBlue in Ft. Myers to tell me that the wallet had been found in Ft. Meyers during thorough cleaning of the aircraft. The person, Linda Pickering, walked me through what needed to be done to get the wallet back to me ASAP. I authorized her to search the wallet for my credit card which she and the supervisor did, (time ~11:15 AM, 03/02/13). Needless to say, I am stunned by the successful outcome largely due to the attentive and honest staff at JetBlue and the Customer service chap (AirServe) at JFK, a fellow by the name of Troy Bowry. I am so sorry we did not note the names of the other JetBlue folks who helped as well.

We have been flying JetBlue whenever possible for several years and ALWAYS found the staff and service to be outstanding!
Our PWM flight was delayed, however, that is a non-issue in my mind. If one travels "suck it up" that's the way it goes! Don't like it?? Stay at home!

The JetBlue staff was exemplary.

So our hats are off to the folks at JetBlue and to Troy Bowry at JFK.
Not a thing to complain about.

Bob and Annie Ritchie
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Not Notified of Flight Change!
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I went to fly from Orlando to Washington/Dulles airport today. When I got to the airport and went to check in, I was notified that the flight had been changed, and would be leaving 3 hours later. I was upset, as I could have been in bed for 3 more hours but more importantly, I had people meeting me at my destination - some taking time off from work to do so. So, they were adversely affected as well. I contacted Jetblue (supervisor Connie on 5/31/2012 at 8:15am eastern) to get to the bottom of why I was not notified of the change. Now, stay with me here. I am a TrueBlue member. I booked this flight via my TrueBlue account. I have an email address associated with that account, yet, JetBlue NEVER sent a schedule change to that email account. They don't even dispute that. Their excuse to me for this mishap was that when I booked the flight originally, I had put in an additional email address (my wife's!) who I wanted to make aware of my flight’s, and of any changes if they happen. Well, happen they did, and JetBlue ONLY sent the schedule change email to that address, not mine! When I spoke with Connie, she also stated that they notified me via phone of the flight change in March. That call NEVER occurred. They told me that they actually spoke with a person when they called. That person would have been me, as this is my phone that no-one else answers. Also, they say they keep notes of such calls and outcomes and did not leave a voice mail (that part is true, I never received a voicemail.)
What was amazing to me was that supervisor Connie stated everything worked fine according to their process. So, their change request process will send an email to those you want notified of your travel plans, but not the actual trueblue member traveling and booking the flight!
I asked if they were aware of this anomaly and the fact that this TrueBlue member was never notified and she defended their process.
I did ask if they were going to offer any compensation for this major inconvenience, and the answer was no.
What a shame JetBlue. I've typically had good service and enjoy flying your airline. All it takes is one bad experience like this to change my buying behavior. Shame on you!
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User Replies:
TLSmith on 05/31/2012:
It seems to me this kind of a minor inconvenience.
jktshff1 on 05/31/2012:
This is a common occurrence with just about all airlines.
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Bad Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51
We arrived at the airport with plenty of time. We entered the TSA security checkpoint with 45 minutes till take off. The line was extremely slow. When we finally arrived at the scanning machines the TSA was allowing vendors to cut in front of my wife and I and when we questioned the TSA agent he jokingly said, "hey we need these our coffee (Starbucks employee and a few other vendors)" and when we added we needed to catch our plane he completely disregarded us. My wife was able to complete the checkpoint before I and she ran to the gate she was told the door was shut to the plane and they were not boarding any other passengers. While my wife was questioning the lady at the gate (Shelley) she heard the walkie talkie from the plane ask is it all right to shut the aircraft door. The lady with the other walkie talkie said yes, WITH US STANDING THERE, and the person on the plane asked if she was sure because there were some seats still empty and the other woman said yes it was clear and she could shut the door. We again questioned Shelley and she was not helpful at all. In fact she walked away from us and gave the terminal to another woman who booked us on a later flight to JFK and charged us an additional $100.00 for the flight. Imagine the gall to charge us an additional $100.00 because the gate personnel closed the door prematurely. There was no empathy at all. We were still 7 minutes early to the gate and they did nothing for us. The plane door was not shut when we got there and they treated us like sheep.

We have traveled quite a bit in the last five years with a host of carriers and this has been by far our worst experience with any airline. This is not going to be the last piece of correspondence.
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Dukemom on 02/16/2012:
Most flights start boarding 30 minutes before takeoff. You should have already been at the gate with only 45 minutes before departure. You did not allow yourself enough time.
CowboyFan on 02/16/2012:
The Jet Blue website says: Cut-off Time for Boarding a Domestic Flight
"Each customer must be onboard the aircraft 15 minutes prior to departure.

Any customer not onboard, even if they have checked in and received a boarding pass, may be denied boarding and will not be entitled to denied boarding compensation."

It is unfortunate, but you were late since you have to be "onboard" 15 minutes before flight time.

Ben There on 02/16/2012:
If the door is ready to be shut that means standbys had been cleared, the passenger manifest has been printed and given to the crew and submitted to the TSA, weights calculated, etc... Adding passengers at that point often means a delay to resubmit all of that information.
jktshff1 on 02/16/2012:
What airport?
Terminator's ghost on 02/16/2012:
If arriving 7 minutes "early to the gate" means prior to takeoff, I believe that is actually late. When they are closing the door, they are ready to back away from the gate.
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Delayed 5 days, JetBlue was rude and unhelpful
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My parents and I were scheduled to fly from Salt Lake City into New York City on 12/26/10. When it became apparent a winter storm could be an issue we attempted to call JetBlue all day on the 25th. We never reached an actual person. When we called the main desk at the Salt Lake City airport, we were told that we had to come into the airport to be able to change our flight (which had been cancelled by this point). We drove 2 hours to the airport, cutting short a visit with my son. When we arrived at the JetBlue counter we were very rudely told there was a 5 day wait for a flight into NYC and there were no flights available to D. C., Boston or other areas of the Northeast for at least as many days. The employee at the counter told us it was our "fault we couldn't get a flight" because we had waited too long to change our flight and that "everyone else had called in much earlier". Obviously I was outraged since we had been trying to call JetBlue for over 10 hours at this point and were given incorrect information when we called the airport. They clearly did not believe us, said there was nothing they could do other than refund our flight, and said that they could not change us to a flight on another airline. I understand that their jobs are trying, particularly on days when there are delays. However, how could they possible outright blame us and act rudely to paying customers who are just as frustrated as they are?

We booked a flight on Delta and got home 2 days late, rather than 5. I'm flying to Salt Lake again tomorrow and I didn't even look at JetBlue's rates. Once my favorite airline, I won't be flying JetBlue again.
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trmn8r on 02/03/2011:
I just looked up "Christmas Day storm 2010" and all the hits I had were articles dated 12/19 and 12/20. So the storm was predicted much earlier than 12/25.

Jet Blue was one of the airlines hit the worst, because one of its hubs is here. a 5 day delay was standard for those airlines. The call volumes during and around storms far exceed the capability to answer them. They should not have been rude, but I believe it correct that calling earlier would have been prudent.

Delta, as far as I can see, does not have a hub here. This may explain why you obtained an earlier flight (plus they may have gone out of their way to grab you as a customer away from J/B).
dan gordon on 02/03/2011:
the other reason your sol is that Jet Blue like SW Air Tran and other smaller carrier do not have reciprocity with the mainline carriers, and fly to fewer cities. A Delta tickt may have been able to get you closer to NY to an airport that was open.
Ytropious on 02/03/2011:
What do you want them to do though? Snow storms are unpredictable and they can only do so much to get people from point A to point B.
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Poor Service
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Good afternoon, my name is Janet Hite and my family was scheduled on your flight #934. Our confirmation number was KKERBE.

We checked on the internet before we left the house (6:00 AM) and it showed our flight was on schedule. We were traveling with 16 people. We are part of a hockey team that was scheduled for a tournament. Half of our team was on American Airlines and the other half was flying on Jet Blue. The people who were on American had no problems getting to O'Hare. This meant that either we got there also or they wasted their money because you can’t play an ice hockey game with just 8 players.....

When we got to the airport, right around 8:00 we went to check in our luggage and we were informed that our flight had been cancelled. When we asked why we were told they didn't know and that there was nothing we could do. We then went inside the airport to the Jet Blue counter and we were again told that our flight had been cancelled and that we were on our own. We asked what could be done and they said nothing and then said “next” and would no longer answer our questions, just that they didn't have to do anything and didn't have any information to give us. We tried calling your 800 number only to have a recording tell us that due to so many incoming calls you were no longer answering and that the line would be going dead and then they just hung up. We watched them work with a passenger, get him a flight on a different airline, schedule a ride for him to LAX and pay for his flight, but all 16 of us were told there was absolutely nothing they could do.

We then started calling around to all the different airlines trying to get a flight out that day as our first hockey game was Saturday at 1:00 pm. We personally had six in our family and the cheapest flight we could find at the last minutes was $305 per person one way (X 6 =’s $1830) on Southwest which we had to come up with right away. Jet Blue credited our account the $99 that we paid for a grand total of $706. What we want to know is who is paying the additional $1,124.00?

In addition to that we had to drive to LAX and leave our car there. We also had to fly into Midway instead of O’Hare, which meant that our rental car would be no good. We had reserved a Ford Excursion (reservations were through Hertz, made with our Jet Blue airline reservations) to share the cost with another family. Our share would have been $225.00, but the Hertz at Midway does not carry large vehicles so we each had to rent a mini van for $350 each. Again who is going to pay the $125.00?

Then of course there was the trip home. We got to O’Hare catch our flight and the man at the counter was so rude. We had six of us and we were allowed two bags each for a total of 12 bags at 50lbs each. However, we only had seven bags none of which were over 50 lbs. When we went to check in he told us to use the computer to check in, which we did, however when it went to print out our boarding passes there was some error with the machine. He VERY rudely told us to us a different machine and then when we got to the front of the line to check in he told us to put all our bags on the scale at once. When we started to put them on he looked at us and VERY RUDLEY said “you have to be kidding”, slammed our tickets to us and told us to move on.

Then when we finally got on the plane (that plane was late) it was so hot I thought my daughter and I were going to pass out. It was truly the most uncomfortable 4 hours that I can remember.

Then of course when we got back into Long Beach our car was in LAX. We had to hire a car to get us (6 people & 7 pieces of luggage) to LAX. Who is going to pay that $60.00?

At this point we are now out $1,421.00 because you cancelled our flight and didn’t even try to help us out.

We don’t really care why this all happened but we are a family that has saved several months to take this trip only to have to pay out almost another $1500.00. I have no idea how we are going to do this.

I would like to know when I can expect our money to be credited to our credit card?

I know of another 7 families that have had the same thing happen to them and I can tell you that each and every one of us tell everyone we know how we were treated. Everyone was so rude. No one wanted to be bothered with trying to help us out.

Just so you know, back in 2002 I was the manager for my son’s hockey team. We had 65 of us going to Boston. Just as we were to land in Boston they closed the airport because of weather (something that is totally out to our control). They then took us into Washington DC. When we got there we were informed that Chicago, Detroit, Boston and New York had all been closed down and moved to Washington DC. They said our flight had been cancelled and to come up to the counter to speak with a United representative. When I got up there I explained that I had 65 people in my party and they sent us vans (at no cost to us) put us all up in a hotel, gave us dinner voucher’s and then sent a car to pick us up the next day for our new flight that would be leaving at 3:00 in the afternoon. That’s how you should be treating your customers.

It wasn’t just the cancellation, it was the way we were treated. When we called Southwest and explained what was happening they worked with us until every person was taken care of.

You should be ashamed how this was handled. I would expect to be fully refunded within the week.

Very unhappy customer

Since then we were given voucher's however the vouchers claimed that they could be used towards any airfare or towards any JetBlue Vacation package. We decided to use the credit for a JetBlue Vacation package only to discover when we went to make the reservations that it can only be used towards the airfare part of the package. No where on their voucher does it say that. So we decide to book a trip to New York only to find out that the vouchers have been given in each passengers name and only those passengers can use them. Now the others in our party were are children's friends. We did not charge them the difference in getting them to Chicago. We paid for these tickets and JetBlue will not allow us to use the vouchers for our trip. I am truly beginning to think this is all a big scam, they offer you something that you can't use, that way they look good in the news, but have no intention of treating their customer good. Every time I talk to anyone there I end up in tears. They are so rude!!!!!!! If I ever get my voucher thing worked out, that will be the last time I ever use them and like the rest of you, I will tell everyone I know about how we all have been treated....

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/13/2007:
Dear Janet, when the players are on the floor and something goes wrong they all go nut then the sticks starts swinging, right?

Well, you should get the team together and go to Jet Blue corporate and let them have it!!!

But really now I do understand your situation and it does happen at all air lines, The thing is they seam to pick out who they think they can get away with giving no service too. Keep fight them don’t let them get away with it. Good luck to you.
Anonymous on 07/13/2007:
Wow, now that's sound "advice." *tears*
Anonymous on 07/13/2007:
well PWPud, what advice would you have? * Drik wants to know *
Anonymous on 07/13/2007:
I don't know, but "good luck" and "let them have it" certainly doesn't deserve a helpful vote.
Ed22209 on 08/19/2007:
What happened to the Customer Bill of Rights for airline passengers? We need that! Your troubles would have been substantionally less. And, I'm not talking about the one-sided Jetblue statement on their website. Wasn't there talk about national legislation with real terms and conditions
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Where do I begin??
Posted by on
I fly often between Las Vegas and New York and normally fly on Virgin America (GREAT airline!). However I had a credit from a cancelled flight last year, so I booked on Jet Blue. I paid their extra $40 to be able to fold my body into the somewhat less cramped space of the first 5 rows. I had an aisle seat in the 4th row. As the passengers arrived, I looked in horror as a family or group who had 6 children with them under the age of 4, including the screeching baby in a child seat approached. My entreaties to various Deities went unanswered as they plopped next to me, behind me, and in front of me. The apparent father knew better and sought refuge across the aisle on the window. I realize everyone has the right to fly with their litters. The same folks also have the right to turn a movie theater into a noisy day care center. Don't get me started on the appropriateness of breast feeding in an elegant restaurant. But as we took off into the wild blue yonder, the wailing and screeching began in earnest. And it didn't stop except for a brief interlude about 3 hours into the flight, only to resume for the remainder. The mother, on the window seat, at one point decided to change the baby's diapers, and folded down the tray table, plopped the baby onto it, and did her motherly thing. That's the tray table that food is consumed upon. As I wretched in horror, the flight attendant came down the aisle holding her blue bag for refuse open. Unbelievably, the mother hurled her soggy stinking diaper with her best Kobe Bryant rim shot across my lap and into the bag. The flight attendant only smiled at the mother's expertise, and continued on her quest for less odiferous refuse. I couldn't wait for the plane to land. The various children (they couldn't possibly all be hers; probably a family reunion or wedding or some sort of west coast fertility rite) climbed over the seats, kicked the back of seats in front of them (during the brief moments they were actually seated), and at one moment there were a total of 6 adults and children in our row of 3 seats. Thank the good Lord for Bose noise canceling ear phones! To be clear, I adore well behaved children. Occasional relapses of behavior are normal and expected, but there is a line that is crossed when children are allowed by their parents to terrorize a flight, a restaurant, or movie theater. I wrote to Jet Blue about this flight from Hell, and in response received a credit towards a future flight. (Which you can probably guess by now, I will not be taking.) Jet Blue was a great idea in its conception. But no longer. The surliness, the unwillingness to assist, the cattle car ambiance of their flights, and their passengers-be-damned attitude have compelled me to never fly with them again. I realize most of this is not Jet Blue's fault. I fault the oblivious parents who haven't yet figured out what grandparents are for when the desire to travel overwhelms them. Anyone want my $50 off credit? I will not be using it.
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User Replies:
goduke on 04/21/2010:
I'm really not seeing how any of this was Jet Blue's fault. I don't know that they could have done anything (maybe pass out earplugs).

Reminds me of a flight I took where a baby wailed virtually the entire 3 hours. Really nice young Mom was just about it tears becauase nothing she tried would calm the kid. People around her even tried. As we were getting near landing, she stated to those of us around here that she really apologized for the child, and that her husband was waiting and she was going to hand the child to him and make him deal with it. Someone remarked "well, he'd better be there with roses and chocolates," to which she responded "that's how we got in this situation in the first place."
Ben There on 04/21/2010:
Does Virgin America have a ban on small children?
whatsthe_prob on 04/21/2010:
I agree that JetBlue didn't do anything wrong. It sounds like you should be traveling on a major airline in first class so no one can bother you.
Anonymous on 04/22/2010:
The OP sounds like a good chap/chapette but no way, no how Jet Blue is to blame for the parenting skills of the children's elders. If there was a safety issue or the seat belt sign was on, I would change my tune but if it's off and the munchkins aren't trying to open emergency doors, there is really not much Jet Blue can do. This seems to be an issue with the parents.
skelly39 on 04/22/2010:
Funny, the only times my children were well-behaved when they were smaller was on an airplane.
I agree-this isn't the airline's fault. Use your credit. It was nice of them to give it to you for something they couldn't really control.
Anonymous on 04/22/2010:
idontthinkso on 04/22/2010:
Flight attendants are not referees, marriage counselors, nor babysitters. As a paying passenger, you are entitled to a reasonable amount of (un)common courtesy. No-where in your review does it mention you asking anyone (child, adult, flight attendant) for anything.

Children talking and making noise? They are CHILDREN. Even properly raised and disciplined children get bored. Perhaps saying something to the parents would have gotten you a rude response. Perhaps asking the flight attendant to garner you even a modicum of relief would have been ignored. You apparently will never know, because you didn't ask.

This falls into the realm of YOUR FAULT. Yes, the flight attendants probably should have intervened. Why they did not, is something you, again, will never know.

Everyone complains about the weather, but no-one does anything about it. There doesn't need to be an argument or even a confrontation. "Ma'am.. they are getting a little loud.." is an acceptable communication. "Stewardess.. I've asked them to control their children and I've been ignored.. Could you please talk to them?"

No-one said the children must be duct-taped silent. No-one got into fisticuffs. IF any of that happened, THEN you deserve a rebate/free ticket/apology...

You need to be a more communicative person, seemingly.
PepperElf on 04/22/2010:
children under the age of 4 often do not know better - especially the ones that are still infants.

although you are angry, there is nothing the airline can reasonably do.
or even legally do

If someone here knows of a good - and legal - solution to prevent a child under 4 from crying (especially a child undergoing stress, air pressure changes, etc) then I would like to know what it is.

and no, legally you can't just kick the family off the flight for having a crying children either.
Anonymous on 04/22/2010:
PepperElf, Not true. The airlines most certainly can kick a family off the plane for a crying baby however as Southwest found out a few months ago it's a PR disaster. But all the same it is legal.
PepperElf on 04/22/2010:
good point - a disaster

plus you can't kick them out once the flight has started.... you might be able to make them deplane at the next stop, but that's about it.

but really the only way I can imagine forcing a child under 4 to be quiet involves alcohol and or duct tape

which qualifies as being both illegal and a PR nightmare

as for what I'd do personally... my noise-reduction headphones (I've done that before when a guy in the computer lab was yelling & raging) and... well after sleeping with jets practically landing in my face, I have an ability to block unwanted noise
jktshff1 on 04/22/2010:
While being mostly deaf, I still carry earplugs on a flight for this very reason.
Anonymous on 04/22/2010:
Yes duct taping or giving alcohol to a child under 4 is illegal although I don't know what that has to do with an airline being able to legally remove a screaming baby from a plane.

Maybe I'm lucky but most of the time when I'm flying with babies around they're fairly tame. I've never been around one who cried non-stop.
PepperElf on 04/22/2010:
well since its a PR nightmare to kick them off the airline you know it won't happen.

there's no other reasonable thing to do.
and there's no real legal way to stop a child from crying in a situation like that.

the only real option is one of our other suggestions
headphones mainly, tuning them out etc.
Anonymous on 04/22/2010:
But it has happened. It happened just a few months ago on a Southwest flight. It will happen again some day because the airlines are within their legal rights to remove a parent and baby for no other reason than the baby is crying.
PepperElf on 04/22/2010:
is that what you want to have happen?

and again it's not something you can do once a flight is in the air, all you can do after the flight takes off is to kick them off at the next stop.

but is that something you would ask the airlines to do over crying kids?
Anonymous on 04/22/2010:
No, and I never said any of that. Let's recap. You stated and I quote, "and no, legally you can't just kick the family off the flight for having a crying children either."

I was merely pointing out that indeed an airline can legally 'kick' a crying baby from a flight. I don't know how duct taping a baby, intoxicating a baby or punting a baby out of a plane at 30,000 feet made its way into the discussion.
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