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Being Cheated
Posted by Law260 on 12/05/2006
I've read nightmare stories about cancelling LA Fitness memberships. At first I could not understand why people were having such a hard time cancelling their memberships. Its as simple as filling out a form, placing it in an envelope, throwing a stamp on it and dropping it in the box. Approx. 3 weeks after doing so, I have not heard from LA Fitness and am getting the usual run around every time I call. "We have no record of your forms on file." (Exactly the line from the nightmare stories.) The member services rep says, "It usually takes about 2 weeks to get here and process."
Two weeks from NJ to CA via snail mail, and for someone to open it and push a few buttons in the computer to cancel auto billing. (Could this not be done over the phone? VIA fax?) The form doesnt even require a signature.

Theres no way to prove it because its been shipped standard USPS (for all I know it could have been lost/not processed yet/placed in the garbage) So last week, I re-send the forms via CERTIFIED Mail so I know when it gets there.
To avoid being charged another month for an already cancelled membership, I freeze my account over the phone. I figured if I'm going to lose money $10 is better than $34. Several days later, they call me up to update my credit card info but I refuse.

Later that day, I call to inquire the status of my account and its magically active. How about that? What a mess.

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Posted by *Brenda* on 2006-12-05:
I used to belong to LA Fitness. When I canceled I didn't have a problem. However, I'm not sure how long it took them to process it. I only sent it regular mail also. I know that I was only charged for the one month after they got the form like it says in form. That could mean it took a few weeks to process though. I never checked on it. I just looked and it looks like now they have live chat. Have you tried that? I don't really see why you couldn't fax it either. Seems to me that faxing would be easier on them and the ex-customer.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2006-12-05:
Looks like you have got it covered now. For anyone else who find themselves in a similar situation: ALWAYS send your request CERTIFIED MAIL/RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED. Include the certification number in your letter. Keep a copy for your records. State in your letter you are withdrawing any authorization they may have had to charge you bank account or credit card. And that you will dispute any further charges.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-06:
Consider losing weight on your own, avoid costly contracts. They are in the business of making money off of people that don't show up much.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-06:
You are justified in what you say, however what you are talking about is called hacking. Hackers do it to steal.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2006-12-06:
Lidman: What??
Posted by northworst on 2006-12-15:
tnchuck100: awesome tips, we are in the process of cancelling our memberships right now and have sent the required letter, although did none of the things you mentioned and have gotten no response. Next letter will be sent following your instructions, thanks!
Posted by brynze on 2008-03-27:
when i tell you that this is the worst gym i have ever encountered in my life, i can't say it loud enough. Their philosophy is solely based on numbers, and they could care less about the "customer" the second they get you past the sales desk. I have never in my life experienced a company like this... I have no choice right now because of where I am living... But the absolute worst customer service - the worst class instructors (always late, teach the worst classes, never change it up) - dirty gym etc... Just the worst - if you can afford it and have a better option for where you live - do it... This gym gives you every run around possible from the second you join - they actually make it so hard for you to quit - they just become a huge headache - such a shame as this is actually what it should be alleviating you of during your day... I wish someone would take over the entire chain - and totally gut it - and make it better company.
Posted by ivy62798 on 2008-06-18:
I tried to go online to cancel my membership and of course it did not work. It said I needed to call my club or the corporate office. I called the corp office and he said he did not know why it didn't work but would inform the IT department. He said you normally have to send in a confirmation letter to the corporate office to close your account but said he would post the 30 day cancellation on my account since I was having issues through the site. So, I guess I am a lucky one (assuming it actually does cancel in 30 days). I did receive a confirmation email regarding my cancellation so I'm assuming that will be my backup if I have problems.
Posted by Terry3Cents on 2008-07-16:
DO NOT give LA Fitness your credit card number unless you are prepared to cancel the credit card when you want to stop your membership. Getting LA Fitness to cancel your membership is about as easy getting an HMO to pay up.

How is it that when you sign up to START paying, you can do it all easy as pie? They set you up right there at the gym, or they can do it over the phone, or online. Try to cancel and you have to go in to the gym to pick up a form (which they will not make available on line) and then you have to mail it on your own to corporate.

I asked them why I couldn't simply leave the form at the gym and have it sent to corporate that way, and was told they have "no way of doing that." This is an obvious lie set up to make it more difficult to cancel.

You can't cancel by phone either because the person who answers also has "no way of doing that," though the last person I talked to did let me know that the cancellation form you mail in has to be CERTIFIED.

These people are the worst. Some of the gyms are quite nice, so if you really want to be a member, have them bill you monthly -- DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER.
Posted by gilcrist78 on 2008-11-12:
LA Fitness billed us 3 times after we cancelled our membership which we used only two times, after I saw two dudes fooling around in the locker room. First it was a nightmare getting them to refund the 3 months they billed us, we canceled our credit card, then a week later they call us to get our billing info. After I finished laughing at her, I explained to her that, there gym would never see our busniess again, I thought it was over...now for the past two months they call us at least two times a day sometimes three trying to get money from us, when I tell them to stop harrassing me they laugh and tell me to call corporate. Ive left my number with corporate but nobody from there office will call me back, just the collections people....What A NIGHTMARE!!!!
Posted by musclgrl on 2010-01-12:
OMG! Never join that gym unless you plan to be a member forever. When I went to cancel my membership (because I moved over 65 miles from any LA Fitness) they told me to mail them a letter stating I wished to cancel. They said they would go by the postmark date on the letter and if it was before my monthly billing date, I'd be credited back my pre-paid final month. (You pay first and last month's dues when you sign up.) Fine with me...I'd cancelled family members from my account this way and it worked just fine. Not this time! Contrary to what the agent on the phone told me
Posted by musclgrl on 2010-01-12:
OMG! Never join that gym unless you plan to be a member forever. When I went to cancel my membership (because I moved over 65 miles from any LA Fitness) they told me to mail them a letter stating I wished to cancel. They said they would go by the postmark date on the letter and if it was before my monthly billing date, I'd be credited back my pre-paid final month. (You pay first and last month's dues when you sign up.) Fine with me...I'd cancelled family members from my account this way and it worked just fine. Not this time! Contrary to what the agent on the phone told me, not only will I NOT receive any credit, I had to threaten a lawsuit to keep them from billing me for an additional month. READ THE FINE PRINT!! Your membership salesperson makes it sound really easy & when you call corporate, they apparently are not straight with you either. If you have a choice, I'd go elsewhere!
Posted by Connie Morrill on 2011-06-04:
I joined L A Fitness in November 2010. I was thinking that it is going to be a great experience with a new club. Myself and 8 of my closest friends decided to join together, hoping for a wonderful experience.

It is now June 4, 2011 and things are very different. I am a personal trainer and really wanted a place I could go and take classes and workout with my friends. While I was leaving the gym with my friends and family, I was stopped by the VP, the Personal Trainer Manager and the Manager regarding my working out in the fitness room. I was falsely accused of instructing/teaching based on their perception of myself, my friends and family working out. When we signed up we were told that we could use the facility at any time as long as the rooms were available, and did not conflict with any class schedule. We were using the room with other members doing their own workout too, (boxing, yoga, pilates, etc.) all sharing the same space. We have been doing this since we became members. All of us signed up together so that we could workout together as much as possible. Saturday mornings have been the only time we all have to workout together, due to work and family. We have been using this space to work out for the past 8 months with both the manager and the personal training manager being fully aware of our group working out in this room, without being told that this many friends cannot workout together. I have been falsely accused of teaching and training. There has never been an issue before and now I cannot even be with my friends and that includes my husband to workout on Saturday. I was verbally accused by the VP and the Personal Training manager of things I have not done and talked to in the open gym, rather than in private. As a member I would have hoped that it would have been handled more professionally.

I am being judged and accused of actions that are false and the whole L A Fitness mission is to make the experience positive, friendly and for the members best interest.

This is truly the most unprofessional staff and management I have ever come across. I just wanted a place that I could work out and take classes with my friends and family.

Connie A. Morrill
Posted by Jeff AMegod on 2011-08-11:
Shame on LA Fitness. I visited the club in Laguna Niguel while my wife was fatally ill one day to determine if I would consider joining. The salesman said he had to hold my credit card and license for liability purposes. After several strong-arm attempts to sell me a membership, I declined and chose to join 24 Hour Fitness. I recently discovered that I had been charged $49.99 for the past 24 months and spoke to both corporate and the local facility. I went to that facility that one time in my life explaining I did not join nor ever visit their facility again. They offered to refund 12 of the 24 months they charged me, and I asked why not the entire amount ($1199.76)? The local manager then told me that he was holding a membership agreements signed by me, which is why they would only refund 12 months and suggested I take that offer and go away. I went to their office, only to find a membership agreement forged by their representative that bared no resemblance to my signature whom no longer works there. After this discovery, I asked corporate one more time to re-consider a full refund for obvious reasons beyond doubt, or this would be escalated to maximum level of the law and made public by any means possible.

The Laguna Niguel Sheriff reported the matter. The sheriff spoke to and visited with their manager Byron in Laguna Niguel and suggested they refund my money as the police department will pursue this matter as a full crime investigation, including arresting the LA Fitness representative for forgery while addressing the theft and ongoing false charges with LA Fitness. Their decision after speaking with two supervisors was to stand firm and decline me a full refund. Pretty amazing, wouldn’t say? In closing, how do they stay in business, and why would they want me to tell hundreds to thousands of people about such a distasteful experience? Doesn't customer satisfaction matter to a company of this size? It does with Mercedes-Benz, my employer. We also strive to earn repeat and referral business. I can only suggest that everyone avoid this organization like the plague after my 2 days and 6 hours of time trying to resolve what should have been an open and closed case.
Posted by Tracey on 2011-12-14:
Being a LA Fitness member I'm not happy about the new moves either. My gym is now so crowded that I can even find a parking spot, a locker, no room to hardly move in the locker room or fitness class. I've heard all of the form Bally's members comment about how gross their club was, no hot water, never cleaned, broken equipment. Well, now LA Fitness is starting to look the same and I'm paying twice the membership they are. No measures were made to accomidate for the hundreds of people that have now started coming to my location. I picked LA Fitness and this club because it wasn't crowded, was very clean, was close to my home and hassle free to use. Now none of that is true.
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LA Fitness: Worst Customer Service Experience By Far
Posted by AFTwinCities on 06/11/2009
EDINA, MINNESOTA -- My husband and I joined the newly-opened LA Fitness in our neighborhood last fall. We were eager to take Advantage of our insurance company's fitness center discount and to keep up our workouts over the winter, and were excited about LA Fitness' reasonable rates.

I suppose I should have known that I'd get what I paid for.

The first sign of trouble came when we noticed my husband was not receiving his fitness center discounts. I happen to work for the insurance company so I know our side of the process and knew that the correction needed to be made by LA Fitness. I first inquired at our local club and was informed that I would need to call corporate. I called corporate and - after literally waiting on hold for 45 minutes to speak with a representative - was told that there was nothing they could do and to contact my insurance company. I explained that I worked for the insurance company and knew the problem was on their side - rather than finding ways to assist, the representative proceeded to argue with me and gave me no answers. I went back and forth with the insurance company and LA Fitness. The 3-5 times I had to call LA Fitness back resulted in the same rude, unhelpful, argumentative experience. Even the customer service manager argued with me rather than trying to find a solution. Six months later I was finally able to receive the discount appropriately through the heroic customer service efforts of my insurance company and through no help whatsoever of LA Fitness.

Now that summer has arrived my husband and I went in to cancel our membership so we could spend time outdoors exercising. We intentionally went in on June 1 knowing that our membership started on the first of the month. When we requested cancellation we were informed that we would need to provide LA Fitness with 20 days' advanced notice, plus we would have an extra month (which we paid for in our 2 months' advance payment during enrollment) on top of that - so our cancellation would not be in effect until August 1. My expectation when we paid the 2 months' advance fees was that the extra month would be refunded upon cancellation. When I want to cancel, I want to cancel now - not in two months' time. The manager on duty only argued with me and refused to entertain even the idea of providing a refund. She instructed me to call corporate - but after my original experiences with corporate's complete lack of customer service and entire apathy toward their customers I have no desire to repeat that experience.

Once this horrific experience ends on August 1 I will never again set foot in LA Fitness - you couldn't pay me enough to deal with this company. I am telling everyone I know how completely horrible my entire experience has been with LA Fitness and wholeheartedly discouraging anyone from interacting with them. Their rates are low for a reason - you don't get any service whatsoever once they have your money & membership commitment...and in fact, they proceed to waste your time with arguments and excuses whenever you have a service-related problem.

My recommendation to anyone who will listen? Avoid LA Fitness at all costs.
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Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-06-11:
I'm very reluctant to join gyms that require a certain term contract. I stick with the YMCA in my area, pay my dues monthly, and can cancel at any time.
Posted by NATALIE on 2013-07-07:
La fitness Golders Green- NEVER MORE
The customer service is really nice but 100% incompetent
Lady who tried to register me (Kate) put many incorrect details about me..after 10 mins she left me .. other member of the customer service helped me but i had to wait more than 30 mins till she can put my correct details. At the end she told me that i should complete the registration process when I come back home (after ap. 1 h spent in La fitness!). When i did not receive any e mail i came back next day to ask what happened. The lady told me that it happens to many customers. After that I decided to terminate my contract (I do not have whole life for registration). Although i can terminate my contract any time, when I asked for any proof, she said she sent me an e mail. I have received nothing... what is more my account is still active... I need to visit them again...
My dear friend
JUST DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME, FIND ANOTHER GYM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by soura1v on 2013-07-30:
I fully agree that LA Fitness is the worst gym we can ever think about.

Please avoid LA Fitness.
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LA Fitness signup scam - Woodland Hills, CA
Posted by J dub on 01/13/2006
WOODLAND HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- Called LA Fitness to check on rates for a tennis membership. Sales guy convinced me to go down there after I told him I was going to sign up a different local tennis club. Gave me the grand tour and beat the rate at the other club (after discussions with both the sales guy AND the manager) so we (myself and the g/f) signed up. Everything was fine for a couple months, then we show up and they say we are not members of the tennis club, and from then on we were not allowed on the courts at all. Funny because my card kept getting charged. Turns out the slime ball sales guy and his manager (neither of whom still work for the company) lied to us and told us were were getting the Tennis membership, but in reality we got some other type of membership. They KNEW all we wanted was access to the tennis courts, so it was a total scam from the get go (we told them we cared about NOTHING except tennis court access).

They refuse to refund my initial deposit, refuse to give us access to the courts, and are now trying to collect from me for two additional months of membership AFTER they stopped letting us into the club!! Of course, they were incredibly rude and confrontational when we tried to discuss it with them. Total scammers - stay away.
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Posted by mama3385 on 2006-09-24:
I had the same problem when my husband and I moved from utah to texas. I called the gym company and they gave me the run around. I complained to the Better Business Burea and the company said they were not going to do anything. so I called my prepaid legal lawyer and the lawyer sent them a letter threatning to sue and the gym company refunded my money,apologized and canceled my membership in good standing. The membership is only 36 dollars and month and the letter the lawyer sent was FREE!!!
If you need some help go to this website www.prepaidlegal.com/hub/jasondickens
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LA Fitness in Denton, Texas
Posted by JSAF on 03/02/2010
1350 SOUTH LOOP 288, DENTON, TEXAS -- My wife purchased me a membership and personal training sessions at LA Fitness in Denton, Texas on December 7th, 2010. At that time she was charged as follows:

*$146.12 for initial membership fee
*$222 for personal training set up and first month
She was then billed for these additional sums:
*$32.46 on January 5th, 2010 for another month of membership fees.
On January 14th, 2010 I visited the LA Fitness in Denton for my first trainer session which was to include a fitness assessment. When I arrived for my appointment the trainer was sleeping. I woke him up at his desk and he took me over to begin working out on weights. I asked him for a tour since I had never been to the facility. He took me on a tour. He did not know the locker policy for the facility. He then took me over to do some free weights. I told him that I should receive a fitness assessment first. He said he could not do the assessment, and that the proper trainer to do it was not there. He then said I needed a trainer booklet, but could not locate one to give me. He said, "That's corporate fitness for you. Corporate fitness sucks." I asked what he meant by that. He stated, "LA Fitness fired me from the Lewisville store. The Denton facility was opened too early and we don't even have a scale to weigh you on for the assessment, or the booklet you are supposed to receive." He then was given permission to give me the fitness assessment on my next visit, even though he stated that he was not officially allowed to administer assessments. When I arrived home, I contacted his supervisors and spoke with them about getting a refund as I did not feel comfortable patronizing LA Fitness in Denton after this experience. My wife spoke with 'Angela' and 'Issac,' both fitness trainer supervisors. Both indicated that they would not refund any money.
*$172.00 on January 19th, 2010 we were billed for another month of trainer fees.
*$32.46 on March 1st, 2010 when my wife received threatening phone calls requesting that we pay for another month of membership or we would be have 'credit problems.' My wife stated, again, that she wanted the membership cancelled and our money refunded. LA Fitness refuses to refund ANY moneys.

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LA Fitness Ripped Me Off
Posted by Megyn on 11/01/2006
PLANO, TEXAS -- According to my contract with LA Fitness, I would pay $115 initially for my enrollment fee on or about November 29, 2005, with the remainder of the fee - $111.22 - to be paid no later than January 31, 2006. On my December 19 visit to LA Fitness, they mentioned I still had the $111.22 due, and I paid the sum in full. On or about January 25, the salesman who I purchased my account from (Alex) left a phone message saying I had a balance due still. I called him and left a message stating I had paid the balance in full previously. He did not respond. On February 1, my credit card was charged an extra $111.22 by LA Fitness. I called LA Fitness on February 2, 2006 requesting information regarding the charge, and was told that I would need to speak to Alex regarding the charge, and that he had transferred to the McKiney store and would contact me. After receiving no response, I contacted LA Fitness a second time, when I was asked to bring a receipt for the payments, despite the fact they were able to tell me on the phone exactly when I made both payments. I then physically provided LA Fitness with statements reflecting both charges, and was told I would be contacted regarding a refund. I have did not received any refund or information regarding my account.

After filing a report with the Better Business Bureau, LA Fitness refunded my credit card for $111.22 on 04/04/2006, however illegally charged my credit card *AGAIN* for $111.22 on 04/10/2006. All the calls that I've made to the corporate office have gone unreturned (Specifically I was told to contact Aylin Medina), and the manager at the local gym says he cannot help, as billing is handled at their corporate office. LA Fitness has been holding my $111.22 hostage for nine fricking months now. I'm in the midst of another process with the BBB, or else I'm calling a fricking lawyer.
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Posted by Sparticus on 2006-11-01:
What a scam! There is something shady about a company that jumps in front of cars driving through a parking lot trying to get folks to pull over and signup for memberships... That is what I saw when a LA Fitness recently opened up by us. The sales guys were literally jumping in front of cars as they drove by, almost causing accidents... Then trying to redirect you to pull over like there was some sort of emergency and they needed help. Ridiculous. I would recommend having a lawyer place a phone call to them stating if the money is not refunded with X days, you will be requesting compensation for time wasted trying to resolve this ridiculous issue.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-11-01:
Can you do a charge-back with your credit card company? Make it their problem, not yours. In addition, to prevent them from doing this again, I would close that credit card account.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-11-01:
Fitness clubs are renown for their shady practices, trust me.
Posted by chucklenugget on 2007-01-02:
I had something almost identical happen to me. They owe me close to $300. On one day someone named "Alex" mysteriously charged 29.99 six times. I have called four times. The first three times i was given the run around. Called back once. Assured my money would be refunded, etc. Also, they kept saying "oh, But what about Alex?" and I had NO IDEA who they were talking about. The fourth time I spoke with the manager of the club where I signed up. He was the first person I spoke to who did not give me a run around. He assured me he would refund my money and cancel my membership. However, I was only refunded one sum of $10 and one sum of $34.95.
I did receive a letter in the mail finally. However, in between speaking to him and the letter they illegally charged me again 3 separate times for $10 each. On top of that,I changed my bank account and debit card twice and they were still charging to it.
They currently owe me just over $300. I am ready to file a police report a BB report, sue, whatever it takes. I wonder how many other people they are cheating like this? It strikes me that this is illegal and highly unethical and shady to say the least.
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Rude And Harsh Sales Tactics
Posted by AT80 on 06/24/2009
RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- After going through the disrespectful treatment at 24 hour fitness I decided to go gym shopping. I call La Fitness in Riverside Ca, and speak with a manager. I noticed his attitude was a little pushy, but I'm no push over so he back down after he noticed I was not playing his game. I go to the gym and receive a tour, the managers are being nice and asking why I am leaving 24 hour fitness. Then I sit down, and speak to the managers. They started their pressure tactics but soon backed off. I told them I was leaving and would be back when I'm ready to join. I go back later that evening to learn about the price, and inquire info on Personal training ( which they did not want to give me info over the phone or in person during the tour) After siting down with the manager I spoke to over the phone, the hard sell began. I already knew that I wanted to join but I was not one up for being harassed. He started with a tone of not answering my questions, about the gym, and was quick to get me to sign. So I resisted and made him explain to me every detail in the contract. His manager noticed that I was not easily sold, so he came over and started his routine. Still I resisted until I understood the contract and the cancellation policies. One last thing I wanted was info on the personal training. These guys refused to give me info on it until I was a member which in some ways makes sense but I was not happy about it. But I feel they were holding back so that I did not leave once I found out how ridiculous the pricing would be. So I sign the contract, but I failed to negotiate the initial fee of $125 which was supposed to be the special. I realized that was my fault. After I sign this guy comes over to explain, the personal training. Right away he has this very arrogant attitude. He says "so I hear you want personal training" while shaking his head, with a distance gaze that creeped me out. I said yes and he just stared at me for about 5-7 seconds then asked 2 other questions and I received the same creepy response from this guy. Then he proceeds to tell me how the training works and the cost then tells me he can sign me up now. I tell him knowing the price would be nice. He tells me the price and I tell him how I will not pay another initial fee, for the same gym I just joined for personal training. I negotiated this time, the personal training price was just insane with the $150 initial fee. "I tell him that I can not afford this" and his attitude goes from, rude to just stupid. He told me he would write out a budget for me so that I could afford the lessons, went on to tell me that my current work out was lame and would not get me anywhere but lame and plain. I returned fire at him and let him know that I am not the person to speak to in that manner. He goes back to trying to sell me then I look him in the eye and tell him I'm not buying his training and got up and walked out.
For all of the nice fancy equipment these guys do not do well in treating their customers. I have decided to work out at another nearby La Fitness because I do not want to encounter these guys. Which the staff at the location in Moreno Valley are much more laid back, but I would still be weary. While being sold lessons I saw a couple get up and walk out on these guys because of their tactics. I was traveling for work while in Tacoma Wa, at a local La Fitness and I saw how this salesman/trainer was harassing this elderly lady into buying lessons. I felt sorry for her and almost intervened. I will do what ever I can to stop people from encountering these guys, if you need a trainer go to meetup.com and looking fitness of personal trainer, I'm sure you will have a lot to choose from. Also if you do encounter these guys and their hard sell arrogant tactics, just remember they tend to shut up when you walk away:)
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Posted by tejano66 on 2009-07-08:
My advice to anyone: don't waste your money on personal trainers. After 20 years working out 5 times a week, I can tell you they are whole bunch of money grabbers and lazy. You will be better of by buying a book or 2, subscribing to a magazine or getting information online. By doing that you will save yourself 30 or 40 dollars an hour. Another good idea will be to get a workout partner that will help you get through the routines.
Posted by sevenhvn on 2009-08-27:
Another warning about canceling LA Fitness memberships: my wife signed up for personal training in 2008, and after a year, when she wanted to cancel her membership, she spoke with a manager at the gym. He said that the membership would be duly canceled, and that her credit card would not be billed any more. My wife also mailed a form to LA Fitness asking them to cancel. However, they kept billing her credit card, and after 4 months (= $400), when my wife called to complain about the extra billing, they outright denied having received any letter! We sent another letter, by registered post this time, but they refused to refund the money. My wife's trainer, who was very sweet-spoken all the while that they were billing us, also refused to help. BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT THIS GYM - they are just not worth the trouble! We will avoid them like the plague from now on.
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Bad Customer Service
Posted by Danangman2000 on 07/10/2012
My local club got bought out and I went in to get transferred over, I was treated like a outcast by the front desk staff. When I asked to speak to the manager, a man named Kevin came out and was very rule. He first said he could help me and said I had to take my complaints up with my former club that was going out of business. When I asked to speak to his superior, he refused and said he only reports to the owner and his contact information is not available. LA Fitness need to hire more professional, competent, and courtesy people to provide an inviting and friendly first impression for new and confused customers.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-07-12:
Given the way you were traeted, your best bet is to get whatever refund is possible and sign up with someone else.
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High pressure sales tactics
Posted by CyberDale on 06/28/2009
LAKE WORTH, FLORIDA -- I just left the most unbelievable sales pitch I have ever witnessed in my entire life. After entering the LA Fitness sales center in Lake Worth Florida. I was greeted by an eager sales person who began to ask the usual questions and give the usual sales pitch. I was up front with the sales person and indicated that I currently have a membership and gave him the price I was currently paying. ($19.95 a month) His response was we can probably come close to that. Well after listening to him go on with his presentation he wasn't in the ball park. That's when the manager got involved. He did present an offer that was enticing but of course I had to sign up today. I wanted to think about it and
told him of my intentions. Again he said the deal was only for today. My response was I was sure if I came back he could match the offer. (You would think they could use the business) I just wanted to make sure it was something I wanted to commit to. When I refused to do the deal right then and there the manager began to get vulgar. Profanities began to spew from his mouth. The worst part it was in front of my 16 year old daughter. For such a large corporation I can not believe the lack of professionalism this person showed.

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Posted by tejano66 on 2009-07-07:
What you described is typical of any salesman, be a gym or a car dealer. We just have to get used to it and do say no when appropriate. I don't get offended if they don't like my response; they live out of commissions and try to make a living like any of us.
Posted by Elaine on 2012-09-12:
For those of you defending the practices of LA Fitness, you may not have been subjected to the blatant fraudulent techniques that were used on me. First, I was told I needed to sign for my credit card first - the LA Fitness sales rep then handed me a signed contract! The signature that I thought was for a credit card, which could be cancelled, was applied to a contract that said I agreed to the electronic signature which I absolutely did not. Second, the sales person said he was extending my cancellation period to seven days. He even crossed off the "three days" on the contract and wrote "seven". Upon closer examination, the days referred to the number of days to wait for a refund. It was done in a clearly deceptive manner. Third, my son was to be given 6 months free - he was called and told he had 2 weeks free. Also, I specifically requested that he not be called. When I cancelled within the cancellation period, the salesperson was clearly disrespectful - making me wait very long and showing disgust toward me with his facial expressions. If LA Fitness has a good product/service to offer, I am apalled that they allow these tactics to be utilized. It was obvious to me that my sales person's tactics were well-rehearsed and he knew absolutely what he was saying (and not saying)and doing. This was clear FRAUD althoug I have not been hurt financially, I understand that there are innocent people who are being hurt. As for those on this site who say "Well you signed a contract", I say, did you know you were signing a contract or is your signature there through deceiption? I thought I was signing for a credit card charge - these are two entirely different things. I will be taking this issue further even though I have not been hurt monetarily. It is the principle of the transaction that needs to be exposed and corrected. They have messed with the wrong person.
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Posted by Onrequest on 10/13/2010
WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- My wife and I joined earlier this year. After the pushy salespeople were finished the 'manager' comes up who looks like he inhales steroids but they only work on his upper body. He tells us he will train us for free just to 'see the results' but we need to sign up for training. He also tells us we're set up for 1 hour trainings. Well, after 2 months of no one doing an assessment we finally get one done (after losing weighton our own--no personal training). This guy sends these young kids to train us and does nothing but eat and walk around. Later when we finally get a trainer we like, we find out that we're locked in with the training sessions for a year and we only had 1/2 hour sessions. By now this 'manager' is gone but they just transferred him to another one of their gyms to rip someone else off.

We spoke to the 'owner' who seemed sympathetic however we get a letter from him that says the only way out of the contract is to payout the personal training...even if we cancelled the membership. Now today they took out the membership fee and said 'You didn't mail the letter to the corporate office'. No one told us we had to go in, cancel and THEN send a letter by snail mail to corporate to get the membership cancelled. Please understand they got paid for an extra month because we didn't cancel within their 30 day time period last month and now paid again this month. Also, you can cancel the membership but can't cancel the personal training....meaning you can't go in the gym and use up the personal training...what kind of sense does that make?

Avoid this gym at ALL costs! Although this 'manager' has left, they are still only after your money and once you sign a contract you are SCREWED. Find another gym ANYWHERE but DO NOT go there and fall into the trap that is LA Fitness!
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Posted by BEJ on 2010-10-13:
Didn't you read your contract before signing? Nothing you can do about it now after you signed it. Verbal promises mean absolutely nothing.
Posted by leet60 on 2010-10-13:
+10BEJ. It always amazes me to read posts on fitness centers - I have yet to see a single post in which the issue does not come down to the person joining not reading and understanding the contract. I know these places to be very pushy and to use "strong sell" tactics - that in itself would make me walk out the door.
Posted by James on 2012-10-23:
I was a member of LA fitness for only a short while. The club I was at was very filty. Half the time no toilet paper, soap, or towel paper.
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Posted by Miss24 on 12/08/2009
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- They seem to deliberately make it difficult for people to cancel their membership.
I called my local gym to cancel my membership and was told I needed to fill out a cancellation form and mail it to the gym. They said the form could be downloaded from their website or I could pick one up in person. I tried downloading it but either the site was not working or my account was not working. I called on the phone to obtain a cancellation form and was told I needed to come in person and speak to only the manager, who by the way does not work evenings or weekends. I work regular hours like most people, so how was I supposed to come in and meet the manager in person? I finally got some free time and went in to see the manager, who told me that I did not need any special cancellation form and that I could have just sent a simple letter in the mail !! Well all of this process took 2 weeks and I have now been billed for another month's membership !! The manager refused to refund this month's charges, stating that their cancellation policy is "clearly outlined" in my membership contract. Really? The contract that I signed 2 years ago? Why didn't any of the LA Fitness people who I spoke with on the phone multiple times in the past few weeks just tell me to mail a letter? Why did they keep redirecting me to the manager? My guess is they deliberately gave me the run-around in order to delay or prevent my cancelling. Its a scam, IMHO.
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Posted by dan gordon on 2009-12-09:
you can e mail a cancellation online. no muss no fuss. You should know that almost any cancellation should be in writing. I think their policy is pretty clear.
Posted by goduke on 2009-12-09:
Yes, really, the contract you signed two years ago.

Here's a simple rule you might want to follow going forward. If you sign a contract, hang on to it. It might become important later.
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