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The Worst Experience
By -

FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA -- I really wonder how inhuman can someone be? Doctors treat their patients like we are a bunch of animals, nurses treat everyone like we have no right to ask any questions!!! How can we stop this???!!! Who should we need to talk and complaint?! I really don't know where to begin with all the mistreat my husband and I personally received from Kaiser, but I'm pretty sure what I'm going to say is not new to all the people that have Kaiser Permanente as a health insurance specially Falls Church Center.

Well, let's start on the calls... whenever I call to make an appointment or just to leave a message to my doctor it takes forever to get to someone that will redirect me and tell me that "in case we get disconnected can I have your number" so like always after 15 min the call is lost, after calling back and have to go through the same standard questions I did before, I finally get to the nurse who gets my number again and puts me on hold to wait for a nurse again... and again the call is lost, one could think that hey I gave her my number twice maybe this time I should just wait for their call...

But after two days I finally got the call (this happened 2 times that I waited to see how long it will take them to call me back). OK well I finally got the appt, got there 15 minutes early, btw I was having severe pain on my lower right side abdomen and began spotting since I was 6 weeks pregnant (3rd time trying) I was really scared that I was having a miscarriage, so once I was there I had to be on the waiting area for 1 hour so exactly 45 minutes from my time of appointment. When the nurse finally called my name I thought "thank goodness! its my turn" but she left us in the room waiting for the nurse for another 50 minutes.

When she came in told me to get ready for the Dr and she left as soon as she finished pronouncing the last word... Well I was ready for the Dr, I was having really bad pain by now, after 40 min my husband went to the front desk and told them I was in pain, but the nurses told him that I should've have gone to the ER and that besides the Dr is in his way... They didn't even came to see how I was doing, one came after probably 15 min my husband told them, looked at me and told me the Dr is in his way...

I told her I was in pain and if I should go downstairs to the ER but she said "the Dr is coming just wait" I couldn't believe it!!! No one was doing anything!!! They were laughing outside telling jokes at the front desk... So the Dr showed up after 20 min, but it was a nurse not a Dr like we thought. As soon as she got to the room she said hi and spread my legs apart and told me that she was going to take a sample from the cervix for some test and she was about to use the wrong size of instrument!!!! And it hurt!! Besides she didn't even give us time to say something... so I told her that that wasn't the right size and she told me "but you have kids already, why are you complaining!"

What!!!??? I don't have kids, this is my first one. I was so frustrated and upset... Well she finally changed instruments and got the sample and told us the Dr will see us soon... At this time I was crying, hurting and upset, my husband was trying to keep me calm while he was asking her what are the tests for, why no one told us that, I was coming for pain not to check for Chlamydia besides we were tested before we decided to get pregnant both my husband and me... But she didn't pay attention to what he or I were saying...

Told me to get dressed go downstairs to the laboratory, get some blood test done and wait 1 hour for my results... But we told her that I needed to see the Dr for the pain... And she said "once you have your results come back here in 1 hr." So we went to the lab waited for another 15 min I had the blood and urine test done went outside to the waiting room waited 1 hr went upstairs again... Waited another 30 min for a nurse to call my name, took us inside waited 15 min for the nurse who saw me before and she said "OK so why do you want to see the Dr?" I couldn't believe it!!

My husband told her what were my symptoms because I was so frustrated and upset I was crying easily... She said "OK go to Inova Fairfax Hospital to the ER if you are in that much pain" so my husband hold my hand for support and I walked out the room but before, he asked her what was the result on the tests and she said "Oh yeah everything is good"... I left Kaiser regretting ever ever getting into their health insurance... I was so mortified. It took us 4 hours and 50 min to find practically nothing. I don't think even our pets are treated this way!!! I don't want to say that they treated us like that because we are Hispanic but that definitely came to my mind...

I'm very sure we are not the only ones that came across to this kind of people, but if my words can help someone, and/or prevent someone to get into Kaiser especially when they are planning for a baby, please take in consideration what I'm writing. "Don't get Kaiser" you will regret it. Just to let you all know my baby is fine. I'm now 7 wks but not thanks to Kaiser nor the staff.

Kaiser Permanente IS way beyond terrible AND inhumane!
By -

If I were well enough I'd leave, maybe go to a country where they care MORE for the patient than the DOLLARS they save. Kaiser is awful... Period. I have a disease called Dystonia. Kaiser knows I've went from a ladies petite size 14-16 TO a size O in like 7 months. No appetite, that fluid BURNS too INSIDE. Kaiser knows I'm dying too. They call ME once a week, EVERY week, just to check in. Why? I'm not sure. They can't help AND won't, but they'll plague you by phone for NO reason.

**, my case "pacifier", blamed everything on the docs. Does Kaiser MAKE their employees STOOP that LOW ? With-Hold CARE and TELL you WHY you cannot GET any help...know why??? Well.. there never was HELP, only EXCUSES, bottom line IS money, money, money. The doc in Denver did an ILLEGAL "Huntingtons Chorea" test WITHOUT my signature too!!!! ** said it was OK. Sign AFTER the test, yea right. They, being Kaiser, bugged me so much about signing the paper AFTER that test.

Their nit wit in Denver called himself and said neg. on that. ** on behalf of Kaiser ASSURED me there'd NEVER be the Mayo Clinic. NOT one of their "flunky" doctors could EVER do the Mayo referral? I now consider those calls "Harassment". BECAUSE months go by and no one gets IT at Kaiser OR they really DO NOT CARE. The Mayo Clinic was brought up by 3 or more Dr's BUT not a one filled out the Correct FORMS, and Kaiser is SO HAPPY.

I look like a walking skeleton! I mean, come on, this IS heartless. My belly button leaks clear fluid that gives me second degree burns! THAT surgeon that DID this doesn't care. He laughed! YOU Kaiser should have fired the doc.
Kaiser assigned a "Case Mgr." for me. That was infuriating. All she did was run me and my husband around in circles and spout LIES. Doctors won't and don't treat you IF you have Kaiser. I'd bet they get 'kick-backs' for NOT taking tests and lab work. They are blatantly letting me die. The case mgr. TOLD me the Mayo would NEVER occur.

** here in Co. Spgs. would tell me numerous times that SHE was faxing OR mailing TESTs & the RESULTS to various doctors. THAT never ever occurred. She DOESN'T have access! IF Kaiser sends you out of town to another city, then that is called "Out-of-Network." Meaning "out-of city", or out of FRANCHISE area. Kaiser IS franchised OUT.

So, the owner of Kaiser Permanente saved a lot of dollars not footing the bill for the Mayo. It means my life so I hope the OWNER here in the Springs in Colorado IS VERY HAPPY. Your little FRANCHISE in the RED or what?
My life is nearly gone. I didn't know if I'd have the strength to type 1/10 of this tale nor if this makes sense to the reader. I hope I got my message through.

Four kinds of Dystonia, three of which are brand new plus an open navel that LEAKS from a surgery done around 10 yrs. ago. The surgeon hates me because I didn't sue my M.D. 'Kaiser Permanente', you ARE THE joke of the health care industry. 'Kaiser is Franchised too. Thanks guys, I DO like this site.

I Am an Abused Volunteer - KP Ignored Facts and Threatened to Sue Me
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Rating: 1/51

PANORAMA CITY VOLUNTEER, CALIFORNIA -- Deplorable treatment of senior volunteer- "bullying"€ humiliation, Oct 17, 2011. Panorama City pharmacy n3. Sorry for this contact but hopeful of resolution. This situation has no dignity or values of KP and surely embarrasses all of KP I wish to bring to your attention, numerous deplorable acts on me as a 4 year senior volunteer at Panorama City Facility. Especially arrogant attitude of managers to act equally for justice and to ascertain factual accounts and base a decision on the merit of the complaint or the employee'€™s action.

In order to capsulize these events: I was set upon by **, in pharmacy 3 n she followed and antagonized me in three separate instances and "screamed" in my face. Finally, she tracked me from the supply room where she pushed a cart into the shelves near me as I removed an eyelash clouding my vision and did the same while I read the bulletin board and finally to the other side of the pharmacy approximately 30-35 feet. She actually pursued me. She screamedtype that she lurched forward at me and lowly screamed in my face. ”She was trying to bait me into a fight with contact but I disappointed her--sounds odd but it's 100% true--just not audible throughout the room.

Security cameras!! In addition I was in resource management and at least 6 rn€™s can vouch for my demeanor and even improvements, I made several suggestions that resulted in better archived files, more functional meeting room and accuracy of work file and pick up point for tasks for me.

Evening vol dir allowed a tottering older woman to have her personal dog at a KP Banquet where capacity was overflowing with over 500-600 peoplethe woman even tripped and fell into the carving station this is the kind of bias and mindless decisions that permeate KPunless you are chosen- why bother you with such trivia€. Well to illustrate the culture of arrogance that even includes managers, employees and gender baiting all sources have been exhausted. There are no scruples of KP that KP can be proud of in this activity.

I thought KP had a policy of non€“ retaliation and fairness. €It is not being exhibited to show you this. I stated that I would prefer to have the door open in the resources office as it has been for over 3 years. €”I was thoroughly screeched at by one of your director/a manager practically slammed the door. KP is so blind to old volunteers as to miss this implicationof course you get itsuppose a young woman said that, what should the manager have done? Enough my focus is on **'€™s cohort€™s aggressive and erratic/belligerent behavior in pharmacy n3. Respectfully submitted for your consideration. Please by June 1 2012, appreciate it.

False Patient Summary
By -

Date: 09/07/2011. I left my primary physician at KAISER PERMANENTE the morning of only to find out after getting a physical for Life Insurance and in spite of my labs coming back PERFECT that based on the industry standard BMI Chart (Body Mass Index) which is a pre-determined standard on one's body fat based on height/weight ratio, I was deemed OBESE, and my life insurance will now by eye-gouged due to such.

So, back to the BMI, because I am 5'10" 214 LBS, yes, they wrote me as obese. And because I'm this weight is in direct proportion of training 3-5 days a week of high resistance conditioning (last 10 years) as I'm TRYING TO GAIN WEIGHT in which the above mentioned physician refused to address in my permanent medical record; which underwriters all have access to, and refused to refer me to get an actual body fat test conducted.

Now, while one may think how innocent a BMI chart is, let me catch you and the rest of the world up-to-speed. The BMI is "Industry Standard" which Life Insurance Co. (and others) go by, and regardless if you were truly only at 14% body fat and in EXCELLENT condition, if you fall within the box you fall within, this is the speculative predetermined evaluation. So, on one's medical record, this BMI which is complete speculation, is a fact on one's record all for a Life Insurance to go by, so they can further jack up one's premium.

Stay away from Kaiser, if you can.
By -

DUBLIN, CALIFORNIA -- I am not sure where to begin with. I was first time pregnant last year Oct and I had worst experience of my life with Kaiser. In 3rd week of pregnancy I started bleeding just like my periods. I got worried and called Kaiser, they have such a long process every time you call them. First of all they will tell about flu shots, no matter if you have anything else which is more urgent, then routine questions €"“What was your LMP, are you having cramps, bleeding blah blah blah." Then your call will be transferred to a nurse and she will repeat those same questions again. I had such a hard time in getting appointment with a doctor.

I was continuously bleeding in whole 3rd week and never got a doctor'€™s appointment. They only ordered beta hcg test, which were coming out fine (I think). My bleeding stopped in 4th week, and from our friends we found that we have to call them at 6:00 in morning to get appointment. I finally got appointment with a doc, but she didn'€™t do any ultrasound. And her attitude was like "why did you guys want to see doc, it's too early in pregnancy€." Well I again started bleeding in 5th week, this time I was passing large blood clots but again no appointment.

Me and my husband had no other option but to keep calling their customer service and talk to nurses. And one morning I had severe pain in chest, called 911 as per their nurse advice (god bless her). Well it was same doc there who saw me in my 4th week, and she had same attitude as if nothing has happened and nurse advice was probably incorrect to send us like this to ER. I was sent to radiology lab and after that doc was explaining me about D&C and told if I have Ectopic then it will need to be treated using medicines. I don't how long I was on OT but when I came out, they had to remove my right fallopian tube.

It doesn'€™t end here, doc came and showed me photos of my damaged tube and told me I can still have 3 babies with other fallopian tube. Then she got paged and had to go, she gave permission to release me at that very moment. I was hardly able to move, and nurse was getting impatient about my leaving their hospital bed. Somehow I gained effort to move and came back with my husband.

Next day I started having sharp pain in my abdomen. Again after struggling and praying to different nurses I got to talk with a doctor and she said "€œyou are having pain because of some gas, and that might be because of pain killer subscribed to me."€ She also mentioned that it I should have been told this by my surgeon. Huh? Next day my legs got double in size because of swelling, well this time nurse was able to tell that this is because of IV given to me and it gets collected in feet. After all this I just wished that least that doc could have done is tell us what I am going to experience, so that we don't get panicked.

I wonder if that's how they treat all complicated cases. Just don'€™t listen to patient earlier and when situation gets worse than remove the part. So convenient, as it is very difficult for a layman to argue against a doctor's decision.
Well, it's definitely not easy to write all this. It's like going through that pain again, but I wanted to share this with all you people out there.

I was lucky to get rid of Kaiser quickly enough because I can change my insurance company in beginning of new year. If Kaiser would have paid more attention to my bleeding in beginning I would not have lost my fallopian tube and it could have been treated by medicines. We thought about filing case against them, but can't live that pain again.

Customer... care... with Kaiser Permanente
By -

After having read the last two reviews of Kaiser Permanente's health service, I thought it might be easier to isolate my review to a specific arena, prescription refills and customer support in my case. I think when people discuss healthcare as a big subject, it can be very hard to reckon with the fact that it is a business much like any other venture that offers services and products at a price. Ideally, the industry should consist of only people who care about the welfare of others. Shouldn't any business that deals with people? But there are still costs, procedures, and miles of red tape even a well-intentioned worker will find himself a part of in order to hold a job in the business.

I'm not saying this is a good thing. What I am saying is that this is the place we're at as far as healthcare in the US goes. As for the case of another reviewer here, it is horrible you had an experience in a system that purports to care for your well-being work out so poorly for your loved one. But like the other writer said, some individuals at Kaiser offer professional care in a kind manner and with more than adequate competence. And some do not.

Anyway, moving along. I had KP in the last state I lived in. I wasn't sure how my plan there would translate once I moved to another state (still keeping my plan and asking for the same kinds of medications) but after a few phone calls, I found that I could get my prescriptions and could pick a physician just as in my former state. Trouble is, by a few phone calls, I mean a steady stream on calls to various branches of Kaiser over the course of five or six days.

One rep would tell me I had to come in for an appointment in order to get my prescription filled. Another would tell me an appointment wasn't necessary but, after being informed that another rep said otherwise (stupid me for piping up), had to put me on hold to confirm the truth. Then in order to find the pharmacy where my meds were being held, I had to call around again. The whole time the phone support employees were polite, deferential and sympathetic to my situation. The real question then is how far does polite treatment go when you still have to jump through hoops to get what you want?

Another gripe is the Kaiser Permanente website. It has features for members. But you the member can only access these features if you have a user ID and a password. You get these things by having them mailed to you or signing up with a primary caregiver and registering for those items on the caregiver's personal site. Never before was it this hard for me just to get a permission code to use a darn website. I've enrolled in college classes at a city university through fewer steps. It just seems ridiculous if you're already a member to endure a prolonged process of using member features.

Kaiser Won't Let Me See Specialist
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I got some kind of issue where the hair follicles on my chin would get itchy and secrete a clear fluid - also some swelling. My Kaiser doctor told me I had a sexually transmitted disease. I had not had sexual contact for over 20 years before that happened. I was denied an opportunity to see a specialist. I switched carriers and saw a specialist. I had some kind of bacteria. I was treated by a SPECIALIST! Kaiser does NOT treat people - only takes their $$$.

Kaiser is the worst
By -

STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA -- My foot doctor, dr ** told me I needed foot surgery, I have arthritis on the foot. I did have the surgery. The corner bone did not fuse. I saw another kaiser foot specialist. He said I should have never had had foot surgery because the bone never fuses on the corner. I asked him why dr ** did that surgery, he said he did not know. I believe they experiment with people's bodies. I still have pain on the foot. Kaiser has the worst doctors ever.

While quality of medical care improves, quality of membership-related customer service take a dive
By -

I called Kaiser Permanente Membership Services regarding a contract change which was extremely time-sensitive. Translation: I had only a day or two to ensure some contract changes that would save me some money on my sky-high monthly independent-contractor health care dues. One more translation: I am a little old nanny, and what I pay in monthly fees could feed a small nation. Okay - more like a village.

I called the # offered. After a 22-minute wait (love that Muzak!) the bored Kaiser-person said I needed to call another #. Long story short but not so sweet, I was on the phone for most of an afternoon, being transferred from here to there to some planet far, far away, and nothing was resolved.

I decided to take an (unpaid) morning off of work to venture a trip to the Kaiser headquarters in Rockville, Maryland. When I arrived, it became clear where all that money hundreds of thousands of us send monthly is going. The place is castle-like in size and appearance; fortress-like in security. A security guard informed me that I was not allowed to go up the winding staircase to the membership offices to request help. Would he deliver a letter to them? No, not allowed. It seems he was not authorized to leave his post.

"Did I come to the CIA instead of Kaiser?" I asked. No reply. Not authorized to joke, I guess. I was told to wait, and a Kaiser representative would be down to talk to me. I waited. And waited. It was better than being on the phone, because I got a break from that damn music.

The upshot: I left. I had reached my humiliation quota for the day. On my ride home, all I could think of was all the money I have sent them throughout the years. And how a good customer like myself is treated. And deep regret that because our health care system is so unfair, an honest working person should be subjected to this kind of treatment. And deep compassion for all the other Kaiser Permanente customers who share my frustration and disillusionment.

Kaiser provides no information to customers
By -

UNION CITY, CALIFORNIA -- I own a business and recently switched to Kaiser for me and my employees' medical insurance. These are a few of the things that happened in the first one month that had me regret my decision to move to Kaiser: 1. Kaiser did not send any information about how to access account to the members. I, the group admin, had to send multiple emails to get the membership id information. However, when it came to billing, the first month premium was immediately charged to my account. The members were not able to avail any healthcare services for one month because they did not have any clue about how to take an appointment with the doctors.

  1. There is no way to contact them outside business hours, not even to make payments! There is just one phone number for customer support and that too has very restrictive hours which makes it hard for someone with a full-time job. 3. I did not get any information about how to set up account for online access. Neither did I get information about how and where to send payments. 4. The notification of the first bill came on two days after the bill was due! How is anyone supposed to know that the bill is already due if the notification comes later than the due date?

  2. There is no way to reset password online for group administrators. You can't even check for email responses without logging in! This is too much restriction in the name of security. This is so ironic because when I called an operator reset my password and told me the password over phone! What kind of security is this when you can't reset my password online and a live person can just speak out the password over the phone!

  3. The website is really very difficult to use. The navigation controls are tedious and non-intuitive. It is very slow and does not provide information about how to pay bills. I hope this review helps you make decision on choosing the right medical insurance plan.

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