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False Advertising and Full of Lies
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Rating: 1/51

DUBUQUE, IOWA -- On the Sunday before Black Friday, I received an email from Kmart saying if I was a member of their shop your way rewards card I could receive their Thanksgiving and Black Friday sale deals on that Sunday only, starting online at midnight Central Standard time. Needless to say when I went online that was not the case. I went into the store the next day to talk to a customer service representative who looked at my email online, agreed that this was confusing, but the tree that I was looking to buy wasn't on sale like my e-mail said. She even called her manager who could do nothing. She was very friendly and helpful.

When I got home, I went online and chatted with a custom service representative from Kmart, who once I explained the situation, tried to tell me to go to the store and they could help me, which I explained I already did. Then the representative told me that an e-mail from Kmart wasn't connected to the online Kmart so they couldn't do anything (side note: the email I received was from the official Kmart site). The customer service representative told me I should hear back within 24 to 48 hours. I waited over 50 hours and heard nothing so I contacted Kmart again via chat. They once again made promises that someone would get back to me and no one did.

They gave me a reference number this time and told me they would try to resolve this and call me back. Needless to say I had to chat them again today (Wednesday). This customer service representative told me that they couldn't honor the deal because it was no longer Sunday. I explained I tried to do this on Sunday. We were given a customer service number to contact someone with and did they helped us, told us our store had one in stock and we could get it today for the regular price and then in 5 days our credit card would be credited the $60 - which I have yet to see if that will happen. Then our email said it was ordered and ready to pick up in 5 days.

When we called our store they put us on hold for 10 minutes and told us they didn't have any of the tree that they were having on sale the next day for Black Friday. I called customer service again who told me I called the wrong number at first even though it was the number I contacted before. Then they connected me with someone else. This customer service representative said there was nothing that they could do. I asked to talk to a manager and was told it would take a couple minutes. A couple minutes later I got a manager, who I then had to put on hold because we got a call from our area store who said they found the tree and we could have it tonight.

I went back to the customer service manager, asked her if she was the man I just talked to manager and at first she questioned what I said and then she said she was his manager. She told me Kmart was told months ago by the supplier that they would have so many trees so they put them in the ad which they add to had together 6 to 8 months ago. I said now she was blaming the supplier, she said no.

I said then they shouldn't have emailed me that the tree was going to be sold. I also told her my store said they didn't even get a tree which was false advertising since they were for sale tomorrow. She said that my store didn't update their supply. I did end up going to my store to get my tree finally. Now I am just waiting the 3 to 5 days to see if Kmart credits my credit card for the difference between today and the price they were supposed to give me it to on Sunday or on Thanksgiving day.

Update on 9 Dec 2013: I called KMart/Sears customer service today about the $60 credit which we still haven't received over a week later. Was told that it is being forwarded to their "offline" team and it should be another 2-5 business days. Suspect I will end up calling back again on Friday.

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Rating: 1/51

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI -- Be the worst in the world. I have never had anything but trouble at this Kmart, but the others never have stock and this one always does. (I think simply because people won't go in there.) I decided to brave it today because I had simple transaction.

It was a male cashier, the hateful girl comes over from service desk to check my coupons. (She ALWAYS does this.) She has yet to be able to reject one of my coupons. I am using them correctly. She started in saying I didn't have enough Olay to use both, she said I had to buy 4 bw to used to coupons. I stated that you have to buy cleansers to get the bw free. She said she didn't see cleansers. I picked them up and showed them to her. She kept mumbling and being rude and snarling.

I asked her if she would like to see my next set of coupons. She said yes, she has to make sure they are correct (hatefully). I said "OK, but before you accuse me of anything, please read the coupons." Well needless to say it did give me the gift card, nor did it print p and g. She started saying it's after coupons and discounts. I said "no, manufacturer's coupons count for the total", she said no, she has worked there for years. I told her I have shopped there for several, and knew how the promos worked.

She kept on saying how she knew everything about Kmart, so I pulled out the 15 gift cards that I got yesterday and showed her. She said, "you SHOULD have spent over 50 each time." OMG!!!!!! She is unbelievable. I asked her about the p&g and she said it was not her job to know the promotions, because she is only part time. Customer service shouldn't know promotions? If they are going to accuse people of wrongdoing they should at least read the coupons!!!!! I asked what exactly her job was... to harass customers?

She then started in about extreme couponing and how much people like me cost the store. I had 9 coupons!!!!! I said "are you accusing me of stealing?" She said, "it is like stealing." Wow. I asked if it was her job to be an **, and she said that she wasn't being an **. She said it was sad how they were on extreme couponing and how people are ripping the store off and that I am in there too much.

I go there about 3 times a week, but hadn't been since the first week of July because I have been out of town. I also am unaware that there is a limit on how much you can shop. ** argues about the bw coupons and said I didn't have enough stuff to use 2 coupons. The male that should have been ringing things up was so nervous and he was never rude, ** was the problem. I spent 300 dollars in cash yesterday at Kmart and then am treated like this.

I had a friend with me who saw the whole thing. I asked corporate to pull the tapes and watch how this went. I have had a few other run ins with ** when promos didn't work right and all she would say is that I did them wrong. Limits, always something besides a real answer.

Stolen Shopping Cart Nightmare!!
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Rating: 1/51

HESPERIA, CALIFORNIA -- I Called 1-866-KMART4U after getting the number off of a shopping cart that had been left in front of my house. After being passed from representative to representative 3 times, I was told by a man who would only give his name as "Ben" that they do not pick up carts on a daily basis, only once a month or so. When I informed him that I live on a 45mph street in the middle of a blind curve, and that as such, their cart was a dangerous road hazard, he expressed his indifference to the situation.

He then suggested that I myself track down the individual responsible for the shopping cart theft (my city has 80,000 plus people in it), and also that I should be doing a better job keeping an eye on my neighborhood to make sure things like this don't happen. I told him how ridiculous that sounded to me and asked for his supervisor. He told me that he was a supervisor.

I asked him who supervises him and he told me that no one does. I asked if he was the president of Kmart, and he did not answer. Instead he blankly asked me what exactly it was that I wanted him to do, to which I responded "I want you to pick up your shopping cart before it causes an accident that might kill someone." He responded with "If someone gets killed then that would not be our fault. You should not be stealing shopping carts from our store." I could not believe that he would insinuate that I had, in fact, stolen the cart and brought it to my house, and at this point I began to tell him just that, when he hung up on me in mid-sentence.

I am now furious, and had to pull this ugly cart onto my own property so that the wind does not blow it into traffic. I very rarely shopped at Kmart to begin with, only when it was too inconvenient to drive the extra 5 miles to the next nearest store. Kmart already had two strikes against it, in my opinion; their store has the highest prices of any store in the area, and the worst in-store customer service of any store I have ever seen. Now this third strike is the single most offensive experience I have ever had from any store, EVER.

I was treated rudely, and as if I were a pest. Furthermore, I was personally insulted, and ostensibly called a thief. The icing on the cake was being hung up on after all that. I will never again shop at Kmart, Sears, or any of their affiliated stores again, and will relate this story to anyone who ever mentions the brand to me. It is not very hard to see why their sales are down and their stores are closing all over the nation.

Refusal to Accept Return on Unopened Items WITH Receipt WITHIN 90 Days - Blatantly Ignoring Stated Return Policy!
By -

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- I run a business where I buy and sell videogames, and one of the places I have shopped with throughout the years is K-Mart. As I do a lot of purchasing from multiple retail stores, I am always ensuring that not only am I aware of each store's return policies, but that I keep all of my receipts in case I decide I need to make a return. It is rare when I do make such a return, but until today, I have never had any problems with doing so... after all, anything I do return is unopened, and the return by date is clearly listed on the receipts. If a return date passes and I choose not to make a return, so be it.

Today, I attempted to return approximately 25 video games across 4 different receipts, with return dates ranging from mid-March through mid-April. Those 25 items were just a small portion of the full amount of items that were purchased on those receipts (about 10% of the overall amount of items bought), and I made sure to have everything organized for when I entered the store, in order to facilitate an easy return.

Well, immediately upon entering the store and pulling the games and receipts out of the bags at the customer counter, I was confronted with accusations and questions - literally, I was treated as if I were some kind of criminal from the get-go. The first question/accusation that I received was the manager questioning where I got "all these games", and why I was trying to return them here.

I tried to show the manager my receipts and explain that I simply wanted to return these items, pointing out specifically that my returns were well within the 90 day policy CLEARLY stated on both the receipt and Most of these games still had the original Kmart stickers on top of the shrink wrap, and were clearly purchased from Kmart. However, my receipts and the games themselves apparently did not suffice to quell the thoughts that I must obviously be some criminal trying to return stolen games to their store for whatever reason.

Just as the cashier is about to process the first return, a second manager came up and stated that "You need to remove your items from this store. We will not accept this return." When I asked why and also asked to see where their store policy could contradict my receipts, the manager started becoming belligerent and threatened to call the police to escort me out of the store. I asked him for the phone number to corporate so I could consult with someone there. He proceeded to provide me with an incorrect number, while still threatening to physically remove me from his store.

I decided to leave and call corporate directly, but when I went outside to call them, the number that was provided to me was incorrect. The second manager who had threatened to call the police then came outside, and I informed him that he had given me an incorrect number, and asked him if he knew the correct number. Again, this person threatened to have me escorted away from the store, as it was "private property" and they were allowed to determine their own return policies independently.

I informed the gentlemen that I would be contacting corporate and that I would expect an apology for the abusive manner in which they treated their customer. He said that there was "no way in hell" that he would apologize and that he was "absolutely right". Yes, you read that correctly.

Now, I finally return home and look up Kmart's customer support number and give them a call. I talk to a gentleman and explain the exact situation, and he puts me on hold for about 15 minutes. He comes back and tries to explain that the return policy for "media" items is 14 days, and it should say so on my receipt. Meanwhile, there is no statement REMOTELY close to this supposed policy on my receipt.

In fact, I read the exact back of the receipt to him that states: "A receipt dated within 90 days is required for all returns and exchanges... All returns and exchanges must be in the original packaging and contain all of the original accessories. Some items... including video games... will not be returned if they are opened."

I also point out that the last day to return these items is clearly stated in bold print on the front of the receipt, and that any unwritten policy to contradict these terms is false advertising. The rep starts to waver, but then says again that not all their policies are listed, and that 14 days is the return policy on games, despite all written evidence clearly stating 90 days with receipt, so long as the item is unopened.

He even then offers to call another store in the area and allow me to ask them their return policy... I have him call the next closest store while I am on the line, and when the person answers the phone, I state that I just want to make sure I have the return policy straight before I return the games I was planning on returning. The salesperson confirms that so long as the merchandise is unopened and I have a receipt, there will be no problem and that the 90 day return policy stated on my receipt is correct.

The rep then asks for his name, hangs up the phone with him, and then insists that the employee we spoke to (and that he recommended I ask) was incorrect, and that this fable of the 14 day return policy was correct, not 90 days... you know, as confirmed by store receipt,, and a Kmart employee over the phone.

Has anyone ever dealt with anything so absurd as this? Can Kmart or any other store just randomly choose to change their written return policies at their whim? I know that this is an incredibly long read, but I am just completely flabbergasted here. Not only is this store attempting to contradict their own stated policies, but they were also incredibly abusive towards a customer who simply came in to make a simple return. Any responses or thoughts would be appreciated.

Worst Experience Ever, Avoid At All Costs
By -

How can you sell something you don't have. Most online sites know what they have in stock and show that number on the web page. The fact that you sell something you don't have in stock makes you look awfully stupid and certainly unprofessional. As an unhappy customer I would hope you would offer me something in exchange for the
inconvenience you put me through.

Misleading, Wrong Price
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Rating: 3/51

NY, NEW JERSEY -- Kmart is such a scam! I grabbed a beautiful 16 pc king comforter set which was originally priced @ $119.99. There was a $69.99 sale sticker placed over the original tag on the shelf. Also, there were 2 other shelves stocked with full and queen sized comforter sets with the $69.99 sticker place over the reg price. When I go to check out, it is a different story, I'm told that the price is $119.99. They point out that the brand on the sale sticker is different but all other info was the same (16pc set, reg price $119).

My question: why place the freaking sticker over the reg price. BTW the reg price sticker had the brand of the set I grabbed - very misleading! I say false advertisement. What an embarrassment; I had other items and only had limited amount of cash.

This is another story that happened to me the same morning. I purchased 2 Essential comforter sets which were on sale for 34.99, reg price 49.99. When I checked-out, I'm told the sale price is way higher than what I expected. I fought and showed them the on-sale sticker. They honored the sale eventually. Sadly, they did not honor the 16pc set I tried to buy tonight. Crooks! They know the sale sticker was a typo. The sales staff became irritated when I confronted them with this issue, but they were more worried about closing-up than actually dealing with the typo on the sales sticker or determining the real issue.

Sent Wrong Item, Will Not Make Right
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Rating: 1/51

HOFFMAN ESTATES, ILLINOIS -- My old lady, just got this morning an ugly, fugly dark purple dress. When in fact she ordered 2 bras. How the heck can anybody get a dress and a bra mixed up. It's not the money, it's the principle. I have been telling her about them! Now, she found out the hard way. She called several times, only to get someone outside the U.S. who only knows to say they apologize this happen. Then she holds on with this guy to try to speak to a supervisor, at least 45 more min. Then she has to call back and then gets disconnected! Then calls again and gets NO HELP!

The point being now they want her to make an order all over again and PAY again for the same items she ordered and already paid for. What kind of company does this! Idiots, that's who! Meanwhile they are supposed to send a return label to her, so she can return the dress that she did not order. No e-mail, yet with a label to print. She already put this ugly dress back in the pkg. to send back. It is very ugly, I cannot see any classy or otherwise lady wearing this.

We do not have a Kmart within maybe 300 miles, so they think they can just send junk and no one will bother to send it back, since it's not that expensive. They are going UNDER that's why. So listen up people, do not use these people. They will screw you one way or the other. I myself had trouble years back and NEVER forgot and mine was for several hundred, so I have NO use for them.

She has made many orders and had just got started, so it's their loss. We have a booth and buy and resell, plus she makes Cameos, etc. So they missed out on thousands in a few months. She was checking out their products, which she liked most to resell and some for herself. But this hassle is uncalled for when they do not care enough about their customers to make it right. I really wish they were closer. Because when she is not happy, no one is! I would put my size 14 boot in somebody's ** and they would pay attention. Just do not order from these creeps!

The Lack of Respect for Customers
By -

BELLFOWER, CALIFORNIA -- On 12/22/2010 I went to the Kmart store located in Bellflower to finish some Christmas shopping. I spent about an hour and a half in the store before trying to check out. I had to wait 40 minutes in line then I was over charged by more than $50.00 for 2 items. The cashier gave me the receipt at which time I reviewed it and noticed the errors, she then told me to go to the customer service line to wait there to get my money back. There were about 10 more people in that line I refused, requesting a manager. The cashier ** then walked over to the customer service center and spoke with a lady in which she refused to come to the register.

She called over several times on the phone then sent ** approx 15-20 min later. I explained what the complaint was, she took the merchandise and the receipt and had me show her where I got the merchandise from. She then walked away, came back a few minutes later and stated "you're right, let me process it." and walked away again. She went to the register, did some things, walked back and handed me money and receipts, wadded up and said "there you go. Thank you and sorry." then walked away. I looked at the receipts and counted the monies, $42.98 was refunded. That was the end of the conversation, she walked away.

I called the manager at approx 8 A.M. this morning 12/23/2010 and spoke to **, who I explained the rude behavior of the employees and the monies still due me. He said bring in the merchandise in question and the receipts and he will correct it - end of conversation. I then was not satisfied, I called the complaint line to have the complaint go to the supervisor and they told me he would call me back within 48 hours. I had no problem with that other than 15 minutes later, I received a call from ** the store manager to complain to me about filing a complaint against him??? What are you serious????

He then went on to tell me that I can have a gift card for $20 sent to me but that I cannot have my money back. What, they stole my money but the only way I can get it back is to use it in their store???? I then called the complaint line again about the manager calling me, being rude. At this point I spoke with a rude lady who actually argued with me that I need to wait the 48 hours and that I could not speak to anyone above her. Finally after 20 min of going back and forth with her, I got a supervisor ** (employee number **) who had a difficult time as well listening then stated she would get the district manager on the line now.

I waited a few minutes then got disconnected. I called back (because expecting them to call me back was out of the question) and got a gentleman named ** who said repeatedly there is no **, it must have been ** but she said she did not speak with me????? Finally after another 10 minutes ** got on the phone stating ** the district manager would call me in the next 30 min. She said that she tried to call me back but my line was busy, OK whatever, and that ** was new and did not know her. They have an excuse for everything.

I finally received a call from ** who explained I could not get my money back in a check, KMART/SEARS did not do that. Seriously, they can steal money from customers then not give it back, I have to use it in their store????? I said fine, the store can do it in a money order. He finally said OK and that it would go out today. While ** seemed sincere, I hope he hold his end up. The whole experience was frustrating. From the store associates to the corporate office, they couldn't care less about their customers.

Poor Service by Management at Kmart
By -

I was in the Pineville NC Kmart store and decide to buy some items they had a flier for with coupons. I purchased some items, took it to the register and some of the items did not scan right. After several tries of trying to fix it, the cashier finally called the manager on duty. After waiting a long time, the manager finally shows up after two pages and asking another associate where he was. The manager look mad because he had to come to the front and deal with a problem. When he got there he didn't acknowledge me or apologizes to me about the wait. He was rude to the cashier and acted like he had never seen the coupons before.

He finally fix the problem and walk away without even saying "sorry for your wait." As I was leaving the store he was at the service desk talking crap about me, and as I approached he stop talking and acted like nothing happen. When I got home I went online to do the survey at the bottom of the receipt. Three days later the manager of the store calls me. She apologizes to me and doesn't let me talk. Finally I had to interrupt her to tell her it was the manager on duty fault and not the cashier fault for my wait.

After all that was said and done, she promise me a gift card from another retailer because I will not step foot in another Kmart. She said she was going out that day to get it and send it the next day. A week goes by and I don't receive it. I call exactly a week later and she says she mail it out Friday? Three days after she said she was going to mail it. So she said she would call me on Friday to make sure I get the card. I never receive a call. So a day before two weeks of her first phone call to me, I called the 1-800 number to complain. Well all they did was call the store and told me what she did. If I wanted that kind of service I would of called the store myself.

I did find out that her HR manager sent the card. What happen to I was going out that day to buy the gift card and mail it myself the next day? Of course the people at 1-800 don't care either. Does anyone care at Kmart?? I received a phone call the next day from her assistant manager that she said I could come to the store and pick up my gift card since she was afraid it was going to get lost in the mail. "Why couldn't she call me?" I asked her. She was on a conference call. WHAT??

I told the assistant manager that I was not driving across town to pick up a gift card and they needed to figure out how they were going to get it to me. Her answer to me was "I will tell her what you said." No willingness to try to fix the problem. DOES KMART CARE ABOUT HOW THEY TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS??? APPARENTLY NOT!!!

Still Waiting for 12/09/09 Order
By -

Because of a Paypal promotion I visited the Kmart website on 12/09/09. There was a free shipping on $60 promo and I started building an order. There was an additional promo $10 off on orders of $100. I'm very low income and it was a stretch to spend that much so early in the month but I saw that the delivery date was 12/17 and realized that would give me time to wrap and re-ship. And being disabled, would not have to ask anyone to go out and shop for me later. By foregoing grocery shopping and eating from the cupboards, I budgeted enough to finish my shopping and take advantage of the savings.

First I tried 2 or 3 times and couldn't get the order to go through. They kept wanting me to pay for "some other way" than Paypal, and the coupon code didn't work. I wrote to customer service and kept trying to figure out what to do. I discovered I was typing "10" instead of TEN on the coupon code and got it to work. Finally while checking their "other ways to pay", I filled out a bunch of Kmart info, hit Paypal again and it worked!!

I got an order confirmation, although one item had gone out of stock while I was trying to submit the order and I had to re-shop for that one. AND my money was immediately taken from my guaranteed bank account even though they say will bill when shipped. The next day I got a not helpful response from CS but I'd already solved the problem - I thought. I got NO notice of shipment so called CS on the 14th after checking order status, told me nothing. I told them for me to get the order as promised on the 17th it needed to be in transit.

The very nice CS man couldn't figure it out either but thought maybe it had been shipped and I just didn't get any tracking numbers or notification - wait and call back in a couple days. I've been spending my life sitting at the front window watching for UPS. Another 2 days, no help at online order status. On the 16th I call again, this time a very nice lady assures me that the order is NOT SHIPPED, she doesn't know why, but don't worry Kmart will send it with OVERNIGHT shipping. Next day, promised delivery day, I get a notice that one of my items has been cancelled. Later a cryptic message about reversing the charges. The order date now changes to 12/17.

I finally get a notice of shipping with one tracking number that doesn't "track" and one that says "ground". I'm thinking the none tracker is what switched it to overnight - so I'm still at the window. Finally on the 21st I do what damage control I can for the out-of-towners - remember Kmart has had my shopping and grocery money this whole time. I console myself that even getting delivery on the 24th will be in time for the locals. With no UPS on the 24th, I check the tracking #'s again and it says "RESCHEDULED FOR DELIVERY ON 12/29." Well Merry Christmas to all. This may easily be my last Christmas - the one my family and friends will have to remember me by.

I wrote and told them that - not even an apology - I think they owe me more that that. And, I'm still waiting. Christmas in January, anyone? How does one get past the very nice but useless lying customer service people?

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