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Why Don't You Sell Outfits For Bigger Chested Ladies??
By -

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- I went to your store in Friendly Center in Greensboro today, only to discover that none of your shirts are cut for bigger chested women. Also, your bras always have a lot of padding in them and they make our chest look bigger! I'm a bigger lady, I don't need my already large chest to look huge! Somewhere along the way, I think you have gotten some bad information about women in our society. Not all larger women are built the same way. I am a more hour-glass figure with large hips & a large top. Please consider carrying a more diverse stock so that I can purchase clothing from your store. Thank you.

Resolution Update 06/12/2010:

Nobody listens.

Termination of My Sister
By -

VIRGINA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- My Sister had worked for Fashion Bug and Lane Bryant for many years she put everything into whatever store she went into recently before she left Fashion Bug to go work for Lane Bryant my sister took over the Kemsville Va location I happen to go into that location before my sister was sent there and was shocked to see the condition the store was in it was filthy you could not walk between the racks of clothes the employee that are supposed to represent the company well lets just say shocking...

My sister went into that store, worked 70+ hrs and turned it around it looked great. The customer service was well what you would expect it to be, I could not believe the difference and that is how it is with whatever store she went to. My sister gave everything for this company sometimes I believe even her sanity. Most people would not put that much effort into a job that they do not own. Trust me I know I own two mid size stores of my own. After everything she has done for this company they stuck it to her, she went to work for Lane Bryant.

They put her into a store that was closing even though she knew the store was getting shut down and she was going to be going to a different location she gave it her all. And after the store close they had her take her vacation and Comp time. Well today she calls to get her schedule and she is told she is on it, she calls her manager and is told that they do not have a place for her. Oh my god what a great company right...

I hope the great being of the charmings shops read this so they know this is their loss. Most company would give anything for an employee like my sister. So shame on you charming shops and remember what goes around comes around. Good luck on the recent closings of over 150 of your stores...

Problems with online order - refund not received, given run-around
By -

I placed several-hundred-dollar order with this company several months ago. When it arrived, three items were missing (one single thing and 2 of another item). I contacted them and was told that one item had shipped separately and the two others were back-ordered. Nothing arrived, so I contacted them again and was then told that they are all out of stock, and that they'll issue a refund. All good. I wait - no refund. I contact them again, and am told that the items are in stock now, and would I prefer a refund, or to receive the items. I told them I'd rather get the items, and confirm my mailing address with them.

Then I get a response that the items are unavailable but to "rest assured", my card was never charged for those items. Uhhhmmm, yeah it was. So then, suddenly I receive a credit on my card for one of the items. I think the other two are right behind but no...nothing about those. So, I contacted them again today... here's the response I received:I show a credit for two items for a 1.99 each and was credit 3.73 on May 14 2007.

Okay, well, uh, let's spot the problems with this! 1.99 plus 1.99 doesn't even come to 3.73 and the credit for 3.73 was clearly indicated to belong to the single article of clothing on my online account with them. Not to mention the fact that the sentence really doesn't even make sense! OMG! Obviously this isn't about the money at this point - this company is making me crazy! I guess I can dispute the bill with my credit card company, but maybe, just maybe, Lane Bryant will take care of it.

Nowhere in any of the e-mails, by the way, did any of their customer service people issue an apology of any sort. I won't be shopping with them again - which is a shame, because there's more of me than I'd like that needs to be clothed. But there are better retailers of clothes for the voluptuous, so they'll be getting my business from now on!

By -

SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a few items at Lane Bryant a few months ago, one of the items was a bra. The young sales clerk behind the counter was talking on her cell phone while ringing up my items, which is bad customer service, but what made it worse was that she did not put the bra I bought in the one bag that she handed me. I did not notice this until I got home and looked in the bag, which was an hour later because I was in the mall and had stopped at one more store before leaving. Once I realized my bra was not in the bag, I returned back to the store with my receipt. I spoke to the manager and explained to her that the bra, which I purchased (it was on the receipt) was not in my bag.

I also mentioned that the sales clerk was chatting on the phone while ringing up my items and was therefore not even paying attention. The manager looked behind the counter and told me that she didn't see a bra behind the counter. I told her it might have been put back on the floor by mistake or maybe in another customer's bag. She said she would have to "research" it and get back to me. I was ticked off at this point, but kept my wits about me and gave her my name and number and then left. The manager said she would follow up within a few days, but she never did. I called her again and she never returned my call so after 3 days I went back in.

Same manager, this time she tells me she hasn't had time to research what happened and will therefor still have to get back with me. This went on for 2 weeks before she decided that she couldn't do anything for me, even with a valid receipt! She says there was no bra on the counter when I went back in and that was that. That is the last time I will ever shop at Lane Bryant. If I wanted to give away free money, I would donate it to charity, not to an overpriced department store with bad service. By the way, I asked for their headquarters phone number, but was told they didn't have a number for them, which is absurd, and I could not find one online either.

Not totally returned; kept my money!
By -

LOUISIANA -- I placed an order for my 89 year old mother in law who is in a retirement home. She was in need of underclothes, so I made an order for her. I ordered 2 bras which had an offer to buy one, get one free. That was 4 bras total. I also ordered briefs for her. I received the four bras in the wrong size and the briefs looked much too big so I sent back the package via UPS as was told to me by customer service. Well, today I received two of the four bras. I was told its no longer offering buy one, get one free. That is so wrong! The date I ordered it should matter, especially since I was sent the wrong size bras.

To top that off, I never received the 2 packages of briefs. The entire order was paid for in full! Its mighty funny; they took my money that day, not a day later, and made a mistake and now decides to keep 2 of the bras and 2 packages of briefs. HOW RUDE! HOW WRONG! I had been a customer forever. I guess that doesn't matter to
LANE BRYANT. Just take our hard earned money! Well, we will see if something can be done about this matter. Too bad you don't do what is right by a paid customer.

Shame on you! And oh yeah! Don't do what I did. I foolishly sent the invoice back with the package; I never imagined such dishonesty. I guess I trust too much! This will not ever happen to me again. Lane Bryant can take me off their mailing list!

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