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Don't Bank With KeyBank
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Rating: 1/51

CLIFTON PARK, NEW YORK -- I can't count the number of times that I've had service issues with this bank. However, they don't care either. Although the bank provides bad service overall, my experience today in Clifton Park is the last time I'll deal with them. Brian ** the VP and Branch Manager could care less about customer service... I'm done with them.

Watch Out
By -

If you have a Key Bank account and use online banking watch your account like a hawk. First problems with Key's online billpay service is the fact there is a huge delay when payments are actually sent. Even though Key claims they will send a payment, they actually wait 5 days before it's sent but they take out the money the second you schedule the payment. So for 5 days your money sents in their accounts collecting interest, then they electronical send the payment. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD. The most serious problem I have with them is they have been caught red handed back dating cleared items.

It started back in April when they deliberately failed to credit a direct deposit. They claimed they never received it, when they were presented with actually direct deposit receipt, rather than researching the payment and giving up the nearly 27 overdrafts at 39 a pop, they decided to return the money to the sender. They actually claimed no such account, even though they had been accepting them every week for 3 years. Called the executive office and faxed them the info and representative confirmed fax was received and the representative said she would get right on this.

Two weeks later now in May, noticed another new trick. Back dating posted items. I use online banking daily, so I was shocked to start seeing items which apparently posted on the 5th not actually show up as posted items until the 9th or the 10th. When you have two debit cards and do not always know what was spent by your wife online banking is a must to balance your check book. What was classic was on the 11th went to make sure direct deposit had cleared and poof 5 overdrafts. On Friday night, there was not pending activity, and a balance of $29.30.

According to Key's records there had been 5 items charged on my wife's debit card for a totally of $39.25. Three of these charges showed posting on the 7th and 2 on the 8th. About noon I went the branch for a explanation. The branch manager told me that these payments were done which I was not going to dispute. I asked her point blank, "How accurate is the online side?" She told me "it was very accurate and is updated constantly."

Fine with me, so I whipped out the printed account summary for the everyday for the last week and said "then explain how charges posted to the account on the 7th and 8th but did not reflect as posted items until today the 11th. Please explain why there are 4 overdrafts when actually only one of the charges overdrew the account? Please explain how you were charging overdrafts when the account was positive?" "Obviously it was a bank error." she said. OK cool 4 overdrafts waived. On Wednesday I receive the overdraft notices in the mail. They do no match the ones directly printed from the website. Even the overdraft items are different.

I ignored it because they had been refunded. June 1st rolls around. Everything is fine until the weekend, when a whole bunch of overdrafts show up, this time from the 1st. They claim that the posted items came in before the direct deposit. These items were are normal payments like mortgage, car payments etc which are all paid through their bill pay service. They claimed that these payments were scheduled before they received the direct deposit. I absolutely lost it with the agent. I told her this was BS and something wrong.

I went online and filed a complaint with Comptroller of Currency on June 6th. On June 24th, I received a call from someone who claimed to be in their legal department. She politely told me that matter was no longer something that they would discuss, and if I called back about it they would terminate our accounts. I decided to change banks, but due to processing time of changing over direct deposit, the first direct deposit into the new account would be July 6th. OK done. So I pay all my bills has usually July 1st through Key. According the online statement, I have exactly $319 left in the account as of July 2nd. I am going to transfer the money directly to the new account.

Come Monday the 11th I write the last check from key and deposit it at the new bank. July 14th, get a notice from new bank saying my deposit was returned. Call Key Bank, I am politely told that the account was closed on July 1st. They tell me I have a check at the branch for 1487.25. I said that is not right, the available balance was 319 as of the July 11th. These dirty rotten scum eaters had stopped all payments in the billpay system. On top of that I now have 5 returned check fees from the creditors plus a missing $197.68 from a debit card refund.

Customer Service - Account Closing
By -

FORT DRUM, NEW YORK -- OK, approx Dec 16th I reported my debit card stolen to Key Bank. So far no problem, they sounded like it would take a while, but that I would get my money back. Now, when my debit card was stolen, I was wiped clean, and had to go through a very stressful and LONG process to apply for what they call "provisional credit" just so that I would have money for the Christmas holidays. By the time I finally got the credit, which was the 22nd or 23rd, it was late, but it was a load lifted off my shoulders. Now, all I needed was my debit card, so I called and inquired as to a tracking number or something to see if it was possible to get to me before Christmas.

I finally asked them where they sent the debit card. This part really frustrates me. When I filed the complaint I requested the new debit card be sent to a specific TX address. I have told them this literally via phone, in person at the branch, and email, all of which were acknowledged and no problem. OK back to the story, so they of course sent it to my NY address that I would not be at for Christmas leave, so I call and complain, they actually do the right thing and rush me a new card with next day service. So here is where everything gets worse, I get my card right before Christmas, and I activate my account, and I really thought this ordeal was just about over.

Oh no it has just started. I proceed to an ATM to make a withdrawal, DENIED, then I call up the bank and ask them if there was a block, they said yes because I was in TX not NY. I don't understand why they did that b/c they SENT IT TO TX not NY. Perhaps this is an automatic thing, but no big deal. So they call the branch to remove the block and I was told by Jenna at fort Drum, that the block would be removed later that day. Again frustrating but no problem. So I go out with my friends around 8 pm and again go to the ATM, DENIED. The bank is now closed until after Christmas. So they have successfully ruined my Christmas.

When I was finally able to get a hold of them today, I was shocked. I was told that they could not unlock the account because of the fraud on the card, and nothing could change that, no amount of identification, nothing only me coming in to the branch, and Jenna had no remorse for my ruined Christmas. I asked if they were going to call me and tell me this, and she said she was going to, my only question is when, it had been about 4 days since she said my account would be unblocked.

So I give it one last ditch effort and call and complain to her again, a little more desperately now because I have to buy a plane ticket home. She said she will talk to her security adviser and call me back at the end of the day. Now they close at 500. I hadn't received a call yet and it was 4:50 pm. I call back and speak to Jenna who calmly as possible now says that she spoke to the representative at noon (still never called me back like she promised) and they came to the outrageous decision TO CLOSE MY ACCOUNT!

I am absolutely stunned, I was told I have 10 days to retrieve my funds, normally I would be upset and want to find out why, because this is just extreme, but I am so angry and fed up with the bank I was going to close my account with them anyway. And of course I cannot close it until I go into the branch when I get back from leave, the first time I would have been able to touch my funds in about a month. Key Bank, from the bottom of my heart I sincerely thank you for absolutely ruining my Christmas holiday and proving to me that it meant absolutely nothing to you. It was obviously so routine for you guys to screw the little man, that you just blew me off.

First Bank Experience with Key Bank=Back to the Credit Union
By -

I am 18 years old. I opened my first checking account with Key Bank in July of 2010. It is October so it has been 3 months. In these 3 months I have never been so pissed. They charge me with overdraft fees every chance they get and hold MY checks as if it is theirs. When I withdraw money from my account it seems every time my check is on hold and they charge me with more overdraft fees. I called customer service and explain to them multiple problems I have been having and he said he would call me back to take a hold of one of my recent checks. He called me back at work saying that I would be able to access my funds that day.

I withdraw $300 and use my debit card at Walgreens. They still charged me $116 in overdraft fees even when a representative from Key Bank told me it was alright to access my funds. I'm paying my fees tomorrow and I am canceling my debit card. I am never putting my money anywhere near Key Bank again. I am going back to my credit union, where I never had any problems. But I am not whatsoever done with fighting Key Bank. I know other banks are doing it too. Please join my Facebook page ** to make notice of these unfair actions banks are doing to Americans everyday.

Key Bank Fraud
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Rating: 1/51

I received a call on my cell phone. It was an automated message stating that my Key Bank debit card had been locked for security purposes. As I do not have a Key Bank debit card, I assumed it was a mistake. The automated voice instructed me to press “1” to have my card unlocked or “2” to disconnect. Wanting to speak with someone, I pressed “1”. I was then prompted to enter my 16 digit debit card number followed by the “#” sign. Believing this to be a scam, I hung up.

When I called the number back, an automated voice said “no one is available to take your call” and hung up. I looked up the phone number on the internet and found that it is a number associated with a mortgage scam. As I do have a student loan with Key Bank, I feared that my information might be compromised. I called Key Bank and explained what had happened. The “customer service” representative requested my full Social Security number. I told him that I was calling to report a phone scam and asked what my social security number had to do with anything. He told me that he could not take my report unless I would provide him with my social security number.

Frustrated, I asked to speak with a supervisor. After reaching a supervisor, I again explained what had happened. He asked me for my phone number. I gave him my phone number and he stated that I didn't have a debit card with Key Bank. Again, I explained that I did not have a debit card with Key Bank, only a student loan, and that is how I knew it was a scam.

At this point he pulls up my student loan account and asks me if I'd ever filed bankruptcy! I explained to this idiot that I had indeed filed bankruptcy following my divorce, but asked him what that possibly had to do with someone running a phone scam, pretending to be Key Bank. Then he asked me if I had spoken with their legal department regarding my bankruptcy. Disgusted, I requested that he just transfer me over to the fraud department so that I could make a report. He did transfer me and after 15 minutes on hold, I hung up.

Customer service
By -

OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON -- Key bank charged my daughter account inactivity fees without our consent. We have this Key Bank checking account for over 3 years. My daughter uses this account to get cash for the minor expense. My daughter hardly took money out because she does not need to. There are no account inactivity fee until around April of 2009. The Key bank kept charging monthly us inactivity fees since April except last two months (because we have account activities.)

They said they sent the disclosure statement for fee structures and monthly statements. We did not receive the statements or disclosure statement for fee change. Somehow the Key Bank mailing system screw up and they did not send us any communication or statement. Until today, we still not receive the statements.

So I went to Olympia, WA branch talked to my concerns around 12/27/09, the customer service manager told me nothing she could do about. I talked to her since she did not able to help me. I requested her branch manager. She said he is on vacation and will ask him to call me 1/12/10. I waited for his phone call. I did not get the call. So I went to the Olympia bank and she still intimidated me and went around not going to refund the inactivity fees.

My analysis and conclusion: 1. They are not interesting to learn why the customer did not receive the statement and correct. If I am a Key Bank employee, my take will be how to correct this problem (not getting statement) from the customer, so I can report it to the system office to correct. In the end Key Bank will solve future problems like this.
2. They are instructed not to refund any fees.

  1. The customer service manager does not know every details. She gave me wrong information and kept explaining to me dormant fee which is totally different. I told her to pull the fee. the paper has no inactivity fees. 4. They don't follow up (manager never call me back as they promised).

  2. Robbing money from the student account. I have no problem with charging fee. but you have to disclosure what you going to charge. Do not assume everyone will receive the letter. This is stealing or robbing without consent. I am not sure other banks also. 6. After I raised the issue, it seems like they want me to close the account.

I hope Key Bank CEO or customer service read this review. I am very unhappy that they rob our money. I am very sad that the reputable company will do such a thing and not care for the customers. I don't have power to fight except to close the account.

Stolen Key Bank Master Card
By -

I have been a faithful customer with Key bank for over 20 years and have NEVER reported a stolen card. Wednesday my wallet was taken and I found out immediately when I went to purchase an item. I jumped into a cab and within 40 minutes I was home called Key bank and had my credit card closed. The representative from the Key Bank site said that the three items purchased after 9:30 pm Nov 11 when the wallet was taken (over $1300) would be credited back to my account and I could see online that they were.

Three days later I notice on my account summary that those charges are back on my account and that the dates of their purchase were changed as well!! I received no notice from Key and had been feeling secure having talked with the representative and reading online the "0 % liability clause on their website for theft of cards once reported." BEWARE this is NOT TRUE EVERYONE!!

I next spoke to a manager on the Key bank site who said that the funds were under dispute and it would take 10 days to know what the outcome was. I asked if I would have been told about this if I had not noticed on my online statement? I pointed out that no such procedure for theft of cards or disputes of theft (nor email addresses for such an agency) was articulated on the key website. He didn't seem to think that that was odd. He gave me the email address of the dispute center and told me to tell them the amounts and dates everything that they could easily see on my account summary.

It never seemed like anyone would have ever contacted me! I would not have done any of this had I not called and talked at length to a Manager in charge. Long story short.. I had my card stolen, I learned that with Key Bank I have no rights nor is there any written procedures as to how to proceed beyond word of mouth. Key bank needs to become transparent with such policies and given my experience folks would wisely choose to ask these tough questions before they choose to bank with Key.

Do NOT sign up for Continental Miles Debit Card if not going to use it!!!
By -

Back in February last year, I signed up for the Continental Miles Debit Card program with Key. The customer service representative had told me it was like a $30 annual fee and I could cancel anytime I wanted. What she did not tell me was that the fee, regardless of when you cancel, is NON-REFUNDABLE! Now, fast forward to May 28, 2010. Key took the $30 annual fee out of my account and I called them on June 1 to cancel. The representative told me it was non-refundable even though the fee was from May 28, 2010 until May 28, 2011.

After placing me on hold and supposedly "speaking to her supervisor" (which I doubt she even did) she came back and told me "Sorry, I wasn't able to help you. My supervisor told me it is not refundable." She asked me several times if I was sure I wanted to cancel, because I was already paid up for the year. No, I was paid-up for all of 3 days.

I explained to her that it is theft, that the bank is keeping my money for a service I am not going to even be using and asked her, "What if you paid in advance at a gas station for gas and never used it, yet the gas station told you they were still keeping your money?" The representative was speechless, she didn't want to answer me, probably because she knew the answer and didn't want to say it because she was maybe being recorded.

Long story short, I never used the miles, having left for school abroad for all of 2009. Now I am sitting here $30 poorer (technically, my mom is) while Key Bank is sleeping just fine at night getting rich off people like me. Oh and I'm unemployed too. Thanks mom for spotting me the $30!! DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS PROGRAM IF YOU WILL NOT USE IT. The only reason I am keeping this bank account open is because it looks good on my credit me, I would have closed it!!

The best part was, I had e-paid a tuition bill earlier that morning. The representative said I could put through a stop-payment on it for $34, but there was no guarantee it would go through and I could still have an overdraft fee on my account for $35 plus the cost of the tuition bill plus the cost of the stop-payment. WTF? I hypothetically could have been negative almost five times the cost of the stop-payment!!! Thanks for the help, Key Bank.

By -

KOKOMO, INDIANA -- I agree with so many others in regards to the service and professionalism that this bank offers! ZERO!!! I have never been more robbed by any bank in my entire life. Yes their NSF fees are outrageous. I understand there are situations in life that may cause an overdraft. I don't have an issue with being charged for something I caused but when you have been misinformed or not informed at all by the teller, which seems to happen quite often, and then they refuse to admit any fault in anything.

It seems regardless of where or whom a check is from, if deposit it could take them 3-4 days to even post it to your account. Which in turn gives them plenty of time to rack up some nsf's on you. Hmm sounds like "bonus" money to me.

For example I deposited a small check in the amount $125, which was from another local bank and it took them from Sat to Wed to even make it available. I could understand had the check been from a business for a large amount but COME ON!!! NOT ONLY THAT but I had recently stopped my direct deposit of my payroll check or so I thought from going into this account. My name had been taken off the account and everything. The account I thought had been closed out but actually it still had my ex-spouse's name on it.

Well here is a fyi, KEY BANK does not cross reference direct deposits!!! Oh no, they allowed my PAYROLL check to be deposited into that account even though I'm not even an account holder. NOW HOW SUFFICIENT IS THAT!!! Wow this is just the bank I would trust. Needless to say I am in the wrong according to Key Bank and I have to contact my HR dept. to have them recall my payroll amount. Wow. Amazing. I could probably go on and on but I just needed to vent today since I got paid 7 days ago and still do not know when I will receive my actual money.

They Go Out of Their Way to Make My Life Irritating...
By -

I have been banking with Key Bank for a few years now. They are the most annoying company... Period. They will run you around and around and around. I have had way too many issues with this bank. It seems like it's a new problem every month. This last example is what made me decide to write a review that, hopefully, will prevent anyone else from experiencing Key Bank's poor attempt at banking. Something as simple as activating my debit card should not be a huge hassle for me.

I called the number on the card in order to activate it. The automated system won't activate it for me, and so it transfers me to a "Customer Service" clerk. After I tell them what I am trying to do, they go ahead and put me on hold for about 10 mins. When they finally decide to get back on the phone, they say "There is a block on your new debit card. You will have to CALL your home branch."

So I am pretty irritated at this point. All I want to do is activate my freakin' debit card. So I call the branch and tell them the situation and what I need help with. They say "I think that is something you would have to COME IN for." Great, so now I have to waste my time to drive all the way to the branch, which is about 30 miles away (minimum) because I moved out of the area of the "home branch".

I'm almost considering not even activating it at this point. They are a waste of my time and money. It would seem as though they make policies and regulations that only benefit themselves. For a second there, I thought I WAS THEIR CUSTOMER and they should be bending over backwards for me, not the other way around.

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