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Kaiser provides no information to customers
Posted by on
UNION CITY, CALIFORNIA -- I own a business and recently switched to Kaiser for me and my employees' medical insurance. These are a few of the things that happened in the first one month that had me regret my decision to move to Kaiser:

1. Kaiser did not send any information about how to access account to the members. I, the group admin, had to send multiple emails to get the membership id information. However, when it came to billing, the first month premium was immediately charged to my account. The members were not able to avail any healthcare services for one month because they did not have any clue about how to take an appointment with the doctors.

2. There is no way to contact them outside business hours, not even to make payments! There is just one phone number for customer support and that too has very restrictive hours which makes it hard for someone with a full-time job.

3. I did not get any information about how to set up account for online access. Neither did I get information about how and where to send payments.

4. The notification of the first bill came on two days after the bill was due! How is anyone supposed to know that the bill is already due if the notification comes later than the due date?

5. There is no way to reset password online for group administrators. You can't even check for email responses without logging in! This is too much restriction in the name of security. This is so ironic because when I called an operator reset my password and told me the password over phone! What kind of security is this when you can't reset my password online and a live person can just speak out the password over the phone!

6. The website is really very difficult to use. The navigation controls are tedious and non-intuitive. It is very slow and does not provide information about how to pay bills.

I hope this review helps you make decision on choosing the right medical insurance plan.
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Alain on 05/02/2011:
You might try contacting Kaiser Permanente's headquarters in Oakland, CA, and ask to speak to a human that can help you with these questions-510-271-5800. Good luck. You'll need it.
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Kaiser Permanente Sucks
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I went in for an annual physical and was told there is no charge for it as well as no charge for flu shot...Okay, fine. I'm in the patient room with my 20 something daughter; we let the doctor know that I have been having some serious hip and shoulder pain (isn't that why you have physicals, to let the doctor know if anything new pops up?) So this woman tells us that she is a nursing mother and her lactating is over due so the appointment can't take too long; she only has 20 minutes scheduled for the visit.... Oh really, how nice. So anyway, she orders the MRI for my hip and shoulder and then I get a bill from Kaiser stating because she ordered the test, the physical now becomes an outpatient office visit. I called KP's financial dept and I am disputing it...What doctor tells a patient that they only have so much time for them...This is not health care.
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Do not use Kaiser weight loss
Posted on
LAFAYETTE, COLORADO -- Kaiser is great in many areas. My 1 star rating is for their weight management and customer service group. They are not equipped with fluoroscopes to do lap band fills so they have to guess. If you get sick and come back the next day because they put too much in, they charge you again. Today, they did nothing but tell my wife to go to their downtown office where they have more equipment than Rock Creek and charged $50 dollars. The doctor and customer service both agree there should not be a charge because they did not do anything, but neither knew how to fix it without a formal 30 day complaint. This is very poor care and bad process when no one can make a simple charge correction and force me to have spend 1+ hour on the phone explaining the same thing to multiple people.

Go somewhere else for lap band care - even without insurance the fee for a fill is less with better care.
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Kaiser is thriving
Posted by on
First of all I want to thank all the good people at Kaiser that help me for the 20 years I was with them ! Who ever hires the staff over there is doing a great job ! Don't get me wrong Iam still mad at Kaiser for the one time they they did a bad job ! But I want to thank you for the hundred times you did a good job. In my world if someone is paying me for something and I don't do what they expect, I will be fired !

As a businessman I respect Kaiser. Other Hospital are going out of business. Their staff is going out on strike, Doctors are being sue out of business ! It very hard to sue the government and Kaiser ? How did you pull that one off? There are more people that are not injured or sick than people who are ! That might be why you are doing well. You give lots of people jobs. And some of those people have giving me a job !

No I will never go back to Kaiser. They betrayed my trust! But lets think about the lesson that I have learned from my experience at Kaiser. You better take good care of yourself because
you sure as hell don't want to put your life in the hands of some Doctor for some dumb move that you did to yourself that could have been avoided !

This a important lesson for anybody. So thank you Kaiser ! You threw me off your web site 20 years ago ! What took you so long ? I would of got rid of me much sooner !
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trmn8r on 02/20/2011:
Kaiser had a web presence in 1991? Or were you an employee using ARPANET? I can remember exchanging messages with colleagues at other GE locations around 1991, and it seemed like magic. Then again, so did detecting planes at over a 200 mile range with our infrared tracking system.

Forgive me for straying, but I couldn't figure out the rest of your complaint/compliment.
sam35 on 02/20/2011:
It was a compliment ! Kaiser is doing well when a lot of Hospitals are not . My writing is not that
good ! But then try to draw a conclusion from some
Doctors research . My point is that Kaiser has done
a lot of good for me ! And because of my experience I learned a very important lesson ! Never trust any
Doctor more than you trust your self . Trust your
feelings . Just because they are Doctors they don't
know more about you than you do ! If you go along
with Doctors when you think their wrong , Your in for a very unpleasant experience !
GenuineNerd on 02/20/2011:
I am a very happy Kaiser patient. I have been with Kaiser (in Ohio) for almost 25 years now. I switched to Kaiser from Blue Cross/Blue Shield years ago, since BC/BS refused to pay for x-rays taken in a doctor's office, and refused to pay for my prescriptions, despite having so-called "high option" federal employee coverage. When my premium increased from $33 biweekly to $51 biweekly (this was in 1987), I decided to make the switch to Kaiser Permanente next time there was an open enrollment season. I have been happy ever since. Sure, I have to use their facilities, doctors, and pharmacies, but I have been very happy with Kaiser...and my biweekly premiums are still very reasonable.
sam35 on 02/21/2011:
If you really not very sick or Injured Kaiser is great ! In some cases having Kaiser is like hitting
the lottery ! I know a fire man that shot himself
in the hand . They flew him to a non Kaiser hospital
by helicopter wear some Doctor used his god like
talent to put his hand back together ! Today you can't even see a scar ,and his hand works fine !
In other cases they will leave you to die ! I don't know how Doctors figure out who get what ?
One thing for sure .If you luck out and get the right treatment you will be much better off at
Kaiser ! With Blue Cross you will pay your deductible .$2.400 in my case . Then 20% on top
of that per year ! That can add up to some real
money . If I really get sick and have to go to the
Hospital , Iam going to the V.A wear at least I
will be able to afford a nice funeral !
Now Blue Cross is not all bad ,money won't do you any good when you are dead ! You can go right to
the Mayo clinic or to Standford wear you are more
likely to get the right care in a timely manor .But
you sure as hell will pay for it !
GenuineNerd on 05/21/2011:
At least with Kaiser, I have access to the Cleveland Clinic if I need to be hospitalized...one of the top hospitals in the nation.
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Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- If you are diagnosed with Sleep Apenea Kaiser only covers the treatment if you are on the $5.00 or $10.00 copay plan. If not you are out of luck. The equipment costs around $1000.00 and I can't afford that.

Untreated sleep apnea can:

Increase the risk for high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, obesity, and diabetes
Increase the risk for or worsen heart failure
Make irregular heartbeats more likely
Increase the chance of having work-related or driving accidents.

Sleep apnea is considered a serious medical condition. It is unbelievable to me that treatment isn't covered under all Kaiser health plans.

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Anonymous on 08/26/2009:
Unfortunately, that is the coverage level you chose to take, so you really can't complain about it.

You can always contact you state's legislators to see if anyone would be willing to pass a state statute to require coverage. Just expect your premiums to rise.
Anonymous on 08/26/2009:
babyc, call some local durable medical equipment providers. Many people buy c-pap machines and then never use them. They are considered used once that happens (even if they weren't) and can be sold at a great discount--1/2 price or less. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them. The filters can be changed--and need to be periodically anyway. So, it is just like new. Also, try some free-standing sleep labs. We had closets full of used machines where I worked.

You will also need an appropriate mask. Most places will give you a discount if you don't have insurance coverage.

You need to be oriented on it's use, so buying a CPAP machine on-line is not a good idea, unless you can work a deal with the Kaiser sleep lab to train you on it's use. If they will train you, then on-line new machines could be a great option. In the meantime, see if they will loan you some equipment until you can secure your own. We bent over backwards to help people in need of equipment that could not afford it.

Sleep apnea is serious enough for you to pursue this treatment--even if you have to take out a loan or make payments. Good luck and I hope my info helps in some way.
Suusan B. on 08/26/2009:
Unfortunately I'll bet if you read through all the coverage clauses in your specific plan, sleep apenea is not covered. Honestly, you'd have to have a pretty high level plan (and be paying the price for it) for any insurance provider to fork out $1,000 for a piece of equipment. Could this be a matter that you have a deductible that isn't met and that may be the reason they want you to pay for it?
Anonymous on 08/26/2009:
When I worked in a private sleep lab, we had patients referred to us all the time from Kaiser. They had a sleep lab but were so booked up (and small) that they couldn't handle the load. The fact that they pay for the polysomnogram and not the needed equipment is a bit out of order. Sleep apnea is a serious disorder and should be addressed. They do not pay $1,000 for the equipment, believe me. We sure didn't and they are a much bigger operation than the one I worked for. They probably told the op it would cost them $1,000 though, which would include their profit for the machine. They pay much less for the equipment, probably 1/2, because they buy in bulk. We always took our patient's health into consideration and there were always ways to make it more affordable--even payment plans if no insurance coverage was available.
PepperElf on 08/26/2009:
do those breath right strips help with this?
I know they claim to help prevent snoring
Anonymous on 08/26/2009:
Great advice Kia on both of your posts!
Anonymous on 08/26/2009:
No, PE, they don't help sleep apnea. They probably help some people with nasal congestion though (which can also cause snoring).
Anonymous on 08/26/2009:
Thanks, John! I am passionate about people getting treated for this. Another case of a (huge) medical facility only caring about the bottom line and not the patient. There are ways to make it more affordable, they are just not willing to fill the patient in on the options.
Anonymous on 08/26/2009:
I understand Kia. I have personal resentment against Kaiser so I couldn't respond to the post. I wish the person who posted this complaint the best of luck. I hope Kia's suggestion helps you find a resolution.

Again, health care reform! The system is broken down and is not working for people who need it! Something has to change.
Anonymous on 08/26/2009:
John, it really sucks for people like the op (and others with other unresolved problems). We often came across insurance like this. It made me sick that they would give you a dx test, but nothing more. What good does that really do in the end except cause more stress? Ugh!
JDSmith on 08/26/2009:
I also suffer from severe sleep apnea, and have used a CPAP for about 6 years. My first machine was purchased when I had Blue Cross, and was billed at a rate of $1,800.

About 3 years later, now covered by Kaiser, I needed to have the machine replaced due to excessive noise. Kaiser approved the replacement without even as much as a doctor visit, and Apria Medical equipment provided me a new machine and mask for my $20 copay.

It is unfortunate that your Kaiser coverage does not appear to include the durable medical equipment, but if you do some web searching, you can find CPAP machines for as low as around $300. Even Amazon has them listed.

I would also suggest you could contact a local sleep diagnoses center, and ask about equipment options and costs.

They may be able to provide you with lower cost, or even discounted returned rental equipment. This is completely hygenic as long as you are provided new filters, hose and mask.
Anonymous on 08/26/2009:
good info JDSmith! I would never have thought to look at Amazon.
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Grueling Application Process
Posted by on
MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA -- I applied for Kaiser's health insurance at the beginning of January 2009 with the intention of starting health coverage at the beginning of March, however now I don't believe that this will happen.

I wasn't very happy when I found out that I needed to fill in a 20 page health questionnaire when I started the application process online, especially since I had never had to do one with Blue Cross, but I pushed through it anyway. I finally got to the Women's health section of the application where they asked when was your last period. Since I am on Depo (birth control shot who's side effect is stopping a woman's period) I answered truthfully with September 2003. Of course this pulled up all kinds of red flag warnings on the site, it then asked me why which of course I answered with "taking Depo".

I didn't hear anything from Kaiser for almost a month and when I went to check my application status online it just said 'processing'. I finally received a phone call from someone at Kaiser (9:00 at night) asking me, once again, when my last period was and what medication/birth control I was on. Finally I received a letter from them, basically implying that they didn't trust me and that I would have to go down to one of their lab facilities and take a pregnancy test, before they would consider my application. Oh and they apparently only gave me two weeks to complete this from the date that the letter was written (one week and one day from when the letter was actually delivered) or they would figure that I was pregnant and they would throw away me application.

My anguish is over the fact that if they were actually medical professionals then they would know that one of the side effects of taking Depo is that you do not receive your period and that if I had been pregnant since September 2003...I would be DEAD (with a 5 year old inside)! Even after I take this pregnancy test, they can still deny me...a perfectly healthy 25 year old with no prior medical problems...WTF? Just because I am on birth control?

If you apply to Kaiser just know that you might be in for a very long, hastled time!
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Principissa on 02/13/2009:
Good gravy what morons. I have a friend on depo and she hasn't had a period in almost 3 months. And when she does get one it's light spotting. I would assume that as medical professionals they would have known that. I guess that's the price you pay for being honest with them......
Suusan B. on 02/13/2009:
Your situation really ticks me off. Kaiser allowed Octo-Mom and her eight babies to receive services from their Bellflower, CA facility to the tune of $3MM knowing she doesn't have any insurance and now wants the state of California to pick up the tab. You, on the other hand, want to purchase and pay for health insurance and are being jerked around. Grrrrrrrrrrr
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Learn The System And Be Happy With Kaiser Permanente
Posted by on
I work for KP in northern Ca, and I am very satisfied with KP's quality of service- Not because I personally receive great service from my doctor, and staff from receptionists to medical specialists, but because I have the opportunity to hear the comments from hundreds of patients per day, almost all of which are positive.

Yes there are going to be those who may not like their doctor, or get billed incorrectly, or may have some other minor complaint, but there is always a way to get these matters corrected. Taking time to learn the KP system will provide a tremendous change of experience. If you aren't happy with your doctor, look for a new one. If you aren't happy with the way your doctor diagnoses you, request a specialist.

KP is the largest medical system that provides 99% of all medical needs, (there are a couple procedures that KP outsources, such as PET's, and Lasik eye surgery) providing a patient with a seamless continuity of care not found with any other medical system, including Canada's universal health system.

My main point is that the system is like clock-work providing you have a good doctor, or pcp. A good Kaiser doctor acts as a central hub for all other care you may require from KP, such as specialists, medicine, and surgery pre/post checkups. After you have lab work, or a mammogram, or whatever test, your pcp should be proactively calling you to inform you if anything is out of range.

I think Kaiser Permanente is awesome. I have been happy with them for over 20 years, and I have only been working for them for 3 years. Now that I work for KP, I can truly attest that they really do make patient satisfaction their number one priority, and they are continuously trying to improve their system to stay on top of the game with their ever increasing patient base.
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Anonymous on 01/14/2009:
I had to take a pre-employment physical at KP in Houston about 20 years ago. They were so screwed up I wouldn't take a dog in there. Mis-labelled urine sample... went back again. I was never told to fast. Went back for 2nd blood sample.
Lost that blood sample... went back again. I was there 4 times to complete 1 physical. What a joke!
Anonymous on 01/15/2009:
"Now that I work for KP, I can truly attest that they really do make patient satisfaction their number one priority,..."

Oh PUHLEESE!! I've been a healthcare provider for over 20 years. Every health insurer has only one top priority...screwing over the patient and the doctor to increase insurance profits to provide kingly perks and salaries to their executives and pay dividends to their stockholders. This review suggesting KP is the patient's 'friend' is absolute tripe. Poster, you employer may enjoy your obsequious tribute...I suggest you share it with them. They are the only ones who will believe you.
OzoneLayer on 04/24/2009:
I second that opinion, "Ghost." What an inane review. "Learn the system & be happy"? Okey dokey, chairman Mao. My favorite part: "Yes there are going to be those who may not like their doctor, or get billed incorrectly, or may have some other minor complaint"...LOL!
sam35 on 05/07/2011:
For those of you that work for Kaiser I am glade you have a job !
I know people that are retired and don't pay for Kaiser and they seem to be happy with Kaiser ! When
I was paying $60. buck a month and not hurt I really liked Kaiser too !
But when Kaiser cost $600. a month and they screw
you over !
Well there are a lot of people that want their money back ! To say the least .
Kaiser has change my mind about trusting Doctor's.
If I'm hurt or sick enough chances are I will be
force into it .
But I will never pay Kaiser another dime ! But I still see Doctors and Kaiser staff from time to time . Just now they pay Me !
That makes Me a lot more understanding about their
incompetence !

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Bad Health Care System
Posted by on
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Kaiser Permanete is a bad health care system.

In a nutshell, the doctors are rude and the services are just a big joke. I am amaze that no one has filed a lawsuit against them yet. They don't care about their patients. All they see is how fast they can get you out of their facility!
The doctors (ER) don't really care. They just try to get you out as fast as they. I guess the bottom line is that, they try to save some $$$.

So, it seems the system is not really a proper, functioning system - should we say....

Anyway - I am just saddest to see that we are a big nation like USA - should have the greatest health care in the world - but - it turned out that other country - like Canada, Switzerland., have the best health care - hospital service, etc.
Kaiser is a big broken system that doesn't seems to work.
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Anonymous on 10/23/2008:
I have friends in Canada, and I don't envy them their health care system one single bit. Think about being sick, and having to wait six months for an MRI.
Anonymous on 10/23/2008:
I agree, Ken. My friends in the UK say the same about their national health insurance. When it comes to America, government health insurance will have the efficiency of the Postal Service and the compassion of the Internal Revenue Service.
Cyn on 08/19/2013:
Have Kaiser in Georgia just refused to pay for my Vitamin D tablets. Bad healthcare glad I will be on Medicare soon. Call this a group plan just managed care.
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Signing Up For An Individual Plan / Getting A Quote
Posted by on
MARYLAND -- Beware...... Kaiser is very misleading. Do not apply for an Individual plan online unless you are definitely going to sign up with them. In requesting a quote they require you to input your credit card information. Do NOT give them your information unless you are 100% certain you want the plan you applied for and agree to the price. They will take money out of your account eventually.
I inquired, requested a quote, in mid April. Online it states that the 1st months premium will come out and each month there after it would come out the beginning of the month. I was constantly calling to find out if I had been approved and what the cost of the other plans were. The end of May they deducted payment for coverage for the months of May & June (yet there website stated that the month of June would come out the beginning of that month).

Every time I called membership services, I would speak to someone different. I would keep track of their names and get direct #'s. Each time I was told I would be getting a refund in a few days time. After I few days, I would call back b/c I had not received a refund. It is now June and I have received a refund, BUT they have now taken another two months coverage out of my account!!! It is very frustrating. Health Ins. is not cheap.

I sympathize with all the reviews. They have horrible customer service reps. I had a baby in December and could not leave the hospital until I made my baby an appointment. I had to get the baby registered. It took over two hours on the telephone and they would transfer me from one person to another. Finally, the doctor from the hospital called Kaiser and it was taken care of.

I have never seen the same doctor when visiting Kaiser even though I am assigned a Primary Care Physician. The doctors are clueless. I usually tell them what to do.

Good luck.
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Kaiser Permanente IS way beyond terrible AND inhumane !
Posted by on
If I were Well enough I'd leave, Maybe go to a country where they care MORE for the patient than the DOLLARS they save. Kaiser is awful...Period.

I have a disease called Dystonia. Kaiser knows I've went from a ladies petite size 14-16 TO a size O in like 7 months. No appetite, that fluid BURNS too INSIDE. Kaiser knows I'm dying too. They call ME once a week, EVERY week, just to check in. Why ? I'm not sure. They can't help AND won't, but they'll plague you by phone for NO reason.

Nancy, my case "pacifier", blamed everything on the docs. Does Kaiser MAKE their employees STOOP that LOW ? With-Hold CARE and TELL you WHY you cannot GET any help...know why ??? Well..there never was HELP, only EXCUSES, bottom line IS money, money, money.

The doc in Denver did an ILLEGAL "Huntingtons Chorea" test WITHOUT my signature too !!!! NANCY said it was OK. Sign AFTER the test, yea right. They, being Kaiser, bugged me so much about signing the paper AFTER that test.

Their nit wit in Denver called Himself and said Neg. on that. NANCY on behalf of Kaiser ASSURED me there'd NEVER be the Mayo Clinic. NOT one of their "flunky" doctors could EVER do the Mayo referral ?

I now consider those calls "Harassment". BECAUSE months go by and no one gets IT at Kaiser OR they really DO NOT CARE.

The Mayo Clinic was brought up by 3 or more Dr's BUT not a one filled out the Correct FORMS, and Kaiser is SO HAPPY.

I look like a walking skeleton ! I mean, come on, this IS heart-less. My belly button leaks clear fluid that gives me second degree burns! THAT surgeon that DID this doesn't care. He laughed ! YOU Kaiser should have fired the doc.

Kaiser assigned a "Case Mgr." for me. That was infuriating. All she did was run me and my husband around in circles and spout LIES. Doctors won't and don't treat you IF you have Kaiser. I'd bet they get 'kick-backs' for NOT taking tests and labwork. They are blatantly letting me die.

The case mgr. TOLD me the Mayo would NEVER occur.

Nancy here in Co. Spgs. would tell me numerous times that SHE was faxing OR mailing TESTs & the RESULTS to various doctors. THAT never ever occurred. She DOESN'T have access !

IF Kaiser sends you out of town to another city , then that is called "Out-of-Network.
Meaning "out-of city", Or out of FRANCHISE area. Kaiser IS franchised OUT.

So, the owner of Kaiser Permanente saved a lot of dollars Not footing the bill for the Mayo. It means my life so I hope the OWNER here in the Springs in Colorado IS VERY HAPPY.

Your little FRANCHISE in the RED or what?

My life is nearly gone. I didn't know if I'd have the strength to type 1/10 of this tale nor if this makes sense to the reader. I hope I got my message through.

Four kinds of Dystonia, three of which are Brand New plus an Open navel that LEAKS from a surgery done around 10 yrs. ago. The surgeon hates me because I didn't sue my M.D.

'Kaiser Permanente', you ARE THE joke of the health care industry.

'Kaiser is Franchised too.

Thanks guys,

I DO like this site.

- Candace

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User Replies:
CjC on 08/01/2007:
Last time here I guess.
...Hey OWNER of Kaiser Permanente...IN Colorado Springs,CO.
Sparticus on 08/01/2007:
Huh? I'm confused... why are you thanking them?
poppapia on 08/01/2007:
I a little confused with this entire post. Kaiser calls to check on you, and you are complaining? It doesn't sound like you have received the proper treatment, but Kaiser has a dispute resolution process; have you tried this route? Also, if it's as bad as described, you need to find another doctor and worry about Kaiser after you get cured.
Anonymous on 08/01/2007:
"n. Abnormal tonicity of muscle, characterized by prolonged, repetitive muscle contractions that may cause twisting or jerking movements of the body or a body part."

I am also confused, how does a muscle control issue translate to a navel leaking acid? I agree with Poppa, find a doctor who will treat you, then deal with Kaiser.
grandma005 on 08/01/2007:
Get a lawyer ASAP. You are right about Kaiser only caring about money. They will let you die! Only if you have a lawyer will they stand up and listen. And if you do die, your husband can sue the pants off of them. They deserve to be sued in this case. They have made you suffer and put your like in danger. I have heard nothing good about Kaiser. They almost let my daughter die by refusing to let her have an operation. Only after we hired a lawyer was her life saved.
GRANNYLKM on 08/01/2007:
We had Kaiser years ago. I broke my foot, they paid for the cast & the Doctors visit. But, they wouldn't pay for having my cast removed. They told me "cast removal is not covered". I had to pay for that myself.
CjC on 08/01/2007:
Spart: I was being 'sarcastic' in EVER thanking them.(Kaiser):)

And to the lady :
Nancy , the 'case' pacifier, she was to call me once a week near the the end before I called Kaiser and I fired Nancy. Her job was to CHECK on me, NOT to HELP me.

Not once did she send tests nor results OF any tests TO ANY doctors , as SHE repeatedly stated she did. To a couple of doctors, Nancy was supposed to FAX the 'supposed' tests AND results to my NEW M.D. That was never done. But, oh well. Lies are lies, too many from Nancy.

Three docs thought the Mayo Clinic was a great idea seeing as I have a 'movement disorder, "Dystonia", I have 4 types now : Oromandibular, Cervical, Blephospasm and Cranial Cervical.

There is no cure for Dystonia. It is a cousin to Parkinsons but not like Parkinsons at all. Timed, rhythmic movements. I had a "Dystonic Storm" a few weeks back. Resembled Grand Mal Epilepsy BUT I was awake during and the few times my eyes would open I could SEE. I've had Dystonia since age approx. 13-14. Not to brag but I used to be able to handle it well.

That was before all this mess...being told my thyroid was LOWER than low two months ago approx. Go get Synthroid my docs nurses aid says to me. On the 18th day I quit the synthroid from too many Dystonic Reactions. I was blacking out, stumbling..went for second opinion. Then ER. ER ran test. NOTHING wrong with thyroid.

I get new M.D. Does she want 17 years of records from my old doc ? NO.

There are MORE people with Dystonia than have Muscular Dystrophy ! Oh, and I really AM sorry at venting all this personal stuff online but geez. Kaiser won't even DO a thing even if your life depended on it.

The docs here have always told me I'm "High Risk" for 10 years. No doc fixes EVEN an open wound from a VERY extensive abdominal surgery. Not even THE doctor that did it. No one will do a culture on the fluid that burns like hell. ! Isn't that awful ? I ask, they don't, they won't. Why ? Two years of that WITH "Dystonia" ? No.

Kaiser is a horrible company.
CjC on 08/01/2007:
CjC on 08/01/2007:
Grandma. I'm sorry but it is too late.
jenjenn on 08/01/2007:
There's a little thing called "PLAN DOCUMENT" or "SUMMARY PLAN DESCRIPTION" when you obtain insurance coverage. This is the thing that people never read, that indicates what your coverage is. If more people took the time to understand what you coverage is, there would be less insurance haters in the world. You have insurance, but insurance doesn't cover EVERYTHING. No, I'm not a Kaiser employee. :)
grandma005 on 08/01/2007:
It is not over yet! Get a lawyer.
anndillman on 08/01/2007:
This entire situation sounds suspect. I looked your disease up - it is a neurological disease, not some type of wasting disease. Are you telling me not one doctor has addressed your massive weight loss? Also, to the poster who claimed Kaiser would not cover the removal of her cast-oh please! To begin with, that is not how Kaiser co-pays work. You pay your $5 or $10 or whatever your co-pay is and you are seen by your doctor. Perhaps that is what she thought was an extra non-covered "cast removal fee".
CjC on 08/02/2007:
CjC on 08/02/2007:
Kaiser WOULD NOT pay for my CAST NOR for the standard x-rays. They DID pay Most of it BUT NOT all. STANDARD !
THE poster that wrote IS RIGHT.

Kaiser IS franchised. What one franchise pays for, another franchised are, (city) WILL NOT pay for.
sam35 on 02/18/2011:
Iam very sorry to hear you story ! Kaiser is not the
only franchise who put a price on what people are
worth ! With blue cross they say I have 6 million
dollar cap . I never live that long ! And now with
Obama care they say that insurance Co. can't have
any cap ? For a cheaper price ! Right ,Life is short
and its a lot cheaper to let you die than to cure you !
It sad but wear all in the same boat ,even Doctors
.I hope you get better ,you write much better than
I do !
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