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LA Fitness
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Bad Members
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Rating: 4/51

WAYNE, NEW JERSEY -- I have been a member at LA Fitness in Wayne, N.J. for over a year now. I have had some trouble lately with some bad members. I do not know who they are. Some of the things that have happened are my missing items, the naked men running in the ladies locker room.

It stopped for a while now it is starting again. This time it is only the one man I have seen before running in and out. The last thing that has happened to me is that someone put a dirty blood soaked kotex into my shower bag. When I reach into my shower bag I was so upset to find a dirty bloodsoaking women's kotex in it. That is so terrible for a woman to do this to me.

I do not know why these people are like this to me. I liked going to this LA Fitness. The staff seems to be nice to me. They liked to joke around a lot of times. I cannot believe any of the staff would do this to me. They have been helpful at times and many of the members also have been so nice and helpful to me. Also there is a really nice woman that is such a wonderful person. She has been a great help to me at times when I did not expect. Thank God for her that she was there.

Difficult To Cancel And Lied About Reasons Over Phone
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Rating: 1/51

COVINGTON, WASHINGTON -- I called in to cancel my membership, and I was told it could not be done due to ID protection. They had trouble with kids or others canceling a membership. You can only cancel from 9 am to 5 pm, and it must be in person. You will also be paying/prepaid month ahead of when you are canceling. I was able to cancel in person with only my keycard and no other ID. There is no reason it can't be done over the phone. I might have rejoined at a later date, but this is the second worst customer service I have ever had. I consider preventing something being done over the phone for customer retention only unethical business and a waste of time.

Don't Let Them Scam You When Cancelling Your Membership!
By -

ANDORRA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I was able to cancel my month-to-month membership immediately! They told me I'd have to get a form from the club or print it out from their website and mail it in. (Apparently, this is in the original contract when you sign up!) I told them that that wasn't acceptable, since my next billing was going to be in 5 days. I tried calling the 800-number but the member services option didn't work. So I went to the club and the manager dialed someone from the phone on the reception desk. Great move, since anyone coming in could hear what I said.

I asked the representative to tell me what number I could call in the future for member services - she wouldn't! After I refused the snail mail option, she told me that she could process the cancellation over the phone, but that it would take 5 days, and since today was the 23rd and my next billing was the 28th... wait for it... I would have to pay another month! I told her I'd tell my credit card company to reject any future charges from them.

Finally, she told me to talk to "Brian" at the gym, who would cancel my membership. Who's he? The guy sitting at the other end of the reception desk. Would she need to talk to him to let him know? He's been listening to the call the whole time! Creepy! That would explain why she kept saying "Yes" and "OK" on the phone, but not in response to me. So he cancels my membership, effective immediately, as easy as pie, and sends me an e-mail confirmation on the spot.

Oh, and the gym? There are no towels, the classes were often overfilled. I often had to wait for equipment, and one of the trainers kept bothering me and others in the middle of our workouts to sign up with him for a free training session. And half of their free training session is a sales pitch. Ugh!

By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- They seem to deliberately make it difficult for people to cancel their membership. I called my local gym to cancel my membership and was told I needed to fill out a cancellation form and mail it to the gym. They said the form could be downloaded from their website or I could pick one up in person. I tried downloading it but either the site was not working or my account was not working. I called on the phone to obtain a cancellation form and was told I needed to come in person and speak to only the manager, who by the way does not work evenings or weekends. I work regular hours like most people, so how was I supposed to come in and meet the manager in person?

I finally got some free time and went in to see the manager, who told me that I did not need any special cancellation form and that I could have just sent a simple letter in the mail!! Well all of this process took 2 weeks and I have now been billed for another month's membership!! The manager refused to refund this month's charges, stating that their cancellation policy is "clearly outlined" in my membership contract. Really? The contract that I signed 2 years ago?

Why didn't any of the LA Fitness people who I spoke with on the phone multiple times in the past few weeks just tell me to mail a letter? Why did they keep redirecting me to the manager? My guess is they deliberately gave me the run-around in order to delay or prevent my canceling. It's a scam, IMHO.

LA Fitness - incompetent management and lies
By -

HAMDEN, CONNECTICUT -- It is true that the facilities are probably the best in the area (which admittedly blinds LA Fitness' members for a while), but the management is beyond terrible. I have been a member there for 3 years and am finally canceling after being drug through the mud one too many times. I have had a series of problems, mostly related to billing and overcharging. For example, I purchased training throughout my membership and have been inappropriately charged over $2000. That is correct....$2000 - all of it due to employee mistakes.

I tried for 5 consecutive months to stop the monthly billing so that I would quit accruing training sessions, but each time being assured the billing would stop. However, it never did. Not only was none of that money refunded (as was promised on several occasions), I was also inappropriately charged a membership enrollment fee for becoming a member (almost $200) when I had already been a member for three years. This was the result of the current manager deliberately lying to me! He has since tried to cover it up, although I feel pretty confident that everyone knows he lied straight to my face and was not even man enough to admit he lied or had made a mistake.

This is not an isolated incident; I have dealt with 4-5 different managers, a series of training managers, and each time there is a problem the person I am speaking to directs me to someone else or makes a promise they cannot keep. LA Fitness corporate offices are even more awful. The moral of the story is: DON'T GO TO LA FITNESS. However, if you are going to go to this gym, make sure you check you credit card statements each month very very carefully. Do not purchase training - just go to the free classes. Try to avoid signing up for any recurring monthly charges. LA Fitness is much more into scamming customers than into helping them stay/become healthier.

Watch for hidden fees, etc. and make sure to get absolutely EVERYTHING in writing and take down the name of the person you talk to regarding any disputes even if you feel stupid doing it. Based on my experience, it is much more likely that you will feel much more stupid for not having demanded it! Employees often say they will deliver messages, contact a supervisor, etc and do not. As a result of the ineptitude of the LA Fitness management staff, there is never a paper trail and the members get screwed. It is unfortunate that a company treats its members so terribly, but I guess that is part of the problem with monopolies.

High pressure sales tactics
By -

LAKE WORTH, FLORIDA -- I just left the most unbelievable sales pitch I have ever witnessed in my entire life. After entering the LA Fitness sales center in Lake Worth Florida. I was greeted by an eager sales person who began to ask the usual questions and give the usual sales pitch. I was up front with the sales person and indicated that I currently have a membership and gave him the price I was currently paying. ($19.95 a month) His response was we can probably come close to that. Well after listening to him go on with his presentation he wasn't in the ball park. That's when the manager got involved.

He did present an offer that was enticing but of course I had to sign up today. I wanted to think about it and told him of my intentions. Again he said the deal was only for today. My response was I was sure if I came back he could match the offer. (You would think they could use the business) I just wanted to make sure it was something I wanted to commit to. When I refused to do the deal right then and there the manager began to get vulgar. Profanities began to spew from his mouth. The worst part it was in front of my 16 year old daughter. For such a large corporation I cannot believe the lack of professionalism this person showed.

What I Had To Do To Cancel My Member Ship With LA Fitness
By -

POWAY, CALIFORNIA -- As anyone knows that has tried to cancel a membership with LA Fitness, it is damn near impossible to do. If you call the corporate headquarters, expect to be "€œaccidentally" hung up on when they are transferring you. Also expect rude customer service agents, and nothing but the runaround. After three months of this crap, I was forced to close my bank account and open a new one so they could not withdraw money from me. Within a week, I got a letter in the mail saying they were unable to process my payment. Because that children, and women may be reading this, I won't tell you what I told them to do with the next letter they sent me.

Bottom line, I think this is the only way to get them from taking money from your account when it is clear that you are trying to cancel your membership.

LA Fitness Ripped Me Off
By -

PLANO, TEXAS -- According to my contract with LA Fitness, I would pay $115 initially for my enrollment fee on or about November 29, 2005, with the remainder of the fee - $111.22 - to be paid no later than January 31, 2006. On my December 19 visit to LA Fitness, they mentioned I still had the $111.22 due, and I paid the sum in full. On or about January 25, the salesman who I purchased my account from (**) left a phone message saying I had a balance due still. I called him and left a message stating I had paid the balance in full previously. He did not respond. On February 1, my credit card was charged an extra $111.22 by LA Fitness.

I called LA Fitness on February 2, 2006 requesting information regarding the charge, and was told that I would need to speak to Alex regarding the charge, and that he had transferred to the McKiney store and would contact me. After receiving no response, I contacted LA Fitness a second time, when I was asked to bring a receipt for the payments, despite the fact they were able to tell me on the phone exactly when I made both payments. I then physically provided LA Fitness with statements reflecting both charges, and was told I would be contacted regarding a refund. I have did not received any refund or information regarding my account.

After filing a report with the Better Business Bureau, LA Fitness refunded my credit card for $111.22 on 04/04/2006, however illegally charged my credit card *AGAIN* for $111.22 on 04/10/2006. All the calls that I've made to the corporate office have gone unreturned (Specifically I was told to contact **), and the manager at the local gym says he cannot help, as billing is handled at their corporate office. LA Fitness has been holding my $111.22 hostage for nine fricking months now. I'm in the midst of another process with the BBB, or else I'm calling a fricking lawyer.

LA Fitness signup scam - Woodland Hills, CA
By -

WOODLAND HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- Called LA Fitness to check on rates for a tennis membership. Sales guy convinced me to go down there after I told him I was going to sign up a different local tennis club. Gave me the grand tour and beat the rate at the other club (after discussions with both the sales guy AND the manager) so we (myself and the g/f) signed up. Everything was fine for a couple months. Then we show up and they say we are not members of the tennis club, and from then on we were not allowed on the courts at all. Funny because my card kept getting charged.

Turns out the slime ball sales guy and his manager (neither of whom still work for the company) lied to us and told us we're getting the Tennis membership, but in reality we got some other type of membership. They KNEW all we wanted was access to the tennis courts, so it was a total scam from the get go (we told them we cared about NOTHING except tennis court access).

They refuse to refund my initial deposit, refuse to give us access to the courts, and are now trying to collect from me for two additional months of membership AFTER they stopped letting us into the club!! Of course, they were incredibly rude and confrontational when we tried to discuss it with them. Total scammers - stay away.

Worst Service After taken over from Bally Fitness
By -

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I was member of Bally Total Fitness. I had cancelled my membership with them. If you search on them they are 1 star rating. Now they are bought by LA Fitness. Out of nowhere they started charging me money even though my membership is expired with Bally Total Fitness. They are as useless as Bally. I called them to cancel my membership and they said I need to go to some club to cancel as they cannot do it online. I can login to Bally but it forwards it to LA where I cannot login. What a mess. Very dishonest company.

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