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Customer Service - Account Closing
Posted by on
FORT DRUM, NEW YORK -- OK, approx Dec 16th I reported my debit card stolen to Key Bank. So far no problem, they sounded like it would take a while, but that I would get my money back. Now, when my debit card was stolen, I was wiped clean, and had to go through a very stressful and LONG process to apply for what they call "provisional credit" just so that I would have money for the Christmas holidays. By the time I finally got the credit, which was the 22nd or 23rd, it was late, but It was a load lifted of my shoulders. Now, all I needed was my debit card, so I called and inquired as to a tracking number or something to see if it was possible to get to me before Christmas. I finally asked them where they sent the debit card. This part really frustrates me, when I filed the complaint I requested the new debit card be sent to a specific TX address, I have told them this literally via phone, in person at the branch, and email, all of which were acknowledged and no problem. OK back to the story, so they of course sent it to my NY address that I would not be at for Christmas leave, so I call and complain, they actually do the right thing and rush me a new card with next day service.

So here is where everything gets worse, I get my card right before Christmas, and I activate my account, and I really thought this ordeal was just about over. Oh no it has just started. I proceed to an ATM to make a withdrawal, DENIED, then I call up the bank and ask them if there was a block, they said yes because I was in TX not NY. I don't understand why they did that b/c they SENT IT TO TX not NY. Perhaps this is an automatic thing, but no big deal. So they call the branch to remove the block and I was told by Jenna at fort Drum, that the block would be removed later that day. Again frustrating but no problem, So I go out with my friends around 8 pm and again go to the ATM, DENIED. The bank is now closed until after Christmas.

So they have successfully ruined my Christmas. When I was finally able to get a hold of them today, I was shocked. I was told that they could not unlock the account because of the fraud on the card, and nothing could change that, no amount of identification, nothing only me coming in to the branch, and Jenna had no remorse for my ruined Christmas. I asked if they were going to call me and tell me this, and she said she was going to, my only question is when it had been about 4 days since she said my account would be unblocked.

So I give it one last ditch effort and call and complain to her again, a little more desperately now because I have to buy a plane ticket home, she said she will talk to her security adviser and call me back at the end of the day, now they close at 500, I hadn't received a call yet and it was 450 pm. I call back and speak to Jenna who calmly as possible now says that she spoke to the representative at noon (still never called me back like she promised) and they came to the outrageous decision TO CLOSE MY ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am absolutely stunned, I was told I have 10 days to retrieve my funds, normally I would be upset and want to find out why, because this is just extreme, but I am so angry and fed up with the bank I was going to close my account with them anyway. And of course I cannot close it until I go into the branch when I get back from leave, the first time I would have been able to touch my funds in about a month.

Key Bank,

From the bottom of my heart I sincerely thank you for absolutely ruining my Christmas holiday and proving to me that it meant absolutely nothing to you, It was obviously so routine for you guys to screw the little man, that you just blew me off.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/29/2008:
Can't you just write a check for the balance and open a new account?
FrustratedInDrum on 12/29/2008:
Unfortunately I can't, as my entire account is locked now, not just my debit card
Anonymous on 12/29/2008:
Assuming that there is no fraudulent activity on your account, and that anything you deposited has cleared, they cannot legally hold on to your money. Call them and request that a bank check for the balance of your account be cut and mailed immediately. If they do not comply, call the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (federal regulators) at 800-613-6743 and they will assist you in filing a complaint against the bank. Banks hate having to deal with them, so you generally get immediate results. Good luck.
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Key Bank's Automatic Harassment For Overdue Accounts
Posted by on
BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON -- I have been receiving phone calls twice a day for eight months from a Key Bank collector. Unfortunately, these callers do not appear to share/exchange information with each other because I find myself repeating my scenario over and over again ad nauseum.

My problem began when Paypal attempted to withdraw funds from my Key Bank account. (Somehow Paypal defaulted momentarily to a bank account I had used five years ago).

I was notified in January of 2007 of a problem which had occurred in December of 2006. I was being charged 35.00 by Key Bank for every time Paypal tried to get money from my defunct account. It was being labeled an NSF charge. Paypal tried to access my account for almost a week (twice a day) before reverting to a back-up credit card.

When I realized what was happening I contacted Paypal. They recognized they had accessed an old account, put it into writing that they made the mistake, but they were about to cover any finance charges incurred.

I was most concerned with Key Bank's response as I had informed Key Bank (Fall of 2006) to close my account and informed them I had destroyed my bank card.

When I questioned why I was receiving banking charges on a closed account, Key Bank informed me the account was 'open' and could not be closed as there was pending activity (Paypal attempts). I was informed that my account needed to be paid before they could properly close it again.

Like a fool I went ahead (March 2007) and paid the NSF charges (now over $300.00) that I had been charged by the bank for Paypal's unauthorized attempts. I paid after I realized that Key Bank was not going to accept any responsibility for this situation. I thought if I paid first, I could recoup the funds at a later date.

Imagine my surprise when I started getting telephone calls in August of 2007. My Key Bank 'delinquent account' had been forwarded to a collection agency for unpaid fees. I told them (collection) I didn't have an account and everything had been settled in March/07. I also mentioned that Key Bank probably owed me money.

I have been receiving phone calls - starting with the automated dialing and then a person comes on demanding my personal information prior to continuing.

At first I was accommodating, explaining over and over the situation. Then I became angry - refusing to give out information over the phone. I demanded detailed bank statements as I hadn't received a bank statement since November of 2006. The statements I received show no activity aside from a finance charge that keeps growing.

It appears that the amount I paid in March did not convert into the full amount Key Bank felt I owed them. (I paid using Canadian funds via certified cheque which included the conversion amount for the date). My deposit slip is marked 'paid in full/account closed' by the cashier as I asked her to. Now the bank is stating that after the conversion, I still owed over $13.00.

To date, I now owe close to $400.00 (according to Key Bank and collectors).

The other day, while sorting out my files, I came across my original receipt from last year's payment. Yes! (People - a reminder to not throw out any proof of payment.)

When I informed Key Bank I had my proof of payment and even felt that they probably owed me, they want ME to send them the receipt and statement (original please) for that month/time period. I am to send copies to my original bank, the collectors office, as well as Key Bank's head office. And I do not want to!

Even if I do this, I will still have a negative credit rating because of this incident.

My question is... Shouldn't they already have my payment on file? Why do I have to run around photocopying, register mailing Key Bank to prove I don't owe them money. Why aren't they sending me information to prove I DO owe them money?

Can this American bad credit listing come across the border and register on the Canadian bad credit listings? I have managed for all this time not to incur bad debt, and now this?

How can collectors not have anything on their computer to refer to or answer questions with? (For example, when I asked them to tell me the date of my last Key Bank transaction - to prove I wasn't using the account at the time of the Paypal incident.) They couldn't tell me anything about my banking activity as they didn't have any information.

Finally, how does Key Bank justify this rabid dog response to collecting for finance charges? Is this really Key Bank or is this some collection agency? Is it even advisable to give any personal information (they won't continue with their call if I don't give personal information and they become abusive if I hesitate.) I don't even answer their questions anymore - they're the ones who called me so why should I give out my social security number?

My credit rating has its first official 'blemish' and Key Bank continues with their twice a day calls (as soon as I hear the automated click I hang up.) They have spent more in long distance calls than they ever would have collected for what 'I owe'.


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User Replies:
FoggyOne on 03/14/2008:
Send them a copy and send it registed mail or by courier (FedEx, DHL, etc) so you have a record that they received it. Of course, if you do send the original make a copy for yourself and I would have some statement notarized that you did this - send it in front of a notary or have them send it. Or have the notary state that the copy is an exact replication of the original.
David on 01/06/2012:
I had a problem with Key Bank on a boat loan. They would call and say they hadn't got the payment. We would pay the amount over the phone and, on down the line, we had been charged late fees. Also, if you pay it over the phone they charged an extra fee. We started checking and we would send the payment in about 5 to 6 days ahead of the due date. They would call and say they never got our check. We checked with our bank and it showed around 15 checks that had not cleared. I told one lady that they had one heck of a shredder. She didn't say anything. They are crooked.
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Problem after problem
Posted by on
I have had NUMEROUS problems (the last one being the WORST!) with Key Bank ever since I opened my account 5 months ago. Now I'm counting down the days till I can close my account (6 month waiting period) and open one with a more reliable, cooperative, and customer friendly bank.

Problem 1: When opening my account I was never made aware of the $1 fee for getting a receipt with ATM transactions. I was advised when I was opening my account and go my card to go make sure I checked to see that it worked before I left. So of course I took this advice, it seemed like a good idea. A few days later I set up my online banking and noticed a $1 service charge. I had to go into the bank to find out what it was for and when I told them what happened they said "Well, _____ is with a client right now, maybe you could come back tomorrow when we aren't as busy." Needless to say I didn't go back because the cost of gas would completely defeat getting the $1 back but to think about how many times they could do this and come out with quite a profit.

Problem 2: When I opened my account I was 17 and a few months later turned 18. My mom had been on my account and they told me all I'd have to do is go in and tell them I wanted to remove her from the account... no problem. I asked questions to be sure that this was clear that that's ALL it took but no.

So the time came... and I went to Key Bank (away from home) and told them I wanted to take her off my account. They started claiming I needed her there with me and that there was nothing I could do. I couldn't even get papers to fill out, send her to sign and bring back. She HAD to be with me. Yet... she went to the Key Bank at home and got papers, sent them to me, it took one signature, sent them back and she was able to do all that WITHOUT me there. They claim because of different state regulations, yet they never told me that when I opened the account and asked question after question to verify the simplicity.

Final Problem: I deposited a personal check of a relatives into my account. I had my # on the back of the check for the deposit to. I waited about a week, knowing that banks usually take a few days to process things (even though it was off of the same bank). Nothing had shown up. That's when I realized the #s on my receipt were different from my acct #! They had taken the number from the front of the check to deposit the money into. Luckily I have contact with the person the check was from, otherwise I could have been out a large sum of money

Key Bank has disappointed me way too often and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone looking to open an account. I
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 01/26/2008:
Sounds like they have taken incompetence to a new level. If I am understanding this right they deposited a check into the same account it was written on.

Yep, open an account somewhere else, preferably a credit union. Tell mom you want to close the Key Bank account.
miketech on 01/26/2008:
Look around and ask friends and find a good bank that is so important to trust your bank.
Principissa on 01/26/2008:
Wow that is three layers of stupidity right there. They took the account number off the front of the check and not the one you put on the back? Wow. Just wow. I would try and find a credit union in your area, if not ask people you trust who they bank with. Definitely move your money to a bank that is more reliable.
Aerocave on 01/26/2008:
I am a big ING "advocate" (I have 6 accouts with them)...Everything is done online, you get an atm card with their "electric orange" checking account (with $1000 automatic overdraft protection), the savings accounts have a rate of about 4-5% (depending on the Fed), the mortgage rates are very competitive (they only do 3-5 year ARMs) The customer service is excellent...the list goes on and on...(and no, I do not work for them)...check it out at
Anonymous on 01/26/2008:
Quick, while you are young enough to unlearn bad habits: READ the paperwork you get when you open the account, then you will know what fees you will be charged. No, you were never told that you could remove your mother without here being there, how would a bank know whose money is in the account. For all they know, it could be her deposits, not yours. If you want her off, close the account then open another in just your name. Most banks won't remove a joint owner, even if both parties are there. It varies.
Finally, if you had enclosed a deposit slip with your deposit theer wouldn't have been any confusion. You are half to blame.
As banks go, Key is pretty lame, but the end user has some responsibilities that must also be met.
Ponie on 01/26/2008:
As far as Problem #2 is concerned, I'm sure you misunderstood what you were told. If a person is to be removed from an account, THAT person has to make the request. My account(s) have another signator shown, but even though it's my money that's put into them, I can't request anyone be removed. It makes perfect sense. A husband and wife have a joint bank account. They have an argument and the wife wants the husband removed. No can do. He's the one who has to go in to have his name taken off.
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Worst Bank and Employees I Have Ever Experienced
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FERNDALE, WASHINGTON -- This is a terrible bank. I have banked at many different places and this by far is the worst bank. Not only are their overdraft fees terrible, they are the only bank I have ever dealt with that has a policy in place to charge you 37 bucks and then if not brought to a positive balance charge you another almost 40 bucks three days later and every 2-3 days after. They do not show online all your pending transactions. Also, the ones that are pending and show that should be cleared and taken out are not and other transactions that do not show are pending are taken out before the others that are.

When talking to employees working there about their fees, they were extremely rude about it and talked over top of me and cut me off.

Overall I would never bank here again and would never recommend this bank to anyone looking for a bank. By far the worst ever.
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User Replies:
Obsfucation on 10/23/2013:
You're right, they are a pretty bad organization.
On the other hand, you have an obligation to handle your accounts in a responsible manner, and if you are dealing with recurring OD charges, you are not. From your narrative, it sounds as though you are trying to manage your account by checking balances online. This does not work.
Banks do not control when pending items clear, the merchants and data switches control that by the timing of the submission of the debit items. Because a bank cannot know when these items will clear, or if they even will clear, they cannot be reflected accurately in an online balance. Similarly, the bank cannot know that you have written a check which has not yet been cleared.
You probably should change bank, but unless you also change your banking habits, these problems will follow you in some fashion.
Paul on 10/25/2013:
Many banks today have overdraft policies not far different than what you describe. It is true that a fairly small oversight can cost you a lot of money. The key, so to speak, is to keep track of all your debits and credits, and not rely on online balances as a substitute.
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Terrible Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CLAWSON, MICHIGAN -- Hopefully anyone dealing with Key Bank won't have to deal with this branch, The branch my mother dealt with was closed. This branch was over an hour drive from her house. She had a CD come due and she missed the deadline by 4 days and they charged her more than $500 to cancel the new one. They would do nothing to help her, and didn't seem to care that she had to travel so far to take care of the situation.

When I questioned why they couldn't do anything to help, they said that was their policy (one entire years interest) and then the branch manager was very rude to me. Shame on them for treating people this way, no wonder they have to close branches. My mother is a senior citizen with only her social security to live on, and they wouldn't even try to help.
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User Replies:
CU on 08/28/2013:
With any certificate, there is always a grace period. You are notified that the certificate is coming due ahead of time, and you can give your instructions during that period, either in person or by responding to the notice. After the rollover you still have ten days of grace.

Personally I would never deal with Key Bank, but unless they are different from every other bank, your mother had (give or take) six weeks to do something with this certificate before the penalty kicked in.
trmn8r on 08/28/2013:
Banks (usually) have extremely clear terms on renewing CDs. You can find out the window you have to redeem it past the renewal date, as well as the penalty by simply asking. I don't see evidence Key did anything wrong here. It stinks that your mom lost a year's interest, but those are the terms and I don't agree they should waive them.
Weedwhacked on 08/29/2013:
The bank didn't cause her to miss the deadline. In complaints like this the "help" you requested is always about the bank making an exception and giving you their money. It doesn't work that way. That is the reason for terms and conditions that you agree to by contract. If the policy applies to everyone else, so it should for your mother as well.
oldisgood on 08/29/2013:
I thought the grace period to renew was 10 days. I think your mom got "took".
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Paid Off Boat Loan With Key Bank and No Titles
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CINCINATTI, OHIO -- In 2008 I financed a boat and trailer from Key Bank for 35K and never missed a payment. In fact, I have always been paid at least 3 months in advance on a 15 year loan.

In 2011 I filed chapter 7 but continued to pay Key Bank because it was a secured loan and I didn't want to lose my boat. Two years later, I am still current on my payments. My boat gets totaled and the insurance company sent me a check to pay off the boat and trailer however listed both myself and Key Bank names on the check. The payoff was $24,000 and the check was $33,500 and I had made a deal with the insurance company to keep the salvaged boat and trailer for $1500 less. Otherwise the check would have been $35,000.

In any event I felt reluctant to just sign and send this check to them in hopes they would send me my share of the check plus the titles. I was right, it's been a month now and the $11,000 due to me and my titles are still not in my hands. They are totally ripping me off and I don't know what to do.This bank makes me sick. Any advice would be appreciated. I know that can't keep my money and titles forever. They will not discuss anything on the phone but transfer me to their bankruptcy lawyers who don't tell me anything either.
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User Replies:
BigAl on 08/04/2013:
This may not be as simple as you think. In 2005 the bankruptcy laws were changed. In 2011 when you filed your bankruptcy you had to list your boat along with its value and the amount you owed on it. If you did not list your boat you could be in trouble with the law. If you undervalued the worth of your boat you could also be in trouble. Hopefully you had the boat officially appraised at the time of the bankruptcy. Most judges would require that. There are several unanswered questions in your post. Was the insurance check for the boat only or was other losses, such as medical covered by the check? How many months have passed from the official bankruptcy closure date and your loss? Had you done any improvements to the boat since the bankruptcy? Now would be a good time to get your story together because I see problems in your future. Good luck.
Tezrien on 08/04/2013:
Have you tried going in to one of their branch locations and taking with the branch manager about the situation?
Jeff Wiley on 08/05/2013:
Their bank branches are in Ohio and I am in California. Also it has been two years since my BK aqndyes the it was reported ad the judge knew I was keeping the boat. There wer no medical losses included with the loss. The bottom line is they need to pay me my share of that money from the insurance check and send me my titles for the salvages that the insurance company sold me the rights to. The bank got all their money and mine as well. What they are doing is against the law.
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Service Charge on a Dead Mans Account, After They Were Given Proof of His Death.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FREMONT, OHIO -- My son died in October. Two weeks after his death, I took a death certificate so no one could withdraw illegally. They then sent me a letter, they were charging him $25.00 a month service charge because no deposits were being made. I informed them again he had died, we were trying to take care of things through the court. They said they would reimburse that money. Needless to say they did not . They kept $150.00 of his money. This money was meant for his baby who was born 3 weeks after his death. I feel they robbed a dead man..
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User Replies:
Susan on 05/10/2013:
Have you followed up with the bank about the refund? Obviously the account your son had specified that at least one deposit must be made per month or they will charge $25. I honestly don't think they "robbed a dead man" or are purposely taking money from his baby.
ACoop on 05/10/2013:
That's OK, when my husband died I went and showed them proof so I could change everything, they sent me a card with the name "deceased first_last name" - idiots.... I still have it. They wanted it back, don't think so.... closed the account...Idiots... oh, and the card worked to withdraw money....
trmn8r on 05/11/2013:
The $25/month charge may be related to the terms your son had on that account, as Susan suggests - some checking accounts have no fee if there is a direct deposit once a month - perhaps his paycheck.

This highlights the benefit of having an executor and not having to wait for probate.
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No Phone Call, Letter in the Mail, or Email- Before Sending It to Collections
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WASHINGTON -- I have used Key Bank for 3+ yrs. Never have had great experiences or assistance in any of that time. My account was a secondary account I used for nothing but paying bills and saved money in a Credit Union. I received an email saying my account was over drawn, I had forgot to close it out and had fully changed banks but forgot one insurance company. That company tried to pull the money mulitple times resulting in overdraft fees galore. End result I was overdrawn $400, got the email in December but at that same time they closed it and sent it to collections. Protocol apparently is to call before it gets that far. I never received any phone call and the lady I talked with agreed with me. Nor did I receive a letter or email saying my account would be closed and sent to collections. Its called being human, one phone call will solve most issues, if you don't try then you will never know or your customer may never know. I have told everyone I work with I will pay them to pull out of banking with them and will tell everyone I run into do the same thing. Absolutely idiotic business practice. No wonder I see lots of people cancelling their accounts with them. Key Bank- The "KEY" to success is really taking care of customers especially for Fricken $400!!! NEVER WILL I RECOMMEND, send customers to you, or work with you again!
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 01/05/2013:
How much are you offering to transfer balances from Key Bank?

I don't believe most companies use collections to strictly collect on accounts that are being "willfully unpaid". Collection companies and divisions are used to obtain payments from human mistakes too.

I'm glad you got it paid.
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At least take me out to dinner before screwing me!!!
Posted on
CANAL WINCHESTER, OHIO -- DO NOT USE KEY BANK!!! They place holds on your money so that they can charge you overdraft fees. So let's just say you deposit cash into your account. When you look online it shows what is called "pending activity." Then there is another section for "cleared activity." What they do is hold your deposit and your recent transactions in the "pending activity" section for a few days so that it looks like it hasn't posted yet. Then they will send debits and withdrawals through first then the deposit last. By doing this you will have overdraft fees on every item. This is how they make their money and stay in business, by ripping off their patrons. If you take anything from this, just do not open an account with Key Bank, they are CROOKS!!!
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 01/13/2012:
You really can't rely on any online checking balance that I have ever seen, and I haven't used Key Bank.

If there are holds placed on deposits, that should be described in the documents you received with your account. With one bank I used to use, if I deposited a check at the ATM, I would get a certain credit that day and then the balance a day or two later. At a teller, the amount initially credited was larger. Perhaps if you described a specific incident with dates and details it would prove the point.

As for ordering transactions, a lot of banks do it.

The best defense is to deposit amounts at least a few days before you need them - at least that is what I have found. I would advise against using online balance information as a checking ledger substitute.
Anna Molly on 01/14/2012:
I agree with trmn8r.

Interestingly enough, my credit union places a 24 hour hold on CASH deposits, something I will never understand. If I check my online balance and see "pending" on a debit, I consider it GONE.

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They Closed my account for no reason! Stay Away!! horrible bank!
Posted by on
STAY AWAY FROM KEYBANK!!! I opened up a Keybank account over a month ago, due to a good promo that they were running. Out of no where, my debit card wasn't working so I decided to give them a call. They told me that my and my wife's account is being closed by the "fraud department". After a few days of trying to get through to them, I spoke to the women who actually closed my account her name was "Sara". She said "Keybank has a right to close my account without providing any reason or notice". She was extremely rude and didn't want to give me any info. When I called again she said she doesn't feel conformable talking to me as I sound like a different person. Additionally they can't send me a check for my account balance, and that I have to go down to the nearest Keybank branch which is 3 and a half hours away from me. I opened this account online since there was no branch near me. I find this absolutely ridicules, All I did was open and account and I deposited my money in there- no fraud what's so ever as I have never done anything like that. I used so many banks and no has ever done this to me. I can't even check my account balance online as they cancelled it without notice. I've never experienced dealing with someone this ruthless. I don't plan on dealing with Keybank again but now I basically don't know what to do as I can't travel 3-4 hours to the bank.

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User Replies:
Jay on 06/12/2011:
Too many people are relinquishing control of their money to the internet. Buying on the internet is risky enough. But turning your money over to your keyboard is not a good idea.

For all monies not kept in your home you should only place it where you can look someone in the eye and clear up issues. Not 3 1/2 hours away.

Your description of Key banks customer service is consistent with other complaints here about them.
madconsumer on 06/12/2011:
do you have any outstanding debts for other account you had? banks also use credit history to determine account worthiness.
unhappy999 on 06/12/2011:
Why can't they mail you a check for your account balance?
spiderman2 on 06/12/2011:
It's hard to believe that they don't have to give you a reason. You should contact the Department of Banking in your state and inquire if this is a real rule. Is it common for people to do business with banks that are not local to them? It would never occur to me to do that.
trmn8r on 06/12/2011:
You have to understand that banks take fraud very seriously. If your account has been flagged, they need to complete the investigation, and in the meantime they may be unwilling to communicate with you even if you were at the branch in person.

However, in person is the best way to prove your identity. You call them over the phone, and you could be anyone. Telling them your SSN, birth date, etc isn't sufficient once the fraud flag has been waved.

I personally would not open a checking account at a non-local bank. This is a Key example of the difficulties that may arise.

The last time last time I was involved in a fraud investigation, all I could find out was when they espected it to be complete.
MDM on 06/29/2011:
First off, if a client asks why their account was will be told as long as you can answer the verification questions you are asked when you call in or show proof of identity. You either failed this or you just don't want to admit why your account was closed. Either you didn't show proof of residence, SSN#, didn't send back the required forms, or didn't make a deposit within 30 days...or deposited a checked which was a bad check...if you open an account and the first items you deposit are can guarantee your account will be closed...for obvious reasons.
Banker on 07/19/2011:
You know why your account was closed. Banks can't just close your account for no reason, you must have been doing something suspicious (kiting funds, depositing checks then immediately taking the funds via ATM, or you were reported for negative activity by your previous bank). We have teams of people who review new accounts and watch for specific behaviors. I have been in this business for a long time, we don't close accounts unless you are doing something you shouldn't be doing. Sorry Charley.
Jonny on 11/22/2012:
This actually happened to me, just recently. I had opened my account online, and a week later I received a welcome packet listing the forms I needed to mail back (with the option to set up direct deposit).

I didn't sign up for the direct deposit but filled out and sent back the necessary documents.

Shortly after, I took the suggestion included in the welcome packet and signed up for online banking - after all, this is why I signed up with Keybank. Online Banking. Easy right? Not in the slightest...

I had made two wires from my PayPal account the same week I registered my account on keybank's online portal. I knew it was going to take 4-7 business days to clear, so I checked: PayPal shows wires were complete, and reassuring enough the wires came through and displayed as available in my keybank account online.

This process took three weeks total - not bad. On the third week, I had spoken with two keybank online banking representative to make sure I did everything correctly and that there weren't any mistakes or outstanding information they needed from me.

On the 4th week, when I hopped online to check my account, I see Debits and Credits in the amounts of 5 dollars and 25 dollars that cancelled out each other with description as "fees" of some sort... then the last withdraw was for the entire amount of my DEPOSIT. WHY???? I don't know, so I called immediately.

I was told that the "branch" had actually closed my account b/c I failed to submit copy of my driver's license and birth certificate according to a "letter" they have sent me in the mail.

I never receive the damn letter. I received the welcome packet and was told on two accounts, on the phone, with keybank representatives that my account has opened successfully and my debit cards were on their way.

I was somewhat shocked but held my cool b/c I was told a check written for the amount of my deposit was sent on last Wednesday, and it's been 5 business days and I don't have anything in the mail. I don't even have the debit cards that I was told they have sent two weeks ago.

When I called to find out the specifics, I was also told I need to get to the nearest branch.

Can the post office verify the receipt of such letter that was sent out? is that public information?

The best that the representative can give me was "mail can get lost in the post office system.."

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