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Dishonesty in Sales, Finance, Service
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Rating: 1/51

MOUNT PLEASANT, TEXAS -- Do not purchase any product from AgPower--you will regret it.

After a year of research, I purchased a John Deere 468 baler from AgPower in Mount Pleasant, Texas.

AgPower knowingly lied to me about the year model of the hay baler. I specifically asked what year model was associated with the baler. I know depending on date of manufacture the year model is associated. I asked if the model was a 2011. I was re-assured multiple times by AgPower, Mt. Pleasant Texas it was. The purchase order and the finance agreement both stated this baler was a 2011. Was I surprised when I received paperwork from John Deere Finance. You got it! 2010.

I called and spoke to John Deere Finance regarding the "mistake" made by John Deere finance. It was proven to me easily it was in fact a 2010.

Also, on the day I spoke to John Deere finance, I was informed that I had not received all the financing options available by John Deere from AgPower Mt Pleasant, Texas. I specifically had asked the dealership all of the financing options available. Do not be fooled. Whenever you take 0% or 1.5% financing, there is a $3000.00 penalty. In other words, if you are like me and like to finance, but pay off the note early to save on interest, be advised there is "in-house" low interest financing of approximately 3.5 to 4% with no $3000.00 penalty through John Deere finance. BUT, AgPower Mt. Pleasant will not tell you that because it prevents them from maximizing their profit off of your back.

Some may say, you should pay cash!" True enough. However, I do not like to lay down a hunk of money for a piece of equipment and eat into my cash reserves. I prefer to finance for 48 to 60 months and attempt to pay off in 1/3 of the time. In my humble opinion, and I realize other may not agree, I would rather on a hay baler that is susceptible to damage, fire, have a cash cushion should I have to wait for insurance to pay off a claim should the need arise. 4% is not going to break the bank, but a catastrophic loss with no cash reserve could make for an uncomfortable position.

So, I addressed both of these issues with AgPower in Mount Pleasant, Texas. They had their money and started in with lame excuses, "we honestly thought it was a 2010." "We didn't know John Deere had low interest financing available at this time." "Well, we see your point, we'll ask Ag Power Corporate headquarters what we should do."

I even went up the chain at John Deere and it is virtually impossible to speak to anyone with the authority to rectify the situation. John Deere has created a structure that basically makes all complaints by customer run to to a "dog chasing its tail" scenario. I myself am a military officer and veteran and John Deere has a better "cover your butt" setup with no real accountability that rivals the military. Yes, it looks very official and good, but, when it goes up the chain of command, the customer is told at the end, "yes, you are right, but we have no real control over the dealership."

So, basically, if you purchase from John Deere, you are accountable to them in your part of the contract. But, their end is a bureaucratic line of excuses that basically admits fault and tells you they are sorry and there is nothing they can do.

Oh, and by the way...don't be fooled by the warranty promises. What a load of lies. Should you need any repair, be prepared to get hammered by John Deere AgPower in Mount Pleasant, Texas. Do not be fooled.

I am completely disappointed with my entire experience. John Deere makes a good hay baler. However, do not buy anything from AgPower inc. in Mount Pleasant, Texas.

Also, be advised Ag Power owns many dealerships in and around the area of Northeast Texas. If you have to buy a John Deere product, go somewhere far away from AGPower. AGPOWER=CROOKS

Poor Quality and Worse Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ATCO, NEW JERSEY -- I bought a John Deere push mower a couple of seasons ago. It is rusting apart so I called JD customer service. I was told to take it to their authorized service center, Central Equipment in Hammonton. They allegedly took photos and sent it out to a representative of John Deere. I never heard back so I followed up after a couple of weeks. I was told my claim was denied and I couldn't speak to the representative nor get his name. I wrote a letter to the president and never heard back. Worst customer service I've ever dealt with between John Deere and Central Equipment. Both rude and unprofessional! I urge consumers to never buy any of their poor quality products!

Motor Failure in First 28 Hrs. of Operation
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Rating: 2/51

DES MOINS -- At about 28, hours the motor on my D110, purchased from Home Depot started to run rough and backfire through the carburetor. I turned the motor over by hand with the spark plug out and my finger over the hole. I could not feel any "intake" stroke. I removed the valve cover. The stud for the intake valve had come loose. There was evidence of lock-tite on the stud but it did not look like it had set properly. I suspect they may have more of these problems coming. Not too bad if you understand small motors and have the tools but it will be a pain to the average lawn "mower"

Deere 6420 Burns To Ground
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Rating: 1/51

This past Monday 5/28/12 I was bush hogging (15 foot bat wing) with my john Deere 6420. My 13 year old son was riding along in the instructor seat. We had been running about an hour when I noticed a faint burning smell. I stopped the tractor, turned the PTO off and asked my son to step down and see if there was a twig or something on the exhaust causing the burning smell. Before he could get down multiple warning lights started flashing on the dash. As soon my son was one the ground he yelled fire. I could not see any fire or smoke from inside the cab. I turned the engine, jumped off the tractor and observed a fairly large fire in the rear of the engine near the cab. We tried to put it out with a small extinguisher but could not. When the fire dept arrived all they could do was try and save the bush hog. This tractor only had 750 hours. Called dealer and asked if there had been any history of fire with this model. He said he was sorry about the fire but didn't know of any fire problems with this model. If anybody has any knowledge of a fire issue with the 6420 please respond.

John Deere Sucks
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Rating: 1/51

SPRING GROVESPRING GROVE, ILLINOIS -- I bought a JD l-111 lawn tractor because I fell for their bs about it being a quality product that Wii last a lifetime, well the one I bought had a very short life span before the transmission died and JD wanted one thousand eighty dollars plus tax to fix a lawn tractor that had only been gently used for five seasons and serviced by a JD dealer every year since it was purchased. We complained to JD corporate but they were less sympathetic than the local dealer. JD corporate basically said too bad, your warranty expired, go suck an egg or pay up to fix it. They wouldn't even offer to assist in our dealings with the dealer, saying the dealers are independent and JD policy is that they don't get in between dealers and customers. Don't you just love a company that stands so firmly behind their products? I thought spending more up front to buy so called quality would save me more in the long run. Boy was I wrong about that and about JD quality. I am now the not so proud owner of a green and yellow boat anchor. Think twice before they suck you into their bs about quality.

John Deere Nightmare
By -

My father bought a John Deere 790 3 years ago. This was one of the happiest days of his life. A John Deere... Wow... Until we got a lemon. To begin with the front bearings on the right side broke on a few occasions, always the same problem. The tractors quality is poor at best. It recentlly broke in half by picking up dirt with the front end loader. We immediately contacted our local John Deere and told them what happened. This is where our nightmare began. My father struggled to keep this tractor through his time of unemployment and the company was very understanding. Then when the tractor literally buckled John Deere financing had a different attitude. The openly said we pulled the tractor in half! Not only was this absurd and unfounded, it was insulting. We WERE a John Deere family. We THOUGT this was a quality product with Good people in charge. We were wrong. This issue has made my father sick to the point it is physically obvious. I spent thousands of dollars having my sons room in John Deere, custom curtains, bedspread, toys, clothes... And now we find John Deere isn't worth the dirt it can't pick up. I will inform everyone I can of this awful experience and hope they don't make the same mistake we did!

Colossal Ripoff
By -

After 200 hrs of use, mower failed to go forward and reverse. Went to dealer and was informed that L series were low quality and only sold at department stores. Was told that transmission has a high failure rate and was not worth repairing. Repair would cost $650. for parts plus extensive labor hours. In addition, would need bearings and possible future engine replacement because of the hours of use.
Was told that the transmission was not serviceable and had to go to a qualified dealer for a repair.

After research on Google, found that the transmission fluid could be drained and replaced with some mechanical ability.

After replacing the fluid and a lot of mechanical ability (which you definitely need to do for this job!) is running like new.

Bottom line is...JD makes this product to only last for a given number of hours. They don't want it to be fixed!

2004 JD 6420 Catches Fire
By -

I farm about 1400 acres in NC. I have had numerous John Deere tractors with good success. In 2004 I traded a a late model 6410 for new 2004 JD 6420 and had good experience with it until January 2010. While bush hogging some pastures on my farm the 6420 caught fire in the cab and in the engine. We were able to extinguish the fire since we were fortunate to be near a shed with a hose. The entire plastic console melted around the steering column and the wiring harnesses that connect the on-board computers to the engine were destroyed. The John Deere dealer examined the tractor, which only had 985 hours, and blamed it on "trash accumulation" under the tractor. The repair price quoted was $34,100. John Deere took no responsibility for the damage other than offering a small discount on a new JD 6430 tractor. I do not know if other John Deere 6420 owners have experienced this problem or not. I have pictures of the damage if anyone is interested. This could have been catastrophic. If we had not been near a hose then the tractor would have been completely destroyed and we could have lost some of our buildings and our forests of lob-lolly pines nearby.

JS25 ran like a dead Deere and Customer service just as impressive
By -

MOLINE,, ILLINOIS -- After 45 days of ownership and a handful of uses, our JS25 stopped running. We took it to our local John Deere dealer expecting that everything should be covered after only 45 days. Unfortunately, according to the service dealer, we had not used oil. OF COURSE we put oil in the mower, we're not stupid. While speaking with the service manager about this problem, oil leaked out of the mower while it was on it's side. OBVIOUSLY oil was used!! After sending pictures to Briggs and Stratton, our warranty claim was denied. We then went to John Deere customer service, which was not helpful. After escalating to a manager in the customer service department a case was opened. After waiting 3 weeks, we are now told that they will not honor the warranty either. So 2 and a half months later, we still have no mower. We spent $350 on a lawn ornament. DO NOT BUY a mower from John Deere!!!

Only Suckers Would Buy John Deere Products
By -

COVINGTON, GEORGIA -- When my neighbor's John Deere riding mower developed a bad power take-off switch, and I tried to find one, I ran into the following problems:

  1. There is no John Deere telephone #
  2. The web site is totally non-functional
  3. Web site doesn't even recognize its own product numbers.
  4. Part is unavailable at all local dealerships
  5. Parts are way over-priced.
  6. Parts unavailable at other net sites.
  7. The PTO switch is obviously an electrical part, but entering "PTO Switch" under 'electrical' results in "NO products found matching PTO switch".
  8. One must obtain a 3-digit registration code to make purchases.

In short, you are boxing yourself in if you buy one of their products. You pay way too much for a product you may find impossible to service.

My Sear's product allowed me to replace an entire transmission (new, original equipment) for $200.00 by purchasing it over the internet. Don't try that with Deere.

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