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Dishwasher Performance
By -

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA -- I recently purchased two (2) Fully Integrated Console ENERGY STAR® Qualified 5 Cycles & 5 Cycle Options Architect® Series Model #: KUDP02FRSS dishwashers at approximately $1300 each. They are both in my brand-new custom home. I would suggest not purchasing this model. They leave a film on the dishes and I have to run them a couple of times for them to successfully clean the dishes. This is a terrible waste of water and energy. I am using their recommended cleaning products. I was VERY satisfied with my BOSCH dishwashers in my last custom home. I wish I would have stuck with BOSCH.

Soap Dispenser
By -

What is the problem??? I put the dishwasher detergent tablet "Electrasol" in the dispensing compartment and when the cycle is complete, I open the door and the tablet falls out to the bottom of the dishwasher!!! Undissolved, whole. So now I have to run the cycle all over again, fearing the dishes are not clean. What is the problem??? This happens all the time. Is it the detergent, the dispensing compartment, the $1000+ one year old dishwasher??? Help, I am so frustrated!!

Problems With KitchenAid Appliances
By -

PASADENA, MARYLAND -- We have a KitchenAid refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven. All have had major problems and they are not even 5 years old. The oven has had electrical switches (located underneath the temperature control knobs for the burners) go out and both times actually started a small fire when the insulation was burning. Although the warranty says "electrical elements" are covered for parts within 5 years, KitchenAid doesn't consider these electrical switches as electrical elements. I guess they only consider the heating elements as covered.

The dishwasher has a cable that prevents the door from slamming open when you open it. That cable broke and could have caused serious injury to our one-year old as he was crawling around. A whack on the head from that dishwasher door could have been disastrous. Of course, that part wasn't covered either by the warranty. The refrigerator ice door was having problems. There was some defect in the door, allowing some of the heat from the room to get into the ice maker causing a big glob of ice to form in the ice maker. The repairman (and KitchenAid agree) that the ice maker could not be replaced. The whole door would have to be replaced.

After complaining to KitchenAid, they agreed to send us a new door. I then found out that LOTS of people are having problems with their ice maker. These are considered to be high-end appliances? KitchenAid has made some really bad cost saving decisions in their designs and, if I were you, I'd stay away from them in your future appliance purchases.

2 Year Old Dishwasher Breaks - Part On National Backorder For 6 Weeks!!
By -

SPRING, TEXAS -- Architect Series Dishwasher, top of the line, stopped working 2 year into use. The wiring harness is not covered by warranty, is nationally back ordered for at least 6 weeks. Calls to KitchenAid Customer Service are met with being put on hold until disconnected. I spoke with 5 people in 20 minutes and was disconnected from 3 of them when they put me on hold or transferred me. There is no resolution for a family of 5 with kids at home for the summer, 4th of July plans. The idea of a 6 national back order on a vital part is ridiculous. The control panel attaches to the wiring harness. The service person cannot even fully diagnose the problem without the new wiring harness.

Poor Product
By -

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I bought a new home with a KitchenAid dishwasher. Within 6 months the electronics failed. It has now been 6 months and 5 repair visits and the dishwasher still does not work. Continued calls to both the company and to the authorized service agent A&E service do no good at all. They come every 2-4 weeks and make the problem worse. Do not under any circumstances buy a KitchenAid dishwasher or any other appliance. You will be disappointed. Do not under any circumstances use A&E appliance repair. You will be disappointed.

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