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I love JetBlue Airways!!!
Posted by Bababooey on 07/20/2004
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Finally, an airline that treats it's passengers with courtesy and respect, and not like pieces of garbage!!!

I was a long time customer of American Airlines until a recent run in with a some nasty, arrogant, and abusive AA "customer service" personnel. After my ordeal with them and with the do-nothings at American Airlines' Executive Office, I vowed never to patronize American Airlines again.

I heard good word of mouth about JetBlue Airways, but I didn't believe the hype, as I was used to the pathetic service provided by American Airlines. When I finally flew on JetBlue Airways, I found out first hand that all of the praise was well justified! New aircraft, roomy seats, and a friendly and accommodating crew made my flight to Florida a pleasure!!!

I just hope and pray that JetBlue Airways continues to enjoy its well deserved success, showing other airlines, such as American, United, Northwest, and Delta that the backbone of a successful and profitable airline is customer service.

**A copy of this message has been forwarded to JetBlue Airways CEO David Neeleman**

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Posted by bill on 2004-07-20:
I am a big fan of JetBlue. I have used them 6 times in the last 2 years and I have always had a good flight. The flights were all on time and the DirecTv in every seas makes the trip go by faster.
Posted by JupGrrl on 2004-08-29:
I also really like Jet Blue. I've flown them three times and have always had seamless flights with no hassles or delays. Their customer service and prices completely outdo the competition, too.
Posted by jayme on 2005-01-07:
I agree with this review 100%. Jet Blue is the absolute best!!! Everyone is friendly and professional, Clean planes. Good snacks. It was nice to feel like my business was wanted, rather than that I was doing them a favor, as is all to common with many businesses today. A+++ for JetBlue.
Posted by Rugger on 2005-04-24:
You obviously overlooked the reason that Jet Blue has seen some short term success, and that is the manner in which their company received their jump start. This is a company that pays their people very little, and is subsidized by French and German Airbus Industries. Unless you have been living in a cave, then you would understand that as a start up company with the help of 2 countries that have only the domination of the U.S. aircraft market in mind, Jet Blue is not playing on a level field. Your slam of American Airlines, the only legacy carrier that seems to know what they are doing, is also unfair. American buys Boeing, an American company, pays their bills without help from a foreign country, and pays their employees fair wages. I wonder why you would place your own self interest before that of your own country.
Posted by CaptainSpaulding on 2006-09-04:
Oh shut the hell up, Rugger! American Airlines, along with another failing carrier, United Airlines, was bailed out of impending bankruptcy after the 9/11/01 Terrorist Attacks by the United States Government (the American taxpayer). So, in effect, every single person in the United States who pays taxes is subsudizing American and United! I don't care about American or United because they don't care about their passengers. I used to fly American, but after my last experience with their nasty and abusive personnel and lousy service, I will NEVER fly them again!!! Actually, I really hope that they finally go out of business!!! I now fly JetBlue Airways and I have NEVER had a problem with either their personnel, or their service. I don't care that Airbus Industries subsidizes JetBlue... At least they didn't come begging to the U.S. Goverment for a handout!!!
Posted by Jason on 2014-04-06:
Assaulted by a JB employee tonight and was offered a 20 dollar credit. I've flown them 50 times and didn't ever think they would go this far downhill. I hope you all boycott them. I have retained a lawyer, not for money but for an apology.
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Not Doggy Friendly - JetBlue Check-In = No Integrity
Posted by FrequentDoggyFlyer on 02/22/2009
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- On December 18, 2008 I was scheduled to depart San Diego to Seattle, WA with Spencer Evans and our two dogs on flight #276. We had purchased 2 rounds trip tickets for our dog the same day we ordered our tickets to assure our dogs would be able to fly. We have flown with ours dogs multiple times on American, Alaskan and United with tremendous service and kindness to our dogs. With our love of JetBlue and the new pet policy we figured this would be the ideal situation for both the dogs and us.

We arrived at the airport via taxi since we would be in Seattle for 10 days and did not want to leave out car – It was $45, but an expected expense. With close to 2 hours until our flight we are waiting in line to check in – dogs on leashes and ready to get into the bags. At Check-in we are addressed by Francis a customer service representative who tells us that one of our boston terriers is far to fat and has to be weighed. We pop adorable Dude on the scale and sure enough he is 26 lbs. We knew he was chubby, but it was never a problem with any other airlines. We were told we would not be able to fly since Dude was 6 lbs over weight- 6 POUNDS!!! Francis then tells us our other Boston Terrier is also to big- she weighed 20.5 lbs. We are both flabbergasted that we are being told we cannot take them on the plane. After Francis continues to tell us Dude is too fat and cannot fly due to TSA requirements, we point out TSA does not have a weight limit on Alaska, American or United. Instead, the dogs just have to fit comfortably in the TSA approved Sherpa bag that will slide under the seat in front of us. Francis continues to become ruder and ruder as shes speaks with us and says that she won't do anything and can't do anything since 6 lbs of dog is a safety concern.

Francis then proceeds to grab her manager- he comes out 15 minutes later and yells at us for not reading the legal information for JetBlue which requires a dog to be under 20 lbs which includes the weight of the bag. He is also extremely rude to each myself and Spencer.

I ask both Francis and the manager if we could pay an extra fee for Dude and Fiona- in turn paying for 2 additional dogs ($200 total for the one way ticket for each). Since Francis told us no other dogs were on the flight, we thought this was ok. Francis also told us the Pilot could approve the dogs flying, but refused to contact him or tells us how we could get approval else where.

Not 10 minutes later Francis steps away to help another customer leaving us waiting. The women checking in is bringing along her 3 year old daughter who weighed at least 30 lbs- but paid nothing for her daughter since she was riding on her lap. To me, this is a safety hazard for the child and extra weight to the plane that is not being paid for –

I must pay an extra $200 round trip per dog and pay additional dollars for extra bags and overweight bags, but a 3 year old is free. Not only is this ridiculous, but it is something I have alerted TSA to look into.

We talk with Francis for another 30 minutes to come up with other ideas how our dogs could fly. She suggests we call a psychologist and lie to get the doctor to sign that Dude is an emotional pet. Not only is she asking us to lie, but she is not helping the current situation. The manager leaves us and refuses to talk with Spencer and I again.

Francis’ only other idea is to try to get the dogs to ride in cargo on American. She suggests we go buy two $200 crates for each dog- we now have 40 minutes until our flight, and not enough time to even book the dogs, let alone pay and hop on our own flight. To make matters worse, Francis tells us this should be fine, even though America is not currently flying dogs in cargo since Seattle is below freezing. She says it should warm up soon and American can just keep the dogs in the crates until they can fly. Needless to say- the weatherman has predicted that Seattle will not warm up above freezing (or even 25 degrees) in 10 days. Francis tells us that is not her concern and that we should have paid attention to the details. She hands me the phone to try try to reach United or American to book and the dogs and tells us she would “try to get us on another flight.” Her trying consisted of walking away from the check-in counter and proceeding to help someone else.

After realizing we were going to miss out flight anyway, and dealing with extremely rude JetBlue service, that we would drive from San Diego to Seattle. Not only were we visiting for Christmas, we were also interviewing with several companies- all interviews had to be cancelled since we would not arrive on time. We took another $45 taxi home and packed the car and started to drive to Seattle.

Both Francis and her manager did not realize the danger, struggles and future JetBlue dollar losses of their actions - all because of an irrelevant 6 pounds. I would understand charging for additional weight, or if their was a weight requirement on the plane where each person could only take X additional pounds and each passenger could only weigh X amount for safety, but that is not the issue. I understand the more weight, the more fuel is used, but that is why we said we would pay additional dollars to cover the 6 lbs that would sooooo drastically affect the fuel consumption.

Never have a dealt with such rude customer service of any airlines, especially in a time when the airlines are struggling so much to get customers. We have already alerted family and friends who have pets to not fly JetBlue. In addition, I will continue to tell my company who flies from San Diego to New York and Boston monthly to fly with another company. We did receive a refund, but minus the $100 change fee per ticket, but it cost us nearly an additional $800 in gas, over 49 hours of traveling, 2600 miles to the car, 2 missed interviews and missed job opportunities.... all for 6 lbs!

Perhaps you will tell me that Francis was just doing her job and following rules, but it was her rudeness and telling us to lie that showed she did not have integrity, she was just trying to make some innocent travelers lives hell.

Needless to say- we drove to Seattle- it took over 26 hours due to the terrible snow and ice. We survived and told everyone our story.

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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-02-22:
What happened that day was wrong, despite the 20 pound policy. You should have been informed of it in the first place when you originally bought tickets for the animals.

Contact JetBlue's corporate office. You shouldn't have to be out the change fee after what happened and deserve compensation for the extra expenses.

If they refuse compensation, contact Christopher Eliott, the CNN Travel Troubleshooter and the ombudsman for the National Geographic Traveler magazine, at celliott@ngs.org.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-02-22:
Francis just hates dogs.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-22:
While I sympathize with your situation and agree you were treated poorly, you should have checked the airline rules before buying tickets for your dogs. A dog is not a child, so you are completely wrong to compare your 26 pound dog to a 30 pound 3 year old. As far as I'm concerned, dogs should not be allowed on planes at all and you should be grateful that any airline even allows it anymore.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-02-22:
Soaring, gotta disagree this time. the op blew it, " not reading the legal information for JetBlue which requires a dog to be under 20 lbs which includes the weight of the bag." OP should have read the rules.
financial..agree dog ain't a kid, however, would you deny my assist dog a place?
OP...ya gotta learn the rules, read, and understand them.

Posted by Ben There on 2009-02-22:
American Airlines also has the 20 lbs. restriction...
Posted by Nohandle on 2009-02-22:
I actually remember the days when a dog crated was considered an extra piece of luggage to be put in cargo. As long as they were under 125 pounds they were fine to go along with a health certificate from the veterinarian pasted on top of the crate. Those rules changed quickly due to the number of animals dying due to heat/cold while waiting on the tarmac. All anyone can do, if he is going to fly with an animal, is check until the last moment as to what's allowed. I think the rules change daily, just like anything else allowed on a plane.
Posted by yoke on 2009-02-22:
How do you know the child was 3 years old weighed 30 lbs and was sitting on her parents lap. I thought it was under 2 that got to fly for free if they sat on a parents lap. Did that one time and would never do it again.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-22:
Jktshff1, no, I wouldn't include an assist dog in my comment about dogs not flying. There is an exception to every rule, and an assist dog is one of them. I don't hate dogs, by the way, I just think they have a place and an airplane isn't one of them (again, "regular" dogs - for lack of a better term - not assist dogs). A person who is allergic or terrified of dogs shouldn't be forced to have an uncomfortable flight because someone wanted to take their pet with them.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-02-22:
Point taken, but a person who is allergic or terrified of dogs should stay away from places they are allowed and the private business owner should not be made to make an exception. People with legitimate disabilities excluded, a business owner should be able to allow or disallow behavior or actions as THEY decide, not the government. Allergies and fright are not reasonable. I'm allergic to bee's...am I going to sue a beehive owner in my area 'cause I got stung..heck no.
Kinda like I don't patronize businesses that don't allow legal handgun carry in my area, and encourage others to do the same.
I hope I made sense.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-02-22:
I love JetBlue, yet I feel that the main issue is not really the policy, but how it was handled by these specific employees.

Employees that treat customers like that don't deserve to work for the airline.
Posted by Ben There on 2009-02-22:
Soaring, it seems that the OP is just upset that Francis enforced a rule that all airlines have. It sounds like she spent a lot of time with the OP trying to come up with other options like getting a doctor's note, sending the pets on American, etc... Some people confuse "rude" with "she didn't break a rule for me". She could have been written up by letting an overweight animal on the plane, and no one wants to risk a job in this economy because a customer didn't check the rules. What would you suggest she do?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-22:
"We have flown with ours dogs multiple times on American, Alaskan and United."
But... you didn't read Jet Blue's pet guidelines first..had you done that, you would have been able to choose another airline, saved yourself all that gas money, mileage on your vehicle, lost job interviews...etc.
I think the Jet Blue employee went above and beyond to try to assist you by coming up with some alternatives...while helping her other customers too. It's a hard lesson to learn, but I think the accountability lies with you on this one.

Posted by lesaint on 2009-11-08:
Agree with commenters above faulting OP.

One should read the rules to understand precisely what limitations and fees apply. The "it was only 6 lbs of dog" and "but that other airline lets me" defenses are ridiculous for reasons too obvious to merit development here.

Additionally, helping an obviously difficult customer find a solution to her dog crisis, while still attending to her job (i.e., taking care of the rest of the customers) is not the same thing as being "rude."

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Boycott Jet Blue
Posted by Rugger on 04/17/2005
The fair haired airline, the flavor of the month so to speak is Jet Blue. What the public either does not know, or simply ignores, is the manner in which this company has had a measure of success.

Jet Blue thrives on low fares, no secret there. You can profit from that only if your costs remain low. With an employee group of fresh faces(read inexperienced) the payroll at this stage is also low. That of course will change as the staff realizes that they are carrying the water for management, and will naturally want to bring their wages up to industry standard. The company is non-union, and so far the employees are consuming the Kool Aid in massive quantities. When they realize that pay raises are not forthcoming, they will at some juncture form collective bargaining units.

Jet Blue, an almost pure buyer of French and German built Airbus aircraft, has been the beneficiary of generous maintenance agreements, as well as purchase financing from that not so friendly government subsidized company.

I'll fly U.S. airlines that buy American built Boeing aircraft. I cannot fathom patronizing an airline that pays their employees sub-standard wages, while in effect keeping French and German workers at government subsidized Airbus well fed.
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Posted by tpebop on 2005-04-17:
what a bunch of leftist drivel God forbid a company makes money and provides a good value capitilisim is wrong. go move to a former soveit republic ya commie puke liberal nutjob
Posted by bill on 2005-04-18:
I have flown JetBlue many times and I think they are great. The flights are on time and the staff is friendly. I highly recomend JetBlue Airlines.
Posted by Weary Traveller on 2005-05-03:
Please understand that although the aircraft are European, the system components are mostly American. In fact, there's a process used to strengthen the airframe of which the tooling is manufactured by two companies alone, both American.
Posted by Retred that Tire on 2005-07-09:
You forgot to mention that JetBlue outsources it maintainence to El Salvador? Not sure if its El Salvador but its to a central american country. I know that I wont fly a carrier that outsources and leaves my fellow american jobless or under-employed.

BTW Boeing is subsidized by the US government thats no so much the issue as simply not buying american and Boeings inflexable prices. Boeing needs to re-think how it sells its airplanes overseas and in the US. Boeing needs to relize it has competators and not think that its planes are going to be sold as a matter of right.
Posted by QuadEddie on 2006-04-25:
Uh oh, they are also adding Brazilian made Embraer planes, and I think they also hire Mexicans to cut their corporate lawns.

Is that the best you can do? Boycott a company because they use low-cost labor (read: not slave labor - these folks do have a brain and willingly applied for the job) and because they use foreign made devices? You make me laugh you piece of garbage.
Posted by StudentU on 2006-10-03:
The food you buy is probably grown and driven by latinos. No american would work with farm pesticides only those people would. ( no offence but americans just won't do it)
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Jet Blue True Blue Lack of Service Team!
Posted by MadDogTraveler on 02/03/2010
I have never written a negative review before so here goes! I have never been so disapointed with a company in my life. I fly 8 months out of the year and all over the globe. I participate in numerous rewards programs and have more free flights and hotel stays than I care to think about. I often lose them because they expire before I can use them. This is the case with Jet Blue. I have 4 free flights under their "old" True Blue rewards program. I decided it would be fun to take the family to Florida for a week and so I went online to book my flights. Much to my disapointment I discovered that Jet Blue has transitioned to a new reservations system and that I could no longer book my rewards flights online. I had to call to make the reservation. No problem I thought and so I called. I was told that there was "higher than normal" call volume and that my call would be answered as soon as possible. I waited 45 minutes the first time, 1 hour the second time, 2 hours the third time and I am currently on hold at 3 hours and 20 minutes. I have been disconnected 4 times and possibly hung up on after finally getting thru yesterday. I would have given up long ago if the rewards weren't expiring shortly! I decided to email them and this is cut and pasted from their response!
"Thank you for contacting JetBlue Airways regarding your TrueBlue account. JetBlue has just completed transitioning to a new reservation system and as a result, the TrueBlue help desk is currently receiving a high volume of email and can no longer accept them at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Please note: Old TrueBlue points that appear in your online account summary can not be booked through jetblue.com. To book Award travel using these old points, please call us at 1-800-JETBLUE.
We value you as a JetBlue customer and apologize for any inconvenience caused from the temporary limitations we are experiencing." BS!
They aren't even accepting emails at this point! This sounds like a potential class action lawsuit to me! Virgin America here I come!

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Lose your bags AND treat you like a criminal
Posted by Munopolis on 07/23/2009
I will be brief. My trip to NY on JetBlue took a turn for the worse when JetBlue lost the luggage that had my families wedding clothes. As you could imagine this was frustrating and inconvenient. However most upsetting was their response, which was to immediately act as if either a) the bag would show up soon so there was nothing they could do or b)we had stolen the bag and were trying to scam them.

Over time, it became clear the bag wasn't showing up. They shifted almost entirely to option B, acting as if we were running a scam. As they told me many times, they have to protect their bottom line, and even though they "misplaced our bag" (going on 2 months) how do they know I (the person whose luggage was lost) is not doing this as some sort of diabolical racket.

After requiring an itemized list of goods in the bag they said they would take 45 days to respond with their decision about what to do. When that response finally came their offer was to refund approximately 35% of the value of the goods that were in the luggage. Their rational was 10% depreciation per year for every item I could find a receipt for, plus 20% off the top for any item I could not find a receipt for. In addition, any item that was priced over $100 for which I could not provide a receipt they would "depreciate" 100%! I asked, "is that a fancy way of saying you refuse to refund for such items."

Apparently it was. Although they lost my luggage while I was using their service, since I didn't save my receipt from 2004 for an item their policy is to reject reimbursement. Does anybody save receipts for that long?

You can just see the number crunchers figuring out how much money they can save by denying reimbursement for such items and then making a policy to rationalize it. And from what I have seen in reviews of JetBlue, it is probably a lot of money they are saving as it sure seems like they frequently lose bags.

This has been a frustrating and insulting experience, a far cry from the customer friendly image JetBlue attempts to portray. I would suggest caution when having anything to do with them. Like many HMOs they are clearly interested in devising policies that protect their bottom line, even when they screw-up, with little concern for the well being (or continued patronage) of their customers. That is a concerning trait for an airline to exhibit.

Good luck in any future contact you may have with them, I hope it is better than my experience.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-07-23:
What happened to you was utterly ridiculous and that is definitely not the JetBlue I know. I recommend that you contact the higher ups, here is info how to do that:
Posted by Ben There on 2009-07-23:
This sounds like what most airlines do. Without all the paperwork they would be scammed all the time. I am not saying its great customer service, but until people stop stealing things or filing fraudulent claims for stuff I doubt it will go away. Nothing good ever comes from a lost bag for either the airline or the customer... Just the people that successfully pull off a scam.
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Stolen Item
Posted by Luvgrl174 on 11/19/2010
HI recently flew on Jetblue (for a wake) which we love but we I got home after a few days I decided to unpack and I was missing my DVD Player with some movies. I contacted Jetblue and Amanda from Salt lake City in Utah said they are not liable. So I trusted them by handing them my luggage which I couldn't put a lock on it and one of their employees is a thief and stole my stuff. So they said too bad they couldn't do anything. Now we have to pay for the movies that we rented at Netflix for our kids so they could keep quiet during the flight. I want them to give me a refund for my stolen items.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2010-11-19:
It isn't JetBlue's fault. It's the TSA. They're the ones searching the luggage. Where was this DVD player and DVDs? In your carry-ons or your checked luggage? It is always recommended that you carry valuables like that in your carry-on whenever possible.
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2010-11-19:
I don't understand something. If the DVD player and DVD's were to keep your kids quiet during the flight, why weren't they on your carry-ons? You can't get into your checked bags during the flight.
Posted by momsey on 2010-11-19:
It's not JetBlue's fault. They don't search your baggage, that's the TSA's job.

And yeah, I'm with Steve where I don't understand why a DVD player and DVDs were packed in your luggage when you brought them for the flight.
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-11-19:
This would be impossible to prove, unless someone gets snagged via a review of secuity tapes. I always carry my valuable electronic items on board, especially when I want to use them to keep the kids quiet.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-11-19:
+10 steve
Posted by leet60 on 2010-11-19:
The portable DVD player and movies could have been used on the outbound flight and as they children had already watched the movies, then packed in the luggage for the return flight. I have not flown in a few years but I do seem to recall that you are repeatedly encouraged when booking and often by signs at the check in counter not to pack any valuable items in your luggage.
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Jet Blue Pet Paws Program Is A Rip Off - Shame On Them!
Posted by Colleran on 03/04/2009
Pet Paws program is a FRAUD On a flight to West Palm Beach and return both ground personnel and plane crew were rude and demanding. They clearly had combative attitude not one that would help resolve a solvable problem in a manner consistent with FAA rules. The gate supervisor rudely tried to stop me from taking my daughter's pet which did not fit under the seat 3A which was in front of her seat 4A to my seat to the area in front of my seat 14C. The area under the window seat appeared to be a smaller area than the aisle seat though the supervisor vociferously argued to the contrary. Other passengers were shocked with his attitude, especially when I asked if I could try to fit the pet carrier in the seat in front of my seat. I showed him a ticket that clearly demonstrated the pet was officially traveling with me and therefore I should be given the opportunity to put the carrier in front of my seat. with the encouragement of other passengers I ignored the belligerent supervisor and carried the pet carrier back to my seat and easily slid the container under the seat in front of me. I was a big supporter of Jet Blue but recently, I have noticed a huge decline in customer service and a horrible attitude among some crew members.

I intend to pursue this matter with the airline. The PET PAW program is a FRAUD Jet Blue is JET RUDE in my book.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-04:
It sounds like those staff were really out of line that day. Nobody like that should belong with my favorite airline. I hope you took names.

Also, as a frequent JetBlue traveler, I can confirm that there is a little less space width-wise under the seat backs of the window seats, compared to the middle and aisle seats.

You deserve a sincere apology at the very least. Contact their customer relations department.
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JetBlue - Luggage NIGHTMARE!
Posted by Jpocean77 on 01/06/2009
LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- I have always been a big fan of Jet Blue. When traveling for my company it's well known that my first choice is always Jet Blue. That all changed last Sunday when I actually had a crisis occur, one other than a change of seats or change in reservation. One that actually required you to back up your claim of superb customer service. My luggage was lost. Not one piece but two. This is where the nightmare began.

I was returning from Boston where I had been for nearly a month. I went to my home office and stayed on for the holidays. I was traveling with a month's worth of clothes, coats, jackets, watches, pants, gifts, family photo's etc. I flew out of Boston on flight number 1007 Boston to JFK 10:40-11:49, after a four hour lay over I connected with flight 215 JFK to Long Beach 3:59-7:32. When I landed my luggage was missing. I was given a number to call at Long Beach to check on the status that no one ever answered. I then spoke with Jet Blue at close to midnight and was told that MY LUGGAGE HAD BEEN FOUND. I was told that the courier would deliver it within 5-6 hours. I mentioned that I had been traveling all day and that I was exhausted. I was afraid that perhaps I might fall off to sleep and miss them completely. I was informed that if I did so I would be responsible for my luggage. With no choice, I lay on my couch in a daze waiting for the courier that never came. I called Jet Blue in the early morning and was told that they'd made a mistake and my luggage was never found. WHAT????? What could that be all about? We have your luggage and now we don't. Not only did they lose my luggage but BOTH pieces. My garment bag had a grey tag attached with my business card inside. You still have no idea where my luggage is located. What are the tags for that you attach when a customer checks in? They have bar codes...for what purpose if you cannot track baggage? Are they just for show?

Jet Blue has no excuse for losing luggage, especially two pieces. One had my business card attached. In comparison to airlines like Delta, American, and US Air, Jet Blue covers a fraction of their territory. Most of your destinations are in the US with a major hub-JFK. It's a new experiment and it's NOT working.

I was a loyal Jet Blue customer but feel that the courtesy was not returned. For all the PR you do regarding customer service and the TruBlue experience you fail miserably when called upon to actually handle a problem. A few questions still remain-Why was I told my luggage was found? Who was it that told me such and WHY? Where is my luggage?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Posted by krob on 2009-01-09:
It has been 9 days since Jet Blue lost my luggage and it has resulted in me navigating through the web to learn that it a common occurence for them to lose baggage. I flew direct from Boston to Tampa. I checked the bag in at the counter and watched the guy tag it after he gave me my boarding pass. It doesn't make sense.How does the bag just disappear after that? I'm now in this second phase dealing with a baggage claim "specialist" in Salt Lake City. She e-mailed me the property loss claim form on Sunday and told me on average it takes 45 days to reach a settlement. She told me to find all of the original receipts and bank or credit card statements of items I bought that were in the suitcase. That is ridiculous because I am not going to have any...SO today 5 days after hearing from this specialist that 1 time and not once since, I called her up. She said they have not found it but I will be the first person to know. The problem I am having right now is the fact that I can tell that she could care less if they find my bag or not. I told her how I felt and she told me thats the best she could do.SO I called back Jet Blue and got customer service who tried to transfer me to the specialist but I cut her off and told her I wanted to speak to a supervisor. I was connected to a supervisor in customer service and when I asked why I wasn't talking to the specialist's supervisor in the baggage claim department I was told I was not allowed to. Overall I know I am rambling and it actually feels good. I don't even know if someone will read this or not. I am utterly disappointed and still shocked at the whole situation and the way it is being handled. My suitcase was overpacked with my clothes which I regularly wear and my favorite ones and small christmas gifts. It's a situation I thought would never happen to anyone. I've heard of peoples luggage get lost and dropped off the next day but never completely lost. I don't know what to think anymore. I read one thread where some guy actually got his luggage back 5 weeks later. So maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel. Who knows...
Posted by Ricardo losada on 2014-01-10:
To me it is similar very very bad service
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Luggage Problem
Posted by Daibrt on 10/15/2013
LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- I've always enjoyed flying with Jetblue & I would recommend my family & friends to use them! However, recently I had a problem re:my luggage. I flew from Long Beach to JFK(Aug 28th) & returned to Long Beach (Sept 24th). I did not unpack until the following day.

I had placed a pair of OKNY JEANS sandals in the front compartment of my luggage; had not worn them yet. The Left sandal on its side; instep & heel area were broken off. The Left sandal, its toe & instep area were broken off. To receive that much damage to my sandals, my luggage must have been thrown really hard & crushed under something? I was so disappointed, I truly loved flying JetBlue!
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Flight Delays
Posted by Gitana1605 on 08/29/2013
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- My flight was number 236, schedule to depart at 1:44 am on August 29. The flight attendant notifies me they had a delayed and was leaving at 3:30 am, but the flight was really leaving at 4:16 am. When you notify someone, the airline should be clear enough and not give misleading information. As result, I will stop my traveling with JetBlue company. My child is tired and hungry. She wants to get home.

I will not recommend you to any my friends and family.I will think twice to travel with JetBlue, and all my reviews will refer to this inconvenience.
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Posted by Ben There on 2013-08-29:
A friend of mine was flying to NYC yesterday and due to weather his flight - like many others - was diverted. When this happen it can take a while for planes and crews to catch up.

These weather problems create big headaches for passengers and airlines, and things often change quickly... I wonder if the airline was misleading you, or simply gave you the most correct information at the time. It looks like your flight didn't take off till almost 5am, so the time changed again after you posted this.

A lot of airlines will simply cancel a flight early on instead of having lengthy delays that will change several times. This strands people without hotels and missing a few days of vacation, but the upside is they won't have to spend many hours waiting on a flight that keeps getting delayed. Jetblue, however, is known for completing flights even if it means a long wait.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-08-29:
You might want to stop flying altogether since delays happen with all airlines.
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