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Kroger Manager Accused Fiancé Of Steeling, Then Assaulted Him Over Formula For Our 2 Month Old
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ALLEN PARK, MICHIGAN -- Today my fiancee went to Kroger to see if he could exchange our old cans of Enfmil for the soy formula since the doctor had us switch. He took the four cans to the service desk with no receipt, but they did have on them the markings Kroger puts on all their cans. He asked if it was possible to exchange. The woman looked the cans over then asked to see his receipt. He told her he didn't have it anymore but said they are from this store its the only place we buy formula. She said I cannot help you and turned to do whatever it is she was doing. He asked if there was any one else he could talk to about this.

She told him that it didn't matter who he talked to he cannot get money back without a receipt. He tells her again, he doesn't need money he only wishes to exchange them and feed his baby and asks to speak with her manager. She says fine and calls the manager when shes done she slams the phone down and says he coming but he told me to tell you no anyway so you might as well just leave. He said he will not leave he's going to wait and speak with her manager.

She then tells him to just get away from her. He says excuse me she said stand somewhere else or leave. He said "ma'am, I'm going to stand where ever I want to and wait for the manager. What the ** is your problem?" She proceeds to grab the bag of formula and says maybe I should just take these back. He said "what do you mean take them back? Do you mean you'll do the exchange? Cause unless you exchange them you definitely will not take them back I paid for those." So she throws the formula at him and tells him to get out!

He caught the formula as it hit him in the gut, at this point pretty upset with every one in the check out lanes watching him being accused, he said if you want it so bad take it and slid it to her across the counter. It stopped right in front of her. She acted as if he just threw it at her face. She came from behind the counter and grabbed his hand trying to drag him out the door. at this point the manager walks up and he pulls away from her. The manager says what do you want to know about the formula? He says forget about the formula I want to talk about your employee throwing things at me and accusing me of steeling.

The manager says he'll deal with that later now what about the formula does he need to know. And he asks about exchange policies. The manager says when did you buy it? ** says I don't know within the last month. manager tells him to wait and goes to talk to the woman. She pulls out another can from behind the counter of a different brand. ** didn't hear every thing they said but the saw the manager smile and heard ya, I just want to see if he really bought it. The man comes back to my fiancee now standing at the end of the first register and say were you here yesterday bringing back formula? ** says what are you talking about.

The manager says no, answer me I want to know if you were here. ** tells him he wasn't and the manager asks a cashier is this the guy he says yep that's him. ** says no it isn't, I was no wear near here yesterday. Manager say you need to leave your causing a seen get out of my store. ** say I don't appreciate this in fact I think it's **. I've been at work all day and come in here to take care of my family and you people act as if I'm a criminal in front of god and every one else and you say I'm causing a seen while defending myself. The manager tells him he can take it outside and ** says ya, let's take it out I'm not done talking to you.

so they walk toward the door and ** turns to say seriously you have the wrong guy I'm a good person trying to feed my family. Under the managers breath he hears "low life scum bag **." He says what did you say to me the guy says your a ** scum bag starting a scene like this. So they get outside and ** turns too face the guy and hes got his dukes up ready to go. ** says what your going to hit me now? The manager lunges at him and hits him a fist in the side of the neck and one in the shoulder. Then three bag boys jump in to restrain **. ** says are you crazy?

After he regains his composure of course he tells the man that's assault buddy you just lost your job manager says what are you going to do? You stole that formula you won't call the cops. ** says your pretty sure of your self to risk your livelihood. manager says call them! ** said let me use your phone man I will. Manager says just leave your causing a bigger scene... These are the facts as I recall them they might not be exact. I wasn't there so can't speak from memory.

My fiancee has long brown hair and a couple tattoos he is 30 but could pass for 24-25 I think this had allot to do with the way this played out but either way it's nonsense. They just lost our business for good. We have been loyal Kroger patrons for a long time and have spent a lot of money with their company. I'm absolutely disgusted! This Kroger is located on Dix and Southfield in Lincoln Park MI.

Great Customer Service
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Rating: 5/51

ALLEN, TEXAS -- Bernardo at the Kroger off Bethany in Allen carried out my groceries in November... over $200 worth and put them in my car. I tried to tip him and he declined. He deserves to be recognized for his excellent customer service skills he displayed. Thank you Bernardo!

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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Kroger charges almost 30% more on anti-inflammation drugs than Walmart's price. Got ripped off. They offered to price match, but had to spend $10 in gas to get the same back. Will Never have another prescription done at Kroger.

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Rating: 1/51

HARRSION, OHIO -- Bought a table which was on sale for $39.99. All the parts were not there. Tried to take it back and they said I had to contact company. Tried for an hour and gave up. Not much patience at 72 yrs of age. It all went into dumpster! Got a better table at Wal-Mart for $30.00. I am a loyal Kroger customer! Will not purchase nothing but food products from Kroger from now on!

Kroger Does Not Honor Money Orders They Sell!
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Rating: 1/51

HUDSON BRIDGE, GEORGIA -- WOW - I was given a money order bought from Kroger - I tried to use it at a Kroger and was told that they will not accept it, that policy says that I would have to go to the Kroger where it was purchased... Wouldn't you think that they would honor their own product! NO WAY. Will never accept a money order bought from Kroger ever again. Best for everyone to go elsewhere for money orders.

Bad Pork Chops
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Rating: 2/51

FRIENDSWOOD, TEXAS -- Bought today and cooked today pork chops dated to expire in 5 days (which is a bit long). Didn't pay attention til their totally cooked. Color was pinkish on the outside but not inside. Then noticed the entire napkin they sat on in the package was pink and had a strange smell; and it was not pink from blood.

Made me think of that "pink slime" I have been reading about food processors using to disinfect meat - it's ammonia something or other. They do not taste like grilled pork. The don't have any taste or smell, like it has been bleached out of them. Also, they have a mushy texture, not at all like the more chewy texture of pork chops. Won't be going back there again.

Rude Employees, Poor Management to Boot
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Rating: 1/51

LAGRANGE, GEORGIA -- I have been shopping here for years. I enjoy the fuel points that you earn and use them frequently. Me and my family (husband 2 young sons) were getting gas. The attendant was angry because she was having to clean a gas spill at the next pump. When my boyfriend was standing at the kiosk waiting to pay she glared at him and shouted that she would be right there very angrily.

She was curt and rude, and following him to the pump informed him to turn off the car when we were pumping our gas. OK for ANYONE that has ever kept their car going, forgot to discharge static electricity or have been talking on their cell phone while getting gas, keep your comments to yourself you are no better than I. I have seen COUNTLESS people not follow these rules and nothing is said to them. This girl was in a bad mood and felt like being bossy.

My children were in the car, and it was a very hot day. So when we didn't comply, she turned off the pump, and as we drove away proceeded to shoot us a bird. This is the kind of trash that Kroger employs, and then refuses to take any action against them, even though she is clearly shooting a bird at customers on camera. The manager at this particular store is careless and lazy. He has since went on vacation before resolving the issue, and has this same cow running the customer service desk. Despicable.

Always have bad meat products
By -

DECATUR, GEORGIA -- Several times I have gone to KROGERS supermarket to shop and recently I have purchased meat from Krogers that is tainted. On one occasion I purchased the large roll of Krogers ground beef which was on sale only to get it home and open it when the tainted odor almost made me gag. Then a few days later, I purchased some oxtails only to get them home and the minute I opened them up, the scent of tainted meat hit me in the nose again. Then on another occasion I purchased two packs of the organic chicken they sell only to get it home and opened them up to cook the chicken for dinner only to be hit in the nose yet again with the smell of tainted meat.

On a few more occasions I have purchased tainted meat from Krogers. I have spoken to several of my family members and they have had similar experiences with Krogers meat. We tried to come up with a reason as to why Krogers meat is so often tainted and we concluded that Krogers meat products are priced so high that no one buys it so they let the meat sit for so long that when they do finally drop the meat to an affordable price, it has sit so long on Krogers shelves that it is spoiled.

We have learned that if meat products seem like a good bargain in Krogers then it's best to bypass it as it has probably been sitting at such a high price on the Kroger shelves that no one purchased it so when the managers of Krogers finally did drop the price, the meat was probably spoiling so they had to finally drop the price to get people to buy it.

Thank God I have the means that I can drive past Krogers to the PUBLIX up the street and purchase my meat products which are always fresh. I have not had a bad experience with any Publix meat products since I stopped buying meat at Krogers. By the way I am telling everyone I meet not to purchase any meat products that are ON SALE at Krogers or they will regret it. I learned this the hard way. Now I am a very satisfied customer at PUBLIX.

This Is a Complaint About a Kroger Brand Purchase, Not the Store.
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Rating: 4/51

RIO HILL SHOPPING CENTER - CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA -- Two weeks ago, I purchased a 1 liter bottle of "Mixed Berry Sparkling Water Beverage," distributed by the Kroger Co... After just having finished a 2 liter large bottle (purchased several months ago) of "Raspberry Flavored Seltzer Water, with other Natural Flavors," with a TM logo of of a large orange section (or cup) with one each of a red, purple, and green segment inside the large section (or cup), which I had noticed on other Kroger store brand products, distributed by Foodhold U.S.A., LLC... I loved the Raspberry Flavored Sparkling Water, which tasted like seltzer (unsweetened), with a nice scent of raspberry flavoring along with carbonation.

Imagine my surprise (shock, really), when the Mixed Berry sparkling water beverage (distributed by the Kroger Co.) turned out to be noncarbonated - not one bubble and, worse yet, very sweet! Before purchasing it, I thought I had checked for an indication of sugars other than "0 g of calories from sugars" on the label, but evidently I missed seeing Sucralose under ingredients, which may be an artificial sweetener.

At any rate, if it is the latter, shouldn't it have stated "artificially sweetened" somewhere on the labeled? I only purchased the Mixed Berry bottle because there were no flavored seltzer water bottles on the shelves and assumed it was a substitute. If you have discontinued the flavored seltzer water products, that is too bad for those of us who actually like seltzer, but, why did you make it sweet? There are so many other sweetened sodas in existence, I wish you would save one of the unsweetened ones for us?

By the way, I am generally well pleased with most of your store brands, especially the "Private Selection" items, and, to close this complaint on a good note, I must tell you that the Private Selection of Southern Butter Pecan Ice Cream is the absolute best Butter Pecan Ice Cream that I have ever tasted! It is delicious. I know this is too long an e-mail, so I'm sure you would not reprint it, but I thought that someone in your firm would like to know about the sparkling water and the Southern Butter Pecan Ice Cream.

Loss Prevention Department Falsely Accused Me and Harassed Me
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Rating: 1/51

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- I was leaving the Richmond road Kroger when this man stopped me. He put his hands on my cart to stop me, asked for my receipt. He said, "mam, I am from loss prevention and we're checking everyone's receipts." I said. "Then why didn't you check the people in front of me receipt?" Then he said, "well we saw you pick up an item and when you went in another aisle it went missing." (This was a $3 item.)

He went on and on asked me to go show him where I placed it on the shelf. I said, "No, if you're that worried about it go check your cameras." He said, "No, go show me where you put it." I refused to do so. I was in a hurry. I asked for his name and he would not give me his name then he still continued to accuse me. He was extremely rude, public humiliated me and falsely accusing me of stealing and he would not let me leave until I said, "Here you want to look through my purse?" Then he said, "Just go." I had just spent over $50 that day. Why would I want to take a $3 item?

And when I contacted his boss he seemed very unconcerned on how I had been treated. He asked me if I had been in that store earlier that day I said, "Yes, I am in that store everyday sometimes 3 or 4 times a day." I am a mom I forget things but the way he made it sound I guess you're guilty of stealing for shopping in a store more than once a day and you're not allowed to change your mind and place an item back on the shelf. So from here on out I will never shop at Kroger again. They lost my business for good.

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