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Trainer Revolving Door
Posted by Calstang on 11/08/2007
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Similar to an earlier review, I too have been stood up on several occasions by the personal trainer. Once it took LA Fitness TWO WEEKS before they said, "Oh yeah, he doesn't work here anymore."

LA Fitness and Pro Results are two companies so they can bounce the hot potato between them. Each blames one another for the problem and no-one is focused (or cares) to fix it.

Save your money and DO NOT BUY personal training from LA Fitness. It is a waste of your time and money.

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Posted by warddw1526 on 2007-11-09:
Maybe the personal trainer was let go becuase he was standing up clients all the time.
Posted by maxtla99 on 2007-11-28:
I've actually had the same problem and I understand if someone can't make an appointment because they are ill or are having problems. I was stood up twice and no-showed once all in a one month period. It's the way pro-results has their system set up. No one gets informed if they have a new appointment and no is there to take someone else's if they call in sick. It's just set up very poorly and it's very difficult to get any training in, especially if you have a tight schedule.
Posted by Kilted on 2008-05-15:
I guess things are different at each LA Fitness Club. I've had the same personal trainer for the last year, I have never been double-booked, and when he went on vacation (twice), he arranged for another trainer to work out with me and let me know in advance. Getting a personal trainer at LA Ftiness (Glendora) was one of the smartest things I've ever done. But like I said, I guess each club varies.
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Predatory Personal Training Contracts
Posted by JElkington on 11/30/2010
WINTER PARK, FLORIDA -- Honestly, the gym fee is reasonable, and the staff has been friendly and professional. However, I learned a pretty important (and expensive) lesson when it came to signing a contract for the personal training. First, the "pitch" was a pretty high-pressure situation (more on this later). When I expressed my financial reservations, I was told "Don't worry about it. Just let me know if it becomes a problem, and we'll figure something out." I wish I had gotten that in writing. When the finances became a problem, I found out I was on the hook for 50% of the year's fees for canceling. Technically, this was all in fine print on the contract. I admit I should have been more careful. But, this information was not clearly conveyed during the signing, which by the way took place after an intense "trial" workout. To say I was in the right state of mind to make a major financial decision would be a lie.

Management handled my concerns professionally and assured me that the sales staff would make contract obligations clearer in the future, but obviously that doesn't do much to help me out. Ultimately, I can't fault the local branch much, and I will continue to use the basic gym membership, as it is affordable and nearby.

However, I feel that the L. A. Fitness business policies would best be described as predatory. By this I mean the the "pitch" for personal training is, as mentioned previously, a high-pressure situation. This is not the fault of the individual salesperson, per se. The staff clearly follows a scientific approach to sales that involves gathering information about the client's motivations and all their possible excuses and uses this information after the trial workout to convince the client that they need to hire a personal trainer. The contract itself is designed to screw anyone who changes their mind or later finds out that they can't afford it.

The lessons here: A) Do not sign a contract unless you KNOW that it fits safely within your budget. B) Do not sign a contract unless you KNOW that you need a trainer to help you keep fit. If you do sign a contract, and later realize that it just wasn't meant to be, LA Fitness will get your money, and they will not apologize for it.
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You Can Never Cancel Your Trainer Service in LA Fitness
Posted by SunnyCK on 02/07/2011
I have been being LA Fitness member for years. The only thing I don't satisfy is their cancellation policy. I have not idea why can't I do that online. I have to send an mail to their office and the letters can never be received by them. ..

I signed up a trainer service in the last May and on the second of I signed up I called that club and let their manager who helped me to sign up I want to cancel the service and at the time he said he will do that for me. I was okay about his reply and just left that away; however, on the next month I got my CC bill and found out they still charging me for the server. So, I wrote a letter to their office and let them know I want to cancel the service, and I have been waiting for few days .... never got reply back, so I decided to do that through my CC company. I did a dispute on the charge on my membership fees. After almost a month my CC company refunded my initial membership fee, so I thought LA fitness has canceled my membership for the trainer service, but I was wrong they kept charging me my monthly fee. So I did another dispute on the monthly fee, and I wait for another month, ... this time they sent me my agreement to my CC company and told them I have signed up the service that's why they charged me. So I sent an letter to them again and it was never been received again. And they kept charging me again. I was like I can never cancel it once I signed up.

After that I went to my club and asked one of their employees about that, and she said she will ask that manager for me and get back to me later. Well, I have been asking she for few times but she still said couldn't contact that manager or he is off. .. And I gave up this time. I believe she won't be able to help me too.

Recently I called their headquarters office and talked to a guy, on the first time he said he needs to locate my information and asked me leave my number and will call me back later; however, he never called me back. So, on the next day I called again and this time he can located my file, then he told me I have balance and kept telling me I need to pay, and he never listened to my explanation, so well then I have to told him I will call him back.

Now I think I can only to ask my CC company and see what can they do for me.
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2011-02-07:
If you are beyond your contract expiration date you need to send your notice of cancellation by certified mail/return receipt requested. Upon receipt of the delivery confirmation you can then prove to your credit card company that any further charges are fraudulent.

However, if you are still under contract you are caught between a rock and a hard place.
Posted by a.c :) on 2011-05-19:
wow that's incredible!
Posted by just me on 2011-11-01:
contact your state attorney general's office for their assistance, especially if they have a consumer protection section.
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High-pressure Sales of Personal Training
Posted by Lila1213 on 01/18/2011
CALIFORNIA -- It's a very sneaky thing they do-physically exhaust you til you can't think, then tell you to sign because this one-time-only offer in front of you. Where should I start...

Just joined this gym after my original gym went out of business. I'm a 24 year old athletic female. I immediately made an appointment to redeem my 'Free Session with a Personal Trainer' for 6pm the following day. I show up on time and my trainer finally shows 45 minutes late. We do a rigorous session involving weighted stair climbing, lunges, leg press, etc.(for 3 days after I COULD NOT WALK, due to the soreness & tightness of my Achilles tendon, I could not flex my foot, the only relief came when I walked on tip toe. I suspect the trainer did not realize he was overworking my legs, and neither did I because I trusted the trainer) Throughout the session, the trainer, a young male, complimented my hair, told me I was "pretty" & "hot" and then informed me he and his friends love to drink & bar-hop & I should come sometime (Hmm, is he actually hitting on me...or is he trying to ensure he makes a sale?)

After my session I expressed interest in pricing, so I was taken, red-faced & covered in sweat, back to the negotiating tables. They showed me the paper with the prices listed on it & start reading it, crossing of some prices & writing in a cheaper to make it seem like I was getting a deal. I asked if I could think about it, and he replied no, this deal was too good to sleep on. Now or never. Well, it worked, I fell for it.

I swipe my credit card, go to sign the signature pad- but the pad doesn't work! So they print out a hard copy for me to sign... only then do I see the $3360 they are trying to charge the card (they only show you the weekly (not total) price, so in my exhausted stupor I asked him repeatedly "So it's $140 charge, that's all?" he had repeatedly replied "Yup!" he must have not realized I was referring to the total charge. Total charge is actually $140 x 4 x 6 )

I'm so glad they were having technical difficulties & weren't able to get my signature on that contract. I stood up & quickly explained "I can't do this after all, sorry to waste your time, I have to go" and I left.

Oh but wait, just as I get a foot out the entrance, my trainer stops me & whispers that he "could get in a lot of trouble for this"..."& don't tell the boss"... but his friend on the outside world will be my trainer for a much lower price than LA Fitness trainers! here's his phone number! I never called.

This sounds obvious but PLEASE bring your calculator & actually add it up if you're gonna deal with the LA Fitness salesmen
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Posted by dan gordon on 2011-01-18:
I just started with a trainer at 24hr fitness. He wants to start slow. I can't imagine working you to death then expecting you pay so much. Its a seperate entity than LA Fitness and just another reason I left and went to 24hr. Way different vibe and very happy to have left LA Fitness.
Posted by ok4now on 2011-01-19:
Good for you for walking and not falling for their pressure tactic. This is a common sales tactic to get your C.C. payment then lock you in with no recourse. I have been subjected to this highly unethical scam by car dealers, window & gutter sales people and carpet dealers. They force you to make a decision NOW or the "great deal" is no longer available. Reputable businesses do not do this. Keep looking.
Posted by rockfishing on 2011-01-19:
Good thing you caught it before you got scammed. As I tell my kids when dealing with salespeople. That great deal will be there tomorrow or the next day if you are dealing with a reputable company. When anyone tells you you have to sign now or you will loose whatever, then it's time to run, not walk, away. The older you get, the easier it is to say no to these scam artist.
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False signature
Posted by Scammed Customer on 12/16/2009
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- When I first walked into LA Fitness to find out about prices (because the information is not online and they won’t give it to you over the phone-wonder why), the “weekend manager” sat me down and went over some basic prices, after he was finished he asked me “So how would you like to pay?” Reminder: I only went in to compare prices, and I had told him that. He was so pushy about getting me to join, I finally gave in. But that was NOT the worst of my experience with LA Fitness. I signed up for my free personal training session-which went really well-until I was basically forced to go over fees for training sessions. I decided to try a couple out, handed over my credit card and signed for what I believed to be was that fee. Little did I know that what I was signing was basically my life away! After a few sessions I decided I no longer needed training, I went to talk to the personal trainer manager about it and he informed me I had signed a YEAR CONTRACT! I about had an anxiety attack! I asked him when I did that, because no one put a contract in front of me to sign, or gave me any copies of this so called contract. Apparently when I signed for my credit card fee, I was also signing a contract. He showed me my electronic signature on a contact that I know I would have NEVER signed if I had seen it. I was so furious! I called the corporate office and they refused to talk to me. My mom even tried calling both the La Cienega location to talk to them about it, and they hung up on her! This whole process has been the worst experience I’ve had to deal with-with a gym-and I would not recommend signing any “credit card” fees with LA Fitness, you might be signing a contract!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-16:
So you gave in because he was being pushy? That's mistake number one. They're pushy because they make good commissions on these long term contracts. You're going to have to fulfill the contract they are not going to let you out of it. At lease you get to be one of those "cool" gym people for at least a year. By the way, good luck when you try and cancel the membership after the year is up.
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LA FITNESS SCAM - Stay Away From This Club
Posted by Nataliaspinelli on 08/22/2012
HOPKINS, MINNESOTA -- I was scammed into a personal training program at L. A. Fitness in Hopkins MN.

The VP Daniel [snip] told me “I have a lot on my plate and lots of things to do.” When I spoke with him regarding my situation.

I also found out that the training manager Brett - the one responsible for my scam was terminated from the company because of his lack of integrity. I am sure there are many others out there that were scammed by Brett and other staff at L. A. Fitness.

I recommend a memebership at Lifetime - more expensive but the customer service is worth the extra $$$

I lost a lot of money. I was willing to work with them to find a resolution instead of asking for my $ back but they did not go out of their way to even care about my situation.

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Buyer beware!
Posted by Cherrymaini on 02/27/2012
CAMP HILL, PENNSYLVANIA -- Buyer Beware -Horrible experience!! It is probably the most unethical fitness facility. We became members and the sales agents signed us up for personal training sessions which we found we could never use because one most of the trainers are not well trained themselves and two the ones who are trained are never available. The sales agent told me we could cancel at any time which I found when we went to cancel is untrue because they suddenly show you the fine print which says to cancel you owe them 50% of the balance - something they never tell you when they make you sign up. They have no customer service and are most unprofessional. Makes one wonder what the health of American business is today.
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Posted by BigAl on 2012-02-27:
"You can cancel at any time" is an oft used sales pitch that many customers fall for. Sure you can cancel at any time but the repercussions are severe. We as consumers often interpret the english language using common sense when legal sense is more appropiate.
Posted by Exterminator on 2012-02-27:
Did they actually make you sign up for something? That isn't right.
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Personal Trainer at LA Fitness Stole my CC Information
Posted by Ccaitlinnnn95 on 12/29/2011
CASA GRANDE, ARIZONA -- I decided to get a membership at the LA Fitness in Casa Grande, Arizona and their management is a joke. I'm 19 years old and went in there to get a membership and paid $99 activation + first and last months deposit at $29.99/month. About $160. Only 3 days later the trainer I was set up with finally convinced me to get the training sessions at $25/session after texting me by getting my phone number off of my personal information. Not only was he (Mike) hitting on me and asking how many piercings I had he said I had only one day left to get the training sessions at $25/session and I would have to either call him with my cc number or text it to him. This seemed unnecessary to me, since my number was already on file. I told him I wouldn't have money in my account until the next day. After my complimentary training session he asked to see my card, he pulled out a blank sheet of paper and continued to write my entire cc number down, with expiration date and security code, and PUT IT IN HIS POCKET! When he texted me 2 days later asking when my direct deposit would go in, I told him it wouldn't matter due to the fact that I cancelled my card because of him writing my CC number down. When I called Nolan, the manager, he said Mike had told him about the situation and he would never do it again. Well I work in a hotel and if anyone ever did that that would be fired on the spot. I called Corporate twice and two different people said sorry it was past my 3 days so I couldn't get a refund. Even though trainers they hired are scumbags. He was clearly trying to do something with my CC because he felt the need to ask when I would get my direct deposit in. LA Fitness is only about sales, not about making customers happy. Try another gym, DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!
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Posted by SCAMMED on 2011-12-29:
Posted by LAFitnessUX on 2012-02-13:
I agree. I've had bad experience with the management too. See http://www.my3cents.com/showReview.cgi?id=18970

Sounds like nothing has changed since my experience i 2007. Stay away from LA Fitness!!!! They are scumbags!!!!!
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La Fitness Ripping Off Customers With Forged Contracts
Posted by Fedupwithlafitness on 04/26/2011
MILL CREEK, WASHINGTON -- Potential customers need to be aware of LA Fitness when given a tour of their facilities for membership. They try and sell you personal training and forge your name to the documents after you leave. Then you are charged for this on your credit card or debit card. If you try and dispute it, they do not return phone calls.

When you do get an employee, they are rude and do not care. It is a nightmare trying to deal with this company. It takes months to deal with it.
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Posted by dan gordon on 2011-04-26:
dispute with your cc co not with LA Fitness. Since they use an 'electronic' contract it shouldn't be too hard to dispute.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-26:
How did they get your credit card info?
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-04-26:
They required your credit card number just to tour the facility??? Personally I would not agree to that.

Have they supplied you with a copy of something that has your forged signature on it? I would file a report with the police if they did.
Posted by just me on 2011-11-01:
Same sort of thing happened to me. Contact your state's attorney general consumer protection agency. They helped me out.
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Disgraful, No Professional Personal Trainer
Posted by Amatista on 02/08/2011
They made you sign offering a great service and you can end signing, but watch out before you sign. The amount of money will be bigger and if they offer you anything for free, that won't happen. Nobody will supervise your progress and they will send you whoever they want to. I am so sorry and upset signing that now, I don't want to belong to that club. You feel like you are among a bunch of people who are dishonest and don't care to provide good service.

I am trying to switch locations and they said to me they can't guarantee to provide me the same personal trainer and that, nobody will monitor my progress?? By the way, I am not in great shape, but I am lucky to have some curves and be thin.

Please be careful, we do not deserve the kind of "services"
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Posted by dan gordon on 2011-02-08:
I had joined a brand new LA Fitness and gave up on them. The people in the gym are salespeople. No one would show me a simple work out program unless I paid for a personal trainer. The PT's are a 'seperate' initiation etc. I joined a 24hr fitness and the difference in equpt, people, and attitude is 1000% better. LA Fit seems only concerned with $$$$
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