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Kroger Is Full of Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- I went into Kroger to use their Coinstar machine. As I was wrapping up my transaction the power went out. OK, no is how they handled it that was a little disturbing.

One of the associates walks to the outside the entrance of the store, lights a cigarette and talks on a cordless phone to whom ever. They start to close the store sliding doors and tells everyone to walk up to the front of store. As I am standing at the Coinstar machine 3 Kroger employees stand at entrance near carts and start small talk on how it took 2 hours last time for power to come back on. I ask them is there anyone that can get me my cash owed so I can get to work and the little boy employee said "there is nothing I can do until the power comes back on". I waited 10 min. Nobody came to fix anything. They let me sit there until I said something to another associate. I explained to her the situation and she said she would get my information, as I am telling the woman the little boy employee I spoke with first was laughing. As the woman went to the customer service desk I gave her my name phone number and email address.

I have not heard from anyone from Kroger yet. It has been over 24 hours. I am outraged. Not only will I not ever step foot in a Kroger again. I spend more money at their competitor for better service and appreciation for my hard earned money. I have lived in Atlanta for over 6 years and worked in customer service for 16 years, I couldn't imagine a consumer walking out of my place of business and feeling the way I felt after I walked out of that inconsiderate establishment. They should feel shame because that have lost customers for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!I HOPE THEY READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU OWE ME MONEY!!!!!!!!!
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 07/15/2012:
this is very unacceptable. Kroger is their agent and should be acting as such.

contact Coinstar with your issue and see if they will get it straightened out.
clutzycook on 07/15/2012:
Have you contacted the store yourself?
Anonymous on 07/15/2012:
There probably isn't much that can be done over the weekend. A lot of corporate places are closed over the weekends.
raven2010 on 07/15/2012:
I would think the Coinstar machine would show it too in coins but did not give cash or one of those credit or give cards it offers.

I wonder if a Kroger employee called Coinstar and is waiting for a resolution but simply failed to update the Op. regardless, the lack of service is unacceptable.
Anna Molly on 07/15/2012:
What was going to be done without power? Kroger has no idea how much change the OP placed in the machine before the power went out. The only thing I can think of that they could have done (this is assuming your transaction was still in the queue and would continue as soon as the power comes back on), is promise to have YOUR voucher waiting for you. I'd assume that's why they took down your contact information.

I hope your hear from them today.
DebtorBasher on 07/15/2012:
The OP said the power went out as he/she was wrapping up the transaction. If the OP got as far as getting the receipt from the machine with the total amount of would just be a matter of the courtesy counter to cash it, after they verify that it has not already been paid out. But, they wouldn't even be able to open their cash drawer to cash that receipt without any power. Hopefully, the power didn't go out BEFORE the OP got the printed receipt from the Coin machine...that would take some time for them to balance it out with the store first.
trmn8r on 07/15/2012:
They may need to wait for a Coinstar rep to come and count your change. It could be held in a container inside until the transaction is complete - unless the computer has non-volatile memory and can recover from a power failure.

On a tangent, CoinStar is a rippoff - the fee is like 10%. One more reason I like to use my CC for everything - no change accumulating.
ksgal on 07/16/2012:
Did not know you can use a cordless phone when there is no electricity
CowboyFan on 07/16/2012:
In that situation, I would take a piece of paper and write down on it: date, your name, address, telephone number, store name and address, and an explanation: On July 4, 2012, I was using the Coinstar at Kroger located at xxx, when the electricity went out. At the time the electricity went off, the digital readout at the front of the machine showed that xxxx dollars in coins had been received. The management told me I would have to wait until the electricity came back on, for me to finalize the count. This I could not do. I am requesting that when the electricity comes back on, that the management finalize the count and set aside the money to pay me. If they cannot do this, I would ask that they turn the machine off until Coinstar does a hand count of the coins in the machine. Sign date.

At the bottom write: I, ______________, am the manager/assistant manager of that Kroger and that I have received a copy of this letter on July 4, 2012 from Mr. Coins. He was at the Coinstar machine when the electricity went off. _______signature.

Make a handwritten duplicate. Give one signed by you to management, have them sign the one you keep. Call them back later that day. If the management refuses to sign, write on both copies: Assistant manager JOE refused to sign this document on July 4, 2012 at the time of this incident.

ticia232 on 07/16/2012:
electricity: where I work there are generators to power different things when the power goes out. The first one being the phones, so that you can call the electric company and if it is something just with your store whatever company you need to come in and fix things.

You are right that COINSTAR is runs the machines and is the only help they can get. I once had a Coinstar machine reboot while I putting change in, I called the number on the machine and got a check for what I put in.
Starlord on 07/19/2012:
Telephones work on a separate system than the regular electricity, which is why you have telephone service when the power is out. Cell phones work on batteries, and are not bound by the usrrounding power outage, unless the power outage also get the cell phone tower. Kroger is not that agent of Coinstar. They rent space in their building to Coinstar in return for a percentage of the intake from the machine.
Kroger employee on 08/07/2012:
When the power goes out back up generators come on. 1/2the lights come on, doors work, phones work, cash registers work, hand scanners work. Some of the conveyor belts work. Not sure about coin star or lottery machines. If you had your coin star voucher then they should have given you your cash on the spot.
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Power tripping employees
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
BRANDENBURG, KENTUCKY -- Three weeks ago I went to Kroger customer service desk to receive a Western Union money transfer. I had the exact dollar amount and confimation number to receive this transfer but there had been a mistake made by the clerk in Toronto where the transfer originated. Kroger would not allow me to verify the transfer by the confimation number. I had been receiving a transfer weekly from the same person in Toronto for several weeks but the clerk at ZKroger refused to give a damn about that. I had a picture ID with my current address also but she didn't care. I had been off work for 2 months following an injury and no income except what my friend sent from Toronto. The night before this incident I had witnessed my nephews suicide and explained to them that I was having the worst day of my life. They continued to refuse my money even after I showed them Western Unions Policy stating that all I needed was the confirmation number to receive the transfer. Managers were called that wouldn't help and I left in tears after some choice words to the employee that had all the power. Every business in this town is like this. You would think the money came from their own pocket. The next day I unwadded the same form I gave them the previous day and the new clerk accepted it without question.
Today I went in to get another transfer and the same power tripping employee was there. She saw my name on the form and without another word to me called the manager and the manager without explanation told me to take my business somewhere else. They are the only store in my town other than convenience stores and the only one with a Western Union service. I hate them.
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User Replies:
KevinTX on 05/25/2012:
Sounds to me that you should be after the person in Toronto and not these Kroger employees.
BigAl on 05/25/2012:
Western Union has rules which the vendors have to abide by. Krogers should not be blamed.
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Bad Meat, Bad Produce and Bad Management - 3 Strikes you're OUT
Posted by on
BIRMINGHAM, MICHIGAN -- One might think that if you were going to put a "Kroger" supermarket in an up-scale community like Birmingham, Michigan.. and even give it a fancy name like "Kroger Fresh Fare".. the be powers at Kroger would make it at least AVERAGE on all fronts.

On the contrary- The Birmingham, Michigan Kroger store is the worst run (management is non-existent and what there is of management is composed of rude individuals who haven't a clue what it takes to "keep" a customer) supermarket or any food store I have ever shopped in.

They advertise their meat in the butcher display case as Angus, but generally it is more comparable to "steer".

Not only is their routinely mold covered fruit on display for sale, but I have actually seen produce employees putting out moldy berries, etc.

The above are not isolated instances... each have happened more times than I choose to recant here.

The icing on the cake is if you dare take the berries back or the meat to their "non-customer service counter"... you are in for a real treat consisting of something close to a tongue lashing by someone who claims to be "the manager" on duty.

I have personally called and written Kroger headquarters regarding these issues, particularly the brow beating by management of not only me, but so many others I have seen go through the same poor treatment- and guess what, absolutely NO follow-up by Kroger. Apparently they feel they don't have any competition in this area since Farmer Jack's closed and they own the only two major supermarkets in the immediate area.

I have found the it is far better to shop at Whole Foods and pay the dollar more a pound for "REAL ANGUS" beef, real fresh produce, and friendly staff and management. Apparently Whole Foods is far more particular in their hiring practices than Kroger.

On a score of 1-5, I give the Birmingham, Michigan Kroger a -5
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User Replies:
Skye on 05/01/2011:
Sorry to hear that. They are called King Soopers and City Market here, and they are the best grocery stores here. Everything is always fresh, and the people that work there are always very courteous and helpful.
Anonymous on 05/01/2011:
They are called Fry's here and it's a great grocery store. I don't have one near me so I don't shop there as much as I used to. But they have the best produce at Fry's
Venice09 on 05/01/2011:
It sounds like a case of bad management. I can't imagine this store attracting too many customers. If people stop going, they will be forced to do something. I couldn't shop under those conditions if they were giving the stuff away for free. The freshness of meat and produce tells a lot about the store in general.
gtlarabee48 on 12/08/2011:
Good review in as much as I am seeing these same problems here in Chillicothe, O. Just the other day, I found a reduced price on a chocolate candy apple left over from Halloween. It had visible mold on it. I asked the store employee if such a thing should really be on the self, and he looked at it and threw it into the nearby waste basket. I said to him, "How could such a thing pass everyone's attention for so long?" He replied,
"You would be surprised at what goes on around here." Talk about apathy and indifference in the market place.
CC2 on 01/12/2013:
I live here in Texas just outside of Houston, in Sugar Land and the Krogers here is awful. Every time I buy fresh fruit it ends up being very bad, mangos that are rotten and brown inside, moldy berries, fruit that taste like it never really ripened or is over ripened. There meat is terrible also. I have complained to no avail. On more than one occasion I bought their Kroger brand oatmeal (the boxed individual packets) and there were worms in the packets/boxes when I opened it. There were weebils inside the spaggetti packets too. I now just do my shopping at HEB. The Krogers chains have gone downhill.
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Kroger Manager Accused Fiancé Of Steeling, Then Assaulted Him Over Formula For Our 2 Month Old
Posted by on
ALLEN PARK, MICHIGAN -- Today my fiancé went to Kroger to see if he could exchange our old cans of Enfmil for the soy formula since the doctor had us switch. he took the four cans to the service desk with no receipt, but they did have on them the markings Kroger puts on all their cans.He asked if it was possible to exchange. The woman looked the cans over then asked to see his receipt. He told her he didn't have it anymore but said they are from this store its the only place we buy formula. she said I cannot help you and turned to do whatever it is she was doing. He asked if there was any one else he could talk to about this. She told him that it didn't matter who he talked to he cannot get money back without a receipt. He tells her again, he doesn't need money he only wishes to exchange them and feed his baby and asks to speak with her manager. she says fine and calls the manager when shes done she slams the phone down and says he coming but he told me to tell you no anyway so you might as well just leave. He said he will not leave he's going to wait and speak with her manager. She then tells him to just get away from her. He says excuse me she said stand somewhere else or leave. he said ma mm, I'm going to stand where ever I want to and wait for the manager. What the h*ll is your problem? She proceeds to grab the bag of formula and says maybe I should just take these back. He said what do you mean take them back? Do you mean you'll do the exchange? cause unless you exchange them you definitely will not take them back I paid for those. So she throws the formula at him and tells him to get out! He caught the formula as it hit him in the gut, at this point pretty upset with every one in the check out lanes watching him being accused, he said if you want it so bad take it and slid it to her across the counter. It stopped right in front of her. She acted as if he just threw it at her face. She came from behind the counter and grabbed his hand trying to drag him out the door. at this point the manager walks up and he pulls away from her. The manager says what do you want to know about the formula? He says forget about the formula I want to talk about your employee throwing things at me and accusing me of steeling. the manager says he'll deal with that later now what about the formula does he need to know. and he asks about exchange policies. The manager says when did you buy it? Jon says I don't know within the last month. manager tells him to wait and goes to talk to the woman. she pulls out another can from behind the counter of a different brand. Jon didn't hear every thing they said but the saw the manager smile and heard ya, I just want to see if he really bought it. The man comes back to my fiancé now standing at the end of the first register and say were you here yesterday bringing back formula? Jon says what are you talking about. The manager says no, answer me I want to know if you were here. Jon tells him he wasn't and the manager asks a cashier is this the guy he says yep that's him. Jon says no it isn't, I was no wear near here yesterday. Manager say you need to leave your causing a seen get out of my store. Jon say I don't appreciate this in fact I think its cr*p I've been at work all day and come in here to take care of my family and you people act as if I'm a criminal in front of god and every one else and you say I'm causing a seen while defending myself. the manager tells him he can take it outside and Jon says ya, lets take it out I'm not done talking to you. so they walk toward the door and Jon turns to say seriously you have the wrong guy I'm a good person trying to feed my family. Under the managers breath he hears "low life scum bag mother f**ker" He says what did you say to me the guy says your a f**king scum bag starting a scene like this. So they get outside and Jon turns too face the guy and hes got his dukes up ready to go. J on says what your going to hit me now? the manager lunges at him and hits him a fist in the side of the neck and one in the shoulder. then three bag boys jump in to restrain Jon. Jon says are you crazy? After he regains his composure of course he tells the man that's assault buddy you just lost your job manager says what are you going to do?You stole that formula you won't call the cops. Jon says your pretty sure of your self to risk your livelihood. manager says call them! Jon said let me use your phone man I will.manager says just leave your causing a bigger scene.....

These are the facts as I recall them they might not be exact. I wasn't there so can't speak from memory.

My fiancé has long brown hair and a couple tattoos he is 30 but could pass for 24-25 I think this had allot to do with the way this played out but either way it's nonsense. They just lost our business for good. We have been loyal Kroger patrons for a long time and have spent a lot of money with their company. I'm absolutely disgusted! This Kroger is located on Dix and Southfield in Lincoln Park MI.
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User Replies:
MRM on 06/08/2007:
You better run home and find that receipt to show proof of purchase as they are now accusing you of theft. That was unappropriate how the service desk treated you. She has no customer skills what so ever.
adzidek on 06/08/2007:
This is a VERY vivid account considering you weren't there. You had me on your side all the way to the end, right until, "These are the facts as I recall them they might not be exact. I wasn't there so can't speak from memory."
spiderman2 on 06/08/2007:
Completely agree adzidek. She wasn't even there. This is the story her fiancee told her. I'm sure the service desk is on video at Kroger. Back when I had babies formula returns were not done. Receipt or not. They cannot resell returned baby formula because of the chance of tampering. the formula area of most stores is also heavily policed and taped in a lot of stores.
DBone on 06/08/2007:
Uh, Why didn't the cops get called?
Anonymous on 06/08/2007:
I must agree with adzidek and spiderman2 on this because at the end it all becomes "here say" and we would need the other side of the story!
shawnp80 on 06/08/2007:
Something's not adding up here. Well, I wouldn't go back there.
heaven17 on 06/08/2007:
"...the facts as I recall them...I wasn't there..."

Nothing like a secondhand testimony.
Saints preserve.
Skye on 06/08/2007:
Once again, clear case of:


Why didn't your boyfriend post this review?? He was the one that this all happened to, right????
Anonymous on 06/08/2007:
Ditto Shawnp80.
*Brenda* on 06/08/2007:
I'd like to hear the other side of the story.
Principissa on 06/08/2007:
My question is this, why did your boyfriend expect to get refunded for those formula cans if he did not have a receipt for them? Being a parent myself I personally think it is a good policy. I know from working at Target that we were told to never return any kind of baby food or formula with or without a receipt. Also for someone who was not there to witness any of this, you certainly make it sound like you were there. I agree with shawnp, something is missing.
Anonymous on 06/08/2007:
Tell your child, um I mean your fiancee, that he without a receipt he cannot havge a return. Also how do we know that your fiancee did not throw the cans at her instead of sliding them at her. Also is he so pathetic that he cannot write his own review.
Anonymous on 06/08/2007:
LMAO ghostbuster!
Who would try to return,or exchange a product without a receipt?SILLY!
Skye on 06/08/2007:
ghostbuster, you kill me, lol...
Justusryan on 06/08/2007:
Good one GB, the OP is not telling the whole story.
Skye on 06/08/2007:
I wish the op would come back, and give us the rest of the story.

TNT8385 on 06/08/2007:
Commas and apostrophe's are your friends.
Skye on 06/08/2007:
For not being there, you sure have every moment accounted for, almost as if you were there.

Something is rotten in Denmark.
Anonymous on 06/08/2007:
First of all what do you mean by "steeling" are you saying that they are accusing your fiancee of waving a steel rod around and threatening the cashier. Second like other people said your fiancee should be posting this not you. He was the one there not you. How do you know he is not lying or making a mountain out of a molehill. Third, if your fiancee is lying about this who knows what else he is lying about, maybe he secretly dates that femail carrier down the street while you are at work.
adzidek on 06/08/2007:
G&F, I find it amusing that you poke fun at the OP's misspelling of the word "stealing", yet you write things like "femail".
runaway on 06/08/2007:
there is definitely another side to this story, I would love to hear it.
Anonymous on 06/09/2007:
Anonymous on 06/09/2007:
adzidek - I find it amusing that you do not understand the joke, you will get it when you are older.
Anonymous on 06/09/2007:
good comeback FredandGeorge. Or GredandForge.
Anonymous on 06/10/2007:
This has nothing to do with your husband's tattoo's, his long hair, or the way he looks, tell him to get over himself and admit that he could not return the items because he did not have a receipt.

If he was causing a scene they have every right to kick him out of the store for the safety of themselves and other customer's. I would like to hear their side of the story to know how he was causing a scene.
Irisgirlsmama on 06/12/2007:
Okay, This is the Fiancé.
She typed the story pretty much verbatim the way I told it to her. These are the facts. I went to exchange the formula because our Babies doctor recently switched our baby from Enfimil w/ Lipil to Prosobee w/ Lipil. I had purchased like six cans of formula just before the doctor switched it and thought that it might be possible that I could "EXCHANGE" the formula without a receipt. I was not aware of the rules involved with returning formula going into that store last Thursday, I.E the Wic program and all of the tampering stuff you people talk about. I was only going off of the the Personal Guarantee on the can and the retailers policy that I work for that does not require a receipt on an exchange (not a return.)
When I approached the service counter I was immediately treated with a rather cold regard and only asked to speak with a manager about the return policy because the lady at the counter did not have any idea about how to treat a customer. This lady did snatch the bag of formula out of my hand and said " I will take this back" already implying that I stole the formula. I took the formula off of the counter and then slide it back to her as I thought better of it thinking that she meant she would exchange it. When she said no she wouldn't be exchanging it and threw it at me it became obvious what she was getting at. Then the Manager walked up and went into the whole " you were in here yesterday trying to RETURN this stolen formula ." At this time I got upset, as anyone would and had some choice words for the man. He asked me to leave and when I relented and as I was walking out the door the man called me a " low life, a liar, a scumbag and a thief." This is the gods honest truth here people. So once again I get upset and did start yelling at the guy again. He then asked me to leave the store and said that I was causing a scene for the second time. I said okay lets take this outside. Meaning lets take the conversation outside and once we were outside he got up in my face asking me what I had to say. I asked him if he was serious and if he really wanted to take it there. The guy then hit me in neck.
Fact is they accused me of stealing, and assaulted me.

My Fiancé told you the story as I told it to her. Since I work full-time and have a new baby I did not have a lot of time to come on here and tell you all the story. I wish I had so that my fiancé would not have come on here with the intent of letting other consumers know about my experience. She was only trying to tell the story as it was told to her in hopes of doing a service to anyone else who may shop at this store so that they may know what could happen to them if they tried to exchange an item there. I think that some of the people who replied here treated her a little unfairly and in some cases childishly.
Once again I went in there naive about the rules on exchanging Formula and was called a thief and assaulted. I never put a finger on anyone in that store and never would. I filed a police report immediately after the incident and was at the police station again today speaking to a detective about pressing criminal charges on the store Manager. I was appalled at being accused of theft
and mind boggled by the fact that the manager would even think about putting his hands on me. I know the whole situation sounds pretty unbelievable, I said it myself directly after and in conversation with the police and lawyers. I can only tell you all my side of this story and I too would be interested in hearing their side of the story. Maybe then I could understand exactly what made that man think it was okay to accuse me of stealing and assault me. Hopefully they still have the video from the cameras and I can prove what happened to me.
I work in retail also and understand the sentiment of standing up for the workers because all of us in the retail industry have dealt with unruly customers and know how those things can be. But what happened to me was just insane and way over the top. I know that for them to slander my character like that in public and assault me or anyone else is just plain wrong and this Manager cat needs to be held accountable for his actions.
On another note, hey ghost-buster how about we take this outside. J/K
Anonymous on 06/13/2007:
Hey adzidek why did you send me that email with bad language, did I say something to upset you? If so don't send nasty emails.
Anonymous on 06/13/2007:
I still don't think you are being honest here. Also it is not their fault you are unable to hold on to a receipt.
Txspike on 06/14/2007:
Um hope you called the police. File a complaint with the HQ as well as the DM of the district. They also have VIDEO cams in the store and tell the police you would like to see them.

Irisgirlsmama on 06/15/2007:
Police detective has been spoken to, and charges filed. The guy claimed to be the DM. But the HQ did make contact and were very apologetic, assuring that things would be taken care of on their end. There are video cams. The detective said that if they won't give up the video, or if they mysteriously disappear it is an automatic admission of guilt. We've done everything necessary to hopefully, make sure this guy never works in customer service again. We'll see what happens...

For any one who cares, my reasoning for putting at the end of this review that "these were the facts as I understood them" is because I knew my version would not be word for word exactly what was said. Not because the basic facts of the story would be different. that was just covering my a** in case for example the guy actually called him douche bag, while I wrote scum bag.

G/B,I guess your just missing the point.

G/F, Yep, I messed that one up.**Making mental note for next time ea not ee.** OK got it. Um I KNOW he isn't making mountains outa molehills because he's my fiancé and I KNOW him. If I didn't he would not be my fiancé. And I KNOW he isn't screwing the cashier because well, there just aren't enough hours in a day...
Was that really necessary??
Maybe one day, when your all growd up, you'll understand that to try to defame someones character that you've never met never even laid eyes upon is in very bad taste. That goes for you to Buster.

TNT, No comma's and apostrophes aren't my friends, I'm sure you've mistaken me for someone else. Starbucks quad coconut white mocha lattes with fat free milk and no whip, Those are my friends! Yummy!!Oh how I wish I had one now:/ I guess what I'm trying to say is, who cares? Irrelevant.

So, I'm sorry for posting here I guess I misunderstood what this site was for. See I was under the impression this was a reference point for other consumers. I didn't know that by writing a bad review I would be objectifying myself to a gang of disgruntled employees, who are so jaded and out of touch with the consumer point of view. So much so in fact that they believe most to be liars, that would actually put time and energy into writing a review just to attack a poor unsuspecting corporation.
Honesty people you sound a little paranoid to me. "there's something missing" "she isn't telling the WHOLE story" "I wish Kroger were here to clear things up for us" "They could tell us how HE caused a scene" yadayadayada...
You people are so loyal to the Kroger corp. I'd think you were related or something!
Most of you it seems are looking at things with an extreme bias. Judging on the way other posts on this site that I've read have been responded to, I think many of you lurk around here just waiting to attack anyone with anything bad to say. Then you proudly high five each other on the latest insult added to the thread, boosting your already overinflated since of self grandiosity.
Seriously now, are any of you being paid for what you do? Your attempts at casting doubt on the negative stuff? Is that assumption more paranoid than anyone Else's around here?? Hhmmmmmm....
Anonymous on 06/17/2007:
Irisgirlsmama - Your fiancee needs to grow up if he cannot hang on to a receipt and if he just expects to have things his way without the receipt.
Irisgirlsmama on 06/17/2007:
G/B - still, not getting it...
Irisgirlsmama on 06/17/2007:
There are places regardless of what you seem to think that do exchange items WITHOUT A RECEIPT. If Kroger does not it's fine, that's their policy. What is not fine is the way he was treated for not knowing the policy. Treating a customer like shiza and like a thief for asking - is unacceptable behavior. Assuming that because someone the day be for stole formula that had long hair, that this must be the same man, since he to has long hair - IS unacceptable. Making a loyal customer of your business look like a worthless thief, and a stupid one at that, in front of everyone in the store - is not OK. And at no point unless being threatened with violence yourself is it OK to put your hands on your customer.
People like you who want to excuse and downplay behavior like this, as small and insignificant as it may seem now, I guarantee will be the downfall of our society.
Anonymous on 06/18/2007:
How was your fiancee behaving towards them? Ask him. Maybe you should not marry him, he will probably be the downfall of society.
Irisgirlsmama on 06/19/2007:
Well I spoke with him, at your request. It appearers he was behaving like a customer, trying to make an exchange. He later behaved as angry and confused customer, after being accused of stealing. As any one would. I guess I'm getting married!
On another note, theres something fishy about you G/B. Unless you are the Kroger manager I don't understand why you continue to defend this nonsense. We have decided the best course of action here is this- Ghost-buster, I here by declare shenanigans on you, and all that you stand for. On your childish remarks that only come of as simple and silly attempts at being whitey. Shenanigans!

By the way Ray parker Jr. I ain't afraid of no ghost!

p.s.-We will be sure to let you know the detectives take on the situation OK.:) :P
Anonymous on 06/19/2007:
Your fiancee is the one acting childishly. Also why do you have a child if you are not even married. Also if the detective thinks that your fiancee is in the wrong I doubt we will ever hear from you again. Also it is witty not whitey, if you are going to insult someone at least get the spelling right otherwise it makes you look silly.
Anonymous on 06/19/2007:
ghostbuster - If adzidek sent you a nasty email then he is not acting much older than you. There is no need for him to send you a nasty email as you say. They are just being childish as you. If adzidek is sending you nasty emails I wonder if he is the fiancee. Anyway do not email him back just ignore him.
Anonymous on 06/19/2007:
Irisgirlsmama - Ghostbuster is making childish remarks, but guess what so are you. I get the feeling you don't like to be told you are wrong. He just copied your childish "you are a downfall of society" remark. Do keep us in touch with what the police have to say about this. That way we can get a fair idea of both sides of the story.
Irisgirlsmama on 06/19/2007:
G/B are you a Christian?
Anonymous on 06/19/2007:
Ghostbuster, you do not have to be married to have a child. You will know why when you are older. :D. For now let's just say when a man and a woman love each other they have a special way of showing their love for each other.
Irisgirlsmama on 06/20/2007:
M/M I was referring to the other 4 or 5 childish remarks G/B previously made. So, no he didn't "just copy." No, I don't like being TOLD anything in an arrogant, no it all manor by someone who knows absolutely nothing about me.
like take your post for example, I hate that you imply that my fiance is full of himself. Especially since your implication was based on something that I believe to be true, not something that he said. But even more so because you don't live around here and don't know us and there for, have no idea whether or not my presumption could be true. I mean, what are you trying to say any ways? Do you honestly believe that people don't ever judge one another based solely on appearance? If in fact you believe it happens then is it that you just don't believe that they ever treat them badly because of it? If that is your stance then let me tell ya, history is just not on your side on this one.
You can think my remark to be childish but I was being completely serious. Look at Hitler for example, he made a whole society accepting of random acts of violence and murder. All he had to do was get people to believe that a certain type of person is not worthy of equal and fair treatment. there for the magnitude of what was going on was ignored. It seemed perfectly normal to spit on that type of person just for being born. Same premise on a different scale in my opinion. The store manager and the service desk employees behavior gets excused completely, since Jon is the type of person that doesn't save food receipts and has the audacity to ask if an exchange can be done without. What an a*s*s huh? guess he should know the policy of every store he shops at. What nerve he has, asking the customer service employee a question. Maybe they should have done more than call him a thief and hit him, maybe they should have sent him to the gas chamber. You never know where a negative biased frame of mind can take us...
Anonymous on 06/20/2007:
Irisgirlsmama - The point is you too are reacting childishl and posting childish remarks as well. Do you have proof that they were being biased towards your fiancee. No because you were NOT there. That is why he should have written the letter himself. He was there he knew what happened. If he can take the time to write a response to defend you he can find the time to write his own letter.
Anonymous on 06/20/2007:
She is talking about me being immature and childish, but having a child before getting married is not being respobsible and mature.
Irisgirlsmama on 06/21/2007:
ummm... in case you hadn't noticed in his response to defend me, he DID tell the story in HIS OWN WORDS. So, I guess that's kind of like writing HIS OWN LETTER. Regardless of that though, What does it matter that I posted the review instead of him? No one has given any good reason that he should have instead of me. The fact of the matter is who wrote it is unimportant, you people would have attacked it just the same. This is based on the fact that even after he came on and told you what happened you still think it's a lie. Now why it is that you think there would be any reason for someone to tell a bunch of complete strangers a story like this, and lie about it is beyond me. Yes, he WAS there and he TOLD ME, and also now has TOLD YOU what happened. That is my proof of what happened. That is why I feel fine about having posted the review. I've known my fiancé long enough now to be able to take his word for it. I KNOW him to be an honest person. I trust his view of the incident 100% and have no problem basing my opinion of the situation on it. I don't know what sort of people you associate your self with but the people I hold dear are not dishonest. Truth be told Jon is not the type to take time out of his day and write a review like this, it's unimportant to him to tell people who essentially don't matter what goes on in his life. It is important to me however to inform people when things like this happen, especially when it happens to someone I care about. Jon cares about his family which is why he even bothered posting. I even had to talk him in to it his exact words were "screw those people baby."After screw those people it was "I can see where they are coming from, I see a** holes at work all the time." After that when there was no change in attitude it was "don't bother with them any more, they are crazy to take that defense anyway." "I don't understand these people at all." The only reason I kept typing anyway is because after reading other posts, I think I do understand you people. So, I decided to prove myself right. I think the majority of you only come here to talk shiza. You do all this questioning and "I wish the OP would come back" (ing), but they usually don't. I knew I was right about you when Jon telling the story changed nothing. You did say that's what you wanted, but that was b/s. Your just sh*t talkers with no good reason other than its something to do. other wise you would have stuck your collective foot in your mouth and admitted to being judgmental, and asinine about the whole thing. Your all just a bit to proud for that though. The fact is you don't want people to come back in their own defense. And obviously you aren't used to it or I would here better insults then "Hey you spelled that wrong stupid" "HAR HAR HAR."
Anyway, Mr. your point is a non-point as Jon did tell you what happened. You still hanging on that as an excuse for your behavior is silly. Get over it, I wrote it but he verified it.
G/B unless you come from a culture that does arranged marriage as a right of passage and a symbol of maturity, you make no since. It cannot be that your christian...Or religious at all for that matter other wise you have some repenting to do. It's still sinning when its done on the internet.My child has both parents in her life, and tons of love. Jon and I will be together for the rest of our lives because to us marriage means through thick and thin. Maturity is to know you are able to stand by your commitment's and work through your issues without jumping ship. Obviously too many immature people get married nowadays or there would not be such a high divorce rate. Surely you don't think every one who waits to have kids till they are married are mature and responsible on that fact alone. Right? I assume you thought this comment would in some way hurt my feelings. it doesn't. Jon is very committed. He proposed at the place we met on my birthday. Three weeks later we found out I was pregnant. The only reason we aren't married is that I didn't want to have a big pregnant belly in all my wedding pic's. He tried hard to convince me this would be cute but I knew better. Now that I'm back to normal We will be married very soon. Not that any of this matters or that you deserve to know, I just like bragging about how sweet my future husband is.
Sorry you won't get a rise outa me with that one. you were doing just slightly better hunting for the misspelled words. Not really though.
Anonymous on 06/21/2007:
I guess you are made for each other, good luck on the child thought. They need it.
Irisgirlsmama on 06/22/2007:
Child thought??
Anonymous on 06/22/2007:
I would not make fun of anyone's spelling mistakes when you make ten times as much. I hope you are not home schooling that kid. Look at the other people's comment's they approve of my posts. Like TNT said, comma's and apostrophe's are your friends.

Irisgirlsmama on 06/22/2007:
Um I don't care about your misspelling's, Though you do have quite a few to be attacking mine. I didn't know what you meant. So I asked... I still don't know what that comment meant. Why not retype it without the mistakes instead of getting defensive.
Good thing everyone approves and thinks so highly of you. That's great for you. Obviously you require much validation to feel good about your self and the things you say and do. I'm glad that you have found a place that can do that for you.
Honestly GB there are soooo many other things I could make fun of. Have I bothered once with your spelling or grammar? No, I don't think it's that important as long as the point is made. Unfortunately I guess this error stopped that from happening so, I couldn't "make fun" of any thing else.
Anonymous on 06/23/2007:
Irisgirlsmama - Like other's have pointed out, this letter would be better if it was written in his words for the first place, because you were not there. You trust him which is good. But you do need to learn to take other people's advice in a more mature way. Maybe it will come to you when you are older.
Anonymous on 06/23/2007:
I meant that good luck on your child, having parents like you would not prepare him for the real world. I certainly hope that you do not decide to home school the child. You are just upest because people do not agree with you. Don't worry I am sure Jon will make you feel better. I wish your child the best of luck in life with what he is dealt with as parents.
Irisgirlsmama on 06/23/2007:
Mr.mafia Like I said be for, I'm curios to know exactly how him typing it out would have changed the outcome of your view of the situation. As we know his verification didn't change a thing. Also, I have no issue taking advise. If it was advise being given I might have taken it, if it was good advise. It was not advise dished out by other members but instead insults, really for no good reason. I would say I handle myself just fine for someone under attack.
G/b SO, your supposed to be 10.... I'm going to call you Andy milinaukus from now on. Sicko.
If you truly are a child which I sincerely believe is B/S given the nature of the things you say and the "advise" you give, you then are the child who has been dealt a bad hand in the parenting department.
What 10 year olds parents would be so careless with what they allow their child to view on the internet.
What parent allows their 10 year old to partake in conversations with adult strangers on the internet. I wish your parents luck and hope that they will try to keep better track of you. ten year olds should be using the internet for homework.... Not chat...EVER!
But your probably more like 45 anyway.
Anonymous on 06/24/2007:
Ghostbuster may be ten, but in your last post you just displayed the behaviour of a ten year old yourself. This is the last reply I am making to you, because I refuse to argue with an adult that shows the immaturity of a ten year old. I am "curios" have you seen the security tapes as yet?
Anonymous on 06/24/2007:
Ghostbuster - Don't respond to her she obviously has issues as she displayed by her last post.
Anonymous on 06/24/2007:
I don't want to grow up, I just want to be a kid, bla bl bla something, something/../;l,k
Anonymous on 06/24/2007:
Actually, Lidman I believe it goes like this.

"I don't want to grow up, I'm a toys are us kid."
Anonymous on 06/24/2007:
You mean ignore her.
Anonymous on 06/24/2007:
Yeah ignore her, there is no reasoning with her.
Anonymous on 06/24/2007:
Anonymous on 06/24/2007:
Yeah! That's it! Yeah!
Thanks Mr. Mafia
Anonymous on 06/25/2007:
Well she has not been on for three days, but honestly someone should take that child away from her.
Irisgirlsmama on 06/29/2007:
Oh really Mr. mafia, is this the first post in which I display such an immaturity. I was under the impression that according to you, every post I've made has been childish and immature. Apparently you are of the belief that to speak in ones own defense is a childish act. I suppose you think the adult thing to do would be bend over and take the abuse with grace. Just what topic are you referring to when you say " there's no reasoning with her." That's ridiculous. Of course there is no reasoning with me when it comes to what kind of a parent I am. Nor would there be with any mother. As for your curiosity, seeing as how you won't Feed mine I see no reason to satisfy your's. Why do you keep dodging my question? Don't want to admit that you have no decent explanation for your OVER-reaction.
Moving on "GB may be ten" well, you hit the nail on the head with that one. Now, I might have worded it more like this-"GB may (NOT) be ten." Lets say he is a child. if the little guy wants to talk big, then he should be prepared to deal with the consequences of what he says to people. He should be able to handle what they could end up saying in their own defense. How else will he learn to treat people as he wants to be treated himself. If he truly is a child, I hope to god I hurt his feelings bad enough for him to tell his parents about it. Then maybe they will investigate what he's up to on the computer and keep a closer eye on it. If they already know and aren't doing anything about it, well that's just irresponsible. At this rate GB is a casualty waiting to happen. Ten year old children have no business chatting in adult forums of any kind. especially one like this where it is so easy for a child unwittingly so, to give away precious information about their location in the world. There are just too many bad things that could come of it.
On the other hand what if he is an adult that needs people to think he's a rather bright child. maybe in order to feel validated without question. Probably because as an adult he is not so bright, and quite narrow minded. Wouldn't that be spooky, and wouldn't you have been had.
Seriously, he's ten yet he understands the magnitude of saying something like "someone should take that kid away." then you say "don't respond" and all of a sudden he regresses to needing verification on what that means. It makes no since. This for example "I meant that good luck on your child, having parents like you would not prepare him for the real world. I certainly hope that you do not decide to home school the child. You are just upset because people do not agree with you. Don't worry I am sure Jon will make you feel better. I wish your child the best of luck in life with what he is dealt with as parents." not written by a ten year old maybe someone trying to look ten as far as grammar goes. Most ten year olds like their parents even if they are total sh*t bags. They depend on them and would feel empathy for another child who did not get to live with its parents. There are so many other reasons this statement alone or compiled with others, could be considered very off if truly written by a child but I'm sure you can see them if your not blind. If he is an adult he could be one of the predators skulking around sites like these. Befriending unsupervised children disguised as one himself, who knows.
Skye on 06/30/2007:
You got some nerve. She gets WIC!! That freakin pisses me off. Why should my taxes support your girlfriend and kid.

You breed em', you feed em. I am so sick and tired of all these kids being born to unwed mothers, and yes, fathers who make them, and she now has to get WIC....

Marry her, and get her off WIC. Oh wait, but if you marry her, she then loses her Welfare benefits.

I am so sick of this crap. My husband and I pay so much in taxes, like most people here, and it just amazes me, how easy the government makes it for woman to have kids, and not take financial responsibility for them, or the sperm donors.
Irisgirlsmama on 06/30/2007:
F#ck you, you presumptuous f#cking Cu^t. How dare you. I've paid my taxes for 14 f#cking years. I pay for my baby's food and shelter. And, have probably paid for some of YOUR relatives.
I've had it with you people!
Anonymous on 07/02/2007:
iris - I guess we won't be seeing you again. Grow up, stop throwing tantrums like a two year old. Does Jon do the same. If you can't reply to others without cursing at them perhaps you should just delete this topic and leave the site.
Anonymous on 07/02/2007:
Irisgirlsmama - You talk about ghostbuster's parents not being responsible, but look at you as somoene else pointed out you got yourself pregnant without getting married. Now that's irresponsibility then and there. It is also sick that you hope that you hurta ten year old's feelings enough to have him/her cry to their mommy.
Skye on 07/02/2007:
None of my relatives have ever been on any type of public assistance.

I feel so sorry for your baby, all that bitterness and anger.

You never paid sh*t for me or any of my relatives. WE have been paying for your kind, way too long.

Stop having kids if you can't afford them.

Better yet, use birth does exist, and free from Planned Parenthood, just one more thing my husband and I pay for, with our taxes.
Anonymous on 07/02/2007:
Skye - I have a feeling that this is our "friend" Angela here with different name. Maybe I am wrong.
Skye on 07/02/2007:
I don't know Mr.Mafia, not getting that feeling, yet, but you never know.

Did you see what she called me?? Tsk, tsk, such a lady.
Anonymous on 07/02/2007:
Then you wonder why the child curses. This is a funny but sad story, a teacher was complaining that one of her first grader's was swearing in class, at recess etc. They called the parents in to discuss this, and the parents responded to this by cursing at the child. Things like what the fudge is wrong with you. It's like this saying that we made up in high school. How many times have I told you to watch your effin language, it's not nice to effin swear.
Anonymous on 07/03/2007:
iris - I hope that you don't use this type of language in front of your child. You don't want his first words to be eff you mommy now do you?
Skye on 07/03/2007:
Maybe she woudldn't be so bitter, if she was able to pay her own way.
Anonymous on 07/03/2007:
I still think Jon should have written this letter, after all she was not there, she does not know what happened. She even admitted it but she keeps thinking she is right.
Skye on 07/03/2007:
Mr. Mafia, did you ever get my email today???
DebtorBasher on 07/03/2007:
I don't understand how someone can think the policy for their retailer is the same for all others? That is just stupid in itself! Are you SURE you want to marry this person?
Anonymous on 07/03/2007:
DB, are you sure you want to marry Sheriff?
Anonymous on 07/03/2007:
never got the email yet
Anonymous on 07/03/2007:
I wonder why Iris thinks that ghostbuster is a preditor going after unsaware children, perhaps her Dear Jon is that type of person so she knows a lot about these people. You never know. Or perhaps she does not want to admit that a ten year old is a better speller than her, and the only way to do so is to assume he is an adult. This way she feels better and does not see it as a little kid outshining her.
Irisgirlsmama on 07/05/2007:
Skye- Why do you continue to assume that I get WIC? As I said, I don't. I guess this is because you couldn't come up with any fitting insults. Yes indeed I called you a nasty word. I feel it fit perfectly with your incredibly nasty and cruel remark. What a terrible thing to say. Shame, shame.
I bet if a few dollars out of each check was going to the animal shelter you'd be thrilled huh? Not a defenseless little baby though. " You breed em you feed em." Right, how remarkably cliché you are. "None of my relatives have ever been on any type of public assistance." Well, I hope they don't ever need it. And if they do, let's certainly hope they don't stumble upon your cheerfull opinion of them.
So what's your slogan? Something like save a puppy, kill a baby, I'm sure.
" WE have been paying for your kind, way too long. "
So what "kind" are you referring to? There are after all many different kinds of people that need assistance like this.
For example- single mothers that were madly in love with their husbands when they had children later being abandoned by their cheating sh*t heads that won't pay child support...Or, how about the kind that has the trophy husband, everyone thinks he's hot sh*t and sooo good with the kids.... But to good to be true, he's good with em cause he'd rather screw them then his lovely wife. But maybe she should have chose daddy over baby to save you a buck. Or what about the military wife, or widow, guess they shouldn't have had kids with the love of their life even if one day it could be all they have left of him. As you must know solders get paid squat and a high percentage of military family's have to receive assistance of one kind or another.But maybe you should just go to war yourself. It would save you money! Oh, how about the woman that no matter how hard she tries just cannot get her baby to breast feed and is absolutely devastated that her baby won't be able to get the best food for his health, her milk. What if she could afford to by formula, but not the good kind without assistance? Should her child have to eat the target brand because of this? Or like my baby, has a sensitive tummy. What if she couldn't afford the price difference for the soy or gentle ease formula? Should her child have to go through its entire career as a baby with, a hurting tummy, constipation, projectile vomiting, crying fits, painful gas, with only an overload of infant gas drops and apple juice as a laxative to help? How about the woman who counted on one, maybe two baby's tops and gets pregnant with quintuplets? She should have aborted? I'm going to guess your answer would be yes. I doubt your the type to believe in fate. What about the woman that is on birth control but gets pregnant? She should also abort right?
You know if every one was as narrow minded in our country, the only people allowed a child would be the rich. And what good would come of that? We would have a bunch of stuck up spoiled little jack and Kelly Osbourne's running the world.
There are millions of hard working Americans that have nothing but tons of love to offer their child, but are only just scraping by financially and need a little help. Especially now with the economy still pretty bad in some places. Even with two incomes coming into a home times are tough. The things you've said are horrible. Having read some of your blog and comments to people I assume you like you don't strike me as the type to be so thoughtless and unkind. If you want to insult me, then by all means have your good times, but don't compromise your own integrity doing so. I'm sure you don't really believe that everyone who needs help to feed their family enjoys this. They don't, I assure you. They don't get that much money. They aren't able to do for their children every thing they would like to. They don't get family vacations, or even simple outings like a night at the show. They cannot afford to eat out. They cannot buy everything their kids want for Christmas or birthdays, In many instances, they cannot buy anything. They have to live with high fashion clothes, maybe from the early nineties bought at Value Village just to afford their children a few new outfits to last for the school year... And those new outfits will probably come from K-mart. I'm sure if you ever have a child you will understand. I'm positive that the worst feeling in the world for any mother would come from knowing she alone cannot provide properly for her baby. And regardless of the small amount of help they receive, they must suffer with this feeling anyway.
I'm going to come down to a personal level with you. Only because I'm comfortable enough with myself and my life that theres nothing you can say to hurt me or effect my opinion in any way. Hopefully though, I can possibly effect yours positively. When I was a child, my family was on welfare for four years until my mom finished college. She was divorced when my sister was only one and had five kids under elven. None of our situation was her fault other than trusting her husband to provide. Even with the "help" we had, we had nothing. We would wake up on Christmas morning to find a box of food on the porch from good will for dinner. Our clothes came from thrift stores and unfortunately it wasn't good enough to satisfy the snotty kids at school who probably heard their parents say things like what you just said. Your probably one of them. I remember my mom crying in the grocery parking lot because there weren't enough food stamps to get us through. My mom, who was a very religious woman stopped going to church for years. I think she wondered how god could let this happen to her family. Through all of this she struggled to take care of us, keep our spirits up,work part time, and attend classes full time. She is now an R.N. and I would say definitely, giving a hundred times what she got back to the community. In her graduating class she won three out of four of the academic achievement awards, and last year won the night n gale award at her hospital.the Nightingale award is given to one nurse only for being the best at what they do.
My point is that help isn't something people are proud of. It's not the way anyone in their right mind would choose to live. Sometimes bad things just happen to good people and it's completely beyond their control. People don't aspire to be welfare recipients when they grow up, they don't say I want everyone to either pity or look down on me and judge who I am based solely on my income. I cannot even begin to understand where your coming from. I'm just baffled at the level of insensitivity, coming from someone who seems to be a kind and charitable person in many other aspects...
Irisgirlsmama on 07/05/2007:
"I don't understand how someone can think the policy for their retailer is the same for all others? "
Um... I don't understand how this is a question.
Irisgirlsmama on 07/05/2007:
iris - I guess we won't be seeing you again. Grow up, stop throwing tantrums like a two year old. Does Jon do the same. If you can't reply to others without cursing at them perhaps you should just delete this topic and leave the site.
I'm sure that would thrill you. You don't like having opposing opinions around do you? No, I won't delete. I am positive that not every one around here is as narrow minded and petty. When they come to view this topic and see all the silly comments made I'd like them to be able to see why. To delete would leave them believing you were right... Still dodging huh?
Irisgirlsmama on 07/05/2007:
I'm not Iris, my baby is.
Anonymous on 07/05/2007:
You don't have to delete the letter if you don't want to, but you are not going to find many people that side with you. You call everyone that disagrees with you narrow minded, throw a fit like a two year old and start cursing. Well I have news for you it's not us that is narrow minded and petty it's you. I made a suggestion, if you are not mature enough to replie to the messages without cursing at people then perhaps you should not post a public letter until you are old enough to do so without having a tantrum.
Anonymous on 07/05/2007:
I thought the post was pretty good, of course the comments all went down hill
Slimjim on 07/05/2007:
This was a very detailed post, and it seems that's drawing suspicion since poster wasn't there. What strikes me is no police were present. IF the accounts of the incidents are accurate here, not only should the store's employees been charged with assault, but this is a lip-smacking lawsuit just waiting for a hungry lawyer to grab it. I too would guess their version is quite different.
Anonymous on 07/05/2007:
Where did the WIC comment come from?? Skye, I would be willing to bet I pay more in taxes than you and your husband combined and I really do NOT have a problem with people using assistance to feed a child, even if that was the case. Your comment was out of line.
Skye on 07/05/2007:
I doubt it Dealer. The amount my husband and I pay is more than most people can earn in 10 years.

And the WIC comment was because the op mentioned it was all WIC.

I am allowed to post my comments and opinions just like everyone else, and I am tired of paying for people who have kids, and cannot afford to feed them. Only the admins, who own this site should be telling people when they are out of line, not you. But that is the beauty of this place, you can state your opinions and comments.
Public assistance is abused and too many people do abuse it. I have nothing against anyone who needs a hand up, but constant hand outs are ridiculous.
Skye on 07/05/2007:
The words of the finace, not mine:

I was not aware of the rules involved with returning formula going into that store last Thursday, I.E the Wic program and all of the tampering stuff you people talk about. I was only going off of the the Personal Guarantee on the can and the retailers policy that I work for that does not require a receipt on an exchange (not a return.)
Anonymous on 07/05/2007:
I must be missing something. "Skye- Why do you continue to assume that I get WIC? As I said, I don't". That was good enough for me.
Anonymous on 07/05/2007:
dealer - You should have seen Iris's comment that everyone else saw, she was swearing at Skye and said that she was through us all.
Anonymous on 07/05/2007:
OK, let's put this into perspective. A man tried to exchange baby formula, which should have been any easy task with or without a receipt because it is done everday (anyone with children probably has done this a time or two). Then all the BS and name calling started. Sure I believe there is more to the story but the simple fact remains that a simple exchange went awfully wrong and escalated to a point it should have never reached.
Anonymous on 07/05/2007:
dealerdirect, I am with Skye on this. I believe several posts have been deleted from this thread. Every time I check it, posts are missing.

*Brenda* on 07/05/2007:
I think he (the fiance) meant that he didn't know the rules, which are in place because of WIC and tampering.
Anonymous on 07/05/2007:
Hey! where's my post?
Irisgirlsmama on 07/05/2007:
G&F You must be referring to this post..
F#ck you, you presumptuous f#cking Cu^t. How dare you. I've paid my taxes for 14 f#cking years. I pay for my baby's food and shelter. And, have probably paid for some of YOUR relatives.
I've had it with you people!
As far as I can tell not a single post has been deleted. Your right it was a rude thing to say. However I never expected when I posted this review to have so many attacks on my parenting. In fact I didn't expect any. Needless to say I let Skye's hurtful comment get the better of me. What can I say I'm human. When you continue to kick a person eventually their bond to lash out a little.
Irisgirlsmama on 07/05/2007:
slimjimjohnson2000- He actually went to the police station after the incident. He is pressing charges. He did consult a lawyer that will represent him down the road if need be, but who thought that we could first attempt to handle things without assistance. He did speak with HQ and they will be getting back with us after they review things, they seemed very sympathetic. I mentioned some of this on another post.
Irisgirlsmama on 07/05/2007:
*Brenda*- That is exactly what he meant.
Irisgirlsmama on 07/05/2007:
dealerdirect- Thank you for being reasonable, and following your own path amidst all the chaos. Your my hero!:D seriously though, thanks.
Irisgirlsmama on 07/05/2007:
Oh Mr mafia, when you say suggestion are you referring to this?

"This has nothing to do with your husband's tattoo's, his long hair, or the way he looks, tell him to get over himself and admit that he could not return the items because he did not have a receipt.

If he was causing a scene they have every right to kick him out of the store for the safety of themselves and other customer's. I would like to hear their side of the story to know how he was causing a scene."

I wouldn't call it a suggestion, and certainly not a friendly one.
Anonymous on 07/06/2007:
Iris - You don't like to be told you are wrong do you?
Irisgirlsmama on 07/06/2007:
Mr. mafia,
We have discussed this already. If you scroll back through the comments you will find, that you have already asked this exact question. You will also find that I answered it in detail. It appears that you, have a great deal of trouble admitting when you have been wrong...
Irisgirlsmama on 07/06/2007:
M/M-For future reference, to tell and to suggest are two very different things. To tell people to do things, unless you hold some authority over them, is usually considered rude...
Anonymous on 07/06/2007:
Irisguirsmama - You, my don't seem to understand that a lot of people side against you. You have a hard time with the difference between tell suggestion. What you really want to hear is that you are right and everyone else is wrong. That is not going to happen.
Anonymous on 07/08/2007:
Yep, I'll bet Jason Raul keeps his legs crossed on a regular basis.

Anonymous on 07/09/2007:
Jason Raul - We all understand what you are trying to say, but the correct expression is keeping your legs "closed" not keeping your legs "crossed".
furnitureman on 07/09/2007:
I like cheese
Anonymous on 07/14/2007:
MRM - It sounds to me like her fiancee Jon, has no people skills, and from the way that the OP presents her self and also from the way she replies to other's sounds to me like she herself has no people skills. Two people without people skill's raising a child, makes you wonder what the child will be like.
Anonymous on 07/14/2007:
You know what billy you might be right about them not having people skills.
Anonymous on 07/15/2007:
She has not been on for over a week, I wonder if they banned her.
Anonymous on 07/15/2007:
Alley I have seen the language that OP made, my favorite one is F#ck you, you presumptuous f#cking Cu^t., I bet when her baby wakes up or wants to be fed she says "F#ck you, you presumptuous f#cking Cu^t. go to sleep you f#cken toad or no breast milk for you in the morning. Now stop crying and get some f#chen sleep, you have been crying sinec you were born you miserable cu^t.

Her little out burst of profanety makes me wonder if her husband used pronanety in Krogers and threw things around and security was called on him, maybe that is why he can't write his own letter because he is in jail.
Anonymous on 07/15/2007:
mr mafia - closed, crossed either way it means she is too lasy to go and feed the baby because she wants to sit down and not walk anyway I thought you were not replying to her no more.
Anonymous on 07/27/2007:
I wonder where this OP is now, she is not replying to no one, maybe she found out her husband caused trouble and does not want to admit it.
cubbyphil on 11/11/2008:
I work for Kroger and the reason they will not return cans of baby milk without a receipt is because it is illegal to use wic and return the baby milk for something else
Andria on 03/15/2014:
Good lord! He was hit and accused of being a liar. I don't understand why people are defending this manager and employee. Not all people are good. Just because they are the shift manager of Kroger does not mean they are good people! Yet dozens of comments are questioning a woman and man who decided to share their experience to warn others. They didn't say all krogers are bad. They said this Kroger has terrible management. What's so unbelievable about this situation? People really believe because it's Keoger it could never happen. Ridiculous. It's shamefull. I don't think I've even been to a store that requires a receipt for store credit or an exchange. This is crazy to me.
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Always have bad meat products
Posted by on
DECATUR, GEORGIA -- Several times I have gone to KROGERS supermarket to shop and recently I have purchased meat from Krogers that is tainted. On one occasion I purchased the large roll of Krogers ground beef which was on sale only to get it home and open it when the tainted odor almost made me gag. Then a few days later, I purchased some oxtails only to get them home and the minute I opened them up, the scent of tainted meat hit me in the nose again. Then on another occasion I purchased two packs of the organic chicken they sell only to get it home and opened them up to cook the chicken for dinner only to be hit in the nose yet again with the smell of tainted meat. On a few more occasions I have purchased tainted meat from Krogers. I have spoken to several of my family members and they have had similar experiences with Krogers meat. We tried to come up with a reason as to why Krogers meat is so often tainted and we concluded that Krogers meat products are priced so high that no one buys it so they let the meat sit for so long that when they do finally drop the meat to an affordable price, it has sit so long on Krogers shelves that it is spoiled. We have learned that if meat products seem like a good bargain in Krogers then it's best to bypass it as it has probably been sitting at such a high price on the Kroger shelves that no one purchased it so when the managers of Krogers finally did drop the price, the meat was probably spoiling so they had to finally drop the price to get people to buy it. Thank God I have the means that I can drive past Krogers to the PUBLIX up the street and purchase my meat products which are always fresh. I have not had a bad experience with any Publix meat products since I stopped buying meat at Krogers. By the way I am telling everyone I meet not to purchase any meat products that are ON SALE at Krogers or they will regret it. I learned this the hard way. Now I am a very satisfied customer at PUBLIX.
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User Replies:
BokiBean on 06/21/2009:
I hope you let Kroger know about this by talking to the manager..
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Moist N Tender Pork - Horribly Processed, Inedible
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
HUMBLE, TEXAS -- As with another reviewer, I agree that the Kroger pork is tasteless, spongy off-texture, not fresh. These chops seem cured but in a way that they look raw. Probably vacuum packed originally, they could be a year old before they hit the shelf as fresh.

I've tried twice, a year apart, and it's absolutely consistent.

Between their pork and the way they remove name brands and replace them with their store brands - and I mean they remove them so you can't even choose between the name brand and theirs - I've radically reduced my runs to Kroger. And it's a real shame because you can see their parking lot from my driveway. Convenience loses because I have to go to the other stores anyway to get everything on my shopping lists.
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3 Lb Kroger Brand Hamburger Meat
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SMYRNA, TENNESSEE -- On 8/16/14 I bought a 3lb Kroger brand meat. I went to cook the meat on 8/28/14. When cooking the meat and tasting to make sure it was done I notice something in the meat. Pulled it out and it was rubber. Had my husband look at it and there was rubber all through the meat. (looks like it came off the grinder machine). Called the store talk to a manager name Jasemine ( I think that's how you spell it offer me more 3lb hamburger meat. Really! I had to stop cooking throw my sides away because the hamburger meat wasn't any good and your store only wants to offer another hamburger meat. Love Kroger but never again will I go to that store again. Wasted my gas to go back to Kroger to show them proof which I understand they need that but I had to waste my gas and time for again another 3lb hamburger meat... I'm so disgusted!!!!!!!!!!!! I do have the meat in my freezer which I will show my lawyer this week
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 09/02/2014:
Offering a replacement seems like a reasonable solution to me. What were you envisioning them doing to make it up to you?
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Insults at Starbucks in the King Sooper (Kroger) store
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I was just told by the West Uintah Co Springs Co Kroger - King Sooper Starbucks manager that older people are more likely prone to be violent than younger people- I had just related discomfort with a person in the store who has done some very unacceptable behavior at my apt building. This mgr and an employee were just leaning on the counters swapping stories when I asked for water and related my feelings. The attitude was we don't have time to listen- there were no others in line - Well, I am past 70 yrs old now and took the manager's remark as a personal insult- I ask myself why do I put up with that??!! Is there a more polite place I can go for a table and pleasant environment??? How about Wendys folks!
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 01/21/2014:
You interjected yourself into their conversation, by doing so you are inviting their opinions. Not everyone is going to hold the opinions as you. If you were not willing to hear anything you didn't want to hear, then you probably shouldn't have interjected yourself into their conversation.
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Krogers Is Adding Water A Lot To Their Beef
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Rating: 1/51
DALTON, GEORGIA -- A few years ago I purchased a large package of what was supposed to be quality ground Chuck at Krogers and when I opened the package up and removed the meat, there was a "Red Plastic wrapper" that had been cut in half and you couldn't see the package until you turned the meat over. This was a package of the cheapest ground beef that you can buy cut in half. Krogers meat dept had forgotten to throw the wrapper away before repacking it in their own meat dept wrapper and was selling it for quality Ground Chuck!! I swore that I would never buy meat from them again.

Well, this weekend, I broke my rule and bought an expensive SIRLOIN TIP ROAST from them. It weighed 4 lb and when it was cooked in the crock pot for about 4 hrs, it had already shrunk to about 2 lb!! THEY HAVE GOT TO BE ADDING A TON OF WATER TO THEIR MEAT and this time, I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN!!!
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Poor Customer Service
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
HENDERSON, NEVADA -- 3 months ago I asked a store manager to add a product to the store. He refused so I contacted a local dist, manager he said he would look into it (MARCO). He worked through a Regional Brand Manager Gary [snip] who told me after 3 month they would get me some product only to lose it in a warehouse. He refused my calls for over a week and then insulted me. I also consulted Kroger's customer service # only to also leave frustrated at how poorly trained they are in customer service issues. By the way the product I asked added is a product that is Kroger owned. Seems like a no brainer!
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 10/16/2013:
I'm not agreeing you have the buying power or jurisdiction to tell them what to stock outside of a suggestion.
FoDaddy19 on 10/16/2013:
Stores tend to stock what sells. And often there are minimum orders. So if the wholesaler says "You need to order 300 of these before I'll sell them to your" and the store owner only has demand for 15 of the item, then obvously it would be foolish for them for place an order. Then you get into the logtistical issues of Shelf/floorspace, displacing other products whose manufacterer may have paid for certain shelf/floor space, and what due to when you're stuck with X amount of this product that doesn't sell well. (If it did sell well they would already be selling it).Often times request like these aren't worth the hassle on the store's end.

I think you're oversimplfying the situation. And I think you may be overestimating the amount of influence you think you have.
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