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Poor Service
Posted by on
I should have looked at these reviews before choosing Knology. I respect the one person who said they were pleased with Knology because the company worked with them in reducing their payments. However, that doesn't fix the fact that the service is shoddy and they are SO expensive! My husband is in the military and we are stationed in Alabama .... when we arrived on base we were given a list of three providers to choose from ... and the dish wasn't provided as an option. I contacted Knology and scheduled a time for them to come out and hook up our service. Because our household goods hadn't arrived we were told we had to break up the connection because cable couldn't be hooked up without a TV. I've had other providers hook up the service without a TV and when I questioned this I was rudely informed that every company has their own rules.

It took three times to my house to get all of the rooms hooked up and both of our TV's receiving cable. We received one DvR box with HD and I was excited because we have been overseas for the last four years and this was our first time having a DVR. My parents have a DVR with their satellite service and I figured all were the same... I was WRONG. Our box can hold maybe six 1 hour shows before the hard drive is full. My parents satellite DVR can hold dozens of shows! If you set a timer to record a show you have to have the TV on that channel or it won't record.... my parents DVR will change the channel automatically and record the show.

My other complaint is weekly, sometimes daily I lose service. Sometimes I lose higher numbered channels for time on end and other times the TV will go out completely with a loud static noise emitting as if everything went to fuzz. When I have contacted their office I'm told there isn't anything reported in our area.... the main office is in ATLANTA GA I'm in AL!!!! They don't communicate with each other when work is being done and it requires 5 calls about the exact same problem to show up as a problem. The problem isn't just the cable the modem needs to be rebooted at least once or twice a week.

In the four years we were overseas I had to reboot the modem twice.... I've had to reboot this one twice just last week. I'm tired of paying this money for a service that is shoddy at best. We are supposed to be a country of innovations .... I see this country as just money hungry greedy companies who do what they can to get every last penny they can from the consumers.

I've considered lowering our cable to basic and getting rid of the worthless DVR and HD ... however, one of my favorite channels is TNT.... it's now coming in extremely fuzzy and reminds me of the reception my parents got with the old bunny ears. If I get rid of HD I lose my ability to watch TNT. I truly believe the companies create these little problems like fuzzy TV and shoddy signals so we will upgrade and have to pay more. Money hungry and pathetic customer service.
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Nothing but greatness
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Rating: 5/51
SAINT PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- I have had Bright House and Verizon. Knology offered similar service to BH and Verizon, but didn't try to force up-sale on me. When I know exactly what I want, I expect the representative to do just exactly that. I can understand offering an up-sale once, but don't push it or I will take my business elsewhere. The price difference between the 3 ISP's is considerable. BH wanted $50+ per month for 10D:1U, Verizon was the same. Knology was $30 for 7D:1U. The internet only loads so fast, if you are not running a web service or downloading copious amounts of torrents, you are paying for speeds you will never use. Knology came to my house and rewired everything for FREE. No contract. $30 a month.

The Knology rep's are knowledgeable, I don't have to give them a class on computers. When I call I speak to employees who SPEAK ENGLISH. Good luck with that for Verizon.

Verizon is by far the WORST customer service I have ever had to deal with. The representative had NO IDEA about internet speeds or how ISP's operate. If I go to buy a car, I DON"T WANT TO TEACH THE SALESMAN ABOUT THE CAR period.
After the 10th time telling the guy I don't want the bundle, I just hung up.

BH has good customer service and the rep's are knowledgeable, but it is priced the same as Verizon. When the weather is slightly bad..just a little, the service becomes very poor.

Now some insight for all of you throwing money away: FiOS only adds a few more feet of fiber optics, your computer DOES NOT have a FiOS port, you still use a ethernet cable to your computer or router. To browse the web you need 512k, for 1080p video streaming you need 10Mb down MAX. 7Mb down for me for a game has 144ms latency, that is 0.144 seconds.. not fast enough? If your internet slows down..everyone in the neighborhood is likely slow, because of the amount of houses on each "node". Watch your shows on the web, connect your TV to your computer, or use rabbit ears(if you don't have a lot of channels it is set up wrong) on the TV.(I get A LOT of channels, FREE, football, news, movies, no porn), metroPCS cell phone, router for Wifi.

For broadband internet, 2x unlimited phones, and 50 channels of HiDef TV I pay just under $100 a month.

2 computers playing MMORPG's, downloading torrents in the background, and streaming radio, still at 0.2 seconds for latency. YOU DO NOT NEED 50 DOWN AND 25 UP.
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User Replies:
devnull on 03/19/2014:
As another data point, you can get 10d mb/s : 1u mb/s from Earthlink (who subcontracts brighthouse) for 42$(total cost). Although I typically see 11-12mb/s down. I've had them for a long time, so I don't recall if you need a contract.

I've had good luck with them in my area (tarpon springs/fl), and haven't seen any problems when the weather is bad.
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Knology sucks
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Rating: 1/51
LAWRENCE, KANSAS -- Unfortunately, I need to give a star rating because I can't give a lesser rating. I wish I could give a negative star rating. For several weeks, I have not been receiving all of my emails, having been notified of such by the senders. I call the phone number, only to be directed by "Automan" to input my phone number, for the purpose which has yet to be determined because after I finally do get to speak with a live individual, I am asked for my phone number. WHY? I already punched that in. For the umpteenth time, I explain frustratedly that I am not getting all of my emails. I am informed that the email is a free service of Knology, as if that is an explanation for why I am not receiving emails. I have heard so many excuses over the past few weeks, with the blame being placed on everybody but Knology, with the exception of the second to last time. They informed me their server was down and all of the emails were backed up. Hence, that is the reason I received an email 6 hours after it was sent. I have been told by the General Manager that no emails have been lost. Well, if they aren't lost, they have been permanently misplaced. I wish I had ISP options, but the only option in my area is a dish, which is equally unreliable. Here's a fervent hope that WOW will correct the abysmal service and cavalier attitude pervasive in Knology. It just p*sses me off that I have to pay for wholly substandard product and service. The only thing Knology has to offer over their competition is service; and I feel I have been much the same way a bull services a heifer. And apparently, I am in the majority of people when I discuss Knology.
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User Replies:
Tezrien on 07/22/2012:
Maybe things will get better soon for you. Knology was just bought by WOW! for $1.5 Billion. I am sure there will be growing pains but from what I've seen of Knology at present they aren't much better than AT&T.
jktshff1 on 07/23/2012:
"bull services heifer"....I got to remember that! Thanks:)
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Knology Services Outdated
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
SUMMERVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- We had Time Warner Cable since the day we moved to Summerville. After having Knology installed for our TV, Internet and Phone there are some issues that are making me rethink our switching to your service.

First, as an Internet Service Provider, Knology is extremely fast - we appreciate it.

Secondly, the Cable/TV Service is OUTDATED. The search engine that Knology uses, for searching programs, was used back in late 1990s. I don't want to have to scroll through every date to find a show I want to record or watch; plus Knology only allows you to forward ONE week, and you better know the date! Plus I don't want to spend my time scrolling through a huge list...that is time consuming. With Time Warner you could look for stuff a month in advance and set it to remind or record.

Also, if I miss a program, I can pull up the search on Time Warner, key in THE NAME of the show and it will list the past shows, as well as future shows. I COULD ALSO watch past airings of shows. For example, I was out of town for 2 weeks in Alaska...when I returned I realized I didn't record the show Justified. So, I brought up the search on my Time Warner box, and it listed all the Justified showings for the month. I selected one's I missed and started watching them. This makes it so much easier and flexible because you DON'T HAVE TO RECORD every episode of a show.

As for the phone, going to Knology from Vontage, now I have to purchase a caller ID...more money spent.

Right now I AM NOT a big fan of Knology and WOULD NOT recommend them over Time Warner, unless it is strictly as a price comparison. Knology service is so 1990's and this is 2012! The company really needs to update their software. I am posting my review of Knology service, I don't want people to be miss informed, like we were.
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User Replies:
Ally on 05/03/2012:
Hmmm, sounds like you should return to Time Warner then if possible. In my area, neither of those options are available but we do have Comcast. Guess they are just as outdated, as they work the same way with the program search and always have for the last ten years we have had it, only a week's programs at a time, etc. Didn't realize they were so 'outdated', guess you learn something new every day.
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Pay More, Get Less
Posted by on
DUNEDIN, FLORIDA -- Here are the complaints I have:

1) As a woman, I find pornography disgusting, and resent having to scroll through 7 channels of pornography with titles like "Slu**y Mothers" and "Hot Dripping Hos" while attempting to find a PPV movie to watch. (Only three non-porn PPV movie channels where I live). It is demeaning. Bunch them together in another location so that your customers who are offended by porn don't have to see those titles every time they look for PPV movies. Believe me, the people who want to watch porn will FIND them.

2) There may be two or three PPV movies per month that could be called major films. Most of the selections are low-rated films that are used to fill up the PPV channels, making it seem like there is a good selection when there is not. I would be a regular customer of PPV if I could find better films.

3) NO Movies on Demand.

4) Terrible internet strength. My son is an IT person, and he said it was the worst he had seen from a cable company that provides internet.

5) Terrible company website. Certainly not professional looking or user friendly. I was on the website last month looking for future developments that might be coming, and could find nothing. I clicked on a link to check out "Bundles" and found one page with a "Buy Now" link, and it didn't even have a price quote. The website looks like it could have been developed in a high school computer lab.

6. I resent being forced to be a Knology customer, and then being forced to have sub-par selections and services. I am seriously considering moving out of my apartment when my lease is up, simply because I don't want to deal with Knology anymore.

7. I also resent that the city of Dunedin, FL named a park after Knology when they have such little regard for the sensitivity of their women customers. I do not consider this the actions of a FAMILY company.

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User Replies:
trmn8r on 12/10/2011:
Although my sex and opinion of porn are diametrically opposed to yours, I wholeheartedly agree with your complaint and suggestion that the offerings should be concealed to an extent and not commingled with mainstream content.

Is this the only provider in your area? If you resent what the city did, you might consider appealing to them to rename the park.
Anonymous on 12/10/2011:
I know with Comcast, I can program the settings to where the Adult titles are not displayed...only a caption of "Adult Title" appears. Perhaps this is something you too can program with your remote, to hide the offensive titles. I do this since we quite often have company over or young nephews and nieces, and I don't want them subjected to that.
Cwazychicken on 12/10/2011:
I agree, I have midcontintent and unless I look under a section, I can not see these on my scroll. However, Direct tv does list all the nasty titles while looking for something to watch. . I think they should have a section (with code) to access to see these channels and not on the main scroll page.
trmn8r on 12/10/2011:
It would surprise me if any company that caters to the general public (not just creepy old men like myself) doesn't have a way to filter or hide such things. It is such common sense. Amazing!
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Account Errors that nobody can seem to fix!!
Posted by on
RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA -- Due to a better deal, in August 2009 I switched cable providers from Knology to the other cable provider in the area. The switch seemed to go well. At the end of August I receive a statement stateing that I was to receive a refund of $10.37. I patiently watched my mail box. When the Knology letter did arrive, which was in October, it wasn't a check but a bill for another months services. I immediately call Knology and explained to them the error and that I should be getting a refund not a bill. They agreed and told me they didn't know why I was sent a bill and said they would check into it and have someone call me back. Two weeks later I called them back to find out if any progress has been made. Nobody knew anything about was I was talking about and had to start over. After that I started collecting case numbers. After that phone call I expected everything to be cleared up. It wasn't. Fast forward to January 2010. I received a refund check for $10.37, which was the amount of an accidental over payment on our last bill, and a few days later a notice from a collection agency stating that I owed $781.49 for equipment that I had not returned to Knology. First off, the only equipment that I had was a standard cable modem which would cost around $50 to purchase, and second, I have the paper receipt that says I returned all equipment. I called Knology again and was told that my case was being sent to a different department and would be cleared up and I would receive a call when it was. Again, one week later after not receiving a phone call from Knology, I called them and it was still unclear whether or not the errors had been corrected and once again I am left with a new case number and a promised call back. The only good thing I can say is that the customer service representatives have been very polite through this whole experience.
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Posted by on
KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I had the bundled service through Knology in 2004. I called to have everything turned off except the cable internet. The following month I was charged the full amount for all 3 services. I Called Knology Customer Service and was told not to pay the bill and that they would correct the issue. I then had all the services turned off as I was moving with the military.

90 Days later I found they had placed the full overcharged amount on my credit as a collection account. I called their CS and paid the full overcharged amount to attempt to salvage my credit. All this accomplished was that it changed to a paid collection which is just as bad as the original.

I deployed to iraq in 2006 and could not continue my efforts to have this removed. I followed up with Knology in 2007 to once again attempt to remedy the issue. I eventually was told by CS that YES I did overpay the account and that they would cut me a check for the overpaid balance (which they did). I asked to have the collection account removed from my credit and was told sorry we can't do that. I replied by saying that the issue was caused by incorrect billing and that I should not be penalized because of their error and again was told sorry its not our policy to remove collection accounts.

Well now I am tired of seeing this on my credit and I wrote Knology to let them know that I will be filing formal complaints with every website that will allow me to post my story. They replied saying that the account is at a 0 balance and to give them a call if I have any other issues. I KNOW THE BALANCE IS 0, I WANT THE PAID COLLECTION TAKEN OFF OF MY CREDIT!!!!

Knology has cost me thousands of dollars in interest hikes over the past 5 years because of THEIR billing and collection errors. It is unacceptable that five years later I am still suffering from Knologies careless billing practices. After doing a quick google search it appears this is a common issue with Knology.

The service, (Telephone, Cable, and Internet) is nowhere near the quality of the leading cable companies. Considering they charge just as much as their competition, there is no real benefit of selecting them over ANY other provider. So in short.. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone. STAY AWAY FROM KNOLOGY!!!!!!!!
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User Replies:
goduke on 11/13/2009:
Get something from them in writing saying that the account should not have been placed in collections. Dispute it with the credit bureaus. Fixed.
Anonymous on 11/13/2009:
If you disconnected services, you would still be billed for the time you had them. If you called at the end of a billing cycle, you still would owe for that month used, which would be prorated for the days the services was still active.
MaggieMcT on 11/13/2009:
And thank you for your service. Glad you made it back.
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Billing and collection errors
Posted by on
CHARLESTON,, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Every once in a while you have the pleasure of doing business with a company that is run by a group of people that really know what they are doing. There are procedures and safeguards to ensure that all problems are identified quickly and fixed in a timely manner. All communications are checked for accuracy, the staff is courteous and helpful. Billing is handled efficiently and all the paperwork is designed to ensure that the client is kept fully abreast of any conditions that may affect their experience with the company. Unfortunately, Knology fails on all of the above. We had an inkling that things might be screwy with Knology when our service was interrupted for non payment of a bill. We had no idea that there was a problem with the account and were kind of baffled when the service was interrupted. We asked Knology why there was no phone call to discuss the problem, they hemmed and hawed and finally said they left a message on our 800 number. Folks, let me be the first to tell you, I don't have an 800 number. To make things even more interesting, we had paid the bill over the internet and had a confirmation number. So my wife calls customer service only to be told by the charming cubicle dweller, "Well, sweetheart, you must not have had no money" even after she knew that we had a confirmation number and we had plenty of money in the bank. So, we do get the service reactivated and receive the next month's statement. Lo and behold, there is a $30 fee for the supposed bad check for the payment that we made over the internet. We contacted our bank and they assured us that there was no way that there could hve been a problem with the payment clearing. Knology couldn't care less and if their computer says we owe the money that is it, end of story as far as they are concerned.
So about this time we are a little ticked off and are dealing with some other Knology issue when the salesman from Comcast knocks on our door. Needless to say , we switched to Comcast and I wish I could say that the story clears up here. Nope, things only go from bad to worse. Now in order to swith our existing telephone numbers from Knology to Comcast we have to have a zero account balance. This is taken care of and we are now in the Comcast fold and happy to be rid of Knology. But, we are not truly rid of Knology. Knology decides that we need to pay for a month of service that took place in the August billing cycle. Mind you we dropped the service on May 2nd. But somehow Knology has decreed that we owe for a month of service that took place well after we dropped them. It doesn't matter that we have statements showing a zero balance. It doesn't matter that the new bill clearly shows that the new charges are for services from Aug 1-31. Knology account reps have tried to explain the charges away by saying that they are related to late fees and service charges. I find that hard to believe especially considering that the fees are identical to the fees we were being charged for our monthly services and they are clearly marked as monthly service fees on the bill. What is up with these guys? Now they have turned over our account to a collection agency. When we informed the collection agency about the obvious error we are told that the only thing they can go by is what Knology tells them so pay up or they will damage our credit. The reality of the situation is that my credit is great and have been able to secure low interest loans and credit cards. Nowadays, a ding to your credit score allows the issuing agencies to raise your interst rate to the highest allowed by law. It doesn't have to be a fair and accurate report to trigger the rate increase either. So, the way I see it these folks are in a position to blackmail us with the threat of higher payments on other bills for a long time or fork over the money they say we owe. There ought to be a law against this type of chicanery is all that I can say. Anyone else out there have a similar story to tell? If this problem is widespread perhaps there could be some kind of class action suit brought against this group to make them think twice about pulling this kind of stunt on other people. Watch out for these guys.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/14/2005:
That sure is frustrating, good luck.
pezzy669 on 04/09/2008:
Going through this same garbage with Knology right now. I cancelled their service early March as it was horrible, the internet kept going down for no reason, the cable had the quality of rabbit ears and the reason I switched to them (price) was no longer a factor as they jacked their rates up to the same level as the reputable provider here (Brighthouse).

I called the day after my cable box was dropped off to pay my final bill. I received a bill for the full month but would not pay it as my box was returned and they stated it would be prorated. I was told by the rep - "Do not pay your bill - wait until you get the revised bill in April" I told her the due date was 2 days from that day and she said "if there are any late fees when you receive your revised bill call us and we will remove them" Alright wonderful!

On April 4th my phone rings with an 800 number....its a courtesy (aka collections) call from Knology asking for payment of 59.22 which was $54.22+5 late fee. I explained to this woman I was waiting for my revised bill, I checked 1 week ago online and it had not been adjusted and I had not received anything in the mail. I got the "Oh it was printed on April 2nd" I kindly explained to her I would not pay them until the 15th and I was told not to pay the bill when it was convenient for me so they can wait until then. She stated she would "note" that down so the calls would stop.

Next two days the same 800 # popped up. I called back and gave the collections department a piece of my mind and told them to stop calling my phone or I will pay them $1 a month until the balance is paid. Fine.

Called customer service to take care of the late fee. After being transferred 2 times then hung up on, called back. Explained the situation (nicely this time) and was told "We will not adjust the late fee as we don't do that." I am not that upset over $5 but its the principal.

Knology told me 'Do not pay your bill, wait until you receive your revised bill in April.' Revised bill is printed April 2nd and the collection calls start April 4th. Now I am being punished because the original agent who I called to PAY MY BILL is an idiot.

Stay away from this company. When you have problems with your internet or cable they go out of their way to not fix things when they go wrong.

This is the worst cable company I have ever dealt with.
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At least my house didn't burn down
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PINELLAS PARK, FLORIDA -- During a storm lightning came into the house via Knology...the house flashed inside and then there was no phone (all lines burned out) no internet (computer burned out) no cable (their box burned out) the rest of the house was fine except their cable box outside which was totally burned out...Lightning had traved thought their underground lines about 10 houses up and traveled into my house and did this damage...they quickly got the burned out box and denied it was their fault..I had to repair their damage at my cost...about a month ago people working on their lines outside rang my bell and said did I have Knology since the lines still are there...I said no and the worked said well the lines are all what an honest company to deal with...I am with bright house now.
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 11/15/2012:
Lightning can strike anywhere, it's not their fault lightening fried your electronics. The damage likely falls under "act of God." You could file a claim with your homeowners insurance for the damage. And if you haven't done it already, put your stuff on surge protectors. Better yet if you can afford it, get a whole house surge protector.
Sally on 11/15/2012:
I don't see this as being Knology's fault. They didn't make the lightening strike where it did and run into your house where you were using electrical devices in an electrical storm. I was raised in childhood to unplug Tv's, cable etc. during lightning storms to protect them from being struck and destroyed. Buy surge protectors if you want/need to use your electronics during a storm. Otherwise play it safe and unplug everything.
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Terrible Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA -- I was quoted a price for monthly service and installation. Days later I received a bill for taxes and an additional 10 dollars... Called customer service to discuss the problem on four separate occasions. While some of these people were helpful, they all said different things and were unable to connect me with the original sales representative after 2 weeks. No solution to the issue and the last lady treated me like I was the one in the wrong. If there is any other cable/internet provider in your service I would use them instead. Or hope to God you get lucky enough to never have an issue you have to call in about.
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User Replies:
ticia232 on 10/23/2012:
The taxes and fees are charged by the state and not the cable company. They cable company cannot remove them.
Mike in FL on 10/24/2012:
Those taxes and fees are there to maintain the telecom infrastructure you're using and you will have to pay them regardless of your service provider.
Suzy on 10/24/2012:
Count yourself lucky you have the choice of another cable company. I live in the north part of the county outside of Panama City and the only cable option here is Comcast. Had both Direct TV and Dish Network before Comcast got up here, won't have them again. But in the meantime there's no competition for cable in my area and may not ever be, so I have to put up with Comcast's frequent price increases and slowly deteriorating service for cable tv and internet. They were very good to begin with but since the digital migration I have been having increasing issues with service. I pay a lot of taxes/fees with Comcast also and did with the satellite companies also. Like Mike said, there are taxes and fees no matter which company you go with, the business doesn't choose them the state does. So if you're looking to eliminate those costs from cable you are out of luck.
Sara on 10/30/2012:
Same thing happened to me in Auburn, AL! I actually had my price quote in writing, on a pink agreement/receipt, faxed it in for proof, and they stated they wouldn't do anything about it. Simply stated, "Sorry, the service guy who signed you up lied to you and there is nothing we can do about your bill."
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